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					Day One

June 18, 2009

Lecture 1 & 2

Welcome to new semester (2nd Semester) Congratulations to students who were successful in 1st semester A bird eye view of performance in the 1st semester, especially “Introduction to Business” As ITB was taught be the same instructor (Atiq ur Rahman) Introduction: Teacher Students Rules for this subject: 1 Class Timing and Attendance a. Any body late for more than 5 minutes will not be allowed. b. Attendance will be called at start of the class and / or end of the class c. Attendance will not be repeated and if anybody could not respond in time will be marked as absent. d. Nobody will be allowed to leave the class without permission. If someone leaves the class without permission will have to face the disciplinary action. 2 Interaction Rules a. If a student have some question or want to pass some comments should raise his/her hand and talk only if permitted by the instructor. b. If a student wants to discuss with instructor anything should do it by email or personally by on appointment. c. No student should pass any comments on other students until and unless it is specifically asked by instructor. d. Students should not talk to each other during the class until and unless it is specifically asked by the instructor


Serious Attitude a. Students should demonstrate a serious attitude towards i. Studies ii. Way of communication iii. Instructor iv. Other students v. Dress vi. Vacant time and break time activities Use of Mobile Phone a. Mobile should be switched off before entering the class. b. It is not enough to keep the mobile on silent mode.



Books and Stationery a. Students are required to bring their own books and stationery. b. Nobody is allowed to exchange books and stationery with other students. Personal Matters a. Students having any personal issues and relationships with other students should not bring such issues to class. Homework, Assignments and Presentations a. Students should follow the instructions carefully regarding home work Assignment and Presentation. b. Strict action will be taken against students who are not doing their home work. c. If a student is absent in any particular class will not be a valid excuse for exemption from homework etc. d. It is the responsibility of students to keep him/herself updated about requirements of the subject and deadlines in this regard.



Resources: 1 Text Book: Sociology (Fourth Revised Edition) by C.N. Shankar Rao search “Atiqmardan” on for related videos Library of Mardan Institute of Management Studies Internet, Journals and Newspapers For specific information email at Institute’s Notice Board

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Website: Videos: Others:

Teaching Methodology: 1 Class Room Teaching 2 Home Work


Presentation and Project




Group Activities




Case Studies

8 Roll Play, Talk Show and Discussion Forums

Important to Note: Students are instructed to regularly visit the website and keep it refreshing. All relevant material will be uploaded to this website and students can view and download the required study material from this site.

Definition Socius means Companion and ology means Knowledge. Kingsley Davis says “Sociology is a general science of society”

Nature of Sociology 1 Sociology is independent science. 2 Sociology is a social science and not a physical science 3 Sociology is a categorical and not a normative discipline 4 Sociology is a pure science and not an applied science 5 Sociology is relatively an abstract science and not a concrete science 6 Sociology is a generalizing and not a particularizing or individualizing science 7 Sociology is a general science and not a special social science 8 Sociology is both rational and empirical science

End of Lecture 2 on day one……… Homework: Handwritten summary of Pages 18 to 20 of your book. Test: A written test will be given at the start of next lecture (expected on Thursday June 25, 2009). Following are the expected questions for test: 1 Define Sociology in your own words. 2 Reproduce any five definitions of Sociology given by renowned sociologists. 3 What is meant by nature of Sociology?

Subject Matter and Scope of Sociology Subject Matter 1 Sociological analysis 2 Study of primary units of social life 3 Development, structure and function of a wide variety of basic social institutions 4 Fundamental social process 5 The method of research 6 Formulating concepts, propositions and theories 7 Sociologists have ventured to make specializations Scope The Specialistic or Formalistic School The Synthetic School

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