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									   “Writing business proposals is both a science
 and an art. More importantly there are some very
simple & powerful fundamentals you must get right”

 How to write Bullet
 Proof proposals
 that win business
                         Fed up writing proposals
                         that generate little or
                         no business in return?
 • Do you struggle to get your proposals “accepted”?
 • Do you find yourself “giving away” good ideas?
 • Do you lose out to your competitors regularly?
 • Do you discount just to win the business?
 • Do you always get paid what you’re worth?

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Identify the issues, challenges and obstacles that are preventing you from
achieving the results you want with your proposals. Answer each of the
questions below, add up your total NO responses then, get in touch.
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Are you happy with the closing rate or acceptance rate of your proposals?
Do you know what your closing rate or conversion rate is with your proposals?
Do you why they are not getting accepted as often as you’d like?
Do you deal directly with the decision make each time you’re asked to write a proposal?
Do you meet with your prospect BEFORE you write your proposal?
Do you offer to write/submit a proposal at the end of your meetings/121s?
Do you ask for payment up front in your proposals?
Do you ever barter or exchange your services for something of equal or greater value?
Do you clearly define the client’s objectives in your proposals?
Do you gather vital information for inclusion in your proposal during your meetings?
Do you ask who else your prospective client is in discussions with?
Do you clearly identify the pains, needs and frustrations of the prospective client ?
Does your prospective client know, like and trust you?
Do you know whether the person you meet is in charge of the buying process?
Do you know what the buying process is of your prospective client?
Do you calculate & confirm the cost or impact of the “problem” for prospective clients?
Do you demonstrate the value of the solution you offer?
Do you define the options and alternatives available to your prospective client?
Do you explain the pitfalls, disadvantages and advantages of each of those options?
Do you confirm the prospect’s budget prior to writing your proposal?
Do you confirm that your proposal is only valid for a limited time period?
Do you agree roles, responsibilities & accountabilities for BOTH parties?
Do you confirm in writing how these will be monitored and measured?
Do you know who else you may be competing with when you submit your proposal?
Do you discuss deadlines and submission dates prior to writing your proposal?
Do you get paid to gather the information that is required to complete the proposal?
Do you articulate a clear competitive advantage over other suppliers?
Do you confirm the human, technical & financial resources made available to you?
Do you incorporate a mechanism for reducing or increasing the value you offer?
Do you confirm how and when the prospect will receive your proposal?
Do you know how you can guarantee a response from EVERY proposal you send out?
Do you know how many proposals you need to send to meet your revenue targets?
Do you know the value of each non converting proposal you write?
Do you wish things to continue the way they are at the moment?
Have you given up in wanting to address your business proposal problems?
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