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									Mullaloo Beach Primary School


  West View Boulevard
Mullaloo, Western Australia
  TELEPHONE: (08) 9307 2099     FAX: (08) 9307 1899
LIBRARY:    (08) 9402 3100    CANTEEN: 0409 901 267

                         Mullaloo Beach Primary School


         NORTH – Mullaloo Drive (odd numbers only)
         WEST – Dampier Avenue (even numbers only)
         SOUTH – Ocean Reef Road
ALICE Drive                      JOHN Place                  OCEANSIDE Promenade
ATOLL Court                      JOHNSON Crescent            OSTEL Street
BALGA Way                        KARALUNDIE WAY              PAGE Drive
BLUEWATER Rise                   KERIOR STREET               PEARSALL Street
BOW Place                        KNIGHTSBRIDGE               PHILLIP Close
CASTELLA Way                     CRESCENT                    REGIS Court
CEDAR Place                      KOOLYANGA STREET            ROWAN Place
COLLINS Parade                   KORELLA STREET              SEASIDE Gardens
COOPER Street                    KEY WEST DRIVE              SHORE Place
DAMPIER Ave (even no only)       LAGUNA Rise                 The COVE
DARCH Street                     LAUREN Street               The GRANGE
DAVID Street                     LEO Place                   The LODGE
DORCHESTER Court                 MAIR Place                  WALCHA Street
GAINSBOROUGH Way                 MARJORIE Street             WALTHAM Street
GIBBS Street                     MERRIFIELD Way              WARREN Way
GNOBAR Way                       MULLALOO Dr (odd no only)   WEST VIEW Boulevard
GUNIDA Street                    MULLIMUMUL Way              YULEMA Street
ILUKA Street                     MULLION Street
INLET Grove                      NODE Court

209 parent handbook                    2
                             Mullaloo Beach Primary School

Welcome to our school. Mullaloo Beach Primary is a fabulous
school that embraces maximum community involvement, a safe and
stimulating learning environment and an atmosphere of fun and
success for all!
This handbook aims to provide you with as much information as
possible about how our school operates. If, however, the information
you seek cannot be found please be sure to contact us as we will be
only too pleased to provide the information.
We look forward to your involvement in our school community.
Ron Chesny
TERM DATES 2011 (for students)
                                                     Data taken from DET website.
Term 1                Wednesday 2 February   to   Tuesday 19 April
Break                 Wednesday 20 April     to   Wednesday 4 May
Term 2                Thursday 5 May         to   Friday 8 July
Break                 Saturday 9 July        to   Monday 25 July
Term 3                Tuesday 26 July        to   Friday 30 September
Break                 Saturday 1 October     to   Monday 17 October
Term 4                Tuesday 18 October     to   Wednesday 14 December

8.00am to 3.30pm

209 parent handbook                    3
                        Mullaloo Beach Primary School



TERM 1                Monday 31 January & Tuesday 1 February 2011
TERM 2                There are no School Development Days this term
TERM 3                Monday 25 July 2011
TERM 4                Monday 17 October 2011



              8.45              Lessons commence                11.00
             11.00                      RECESS                  11.20
             11.20                      Lessons                 12.20
             12.20               EATING LUNCH                   12.30
             12.30                       PLAY                   1.00
              1.00                      Lessons                 3.00

Please note – EARLY CLOSE at 2.30pm

209 parent handbook                 4
                             Mullaloo Beach Primary School

Mr Ron Chesny                     Principal
Ms Ann Fielden                    Deputy Principal       Classes

Ms Lynda Jones                    Teacher                K                  16

Mrs Kerry Wright                  Teacher                PP                 17
TBA                               Teacher

Mrs Lisa Widdeson                 Teacher                1                  1
Ms Ann Fielden                    Teacher

Ms Karen Williams                 Teacher                1                  2

Mrs Candice Barclay               Teacher                2                  3
Mrs Vanda Gates                   Teacher

Mrs Helen Craigie                 Teacher                2                  4

Ms Sandy Sturmer                  Teacher                3                  5
Ms Pauline Floate                 Teacher

Ms Vanessa Cox                    Teacher                3                  6

Mrs Liz Moores                    Teacher                4                  8

Mr Terry Murray                   Teacher                5/6                10
Ms Pauline Floate                 Teacher

Mrs Melita Kitchen                Teacher                6/7                9

Mrs Lyn McLachlan                 Teacher                          PE & Music
Mons Gilles Robveille             Teacher                          LOTE French
Ms Pauline Floate                 Teacher                          Specialist Science

Mrs Julie Covich                  Registrar
Mrs Fran Gilby                    School Officer
Mrs Sia Siafaris-Fazzalari        Library Officer
Mrs Karen Freeman                 Education Assistant
Mrs Miriam Mell                   Education Assistant
Mrs Kirsten Dobson                Education Assistant
Miss Nichole Restifo              Education Assistant
Mrs Karen Jones                   Education Assistant

TBA                               Canteen Manager
Mr Andrew Wise                    Garden/Handyman
Mrs Angelita Holding              Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Gladys Datau                  Cleaner
Mr Ivan Lompar                    Cleaner
Jean McKenzie                     Nurse [flexible]
Mrs Rebecca Bennett               Psychologist
Mr Steve Benfall                  Music, Clarinet

**The staff list above is accurate as of 18 March 2011

209 parent handbook                      5
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School


                     Students are issued with their “Personal Items List”
                     for the forthcoming year at the end of November.
                     Wooldridges Educational Superstore offers Mullaloo
                     Beach PS a pre-ordered service. Parents can take
                     advantage of this by completing the personal items
                     list and returning to the school by the due date. The
                     completed orders are delivered to the school ready
for collection on Friday 30 January 2009 between 8.30am – 10.30am
in the covered assembly area. Payment by cash, credit card or EFTPOS is
made upon collection.
** The uniform shop (including second-hand uniform sales) will be
      open on this day from 8.00am – 12.00noon.


                            Pre-Primary to Year 7
The Voluntary Contribution requested by Mullaloo Beach Primary School
(endorsed by the School Council) will be $60.00, which represents $1.50
per week, per student over the school year. The Voluntary Contribution is
a very important part of our school’s budget and contributes directly to
creating a safe and happy learning environment, as well as purchasing
resources for your child’s education.

Payment Options
Payment of the Contribution may be made:
 with the Personal Items List payment,
 at the school office during 2011 or
 by a progressive payment plan to suit your needs.
   To organise the later option, please contact the

209 parent handbook             6
                                  Mullaloo Beach Primary School


 A breakdown of estimated charges for your child’s participation in
 incursions, excursions, activities, etc for 2011 has been included in the
 schedule below. Charges collected in previous years have formed the
 basis for our 2011 charges schedule. Students will only incur costs when
 they are involved in a particular activity. The amounts indicated on the
 schedule represent the maximum charged for scheduled activities in
 2011. As in the past, you will be asked to make payment for each activity
 as it approaches. Please note: some discretion may apply to the year 7
 camp whereby any increase will be discussed with affected parents.

                                                           PP     YR1    YR2    YR3    YR4    YR5    YR6   YR7
In-term swimming                                                   80     80     80     80     80     80    80
Social Dance                                                20     20     20     20     20     20     20    20
Incursions –visiting performers                             30     30     30     30     30     30     30    30
Gymnastics                                                  20     20     20     20     20     20     20    20
Excursions incl. bus costs                                  60     60     60     60     60     60     60    60
Interschool sports activities                                0     10     10     10     40     40     40    40
Music - Instrument Hire (Selected Students)                  0      0      0      0      0      0    100     0
School Choir – bus costs                                     0      0      0      0     25     25     25    25
Special Art Craft Projects                                  10     10     10     10     10     10     10    10
Year 7 Graduation including T Shirt                          0      0      0      0      0      0      0    70
Year 6/ 7 Camp (Alternate Years –not being held in 2011)     0      0      0      0      0      0      0   250
TOTAL                                                      $140   $230   $230   $230   $285   $285   385   $605

 Other Fundraising Costs
 The P & C will conduct their own fundraising in 2011. Every parent will
 be given the option of participating in fundraising or not. The P & C have
 traditionally undertaken the following fundraising activities during the
 year: uniform sales, Easter Egg Raffle, discos, sausage sizzles, number
 plates. The P & C contribution (voluntary) for 2011 will be $40 per
 family – this may be paid to the uniform shop or left in the blue P&C box
 in the office. A receipt will be issued & returned via your child.

 209 parent handbook                                   7
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School

Optional Costs For Non-Educational Components
These include, book club, school photos, vacation swimming, school
discos etc.

The School Council in endorsing these Contributions and Charges has
tried to keep them to a minimum but does acknowledge the importance of
parents contributing to ensure the learning environment is enhanced for
all children at Mullaloo Beach Primary School.


Students are elected annually by their fellow students to take on special
responsibilities as School Leaders and Captains. This is a prestigious and
important position in our school that requires taking part in many
activities as a school leader. All are required to sign a personal behaviour
contract agreeing to display leadership qualities and abide by school and
class rules.


When students are enrolled, certain information is required for school
    Birth Certificate or Passport and/or correct Visa of student
    Immunisation Records must be presented when completing the
     enrolment card.

Changes To Student/Family Information
Please ensure that the office is notified immediately of any change of
address, telephone numbers, place of parents’ employment or emergency
contact number so accurate records are maintained.

If your child is transferring to another school, please notify us in advance
in writing so that the necessary records, medical cards etc
may be processed.

209 parent handbook             8
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School


If parents need to urgently contact their child the office staff can assist.



Should children become ill or injured at school, parents or emergency
contacts will be contacted as our facilities are inadequate to cater for these

It is important that a relative, friend, workmate or neighbour (or someone
you know will be available to collect your child) is shown as your
Emergency Contact/s on the enrolment card. At least two contact numbers
are requested.

Children will only be entrusted into the care of an adult named on the
enrolment card or to an adult explicitly authorised by a parent or legal
guardian by way of a verbal instruction to a member of the
Administration team or by a signed letter clearly identifying the adult to
collect their child.


Each classroom is equipped with a small first aid kit which includes
bandaids, Stingose, antiseptic wipes etc.
   The teacher completes a Medical Concern Form and sends injured
     child to administration. The teacher indicates whether the student
     requires an icepack, rest, observation etc.
   Office staff will follow the instructions given by the referring
   A member of Administration will be asked to assess the child if
209 parent handbook              9
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School

      Child returns to class with permission of the attending staff member.

    The teacher completes a Medical Concern Form and sends injured
      child to administration. Depending upon the seriousness of the
      injury, the teacher may escort the student to the administration.
    A member of Admin (Principal or Deputy) assesses the injury and
      advises the office staff to phone a parent or emergency contact.
    Parents or emergency contact are required to collect the child to take
      home or to seek further medical consultation.
    In the event of a very serious injury, an ambulance will be called
      to transport the child to the hospital.
    If the incident is due to some kind of aggressive behaviour from
      another student, it will be fully investigated by the Principal or
      Deputy Principal, as per the school’s Behaviour Management
All medical room visits are recorded on the master sheet in a file located
in the medical room. Medical Room Concern forms are filed and kept in
the student’s file.


Schools are NOT PERMITTED to give children
aspirin, paracetamol or any medication as part of first
aid treatment.


For students requiring prescribed medication to be administered during
school hours, parents & doctor must complete a “Student Medication
Request” form, which must be returned to the office. Forms and details
are available from the office on request.

209 parent handbook              10
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School


The School Nurse, Jean McKenzie visits the school regularly to carry out
checks and examinations. Parents wishing to talk to Jean may telephone
her on 9342 7422.
The Education Department of WA has regulations covering the following:
    Measles                             Scarlet fever
    Rubella (German Measles)            Skin conditions – impetigo,
    Mumps                                 scabies, ringworm
    Chicken pox
     Children with these ailments are to remain home until effective
     medical treatment has been carried out. It is the responsibility of
     the parent to notify the school if their child contacts any of the
     above conditions.
Head lice: Children with lice must be treated to ensure all lice and eggs
are removed. Please consult with your local pharmacy for the
appropriate treatment. Students can return to school after the
first treatment. A follow up treatment (approx 3 days later) is
important for successful eradication. It is recommended hair
should be checked weekly. Where Head Lice are detected on a
child while at school, parents will be contacted and asked to
collect their child and commence treatment.

Long hair: It is recommended that long hair be tied back.


If there is an outbreak of measles, children WHO

Please ensure immunisation records have been
verified by office staff on your child’s enrolment card.

209 parent handbook             11
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School


Children from this school are screened and treated, if
necessary, after parent consent has been given. Children
attend the

BELDON DENTAL UNIT                   Telephone 9307 1425
Beldon Primary School - 10 Pacific Way (cnr Gradient Way)


For security purposes all visitors (this includes parents) must report to the
school office to sign in and collect an “Authorised Visitor” badge. This
badge must be worn at all times during the visit and returned to the office
when leaving. If staff see a person in the school area without a badge
then they will be asked to leave the site immediately.


Parents are encouraged to have contact with their
child’s teacher. If you wish to make an appointment
please send a note with your child to arrange a
mutually agreed date.


Please notify the school office by phone before 9.00am each morning as
to why your child will be absent. This message is passed onto the
classroom teacher to record as an “Explained Absence” and you are not
required to provide a formal note when your child returns to school. If
you do not ring the office you may receive a call from a member of admin
enquiring as to your child’s whereabouts. Rolls are electronically

209 parent handbook             12
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School


Students should arrive at school between 8.30am
and 8:45am.

If students arrive earlier than this time supervision can not be guaranteed.
They will be asked to assemble in the atrium area outside Admin until
they are dismissed at 8.30am.
Students are asked to vacate the school grounds promptly after the end of
the day. If parents are late collecting children please be assured that they
will be looked after in the front office.


Students should arrive at school just after 8.30am in preparation for their
8.45am start. The classroom rolls are electronically marked at the
beginning of each day. When a student arrives at school after this time,
parents are requested to report to the school office where the student will
be issued with an electronic “Late Note”. This note is handed to the
classroom teacher and a late status is recorded in the school’s
computerised attendance register.

It is important that parents follow this procedure as we rely on the late
and student withdrawal books to account for students in the event of an
emergency situation when the school has to evacuate.


Parking bays are provided in West View Boulevard and Collins
Parade for parents to wait for their children. The following
parking areas are out of bounds to parents:
    Staff car park                          In areas on road marked with
    Canteen driveway                         yellow lines.
    On the verge of private homes
Always observe the 40-kilometre speed limit in school zones. The police
conduct regular patrols around schools.

209 parent handbook             13
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School


If a student is leaving class during the school day the following procedure
must be followed:
   1. Parent or nominated parent representative to visit school office to
       complete a blue “Student Withdrawal” slip.
   2. Slip is signed by a member of administration.
   3. Parent takes the slip to classroom teacher.
   4. Teacher releases student into the care of the parent or approved
This procedure is to be strictly adhered to. Students can only be collected
from their classroom with a “Student Withdrawal” slip. Children
returning from an appointment must report to the office to have the
student re-entry noted, before the child is delivered by the parent back to
the classroom.


We are always willing to receive offers of assistance for covering books,
working in the library or accompanying classes on outings.

Opportunities are created for participation wherever
practical or desirable.       Requests appear in
newsletters for donations of labour, expertise,
specialised advice and use of equipment. Teaching
staff and pupils are always grateful for any help.


Money is collected for excursions, visits, swimming, dancing
etc throughout the year. We request ALL money for student
activities be sent direct to your child’s classroom teacher in a
named, sealed envelope.

209 parent handbook             14
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School


      All students and parents are required to complete
       an Internet User Agreement. This form sets out
       the terms and conditions that students must adhere
       to when using the Internet at school.
      Parents must complete a Permission to Publish
       Photographs Form for each student. This is
       essential before any work, student photo
       (individual or group) is published on the school website.

      All students and parents are required to complete a
       Mobile Phone Agreement. This form sets out the
       terms and conditions that students must adhere to
       when bringing mobile phones to school.


Newsletters are sent home fortnightly to families on a TUESDAY with the
eldest child in the family. Parents are reminded to ask their children for
                     the newsletter as it provides a vital communication
                     link between school and home. Spare copies are
                     available from the school office.

                      An electronic copy of the newsletter may be
                      emailed to parents on request. Please PRINT your
                      email address on the form provided at the office.

                   A school calendar is sent home at the beginning of
each term, detailing assembly days, newsletters, meeting dates and
general information.


These are held fortnightly and parents are invited to attend. Please refer
to the term calendar for dates. Each class takes a turn in conducting an
209 parent handbook              15
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School
assembly during the year and the quality of these presentations is very
high. The children gain valuable public speaking, microphone and
dancing skills, which builds confidence and maturity. At the assembly
Merit certificates are presented to some children for excellence.


Vacation Swimming is available for all children, irrespective of
swimming ability, in October and January at local and holiday centres
throughout the state. There is a charge for these lessons. You will be
notified in the newsletter when enrolment forms are available from the


FREE In-term swimming lessons are scheduled for 2011.
The lessons will take place at the Craigie Leisure Centre
during Weeks 8 and 9 of Term 1. (Please note that term 1
is a 9 week term). There will be charges for pool
admission and bus transport.


      Dance Sport:  is held in term 4. All students participate in this 5
       week program.


Activities are designed to promote sportsmanship, enjoyment,
team spirit and endeavour.

Allocation Of Factions:
This is done shortly after admission. Every effort is made to
ensure the whole family is in the same faction. Children are
not permitted to change factions.

209 parent handbook             16
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School
Interschool Sport:
Our school is keen to promote and maintain regular sporting and social
contact with other primary schools in our area.

CANTEEN – “The Seahose Café”

                       The canteen is located in the undercover area and is
                       open two days per week (open Thursday and
                       Friday). Orders are taken before school at the
                       canteen. A current menu will be issued at the start
                       of school and throughout the year when menus

The canteen is staffed by parent volunteers and profits are returned to our
school by the P&C by way of valuable resources. If you are able to help
out on a regular or casual basis, please contact the Canteen Manager,
through the school on 93072099 to add your name to the roster.



Parents are invited to check for any lost articles – box located in Block
“A” wet area.

For smaller items such as money, jewellery, pencil cases etc a box is kept
in the school office.        Items are taken around to
classrooms at the end of each term for students to
identify their property. If an article is not claimed,
then it is given to the person who found it.

209 parent handbook             17
                       Mullaloo Beach Primary School


   Royal blue shorts (long and short style)
   Lemon t-shirt or lemon polo shirt printed with school logo.
   Royal blue pleated skirt, royal blue shorts or skorts.
   Lemon t-shirt or lemon polo shirt printed with school logo.
WINTER UNIFORM (boys and girls):
   Royal blue track pants
   Zip royal blue jacket with school logo or jumper.
   Slouch – royal blue (compulsory)
   Faction colour t-shirt [gold, red, blue or green – with
    school logo]
   School back packs – by order only. Price will be
    quoted at time of order.

                      UNIFORM SHOP PRICE LIST
                       Polo shirts      $18.00
                       Crew t-shirts    $14.50
                       Faction t-shirts $14.50
                       Pleated skirts   $18.00
                       Flap skirt       $18.00
                       Skorts           $18.00
                       Shorts           $18.00
                       Rugby Tops       $25.00
                       Zip Jackets      $25.00
                       Slouch Hats      $ 7.50
                       School Dress     $41.00
                                           (Prices subject to change)

     UNIFORM SHOP HOURS – weekly Monday 2.45pm to 3.15pm
       The shop is located next to the canteen in the undercover area.

209 parent handbook              18
                        Mullaloo Beach Primary School


It is expected that all children come to school clean and neatly attired.
Parents are asked to support the school in maintaining good standards and
encourage children including pre-primary students, to
wear school uniform.
Parents are encouraged to apply sunscreen to children
before leaving home each day.

Footwear:             Suitable covered footwear is essential for the protection
                      of feet.

Hats:                 Must be worn throughout the year
                      when children are in the
                      playground or involved in sporting
                      activities. Please ensure your child
                      does NOT remove the string on their hat.

 “No Hat - No Play” Rule Applies All Year Round


Meetings are usually held twice per term at 7.30pm on Wednesdays.
Notification of meetings will be advertised in the newsletter.
The P & C Association fosters parent interest in our school as well as
providing vital additional funding. Parents and community members are
most welcome to attend and participate at meetings.

The P & C Family Levy is $40 per family. Funds raised from this and
other P & C activities such as the uniform shop and canteen play an
important role in providing extra facilities for your child.

209 parent handbook                 19
                           Mullaloo Beach Primary School


                               This is our school,
                             Let peace dwell here,
                      Let the rooms be full of contentment.
                              Let love abide here,
                              Love of one another,
                               Love of mankind,
                               Love of life itself,
                               And love of God.
                                Let us remember
                       That as many hands build a house,
                         So many hearts make a school.

209 parent handbook                 20
                       Mullaloo Beach Primary School

                                                     Written by Mrs Donna O’Brien
Mullaloo Beach, is the place to be,
Surrounded by the natural bush and, close to the sea,
White sand and green land, a sea breeze fresh and cool,
There are many special things we like about our school.

          M for Magnificent, and
          B   for the Best!
          P   for the Primary School that stands out from the rest, and
          S   is for that sense of pride we feel deep down inside.

We are winners, we do our best,
Sports are a speciality and we, cane all the rest,
The people here are great, they really care,
Whenever, we need a friend,
Someone’s always there!


The seahorse is our emblem, though it faces the other way,
We are proud to wear it on our uniforms each day,
Yellow for the sun and Blue for the sea,
They’re the colours of this school with great facilities.


The classrooms are all busy, there’s always lots to do,
Computers, band and choir, to name just a few.
Delicious fresh food daily, from the Seahorse Café,
Working hard, achieving high and lots of time to play.


209 parent handbook               21
                      Mullaloo Beach Primary School


209 parent handbook            22

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