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									                                                                                                                               Information on exhibitions by VDW

                                                                                                                                                                                June 2005

Your right to the right
                                   New stimuli expected for
                                   industrial production
There are plenty of trade
fairs around. For exhibitors
and visitors alike, choosing
between them is no easy            EMO Hannover 2005 scores on internationality and innovation
task. If the organisers’
reports are to be believed,        No other trade fair for manu-                    es on a net exhibition area of          per cent from America.
then they are all successful.      facturing technologies can                       over 160,000 square metres.             Accordingly the exhibitors too
                                   bring to bear so effectively                     The exhibition will be concen-          get their money’s worth.
Orientation is available in        the two merits of EMO                            trating on milling machines,
the form of FKM analyses.          Hannover: its internationality                   machining centres, precision            The internationality of the
These contain basic informa-       and its reputation as an inno-                   tools, chucks and clamps, and           event is regarded equally
tion on the size of an event,      vation forum.                                    lathes.                                 high by both exhibitors and
detailing the scope and
structure of the anticipated
target groups, and providing
visitor analysis data for                           Names and Products of the Exhibitors at
comparison. Exhibitors are
thus given valuable indica-                              EMO Hannover 2005 inside
tors for the preparation and                                                               (Edition: 4 May 2005)
organisation of their own
trade fair activities.
                                                                                                                                                               The project HiDynMolder that will be pre-
The Society for Voluntary          “At EMO Hannover 2005,                           At EMO visitors will encounter          visitors. As part of a survey,     sented before the innovation forum at EMO
                                                                                                                                                               Hannover 2005 will open up new dimensions
Control of Trade Fair and          which will be taking place                       the complete international              four out of five exhibitors and    for HSC technologies, for example with a
Exhibition Statistics (FKM)        from 14 to 21 September, we                      range of manufacturing tech-            seven out of ten visitors gave     high-frequency rotary spindle achieving a
                                                                                                                                                               max. speed of 250,000 rpm.
examines the organisers’           can again look forward to over                   nology offers. This high con-           this special merit. This means     Picture: Rolf Wissner Gesellschaft für
                                                                                                                                                               Präzisionstechnik mbH, Göttingen
exhibitor, exhibition space        2,000 exhibitors from 38 coun-                   centration of products and              that the trade fair is acknowl-
and visitor figures on the         tries. All nations without                       services attracts hordes of             edged to a great degree as a
basis of uniform standards.        exception are represented that                   international trade visitors            unique forum for meeting
                                   play a role in the international                 from all over the world to              exhibitors and visitors from       market. EMO Hannover will
“FKM audited” is thus a seal       production of machine tools,”                    Hanover, the last time                  all over the world and to link     be presenting to countless
of quality, as it certifies the    announced Dr. Detlev Elsing-                     200,000 visitors from 64                up to and maintain networks.       visitors from all over the
reliability of the published       horst, General Commissioner                      countries. 13 per cent of cus-                                             world many new ideas for
figures. It is therefore all the   of EMO Hannover 2005. The                        tomers from abroad arrived              EMO Hannover positions             modernising and optimising
more surprising that, in           companies will be presenting                     from Asia, eight per cent               itself as an innovation forum      their production.
Germany at least, by no            their new products and servic-                   from Eastern Europe, and six
means all events bear the                                                                                                   Not only internationality, also    Every EMO over the past
FKM seal. This is a customer                                                                                                the innovation character of        30 years has triggered these
service for exhibitors, with-                                                                                               EMO is by far the most sig-        stimuli. Most new technolo-
out which professional plan-                                                                                                nificant motive for visitors.      gies for industrial manufac-
ning is difficult to attain. If                                                                                             90 per cent of trade visitors      ture began their triumphant
there is a lack of transparen-                                                                                              come primarily to learn about      progress at EMO. NC tech-
cy in how trade fair organis-                                                                                               new products and develop-          nologies, laser applications,
ers present the appropriate                                                                                                 ments. This figure is even         flexible automation and man-
data, or in whether they                                                                                                    slightly higher for visitors       ufacturing concepts, process
adhere to quality standards                                                                                                 from abroad.                       integration, new machine
in their visitor opinion polls,                                                                                                                                concepts, and flexible inter-
then a healthy degree of                                                                                                    Before the background of           changeable components, to
scepticism is in place.                                                                                                     intensive debates on the opti-     name just a few examples, all
                                                                                                                            mal industrial sites, particular   these were premiered at EMO.
For all exhibitors, the quality                                                                                             importance is attached to          Not only product innovations,
of visitors is the most impor-                                                                                              innovative, efficient produc-      also process innovations like
tant factor in assessing a                                                                                                  tion technologies. In the high-    e.g. the more efficient organi-
trade fair and in reaching a                                                                                                wage countries investments         sation of manufacture or dig-
decision on whether or not                                                                                                  in equipment concentrate           ital planning processes have
to participate. As customers,                                                                                               above all on efficiency and        been promoting advances in
they have a right to reliable                                                                                               flexibility. In the emerging       production at machine tool
information, and they should                                                                                                industrial nations of Eastern      builders and their customers
insist on being given it, not                                                                                               Europe, Asia, and Latin            for over ten years.
only nationally but also,                                                                                                   America, quality is the deci-
more and more, at the inter-       At the focus of talks at EMO are advice and discussion on innovations and solutions to   sive factor, and therefore the
                                   problems with international buyers.
national level.                    Picture: Jakobsen Grinding Handels GmbH, Uhingen                                         entrance ticket to the world
Page 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                       June 2005

Supporting programme                                          Research results lay basis for future high tech
rounds off EMO as innovation
forum                                                         “Cutting-edge machine tools for tomorrow’s production” at EMO Hannover 2005 on 15 - 16 September
Also the supporting pro-                                                                                                       research is promoted by the          New machine tool concepts          tion to current developments.
gramme at EMO Hannover                                                                                                         BMBF, the German Federal             will not only accelerate,          By integrating this in EMO we
2005 is completely aligned                                                                                                     Ministry for Education and           enhance, and cut the costs for     expect an advertising effect for
towards innovation. Of course                                                                                                  Research, as part of its project     machining increasingly com-        high tech “Made in Germany”.
the various events (cf. also the                                                                                               “Research for tomorrow’s pro-        plex components. The use of        When great interest in this
following reports) deal first                                                                                                  duction” supervised by the           new technologies, process          market becomes evident here,
and foremost with new tech-                                                                                                    PFT, the sponsor’s Production        integration, and machine           this will encourage the pro-
nologies for tomorrow’s pro-                                                                                                   and Manufacturing                    reconfigurability will engen-      ject’s partners to redouble
duction. Yet the discussion                                                                                                    Technologies Division.               der a production “different”       their efforts towards develop-
will also be turning to the                                                                                                                                         from today’s – and therefore       ing marketable products.
future conditions of manufac-                                                                                                  What priorities are set by the       address new customer
ture, including the opportuni-                                                                                                 promotion of “Cutting-edge           requirements, for example          What target groups are you
ties and risks of various sce-                                                                                                 machine tools for tomorrow’s         consideration to machine           addressing?
narios and promising corpo-                                                                                                    production”?                         costs over the whole lifecycle
                                                              “Without research for production there will
rate strategies. And the focus                                be no high-tech products. That is why the                                                             or new business models up to       These are first and foremost
                                                              BMBF is promoting production research.”
will be placed on new fields                                  Dr.-Ing. Ingward Bey, head of the PTKA                           Machine tools are of crucial         machine leasing.                   the groups responsible for
of application for established                                (Karlsruhe Project Research Centre), coordina-                   importance for competitive                                              production on the metalwork-
                                                              tor of production research for the BMBF, the
technologies. Hence every-                                    German Federal Ministry for Education and                        production. The priorities of        How can the results of the         ing sectors, e.g. the automo-
body will find what they are                                                                                                   the twelve projects now run-         project be reliably transferred    tive industries and their parts
looking for, both the decision                                                                                                 ning in the said programme’s         to marketable products?            suppliers, tool and mould con-
makers at companies repre-                                    Dr. Bey, what part does                                          competition “New machine                                                struction, etc., as users of
senting anyway the majority                                   research play in German pro-                                     tools for tomorrow’s produc-         The promotional model for          machine tools. However, the
of EMO visitors and the devel-                                duction?                                                         tion” include innovative tech-       these multidisciplinary proj-      event is also of interest to the
opers and designers on the                                                                                                     nologies, process integration,       ects ensures a high level of       developers and manufactur-
user and provider sides.                                      Next to education, research is                                   new concepts for sustainable         practical orientation alone        ers of machines, tools, and
                                                              the most important long-term                                     production, and virtual              through the cooperation with       accessories. You can receive
A sector like the manufactur-                                 investment for Germany’s                                         machine tools as key develop-        companies and research             an insight into the goals pur-
ing technologies that achieves                                future. Without research, and                                    ment tools. Other important          establishments. User demand        sued by competitors, compo-
maximum technical perform-                                    this applies to all companies                                    themes concern the quality,          is a key criterion in the selec-   nent suppliers, and research
ance every day can position                                   operating worldwide, there                                       dynamics, and availability of        tion of projects for promotion.    institutes.
itself today and permanently                                  will be no success on the mar-                                   machines and plants, the inte-       In most cases, also potential
at the top of the tough inter-                                kets of the future. Also affect-                                 gration of machine peripher-         users are integrated in the        What can visitors to the
national competitive arena                                    ed are national economies,                                       als, and information, commu-         projects as a safeguard for        symposium take home for
only with superior qualified                                  particularly in Germany.                                         nication, and controller tech-       the findings’ marketability.       themselves?
personnel. For this reason,                                   Without research for produc-                                     nologies.                            And finally companies are
also the next generation will                                 tion there will be no high-                                                                           greatly interested in market-      Participants are given valu-
again be enjoying a special                                   tech products “Made in                                           What innovations can be              ing new products to replenish      able information on the inno-
status at EMO Hannover                                        Germany” for the world mar-                                      derived from this main theme         over the medium term the           vations that machine tools
2005.                                                         ket. That is why production                                      for Germany’s industrial pro-        resources they have invested.      will be offering in future. This
                                                                                                                               duction?                                                                gives rise to ideas for imple-
                                                                                                                                                                    What goal are you pursuing         menting these new possibili-
                                                                                                                                                                    with the symposium “Cutting-       ties in their own product
                                                                                                                                                                    edge machine tools for tomor-      development. Moreover, the
                                                                                                                                                                    row’s production” at EMO           forum provides a good oppor-
EMO Hannover 2005 – international inno-                                                                                                                             Hannover 2005 on 15 - 16           tunity for establishing new
                                                                                                                                                                    September?                         contacts with researchers and
vation forum for manufacturing technology                                                                                                                                                              developers working at
                                                                                                                                                                    In the first instance we want      machine tool and component
For 30 years now, EMO has                                     international manufacturing                                      It has therefore set itself the      to use the symposium to            manufacturers and the insti-
been the place for companies                                  technology experts from                                          task of specially highlighting       direct potential users’ atten-     tutes.
from across the globe to pres-                                both science and industry.                                       new product and process
ent their innovations. That is                                The EMO has thus become                                          developments. A major focus
why, from one exhibition to                                   firmly established as an                                         at EMO Hannover 2005 will
the next, they attract an                                     innovation forum for manu-                                       thus be on three special inno-       At a glance
increasingly large body of                                    facturing technology.                                            vation events.
                                                                                                                                                                    Symposium: 15 – 16 September 2005
   · NC machining         · First punch-laser     · Automation /                     · Laser caving                     · PC-CNC                                    Cutting-edge machine tools for tomorrow’s production
     centre                 combination             flexible processing              · Laser integration in             · Dry machining /
   · Controlling with       in Europe             · Robots in manufacturing            metal cutting                      Minimum lubrication and coolant
     cassette memory      · Track control with      processes                        · NC systems in grinding           · CNC lathes                                15 September 2005, start: 9:00 am with registration
                            program memory        · Flexible manufacturing cells       machines gain acceptance         · PKM
                            and screen              for complete machining           · Complete machining of            · HSC breakthrough
                                                                                                                                                                    Topics: - The future of the machine tool
                                                                                       turned parts in the one chuck    · Direct linear drives                               - Micro and precision machining
                                                                                     · HSC
              · First sheet metal     · Flexible handling systems
                machining centre      · Flexible automation
                with double tool      · Plasma/laser technology                                      · Modularisation
                                                                                                                                                                    16 September 2005, start: 9:30 am
                holder                  in sheet metal machining                                     · Complete machining                                           Topics: - Simulation and optimisation
              · First machining       · Single drives in all NC axes                                 · Laser-assisted hot cutting
                centre with           · Increasing use of NC in          · Tele-service              · Open-loop control            · Process integration
                                                                                                                                                                             - Modularisation
                encapsulated            forming technology               · Interactive                 systems / digital interfaces · Dry machining                          - Automation
                working space                                              programming                                              · HPC

                                                                                                                                                                    Costs        - 95 euros for one day’s attendance,
  NC technologies
                                                                                                                                                                                 - 150 euros for both days
  Centre technologies
                         Laser applications
                                     Flexible automation / flexible machining concepts                                                                              Venue        Hanover Exhibition Grounds
                                                 Complete machining                                                    Extensive process integration                             Convention Center, room 3A + 3B
                                                                                                     Vertical turning
                                                                                                                                                                    Online registration at:
                                                                                                                 Parallel kinematics
                                                                                                                                                                    Further information:
                                                                                                                       Linear motors · dry machining                Dr. Timo Würz
                                                                                                                                                                    VDW, Research and Technology
                                                                                                                                                                    Phone +49 69 756081-17
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June 2005                                                                                                                                                                            Page 3

MANTYS Conference offers useful tools for product development strategies
“Machine tools: impact of the latest technologies and innovative business practices”, 19 September at EMO Hannover 2005
                                               is coordinated by CECIMO, the     What is the programme of the        detail the technological              to the future, by providing
                                               European Association of           MANTYS Conference “Machine          roadmaps for the three “core          views of what the next five to
                                               Machine Tool Makers, and is       tools: impact of the latest         characteristics” of future            ten years should be made of,
                                               financed by the European          technologies and innovative         machine tools: the productivi-        in terms of machine tool
                                               Commission Fifth Framework        business practices” on              ty, the capacity to operate in a      products and machine tool
                                               Programme. Researchers and        19 September 2005?                  distributed manner over dif-          usage. Together with the
                                               industrialists regularly ex-                                          ferent plants, and the combi-         innovation conference organ-
                                               change their views and results    The conference will present         nation of reliability, intelligence   ised by the Federal Ministry
                                               in technological and socio-eco-   four topics from the point of       and precision. These roadmaps         of Education and Research
                                               nomic fields related to manu-     view of machine tool cus-           will describe the various tech-       and the VDW, the MANTYS
                                               facturing. These meetings are     tomers and builders:                nologies related to each “core        Conference will give a clearer
                                               hosted by manufacturing com-                                          characteristic”, as well as the       view of what collaborative
                                               panies, such as Caterpillar,      1. Observable trends in metal-      corresponding strategies and          research projects can do for
                                               Airbus, DaimlerChrysler, Rolls-   working in three key manu-          necessary developments for            them.
                                               Royce or Fiat Avio.               facturing sectors: automotive,      the next ten years.
                                                                                 aerospace and mould & die                                                 Now that you convinced all
Olivier Chas is Head of Technical Department
of CECIMO, the European Committee for the      The topics can be very techni-    making.                             After that, representatives of        the exhibitors and visitors of
Cooperation of the Machine Tool Industries.
He organises the MANTYS Conference.            cal ones, e.g. the “10-year                                           the aerospace, the automo-            EMO Hannover 2005 to par-
CECIMO represents the interests of the         roadmap for technologies          2. New and emerging metal-          tive and the machinery indus-         ticipate in the MANTYS
machine tool industries of 15 European coun-
tries, accounting for half of the worldwide    enabling distributed manu-        working processes, and their        tries will look at those topics       Conference, can you tell us
production of machine tools. EMO Hannover
is organised by the VDW under the patron-      facturing”, which is part of      foreseeable capabilities.           from their points of view.            how to register?
age of CECIMO.
                                               the “Machine Tool 2011”
                                               study. They can be very socio-    For both reviews, existing          What can participants expect
Mr. Chas, can you tell us more                 economic as well: in the “New     research and laboratory             from the MANTYS Conference?
about MANTYS, and what a                       Business Models” group we
“network” can do for machine                   listed the organisational
tools?                                         and financial developments
                                               that can make models like
MANTYS is a pan-European                       “Pay-per-Part” or “Pay-on-
platform that promotes                         Production” profitable and
research and innovation in                     fair for both the user and the
manufacturing technologies,                    provider of manufacturing
focussing on machine tools. It                 equipment.

 At a glance

 MANTYS Conference: 19 September 2005
 Machine tools: impact of the latest technologies and
 innovative business practices

 Language English

 Start           9:00 am with registration

 Topics:       - Trends and future developments in metalworking
                 in various key industries (automotive, aerospace,
                 mould and die making)
                 Mike Page, Editor-in-chief of
                 Manufacturing Talk (GB)
               - New metalworking processes and
                 their capabilities
                                                                                 Picture: Grob-Werke, Mindelheim
                 Michel Defaux, Editor-in-chief of
                 Journal de la Production (France)
               - New business models for machine tool                            results were confronted with        Firstly they will get some use-       You log on
                 construction                                                    the industrial reality, by inter-   ful tools for their product !
                 Volker Binger, Heinz Nixdorf Institute,                         viewing managers of manu-           development strategy: the             The registration is online, and
                 University of Paderborn (Germany)                               facturing companies.                technology roadmaps. They             you will get all the necessary
               - Machine tools 2011: core characteristics                                                            can help them assessing their         information, such as the
                 Iñaki San Sebastian, Deputy Managing Director,                  3. Then there is the topic          strengths and measuring               agenda, the description of the
                 Fatronik (Spain)                                                “New Business Models”. For          what they should improve to           presented topics, etc. If you
               - Closing discussion with representatives of the                  this key study a group of           gain competitiveness.                 have any questions, you can
                 aerospace, the automotive and the machinery                     selected researchers, machine                                             contact us directly at CECIMO.
                 industries                                                      tool builders and large cus-        Secondly they will meet a
                                                                                 tomers defined practical sce-       broad community of technol-
 1:00 pm: close of the conference and lunch                                      narios to make New Business         ogy and socio-economic
                                                                                 Models a reality, with a strong     experts from all over Europe.
 Costs          150 euros (for members of CECIMO member                          emphasis on the necessary           Their views will help a
                          associations free of charge)                           technological innovations and       machine tool builder to think
                                                                                 financial modelling for suc-        “out of the box” when looking
 Online registration at:                                          cessful risk-sharing with sup-      at technology or business
 Further information:                                                            pliers.                             developments.
 Olivier Chas
 Phone +32 25027090                                                              And finally topic 4, “Machine       The MANTYS Conference will
                                                                                 Tools 2011”. This study will        help them opening their eyes
Page 4                                                                                                                                                                                                              June 2005

1st EMO User Forum Laser Technology*                                                                                                     EMO – attractive for business cus-
The laser plays an ever-                       information on current                          The agenda comprises                      tomers and their decision-makers
increasing role in manufac-                    applications. This year’s con-                  twelve technical presenta-
turing. The EMO User Forum                     ference at EMO focuses on                       tions and a tour and presen-              One of the special merits of                 often noticed that things
Laser Technology provides a                    laser welding and cutting,                      tations at the Laser                      the EMO Hannover is its repu-                which had perhaps long been
technological overview                         as well as laser processes in                   Zentrum Hannover.                         tation as a comprehensive                    economically prohibitive can
combined with detailed                         the tool and die industry.                                                                trend and innovation forum.                  then quite suddenly become
                                                                                                                                         For 90 per cent of its visitors,             financially viable propositions.
                                                                                                                                         this is the prime motivation for
                                                                                                                                         attending the exhibition. Here
At a glance                                                                                                                              are just three representative
                                                                                                                                         statements made by active
Location         Convention Center at the Hanover trade fair premises, room Bonn                                                         decision-makers from various
                                                                                                                                         industrial branches:
Date             15 September 2005, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (conference),
                 followed by a visit to the Laser Zentrum Hannover                                                                       Good overview. We will be
                                                                                                                                         attending the EMO Hannover
Language         German                                                                                                                  2005 in order to clarify which
                                                                                                                                         suppliers might come into
Program                                                                                                                                  question before we set about
                                                                                                                                         making our investment deci-
Lasers in Manufacturing                                                                                                                  sions, and in order to find out
- Lasers in Materials Processing – Which Laser for which Application?                                                                    what’s new in the various
  Dr. Peter Wirth, Rofin-Sinar Technologies, Hamburg                                                                                     technology sectors. In my opin-
                                                                                                                                                                                      Dr. Joachim Schulz, Production Sector
                                                                                                                                         ion, the EMO is the best trade               Manager, Aesculap AG & Co. KG, Tuttlingen
- System Solutions for Lasers in Manufacturing                                                                                           fair of all if you are on the
  Dr. Gerhard Hammann, Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen, Ditzingen                                                                               lookout for innovations. We                  The EMO Hannover is a highly
                                                                                                                                         will be paying visits both to                suitable place to pursue the
Laser Applications: Welding, Cutting, Ablation                                                                                           our new and to our existing                  quest for such innovations.
- Innovative System Concepts for Laser Welding in the Power Train                                                                        suppliers. I look forward to
  Dr. Andreas Mootz, EMAG Laser Tec, Salach                                                                                              enjoying a good overview of                  A milestone for our develop-
                                                                                                                                         machine builders in the vari-                ment targets. The EMO
- Cost Reduction by Quality-Controlled Laser Welding                                                                                     ous manufacturing technology                 Hannover is interesting for us
  Peter Gördes, Precitec, Gaggenau                                                                                                       segments.                                    from two different perspec-
                                                                                                                                                                                      tives. The first is that we, as an
- The Combi-Head: Laser Welding and Cutting without Tool Change                                                                                                                       exhibitor, are able to meet our
  Dr. Dirk Petring, Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen                                                                                                                                            most important customers
                                                                                                                                                                                      there and engage in detailed
- Advances in Laser Precision Processing: Cutting Off the Coil, 3D Ablation                                                                                                           talks with them. The EMO real-
  Friedemann Lell, Sauer Lasertech, Kempten                                                                                                                                           ly and truly is an important
                                                                                                                                                                                      date for us for presenting our
Laser Processes in the Tool and Die Industry                                                                                                                                          new developments, often liter-
- Rapid Prototyping for Metal Parts: Direct and Indirect Techniques                                                                                                                   ally acting as a milestone for
  Dr. Andreas Gebhardt, CP – Centrum for Prototypenbau, Erkelenz                                                                                                                      our development targets. It is
                                                                                                                                                                                      frequently the case that many
- Application Report Laser Forming – New Options for Product Design                                                                                                                   sales are transacted immedi-
  Dr. Christoph Over, Inno-Shape, Aachen                                                                                                                                              ately after the EMO.

- Laser Cladding for Repair and Modification of Tools and Dies                                                                                                                        The second interesting perspec-
  Dr. Andres Gasser, Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen                                                                                                                                           tive for us is the use our buyers
                                                                                                                                         Martin Rick, Manager Manufacturing Tech-
                                                                                                                                         nology and Calculation, Liebherr Aerospace   make of the EMO to gain an
                                                                                                                                         Lindenberg GmbH, Friedrichshafen Plant
- 200 W Lasers – An alternative to TIG and Plasma Welding                                                                                                                             overview of further compo-
  Christian Frank, DSI Laser-Service, Maulbronn                                                                                          Ideal trend forum. We are regu-              nents available for purchase.
                                                                                                                                         lar visitors to the EMO Hannover,            There really is nowhere else
- Laser Hardening of Tool Edges and Tool Radii                                                                                           often we attend with a whole                 where they can see to that as
  Reinhard Pötzl, Eifeler Lasertechnik, Ingersheim                                                                                       group of people from the vari-               intensively and in such a short
                                                                                                                                         ous levels of management. We                 space of time as at the EMO.
- Laser Cleaning of Vulcanising and Plastic Injection Moulds                                                                             pay regular visits at the EMO to             Taken as a whole, the EMO
  Jörg Jetter, Jet Lasersysteme, Hückelhoven                                                                                             our major suppliers, since the               Hannover is the most impor-
                                                                                                                                         trade fair offers the ideal set-             tant machine tool trade fair in
Program and Presentations at the Laser Zentrum Hannover                                                                                  ting for gaining an overview of              the world with a more-than-
- Laser Welding of High Strength Steel, Tailored Blank and Tailored Tube Welding, Remote Welding                                         both products and services. In               average share of trade visitors.
- Laser Surface Treatment and Cladding                                                                                                   addition, we take a selective
- Process Control                                                                                                                        look around at the “fringes”, so
                                                                                                                                         to speak, of our own activities,
Participation and Registration                                                                                                           examining the wide range of
- The registration fee is € 475, for applications before 15th July: € 425.                                                               manufacturing technologies
- Application Deadline: 7th September 2005.                                                                                              which are on offer there.
- The registration fee includes attendance at the conference, conference handout, an entry ticket
  to EMO, lunch, refreshments during breaks, attendance at the tour and presentations at Laser                                           We are a manufacturer with
  Zentrum Hannover, snack at the Laser Zentrum, bus transportation to the Laser Zentrum and back.                                        highly intricate machining
- Registration: (download of registration form and program).                                                       requirements, we utilise an
                                                                                                                                         extremely wide range of man-
- Further information: LZH Laser Akademie Phone +49 511 277 1729, D-30419 Hannover,                                                      ufacturing technologies, and
                                                                                                      we place high demands on the
                       or:                                                                                                               quality of our products. All of
                       Optech Consulting Phone +41 71 667 0990, CH-8274 Tägerwilen,                                                      which, of course, makes the
                                                                                                      EMO the ideal place for us to
                                                                                                                                                                                      Helmut Bode, Manager of the joint
                                                                                                                                         scout around for trends and                  Production Machinery Branch Management,
*The User Forum Laser Technology is organized by Optech Consulting, in cooperation with LZH Laser Akademie and Laser Zentrum Hannover,                                                Schaeffler Gruppe Industrie,
 with friendly assistance of NC-Fertigung, Special Tooling, Blech, and EuroLaser.                                                        find out what the market cur-                Schweinfurt/Herzogenaurach
                                                                                                                                         rently has to offer. We have
June 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 5

                                                                                                                                                                             14-21 . 9 . 2005
Products and Exhibitors
                                            GOZIO TRANSFER, I-Ospitaletto (Bs)         OKUMA & HOWA, J-Konan, Aichi                                                          JINN FA, RC-Fushing Hsiang, Changhua
                                            GRAZIANO TORTONA, I-Tortona (AL)           OPS-INGERSOLL, D-Burbach                                                              JUNKER, D-Nordrach
MACHINING CENTERS,                          GROB-WERKE, D-Mindelheim                   PAMA, I-Rovereto (TN)                      TURNING MACHINES (LATHES)                  JYOTI, IND-Dist. Rajkot Guajarat
FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING                      GÜDEL, D-Altenstadt                        PARPAS, I-Cadoneghe (PD)                                                              KNUTH, D-Wasbek
                                            GÜDEL, CH-Langenthal                       PCI, F-Saint-Etienne Cedex                 ACE DESIGNERS, IND-Bangalore               KOPP ALZENAU, D-Alzenau
A & B MAP, D-Berlin                         HAAS AUTOMATION, USA-Oxnard CA             PEE-WEE, D-Diez                            ADDISON, GB-Preston, Lancashire            KOVOSVIT, CZ-Sezimovo Ústi
ALFING, D-Aalen-Wasseralfingen              HAMUEL, D-Meeder                           PEGARD, B-Andenne                          AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray                      KRETSCHMER, D-Sulzheim
ALMAC, CH-La Chaux-de-Fonds                 HANCHUAN, VRC-Shaanxi Province             PEISELER, D-Remscheid                      ALEX-TECH, RC-Taichung Hsien               KUMMER, CH-Tramelan
ALZMETALL, D-Altenmarkt/Alz                 HANDTMANN, D-Baienfurt                     PFIFFNER, CH-Thalwil                       ARLA, D-Wipperfürth                        LANXI LIANQIANG, VRC-Lanxi, Zhejiang
ANAYAK, E-Deba (Guipuzcoa)                  HARDINGE USA, USA-Elmira, NY               PICCHI, I-Lumezzane S.S. BS                ASKAR, IND-Mysore, Karnataka               LEADWELL, RC-Taichung City
ANGER, A-Traun                              HEDELIUS, D-Meppen                         PINNACLE, RC-Taichung Hsien                A.V.M. ANGELINI, I-Induno Olona (VA)       LEALDE, E-Ispaster (Bizkaia)
ARES, RC-Dali City, Taichung                HELLER, D-Nürtingen                        PITTLER T&S, D-Langen                      AXA, D-Schöppingen                         LEISTRITZ, D-Nürnberg
ARIX, RC-Yung Kang City                     HEMTECH, NL-Valkenswaard                   PORTA, I-Cogozzo Villa Carcina/BS          BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi              LNS, CH-Orvin
AUERBACH, D-Ellefeld/Sachsen                HERMLE, D-Gosheim                          PRIMACON, D-Peissenberg                    BAROSZ GWIMET, PL-Wodzislaw Slaski         LOKESH, IND-Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
AVIA, D-Witten                              HESSAPP, D-Taunusstein                     PRO RICHYOUNG, RC-Taichung                 BATLIBOI, IND-Mumbai                       LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)
AWEA, RC-Hsinpu Town                        HEYLIGENSTAEDT, D-Gießen                   QUASER, RC-Taichung Hsien                  BENIGN, RC-Taichung                        MAGDEBURG WERKZEUGMASCHINEN,
AXA, D-Schöppingen                          HOFMANN MESS- UND AUSWUCHT-                REICHENBACHER HAMUEL,                      BENZINGER, D-Unterreichenbach              D-Magdeburg
BATLIBOI, IND-Mumbai                        TECHNIK, D-Pfungstadt                      D-Dörfles-Esbach                           BIGLIA, I-Incisa Scapaccino (AT)           MAIER, D-Wehingen
BAZUS, E-Fonz (Huesca)                      HONSBERG, D-Remscheid                      REIDEN TECHNIK, CH-Reiden                  BOEHRINGER, D-Göppingen                    MANURHIN K’MX, F-Mulhouse Cedex
BELOTTI ITALIEN, I-Suisio (BG)              HORKOS, J-Hiroshima                        RIELLO MACCHINE, I-Minerbe (VR)            BOEHRINGER MASCHINEN, D-Stuttgart          MATEC, D-Köngen
BENIGN, RC-Taichung                         HTT, CH-Biel Bienne                        RILE, D-Deggendorf                         BOST, E-Asteasu (Gipuzkoa)                 MATECH, RC-Taichung City
BENZINGER, D-Unterreichenbach               HÜLLER HILLE, D-Mosbach                    ROKU-ROKU, J-Tokyo                         BRETON, I-Castello di Godego (TV)          MAUS, I-Campodarsego (PD)
BHARAT, IND-Bangalore                       HURCO, USA-Indianapolis, IND               ROMI, BR-Santa Barbara d’Oeste             BREUNING, D-Steinenbronn                   M.C.M. MADAR, I-Levane/Bucine (AR)
BOEHRINGER, D-Göppingen                     HURON GRAFFENSTADEN,                       ROTTLER, D-Mudersbach                      BRINKMANN, D-Detmold                       METOSA, E-Castejon d.Puente/Huesca
BOEHRINGER MASCHINEN, D-Stuttgart           F-Illkirch Grafenstaden                    RSA BÜRSTEN-TECHNIK, D-Lüdenscheid         BUFFALO, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung County         MILLTRONICS, USA-Waconia, MN
BRETON, I-Castello di Godego (TV)           HWACHEON, ROK-Seoul                        RSA CUTTING & DEBURRING SYSTEMS,           BUFFOLI TRANSFER, I-Brescia (BS)           MIYANO, J-Nagano-Ken
BRIDGEPORT, GB-Exeter                       HYUNDAI-KIA MACHINE, ROK-Seoul             GB-Telford, Shropshire                     BUMOTEC, CH-Sales                          MONFORTS, D-Mönchengladbach
BROTHER, J-Nagoya                           IBARMIA, E-Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa)             RSA ENTGRAT- U. TRENNSYSTEME,              CAMPRO, RC-Taichung                        MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern
BUFFALO, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung County          IMAS TRANSFER, I-Mariano Comense (CO)      D-Lüdenscheid                              CAORLE, I-Marano-Vicentino (VI)            MORI SEIKI, J-Nara
BUFFOLI TRANSFER, I-Brescia (BS)            I-MES, D-Eiterfeld                         RSA SYSTÈMES EBAVURAGE,                    CARNAGHI, MARIO, I-Olgiate Olona (VA)      MURATA, J-Kyoto
BUMOTEC, CH-Sales                           IMT INTERMATO, I-Crosio Della Valle (VA)   F-Sarreguemines Cedex                      CARNAGHI PIETRO, I-Villa Cortese (Mi)      NAGEL, D-Bestwig
BURKHARDT + WEBER, D-Reutlingen             INNSE BERARDI, I-Brescia (BS)              SAFOP, I-Porcia (PN)                       CETOS, CZ-Plzen                            NAKAMURA, J-Ishikawa
CABE, I-Borgo San Siro (PV)                 IXION, D-Hamburg                           SAMAG, D-Saalfeld                          CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,               NANTONG SWALL, VRC-Nantong
CAMPRO, RC-Taichung                         JOBS, I-Piacenza (PC)                      SAUER ULTRASONIC, D-Stipshausen            VRC-Beijing                                NEXTURN, ROK-Kyungki-do
CAORLE, I-Marano-Vicentino (VI)             JUARISTI, E-Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa)            SCHAUBLIN MACHINES, CH-Bévilard            CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham          NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT,
CARNAGHI, MARIO, I-Olgiate Olona (VA)       JYOTI, IND-Dist. Rajkot Guajarat           SCHIESS, D-Aschersleben                    CITIZEN & BOLEY, D-Esslingen               D-Chemnitz
CARNAGHI PIETRO, I-Villa Cortese (Mi)       KAO FONG, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung               SCHUSTER, D-Denklingen                     CKD, CZ-Blansko                            NOMURA, J-Tokyo
C.B. FERRARI, I-Mornago (VA)                KAO MING, RC-Feng Yuan City, Taichung      SCHWÄBISCHE WERKZEUGMASCHINEN,             CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen               OKUMA, J-Aichi
C.D.M. ROVELLA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)   KEKEISEN, D-Laupheim                       D-Schramberg Waldmössingen                 COLCHESTER, GB-West Yorkshire              OKUMA & HOWA, J-Konan, Aichi
CHIRON, D-Tuttlingen                        KENT, RC-Taipei                            SEMA, A-Traunkirchen                       CUCCHI, PIETRO, I-Bussero (MI)             PEE-WEE, D-Diez
CHUNG HSIWH, RC-Fengyuan                    KERN, D-Murnau                             SHANDONG LUNAN,                            DABROWSKA, PL-Dabrowa Gornicza             PEGARD, B-Andenne
CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham           KETTERER, D-Bad Dürrheim                   VRC-Tengzhou Shandong                      DANOBAT, E-Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa)             PERICO BARONI RAIMONDI, I-Legnano (MI)
CME, E-Itziar (Guipúzcoa)                   KITAMURA, J-Toyama Pref                    SHE HONG, RC-Taichung                      DECKEL MAHO GILDEMEISTER-SHANGHAI,         PFIFFNER, CH-Thalwil
C.M.S., I-Zogno (BG)                        KLOPP, D-Solingen                          SHENQ FANG YUAN, RC-Taichung               VRC-Song Jian Di.Shanghai                  PINNACLE, RC-Taichung Hsien
CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen                KMM, D-Berlin                              SHW WERKZEUGMASCHINEN,                     DEGEN, D-Schömberg                         PITTLER T&S, D-Langen
COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                    KNUTH, D-Wasbek                            D-Aalen-Wasseralfingen                     DIRINLER, TR-B. Cigli-Izmir                PRO RICHYOUNG, RC-Taichung
CORREA, E-Burgos                            KONDIA, E-Elgoibar (Guipúzcoa)             SIGMA, I-Vigevano (PV)                     DMT-DREHTECHNIK, D-Lörrach                 PROTEO, I-Villanova (Fo)
CROSS HÜLLER, D-Ludwigsburg                 KOPP ALZENAU, D-Alzenau                    SODICK, J-Yokohama/Kanagawa                DOOSAN, ROK-Chung-Ku, Seoul                QUADRA, I-Gambolo’ (PV)
CYTEC, D-Jülich                             KOVOSVIT, CZ-Sezimovo Ústi                 SPINNER, D-Sauerlach                       DOOSAN INFRACORE, ROK-Seoul                ROMI, BR-Santa Barbara d’Oeste
C.2, I-Piacenza (Pc)                        KUNZMANN, D-Remchingen-Nöttingen           STAMA, D-Schlierbach                       DÖRRIES SCHARMANN TECHNOLOGIE,             ROTTLER, D-Mudersbach
DABROWSKA, PL-Dabrowa Gornicza              KUPA, A-Grambach/Graz                      STARRAGHECKERT, CH-Rorschacherberg         D-Mönchengladbach                          RSA BÜRSTEN-TECHNIK, D-Lüdenscheid
DAH LIH, RC-Taichung Hsien                  LANG HÜTTENBERG, D-Hüttenberg              STARRAGHECKERT, D-Chemnitz                 DUFIEUX INDUSTRIE, F-Echirolles            RSA CUTTING & DEBURRING SYSTEMS,
DECKEL MAHO GERETSRIED, D-Geretsried        LANXI LIANQIANG, VRC-Lanxi, Zhejiang       STERLITAMAK, RUS-Sterlitamak               DUGARD, GB-Hove, W-Sussex                  GB-Telford, Shropshire
DECKEL MAHO GILDEMEISTER-SHANGHAI,          LAPMASTER, GB-Devon                        STROJTOS, CZ-Lipnik nad Becvou             ECOCA INDUSTRIAL, RC-Taichung              RSA ENTGRAT- U. TRENNSYSTEME,
VRC-Song Jian Di.Shanghai                   LAZZATI, I-Rescaldina (MI)                 STYLE, NL-Bunschoten                       EMAG, D-Salach                             D-Lüdenscheid
DECKEL MAHO PFRONTEN, D-Pfronten            LEADERWAY MACHINERY, RC-Taichung           TACCHI, I-Castano Primo (MI)               EMCO MAIER, A-Hallein                      RSA SYSTÈMES EBAVURAGE,
DECKEL MAHO SEEBACH, D-Seebach              LEADWELL, RC-Taichung City                 TAJMAC-ZPS, CZ-Zlín-Malenovice             ERGOMAT BRASILIEN, BR-São Paulo/SP         F-Sarreguemines Cedex
DIXIMACHINES, CH-Le Locle                   LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken             TAKISAWA, J-Okayama                        ESCO, CH-Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane         RYAZAN MACHINE TOOL, RUS-Ryazan
DONAU, D-Ehingen                            LGB BRICAUD, F-Villeurbanne Cedex Lyon     TAKUMI, RC-Taichung                        EX-CELL-O, D-Eislingen/Fils                SAFOP, I-Porcia (PN)
DOOSAN, ROK-Chung-Ku, Seoul                 LICON MT, D-Laupheim                       TAL, IND-Maharashtra                       FAIR FRIEND, RC-Taichung City              SAPORITI, I-Solbiate Olona VA
DOOSAN INFRACORE, ROK-Seoul                 LIH CHANG, RC-Fong Yuan                    TAURUS, BR-Gravatai RS                     FALCON, RC-Chang Hua                       SCHAUBLIN MACHINES, CH-Bévilard
DÖRRIES SCHARMANN TECHNOLOGIE,              LINEA, I-Rottofreno PC                     TECHNICA, CH-Grenchen                      FAMAR, I-Avigliana (TO)                    SCHERER FEINBAU, D-Mömbris
D-Mönchengladbach                           LOKESH, IND-Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh       THYSSENKRUPP METAL CUTTING,                FAMOT, PL-Pleszew                          SCHIESS, D-Aschersleben
DUGARD, GB-Hove, W-Sussex                   LONG CHANG, RC-Taiping, Taichung           D-Mosbach                                  FASTEMS, FIN-Tampere                       SCHUSTER, D-Denklingen
EDEL, D-Pliezhausen                         MAGDEBURG WERKZEUGMASCHINEN,               TONG-TAI, RC-Kaohsiung Hsien               FEMCO, RC-Chiayi                           SCHÜTTE, D-Köln
EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                        D-Magdeburg                                TOS KURIM, CZ-Kurim                        FMS DREHTECHNIK, CH-Schaffhausen           SEIGER, D-Lippstadt
EIMA, D-Frickenhausen                       MAKINO, D-Hamburg                          TOS VARNSDORF, CZ-Varnsdorf                GDW, D-Herzogenaurach                      SEMA, A-Traunkirchen
ELHA, D-Hövelhof                            MANDELLI SISTEMI, I-Piacenza (PC)          TOYODA, J-Kariya, Aichi                    GIANA, I-Magnago (MI)                      SHANDONG LUNAN,
EMAG, D-Salach                              MATEC, D-Köngen                            TREVISAN MACCHINE UTENSILI, I-Sovizzo VI   GIDDINGS & LEWIS, USA-Fond du Lac, WI      VRC-Tengzhou Shandong
EMCO FAMUP, I-San Ouirino (PN)              MATSUURA, J-Fukui-City                     TSUGAMI, J-Tokyo                           GILDEMEISTER, D-Bielefeld                  SHAOXING, VRC-Shaoxing Zhejiang
EMCO MAIER, A-Hallein                       MAUSER MASCHINENBAU,                       UNION CHEMNITZ, D-Chemnitz                 GILDEMEISTER ITALIANA,                     SINICO, I-Montebello Vicentino(VI)
EMISSA, CH-Le Locle                         D-Oberndorf a. N.                          UNIOR, SLO-Zrece                           I-Brembate di Sopra (BG)                   SIRMU, I-Rivanazzano (PV)
EQUIPTOP, RC-Taichung                       MAXIMART, RC-Taipei                        UNISIGN, NL-Panningen                      GIUSEPPE GIANA, I-Magnago (MI)             SKODA MACHINE TOOL, CZ-Plzen
ETXE-TAR, E-Elgoibar (Guipuzcoa)            MCM, I-Vigolzone (PC)                      UNITECH, D-Chemnitz                        GOLMATIC, D-Birkenau                       SMS, D-Albstadt
EUMACH, RC-Taichung                         MECOF, I-Belforte M. To (AL)               VHF CAMFACTURE, D-Ammerbuch                GOODWAY, RC-Taichung                       SMT, S-Västeras
EVERTZ, D-Solingen                          MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München            VICTOR, RC-Taichung                        GORATU, E-Elgoibar                         SOGOTEC, RC-Taichung
EX-CELL-O, D-Eislingen/Fils                 MIDACO, USA-Elk Grove Village, IL          VIGEL, I-Borgaro (TO)                      GRAZIANO TORTONA, I-Tortona (AL)           SPINNER, D-Sauerlach
FADAL, USA-Chatsworth, CA                   MIKROMAT, D-Dresden                        VOGTLAND, D-Plauen                         GURUTZPE, E-Itziar-Deba                    STAMA, D-Schlierbach
FAIR FRIEND, RC-Taichung City               MIKRON AGNO, CH-Lugano                     WALDRICH COBURG, D-Coburg                  HAAS AUTOMATION, USA-Oxnard CA             STAR MICRONICS, J-Ogasa Shizuoka
FALCON, RC-Chang Hua                        MIKRON NIDAU, CH-Nidau                     WEINGÄRTNER, A-Kirchham                    HAGEN & GOEBEL, D-Soest                    STERLITAMAK, RUS-Sterlitamak
FAMAR, I-Avigliana (TO)                     MILLTRONICS, USA-Waconia, MN               WERA WERK, D-Wuppertal                     HANCHUAN, VRC-Shaanxi Province             STOPP, D-Weinheim
FAMOT, PL-Pleszew                           MITSUI SEIKI KOGYO,                        WFL, A-Linz                                HANKOOK, ROK-Kyungnam                      STYLE, NL-Bunschoten
FAMU, I-Campodarsego (PD)                   J-Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku                      WILLEMIN - MACODEL, CH-Bassecourt          HANWHA, ROK-Changwon-City                  TACCHI, I-Castano Primo (MI)
FASTEMS, FIN-Tampere                        MODLER, D-Aschaffenburg                    WIRTH ET GRUFFAT, F-Pringy                 HARDINGE USA, USA-Elmira, NY               TAIWAN TAKISAWA, RC-Pingchen City
FEHLMANN, CH-Seon                           MONFORTS, D-Mönchengladbach                WISSNER, D-Göttingen                       HARRISON, GB-West Yorkshire                TAJMAC-ZPS, CZ-Zlín-Malenovice
FELSOMAT, D-Königsbach-Stein                MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern               WITZIG & FRANK, D-Offenburg                HELLER, D-Nürtingen                        TAKAMATSU, J-Matto Ishikawa
FELSS, D-Königsbach-Stein                   MOORE, USA-Bridgeport, CT                  WOHLENBERG, D-Hannover                     HEMBRUG, NL-Haarlem                        TAKISAWA, J-Okayama
FERTIGUNGSTECHNIK WEISSENFELS,              MORI SEIKI, J-Nara                         WYSSBROD, CH-Biel                          HESSAPP, D-Taunusstein                     TBT, D-Dettingen
D-Weissenfels                               MÖSSNER, D-Eschach                         YAMAZAKI MAZAK, J-Aichi Pref               HEYLIGENSTAEDT, D-Gießen                   THYSSENKRUPP METAL CUTTING,
FICEP, I-Gazzada Schianno (VA)              MTE, E-Zestoa (Guipúzcoa)                  YANCHENG MACHINE TOOL,                     HURCO, USA-Indianapolis, IND               D-Mosbach
FIDIA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)            MÜGA, D-Villingen-Schwenningen             VRC-Yancheng, Jiangsu                      HWACHEON, ROK-Seoul                        TITAN, RO-Bukarest
FMS DREHTECHNIK, CH-Schaffhausen            NANTONG SWALL, VRC-Nantong                 YASDA, J-Okayama                           HYUNDAI-KIA MACHINE, ROK-Seoul             TONG-TAI, RC-Kaohsiung Hsien
FOREST-LINÉ, F-Paris                        NC-GESELLSCHAFT, D-Ulm                     YEONG CHIN, RC-Taichung                    IMOBERDORF, CH-Oensingen                   TORNOS, CH-Moutier
FPT INDUSTRIE, I-S. Maria di Sala (VE)      NEU, D-Grünstadt                           YIDA PRECISION MACHINERY,                  IMT INTERMATO, I-Crosio Della Valle (VA)   TOSHULIN, CZ-Hulin
FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPK, D-Berlin         NEWEN, F-La Roche sur Foron                RC-Nan-Tou County                          INDEX, D-Esslingen                         TRANSCO, D-Füssen
GENTIGER, RC-Taichung Hsien                 NIIGATA, J-Niigata City                    YIH CHUAN MACHINERY, RC-Taichung           INNSE BERARDI, I-Brescia (BS)              TRAUB, D-Reichenbach
GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)                   NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT,                ZHEJIANG KAIDA, VRC-Zhuji Zhejiang         IRCO, D-Steinenbronn                       TSUGAMI, J-Tokyo
GLEASON WORKS, USA-Rochester, N.Y.          D-Chemnitz                                                                            I.T.E.C., D-Eschweiler                     UNAMUNO, E-Placencia
GNUTTI TRANSFER, I-Ospitaletto (BS)         NISSIN, J-Himeji City, Hyogo Prf.                                                     JASHICO, RC-Taichung Hsien                 UNIOR, SLO-Zrece
GOLDEN SUN, RC-Feng-Yuan, Taichung          OKK, J-Hyogo                                                                          JESCO, RC-Taiping/Taichung                 UNISIGN, NL-Panningen
GORATU, E-Elgoibar                          OKUMA, J-Aichi                                                                        JIANGSU QIHANG, VRC-Jiang Su               UNITECH, D-Chemnitz
Page 6                                                                                                                                                                                                  June 2005

VICTOR, RC-Taichung                      MOLLART, GB-Chessington, Surrey             EMISSA, CH-Le Locle                      TOS VARNSDORF, CZ-Varnsdorf                    RIELLO MACCHINE, I-Minerbe (VR)
WALDRICH COBURG, D-Coburg                MOLLART MICRODRILL, D-Hamburg               ETXE-TAR, E-Elgoibar (Guipuzcoa)         TVB, D-Murnau am Staffelsee                    ROLLWALZTECHNIK, D-Engen
WALDRICH SIEGEN, D-Burbach               MÜGA, D-Villingen-Schwenningen              EUMACH, RC-Taichung                      UNION CHEMNITZ, D-Chemnitz                     RÖLTGEN, D-Solingen
WEINGÄRTNER, A-Kirchham                  NANTONG SWALL, VRC-Nantong                  EVERTZ, D-Solingen                       UNISIGN, NL-Panningen                          SAMAG, D-Saalfeld
WEISSER, D-St. Georgen                   NAXOS-UNION, D-Frankfurt                    EXERON, D-Fluorn-Winzeln                 UNITECH, D-Chemnitz                            SCHUSTER, D-Denklingen
WEY YII, RC-Taichung                     NEU, D-Grünstadt                            FAMU, I-Campodarsego (PD)                VHF CAMFACTURE, D-Ammerbuch                    SEMA, A-Traunkirchen
WFL, A-Linz                              OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES,                         FEHLMANN, CH-Seon                        WALDRICH COBURG, D-Coburg                      SEMPUCO, D-Greiz
WILLEMIN - MACODEL, CH-Bassecourt        RC-Wu-Feng Hsiang, Taichung                 FIDIA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)         WASSER, D-Troisdorf-Spich                      SINICO, I-Montebello Vicentino(VI)
WIRTH ET GRUFFAT, F-Pringy               PAMA, I-Rovereto (TN)                       FLAIG, D-Königsfeld                      WEINGÄRTNER, A-Kirchham                        SOMEX, F-Ensisheim
WMH TOOL GROUP, CH-Schwerzenbach         PARPAS, I-Cadoneghe (PD)                    FLEXICAM, D-Eibelstadt                   WERA WERK, D-Wuppertal                         STOPP, D-Weinheim
WMS SINSHEIM, D-Sinsheim                 PEDDINGHAUS, D-Gevelsberg                   FOREST-LINÉ, F-Paris                     WFL, A-Linz                                    SUHNER, D-Bad Säckingen
WOHLENBERG, D-Hannover                   PEGARD, B-Andenne                           FPT INDUSTRIE, I-S. Maria di Sala (VE)   WILLEMIN - MACODEL, CH-Bassecourt              TAL, IND-Maharashtra
WOLF, D-Brackenheim                      PERICO BARONI RAIMONDI, I-Legnano (MI)      FRAMAG, A-Frankenburg                    WISSNER, D-Göttingen                           TBT, D-Dettingen
YAMAZAKI MAZAK, J-Aichi Pref             PFIFFNER, CH-Thalwil                        FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPK, D-Berlin      WMH TOOL GROUP, CH-Schwerzenbach               TECHNICA, CH-Grenchen
YANCHENG MACHINE TOOL,                   PIBOMULTI, CH-Le Locle                      GARBOLI, I-Fondotoce (VB)                WOHLENBERG, D-Hannover                         TONG-TAI, RC-Kaohsiung Hsien
VRC-Yancheng, Jiangsu                    PLEIGER, D-Sprockhövel                      GIDDINGS & LEWIS, USA-Fond du Lac, WI    WYSSBROD, CH-Biel                              TOP-EASTERN, VRC-Dalian
YEONG CHIN, RC-Taichung                  PRIMACON, D-Peissenberg                     GLOBE TRADE, I-Turbigo (Mi)              YANCHENG MACHINE TOOL,                         TOS KURIM, CZ-Kurim
YIDA PRECISION MACHINERY,                PRO RICHYOUNG, RC-Taichung                  GOLMATIC, D-Birkenau                     VRC-Yancheng, Jiangsu                          TREVISAN MACCHINE UTENSILI, I-Sovizzo VI
RC-Nan-Tou County                        ROTTLER, D-Mudersbach                       GORATU, E-Elgoibar                       YEA-CHING, RC-Hsin Chuang Taipei               UMBRA CUSCINETTI, I-Foligno PG
YUHUAN KANMEN, VRC-Yuhuan                RUKO, D-Holzgerlingen                       GRAVOSTAR, CH-Zuzwil                     YIH CHUAN MACHINERY, RC-Taichung               UNIMEX-FORMDRILL, B-Beringen
ZHEJIANG KAIDA, VRC-Zhuji Zhejiang       SAFOP, I-Porcia (PN)                        HAMUEL, D-Meeder                         ZAYER, E-Vitoria (Alava)                       UNIOR, SLO-Zrece
ZMM-BULGARIA, BG-Sofia                   SAHINLER, TR-Bursa                          HANDTMANN, D-Baienfurt                   ZHEJIANG KAIDA, VRC-Zhuji Zhejiang             VIGEL, I-Borgaro (TO)
                                         SAPORITI, I-Solbiate Olona VA               HELLER, D-Nürtingen                      ZIMMERMANN, F., D-Denkendorf                   VOGTLAND, D-Plauen
                                         SARIX, CH-Losone                            HEMTECH, NL-Valkenswaard                                                                WAFIOS, D-Reutlingen
                                         SAUER ULTRASONIC, D-Stipshausen             HERMLE, D-Gosheim                                                                       WASSER, D-Troisdorf-Spich
DRILLING MACHINES,                       SCHIESS, D-Aschersleben                     HEYLIGENSTAEDT, D-Gießen                                                                WINEMA, D-Bisingen
BORING MACHINES                          SEMA, A-Traunkirchen                        HÖFLER, D-Ettlingen                      TRANSFER MACHINES AND                          WIRTH ET GRUFFAT, F-Pringy
                                         SERRMAC, I-Budoia (PN)                      HURON GRAFFENSTADEN,                     UNIT HEADS                                     WITZIG & FRANK, D-Offenburg
AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray                    SHANDONG LUNAN,                             F-Illkirch Grafenstaden                                                                 WOLF, D-Brackenheim
AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL          VRC-Tengzhou Shandong                       HYUNDAI-KIA MACHINE, ROK-Seoul           ADIGE SALA, I-Levico Terme (Tn)
ALESAMONTI, I-Barasso (VA)               SHANGHAI HAIXIN MACHINE,                    IMATEC, CH-Lyss                          ADIGESYSTEMS, I-Novaledo (TN)
ALMAC, CH-La Chaux-de-Fonds              VRC-Shanghai                                I-MES, D-Eiterfeld                       AGME, E-Eibar (Guipuzcoa)
ALZMETALL, D-Altenmarkt/Alz              SIRMU, I-Rivanazzano (PV)                   IMOBERDORF, CH-Oensingen                 AKT, TR-Tuzla/Istanbul                         GRINDING MACHINES
APOLLO, I-Roteglia/Castellarano RE       SKODA MACHINE TOOL, CZ-Plzen                INNSE BERARDI, I-Brescia (BS)            ALFING, D-Aalen-Wasseralfingen
AWEA, RC-Hsinpu Town                     SOMEX, F-Ensisheim                          JOBS, I-Piacenza (PC)                    ALMAC, CH-La Chaux-de-Fonds                    ABA Z&B, D-Aschaffenburg
AXA, D-Schöppingen                       SORALUCE, E-Bergara (Gipuzkoa)              JUARISTI, E-Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa)          ALZMETALL, D-Altenmarkt/Alz                    ABA Z&B, D-Reutlingen
BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi            STAMA, D-Schlierbach                        KEKEISEN, D-Laupheim                     ANGER, A-Traun                                 ACUMAC, IND-Bangalore
BATLIBOI, IND-Mumbai                     STERLITAMAK, RUS-Sterlitamak                KERN, D-Murnau                           ARLA, D-Wipperfürth                            AGATHON, CH-Solothurn
BAZUS, E-Fonz (Huesca)                   TACCHI, I-Castano Primo (MI)                KESEL, D-Kempten                         AXA, D-Schöppingen                             AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL
BEHRINGER, D-Kirchardt                   TAI - I, RC-Tainan Hsien                    KIHEUNG, ROK-Taejeon                     BEMA, I-Luisago (CO)                           ALME-GERIMA, D-St. Wendel
BENIGN, RC-Taichung                      TAKISAWA, J-Okayama                         KLOPP, D-Solingen                        BHARAT, IND-Bangalore                          AM TECHNOLOGY,
BOST, E-Asteasu (Gipuzkoa)               TAL, IND-Maharashtra                        KONDIA, E-Elgoibar (Guipúzcoa)           BLM, I-Cantù (CO)                              ROK-Ansan City, Kyunggi-Do
BUFFALO, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung County       TAURUS, BR-Gravatai RS                      KUNZMANN, D-Remchingen-Nöttingen         BOEHRINGER MASCHINEN, D-Stuttgart              ANCA, AUS-Bayswater North
CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,             TBT, D-Dettingen                            LANG HÜTTENBERG, D-Hüttenberg            BOTTELLI, I-Menzago di Sumirago (VA)           BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi
VRC-Beijing                              TEZMAKSAN, TR-Bayrampasa - Istanbul         LANXI LIANQIANG, VRC-Lanxi, Zhejiang     BUFFOLI TRANSFER, I-Brescia (BS)               BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen
CHIRON, D-Tuttlingen                     TITAN, RO-Bukarest                          LAZZATI, I-Rescaldina (MI)               BUMOTEC, CH-Sales                              BENIGN, RC-Taichung
CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham        TONG-TAI, RC-Kaohsiung Hsien                LINSINGER, A-Steyrermühl                 BURKHARDT + WEBER, D-Reutlingen                BERGAMINI, I-Mirandola (MO)
C.M.A., E-Alzira-Valencia                TOS KURIM, CZ-Kurim                         LOXIN, E-Pamplona (Navarra)              CARNAGHI PIETRO, I-Villa Cortese (Mi)          BLOHM, D-Hamburg
CME, E-Itziar (Guipúzcoa)                TOS VARNSDORF, CZ-Varnsdorf                 LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                    CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham              BOEHRINGER MASCHINEN, D-Stuttgart
CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen             UNIMEX-FORMDRILL, B-Beringen                MACHINERY SCANDINAVIA, S-Rosenfors       CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen                   BOST, E-Asteasu (Gipuzkoa)
COLGAR, I-S. Pietro all’ Olmo (MI)       UNION CHEMNITZ, D-Chemnitz                  MACRO MICRO TECH, RC-Tainan Hsian        CRIPPA, I-Arosio (Co)                          BRIDGEPORT, GB-Exeter
DABROWSKA, PL-Dabrowa Gornicza           UNIOR, SLO-Zrece                            MATEC, D-Köngen                          CROSS HÜLLER, D-Ludwigsburg                    BSH HOLICE, CZ-Praha - Karlin
DAMA, CH-Lömmenschwil                    UNISIGN, NL-Panningen                       MAXIMART, RC-Taipei                      DELAPENA HONING,                               BUDERUS SCHLEIFTECHNIK, D-Aßlar
DEGEN, D-Schömberg                       VIGEL, I-Borgaro (TO)                       MECCANODORA, I-Bosconero (TO)            GB-Cheltenham, Glouc.                          BULA, CH-Henniez
DIETHEI, D-Bopfingen                     WASSER, D-Troisdorf-Spich                   MECOF, I-Belforte M. To (AL)             DIATO, D-Ostfildern                            CARNAGHI PIETRO, I-Villa Cortese (Mi)
DIRINLER, TR-B. Cigli-Izmir              WFL, A-Linz                                 MFL, A-Steyrermühl                       ELHA, D-Hövelhof                               CETOS, CZ-Plzen
DIXIMACHINES, CH-Le Locle                WMH TOOL GROUP, CH-Schwerzenbach            MIDACO, USA-Elk Grove Village, IL        EMCO MAIER, A-Hallein                          CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,
DONAU, D-Ehingen                         WOHLENBERG, D-Hannover                      MIKROMAT, D-Dresden                      EMISSA, CH-Le Locle                            VRC-Beijing
DOOSAN, ROK-Chung-Ku, Seoul              YANCHENG MACHINE TOOL,                      MIKRON NIDAU, CH-Nidau                   ERLO, E-Azkoitia                               CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham
DÖRRIES SCHARMANN TECHNOLOGIE,           VRC-Yancheng, Jiangsu                       MILLTRONICS, USA-Waconia, MN             ETXE-TAR, E-Elgoibar (Guipuzcoa)               CLEVELAND, D-Löffingen
D-Mönchengladbach                        ZHEJIANG KAIDA, VRC-Zhuji Zhejiang          MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern             EUBAMA, D-Rottweil                             COMBITEC, CH-Biel/Bienne
DUFIEUX INDUSTRIE, F-Echirolles          ZMM-BULGARIA, BG-Sofia                      MOORE, USA-Bridgeport, CT                EX-CELL-O, D-Eislingen/Fils                    DAMA, CH-Lömmenschwil
EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                                                                 MTE, E-Zestoa (Guipúzcoa)                FELSS, D-Königsbach-Stein                      DANOBAT, E-Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa)
EMAG, D-Salach                                                                       NANTONG SWALL, VRC-Nantong               FISCHER, CH-Herzogenbuchsee                    DECKEL, M., D-Weilheim
EMISSA, CH-Le Locle                                                                  NC-GESELLSCHAFT, D-Ulm                   FLOWDRILL, NL-Utrecht                          DEGEN, D-Schömberg
EQUIPTOP, RC-Taichung                    MILLING MACHINES                            NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT,              FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPT, D-Aachen            DELAPENA HONING,
ERLO, E-Azkoitia                                                                     D-Chemnitz                               GEHRING, D-Ostfildern                          GB-Cheltenham, Glouc.
ETXE-TAR, E-Elgoibar (Guipuzcoa)         ABENE, S-Valdemarsvik                       OKUMA & HOWA, J-Konan, Aichi             GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)                      DIATO, D-Ostfildern
EVERTZ, D-Solingen                       AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray                       O.M.V., I-Caltana d.S.M.di Sala VE       GIULIANI, I-Quarto Inferiore (BO)              DISKUS, D-Dietzenbach-Steinberg
FANUC, J-Yamanashi Prefecture            AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL             OPS-INGERSOLL, D-Burbach                 GNUTTI TRANSFER, I-Ospitaletto (BS)            DOIMAK, E-Elgoibar (Guipuzcoa)
FEHLMANN, CH-Seon                        ALESAMONTI, I-Barasso (VA)                  PAMA, I-Rovereto (TN)                    GOZIO TRANSFER, I-Ospitaletto (Bs)             DÖRRIES SCHARMANN TECHNOLOGIE,
FEMCO, RC-Chiayi                         ALMAC, CH-La Chaux-de-Fonds                 PARPAS, I-Cadoneghe (PD)                 GROB-WERKE, D-Mindelheim                       D-Mönchengladbach
FICEP, I-Gazzada Schianno (VA)           ALME-GERIMA, D-St. Wendel                   PEDERSEN, DK-Slagelse                    HAGEN & GOEBEL, D-Soest                        DREI-S-WERK, D-Schwabach
FLOWDRILL, NL-Utrecht                    ANAYAK, E-Deba (Guipuzcoa)                  PEISELER, D-Remscheid                    HAMUEL, D-Meeder                               EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau
FOREST-LINÉ, F-Paris                     ANGER, A-Traun                              PFIFFNER, CH-Thalwil                     HELLER, D-Nürtingen                            ELB-SCHLIFF, D-Babenhausen
FPT INDUSTRIE, I-S. Maria di Sala (VE)   ARIX, RC-Yung Kang City                     PINNACLE, RC-Taichung Hsien              HONSBERG, D-Remscheid                          EQUIPTOP, RC-Taichung
GAMOR, E-Asteasu (Guipuzcoa)             ASSFALG, D-Schwäbisch Gmünd                 PRÄWEMA, D-Eschwege                      HORKOS, J-Hiroshima                            ESTARTA, E-Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa)
GIANA, I-Magnago (MI)                    AUERBACH, D-Ellefeld/Sachsen                PRIMACON, D-Peissenberg                  IMAS TRANSFER, I-Mariano Comense (CO)          EVANS & PRICE, GB-Tamworth, Staffordsh.
GIDDINGS & LEWIS, USA-Fond du Lac, WI    AXA, D-Schöppingen                          PRO RICHYOUNG, RC-Taichung               IMOBERDORF, CH-Oensingen                       EVEC, E-Berriz (Bizkaia)
GIUSEPPE GIANA, I-Magnago (MI)           BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi               RAMBAUDI, I-Rivoli (TO)                  INNSE BERARDI, I-Brescia (BS)                  EVERTZ, D-Solingen
GÜDEL, D-Altenstadt                      BATLIBOI, IND-Mumbai                        REICHENBACHER HAMUEL,                    INTERNATIONAL TOOL MACHINES,                   EX-CELL-O, D-Eislingen/Fils
GÜDEL, CH-Langenthal                     BELOTTI ITALIEN, I-Suisio (BG)              D-Dörfles-Esbach                         USA-Palm Coast, FL                             FALCON, RC-Chang Hua
HANCHUAN, VRC-Shaanxi Province           BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen              REIDEN TECHNIK, CH-Reiden                IXION, D-Hamburg                               FAMAR, I-Avigliana (TO)
HARDINGE USA, USA-Elmira, NY             BENIGN, RC-Taichung                         RÖDERS, D-Soltau                         KAYS, USA-Marshall, MO                         FAVRETTO, I-Pino Torinese (TO)
HEUN, D-Kahl/Main                        BHARAT, IND-Bangalore                       ROMI, BR-Santa Barbara d’Oeste           KEKEISEN, D-Laupheim                           FLADDER, DK-Ansager
HEYLIGENSTAEDT, D-Gießen                 BOEHRINGER MASCHINEN, D-Stuttgart           ROTTLER, D-Mudersbach                    KETTERER, D-Bad Dürrheim                       GARBOLI, I-Fondotoce (VB)
HONSBERG, D-Remscheid                    BRETON, I-Castello di Godego (TV)           SACHMAN, I-Reggio Emilia (RE)            LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken                 GEHRING, D-Ostfildern
HORKOS, J-Hiroshima                      BRIDGEPORT, GB-Exeter                       SAFOP, I-Porcia (PN)                     LICON MT, D-Laupheim                           GEIBEL & HOTZ, D-Homberg/Ohm
HYUNDAI-KIA MACHINE, ROK-Seoul           CARNAGHI, MARIO, I-Olgiate Olona (VA)       SAPORITI, I-Solbiate Olona VA            LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                          GERARDI, I-Lonate Pozzolo (VA)
IBARMIA, E-Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa)           CARNAGHI PIETRO, I-Villa Cortese (Mi)       SARIX, CH-Losone                         MATEC, D-Braunschweig                          GHIRINGHELLI, I-Luino (VA)
IMOBERDORF, CH-Oensingen                 C.B. FERRARI, I-Mornago (VA)                SAUER ULTRASONIC, D-Stipshausen          MAUSER MASCHINENBAU,                           GLEASON-PFAUTER, D-Ludwigsburg
INNSE BERARDI, I-Brescia (BS)            C.D.M. ROVELLA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)   SCHIESS, D-Aschersleben                  D-Oberndorf a. N.                              G&N, D-Erlangen
IXION, D-Hamburg                         CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,                SCHLEGEL & VOLK, D-Frankfurt             MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München                GÖCKEL, D-Darmstadt
JUARISTI, E-Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa)          VRC-Beijing                                 SCHUSTER, D-Denklingen                   MIKRON AGNO, CH-Lugano                         GRINDING TECHNOLOGY,
KALTENBACH, D-Lörrach                    CHIRON, D-Tuttlingen                        SEMA, A-Traunkirchen                     MIKRON NIDAU, CH-Nidau                         CZ-Praha - Karlin
KAYS, USA-Marshall, MO                   CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham           SEMPUCO, D-Greiz                         MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern                   GRINDMASTER, IND-Aurangabad
KEKEISEN, D-Laupheim                     CME, E-Itziar (Guipúzcoa)                   SHANDONG LUNAN,                          MÜLLER, HEINRICH, D-Pforzheim                  HAAS, D-Trossingen
KERN, D-Murnau                           C.M.S., I-Zogno (BG)                        VRC-Tengzhou Shandong                    NAGEL, D-Nürtingen                             HAWEMA, D-Trossingen
KIHEUNG, ROK-Taejeon                     CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen                SHIN NIPPON KOKI, J-Tokyo                NEU, D-Grünstadt                               HENNINGER MASCHINEN, D-Straubenhardt
KLOPP, D-Solingen                        COLGAR, I-S. Pietro all’ Olmo (MI)          SHW WERKZEUGMASCHINEN,                   NEWEN, F-La Roche sur Foron                    HÖFLER, D-Ettlingen
KOVOSVIT, CZ-Sezimovo Ústi               COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                    D-Aalen-Wasseralfingen                   NSK NAKANISHI, J-Tochigi-ken                   HOLROYD MACHINE TOOLS, GB-Rochdale
LANXI LIANQIANG, VRC-Lanxi, Zhejiang     CORREA, E-Burgos                            SKODA MACHINE TOOL, CZ-Plzen             O.M.G. DI MENON GUGLIELMO,                     HONITECH, I-Cormano (Milano)
LAZZATI, I-Rescaldina (MI)               DABROWSKA, PL-Dabrowa Gornicza              SODICK, J-Yokohama/Kanagawa              I-San Zeno die Cassola/VI                      HTT, CH-Biel Bienne
LOCH, D-Ergolding                        DATRON, D-Mühltal                           SORALUCE, E-Bergara (Gipuzkoa)           PAATZ, D-Viernau                               ILMETECH, I-Carpi (Mo)
LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                    DECKEL MAHO GERETSRIED, D-Geretsried        STARRAGHECKERT, CH-Rorschacherberg       PCI, F-Saint-Etienne Cedex                     IMATEC, CH-Lyss
MACHINERY SCANDINAVIA, S-Rosenfors       DECKEL MAHO PFRONTEN, D-Pfronten            STARRAGHECKERT, D-Chemnitz               PEE-WEE, D-Diez                                INTERNATIONAL TOOL MACHINES,
MATEC, D-Köngen                          DECKEL MAHO SEEBACH, D-Seebach              STERLITAMAK, RUS-Sterlitamak             PEISELER, D-Remscheid                          USA-Palm Coast, FL
MAUS, I-Campodarsego (PD)                DIXIMACHINES, CH-Le Locle                   STROJTOS, CZ-Lipnik nad Becvou           PFIFFNER, CH-Thalwil                           JACK MILL, RC-Taipei Hsien
MAXION, D-Pößneck                        DMTG, VRC-Dalian                            STYLE, NL-Bunschoten                     PIBOMULTI, CH-Le Locle                         JAGURA INDUSTRY, RC-
MB MASCHINEN, D-Biebergemünd             DONAU, D-Ehingen                            TAL, IND-Maharashtra                     PICCHI, I-Lumezzane S.S. BS                    JAINNHER, RC-Taichung
MECOF, I-Belforte M. To (AL)             DÖRRIES SCHARMANN TECHNOLOGIE,              TAURUS, BR-Gravatai RS                   P.M., I-Salzano (VE)                           JOEN LIH, RC-Taichung Hsien
MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh        D-Mönchengladbach                           TBT, D-Dettingen                         PORTA, I-Cogozzo Villa Carcina/BS              JONES & SHIPMAN, GB-Leicester
MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München          DUFIEUX INDUSTRIE, F-Echirolles             TECHNICA, CH-Grenchen                    PRECITRAME, CH-Tramelan                        JUNG, D-Göppingen
MIDACO, USA-Elk Grove Village, IL        EDEL, D-Pliezhausen                         THYSSENKRUPP METAL CUTTING,              PULIMETAL CITTADINI, I-Provaglio d’Iseo (BS)   JUNKER, D-Nordrach
MIKROMAT, D-Dresden                      EMAG, D-Salach                              D-Mosbach                                REICHENBACHER HAMUEL,                          KAPP, D-Coburg
MIYANO, J-Nagano-Ken                     EMCO MAIER, A-Hallein                       TOS KURIM, CZ-Kurim                      D-Dörfles-Esbach                               KARSTENS, D-Salach
June 2005                                                                                                                                                                                          Page 7

KEHREN, D-Hennef/Sieg                                                            DAMA, CH-Lömmenschwil                     EX-CELL-O, D-Eislingen/Fils             G&N, D-Erlangen
KELLENBERGER, CH-St. Gallen                                                      DEHAN, VRC-Qingdao                        FÄSSLER, CH-Dübendorf                   GÜVEN, TR-Melikgazi Kayseri
KENT, RC-Taipei                          TOOL GRINDING MACHINES                  DELAPENA HONING,                          FELSOMAT, D-Königsbach-Stein            HEZEL, D-Epfendorf
KIRNER, D-Titisee-Neustadt                                                       GB-Cheltenham, Glouc.                     FELSS, D-Königsbach-Stein               HIPP, CZ-Brno
KLINGELNBERG, D-Hückeswagen              AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray                   DIACUT, USA-Palmer Lake, CO               FRENCO, D-Altdorf                       IHLE, D-Königsbach-Stein
KLINGELNBERG, CH-Zürich                  AGATHON, CH-Solothurn                   DIAMETAL, CH-Biel                         GLEASON WORKS, USA-Rochester, N.Y.      ILERI, TR-Nilüfer/Bursa
KLOPP, D-Solingen                        AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL         DIATO, D-Ostfildern                       GLEASON-HURTH, D-München                IMAK, TR-Balikesir
KNOPP, D-Rohrdorf b. Nagold              AM TECHNOLOGY,                          DIBO-TECH, D-Metzingen                    GLEASON-PFAUTER, D-Ludwigsburg          IMAS, TR-Konya
KNUTH, D-Wasbek                          ROK-Ansan City, Kyunggi-Do              DRAGAO, P-Pacos de Brandao                GRINDMASTER, IND-Aurangabad             IMET, I-Cisano Bergamasco (BG)
KOPP, D-Neu-Ulm                          ANCA, AUS-Bayswater North               EFFGEN, D-Herrstein                       GROB, CH-Männedorf                      I.T.E.C., D-Eschweiler
KUMMER, CH-Tramelan                      ASSFALG, D-Schwäbisch Gmünd             EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                      HASCON, I-Legnano (Mi)                  ITL, IND-Indore (M.P.)
KW-ABRICHTTECHNIK, D-Mainaschaff         AVYAC, F-Veauche                        EHWA, ROK-Osan-City/Kyungki-Do            HOFFMANN APPARATE, D-Lengede            JAESPA, D-Spangenberg
LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                    BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi           ELBE, D-Bietigheim-Bissingen              HÖFLER, D-Ettlingen                     JIH-I, RC-Taichung
LANXI LIANQIANG, VRC-Lanxi, Zhejiang     BENIGN, RC-Taichung                     ELKA, D-Wiedergeltingen                   HOLROYD MACHINE TOOLS, GB-Rochdale      KALTENBACH, D-Lörrach
LAPMASTER, GB-Devon                      BRECHT, D-Eningen u/A                   EVANS & PRICE, GB-Tamworth, Staffordsh.   KAPP, D-Coburg                          KARMETAL, TR-Adapazari Sakarya
LGB BRICAUD, F-Villeurbanne Cedex Lyon   BUSINARO, I-S.Giovanni Persiceto(BO)    FÄSSLER, CH-Dübendorf                     KESEL, D-Kempten                        KENTAI, RC-Wurih, Taichung
LIDKÖPING, S-Lidköping                   CLEVELAND, D-Löffingen                  FISCHER, CH-Herzogenbuchsee               KIRNER, D-Titisee-Neustadt              KLAEGER, D-Kernen
LIZZINI, I-Brescia (BS)                  COMBITEC, CH-Biel/Bienne                FLADDER, DK-Ansager                       KLINGELNBERG, D-Hückeswagen             KMT, D-Bad Nauheim
LODI, I-Castano Primo (MI)               CUOGHI AFFILATRICI, I-Modena (MO)       FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IST,                KLINGELNBERG, CH-Zürich                 KW-ABRICHTTECHNIK, D-Mainaschaff
LÖSER, D-Speyer                          DAMA, CH-Lömmenschwil                   D-Braunschweig                            KMM, D-Berlin                           LINSINGER, A-Steyrermühl
LÖWER, D-Homberg                         DAREX, USA-Ashland, OR                  FUCHS EUROPE, D-Mannheim                  KOEPFER, D-Furtwangen                   MACO, I-S.Vito di Leguzzano (VI)
LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                    DECKEL, M., D-Weilheim                  GARBOLI, I-Fondotoce (VB)                 LAMBERT, CH-Safnern                     MEBA, D-Westerheim
MÄGERLE, CH-Fehraltorf                   EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                    GEHRING, D-Ostfildern                     LEISTRITZ, D-Nürnberg                   MFL, A-Steyrermühl
MATRIX, GB-Coventry                      EKIN, E-Amorebieta (Vizcaya)            GERBER, CH-Lyss                           LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken          MISSLER, F-Bondoufle Cedex
MECCANICA NOVA, I-Zola Predosa (BO)      EWAG, CH-Etziken                        GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)                 LIEBHERR VERZAHNTECHNIK, D-Kempten      MÖCK, D-Sonnenbühl
MECCANODORA, I-Bosconero (TO)            FARMAN MACHINERY, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung    GLEASON-HURTH, D-München                  MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern            MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern
MELCHIORRE, I-Cinisello Balsamo (MI)     GERBER, CH-Lyss                         GMT TOOLS, VRC-Qingdao                    MÜLLER, HEINRICH, D-Pforzheim           MÖSSNER, D-Eschach
MEPSA, E-Artes                           GLEASON WORKS, USA-Rochester, N.Y.      GRANIT, H-Budapest                        NILES, D-Berlin                         NEU, D-Grünstadt
MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh        GLEASON-HURTH, D-München                GRINDMASTER, IND-Aurangabad               ORT ITALIA, I-Trigolo (CR)              O.M.P., I-Santorso (VI)
MICROCUT, CH-Lengnau BE                  GÖCKEL, D-Darmstadt                     HAMEX, S-Linköping                        OSBORN INTERNATIONAL, S-Huskvarna       OPUS BONETTI, I-Castelleone (Cr)
MICROMATIC GRINDING TECHNOLOGIES,        GÜHRING, D-Albstadt                     HEMO, CH-Kriens                           OVERBECK, D-Herborn                     PEDDINGHAUS, D-Gevelsberg
IND-Ghaziabad                            HAAS, D-Trossingen                      HENAN, VRC-Henan                          PEE-WEE, D-Diez                         PEDRAZZOLI IBP, I-Bassano del Grappa (VI)
MICRON, J-Yamagata                       HAWEMA, D-Trossingen                    HERMES SCHLEIFMITTEL, D-Hamburg           PRÄWEMA, D-Eschwege                     PETRA, SLO-Ljubljana
MIKROSA, D-Leipzig                       HOLROYD MACHINE TOOLS, GB-Rochdale      HOFFMANN QUALITÄTSWERKZEUGE,              PROFIROLL, D-Bad Düben                  PILOUS, CZ-Brno
MODLER, D-Aschaffenburg                  ILMETECH, I-Carpi (Mo)                  D-München                                 REFORM, D-Fulda                         PRO RICHYOUNG, RC-Taichung
MOORE, USA-Bridgeport, CT                IMATEC, CH-Lyss                         HONGIA, RC-Taipei                         REISHAUER, CH-Wallisellen               PROFIROLL, D-Bad Düben
MORI SEIKI, J-Nara                       INTERNATIONAL TOOL MACHINES,            HONITECH, I-Cormano (Milano)              ROLLWALZTECHNIK, D-Engen                PRVNÍ ZELEZÁRSKÁ, CZ-Kladno
MVM, I-Correggio RE                      USA-Palm Coast, FL                      ITEXA, I-Guastalla (RE)                   RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein              REICHMANN - REMA, D-Weißenhorn
NANTONG SWALL, VRC-Nantong               JAGURA INDUSTRY, RC-                    KADIA, D-Nürtingen                        SAMPUTENSILI, D-Chemnitz                ROHBI, CH-Oftringen
NAXOS-UNION, D-Frankfurt                 JUNKER, D-Nordrach                      KAPP, D-Coburg                            SAMPUTENSILI, I-Bologna (BO)            ROSENBERGER, D-Apolda
NILES, D-Berlin                          KAINDL REILING, D-Königsbach-Stein      KIRNER, D-Titisee-Neustadt                SCHÜTTE, D-Köln                         RSA BÜRSTEN-TECHNIK, D-Lüdenscheid
NOMOCO, D-Sundern-Hövel                  KAYS, USA-Marshall, MO                  KMM, D-Berlin                             SEIWA, J-Osaka                          RSA CUTTING & DEBURRING SYSTEMS,
NORMAC, USA-Arden, NC                    KENTAI, RC-Wurih, Taichung              KREBS & RIEDEL, D-Bad Karlshafen          SICMAT, I-Pianezza (To)                 GB-Telford, Shropshire
OKAMOTO, J-Yokohama-shi                  KIRNER, D-Titisee-Neustadt              KULLEN, D-Reutlingen                      SMS, D-Albstadt                         RSA ENTGRAT- U. TRENNSYSTEME,
OKUMA, J-Aichi                           KLINGELNBERG, D-Hückeswagen             KW-ABRICHTTECHNIK, D-Mainaschaff          STROJIRNY CELAKOVICE, CZ-Celákovice     D-Lüdenscheid
OSBORN INTERNATIONAL, S-Huskvarna        KLINGELNBERG, CH-Zürich                 LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                     TAL, IND-Maharashtra                    RSA SYSTÈMES EBAVURAGE,
OVERBECK, D-Herborn                      KMM, D-Berlin                           LAM PLAN, F-Gaillard                      TECNOCUT, I-Calusco d’Adda (BG)         F-Sarreguemines Cedex
PALMARY, RC-Taichung                     KOEPFER, D-Furtwangen                   LAPMASTER, GB-Devon                       VMB, D-Babenhausen                      SABI SIERRAS, E-Azkoitia
PARPAS, I-Cadoneghe (PD)                 LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                   MELCHIORRE, I-Cinisello Balsamo (MI)      WERA WERK, D-Wuppertal                  SCHUSTER, D-Denklingen
PERFECT MACHINE, RC-Taiping              LANG HÜTTENBERG, D-Hüttenberg           MICRO ABRASIVES,                          WYSSBROD, CH-Biel                       SCORTEGAGNA, I-Cogollo del Cengio (VI)
PRO RICHYOUNG, RC-Taichung               LOROCH, D-Mörlenbach                    D-Leinfelden-Echterdingen                                                         SHANDONG LUNAN,
PROFILTEC, D-Wertheim                    LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                   MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh                                                 VRC-Tengzhou Shandong
PROTH, RC-Taichung                       MATCHLING TOOLING, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung   MICRO TECHNICA TECHNOLOGIES,                                                      SHUZ TUNG, RC-Taichung
RABBIT, VRC-Shanghai                     MICROCUT, CH-Lengnau BE                 D-Kornwestheim                            PLANING, SHAPING, SLOTTING AND          SIMEC, I-Schio (VI)
REFORM, D-Fulda                          MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern            MOORE, USA-Bridgeport, CT                 BROACHING MACHINES                      SINICO, I-Montebello Vicentino(VI)
REICHMANN - REMA, D-Weißenhorn           MVM, I-Correggio RE                     NAGEL, D-Nürtingen                                                                STARRETT, GB-Borders, Scotland
REINECKER, D-Salach                      NORMAC, USA-Arden, NC                   NAXOS-UNION SCHLEIFMITTEL,                ARTHUR KLINK BRASIL,                    STROJÍRNA TYC, CZ-M´ toy
ROBBI, I-Veronella (VR)                  OSBORN INTERNATIONAL, S-Huskvarna       D-Butzbach                                BR-Sorocaba-São Paulo                   TEMELSAN, TR-Bayrampasa Istanbul
RÖDERS, D-Soltau                         PEDDINGHAUS, D-Gevelsberg               NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO, J-Osaka-fu              BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi           TEZMAKSAN, TR-Bayrampasa - Istanbul
ROLLOMATIC, CH-Le Landeron               PRO RICHYOUNG, RC-Taichung              OSBORN INTERNATIONAL, S-Huskvarna         BENIGN, RC-Taichung                     TM JESENICE, CZ-Jesenice u Rakovníka
ROSA ERMANDO, I-Rescaldina (MI)          PROFILTEC, D-Wertheim                   PEMAMO HONING, CH-Le Landeron             BRIGHETTI, I-Calderara di Reno BO       TRENNJAEGER, D-Renchen
RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein               REFORM, D-Fulda                         PEMTEC, F-Forbach Cedex                   CABE, I-Borgo San Siro (PV)             ULTRADIAM, F-Roanne
ROTTLER, D-Mudersbach                    REISHAUER, CH-Wallisellen               PFS, CH-Stans                             CARNAGHI, MARIO, I-Olgiate Olona (VA)   UZAY, TR-Istanbul
ROYAL MASTER GRINDERS,                   ROLLOMATIC, CH-Le Landeron              PLEIGER, D-Sprockhövel                    EKIN, E-Amorebieta (Vizcaya)            WMH TOOL GROUP, CH-Schwerzenbach
USA-Oakland, N.J.                        RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein              RAPPOLD WINTERTHUR, D-Reutlingen          EVERTZ, D-Solingen                      YING LIN, RC-Tainan Hsien
SAFOP, I-Porcia (PN)                     RUKO, D-Holzgerlingen                   REISHAUER, CH-Wallisellen                 FÄSSLER, CH-Dübendorf                   ZMM-BULGARIA, BG-Sofia
SAID, I-Isola Vicentina (VI)             SAACKE, D-Pforzheim                     RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein                FRÖMAG, D-Fröndenberg
SAIM, E-Zaragoza                         SAFEWAY, RC-Wu Chi, Taichung            SAID, I-Isola Vicentina (VI)              GIERTH, D-Neuenrade
SAMPUTENSILI, D-Chemnitz                 SAIM, E-Zaragoza                        SAIM, E-Zaragoza                          HELLER, D-Nürtingen
SAMPUTENSILI, I-Bologna (BO)             SAMPUTENSILI, D-Chemnitz                SAMPUTENSILI, D-Chemnitz                  HIPAK, TR-Istanbul                      SAWING BLADES
SAPORITI, I-Solbiate Olona VA            SAMPUTENSILI, I-Bologna (BO)            SAMPUTENSILI, I-Bologna (BO)              KLOPP, D-Solingen
SAUER ULTRASONIC, D-Stipshausen          SCHLEIFRING / KÖRBER, D-Hamburg         SASSATELLI, I-Pianoro (Bo)                LEISTRITZ, D-Nürnberg                   AKE KNEBEL, D-Balingen
SCHAUDT, D-Stuttgart                     SCHMIDT, AUGUST HEINR.,                 SAUER ULTRASONIC, D-Stipshausen           PERINI, I-Pistoia (Pt)                  ALESA, CH-Seengen
SCHLEIFRING / KÖRBER, D-Hamburg          D-Stuttgart-Feuerbach                   SAV, D-Nürnberg                           POLIANGOLAR, I-Vernate (Mi)             AMADA SÄGETECHNIK, J-Kanagawa
SCHMITT, GB-Coventry                     SCHMITT, GB-Coventry                    SCHMITT, GB-Coventry                      SCHUSTER, D-Denklingen                  AMVDIAM, F-Yssingeaux
SEEDTEC, RC-Taichung Hsien               SCHNEEBERGER J., CH-Roggwil             SHINHAN, ROK-Namdong-Gu, Incheon          STENHOJ, DK-Barrit                      ARNTZ, D-Remscheid
SENY, E-Cornella Llobregat (BC)          SCHREYER, D-Winkelhaid                  SIAPI, I-Milano                           TAL, IND-Maharashtra                    BAHCO, GB-Bramley, Rotherham
SERVAX - LANDERT, CH-Bülach              SCHÜTTE, D-Köln                         SICHUAN MACHINERY, VRC-Sichuan            WASSER, D-Troisdorf-Spich               BECKETT PLASTICS, GB-Sheffield
SHIGIYA, J-Hiroshima                     SEIWA, J-Osaka                          SLIP NAXOS, S-Västervik                                                           BILTZ, IND-Pune
SHINHAN, ROK-Namdong-Gu, Incheon         SERVAX - LANDERT, CH-Bülach             SPALECK, D-Bocholt                                                                BLECHER, D-Remscheid
SMP, F-Bron                              SHIGIYA, J-Hiroshima                    STÄHLI, D-Schönaich                                                               BP-KOREA, ROK-Bucheon, Kyungki-do
SMS, D-Albstadt                          SHINHAN, ROK-Namdong-Gu, Incheon        STRAUSS, IL-Raanana                       SAWING AND CUTTING-OFF MACHINES         BROOKE, GB-Rotherham, S. Yorks
STÄHLI, D-Schönaich                      SMP, F-Bron                             STUBER, D-Murr                                                                    CERATIZIT, A-Reutte/Tirol
STÖCKEL, D-Herborn                       SMS, D-Albstadt                         SWATY, SLO-Maribor                        ADDISON, GB-Preston, Lancashire         CHIN MING, RC-Tainan
STRESSTECH, D-Höhn                       SPINNER, D-Sauerlach                    TAIWAN DIAMOND,                           ADIGE SALA, I-Levico Terme (Tn)         COMAND, I-Credera (CR)
STUDER, CH-Thun                          TALMEC, I-Vignola (MO)                  RC-Pa-Deh City, Taoyuan Hsien             ADIGESYSTEMS, I-Novaledo (TN)           DEFEL ITALIA, I-Biassono (MI)
SUNNEN, USA-St. Louis, MO                TBT, D-Dettingen                        TCM, A-Stainz                             AMADA SÄGETECHNIK, J-Kanagawa           DOALL EUROPA, NL-Dordrecht
SUNNEN, CH-Ennetaach-Erlen               TECNO WASINO, J-Komaki City, Aichi      TECNO WASINO, J-Komaki City, Aichi        ANBAS, I-Castano Primo (MI)             DORMER ITALIA, I-Milano
SUPERTEC, RC-Taichung                    TOP WORK, RC-Taichung                   TESCH, DIAMANT-GESELLSCHAFT,              APOLLO, I-Roteglia/Castellarano RE      DRESS, D-Ötisheim
SUPFINA GRIESHABER, D-Remscheid          TSUGAMI, J-Tokyo                        D-Ludwigsburg                             BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi           EBERLE, D-Augsburg
TACCHELLA, I-Cassine (AL)                TTB, CH-Riva S. Vitale                  THELEICO LEISSE, D-Meschede               BAUER SÄGEMASCHINEN, D-Arnstorf         ERASTEEL, F-Paris Cedex
TECHNICA, CH-Grenchen                    ULMER WERKZEUGSCHLEIFTECHNIK,           TRIEFUS, F-Chartres                       BEHRINGER, D-Kirchardt                  FETTE, D-Schwarzenbek
TECNO WASINO, J-Komaki City, Aichi       D-Ulm-Einsingen                         TYROLIT, D-Maisach                        BEKA-MAK, TR-Baskoy Bursa               FRANKEN, D-Rückersdorf
THIELENHAUS, D-Wuppertal                 VOLLMER WERKE, D-Biberach/Riss          URDIAMANT, CZ-Sumperk                     BEMA, I-Luisago (CO)                    GLOOR, CH-Lengnau bei Biel
TIMESAVERS INT, NL-Goes                  WALTER MASCHINENBAU, D-Tübingen         VSM, D-Hannover                           BENIGN, RC-Taichung                     GÜRKAN, TR-Istanbul
TOYO, J-Hiroshima                        WENDT, D-Meerbusch                      WALTHER TROWAL, D-Haan                    BIANCO, I-Carobbio d. Angeli (BG)       HARTMETALL, CH-Hitzkirch
TSCHUDIN, CH-Grenchen                    WILSON TOOL, D-Rodenberg                WENDT, D-Meerbusch                        BIMAX, CH-Dachsen                       HONSBERG METALLSÄGEN, D-Remscheid
TSUGAMI, J-Tokyo                                                                 WINTERTHUR SCHLEIFTECHNIK,                BIRLIK MAKINA, TR-Bursa                 ILIX, D-Kriftel
ULMER WERKZEUGSCHLEIFTECHNIK,                                                    CH-Winterthur                             BLM, I-Cantù (CO)                       INGERSOLL WERKZEUGE, D-Haiger
D-Ulm-Einsingen                                                                  WOLTERS, D-Rendsburg                      CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,            ISAP, I-Volpiano (TO)
UVA, S-Bromma                            ABRASIVE TOOLS AND PRODUCTS             ZHENGZHOU RESEARCH, VRC-Zhenzhou          VRC-Beijing                             I.T.E.C., D-Eschweiler
VERECO, I-Malo (VI)                                                                                                        CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen            JEM, E-Martorelles (Barcelona)
VOUMARD, CH-Hauterive/Ne                 ADI, I-Thiene (Vi)                                                                COSEN, RC-Hsinchu                       JULIA UTENSILI, I-Tarcento (UD)
WAFIOS, D-Reutlingen                     AM TECHNOLOGY,                                                                    C.T.S., I-Podenzano (PC)                KANEFUSA, J-Aichi-Ken
WALDRICH COBURG, D-Coburg                ROK-Ansan City, Kyunggi-Do              GEAR CUTTING AND FINISHING                DANOBAT, E-Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa)          KARNASCH, DIETRICH, D-Heddesheim
WALDRICH SIEGEN, D-Burbach               ATLANTIC GUILLEAUME, D-Bonn                                                       DEGEN, D-Schömberg                      KENTAI, RC-Wurih, Taichung
WEINGÄRTNER, A-Kirchham                  BEST DIAMOND, RC-Taipei Hsien           AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray                     DIETHEI, D-Bopfingen                    KINKELDER, NL-Zevenaar
WENDT, D-Meerbusch                       BURRI, D-Bösingen                       BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi             DISPA, TR-Bursa                         KOMET GROUP, D-Besigheim
WERKZEUGMASCHINENFABRIK                  C + M ROGERS / INFILTRA,                BULA, CH-Henniez                          DOALL EUROPA, NL-Dordrecht              KORLOY, ROK-Seoul
GLAUCHAU, D-Glauchau                     GB-Flore Northampton                    BURRI, D-Bösingen                         DREI-S-WERK, D-Schwabach                LENOX, NL-Helmond
WOLTERS, D-Rendsburg                     C & M TOPLINE, USA-Goleta, CA           CABE, I-Borgo San Siro (PV)               EVERISING, RC-Taichung                  MAIER, ANDREAS (SCHWENDI),
YEA-CHING, RC-Hsin Chuang Taipei         CAFRO, I-Fino Mornasco (Co)             CETOS, CZ-Plzen                           FEMI, I-Castel Guelfo (BO)              D-Schwendi-Hörenhausen
ZHEJIANG KAIDA, VRC-Zhuji Zhejiang       CARBORUNDUM, D-Düsseldorf               DOIMAK, E-Elgoibar (Guipuzcoa)            FICEP, I-Gazzada Schianno (VA)          MORSE, USA-Canton, OH
                                         CGW, IL-Kibbutz Sarid                   EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                      FMB, I-Dalmine (BG)                     NACHREINER, D-Balingen
                                         COBRA, A-St. Michael                    EKIN, E-Amorebieta (Vizcaya)              FORTE, D-Winterbach                     NEUHÄUSER, D-Prüm
                                         COMET-SCHLEIFSCHEIBEN, D-St. Ingbert    EMAG, D-Salach                            FRIGGI NF, I-Motta Visconti (MI)        O.M.P., I-Santorso (VI)
Page 8                                                                                                                                                                                                         June 2005

OTT + HEUGEL, D-Ötisheim                  MICRO ABRASIVES,                               TIMESAVERS INT, NL-Goes                     TRUMPF, D-Ditzingen                         CHIAO SHENG, RC-Tainan Hsien
PILOUS, CZ-Brno                           D-Leinfelden-Echterdingen                      VANGROENWEGHE, B-Izegem                     TUBE TECH MACHINERY,                        CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen
RE-BO REBER, D-Bopfingen-Oberdorf         MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh              VMB, D-Babenhausen                          I-Cazzago S. Martino (Bs)                   CRIPPA, I-Arosio (Co)
RITZ, D-Ennepetal                         MICRO TECHNICA TECHNOLOGIES,                   WERA WERK, D-Wuppertal                      VIMERCATI, I-Sovico (MI)                    C.T.S., I-Podenzano (PC)
RÖNTGEN, D-Remscheid                      D-Kornwestheim                                 WOLTERS, D-Rendsburg                        WATERJET, I-Monza (Mi)                      DALLAN, I-Castelfranco Veneto Tv
RSA BÜRSTEN-TECHNIK, D-Lüdenscheid        MICROCUT, CH-Lengnau BE                                                                    WILSON TOOL, D-Rodenberg                    DAVI-PROMAU, I-Cesena (FC)
RSA CUTTING & DEBURRING SYSTEMS,          MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern                                                               WMH TOOL GROUP, CH-Schwerzenbach            DENN - IND. PUIGJANER,
GB-Telford, Shropshire                    NAGEL, D-Nürtingen                                                                         Z & Y TOOL SUPPLY, VRC-Qingdao              E-Polinya-Barcelona
RSA ENTGRAT- U. TRENNSYSTEME,             NISSIN, J-Kyoto Pref.                          SHEET METAL CUTTING MACHINES                ZDAS, CZ-Zdár nad Sázavou                   DIETHEI, D-Bopfingen
D-Lüdenscheid                             OTEC, D-Straubenhardt                          AND CENTERS                                                                             DREISTERN, D-Schopfheim
RSA SYSTÈMES EBAVURAGE,                   PARMIGIANI MACCHINE, I-Cremona (CR)                                                                                                    EMAG, D-Salach
F-Sarreguemines Cedex                     PCI, F-Saint-Etienne Cedex                     ADDISON, GB-Preston, Lancashire                                                         EMISSA, CH-Le Locle
RÜBIG, D-Nabburg                          PEMAMO HONING, CH-Le Landeron                  AIDA, I-Calolziocorte (LC)                  PRESSES                                     E.M.S., F-Saverne
RUKO, D-Holzgerlingen                     PFS, CH-Stans                                  AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL                                                         ERCOLINA - CML, I-Piedimonte S.G. (Fr)
SÄGEN-MEHRING, D-Hockenheim               PLEIGER, D-Sprockhövel                         AJAN ELEKTRONIK SERVS,                      ABBOTT, USA-Manhattan, KS                   FACCIN, I-Visano (BS)
SEG. METAL, I-Rivoli (To)                 POLA & MASSA, I-Ovada (AL)                     TR-Sasali/Cigli/ Izmir                      AGME, E-Eibar (Guipuzcoa)                   FELSS, D-Königsbach-Stein
SHAANXI, VRC-Shaanxi Province             POLIGRAT, D-München                            AKYAPAK, TR-Bursa                           AIDA, I-Calolziocorte (LC)                  FICEP, I-Gazzada Schianno (VA)
STARRETT, GB-Borders, Scotland            PRÄWEMA, D-Eschwege                            ALLMAC INDUSTRIES, VRC-Nanjing              AMOB, P-Louro - Vila Nova de Fam.           FLOWDRILL, NL-Utrecht
TAIWAN DIAMOND,                           PULIMETAL CITTADINI, I-Provaglio d’Iseo (BS)   AMC, IND-New Delhi                          BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi               GALDABINI, I-Cardano al Campo (VA)
RC-Pa-Deh City, Taoyuan Hsien             REICHMANN - REMA, D-Weißenhorn                 APOLLO, I-Roteglia/Castellarano RE          BEMA, I-Luisago (CO)                        GAMEI, E-Mondragon/Guipuzcoa
TCM, A-Stainz                             REISHAUER, CH-Wallisellen                      BAOJI, VRC-Xian City, Shaanxi               BORRIES, D-Pliezhausen                      GARBOLI, I-Fondotoce (VB)
TENRYU, J-Shizuoka-Ken                    ROBBI, I-Veronella (VR)                        BAYKAL, TR-Bursa                            BOSCHERT, D-Lörrach                         GASPARINI, I-Mirano (VE)
TM JESENICE, CZ-Jesenice u Rakovníka      RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein                     BEHRINGER, D-Kirchardt                      CATTANEO PRESSE,                            GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)
ULTRADIAM, F-Roanne                       ROTAR, RC-Taichung                             BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen              I-Albano S. Alessandro (BG)                 GRAZIANO TORTONA, I-Tortona (AL)
US SPECIAL TOOLS, D-Wipperfürth           SAPORITI, I-Solbiate Olona VA                  BIMAX, CH-Dachsen                           CHIAO SHENG, RC-Tainan Hsien                GRAZIOLI, I-Carpenedolo (BS)
WESPA, D-Spangenberg                      SEIWA, J-Osaka                                 BIRLIK MAKINA, TR-Bursa                     CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,                GRINDMASTER, IND-Aurangabad
WIKUS, D-Spangenberg                      SERVAX - LANDERT, CH-Bülach                    BOSCHERT, D-Lörrach                         VRC-Beijing                                 HAEUSLER, CH-Duggingen
ZECHA, D-Königsbach-Stein                 SHANDONG LUNAN,                                BYSTRONIC LASER, CH-Niederönz               COUTH, E-Hernani (Guipuzcoa)                HAGEN & GOEBEL, D-Soest
                                          VRC-Tengzhou Shandong                          C.B.C., I-Guastalla (RE)                    C.2, I-Piacenza (Pc)                        HEZEL, D-Epfendorf
                                          S.I.L.L.E.M., I-Cascinazza (MI)                CHIAO SHENG, RC-Tainan Hsien                DIRINLER, TR-B. Cigli-Izmir                 IMAK, TR-Balikesir
                                          SPALECK, D-Bocholt                             CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,                E.M.S., F-Saverne                           INDUCTION, I-Poirino (TO)
SCREWING AND THREADING MACHINES           STÄHLI, D-Schönaich                            VRC-Beijing                                 ENOMOTO, J-Kanagawa Pref.                   INNSE BERARDI, I-Brescia (BS)
                                          STERLITAMAK, RUS-Sterlitamak                   CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham           ERCOLINA - CML, I-Piedimonte S.G. (Fr)      I.T.E.C., D-Eschweiler
AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray                     SUNNEN, USA-St. Louis, MO                      COLGAR, I-S. Pietro all’ Olmo (MI)          FACCIN, I-Visano (BS)                       ITL, IND-Indore (M.P.)
ARLA, D-Wipperfürth                       SUNNEN, CH-Ennetaach-Erlen                     DALLAN, I-Castelfranco Veneto Tv            FELSS, D-Königsbach-Stein                   JESAN KOVO, CZ-Sumperk
BORDIGNON SIMONE, I-Rossano Veneto (VI)   SUPFINA GRIESHABER, D-Remscheid                DANOBAT-GOITI, E-Elgoibar (Guipuzcoa)       FETTE, D-Schwarzenbek                       KENTAI, RC-Wurih, Taichung
BUFFOLI TRANSFER, I-Brescia (BS)          THIELENHAUS, D-Wuppertal                       DAVI-PROMAU, I-Cesena (FC)                  FICEP, I-Gazzada Schianno (VA)              KLINGELNBERG, CH-Zürich
C.B.C., I-Guastalla (RE)                  TIMESAVERS INT, NL-Goes                        DENER, TR-Kayseri                           FILCON, D-Ilsede                            KOTTMANN U. BERGER, D-Birenbach
CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,              TSUGAMI, J-Tokyo                               DENN - IND. PUIGJANER,                      GALDABINI, I-Cardano al Campo (VA)          LANG, D-Michelstadt
VRC-Beijing                               VANGROENWEGHE, B-Izegem                        E-Polinya-Barcelona                         GAMEI, E-Mondragon/Guipuzcoa                LANTEK, E-Minano (Alava)
CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham         WALTHER TROWAL, D-Haan                         DIETHEI, D-Bopfingen                        GECHTER, D-Herzogenaurach                   LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken
C.M.A., E-Alzira-Valencia                 WEINGÄRTNER, A-Kirchham                        DREISTERN, D-Schopfheim                     GPA ITALIANA, I-Lomazzo (CO)                LÖSER, D-Speyer
FLOWDRILL, NL-Utrecht                     WOLTERS, D-Rendsburg                           DURMAZLAR, TR-Bursa                         GRAVOGRAPH, D-Umkirch                       M & M SHEET, CH-Cham
HAGEN & GOEBEL, D-Soest                                                                  ELECTROX, GB-Letchworth Hertfordshire       HAEGER, NL-Oldenzaal                        MAE., D-Erkrath
LEISTRITZ, D-Nürnberg                                                                    ERMAKSAN, TR-Bursa                          HAEUSLER, CH-Duggingen                      MEPSA, E-Artes
LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken                                                           FACCIN, I-Visano (BS)                       HYDROMEC, I-Gussago (BS)                    MEWAG, CH-Wasen i.E.
LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                     DEBURRING MACHINES                             FARINA SOVICO, I-Sovico (MI)                INDUCTION, I-Poirino (TO)                   MÜLLER, HEINRICH, D-Pforzheim
MAXION, D-Pößneck                                                                        FICEP, I-Gazzada Schianno (VA)              JAUCH & SCHMIDER, D-Villingendorf           NEU, D-Grünstadt
MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh         ADIGE SALA, I-Levico Terme (Tn)                FINN-POWER, FIN-Kauhava                     LASCO, D-Coburg                             NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT,
MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München           ADIGESYSTEMS, I-Novaledo (TN)                  FLOWDRILL, NL-Utrecht                       LEGNANI PRESSE, I-Legnano (Mi)              D-Chemnitz
MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern              AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL                GALDABINI, I-Cardano al Campo (VA)          MAE., D-Erkrath                             O.M.G. DI MENON GUGLIELMO,
NORMAC, USA-Arden, NC                     ALME-GERIMA, D-St. Wendel                      GASPARINI, I-Mirano (VE)                    MA.TE, I-Calusco d’Adda (BG)                I-San Zeno die Cassola/VI
ORT ITALIA, I-Trigolo (CR)                ANGER, A-Traun                                 GASPARINI ISTRANA, I-Istrana (TV)           MATTHES + SCHULZE, D-Berlin                 O.M.P., I-Santorso (VI)
PEE-WEE, D-Diez                           ARLA, D-Wipperfürth                            GE FANUC, L-Echternach                      MAUSER MASCHINENBAU,                        ORT ITALIA, I-Trigolo (CR)
PROFIROLL, D-Bad Düben                    ASSFALG, D-Schwäbisch Gmünd                    GECAM, I-Parma (PR)                         D-Oberndorf a. N.                           PARMIGIANI MACCHINE, I-Cremona (CR)
REISHAUER, CH-Wallisellen                 AUTOPULIT, E-Sant Fruitos de Bages             GEKA, E-Oiartzun                            MECOLPRESS, I-Flero (BS)                    PEDRAZZOLI IBP, I-Bassano del Grappa (VI)
ROLLWALZTECHNIK, D-Engen                  BLM, I-Cantù (CO)                              GROB, CH-Männedorf                          MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh           PEE-WEE, D-Diez
SAPORITI, I-Solbiate Olona VA             BOSCHERT, D-Lörrach                            GÜDEL, D-Altenstadt                         MIKRON AGNO, CH-Lugano                      PFIFFNER, CH-Thalwil
SENY, E-Cornella Llobregat (BC)           BULA, CH-Henniez                               GÜDEL, CH-Langenthal                        MIOS, I-S.Vito Di Vigonza (PD)              P.M., I-Salzano (VE)
TECNOSPIRO, E-St Joan de Vilatorrada/B    BÜTFERING, D-Beckum                            HAEUSLER, CH-Duggingen                      M.O., I-Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)             PROFILBIEGETECHNIK,
VHF CAMFACTURE, D-Ammerbuch               C & M TOPLINE, USA-Goleta, CA                  HEZEL, D-Epfendorf                          MÖSSNER, D-Eschach                          CH-Bürglen/ Thurgau
WAFIOS, D-Reutlingen                      CINCINNATI MACHINE, GB-Birmingham              HYDROMEC, I-Gussago (BS)                    MÜLLER, HEINRICH, D-Pforzheim               PULIMETAL CITTADINI, I-Provaglio d’Iseo (BS)
WEINGÄRTNER, A-Kirchham                   C.T.S., I-Podenzano (PC)                       IRON, I-Mareno di Piave (TV)                NANTONG SWALL, VRC-Nantong                  ROHBI, CH-Oftringen
WIEDMANN, D-Deggingen                     DISKUS, D-Dietzenbach-Steinberg                JAMMES INDUSTRIE, F-Cebazat                 NEU, D-Grünstadt                            ROLLWALZTECHNIK, D-Engen
WYSSBROD, CH-Biel                         DOALL EUROPA, NL-Dordrecht                     JESAN KOVO, CZ-Sumperk                      PARMIGIANI MACCHINE, I-Cremona (CR)         ROSENBERGER, D-Apolda
                                          EARTH-CHAIN, RC-Sha-Luh, Taichung              KALTENBACH, D-Lörrach                       PEDRAZZOLI IBP, I-Bassano del Grappa (VI)   RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein
                                          EXTRUDE HONE, IRL-Shannon Co Clare             KESEL, D-Kempten                            PIVATIC, FIN-Hyvinkää                       RSA BÜRSTEN-TECHNIK, D-Lüdenscheid
                                          FASTEMS, FIN-Tampere                           KMT, D-Bad Nauheim                          P.M., I-Salzano (VE)                        RSA CUTTING & DEBURRING SYSTEMS,
HONING, LAPPING AND                       FLADDER, DK-Ansager                            KNUTH, D-Wasbek                             PRECITRAME, CH-Tramelan                     GB-Telford, Shropshire
POLISHING MACHINES                        FLAIG, D-Königsfeld                            LANTEK, E-Minano (Alava)                    PROMOTECH, PL-Bialystok                     RSA ENTGRAT- U. TRENNSYSTEME,
                                          GARBOLI, I-Fondotoce (VB)                      LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken              REGGIANA MACCHINE, I-Reggio Emilia          D-Lüdenscheid
AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL           GECAM, I-Parma (PR)                            LINSINGER, A-Steyrermühl                    REIS ROBOTICS, D-Obernburg                  RSA SYSTÈMES EBAVURAGE,
AM TECHNOLOGY,                            GERBER, CH-Lyss                                LISSMAC, D-Bad Wurzach                      RÖLTGEN, D-Solingen                         F-Sarreguemines Cedex
ROK-Ansan City, Kyunggi-Do                GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)                      M & M SHEET, CH-Cham                        RUF BRIKETTIERPRESSEN, D-Zaisertshofen      SAF CURVATRICI, I-Torino (To)
ANGST, CH-Oberdürnten                     GRAVOSTAR, CH-Zuzwil                           MARCOVIL, P-Viseu                           SAHINLER, TR-Bursa                          SAHINLER, TR-Bursa
AUTOPULIT, E-Sant Fruitos de Bages        HASCON, I-Legnano (Mi)                         MATCHLING TOOLING, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung       SANGIACOMO PRESSE, I-Vittorio Veneto (TV)   SCHUSTER, D-Denklingen
BEST DIAMOND, RC-Taipei Hsien             HTT, CH-Biel Bienne                            MATRA, D-Frankfurt                          SERTOM, I-Collebeato (BS)                   SERTOM, I-Collebeato (BS)
BULA, CH-Henniez                          IMATEC, CH-Lyss                                MAXITAC INDUSTRIES, VRC-Nanjing             SHANDONG LUNAN,                             SHUZ TUNG, RC-Taichung
C & M TOPLINE, USA-Goleta, CA             I.T.E.C., D-Eschweiler                         MVD INAN, TR-Konya                          VRC-Tengzhou Shandong                       SIMASV, I-Thiene (Vi)
CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,              J.W. DONE, USA-Hayward, CA                     MVD MACHINE, TR-Konya                       SHUZ TUNG, RC-Taichung                      SIMEC, I-Schio (VI)
VRC-Beijing                               KADIA, D-Nürtingen                             NANTONG SWALL, VRC-Nantong                  SIC-WOSTOR, D-Remscheid                     SINICO, I-Montebello Vicentino(VI)
DELAPENA HONING,                          KMM, D-Berlin                                  OMAX, USA-Kent, WA                          SIMASV, I-Thiene (Vi)                       SOCO MACHINERY, RC-Taichung
GB-Cheltenham, Glouc.                     LISSMAC, D-Bad Wurzach                         OPHIR, D-Rohrsen                            SMERAL, CZ-Brno                             SOLING, E-Barcelona
DIATO, D-Ostfildern                       LÖSER, D-Speyer                                ORT ITALIA, I-Trigolo (CR)                  SMS EUMUCO, D-Leverkusen                    STAR BEND, I-Castemella (BS)
DIBO-TECH, D-Metzingen                    LÖWER, D-Homberg                               P.A.M. PEDDINGHAUS, D-Gevelsberg            STENHOJ, DK-Barrit                          TAURING, I-Leini (To)
DREHER, D-Engelsbrand                     LPW, D-Riederich                               PARMIGIANI MACCHINE, I-Cremona (CR)         STIERLI, CH-Sursee                          TEAP, I-Gordona (SO)
EARTH-CHAIN, RC-Sha-Luh, Taichung         MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh              PIVATIC, FIN-Hyvinkää                       TECHNOMARK, F-Saint Chamond                 TECNOCUT, I-Calusco d’Adda (BG)
ERCOLINA - CML, I-Piedimonte S.G. ( Fr)   MICRO TECHNICA TECHNOLOGIES,                   P.M., I-Salzano (VE)                        TOX PRESSOTECHNIK, D-Weingarten             TRACTO-TECHNIK, D-Lennestadt
EVANS & PRICE, GB-Tamworth, Staffordsh.   D-Kornwestheim                                 PRECITEC, D-Gaggenau                        VACCARI, I-Brendola (VI )                   TRANSFLUID, D-Schmallenberg
EXTRUDE HONE, IRL-Shannon Co Clare        MÖSSNER, D-Eschach                             PRIMA INDUSTRIE, I-Collegno (TO)            VALDARNO, I-Buguggiate (Va)                 TUBE TECH MACHINERY,
FÄSSLER, CH-Dübendorf                     OMCA, I-Cavriago (RE)                          PROFILBIEGETECHNIK, CH-Bürglen/Thurgau      WAFIOS, D-Reutlingen                        I-Cazzago S. Martino (Bs)
FEMI, I-Castel Guelfo (BO)                O.M.G. DI MENON GUGLIELMO,                     PTV, CZ-Hostivice                           WILSON TOOL, D-Rodenberg                    VALDARNO, I-Buguggiate (Va)
GARBOLI, I-Fondotoce (VB)                 I-San Zeno die Cassola/VI                      REMMERT, D-Löhne                            ZDAS, CZ-Zdár nad Sázavou                   WAFIOS, D-Reutlingen
GEHRING, D-Ostfildern                     O.M.P., I-Santorso (VI)                        RIGHTUP MACHINERY,                                                                      WMS SINSHEIM, D-Sinsheim
GERBER, CH-Lyss                           OSBORN INTERNATIONAL, S-Huskvarna              VRC-Nanjing, Jiangsu                                                                    WOLF, D-Brackenheim
GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)                 OTEC, D-Straubenhardt                          ROFIN-SINAR LASER, D-Hamburg                                                            YING LIN, RC-Tainan Hsien
GLEASON-HURTH, D-München                  PEDRAZZOLI IBP, I-Bassano del Grappa (VI)      RÖLTGEN, D-Solingen                         BAR, SECTION AND                            ZOPF, D-Haldenwang
GÖCKEL, D-Darmstadt                       PFS, CH-Stans                                  ROSENBERGER, D-Apolda                       TUBE WORKING MACHINES
GRIND TOOLS, IND-Pune                     POLA & MASSA, I-Ovada (AL)                     SABI SIERRAS, E-Azkoitia
GRINDMASTER, IND-Aurangabad               POLIGRAT, D-München                            SAF CURVATRICI, I-Torino (To)               ADDISON, GB-Preston, Lancashire
HASCON, I-Legnano (Mi)                    REICHMANN - REMA, D-Weißenhorn                 SAHINLER, TR-Bursa                          ADIGE SALA, I-Levico Terme (Tn)             WIRE FORMING
HONITECH, I-Cormano (Milano)              REISHAUER, CH-Wallisellen                      SAUER LASERTECH, D-Kempten                  ADIGESYSTEMS, I-Novaledo (TN)               MACHINES
ILMETECH, I-Carpi (Mo)                    RILE, D-Deggendorf                             SCHRÖDER, D-Wessobrunn-Forst                AIM EUROPE, GR-Athens-Lamia
KADIA, D-Nürtingen                        RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein                     SERTOM, I-Collebeato (BS)                   AKYAPAK, TR-Bursa                           AIM EUROPE, GR-Athens-Lamia
KIRNER, D-Titisee-Neustadt                ROTAR, RC-Taichung                             SHANDONG LUNAN,                             AMOB, P-Louro - Vila Nova de Fam.           FELSS, D-Königsbach-Stein
KMM, D-Berlin                             RSA BÜRSTEN-TECHNIK, D-Lüdenscheid             VRC-Tengzhou Shandong                       APOLLO, I-Roteglia/Castellarano RE          HEZEL, D-Epfendorf
KNOPP, D-Rohrdorf b. Nagold               RSA CUTTING & DEBURRING SYSTEMS,               SIMASV, I-Thiene (Vi)                       AR ITALIA, I-Apecchio (PU)                  INDUCTION, I-Poirino (TO)
LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                     GB-Telford, Shropshire                         STIERLI, CH-Sursee                          ARLA, D-Wipperfürth                         MIKRON AGNO, CH-Lugano
LAM PLAN, F-Gaillard                      RSA ENTGRAT- U. TRENNSYSTEME,                  STILMEC 90, I-Sernaglia d.Battaglia TV      BAUBLIES, D-Renningen                       MÜLLER, HEINRICH, D-Pforzheim
LAPMASTER, GB-Devon                       D-Lüdenscheid                                  SUNRISE, RC-Taichung City                   BEMA, I-Luisago (CO)                        ORT ITALIA, I-Trigolo (CR)
LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken            RSA SYSTÈMES EBAVURAGE,                        TAILIFT, RC-Nankang, Nan Tou                BIRLIK MAKINA, TR-Bursa                     PFIFFNER, CH-Thalwil
LÖSER, D-Speyer                           F-Sarreguemines Cedex                          TAURING, I-Leini (To)                       BLM, I-Cantù (CO)                           PULIMETAL CITTADINI, I-Provaglio d’Iseo (BS)
LÖWER, D-Homberg                          SECKLER, CH-Pieterlen                          TEAP, I-Gordona (SO)                        BOST, E-Asteasu (Gipuzkoa)                  ROSENBERGER, D-Apolda
LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                     SILBERHORN, D-Lupburg                          TECNOCUT, I-Calusco d’Adda (BG)             BUFFOLI TRANSFER, I-Brescia (BS)            SAF CURVATRICI, I-Torino (To)
MELCHIORRE, I-Cinisello Balsamo (MI)      SOCO MACHINERY, RC-Taichung                    TECNOLOGY ITALIANA, I-Sestri Levante (GE)   CAORLE, I-Marano-Vicentino (VI)             SHUZ TUNG, RC-Taichung
MEPSA, E-Artes                            SPALECK, D-Bocholt                             TEZMAKSAN, TR-Bayrampasa - Istanbul         C.B.C., I-Guastalla (RE)                    STIERLI, CH-Sursee
June 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 9

TAURING, I-Leini (To)                       BUMOTEC, CH-Sales                        SCHERER FEINBAU, D-Mömbris              IAG, D-Netphen                                 BP-KOREA, ROK-Bucheon, Kyungki-do
WAFIOS, D-Reutlingen                        C.B. FERRARI, I-Mornago (VA)             STAMA, D-Schlierbach                    IBS SCHERER, D-Gau-Bickelheim                  BRECHT, D-Eningen u/A
                                            COUTH, E-Hernani (Guipuzcoa)                                                     IMATEC, CH-Lyss                                BRIGHETTI, I-Calderara di Reno BO
                                            ELECTROX, GB-Letchworth Hertfordshire                                            IONBOND, CH-Olten                              BRISTOL ENGINEERING, GB-Bristol
                                            EMISSA, CH-Le Locle                                                              ITEXA, I-Guastalla (RE)                        BROOKE, GB-Rotherham, S. Yorks
MACHINES FOR THE PRODUCTION OF              GRAVOGRAPH, D-Umkirch                    WELDING AND GAS                         KKS, CH-Steinen                                BTA, D-Achim
BOLTS, NUTS, SCREWS AND RIVETS              GRAVOSTAR, CH-Zuzwil                     CUTTING MACHINES                        KMM, D-Berlin                                  CABRE, E-Montornes del Valles BCN
                                            I-MES, D-Eiterfeld                                                               KÖBO, D-Wuppertal                              CAFRO, I-Fino Mornasco (Co)
BUFFOLI TRANSFER, I-Brescia (BS)            KONDIA, E-Elgoibar (Guipúzcoa)           AERNOVA, I-Roletto (TO)                 KULLEN, D-Reutlingen                           CANELA EINES, E-Badalona
GAMOR, E-Asteasu (Guipuzcoa)                LANG HÜTTENBERG, D-Hüttenberg            AIM EUROPE, GR-Athens-Lamia             LANNER, D-Kippenheim                           CARMEX, IL-Maalot
HAEGER, NL-Oldenzaal                        MARKATOR, D-Ludwigsburg                  BEHRINGER, D-Kirchardt                  LAPMASTER, GB-Devon                            CEMECON, D-Würselen
HAGEN & GOEBEL, D-Soest                     MATTHES + SCHULZE, D-Berlin              CEIA, I-Arezzo (AR)                     LINN HIGH THERM, D-Eschenfelden                CERAMTEC, D-Plochingen
HEZEL, D-Epfendorf                          MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh        CEMSA, I-Cologno Monzese (MI)           LISSMAC, D-Bad Wurzach                         CERATIZIT, A-Reutte/Tirol
IMOBERDORF, CH-Oensingen                    MONNIER + ZAHNER, CH-Safnern             COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                LÖWER, D-Homberg                               CERIN, I-Affi (VR)
INDUCTION, I-Poirino (TO)                   OPHIR, D-Rohrsen                         CORAL, I-Volpiano (To)                  LPW, D-Riederich                               CHIA-MO, I-Anzola Emilia (BO)
LEISTRITZ, D-Nürnberg                       P.M., I-Salzano (VE)                     DEMMELER MASCHINENBAU,                  LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                          CHIN MING, RC-Tainan
LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken              PRECITRAME, CH-Tramelan                  D-Heimertingen                          MAFAC, D-Alpirsbach                            CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,
ORT ITALIA, I-Trigolo (CR)                  REGGIANA MACCHINE, I-Reggio Emilia       ELECTROX, GB-Letchworth Hertfordshire   MAUSER MASCHINENBAU,                           VRC-Beijing
PEE-WEE, D-Diez                             RICHTER, D-Konken                        EMAG LASER TEC, D-Salach                D-Oberndorf a. N.                              CIRCLE, USA-Monrovia, CA
PFIFFNER, CH-Thalwil                        ROFIN-SINAR LASER, D-Hamburg             EVERTZ, D-Solingen                      METAPLAS IONON, D-Bergisch Gladbach            C.M., I-Bovezzo (BS)
ROLLWALZTECHNIK, D-Engen                    RÖLTGEN, D-Solingen                      FILCON, D-Ilsede                        MHG, D-Düsseldorf                              CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen
SHIN-YAIN, RC-Taichung Hsien                SEMPUCO, D-Greiz                         HAEUSLER, CH-Duggingen                  MICRO TECHNICA TECHNOLOGIES,                   COGSDILL, GB-Nuneaton
SOLING, E-Barcelona                         SHENQ FANG YUAN, RC-Taichung             HASCON, I-Legnano (Mi)                  D-Kornwestheim                                 COMAND, I-Credera (CR)
TRANSCO, D-Füssen                           SHUZ TUNG, RC-Taichung                   HIMMELWERK, D-Tübingen (Kilchberg)      MTM, D-Marienheide                             CRAFTSMAN, GB-Otley, West Yorkshire
VALDARNO, I-Buguggiate (Va)                 SIC-WOSTOR, D-Remscheid                  HÖCKER, D-Hilter                        NABERTHERM, D-Lilienthal                       CUMDI, I-Curnardo (VA)
WAFIOS, D-Reutlingen                        SITEL MK3, I-Nova Milanese (Mi)          IDEAL, D-Lippstadt                      NC-AUTOMATION, D-Kempten                       CYTEC, D-Jülich
                                            TECHNIFOR, F-Miribel Cedex               JAMMES INDUSTRIE, F-Cebazat             NOVATEC, I-S.Martino di Lupari (PD)            D’ANDREA, I-Lainate (MI)
                                            TECHNOMARK, F-Saint Chamond              KESEL, D-Kempten                        OSBORN INTERNATIONAL, S-Huskvarna              DATHAN, GB-Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
                                            VHF CAMFACTURE, D-Ammerbuch              KLOPP, D-Solingen                       OTEC, D-Straubenhardt                          DATRON, D-Mühltal
ELECTROEROSIVE AND                          WISSNER, D-Göttingen                     KULLEN, D-Reutlingen                    PASSAPONTI, I-Badia a Settimo (FI)             DC SWISS, CH-Malleray
ELECTROCHEMICAL MACHINING                                                            LINN HIGH THERM, D-Eschenfelden         PERKUTE, D-Rheine                              DEFEL ITALIA, I-Biassono (MI)
                                                                                     OPHIR, D-Rohrsen                        PERO, D-Königsbrunn                            DEHAN, VRC-Qingdao
ACCUTEX, RC-Taichung                                                                 PEDDINGHAUS, D-Gevelsberg               PFS, CH-Stans                                  DELAPENA HONING,
ACCUTEX EUROPE, D-Korbußen                  PARALLEL-KINEMATIC MACHINES              PRECITEC, D-Gaggenau                    PLATIT, CH-Grenchen                            GB-Cheltenham, Glouc.
ACSYS LASERTECHNIK, D-Kornwestheim                                                   PRIMA INDUSTRIE, I-Collegno (TO)        POLIGRAT, D-München                            DELFER, I-Beinasco (TO)
ACTSPARK, VRC-Beijing                       CHIRON, D-Tuttlingen                     REIS ROBOTICS, D-Obernburg              POLO FILTER, D-Achim                           DELTA, I-Cazzago S. Martino (Bs)
AGIE, CH-Losone                             COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                 ROFIN-SINAR LASER, D-Hamburg            PULIMETAL CITTADINI, I-Provaglio d’Iseo (BS)   DENI, CH-Veltheim
ALBIEZ, D-Teningen                          CROSS HÜLLER, D-Ludwigsburg              SAUER LASERTECH, D-Kempten              PVT, D-Bensheim                                DETJENS, D-Großhansdorf
BERKENHOFF, D-Heuchelheim                   DÖRRIES SCHARMANN TECHNOLOGIE,           SOYER, D-Wörthsee                       R.E.A., I-Trofarello (TO)                      DHF, RC-Taichung
BROTHER, J-Nagoya                           D-Mönchengladbach                        STEREMAT ELEKTROWÄRME, D-Berlin         RENDER, D-Bad Salzuflen                        DIAMETAL, CH-Biel
BUCHEM, D-Wermelskirchen                    FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz    STIEFELMAYER, D-Denkendorf              ROLL, D-Mühlacker-Enzberg                      DIATO, D-Ostfildern
C + M ROGERS / INFILTRA,                    FRAUNHOFER - TEG, D-Stuttgart            TEMELSAN, TR-Bayrampasa Istanbul        RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein                     DIBO-TECH, D-Metzingen
GB-Flore Northampton                        HAMUEL, D-Meeder                         TRUMPF, D-Ditzingen                     ROTAR, RC-Taichung                             DIETERLE, D-Rottweil
C.D.M. ROVELLA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)   INDEX, D-Esslingen                       TUBE TECH MACHINERY,                    RUWAC, D-Melle                                 DIJET, J-Osaka
CHARMILLES TECHNOLOGIES,                    MANNESMANN A., D-Remscheid               I-Cazzago S. Martino (Bs)               SABI SIERRAS, E-Azkoitia                       DIXIMACHINES, CH-Le Locle
CH-Meyrin/Geneve                            MAUSER MASCHINENBAU,                                                             S+B TECHNOLOGIE,                               DOALL EUROPA, NL-Dordrecht
CHING HUNG, RC-Taichung County              D-Oberndorf a. N.                                                                D-Hösbach-Rottenberg                           DORIAN, USA-East Bernard, TX
DCAM, D-Berlin                              OKUMA, J-Aichi                                                                   SCHICKERT, D-Fellbach                          DORMER ITALIA, I-Milano
DELAPENA HONING,                            PCI, F-Saint-Etienne Cedex               HEAT TREATMENT                          SCHMITT, GB-Coventry                           DRAGON, ROK-Incheon
GB-Cheltenham, Glouc.                       REICHENBACHER HAMUEL,                    EQUIPMENT                               SCHRÖDER INDUSTRIEÖFEN, D-Flörsheim            DRESS, D-Ötisheim
DIATO, D-Ostfildern                         D-Dörfles-Esbach                                                                 SILBERHORN, D-Lupburg                          DREX PALLOTTI, I-Vimodrone (MI)
ELECTRO ARC, GB-Brierley Hill,West Midl     RENISHAW, GB-Gloucestershire             AICHELIN, A-Mödling                     S.I.L.L.E.M., I-Cascinazza (MI)                DUPLOMATIC, I-Legnano (MI)
ELECTRONICA, IND-Pune                       STARRAGHECKERT, CH-Rorschacherberg       C.E.F.I., I-CASTELLAMONTE (TO)          SPALECK, D-Bocholt                             DÜRR PRÄZISIONSWERKZEUGE,
EXERON, D-Fluorn-Winzeln                    TBT, D-Dettingen                         CEIA, I-Arezzo (AR)                     STEIMEL, D-Hennef                              D-Öhringen
FANUC, J-Yamanashi Prefecture               WILLEMIN - MACODEL, CH-Bassecourt        EFD, D-Freiburg                         TEKNOX, I-Prunaro di Budrio (BO)               EBERLE, D-Augsburg
GEHRING, D-Ostfildern                                                                ELTRO, D-Baesweiler                     TIMESAVERS INT, NL-Goes                        ECKERLE & ERTEL, D-Kinding-Haunstetten
HANCHUAN, VRC-Shaanxi Province                                                       EMA INDUTEC, D-Meckesheim               TURBO-SEPARATOR, CH-Lichtensteig               ECOROLL, D-Celle
HEUN, D-Kahl/Main                                                                    GALDABINI, I-Cardano al Campo (VA)      ULTRASONIK, TR-Kagithane-Istanbul              EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau
HIG, A-Wien                                 MICRO MACHINING                          GH - INDUCTION, D-Hirschhorn/Neckar     VMB, D-Babenhausen                             EIFELER WERKZEUGE, D-Düsseldorf
HIRSCHMANN, D-Fluorn-Winzeln                                                         GH ELECTROTERMIA,                       VORTEC, NL-AB Lochem                           EKIN, E-Amorebieta (Vizcaya)
JAUCH & SCHMIDER, D-Villingendorf           AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray                    E-San Antonio de Benageber              VTD, D-Dresden                                 ELCO, F-Fougeres
JIANN SHENG, RC-Taichung                    ANGER, A-Traun                           HAUZER TECHNO COATING, NL-Venlo         WALTHER TROWAL, D-Haan                         EMUGE, D-Lauf a.d. Pegnitz
LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                       C.B. FERRARI, I-Mornago (VA)             HIMMELWERK, D-Tübingen (Kilchberg)      ZIPPEL, D-Neutraubling                         ERASTEEL, F-Paris Cedex
LIEN SHENG, RC-Ta-Li City                   DELAPENA HONING,                         HÜTTINGER, D-Freiburg                                                                  EROGLU, TR-Nilüfer - Bursa
MAKINO, D-Hamburg                           GB-Cheltenham, Glouc.                    HWG INDUCTOHEAT, D-Reichenbach/Fils                                                    ESA EPPINGER, D-Denkendorf
MANN + HUMMEL, D-Speyer                     DIATO, D-Ostfildern                      INDUCTION, I-Poirino (TO)                                                              EVERTZ, D-Solingen
MATRA, D-Frankfurt                          DIXIMACHINES, CH-Le Locle                LINN HIGH THERM, D-Eschenfelden         CUTTING TOOLS                                  EWS, D-Uhingen
MAX SEE, RC-Taichung                        EMISSA, CH-Le Locle                      METAPLAS IONON, D-Bergisch Gladbach                                                    EXTRAMET, CH-Plaffeien
MAXIMART, RC-Taipei                         ETEL, CH-Môtiers                         NABERTHERM, D-Lilienthal                ACCU - CUT, RC-Taichung City                   FANAR, PL-Ciechanow
MB MASCHINEN, D-Biebergemünd                EXTRUDE HONE, IRL-Shannon Co Clare       ROFIN-SINAR LASER, D-Hamburg            AF MICRO DRILL, D-Kulmbach                     FÄSSLER, CH-Dübendorf
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, J-Tokyo                FANUC, J-Yamanashi Prefecture            SAET, I-Leini (TO)                      AFAR, I-Sesto Calende (VA)                     FERG, E-Gurb (Barcelona)
NEUAR, RC-Taipei Hsien                      FEHLMANN, CH-Seon                        SAFED, CH-Delémont                      AFC, D-Mainleus                                FERTIGUNGSTECHNIK WEISSENFELS,
NOVOTEC, NL-Reuver                          FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPK, D-Berlin      SCHRÖDER INDUSTRIEÖFEN, D-Flörsheim     AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL                D-Weissenfels
OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES,                         FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPT, D-Aachen      SMS ELOTHERM, D-Remscheid               AKE KNEBEL, D-Balingen                         FETTE, D-Schwarzenbek
RC-Wu-Feng Hsiang, Taichung                 FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz    STEREMAT ELEKTROWÄRME, D-Berlin         ALBRECHT, D-Wernau                             FEW, ZA-Johannesburg
ONA, E-Durango - Vizcaya                    GEHRING, D-Ostfildern                    STIEFELMAYER, D-Denkendorf              ALCO, E-Madrid                                 FHUSA, E-Barcelona
OPEC ENGINEERING,                           HIWIN, D-Offenburg                       TERMOMACCHINE, I-Rivalta (TO)           ALESA, CH-Seengen                              FLOWDRILL, NL-Utrecht
ROK-Pyongtaek, Kyonggi Prov.                KERN, D-Murnau                           TOKAI, J-Tokyo                          ALGRA, I-Almenno S. Salvatore BG               FORECREU, F-Meudon
OPS-INGERSOLL, D-Burbach                    LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                    WTE PRÄZISIONSTECHNIK,                  ALLIED MACHINE, USA-Dover, OH                  FORZA, E-Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava)
PCAM BY PEYER, CH-Contone                   LANG HÜTTENBERG, D-Hüttenberg            D-Ehrenfriedersdorf                     ALLIED MAXCUT, GB-Kingswinford                 FRANKEN, D-Rückersdorf
PEMTEC, F-Forbach Cedex                     MAKINO, D-Hamburg                                                                ALME-GERIMA, D-St. Wendel                      FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPK, D-Berlin
POCO GRAPHITE, USA-Decatur, Texas           MAUSER MASCHINENBAU,                                                             AMADA SÄGETECHNIK, J-Kanagawa                  FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IST,
PRIMATEC, D-Dörth                           D-Oberndorf a. N.                                                                AMVDIAM, F-Yssingeaux                          D-Braunschweig
RIGATRON, CH-Riazzino                       MICROCUT, CH-Lengnau BE                  MACHINES AND SYSTEMS                    ANGST, CH-Oberdürnten                          FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz
ROFIN-SINAR LASER, D-Hamburg                NACHREINER, D-Balingen                   FOR USE IN SURFACE TECHNOLOGY           ARNO-WERKZEUGE, D-Ostfildern                   FREZITE, P-Trofa
SANE KUEI, RC-Hsin Chuang City              PLATIT, CH-Grenchen                                                              ARNTZ, D-Remscheid                             FROMM, D-Wain
SARIX, CH-Losone                            PRIMACON, D-Peissenberg                  BALZERS, D-Bingen                       ARTHUR KLINK BRASIL,                           FUBRI, I-Vigano (LC)
SAUER LASERTECH, D-Kempten                  PROMETAL, D-Remscheid                    BLASER SWISSLUBE, CH-Hasle-Rüegsau      BR-Sorocaba-São Paulo                          GARR, USA-Alma, MI
SAV, D-Nürnberg                             RENISHAW, GB-Gloucestershire             BUCHEM, D-Wermelskirchen                ASSFALG, D-Schwäbisch Gmünd                    GE TOOLING, I-Modena (MO)
SEIBU, J-Fukuoka                            ROFIN-SINAR LASER, D-Hamburg             BULA, CH-Henniez                        AVANTEC, D-Illingen                            GEHRING, D-Ostfildern
SODICK, J-Yokohama/Kanagawa                 SARIX, CH-Losone                         BVL, D-Emsbüren                         AYTIDA, IND-Goa                                GERARDI, I-Lonate Pozzolo (VA)
STAMM, D-Iserlohn                           SAUER LASERTECH, D-Kempten               C & M TOPLINE, USA-Goleta, CA           BAHCO, GB-Bramley, Rotherham                   GIERTH, D-Neuenrade
TAI - I, RC-Tainan Hsien                    SAUER ULTRASONIC, D-Stipshausen          CEIA, I-Arezzo (AR)                     BAILDON, PL-Katowice                           GLEASON CUTTING TOOLS, USA-Loves Park
TAIWAN J & J, RC-Taipei                     TVB, D-Murnau am Staffelsee              CEMECON, D-Würselen                     BALZERS, D-Bingen                              GLEASON-HURTH, D-München
T.F.E., I-Gussago (BS)                                                               COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                BARUFFALDI, I-San Donato Milanese (MI)         GLOOR, CH-Lengnau bei Biel
THERMOCOMPACT, F-Pringy Cedex                                                        CORAL, I-Volpiano (To)                  BASS, D-Niederstetten                          GMP, D-Bodelshausen
TOKAI, J-Tokyo                                                                       C.T.S., I-Podenzano (PC)                BAUBLIES, D-Renningen                          GOLDEN SUN, RC-Feng-Yuan, Taichung
TVB, D-Murnau am Staffelsee                 MACHINE TOOLS FOR                        DÜRR ECOCLEAN, D-Filderstadt            BECK, D-Winterlingen                           GRAF, D-Dietingen-Böhringen
VMB, D-Babenhausen                          EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES                     EIFELER WERKZEUGE, D-Düsseldorf         BECKER, WILH., D-Remscheid                     GRANLUND, S-Eskilstuna
VOLLMER WERKE, D-Biberach/Riss                                                       ELTRO, D-Baesweiler                     BECKER-DIAMANTWERKZEUGE,                       GRAT-TEC, IL-Shlomi
WALDRICH SIEGEN, D-Burbach                  BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen           EMO, D-Bretten-Gölshausen               D-Puchheim                                     GRAVOSTAR, CH-Zuzwil
WELO, D-Renningen-Malmsheim                 BENZINGER, D-Unterreichenbach            FILCON, D-Ilsede                        BECKETT PLASTICS, GB-Sheffield                 GROB, CH-Männedorf
YUANG HSIAN, RC-Chang Hua                   BOEHRINGER MASCHINEN, D-Stuttgart        FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IST,              BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen                 GÜHRING, D-Albstadt
ZIMMER + KREIM, D-Brensbach                 COLCHESTER, GB-West Yorkshire            D-Braunschweig                          BENZ, D-Haslach                                GÜRKAN, TR-Istanbul
                                            EMCO MAIER, A-Hallein                    FRAUNHOFER - TEG, D-Stuttgart           BEST DIAMOND, RC-Taipei Hsien                  HAMUEL, D-Meeder
                                            EVERTZ, D-Solingen                       GARBOLI, I-Fondotoce (VB)               BIAX - SCHMID & WEZEL, D-Maulbronn             HA-NA, ROK-Kyungnam
                                            FEHLMANN, CH-Seon                        GERBER, CH-Lyss                         BIG DAISHOWA, J-Osaka                          HANITA, IL-Shlomi
MACHINES FOR MARKING AND ENGRAVING          FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IFF, D-Magdeburg   GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)               BILTZ, IND-Pune                                HANN KUEN, RC-Taichung
                                            GRAZIANO TORTONA, I-Tortona (AL)         HANGSTERFER’S, USA-Mantua, NJ           BILZ, D-Ostfildern                             HARTMETALL, CH-Hitzkirch
ACI-LASER, D-Sömmerda                       HARRISON, GB-West Yorkshire              HASCON, I-Legnano (Mi)                  BILZ, HERMANN, D-Esslingen                     HARTNER, D-Albstadt
ACSYS LASERTECHNIK, D-Kornwestheim          KLOPP, D-Solingen                        HAUZER TECHNO COATING, NL-Venlo         BISON-BIAL, PL-Bialystok                       HASSAY SAVAGE, USA-Turners Falls, MA
AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL             KOPP ALZENAU, D-Alzenau                  HEIN-HESO, D-Lohmar                     BLECHER, D-Remscheid                           HEIMATEC, D-Renchen
ALLTEC, D-Selmsdorf                         LANG HÜTTENBERG, D-Hüttenberg            HÖCKER, D-Hilter                        BOEHLERIT, A-Kapfenberg                        HEMO, CH-Kriens
BAUBLYS, D-Ludwigsburg                      LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                    HÖSEL, D-Ötisheim                       BOSS JOHS., D-Albstadt                         HENAN, VRC-Henan
BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen              MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München          HÜTTINGER, D-Freiburg                   BOTEK, D-Riederich                             HENNINGER PRÄZISION, D-Straubenhardt
BORRIES, D-Pliezhausen                      SAUER ULTRASONIC, D-Stipshausen          H2O, D-Steinen                          BOTTELLI, I-Menzago di Sumirago (VA)           HEULE, CH-Balgach
Page 10                                                                                                                                                                                         June 2005

HIPAK, TR-Istanbul                      O.M.P., I-Santorso (VI)                      TESCH, DIAMANT-GESELLSCHAFT,            HIRSCHMANN, D-Fluorn-Winzeln             BOTTELLI, I-Menzago di Sumirago (VA)
HITACHI TOOL, J-Tokyo                   OPAS-SMT, TR-Güngören, Istanbul              D-Ludwigsburg                           HOFFMANN QUALITÄTSWERKZEUGE,             BRANKAMP, D-Erkrath
HOBE, D-Baienfurt                       OPHIR, D-Rohrsen                             THELEICO LEISSE, D-Meschede             D-München                                BRIGHETTI, I-Calderara di Reno BO
HOFFMANN QUALITÄTSWERKZEUGE,            OSG, J-Toyokawa City                         TITEX PLUS, D-Frankfurt                 HOMMEL & KELLER, D-Aldingen              BRISTOL ENGINEERING, GB-Bristol
D-München                               OTT + HEUGEL, D-Ötisheim                     TM JESENICE, CZ-Jesenice u Rakovníka    IFANGER, CH-Uster                        CERATIZIT, A-Reutte/Tirol
HOLLFELDER, D-Nürnberg                  PAATZ, D-Viernau                             TOOLEX BY PIKSAN,                       INTEGI, E-Ermua-Bizkaia (Vizcaya)        CHIA-MO, I-Anzola Emilia (BO)
HOMMEL & KELLER, D-Aldingen             PAFANA, PL-Pabianice                         TR-Y. Dudullu - Istanbul                JEAN CHERNG, RC-Taipei Hsien             CHUCKMATIC, IND-Dharwad
HONITECH, I-Cormano (Milano)            PARAT, D-Stuttgart                           TOP-EASTERN, VRC-Dalian                 JEM, E-Martorelles (Barcelona)           CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen
HONSBERG METALLSÄGEN, D-Remscheid       PCM WILLEN, CH-Villeneuve                    TRAMEC, D-Gingen/Fils                   KEKEISEN, D-Laupheim                     COGSDILL, GB-Nuneaton
HORKOS, J-Hiroshima                     PEMAMO HONING, CH-Le Landeron                TRIAG, CH-Allenwinden                   KERN, D-Murnau                           COMARA, D-St. Georgen i.Schw.
HORN, PAUL, D-Tübingen                  PERINO, I-Villarbasse (TO)                   TRIEFUS, F-Chartres                     KOMET GROUP, D-Besigheim                 CRAFTSMAN, GB-Otley, West Yorkshire
HPMT, MAL-Shah Alam Selangor Darul      PIBOMULTI, CH-Le Locle                       TUNGALOY, J-Kawasaki                    KONRAD FRIEDRICHS, D-Kulmbach            CRAWFORD, GB-Halifax West Yorkshire
IDEMA, D-Idar-Oberstein                 PILOUS, CZ-Brno                              TUSA, CH-Mezzovico                      KOSTYRKA, D-Stuttgart                    D’ANDREA, I-Lainate (MI)
IFANGER, CH-Uster                       PINZBOHR, E-Montmeló                         U.F.P., I-Missaglia (LC)                LEISTRITZ, D-Nürnberg                    DEHAN, VRC-Qingdao
IHLE, D-Königsbach-Stein                PLATIT, CH-Grenchen                          UFS, I-Sparone (To)                     LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken           DELLNER TOOLS, S-Falun
ILIX, D-Kriftel                         POLIANGOLAR, I-Vernate (Mi)                  ULTRADIAM, F-Roanne                     LMT, D-Oberkochen                        DELTA, I-Cazzago S. Martino (Bs)
ILMETECH, I-Carpi (Mo)                  PRAMET, CZ-Sumperk                           UNION TOOL, J-Tokyo                     LÖSER, D-Speyer                          DENI, CH-Veltheim
IMOBERDORF, CH-Oensingen                PRIVATE TOOLS INTERNATIONAL,                 URMA, CH-Rupperswil                     MAKE, CH-Heimberg                        DIAMETAL, CH-Biel
IMS, I-Sommariva Bosco (Cn)             NL-Tilburg                                   US SPECIAL TOOLS, D-Wipperfürth         MANDREL, FIN-Tampere                     DIEBOLD, D-Jungingen
IMS KOEPFER, D-Furtwangen               PROFIROLL, D-Bad Düben                       UTILIS, CH-Müllheim                     MATTHES + SCHULZE, D-Berlin              DONG GUAN,
INGERSOLL WERKZEUGE, D-Haiger           PROTOTYP, D-Zell am Harmersbach              VARGUS, IL-Nahariya                     METAPLAS IONON, D-Bergisch Gladbach      VRC-Dong Guan, Guang Dong
INNOTOOL-AUSTRIA, A-Altach              PUMORI, RUS-Jekaterinburg                    VEBRO, I-Andezeno (TO)                  MING HSIEN, RC-Taipei Hsien              DORIAN, USA-East Bernard, TX
INTEGI, E-Ermua-Bizkaia (Vizcaya)       PWS, D-Schmölln                              VERGNANO, I-Chieri (TO)                 MOLLIFICIO BORDIGNON,                    DUPLOMATIC, I-Legnano (MI)
ISAP, I-Volpiano (TO)                   QUALITY CARBIDE, USA-Elk Grove Village, IL   VERTEX, RC-Feng Yuan, Taichung Hsien    I-Rossano Veneto (Vi)                    ELBO CONTROLLI, I-Meda (MI)
ISCAR, IL-Tefen                         RE-AL, CH-Biel                               VHF CAMFACTURE, D-Ammerbuch             MÜLLER, HEINRICH, D-Pforzheim            ELCO, F-Fougeres
I.T.E.C., D-Eschweiler                  RE-BO REBER, D-Bopfingen-Oberdorf            VISCHER + BOLLI, D-Lindau               NACHREINER, D-Balingen                   EMUGE, D-Lauf a.d. Pegnitz
IZAR, E-Amorebieta (Bizkaia)            REICHENBACHER HAMUEL,                        VORTEC, NL-AB Lochem                    NC-AUTOMATION, D-Kempten                 EROGLU, TR-Nilüfer - Bursa
JEM, E-Martorelles (Barcelona)          D-Dörfles-Esbach                             WAGNER WERKZEUGSYSTEME,                 NEWEN, F-La Roche sur Foron              EROWA, CH-Büron
JONGEN, D-Willich                       REIME, D-Feucht                              D-Pliezhausen                           NORELEM, D-Markgröningen                 ESA EPPINGER, D-Denkendorf
JULIA UTENSILI, I-Tarcento (UD)         REISHAUER, CH-Wallisellen                    WALTER, D-Tübingen                      NORITAKE, J-Nagoya                       EWS, D-Uhingen
J.W. DONE, USA-Hayward, CA              RIGIBORE, GB-Hayle Cornwall                  WEDCO, A-Wien                           NOVOTEC, NL-Reuver                       FAHRION, D-Kaisersbach
KAISER, CH-Rümlang                      RIME, I-Pregno Villa Carcina/BS              WERKZEUGFABRIK KÖNIGSEE, D-Königsee     OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES,                      FAMEPLA, D-Sauerlach
KANEFUSA, J-Aichi-Ken                   RITEN, USA-Washington C.H., OH               WESPA, D-Spangenberg                    RC-Wu-Feng Hsiang, Taichung              FAMI, I-Rosà (VI)
KARNASCH, DIETRICH, D-Heddesheim        RITZ, D-Ennepetal                            WEXO, D-Bad Homburg                     PASCAL, F-Cergy-Pontoise                 FETTE, D-Schwarzenbek
KARNED, CZ-Decin                        ROLLWALZTECHNIK, D-Engen                     W&F, D-Großbettlingen                   PCM WILLEN, CH-Villeneuve                FIDIA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)
KAYS, USA-Marshall, MO                  RÖLTGEN, D-Solingen                          WHIZCUT, S-Helsingborg                  PEE-WEE, D-Diez                          FLAIG, D-Königsfeld
KELCH & LINKS, D-Schorndorf             ROMAI, D-Vaihingen/Enz-Horrheim              WIDIA, D-Essen                          PLATIT, CH-Grenchen                      FORZA, E-Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava)
KEMMER, D-Wildberg                      RÖNTGEN, D-Remscheid                         WIKUS, D-Spangenberg                    POLIANGOLAR, I-Vernate (Mi)              FRANKEN, D-Rückersdorf
KEMMLER, D-Mössingen                    RSA BÜRSTEN-TECHNIK, D-Lüdenscheid           WIRTH, D-Balzheim                       PRAMET, CZ-Sumperk                       FUJI JIKOH, RC-Taichung
KENDU, E-Segura (Guipuzcoa)             RSA CUTTING & DEBURRING SYSTEMS,             WNT DEUTSCHLAND, D-Kempten              PRÄZI-FLACHSTAHL, D-Everswinkel          GERARDI, I-Lonate Pozzolo (VA)
KENNAMETAL, D-Fürth                     GB-Telford, Shropshire                       WOHLHAUPTER, D-Frickenhausen            PRIMATEC, D-Dörth                        GEWEFA, D-Burladingen
KENTAI, RC-Wurih, Taichung              RSA ENTGRAT- U. TRENNSYSTEME,                WOLF GRUPPE, D-Bruchmühlbach            PROFILBIEGETECHNIK,                      GMP, D-Bodelshausen
KETTERER, D-Bad Dürrheim                D-Lüdenscheid                                WOLFRAMCARB, I-Castellamonte (TO)       CH-Bürglen/Thurgau                       GOLDEN SUN, RC-Feng-Yuan, Taichung
KIENINGER, D-Lahr                       RSA SYSTÈMES EBAVURAGE,                      WS, D-Niefern-Öschelbronn               PROFIROLL, D-Bad Düben                   GÖLTENBODT, D-Leonberg (Höfingen)
KIMU, E-Arenys De Munt                  F-Sarreguemines Cedex                        WTO, D-Ohlsbach                         PROMETAL, D-Remscheid                    GRAVOGRAPH, D-Umkirch
KINKELDER, NL-Zevenaar                  RÜBIG, D-Nabburg                             YAMASA, TR-Kisikkoy/Izmir               PROTOTYP, D-Zell am Harmersbach          GÜHRING, D-Albstadt
KINTEK, I-Leini (TO)                    RUKO, D-Holzgerlingen                        YAMAWA, J-Tokyo                         REIS ROBOTICS, D-Obernburg               GÜRKAN, TR-Istanbul
KLINGELNBERG, D-Hückeswagen             SAACKE, D-Pforzheim                          YESTOOL, ROK-Ansan-City                 RIME, I-Pregno Villa Carcina/BS          HAIMER, D-Igenhausen
KLINGELNBERG, CH-Zürich                 SAAR-HARTMETALL, D-Völklingen                YG-1, ROK-Incheon                       ROLLERI, I-Vigolzone (Pc)                HÄNEL, D-Bad Friedrichshall
KLOPP, D-Solingen                       SAAZOR-WÄLZTECHNIK, D-Pforzheim              Z & Y TOOL SUPPLY, VRC-Qingdao          ROLLWALZTECHNIK, D-Engen                 HANN KUEN, RC-Taichung
KMT, D-Bad Nauheim                      SACO, I-Castellone (CR)                      ZECHA, D-Königsbach-Stein               RÖLTGEN, D-Solingen                      HARTNER, D-Albstadt
KOMET GROUP, D-Besigheim                SAFETY, F-Boulogne Billancourt               ZENIT, I-Arcore (Mi)                    RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen                HEIMATEC, D-Renchen
KONRAD FRIEDRICHS, D-Kulmbach           SÄGEN-MEHRING, D-Hockenheim                  ZHENG ZHOU MACHINERY, VRC-Shandong      RUKO, D-Holzgerlingen                    HEMO, CH-Kriens
KOREA TECHNICS,                         SAID, I-Isola Vicentina (VI)                 ZHENGZHOU RESEARCH, VRC-Zhenzhou        SAACKE, D-Pforzheim                      HENNINGER PRÄZISION, D-Straubenhardt
ROK-Bucheon Si, Gyunggi-Do              SAIM, E-Zaragoza                             ZHUZHOU, VRC-Zhuzhou Hunan              SAAR-HARTMETALL, D-Völklingen            HOBE, D-Baienfurt
KORLOY, ROK-Seoul                       SAMO, I-Soliera (MO)                         ZÜRN, D-Dusslingen                      SAMPUTENSILI, D-Chemnitz                 HOFFMANN QUALITÄTSWERKZEUGE,
KYOCERA, J-Kyoto                        SAMPUTENSILI, D-Chemnitz                     7-LEADERS, RC-Taichung City             SAMPUTENSILI, I-Bologna (BO)             D-München
LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                   SAMPUTENSILI, I-Bologna (BO)                                                         SASSATELLI, I-Pianoro (Bo)               HOMMEL & KELLER, D-Aldingen
LAIP, E-Abadiano (Bizkaia)              SANDVIK COROMANT, S-Sandviken                                                        SAV, D-Nürnberg                          HORN, PAUL, D-Tübingen
LAMBERT, CH-Safnern                     SANDVIK HARD MATERIALS, GB-Coventry                                                  S+B TECHNOLOGIE,                         IFANGER, CH-Uster
LAMINA, CH-Yverdon-Les-Bains            SASSATELLI, I-Pianoro (Bo)                   FORMING TOOLS, DIES AND MOULDS,         D-Hösbach-Rottenberg                     INGERSOLL WERKZEUGE, D-Haiger
LAPMASTER, GB-Devon                     S.A.U., I-Polinago (MO)                      RAPID PROTOTYPING                       SENY, E-Cornella Llobregat (BC)          INNOTOOL-AUSTRIA, A-Altach
LEISTRITZ, D-Nürnberg                   SAUER ULTRASONIC, D-Stipshausen                                                      SHINHAN, ROK-Namdong-Gu, Incheon         ISCAR, IL-Tefen
LEISTRITZ THOMMEN, CH-Tenniken          SAUTER, D-Metzingen                          ADDISON, GB-Preston, Lancashire         SHIN-YAIN, RC-Taichung Hsien             KAISER, CH-Rümlang
LENOX, NL-Helmond                       SAV, D-Nürnberg                              AGATHON, CH-Solothurn                   SHOBHA, IND-New Delhi                    KELCH & LINKS, D-Schorndorf
LIEBHERR VERZAHNTECHNIK, D-Kempten      SCHAUBLIN, CH-Delémont                       ALCO, E-Madrid                          SICHUAN MACHINERY, VRC-Sichuan           KEMMER, D-Wildberg
LMT, D-Oberkochen                       SCHMID, ERNST, D-Esslingen                   APOLLO, I-Roteglia/Castellarano RE      SOWA, VRC-Guangzhou                      KEMMLER, D-Mössingen
LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                   SCHMITT, GB-Coventry                         BAUBLIES, D-Renningen                   STRAUSS, IL-Raanana                      KENNAMETAL, D-Fürth
LUMI, E-Bilbao (Vizcaya)                SCHUMACHER, D-Remscheid                      BIAX - SCHMID & WEZEL, D-Maulbronn      SWAROVSKI, A-Absam                       KETTERER, D-Bad Dürrheim
MADAULA, E-Sant Fost (Barcelona)        SCHUNK, D-Lauffen am Neckar                  BÖHLER, A-Kapfenberg                    TAIWAN DIAMOND,                          KOJEX, RC-Taichung
MAGAFOR, F-Fontenay-sous-Bois           SCHWANOG, D-Villingen-Schwenningen           BÖNI, CH-Feldbach                       RC-Pa-Deh City, Taoyuan Hsien            KOMET GROUP, D-Besigheim
MAIER, D-Salching/Oberpiebing           SCISKPOL, PL-Kwilcz                          BORRIES, D-Pliezhausen                  TCM, A-Stainz                            KORLOY, ROK-Seoul
MAIER, ANDREAS, D-Fellbach              S.C.M., I-Murisengo (AL)                     BOTEK, D-Riederich                      THELEICO LEISSE, D-Meschede              KYOCERA, J-Kyoto
MAIER, ANDREAS (SCHWENDI),              SDMEC, VRC-Qingdao                           BRANKAMP, D-Erkrath                     TOKAI, J-Tokyo                           LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau
D-Schwendi-Hörenhausen                  SECO TOOLS, S-Fagersta                       BTA, D-Achim                            U.F.P., I-Missaglia (LC)                 LAIP, E-Abadiano (Bizkaia)
MAKE, CH-Heimberg                       SEG. METAL, I-Rivoli (To)                    BUCHEM, D-Wermelskirchen                UFS, I-Sparone (To)                      LISTA, CH-Erlen
MAKINA TAKIM, TR-Cayirova/Gebze         SEMPUCO, D-Greiz                             CARMEX, IL-Maalot                       UNIMEX-FORMDRILL, B-Beringen             LMT, D-Oberkochen
MANCHESTER TOOLS EUROPE, NL-Tilburg     SGS TOOL, USA-Munroe Falls, OH               CHIAO SHENG, RC-Tainan Hsien            WAGNER WERKZEUGSYSTEME,                  LOKOMA, D-Höchstädt/Donau
MANDREL, FIN-Tampere                    SHAANXI, VRC-Shaanxi Province                CHING HSIANG, RC-Taipei                 D-Pliezhausen                            LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)
MANIGLEY, CH-Sutz                       SHINHAN, ROK-Namdong-Gu, Incheon             COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                WEICON, D-Münster                        M. T., I-San Giovanni i. M. (RN)
MANNESMANN A., D-Remscheid              SHIN-YAIN, RC-Taichung Hsien                 CUMDI, I-Curnardo (VA)                  WHIZCUT, S-Helsingborg                   MADAULA, E-Sant Fost (Barcelona)
MAPAL, D-Aalen                          SHOBHA, IND-New Delhi                        DC SWISS, CH-Malleray                   WILSON TOOL, D-Rodenberg                 MAGAFOR, F-Fontenay-sous-Bois
MATCHLING TOOLING, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung   SHYH BANG, RC-Taichung Hsien                 DORIAN, USA-East Bernard, TX            WIRTH, D-Balzheim                        MAIER, ANDREAS, D-Fellbach
MENLO / IMCO, USA-Warren, MI            SICHUAN MACHINERY, VRC-Sichuan               DREI-S-WERK, D-Schwabach                WITTE, D-Bleckede                        MANCHESTER TOOLS EUROPE, NL-Tilburg
MEPSA, E-Artes                          SIMTEK, D-Mössingen                          EBERHARD, D-Nordheim                    WOLF GRUPPE, D-Bruchmühlbach             MANDREL, FIN-Tampere
METAPLAS IONON, D-Bergisch Gladbach     SKIF-M, RUS-Belgorod                         ECOROLL, D-Celle                        WOLFRAMCARB, I-Castellamonte (TO)        MARQUART, D-Reichenbach/Heuberg
MHC, VRC-Qingdao                        SMICUT, S-Ludvika                            EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                    YEA-CHING, RC-Hsin Chuang Taipei         MATCHLING TOOLING, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung
MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh       SOFDIAM, F-Le Chambon Feugerolles            EMUGE, D-Lauf a.d. Pegnitz              ZDAS, CZ-Zdár nad Sázavou                MENGEMANN, D-Frankfurt
MIKRON TOOL AGNO, CH-Agno (Lugano)      SOMTA TOOLS, ZA-Pietermaritzburg             ERASTEEL, F-Paris Cedex                 ZECHA, D-Königsbach-Stein                MHC, VRC-Qingdao
MILLER, D-Altenstadt                    SOPAM, F-Linas-Montlhery                     EX-CELL-O, D-Eislingen/Fils             3D SYSTEMS, D-Darmstadt                  MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München
MIMATIC ZETTL, D-Betzigau               SOWA, VRC-Guangzhou                          EXTRAMET, CH-Plaffeien                                                           MIMATIC ZETTL, D-Betzigau
MIRCONA, S-Gävle                        SPEED TIGER, RC-Taichung                     EXTRUDE HONE, IRL-Shannon Co Clare                                               MITSUBISHI MATERIALS, J-Tokyo
MITSUBISHI MATERIALS, J-Tokyo           SPHINX, CH-Biberist                          FELSS, D-Königsbach-Stein                                                        MSC TUTTLINGEN, D-Tuttlingen
MOLLART, GB-Chessington, Surrey         SSANGYONG, ROK-Seoul                         FERG, E-Gurb (Barcelona)                TOOLING SYSTEMS,                         MST, J-Ikoma, Nara
MORSE, USA-Canton, OH                   STAMM, D-Iserlohn                            FETTE, D-Schwarzenbek                   WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT                       M.T.E., I-Rovato (BS)
MPR, VRC-Qingdao                        STARRAGHECKERT, CH-Rorschacherberg           FIBRO, D-Weinsberg                                                               NAGEL, D-Nürtingen
MST, J-Ikoma, Nara                      STARRETT, GB-Borders, Scotland               FICEP, I-Gazzada Schianno (VA)          ABBOTT, USA-Manhattan, KS                NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO, J-Osaka-fu
M.T.E., I-Rovato (BS)                   STELLRAM, D-Heusenstamm                      FORZA, E-Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava)        ALESA, CH-Seengen                        NINE-9, RC-Taiping City
NACHREINER, D-Balingen                  STOCK, D-Berlin                              FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPT, D-Aachen     ALGRA, I-Almenno S. Salvatore BG         NORDMANN, D-Hürth
NAGEL, D-Nürtingen                      STRAUSS, IL-Raanana                          FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IST,              ANGST, CH-Oberdürnten                    NORELEM, D-Markgröningen
NAWA, D-Veringenstadt                   STROHM, D-Stuttgart                          D-Braunschweig                          ARNO-WERKZEUGE, D-Ostfildern             NT TOOL, D-Eschborn
NC-AUTOMATION, D-Kempten                STUBER, D-Murr                               FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz   AUTOCRIB, USA-Huntington Beach           O.M.G., I-Cavriago (RE)
NEUHÄUSER, D-Prüm                       SU-MATIC, CH-Brugg                           FRAUNHOFER - TEG, D-Stuttgart           AXA, D-Schöppingen                       OTT-JAKOB, D-Lengenwang
NEWEN, F-La Roche sur Foron             SUMITOMO ELECTRIC, D-Lauchheim               FROMM, D-Wain                           BAHMÜLLER SPANNZEUGE,                    PARAT, D-Stuttgart
NGK, J-Komaki City, Aichi               SUPERION, USA-Xenia, OH                      GLOOR, CH-Lengnau bei Biel              D-Plüderhausen                           PARFAITE, RC-Taiwan County, Taiwan
NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO, J-Osaka-fu            SUTTON, AUS-Thomastown, Victoria             GRAVOSTAR, CH-Zuzwil                    BALLUFF, D-Neuhausen                     PCM WILLEN, CH-Villeneuve
NINE-9, RC-Taiping City                 SWAROVSKI, A-Absam                           GROB, CH-Männedorf                      BARTELS, D-Schenefeld                    PIBOMULTI, CH-Le Locle
NOGA, IL-Shlomi                         TAIWAN DIAMOND,                              GÜDEL, D-Altenstadt                     BARUFFALDI, I-San Donato Milanese (MI)   PINZBOHR, E-Montmeló
NORELEM, D-Markgröningen                RC-Pa-Deh City, Taoyuan Hsien                GÜDEL, CH-Langenthal                    BECK, D-Winterlingen                     PLASEL DEUTSCHLAND, D-Düsseldorf
NS TOOL, J-Tokyo                        TALICARB, I-Paderno Dugnano (Mi)             GÜRKAN, TR-Istanbul                     BENZ, D-Haslach                          PRAGATI, IND-Bangalore
NSK NAKANISHI, J-Tochigi-ken            TAPMATIC - TIC, CH-Kriessern                 HAAG + ZEISSLER, D-Hanau                BIG DAISHOWA, J-Osaka                    PROTOTYP, D-Zell am Harmersbach
NT TOOL, D-Eschborn                     TAYLOR & JONES, GB-Huddersfield              HALDER, D-Achstetten-Bronnen            BILZ, D-Ostfildern                       PWB, CH-Brig
NUBIUS, D-Göppingen                     TBT, D-Dettingen                             HA-NA, ROK-Kyungnam                     BISON-BIAL, PL-Bialystok                 RENISHAW, GB-Gloucestershire
NUOVA C.U.M.E.T., I-Brandizzo (TO)      TCM, A-Stainz                                HEMO, CH-Kriens                         BLOKSMA, D-Winnenden                     RIGIBORE, GB-Hayle Cornwall
O.M.G., I-Cavriago (RE)                 TEC - SPIRAL, VRC-Songliang Shanghai         HILZINGER-THUM, D-Tuttlingen            BLUM-NOVOTEST, D-Ravensburg              ROLLERI, I-Vigolzone (Pc)
OMLAT, I-Ceresole d’Alba (CN)           TENRYU, J-Shizuoka-Ken                       HIPAK, TR-Istanbul                      BÖNI, CH-Feldbach                        ROMAI, D-Vaihingen/Enz-Horrheim
June 2005                                                                                                                                                                                         Page 11

ROSE PLASTIC, D-Hergensweiler/Lindau      BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen          MECCANICA BICCHI, I-Pianezza (To)        AMO, A-Braunau/Inn                        MICROPLAN, I-Varallo Sesia (VC)
RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen                 BERG & CO. GMBH SPANNTECHNIK,           MENGEMANN, D-Frankfurt                   ARTIS, D-Bispingen-Behringen              MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München
SAAZOR-WÄLZTECHNIK, D-Pforzheim           D-Bielefeld                             MHC, VRC-Qingdao                         AUBERT, CH-Biel                           MICROTEST, CH-Thalwil
SACO, I-Castellone (CR)                   BILZ, D-Ostfildern                      MICRO ENGINEERING, IND-Chandigarh        BAITELLA, CH-Zürich                       MITUTOYO, J-Kawasaki, Kanagawa
SAFETY, F-Boulogne Billancourt            BISON-BIAL, PL-Bialystok                MIMATIC ZETTL, D-Betzigau                BALANCE SYSTEMS,                          MORA, D-Aschaffenburg
SANDVIK COROMANT, S-Sandviken             BOTTELLI, I-Menzago di Sumirago (VA)    MITEE-BITE, USA-Center Ossipee NH        I-Pessano con Bornago (MI)                MPM, D-Erlangen
SANKYO SEISAKUSHO, J-Kita-ku, Tokyo       BRIGHETTI, I-Calderara di Reno BO       MITSUBISHI MATERIALS, J-Tokyo            BALLUFF, D-Neuhausen                      MPR, VRC-Qingdao
SAUTER, D-Metzingen                       BRISTOL ENGINEERING, GB-Bristol         MORETTI, I-Villa Guardia (Co)            BARKSDALE, D-Reichelsheim                 NACHREINER, D-Balingen
SAV, D-Nürnberg                           CANELA EINES, E-Badalona                MPR, VRC-Qingdao                         BECKER, WILH., D-Remscheid                NEWALL, GB-Leicester
SCHAUBLIN, CH-Delémont                    CHANDOX, RC-Changhua County             MST, J-Ikoma, Nara                       BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen            NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO, J-Osaka-fu
SCHMID, ERNST, D-Esslingen                CHIA-MO, I-Anzola Emilia (BO)           M.T.E., I-Rovato (BS)                    BERG & CO. GMBH SPANNTECHNIK,             NORDMANN, D-Hürth
SCHREM, D-Giengen/Brenz                   CHICK, USA-Warrendale, PA               MÜLLER, HEINRICH, D-Pforzheim            D-Bielefeld                               NORELEM, D-Markgröningen
SCHUNK, D-Lauffen am Neckar               CHUCKMATIC, IND-Dharwad                 NANN, D-Böttingen                        BLUM-NOVOTEST, D-Ravensburg               OGP, D-Hofheim-Wallau
S.C.M., I-Murisengo (AL)                  CMT, I-Bologna (BO)                     NC-AUTOMATION, D-Kempten                 BOCCHI, I-Pontoglio (Bs)                  OMAG, I-Induno Olona (VA)
SECO TOOLS, S-Fagersta                    CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen            NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO, J-Osaka-fu             BORRIES, D-Pliezhausen                    OTT-JAKOB, D-Lengenwang
SHANGHAI BRISC, VRC-Shanghai              CRAFTSMAN, GB-Otley, West Yorkshire     NINE-9, RC-Taiping City                  BOSS JOHS., D-Albstadt                    PASSAPONTI, I-Badia a Settimo (FI)
SHIN-YAIN, RC-Taichung Hsien              CRAWFORD, GB-Halifax West Yorkshire     NORELEM, D-Markgröningen                 BOWERS, GB-Bradford, West Yorkshire       PLANOLITH, D-Aschaffenburg
SICHUAN MACHINERY, VRC-Sichuan            DATRON, D-Mühltal                       NOVOTEC, NL-Reuver                       BRANKAMP, D-Erkrath                       PRECITEC, D-Gaggenau
SMP, F-Bron                               DECKEL, M., D-Weilheim                  NT TOOL, D-Eschborn                      CEMB, I-Mandello del Lario (LC)           PROCEQ, CH-Schwerzenbach
SOPAM, F-Linas-Montlhery                  DEHAN, VRC-Qingdao                      NUOVA PTM MECCANICA, I-Bazzano (Bo)      CEMECON, D-Würselen                       PROMETEC, D-Aachen
SOWA, VRC-Guangzhou                       DELLNER TOOLS, S-Falun                  OK-VISE, FIN-Muurame                     CGTECH, D-Köln                            PWB, CH-Brig
STOCK, D-Berlin                           DELTA, I-Cazzago S. Martino (Bs)        OML, I-Travaco Siccomario (PV)           CHINA INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS,                REGO-FIX, CH-Tenniken
SU-MATIC, CH-Brugg                        DEMMELER MASCHINENBAU,                  ORTLIEB, D-Kirchheim                     VRC-Changzhou, Jiangsu                    RENISHAW, GB-Gloucestershire
SYSTEM 3R, S-Vällingby                    D-Heimertingen                          OTT-JAKOB, D-Lengenwang                  CHINA NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL,              RICHTER, D-Konken
SYSTEMTECHNIK, D-Wendeburg                DI CHUN, RC-Taichung, Taiwan            PAATZ, D-Viernau                         VRC-Beijing                               ROBOWORKER, D-Weingarten
TAPMATIC - TIC, CH-Kriessern              DIEBOLD, D-Jungingen                    PASCAL, F-Cergy-Pontoise                 CIMCORE, USA-Farmington Hills, MI         ROMER, F-Montoire
TCM, A-Stainz                             DM2, I-Travagliato (BS)                 PEISELER, D-Remscheid                    CM DIGIT, D-Ettlingen                     RSF, A-Tarsdorf
TECNOMORS, I-SanMaurizio D’Opaglio/NO     DORMER ITALIA, I-Milano                 PIBOMULTI, CH-Le Locle                   COMARA, D-St. Georgen i.Schw.             RÜCKLE WERKZEUGFABRIK,
TEZMAKSAN, TR-Bayrampasa - Istanbul       EARTH-CHAIN, RC-Sha-Luh, Taichung       PINTO, I-Torino (TO)                     COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                  D-Römerstein-Böhringen
TIANJIN ZERPO MACHINERY, VRC-Tianjin      EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                    PRAGATI, IND-Bangalore                   CONOPTICA, N-Klaebu                       SAIM, E-Zaragoza
TRAMEC, D-Gingen/Fils                     ELCO, F-Fougeres                        PRATT BURNERD,                           CRIPPA, I-Arosio (Co)                     SCHENCK ROTEC, D-Darmstadt
URMA, CH-Rupperswil                       ELESA, I-Monza (MI)                     GB-Halifax/West Yorkshire                CTL, TR-Istanbul                          SCHINDLER, D-Bad Königshofen
UTILIS, CH-Müllheim                       EMUGE, D-Lauf a.d. Pegnitz              PRO RICHYOUNG, RC-Taichung               DEA, I-Grugliasco (To)                    SCHMITT, GB-Coventry
VISCHER + BOLLI, D-Lindau                 EROGLU, TR-Nilüfer - Bursa              PUMORI, RUS-Jekaterinburg                DECKEL, M., D-Weilheim                    SCHNEIDER, D-Bad Kreuznach
VSK KENTAVAR, BG-Drjanovo                 EROWA, CH-Büron                         RE-AL, CH-Biel                           DEHAN, VRC-Qingdao                        SCHRÖDER INDUSTRIEÖFEN, D-Flörsheim
WALTER, D-Tübingen                        EVARD PRECISION, CH-Yverdon-les-Bains   REGO-FIX, CH-Tenniken                    DELCAM PLC, GB-Birmingham                 SCHUMACHER, D-Remscheid
WENDEL, D-Horb-Mühlen                     EVEC, E-Berriz (Bizkaia)                REWEFA, IND-Hosur Tamil Nadu             DIATEST, D-Darmstadt                      SCHUT, NL-Groningen
W&F, D-Großbettlingen                     EWS, D-Uhingen                          RICHTER, D-Langenhagen                   DIEBOLD, D-Jungingen                      SHANDONG LUNAN,
WHIZCUT, S-Helsingborg                    FAHRION, D-Kaisersbach                  RINGSPANN, D-Bad Homburg                 DIETHEI, D-Bopfingen                      VRC-Tengzhou Shandong
WIDIA, D-Essen                            FENWICK, IND-Bangalore                  RITEN, USA-Washington C.H., OH           DITTEL, D-Landsberg/Lech                  SIEMENS, D-Erlangen
WOHLHAUPTER, D-Frickenhausen              FETTE, D-Schwarzenbek                   RÖHM, D-Sontheim                         DMG MICROSET, D-Bielefeld                 SMW-AUTOBLOK, D-Meckenbeuren
WTO, D-Ohlsbach                           FIEGE, D-Kleinwallstadt                 RÖMHELD, D-Laubach                       EARTH-CHAIN, RC-Sha-Luh, Taichung         SONY, J-Saintana
ZHENG ZHOU MACHINERY, VRC-Shandong        FLAIG, D-Königsfeld                     ROTOMORS, I-Grugliasco (TO)              EIMELDINGEN, D-Efringen-Kirchen           SPERONI, I-Sostegno diSpessa Po/PV
ZÜRN, D-Dusslingen                        FLOWDRILL, NL-Utrecht                   ROTOR TOOL, CH-Oetwil am See             ELBO CONTROLLI, I-Meda (MI)               STARRETT, GB-Borders, Scotland
                                          FORKARDT, D-Erkrath                     RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen                EMUGE, D-Lauf a.d. Pegnitz                STIEFELMAYER, D-Denkendorf
                                          FORZA, E-Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava)        SACO, I-Castellone (CR)                  EROWA, CH-Büron                           STOPP, D-Weinheim
                                          FRANKEN, D-Rückersdorf                  SAFEWAY, RC-Wu Chi, Taichung             ESCO, D-Aachen                            STRESSTECH, D-Höhn
TOOL PRESETTERS AND TOOL BALANCING        FRESMAK, E-Zarautz (Guipuzcoa)          SAV, D-Nürnberg                          ETAMIC, F-Bayeux Cedex                    STROJIRNY CELAKOVICE, CZ-Celákovice
                                          FUJI JIKOH, RC-Taichung                 S+B TECHNOLOGIE, D-Hösbach-Rottenberg    FAG KUGELFISCHER, D-Schweinfurt           SUNNEN, USA-St. Louis, MO
ABRO BALANCING, IND-New Delhi             GAMET, GB-Colchester, Essex             SCHAUBLIN, CH-Delémont                   FAGOR AUTOMATION, E-Mondragón             SUNNEN, CH-Ennetaach-Erlen
ACU-RITE, USA-Jamestown, N.Y.             GAMOR, E-Asteasu (Guipuzcoa)            SCHMID, ERNST, D-Esslingen               FARO, D-Stuttgart                         T & S, D-Poppenhausen
BALANCE SYSTEMS,                          GANTER, D-Furtwangen                    SCHREM, D-Giengen/Brenz                  FEINMESS SUHL, D-Suhl                     TCM, A-Stainz
I-Pessano con Bornago (MI)                GERARDI, I-Lonate Pozzolo (VA)          SCHUNK, D-Lauffen am Neckar              FERTER, TR-Izmir                          TDM SYSTEMS, D-Tübingen
BILZ, D-Ostfildern                        GERBER, CH-Lyss                         S.C.M., I-Murisengo (AL)                 FIDIA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)          TECHNIFOR, F-Miribel Cedex
BLUM-NOVOTEST, D-Ravensburg               GEWEFA, D-Burladingen                   SECO TOOLS, S-Fagersta                   FIEGE, D-Kleinwallstadt                   TESA, CH-Renens VD
BRANKAMP, D-Erkrath                       GMP, D-Bodelshausen                     SERVOPRESS, D-Cleebronn                  FORKARDT, D-Erkrath                       TIANJIN ZERPO MACHINERY, VRC-Tianjin
BRISTOL ENGINEERING, GB-Bristol           G&N, D-Erlangen                         SHANGHAI BRISC, VRC-Shanghai             FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPK, D-Berlin       TOTAL DEUTSCHLAND, D-Osnabrück
BURRI, D-Bösingen                         GÖLTENBODT, D-Leonberg (Höfingen)       SHARP CHUCKS, IND-Jalandhar (Punjab)     FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPT, D-Aachen       ULTRA PRÄZISION, D-Glattbach
CEMB, I-Mandello del Lario (LC)           GRAF, D-Dietingen-Böhringen             SHIN-YAIN, RC-Taichung Hsien             FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz     VISION ENGINEERING, D-Emmering
DITTEL, D-Landsberg/Lech                  GRESSEL, CH-Aadorf                      SHOBHA, IND-New Delhi                    FRAUNHOFER - TEG, D-Stuttgart             WALTER MASCHINENBAU, D-Tübingen
DMG MICROSET, D-Bielefeld                 GUANG DAR, RC-Taichung                  SICHUAN MACHINERY, VRC-Sichuan           GAT, D-Wiesbaden                          WENZEL, D-Wiesthal
DONG GUAN,                                GUERNICA, E-Guernica, Bizkaia           SMC, ROK-Shiheung-City, Kyunggi-Do       GBO DATACOMP, D-Augsburg                  WERTH, D-Gießen
VRC-Dong Guan, Guang Dong                 GÜHRING, D-Albstadt                     SMW-AUTOBLOK, D-Meckenbeuren             GEOVISION, D-Odelzhausen/Wagenhofen       WITTE, D-Bleckede
ELBO CONTROLLI, I-Meda (MI)               GÜRKAN, TR-Istanbul                     SOPAM, F-Linas-Montlhery                 GERBER, CH-Lyss                           WYLER, CH-Winterthur
ELCO, F-Fougeres                          GÜTHLE, D-Ebersbach/Fils                SOWA, VRC-Guangzhou                      GIMEX, D-Kaiserslautern                   Z & Y TOOL SUPPLY, VRC-Qingdao
FIDIA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)          HAGEN & GOEBEL, D-Soest                 SPEEDY BLOCK, I-Locate Triulzi (Mi)      GIVI MISURE, I-Nova Milanese (MI)         ZEISS, D-Oberkochen
GÜHRING, D-Albstadt                       HAIMER, D-Igenhausen                    SPERONI, I-Sostegno diSpessa Po/PV       GLEASON WORKS, USA-Rochester, N.Y.        ZETT MESS, D-Sankt Augustin
HAIMER, D-Igenhausen                      HAINBUCH, D-Marbach                     STARK SPANNSYSTEME, A-Götzis             GLEASON-HURTH, D-München                  ZHENG ZHOU MACHINERY, VRC-Shandong
HOFFMANN QUALITÄTSWERKZEUGE,              HALDER, D-Achstetten-Bronnen            STATE ENGINEERING, IND-Phagwara          GLEASON-PFAUTER, D-Ludwigsburg            ZOLLER, D-Freiberg am Neckar
D-München                                 HAWE HYDRAULIK, D-München               STIEFELMAYER, D-Denkendorf               GÜHRING, D-Albstadt
HOFMANN MASCHINEN U. ANLAGEN,             HEIMATEC, D-Renchen                     SYSTEM 3R, S-Vällingby                   HEIDENHAIN, D-Traunreut
D-Worms                                   HEMA, D-Seligenstadt                    SZM, D-Zella-Mehlis/Thür.                HELIOS, D-Niedernhall
HOFMANN MESS- UND AUSWUCHT-               HEMO, CH-Kriens                         TALMEC, I-Vignola (MO)                   HITEC, D-Leonberg                         MECHANICAL, HYDRAULIC AND
TECHNIK, D-Pfungstadt                     HENNINGER PRÄZISION, D-Straubenhardt    TAPMATIC - TIC, CH-Kriessern             HOFFMANN QUALITÄTSWERKZEUGE,              PNEUMATIC COMPONENTS
HOFMANN MESS- U. TEILTECHNIK,             HESTEGO, CZ-Brno                        TCM, A-Stainz                            D-München
D-Grosselfingen                           HILMA-RÖMHELD, D-Hilchenbach            TECNOMAGNETE, I-Lainate (MI)             HOFMANN MASCHINEN U. ANLAGEN,             ABBA, RC-Taipei County
INNOTOOL-AUSTRIA, A-Altach                HIRSCHMANN, D-Fluorn-Winzeln            TEMAK, TR-Istanbul                       D-Worms                                   ABBOTT, USA-Manhattan, KS
KAISER, CH-Rümlang                        HOFFMANN QUALITÄTSWERKZEUGE,            TEZMAKSAN, TR-Bayrampasa - Istanbul      HOFMANN MESS- UND AUSWUCHT-               AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray
KAISER SISTEMAS, E-L’ Arboc (Tarragona)   D-München                               THAME ENGINEERING, GB-Aylesbury, Bucks   TECHNIK, D-Pfungstadt                     AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL
KELCH & LINKS, D-Schorndorf               HOHENSTEIN, D-Hohenstein-Ernstthal      TIANJIN ZERPO MACHINERY, VRC-Tianjin     HOMMELWERKE, D-Villingen-Schwenningen     AIRLOC, CH-Küsnacht
LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                     HOMGE, RC-Ta Ya Shian, Taichung         TOBLER SANDVIK, F-Louvres                IDF, I-Pontoglio (Bs)                     ALBRECHT, D-Wernau
M + H, D-Waldburg                         HUHHOT, VRC-Huhhot, Inner Mongolia      TON FOU, RC-Taiping City                 IFM, D-Essen                              ALGRA, I-Almenno S. Salvatore BG
MAPAL, D-Aalen                            HWR SPANNTECHNIK, D-Oyten               TRIAG, CH-Allenwinden                    INA-SCHAEFFLER, D-Herzogenaurach          ALPHA GETRIEBE, D-Igersheim
MESSWELK, D-Kleinostheim                  HYDROBLOCK, I-Reggio Emilia (RE)        US SPECIAL TOOLS, D-Wipperfürth          INNOTOOL-AUSTRIA, A-Altach                AMO, A-Braunau/Inn
METROL, J-Tokyo                           HYDROKOMP, D-Gemünden-Felda             VERTEX, RC-Feng Yuan, Taichung Hsien     ISKRA, SLO-Sentvid pri Sticni             ARLA, D-Wipperfürth
MPM, D-Erlangen                           IMAO, J-Gifu                            VISCHER + BOLLI, D-Lindau                JAUCH & SCHMIDER, D-Villingendorf         ARNOLD, D-Obertshausen
MSC TUTTLINGEN, D-Tuttlingen              IMS, I-Sommariva Bosco (Cn)             VORTEC, NL-AB Lochem                     JFA, D-Aschaffenburg                      A-RYUNG, ROK-Cheonnam
NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO, J-Osaka-fu              INGERSOLL WERKZEUGE, D-Haiger           VSK KENTAVAR, BG-Drjanovo                JI NAU HUA YANG, VRC-Ji Nan               AXA, D-Schöppingen
NORDMANN, D-Hürth                         INNOTOOL-AUSTRIA, A-Altach              WAGNER MAGNETE, D-Heimertingen           JOHANSSON, S-Eskilstuna                   BALLUFF, D-Neuhausen
OTT-JAKOB, D-Lengenwang                   ISCAR, IL-Tefen                         WALKER BRAILLON, F-Montmelian            JUNKER, D-Nordrach                        BÄR, D-Steisslingen
PINZBOHR, E-Montmeló                      JAUCH & SCHMIDER, D-Villingendorf       WEXTEN, RC-Taiping Taichung              KÄFER, D-Villingen-Schwenningen           BARKSDALE, D-Reichelsheim
PWB, CH-Brig                              KAISER, CH-Rümlang                      W&F, D-Großbettlingen                    KAISER SISTEMAS, E-L’ Arboc (Tarragona)   BARUFFALDI, I-San Donato Milanese (MI)
RENISHAW, GB-Gloucestershire              KELCH & LINKS, D-Schorndorf             WIDIA, D-Essen                           KELCH & LINKS, D-Schorndorf               BAZUS, E-Fonz (Huesca)
SCHUNK, D-Lauffen am Neckar               KEMMLER, D-Mössingen                    WITTE, D-Bleckede                        KESSLER, D-Bad Buchau                     BELKI, DK-Roedkaersbro
SICHUAN MACHINERY, VRC-Sichuan            KENNAMETAL, D-Fürth                     WNT DEUTSCHLAND, D-Kempten               KLINGELNBERG, D-Hückeswagen               BIAX - SCHMID & WEZEL, D-Maulbronn
SPERONI, I-Sostegno diSpessa Po/PV        KESEL, D-Kempten                        WTE PRÄZISIONSTECHNIK,                   KOMEG, D-Völklingen                       BIJUR, F-Courtaboeuf
TBT, D-Dettingen                          KIMU, E-Arenys De Munt                  D-Ehrenfriedersdorf                      KONICA MINOLTA, J-Osaka                   BILZ SCHWINGUNGSTECHNIK, D-Leonberg
TCM, A-Stainz                             KIPP, D-Sulz                            YG-1, ROK-Incheon                        KORDT, D-Eschweiler                       BISON-BIAL, PL-Bialystok
UNION TOOL, J-Tokyo                       KITAGAWA, J-Hiroshima                   ZHEJIANG SAN OU MACHINERY,               KROEPLIN, D-Schlüchtern                   BLÄSSINGER, D-Ostfildern
URMA, CH-Rupperswil                       KOHN, D-Rudersberg                      VRC-Zhejiang                             LAM PLAN, F-Gaillard                      BÖNI, CH-Feldbach
ZOLLER, D-Freiberg am Neckar              KOMTAS, TR-Selcuklu/Konya               ZHENG ZHOU MACHINERY, VRC-Shandong       LAMTECH, D-Stuttgart                      BOSCH REXROTH, D-Lohr am Main
                                          KÖNIG MTM, D-Wertheim                   ZOLLER, D-Freiberg am Neckar             LAPMASTER, GB-Devon                       BOSS JOHS., D-Albstadt
                                          KORLOY, ROK-Seoul                       ZÜRN, D-Dusslingen                       LEITZ, D-Wetzlar                          BOST, E-Asteasu (Gipuzkoa)
                                          KOSTYRKA, D-Stuttgart                                                            LIPPOLIS, I-Rescaldina (Mi)               BOTTELLI, I-Menzago di Sumirago (VA)
WORKHOLDING                               LAIP, E-Abadiano (Bizkaia)                                                       LISTA, CH-Erlen                           BREUNING, D-Steinenbronn
                                          LEADER CHUCK, GB-Birmingham                                                      LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                     BRINKMANN, D-Detmold
ABBOTT, USA-Manhattan, KS                 LEAVE, RC-Tao-Yuan City                 MEASURING, TESTING AND                   M + H, D-Waldburg                         BRINKMANN PUMPS, D-Werdohl
AKE KNEBEL, D-Balingen                    LLAMBRICH, E-Hospitalet de Ll.          QUALITY CONTROL                          MAHR, D-Göttingen                         C + M ROGERS / INFILTRA,
ALBRECHT, D-Wernau                        LMT, D-Oberkochen                                                                MANIGLEY, CH-Sutz                         GB-Flore Northampton
ALLMATIC-JAKOB, D-Unterthingau            LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                   ABRO BALANCING, IND-New Delhi            MARPOSS, I-Bentivoglio (BO)               CAPELLINI, I-Gariga Di Podenzano (PC)
ANGST, CH-Oberdürnten                     MAG SYSTEMS, I-Abbiategrasso (Mi)       ACU-RITE, USA-Jamestown, N.Y.            MESSWELK, D-Kleinostheim                  CHING HSIANG, RC-Taipei
ARLA, D-Wipperfürth                       MAIER, ANDREAS, D-Fellbach              ADDISON, GB-Preston, Lancashire          METRIS, B-Leuven                          CLEVELAND, D-Löffingen
ARNO-WERKZEUGE, D-Ostfildern              MAPAL, D-Aalen                          AEROEL, I-Pradamano (UD)                 MHC, VRC-Qingdao                          CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen
AUTOBLOK, I-Caprie (TO)                   MARIANI, I-Castelleone (Cr)             AICON, D-Braunschweig                    MIB, D-Spangenberg                        COLCHESTER, GB-West Yorkshire
BAHMÜLLER SPANNZEUGE,                     MARQUART, D-Reichenbach/Heuberg         AIR GAGE, USA-Livonia, MI                MICRO ABRASIVES,                          COLOMBO GIORDANO, I-Carate Brianza (Mi)
D-Plüderhausen                            MATCHLING TOOLING, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung   AIRLOC, CH-Küsnacht                      D-Leinfelden-Echterdingen                 COMAND, I-Credera (CR)
Page 12                                                                                                                                                                                      June 2005

CUCCHI, GIOVANNI, I-Bussero (MI)        KW-ABRICHTTECHNIK, D-Mainaschaff        TRAMEC, D-Gingen/Fils                     MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, J-Tokyo             MPM, D-Erlangen
CUCCHI, PIETRO, I-Bussero (MI)          LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                   TSUDAKOMA, J-Ishikawa                     MOLBRO, DK-Soro                          MSC.SOFTWARE, D-München
CYTEC, D-Jülich                         LAZZATI, I-Rescaldina (MI)              UCAM, IND-Bangalore                       MSC TUTTLINGEN, D-Tuttlingen             MTS, D-Berlin
DABROWSKA, PL-Dabrowa Gornicza          LEHMANN, CH-Bärau                       UKF, D-Berlin                             NC PROGRAMMIERTECHNIK, D-Donzdorf        NC PROGRAMMIERTECHNIK, D-Donzdorf
DEHAN, VRC-Qingdao                      LIDKÖPING, S-Lidköping                  UMBRA CUSCINETTI, I-Foligno PG            NEWALL, GB-Leicester                     NOAX, D-Ebersberg
DELIMON, D-Düsseldorf                   LNS, CH-Orvin                           V.C.S., I-Almenno S.Bartolomeo/BG         NOAX, D-Ebersberg                        NORDMANN, D-Hürth
DELTA, I-Cazzago S. Martino (Bs)        LOCKWOOD, USA-Lake Oswego, OR           VERTEX, RC-Feng Yuan, Taichung Hsien      NORDMANN, D-Hürth                        NUM, F-Colombes Cedex
DEUBLIN, D-Hofheim                      LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                   VOGEL, D-Berlin                           NSK, J-Tokyo                             OMATIVE, IL-Jerusalem
DI CHUN, RC-Taichung, Taiwan            MADAULA, E-Sant Fost (Barcelona)        VOITH TURBO, D-Heidenheim                 NUM, F-Colombes Cedex                    ONECNC, D-Lage
DIEBOLD, D-Jungingen                    MAG SYSTEMS, I-Abbiategrasso (Mi)       VOITH TURBO H+L, D-Rutesheim              OMATIVE, IL-Jerusalem                    OPEN MIND, D-Weßling
DIVIPREC, E-Berriz-Vizcaya              MAHR, D-Göttingen                       WALTER, GOTTHILF, D-Mühlacker             PFLITSCH, D-Hückeswagen                  OPUS, D-Kirchheim u. Teck
DIXIMACHINES, CH-Le Locle               MAIER, ANDREAS, D-Fellbach              WANNER, GB-Hants                          PROMETEC, D-Aachen                       PATHTRACE, GB-Reading/Berkshire
DOALL EUROPA, NL-Dordrecht              MANDREL, FIN-Tampere                    WASSER, D-Troisdorf-Spich                 REDEX, F-Ferrieres                       PCAM BY PEYER, CH-Contone
DUFIEUX INDUSTRIE, F-Echirolles         MANNESMANN A., D-Remscheid              WEICON, D-Münster                         REIS ROBOTICS, D-Obernburg               PROMETEC, D-Aachen
DUPLOMATIC, I-Legnano (MI)              MARQUART, D-Reichenbach/Heuberg         WEISS, D-Schweinfurt                      RENISHAW, GB-Gloucestershire             PWB, CH-Brig
E+A ELEKTROMASCHINEN, CH-Möhlin         MATCHLING TOOLING, RC-Ta-Ya, Taichung   WEMA, D-Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock          REPAR 2, I-Rescaldina (Mi)               QUINX, CH-Zetzwil
ECONOMOS, D-Bietigheim-Bissingen        MAYR, D-Mauerstetten                    WITTENSTEIN MOTION CONTROL,               RITTAL, D-Herborn                        REMMERT, D-Löhne
EGANA, E-San Sebastian                  MEYRAT, CH-Biel                         D-Igersheim                               RODRIGUEZ, D-Eschweiler                  RENISHAW, GB-Gloucestershire
EIMELDINGEN, D-Efringen-Kirchen         MHC, VRC-Qingdao                        WMZ, D-Schwalmstadt                       ROLLON, D-Ratingen                       RIGIBORE, GB-Hayle Cornwall
EITEC, D-Eching                         MICROPLAN, I-Varallo Sesia (VC)         WOERNER, D-Wertheim                       SAET, I-Leini (TO)                       ROSCHIWAL + PARTNER, D-Augsburg
EL.MORE, I-Sesto S. Giovanni (Mi)       MIKSCH, D-Göppingen                     WOLF, D-Brackenheim                       SCHMITT, GB-Coventry                     RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen
EMISSA, CH-Le Locle                     MOLBRO, DK-Soro                         XUBI, E-Azkoitia                          SCHNEEBERGER, D-Höfen an der Enz         SAAZOR-WÄLZTECHNIK, D-Pforzheim
EMT, TR-Ostim - Ankara                  MÖLLER WERKE, D-Bielefeld               YEA-CHING, RC-Hsin Chuang Taipei          SCHNEEBERGER, W., CH-Roggwil             SAMTECH, B-Liège
ETEL, CH-Môtiers                        MOLLIFICIO BORDIGNON,                   YINSH, RC-Taichung                        SELCA, I-Ivrea (TO)                      SANDVIK COROMANT, S-Sandviken
EVEC, E-Berriz (Bizkaia)                I-Rossano Veneto (Vi)                   Z & Y TOOL SUPPLY, VRC-Qingdao            SERVAX - LANDERT, CH-Bülach              SARIX, CH-Losone
EVERTZ, D-Solingen                      MORSE, USA-Canton, OH                   ZF FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, D-Friedrichshafen     SIEB & MEYER, D-Lüneburg                 SCHOTT SYSTEME, D-Gilching
EXACT MACHINERY, RC-Fengyuan City       MÜLLER CO-AX, D-Forchtenberg            ZHENG ZHOU MACHINERY, VRC-Shandong        SIEMENS, D-Erlangen                      SCHUMACHER, D-Remscheid
FAG KUGELFISCHER, D-Schweinfurt         MW HYDRAULIK, D-Kahl am Main            ZMM-BULGARIA, BG-Sofia                    SKF LINEARSYSTEME, D-Schweinfurt         SESCOI, D-Neu-Isenburg
FEHLMANN, CH-Seon                       NABTESCO, J-Tokyo                                                                 SONY, J-Saintana                         S.I. ENGINEERING, I-Bra (CN)
FEINMESS DRESDEN, D-Dresden             NANN, D-Böttingen                                                                 STEINMEYER, D-Albstadt                   SIEMENS, D-Erlangen
FENWICK, IND-Bangalore                  NIKKEN KOSAKUSHO, J-Osaka-fu                                                      STROJÍRNA TYC, CZ-M‡to                   SOLIDCAM, D-Schramberg
FE-OL, I-Canelli (AT)                   NIPPON THOMPSON, J-Tokyo                INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, CONTROL           TEKNIC, IND-Bangalore                    SPERONI, I-Sostegno diSpessa Po/PV
FERTIGUNGSTECHNIK WEISSENFELS,          NIVELL, CH-Bremgarten                   AND DRIVE SYSTEMS                         THK, J-Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo               STARRAGHECKERT, CH-Rorschacherberg
D-Weissenfels                           NORELEM, D-Markgröningen                                                          TOX PRESSOTECHNIK, D-Weingarten          SURFCAM, USA-Westlake Village, CA
FIBRO, D-Weinsberg                      NSK, J-Tokyo                            ACU-RITE, USA-Jamestown, N.Y.             VHF CAMFACTURE, D-Ammerbuch              SYSTEM 3R, S-Vällingby
FIDIA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)        NSK NAKANISHI, J-Tochigi-ken            AERNOVA, I-Roletto (TO)                   VOGEL, D-Berlin                          SYSTEMTECHNIK, D-Wendeburg
FIEGE, D-Kleinwallstadt                 NTN WÄLZLAGER EUROPA, D-Erkrath         AFFOLTER, CH-Malleray                     WAGNER MAGNETE, D-Heimertingen           TDM SYSTEMS, D-Tübingen
FISCHER, CH-Herzogenbuchsee             OK-VISE, FIN-Muurame                    ALPHA GETRIEBE, D-Igersheim               WEISS, D-Schweinfurt                     TEBIS, D-Martinsried/München
FIXATORENBAU, D-Leverkusen              OMLAT, I-Ceresole d’Alba (CN)           AMK ARNOLD MÜLLER, D-Kirchheim/Teck       WITTENSTEIN MOTION CONTROL,              TECNOCUT, I-Calusco d’Adda (BG)
FMB, D-Faulbach                         OMPI, I-Carate Br. (MI)                 AMO, A-Braunau/Inn                        D-Igersheim                              TECNOMATIX, D-Neu-Isenburg
FORKARDT, D-Erkrath                     ORTLIEB, D-Kirchheim                    ANDRON, D-Wasserburg/B                    WOERNER, D-Wertheim                      TEKSOFT, USA-Scottsdale, AZ
FRAMAG, A-Frankenburg                   OTT-JAKOB, D-Lengenwang                 ARNOLD, D-Obertshausen                    WYLER, CH-Winterthur                     THIRD WAVE SYSTEMS,
FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPT, D-Aachen     PAMA, I-Rovereto (TN)                   ARTIS, D-Bispingen-Behringen              ZHENG ZHOU MACHINERY, VRC-Shandong       USA-Minneapolis, MN
FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz   PARFAITE, RC-Taiwan County, Taiwan      BALANCE SYSTEMS,                          ZMM-BULGARIA, BG-Sofia                   TORNOS, CH-Moutier
FUJI JIKOH, RC-Taichung                 PARKSON WU, RC-Taichung County          I-Pessano con Bornago (MI)                                                         TRACTO-TECHNIK, D-Lennestadt
GAMET, GB-Colchester, Essex             PASCAL, F-Cergy-Pontoise                BALLUFF, D-Neuhausen                                                               TRAUB, D-Reichenbach
GAMFIOR, I-Torino (TO)                  P.E.I., I-Calderara di Reno (BO)        BARKSDALE, D-Reichelsheim                                                          TVB, D-Murnau am Staffelsee
GAT, D-Wiesbaden                        PEISELER, D-Remscheid                   BECKHOFF, D-Verl                          COMPUTERS AND SOFTWARE                   VERO INTERNATIONAL, GB-Stroud, Glos.
GERB, D-Essen                           PIBOMULTI, CH-Le Locle                  BEMA, D-Keltern - Ellmendingen                                                     VHF CAMFACTURE, D-Ammerbuch
GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)               PLASEL DEUTSCHLAND, D-Düsseldorf        BLÄSSINGER, D-Ostfildern                  ALPHA GETRIEBE, D-Igersheim              WITTENSTEIN MOTION CONTROL,
GHIRINGHELLI BRESSO, I-Bresso (Mi)      PMI, RC-Taichung Hsien                  BLUM-NOVOTEST, D-Ravensburg               ANDRON, D-Wasserburg/B                   D-Igersheim
GIFU, RC-Taichung Hsien                 PRECISE, D-Leichlingen                  BOSCH REXROTH, D-Lohr am Main             ARTIS, D-Bispingen-Behringen             WOLF GRUPPE, D-Bruchmühlbach
GIRARD TRANSMISSIONS, F-Billere Cedex   REDEX, F-Ferrieres                      BRANKAMP, D-Erkrath                       BALLUFF, D-Neuhausen                     WYLER, CH-Winterthur
GMN PAUL MÜLLER, D-Nürnberg             REPAR 2, I-Rescaldina (Mi)              BRISTOL, D-Dombühl/Mittelfranken          BECKHOFF, D-Verl                         YAMAZAKI MAZAK, J-Aichi Pref
GOIZPER, E-Antzuola (Guipúzcoa)         RIX, J-Kasuya-Gun Fukuoka               CERNOCH LIGHTING, CZ-PRAHA - Kolodeje     BEMET, NL-Veenendaal                     ZOLLER, D-Freiberg am Neckar
GOLDEN SUN, RC-Feng-Yuan, Taichung      ROBOWORKER, D-Weingarten                CHIAO SHENG, RC-Tainan Hsien              BLUM-NOVOTEST, D-Ravensburg              4U, D-Landsberg
GPA ITALIANA, I-Lomazzo (CO)            RODRIGUEZ, D-Eschweiler                 COLOMBO GIORDANO, I-Carate Brianza (Mi)   BOCK & HEITBREDER, D-Bielefeld
GRAVOSTAR, CH-Zuzwil                    ROLLON, D-Ratingen                      COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                  BÖHLER, A-Kapfenberg
GRUNDFOS, D-Erkrath                     RÖMHELD, D-Laubach                      CONOPTICA, N-Klaebu                       BRANKAMP, D-Erkrath
GÜDEL, D-Altenstadt                     ROSE PLASTIC, D-Hergensweiler/Lindau    COSCOM, D-Ebersberg                       BYSTRONIC LASER, CH-Niederönz            DESINA – DISTRIBUTED, STANDARDISED
GÜDEL, CH-Langenthal                    ROTOMORS, I-Grugliasco (TO)             CTL, TR-Istanbul                          CAJHEN, SLO-Lasko                        INSTALLATION TECHNOLOGY FOR
GÜRKAN, TR-Istanbul                     ROTTLER, D-Mudersbach                   CYTEC, D-Jülich                           CAMTEK, D-Remshalden-Geradstetten        MACHINE TOOLS
HAAG + ZEISSLER, D-Hanau                RÜCKLE WERKZEUGFABRIK,                  D. ELECTRON, I-Firenze (Fi)               C.B. FERRARI, I-Mornago (VA)
HAAS AUTOMATION, USA-Oxnard CA          D-Römerstein-Böhringen                  DALLAN, I-Castelfranco Veneto Tv          CENTRIFORCE, D-Paderborn                 BALLUF, D-Neuhausen
HAGEN & GOEBEL, D-Soest                 RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen               DIETHEI, D-Bopfingen                      CGTECH, D-Köln                           BOSCH REXROTH, D-Lohr am Main
HALDER, D-Achstetten-Bronnen            R+W, D-Klingenberg                      DITTEL, D-Landsberg/Lech                  COMARA, D-St. Georgen i.Schw.            BRINKMANN PUMPEN, D-Werdohl
HARMONIC DRIVE, D-Limburg/Lahn          SACEMI, I-Noventa die Piave (VE)        DUFIEUX INDUSTRIE, F-Echirolles           COSCOM, D-Ebersberg                      DESINA - VDW, D-Frankfurt
HAWE HYDRAULIK, D-München               SACO, I-Castellone (CR)                 E+A ELEKTROMASCHINEN, CH-Möhlin           DATOS, CH-Zürich                         FLUID TEAM, D-Konstanz
HCR CREMER, D-Mönchengladbach           SAFEWAY, RC-Wu Chi, Taichung            ECKELMANN, D-Wiesbaden                    DCAM, D-Berlin                           G.C.E., I-Pozzo d’Adda (MI)
HEMA, D-Seligenstadt                    SAIM, E-Zaragoza                        ECS, I-Calenzano(Fi)                      DEA, I-Grugliasco (To)                   GRUNDFOS, D-Erkrath
HEMO, CH-Kriens                         SAINT-GOBAIN, USA-East Granby, CT       EKD GELENKROHR, D-Erkrath                 DELCAM PLC, GB-Birmingham                HARTING, D-Minden
HENNIG, D-Kirchheim                     SANDVIK COROMANT, S-Sandviken           ELBO CONTROLLI, I-Meda (MI)               DIAMETAL, CH-Biel                        HYDAC FILTERTECHNIK, D-Sulzbach/Saar
HENNINGER PRÄZISION, D-Straubenhardt    SANKYO SEISAKUSHO, J-Kita-ku, Tokyo     ELGO-ELECTRIC, D-Rielasingen              DLOG, D-Olching                          ILME, D-Wiehl
HESTEGO, CZ-Brno                        SASSATELLI, I-Pianoro (Bo)              EMA INDUTEC, D-Meckesheim                 DMG MICROSET, D-Bielefeld                KNORR TEC, D-Beratzhausen
HIRSCHMANN, D-Fluorn-Winzeln            SAUTER, D-Metzingen                     EMB WITTLICH, D-Laufeld                   ECKELMANN, D-Wiesbaden                   MONETTE, D-Marburg
HIWIN, D-Offenburg                      SAV, D-Nürnberg                         EMCO MAIER, A-Hallein                     ECS, I-Calenzano (Fi)                    MURRELEKTRONIK, D-Oppenweiler
HOFMANN MESS- U. TEILTECHNIK,           SCHAUBLIN, CH-Delémont                  ETEL, CH-Môtiers                          ELBO CONTROLLI, I-Meda (MI)              NEXANS, D-Nürnberg
D-Grosselfingen                         SCHIMPKE, D-Haan                        EUCHNER, D-Leinfelden-Echterdingen        EMCO MAIER, A-Hallein                    SIEMENS, D-Nürnberg
HOHENSTEIN, D-Hohenstein-Ernstthal      SCHMALENBERGER, D-Tübingen-Weilheim     FAGOR AUTOMATION, E-Mondragón             EROWA, CH-Büron                          VOGEL, D-Berlin
HOMGE, RC-Ta Ya Shian, Taichung         SCHNEEBERGER, D-Höfen an der Enz        FANUC, J-Yamanashi Prefecture             ESCO, D-Aachen
HORKOS, J-Hiroshima                     SCHNEEBERGER, W., CH-Roggwil            FARO, D-Stuttgart                         ESPRIT BY DP TECHNOLOGY,
HYDAC, D-Sulzbach/Saar                  SDMEC, VRC-Qingdao                      FEINMESS DRESDEN, D-Dresden               USA-Camarillo, CA
HYDROKOMP, D-Gemünden-Felda             SEMA, A-Traunkirchen                    FIDIA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)          ETAMIC, F-Bayeux Cedex                   MATERIALS
HYPROSTATIK, D-Göppingen                SEMPUCO, D-Greiz                        FISCHER, CH-Herzogenbuchsee               EXAPT, D-Aachen
IBAG, CH-Lindau                         SERVOPRESS, D-Cleebronn                 FKB, D-Oberndorf                          FANUC, J-Yamanashi Prefecture            AF MICRO DRILL, D-Kulmbach
IBC WÄLZLAGER, D-Solms-Oberbiel         SHANDONG LUNAN,                         FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPT, D-Aachen       FARO, D-Stuttgart                        AFC, D-Mainleus
IDAM, D-Suhl                            VRC-Tengzhou Shandong                   FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz     FASTEMS, FIN-Tampere                     ATC ARMOLOY TECHNOLOGY COATINGS,
IEMCA, I-Faenza (RA)                    SHINHAN, ROK-Namdong-Gu, Incheon        FRAUNHOFER - TEG, D-Stuttgart             FAUSER, D-Gilching                       D-Mosbach
IGUS, D-Köln                            SHOBHA, IND-New Delhi                   GAMFIOR, I-Torino (TO)                    FETTE, D-Schwarzenbek                    BAOSHAN IRON & STEEL, VRC-Shanghai
IMOBERDORF, CH-Oensingen                SHUTON, E-Legutiano (Alava)             GAT, D-Wiesbaden                          FIDIA, I-San Mauro Torinese (TO)         CEMECON, D-Würselen
INA-SCHAEFFLER, D-Herzogenaurach        SICHUAN MACHINERY, VRC-Sichuan          GE FANUC, L-Echternach                    FISCHER, CH-Herzogenbuchsee              DIJET, J-Osaka
INNOTOOL-AUSTRIA, A-Altach              SKF, D-Schweinfurt                      GIBBS, USA-Moorpark, CA                   FRAMAG, A-Frankenburg                    EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau
INTERLIT, D-Köln                        SKF LINEARSYSTEME, D-Schweinfurt        GIVI MISURE, I-Nova Milanese (MI)         FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IFF, D-Magdeburg   EIFELER WERKZEUGE, D-Düsseldorf
IRCO, D-Steinenbronn                    SMP, F-Bron                             GRESSEL, CH-Aadorf                        FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPT, D-Aachen      ERASTEEL, F-Paris Cedex
IRUDEX, E-Deba (Guipúzcoa)              SMS, D-Albstadt                         GÜDEL, D-Altenstadt                       FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz    EXTRAMET, CH-Plaffeien
JAUCH & SCHMIDER, D-Villingendorf       SNFA, F-Ivry Sur Seine Cedex            GÜDEL, CH-Langenthal                      FRAUNHOFER - TEG, D-Stuttgart            FRAMAG, A-Frankenburg
JFA, D-Aschaffenburg                    SN-SPINDELTECHNIK, D-Döbeln             HARMONIC DRIVE, D-Limburg/Lahn            FUNCTIONBAY, D-München                   FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPK, D-Berlin
JOHNSON, D-Langenfeld                   SOMEX, F-Ensisheim                      HEIDENHAIN, D-Traunreut                   GBO DATACOMP, D-Augsburg                 FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IST,
JUARISTI, E-Azkoitia (Gipuzkoa)         SOPAM, F-Linas-Montlhery                HIWIN, D-Offenburg                        GE FANUC, L-Echternach                   D-Braunschweig
KABELSCHLEPP, D-Siegen                  SOWA, VRC-Guangzhou                     HÜTTINGER, D-Freiburg                     GEOVISION, D-Odelzhausen/Wagenhofen      FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz
KAMMERER, D-Hornberg-Niederwasser       SPIRSIN, E-Urnieta (Guipuzcoa)          HYDAC, D-Sulzbach/Saar                    GIBBS, USA-Moorpark, CA                  HASCELIK, TR-Istanbul
KAVO, D-Leutkirch im Allgäu             SPL, D-Ebersbach/OT Neudorf             HYPROSTATIK, D-Göppingen                  GNT, D-Kirchheim                         HAUCK, D-Remscheid
KESSLER, D-Bad Buchau                   STEINMEYER, D-Albstadt                  IDAM, D-Suhl                              HEIDENHAIN, D-Traunreut                  HAUZER TECHNO COATING, NL-Venlo
KETTERER, D-Bad Dürrheim                STEP-TEC, CH-Luterbach                  IFM, D-Essen                              HSI, D-Erfurt                            IHLE, D-Königsbach-Stein
KEYARROW, RC-Taichung                   STROHM, D-Stuttgart                     IGUS, D-Köln                              INDEX, D-Esslingen                       IONBOND, CH-Olten
KINTEK, I-Leini (TO)                    SYSTEM 3R, S-Vällingby                  I-MES, D-Eiterfeld                        KASTO, D-Achern                          KONRAD FRIEDRICHS, D-Kulmbach
KITAGAWA, J-Hiroshima                   TANSHING, RC-Tantzu, Taichung           INDUNORM BEWEGUNG, D-Duisburg             KELLER, R. & S., D-Wuppertal             METAPLAS IONON, D-Bergisch Gladbach
KLOPP, D-Solingen                       TEAP, I-Gordona (SO)                    ISKRA, SLO-Sentvid pri Sticni             LANTEK, E-Minano (Alava)                 MICROPLAN, I-Varallo Sesia (VC)
KMT, D-Bad Nauheim                      TECNIFUELLE, E-Deba (Guipuzcoa)         KABELSCHLEPP, D-Siegen                    LICOM, D-Herzogenrath                    MOLBRO, DK-Soro
KNOLL, D-Bad Saulgau                    TECNOCUT, I-Calusco d’Adda (BG)         KAVO, D-Leutkirch im Allgäu               LISTA, CH-Erlen                          NORELEM, D-Markgröningen
KOMTAS, TR-Selcuklu/Konya               TEDISA, E-Berriz/Vizcaya                KESSLER, D-Bad Buchau                     M + H, D-Waldburg                        RAJASTHAN UDYOG, IND-Jodhpur
KORTA, E-Zumaia (Guipuzcoa)             THK, J-Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo              KETTERER, D-Bad Dürrheim                  MACHINEWORKS, GB-Sheffield               RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen
KOSTYRKA, D-Stuttgart                   TIMKEN, F-Colmar                        MARPOSS, I-Bentivoglio (BO)               MASTERCAM, D-Bad Lippspringe             SAINT-GOBAIN, USA-East Granby, CT
KTR, D-Rheine                           TOGNELLA, I-Soma Lombardo               MARQUART, D-Reichenbach/Heuberg           MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München          SANDVIK HARD MATERIALS, GB-Coventry
KULICKOVE SROUBY, CZ-Kurim              TORNOS, CH-Moutier                      MAYR, D-Mauerstetten                      MISSLER SOFTWARE, F-Evry                 SCHNEEBERGER, D-Höfen an der Enz
KUPA, A-Grambach/Graz                   TOX PRESSOTECHNIK, D-Weingarten         MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München           MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, J-Tokyo             SCHNEEBERGER, W., CH-Roggwil
June 2005                                                                                                                                                                                            Page 13

SDMEC, VRC-Qingdao                      AKO-FILTER, D-Flintbek                    AMC, IND-New Delhi                    TECNOMAGNETE, I-Lainate (MI)              FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IST,
SINTER SUD, I-Sant’ Agata de’ Goti BN   ALTRADE, CH-Zug                           ARLA, D-Wipperfürth                   TECNOMORS, I-SanMaurizio D’Opaglio/NO     D-Braunschweig
TOKAI, J-Tokyo                          ARBOGA-DARENTH, S-Arboga                  AUTOBLOK, I-Caprie (TO)               TORNOS, CH-Moutier                        FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IWU, D-Chemnitz
US SPECIAL TOOLS, D-Wipperfürth         ARNOLD, D-Obertshausen                    BALLUFF, D-Neuhausen                  TOX PRESSOTECHNIK, D-Weingarten           FRAUNHOFER GESELLSCHAFT, D-München
WEICON, D-Münster                       ARP, D-Alpirsbach                         BERG & CO. GMBH SPANNTECHNIK,         VISCHER + BOLLI, D-Lindau                 FUBRI, I-Vigano (LC)
WITTE, D-Bleckede                       ARTIS, D-Bispingen-Behringen              D-Bielefeld                           WIEDMANN, D-Deggingen                     GARDNER PUBLICATIONS,
WOLF GRUPPE, D-Bruchmühlbach            BÄR, D-Steisslingen                       BIAX - SCHMID & WEZEL, D-Maulbronn    WMZ, D-Schwalmstadt                       USA-Cincinnati, OH
WOLFRAMCARB, I-Castellamonte (TO)       BARTELS, D-Schenefeld                     BLÄSSINGER, D-Ostfildern              ZECHA, D-Königsbach-Stein                 GE FANUC, L-Echternach
YUANG HSIAN, RC-Chang Hua               BECKER FRIEDEWALD, D-Friedewald           BLOKSMA, D-Winnenden                  ZIMMER + KREIM, D-Brensbach               GEFA-LEASING, D-Wuppertal
ZDAS, CZ-Zdár nad Sázavou               BELKI, DK-Roedkaersbro                    BOSCH REXROTH, D-Lohr am Main                                                   GLEASON CUTTING TOOLS, USA-Loves Park
                                        BERUFSGENOSSENSCHAFTEN, D-Düsseldorf      BRANKAMP, D-Erkrath                                                             GLEASON WORKS, USA-Rochester, N.Y.
                                        BKW, D-Wolfschlugen                       BREUNING, D-Steinenbronn                                                        GLEASON-HURTH, D-München
                                        BLASER SWISSLUBE, CH-Hasle-Rüegsau        BUHLMANN, B-St-Stevens-Woluwe         AUTOMATION FOR STORAGE                    GLEASON-PFAUTER, D-Ludwigsburg
LUBRICATION AND COOLING                 BOSCH REXROTH, D-Lohr am Main             BULA, CH-Henniez                      AND TRANSPORTATION                        GÜHRING, D-Albstadt
                                        BRANKAMP, D-Erkrath                       C.B. FERRARI, I-Mornago (VA)                                                    HANSER VERLAG, D-München
ACCU-LUBE, D-Maulbronn-Schmie           BRISTOL, D-Dombühl/Mittelfranken          CHARMILLES TECHNOLOGIES,              ABBOTT, USA-Manhattan, KS                 HAUCK, D-Remscheid
AKO-FILTER, D-Flintbek                  BUCHEM, D-Wermelskirchen                  CH-Meyrin/Geneve                      ARBOGA-DARENTH, S-Arboga                  HAUZER TECHNO COATING, NL-Venlo
ARBOGA-DARENTH, S-Arboga                BÜRENER MASCHINEN, D-Büren                CMB AUTOMATION, D-Kirchheim/Teck      BARTELS, D-Schenefeld                     HCR CREMER, D-Mönchengladbach
A-RYUNG, ROK-Cheonnam                   C + M ROGERS / INFILTRA,                  CMT, I-Bologna (BO)                   BECKETT PLASTICS, GB-Sheffield            HENRICH PUBLIKATIONEN, D-Gilching
BÄR, D-Steisslingen                     GB-Flore Northampton                      COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)              BLOKSMA, D-Winnenden                      HOFMANN MASCHINEN U. ANLAGEN,
BARKSDALE, D-Reichelsheim               CFM-REITEK, D-Remagen                     DEA, I-Grugliasco (To)                EIMELDINGEN, D-Efringen-Kirchen           D-Worms
BEKA, D-Pegnitz                         CLEANMIST, I-Busto Arsizio (Va)           EIMELDINGEN, D-Efringen-Kirchen       EROWA, CH-Büron                           HOMMEL & KELLER, D-Aldingen
BIELOMATIK, D-Neuffen                   CORAL, I-Volpiano (To)                    EKIN, E-Amorebieta (Vizcaya)          FAMEPLA, D-Sauerlach                      HOMMELWERKE,
BIJUR, F-Courtaboeuf                    DEPURECO, I-Torino (TO)                   ELECTRONICA, IND-Pune                 FASTEMS, FIN-Tampere                      D-Villingen-Schwenningen
BKW, D-Wolfschlugen                     EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                      EROWA, CH-Büron                       FELSOMAT, D-Königsbach-Stein              HONSBERG, D-Remscheid
BLASER SWISSLUBE, CH-Hasle-Rüegsau      ERDWICH, D-Kaufering                      FAMI, I-Rosà (VI)                     FLAIG, D-Königsfeld                       HOT, D-Nürnberg
BRINKMANN PUMPS, D-Werdohl              EUCHNER, D-Leinfelden-Echterdingen        FANUC, J-Yamanashi Prefecture         FLEXLINK, D-Offenbach                     HWG INDUCTOHEAT, D-Reichenbach/Fils
BUCHEM, D-Wermelskirchen                FACET ITALIANA, I-Cafasse (To)            FANUC ROBOTICS, D-Neuhausen           GÜDEL, D-Altenstadt                       IFM, D-Essen
BÜRENER MASCHINEN, D-Büren              FE-OL, I-Canelli (AT)                     FASTEMS, FIN-Tampere                  GÜDEL, CH-Langenthal                      IKB LEASING, D-Hamburg
C + M ROGERS / INFILTRA,                FETZER, D-Reutlingen                      FELSOMAT, D-Königsbach-Stein          HÄNEL, D-Bad Friedrichshall               ILT, D-Ruppichteroth
GB-Flore Northampton                    FILCON, D-Ilsede                          FIBRO, D-Weinsberg                    HCR CREMER, D-Mönchengladbach             IONBOND, CH-Olten
CENLUB, IND-Faridabad                   FILTERMIST, GB-Shropshire                 FICEP, I-Gazzada Schianno (VA)        IMR MECHATRONIK, A-Velden                 IWB, D-Garching
DELIMON, D-Düsseldorf                   FOX, I-Azzano S. Paolo (Bg)               FLAIG, D-Königsfeld                   INNOTOOL-AUSTRIA, A-Altach                J. PUBLISHING, I-Milano
DEUBLIN, D-Hofheim                      FRIESS, D-Monheim                         FLEXLINK, D-Offenbach                 KABELSCHLEPP, D-Siegen                    JOHANSSON, S-Eskilstuna
DOALL EUROPA, NL-Dordrecht              GERB, D-Essen                             FMB, D-Faulbach                       KARDEX, D-Kronberg                        KELLER, R. & S., D-Wuppertal
DORMER ITALIA, I-Milano                 GPA ITALIANA, I-Lomazzo (CO)              FORKARDT, D-Erkrath                   KASTO, D-Achern                           KLOPP, D-Solingen
DREX PALLOTTI, I-Vimodrone (MI)         HALLER, D-Kirchlengern                    GEVA, I-Arcugnano (VI)                KÖBO, D-Wuppertal                         KONRADIN VERLAG,
DROPSA, I-Vimodrone (MI)                HANGSTERFER’S, USA-Mantua, NJ             GHIDINI, I-Lumezzane (Bs)             KUPA, A-Grambach/Graz                     D-Leinfelden-Echterdingen
EF COOLING, CH-Dällikon                 HASCON, I-Legnano (Mi)                    GPA ITALIANA, I-Lomazzo (CO)          LISSMAC, D-Bad Wurzach                    LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau
FACET ITALIANA, I-Cafasse (To)          HAWEMA, D-Trossingen                      GROB-WERKE, D-Mindelheim              LISTA, CH-Erlen                           L’AMMONITORE, I-Varese (VA)
FAG KUGELFISCHER, D-Schweinfurt         HCR CREMER, D-Mönchengladbach             GÜDEL, D-Altenstadt                   MAG SYSTEMS, I-Abbiategrasso (Mi)         LISTA, CH-Erlen
FAREN, I-Varedo (Mi)                    HEMA, D-Seligenstadt                      GÜDEL, CH-Langenthal                  MAYFRAN, D-Aachen                         LMT, D-Oberkochen
FE-OL, I-Canelli (AT)                   HENNIG, D-Kirchheim                       GÜTHLE, D-Ebersbach/Fils              MIKSCH, D-Göppingen                       LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)
FETZER, D-Reutlingen                    HESTEGO, CZ-Brno                          HAMUEL, D-Meeder                      PCAM BY PEYER, CH-Contone                 MATEC, D-Braunschweig
FUCHS EUROPE, D-Mannheim                HKS, D-Singen                             HCR CREMER, D-Mönchengladbach         PROMOT, A-Roitham                         MAUSER MASCHINENBAU,
GAMOR, E-Asteasu (Guipuzcoa)            HÖCKER, D-Hilter                          HEILIG, D-Heubach                     REMMERT, D-Löhne                          D-Oberndorf a. N.
GAT, D-Wiesbaden                        HOFFMANN APPARATE, D-Lengede              HEMA, D-Seligenstadt                  RILE, D-Deggendorf                        METAPLAS IONON, D-Bergisch Gladbach
GRUNDFOS, D-Erkrath                     HORKOS, J-Hiroshima                       HEMO, CH-Kriens                       ROBOWORKER, D-Weingarten                  MICRO TECHNICA TECHNOLOGIES,
HAAG + ZEISSLER, D-Hanau                HYDAC, D-Sulzbach/Saar                    HESTEGO, CZ-Brno                      ROTOMORS, I-Grugliasco (TO)               D-Kornwestheim
HANGSTERFER’S, USA-Mantua, NJ           H2O, D-Steinen                            HIRSCHMANN, D-Fluorn-Winzeln          RÜCKLE WERKZEUGFABRIK,                    MOLBRO, DK-Soro
HEBRO CHEMIE, D-Mönchengladbach         IAG, D-Netphen                            HIWIN, D-Offenburg                    D-Römerstein-Böhringen                    MÖLLER WERKE, D-Bielefeld
HKS, D-Singen                           IFT, D-Sprockhövel                        HOFMANN MASCHINEN U. ANLAGEN,         RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen                 MTS, D-Berlin
HOFFMANN APPARATE, D-Lengede            ILT, D-Ruppichteroth                      D-Worms                               SAV, D-Nürnberg                           NC-VERLAG -SCHLÜTERSCHE, D-Coburg
HORKOS, J-Hiroshima                     IRUDEX, E-Deba (Guipúzcoa)                IDAM, D-Suhl                          SCHINDLER, D-Bad Königshofen              NOVA AGORA, E-Molins de Rei (Barcelona)
HYDAC, D-Sulzbach/Saar                  KABELSCHLEPP, D-Siegen                    IEMCA, I-Faenza (RA)                  SCHUNK, D-Lauffen am Neckar               PASSAPONTI, I-Badia a Settimo (FI)
HYFRA, D-Krunkel                        KELLER LUFTTECHNIK, D-Kirchheim u. Teck   IMOBERDORF, CH-Oensingen              SECKLER, CH-Pieterlen                     PLANOLITH, D-Aschaffenburg
IAG, D-Netphen                          KEYARROW, RC-Taichung                     IMR MECHATRONIK, A-Velden             SYSTEM 3R, S-Vällingby                    PLATIT, CH-Grenchen
IFT, D-Sprockhövel                      KNOLL, D-Bad Saulgau                      INDUNORM BEWEGUNG, D-Duisburg         SYSTEMTECHNIK, D-Wendeburg                POCO GRAPHITE, USA-Decatur, Texas
ILC, I-Gorla Minore (VA)                KÖBO, D-Wuppertal                         INNOTOOL-AUSTRIA, A-Altach            VISCHER + BOLLI, D-Lindau                 PUBLITEC, I-Milano (MI)
INTERLIT, D-Köln                        LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                     IRCO, D-Steinenbronn                  WITTE, D-Bleckede                         PVT, D-Bensheim
JOHNSON, D-Langenfeld                   LANNER, D-Kippenheim                      JAUCH & SCHMIDER, D-Villingendorf                                               REED BUSINESS INFORMATION, I-Milano
KAYS, USA-Marshall, MO                  LEIBLEIN, D-Hardheim                      KEKEISEN, D-Laupheim                                                            RINGIER, HK-Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
KELCH & LINKS, D-Schorndorf             LIQUI, D-Engen                            KETTERER, D-Bad Dürrheim                                                        ROSCHIWAL + PARTNER, D-Augsburg
KLH, D-Bad Doberan                      LNS, CH-Orvin                             KOHN, D-Rudersberg                    SERVICES, PUBLICATIONS,                   S & J, RC-Taichung City
KLÜBER LUBRICATION, D-München           LOCKWOOD, USA-Lake Oswego, OR             KOSTYRKA, D-Stuttgart                 LEASING                                   SAACKE, D-Pforzheim
KNOLL, D-Bad Saulgau                    LOSMA, I-Curno (BG)                       KULLEN, D-Reutlingen                                                            SAAZOR-WÄLZTECHNIK, D-Pforzheim
LANNER, D-Kippenheim                    LTA LUFTTECHNIK, D-Nordrach               LACH-DIAMANT, D-Hanau                 AICON, D-Braunschweig                     SAIM, E-Zaragoza
LEIBLEIN, D-Hardheim                    LTF, I-Antegnate (BG)                     LASCO, D-Coburg                       AIRLOC, CH-Küsnacht                       SAMPUTENSILI, D-Chemnitz
LENOX, NL-Helmond                       MANN + HUMMEL, D-Speyer                   LISSMAC, D-Bad Wurzach                AJANS MIK, TR-Okmeydani-Istanbul          SAMPUTENSILI, I-Bologna (BO)
LIQUI, D-Engen                          MAYFRAN, D-Aachen                         LISTA, CH-Erlen                       ARTIS, D-Bispingen-Behringen              SAMTECH, B-Liège
LOCKWOOD, USA-Lake Oswego, OR           MKR, D-Monheim                            MAIER, ANDREAS, D-Fellbach            ASIA-PACIFIC MAGAZINE, RC-Taichung City   SCHENCK ROTEC, D-Darmstadt
LOSMA, I-Curno (BG)                     MÖLLER WERKE, D-Bielefeld                 MAKINO, D-Hamburg                     ATC ARMOLOY TECHNOLOGY COATINGS,          SCHMITT, GB-Coventry
LUBRIQUIP, USA-Cleveland, Ohio          NIVELL, CH-Bremgarten                     MARPOSS, I-Bentivoglio (BO)           D-Mosbach                                 SCHRÖDER INDUSTRIEÖFEN, D-Flörsheim
MANDREL, FIN-Tampere                    NOVOTEC, NL-Reuver                        MARQUART, D-Reichenbach/Heuberg       ATEC, D-Laubach                           SECO TOOLS, S-Fagersta
MAYFRAN, D-Aachen                       NOVOTECNIC, E-Sta. Perpetua de Mogoda     MEPSA, E-Artes                        BALZERS, D-Bingen                         SG EQUIPMENT FINANCE, D-Wuppertal
MKR, D-Monheim                          PADBERG, D-Lahr                           MICROTAP, D-Taufkirchen/München       BARCLAYS INDUSTRIE LEASING, D-Frankfurt   SIEMENS, D-Erlangen
MOTOREX, CH-Langenthal                  P.E.I., I-Calderara di Reno (BO)          MIDACO, USA-Elk Grove Village, IL     BEMET, NL-Veenendaal                      SKF, D-Schweinfurt
MÜLLER CO-AX, D-Forchtenberg            POLO FILTER, D-Achim                      MIKSCH, D-Göppingen                   BERUFSGENOSSENSCHAFTEN, D-Düsseldorf      SMERAL, CZ-Brno
NOGA, IL-Shlomi                         PRÄZI-FLACHSTAHL, D-Everswinkel           MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, J-Tokyo          BLASER SWISSLUBE, CH-Hasle-Rüegsau        SPALECK, D-Bocholt
NORELEM, D-Markgröningen                PRIMATEC, D-Dörth                         MÖSSNER, D-Eschach                    BOEHRINGER, D-Göppingen                   STARRAGHECKERT, CH-Rorschacherberg
NOVOTECNIC, E-Sta. Perpetua de Mogoda   PROMATEC, F-Scientrier                    NC-AUTOMATION, D-Kempten              BOEHRINGER MASCHINEN, D-Stuttgart         STEREMAT ELEKTROWÄRME, D-Berlin
NSK, J-Tokyo                            PROMETEC, D-Aachen                        NSK, J-Tokyo                          BOSCH REXROTH, D-Lohr am Main             SÜD LEASING, D-Stuttgart
OTT-JAKOB, D-Lengenwang                 RENTSCHLER REVEN, D-Sersheim              PAATZ, D-Viernau                      C & M TOPLINE, USA-Goleta, CA             SYSTEM 3R, S-Vällingby
PADBERG, D-Lahr                         REPAR 2, I-Rescaldina (Mi)                PASCAL, F-Cergy-Pontoise              CEMECON, D-Würselen                       TAIWAN TECHNOLOGY, RC-Taichung City
PETROFER, D-Hildesheim                  RINGLER, D-Waldstetten                    PCAM BY PEYER, CH-Contone             CHINA ECONOMIC NEWS, RC-Taipei            TCM, A-Stainz
POLO FILTER, D-Achim                    RÖSLER, D-Bad Staffelstein                PRAGATI, IND-Bangalore                CNC-TECHNIK RÜTHEN, D-Rüthen              TECNICHE NUOVE, I-Milano
PRIMATEC, D-Dörth                       RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen                 PROMOT, A-Roitham                     COMAU, I-Grugliasco (TO)                  THIRD WAVE SYSTEMS,
RE-BO REBER, D-Bopfingen-Oberdorf       RUF BRIKETTIERPRESSEN, D-Zaisertshofen    PWB, CH-Brig                          CUMDI, I-Curnardo (VA)                    USA-Minneapolis, MN
RENTSCHLER REVEN, D-Sersheim            RUWAC, D-Melle                            REICHENBACHER HAMUEL,                 DABROWSKA, PL-Dabrowa Gornicza            TORNOS, CH-Moutier
RITTAL, D-Herborn                       SCHICKERT, D-Fellbach                     D-Dörfles-Esbach                      DATHAN, GB-Holmfirth, West Yorkshire      TOTAL DEUTSCHLAND, D-Osnabrück
SCHIMPKE, D-Haan                        SERVAX - LANDERT, CH-Bülach               REIDEN TECHNIK, CH-Reiden             DEA, I-Grugliasco (To)                    UKF, D-Berlin
SCHMALENBERGER, D-Tübingen-Weilheim     SPALECK, D-Bocholt                        REIS ROBOTICS, D-Obernburg            DEUTSCHE LEASING, D-Bad Homburg v.d.H.    VDMA, D-Frankfurt
STEIDLE, D-Leverkusen                   STEIMEL, D-Hennef                         RILE, D-Deggendorf                    DIAMETAL, CH-Biel                         VERLAG MODERNE INDUSTRIE,
SUNNEN, USA-St. Louis, MO               T & A, D-Ettenheim - Altdorf              ROBOWORKER, D-Weingarten              DIBO-TECH, D-Metzingen                    D-Landsberg
SUNNEN, CH-Ennetaach-Erlen              TECNIMETAL, I-S.Giovanni in Croce (CR)    RÖHM, D-Sontheim                      DIN, D-Berlin                             VNU BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS ITALIA,
TAPMATIC - TIC, CH-Kriessern            TOTAL DEUTSCHLAND, D-Osnabrück            ROTOMORS, I-Grugliasco (TO)           DMG GEBRAUCHTMASCHINEN,                   I-Cinisello Balsamo (Mi)
TARMOND, TR-Kocaeli                     TRANSOR, D-Usingen                        RÜCKLE WERKZEUGFABRIK,                D-Geretsried                              VOGEL INDUSTRIE MEDIEN, D-Würzburg
TOTAL DEUTSCHLAND, D-Osnabrück          TURBO-SEPARATOR, CH-Lichtensteig          D-Römerstein-Böhringen                EFD, D-Freiburg                           VOGTLAND, D-Plauen
TRANSOR, D-Usingen                      VORTEC, NL-AB Lochem                      RUD-KETTENFABRIK, D-Aalen             EGW, D-Ehingen-Donau                      VORTEC, NL-AB Lochem
TURBO-SEPARATOR, CH-Lichtensteig        WAGNER MAGNETE, D-Heimertingen            SANKYO SEISAKUSHO, J-Kita-ku, Tokyo   EIFELER WERKZEUGE, D-Düsseldorf           VR-LEASING, D-Eschborn
VOGEL, D-Berlin                         WALKER BRAILLON, F-Montmelian             SAV, D-Nürnberg                       EMAG, D-Salach                            WALTER, D-Tübingen
VOITH TURBO, D-Heidenheim               WALTHER TROWAL, D-Haan                    SCHINDLER, D-Bad Königshofen          EUROPEAN TOOL & MOULD, D-Wiesbaden        WEISS, D-Schweinfurt
VORTEC, NL-AB Lochem                    WEMA, D-Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock          SCHUNK, D-Lauffen am Neckar           EUROTEC, CH-Genève                        WOLF GRUPPE, D-Bruchmühlbach
WEICON, D-Münster                       WESTFALIA SEPARATOR, D-Oelde              SECKLER, CH-Pieterlen                 EUROTRANSFAIR, D-Heimsheim                ZETT MESS, D-Sankt Augustin
WESTFALIA SEPARATOR, D-Oelde            3NINE, S-Nacha Strand                     SIDEPALSA, E-Izurza (Vizcaya)         EVANS & PRICE, GB-Tamworth, Staffordsh.
WEXTEN, RC-Taiping Taichung                                                       SINTECO, I-Longarone (BL)             EVERTZ, D-Solingen                                              Edition: 4 May 2005
WOERNER, D-Wertheim                                                               SMP, F-Bron                           EXAPT, D-Aachen
ZIPPEL, D-Neutraubling                                                            SPALECK, D-Bocholt                    FANUC, J-Yamanashi Prefecture
                                        ASSEMBLY,                                 SPERONI, I-Sostegno diSpessa Po/PV    FARO, D-Stuttgart                         For our permanently up-dated
                                        INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS                         STARRAGHECKERT, CH-Rorschacherberg    FAUSER, D-Gilching                        list of exhibitors please visit
                                                                                  STÄUBLI TEC-SYSTEMS, D-Bayreuth       FETTE, D-Schwarzenbek           
EQUIPMENT FOR WASTE DISPOSAL            ABBOTT, USA-Manhattan, KS                 STOPP, D-Weinheim                     FISCHER, CH-Herzogenbuchsee               The trade fair catalogue and the
AND ENVIRONMENT                         AGIE, CH-Losone                           STROHM, D-Stuttgart                   FRAMAG, A-Frankenburg                     entrance tickets can be ordered
                                        AIR TURBINE, USA-Boca Raton, FL           SYSTEM 3R, S-Vällingby                FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IFF, D-Magdeburg    online.
ABSOLENT, S-Lidköping                   AKT, TR-Tuzla/Istanbul                    SYSTEMTECHNIK, D-Wendeburg            FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPK, D-Berlin
AERNOVA, I-Roletto (TO)                 ALTRATEC, D-Schwieberdingen               TCM, A-Stainz                         FRAUNHOFER - INSTITUT IPT, D-Aachen
Page 14                                                                                                                                                                                             June 2005

Highlights presented at EMO Hannover 2005
No trade fair for metalwork-                    services for all machine           Italy – Comau                                   - Last generation Transfer                  share of 94 per cent EMO
ing finds such international                    aspects. The third segment                                                           Modules with dedicated,                   Hannover is one of the key
resonance as EMO Hannover.                      “Corporate services” maps the      Comau Powertrain Systems                          autonomous transfer device.               shop windows for presenting
Far more than half of the                       Group’s central functions. The     operates in the field of metal-                                                             new products. On 1,886
exhibitors come from abroad.                    export quota is 52 per cent.       cutting systems, assembly                       Comau will complete the                     square metres in Hall 27 this
                                                Within the shortest time, the      systems and testing, particu-                   presentation with a concept                 company will be presenting
Trade visitors to EMO                           DMG duoBLOCK® concept              larly for engine and transmis-                  of innovative control architec-             27 customer applications
Hannover are given a com-                       has evolved into a strategic       sion components. 1,153                          ture, based upon standards                  from various segments of tool
plete overview of the whole                     platform for milling applica-      employees in the business                       and wireless communication.                 and mould construction as
range of innovative manu-                       tions on workpieces weighing       unit Powertrain Systems                                                                     well as precision parts pro-
facturing technologies.                         up to 4,000 kg – benefiting        achieved a turnover of about                    Key highlight will be the origi-            duced with products for
ExpoKurier has assessed the                     universal machines just as         € 275 million.                                  nal (patent pending) transfer               milling, EDM, and automation
highlights that will be pre-                    greatly as milling/turning                                                         device, to be used as inde-                 technologies. On the milling
sented at EMO Hannover                          technologies and horizontal        Comau designs and manufac-                      pendent components trans-                   segment the company focus-
2005 by the major exhibitors                    machining centres.                 tures flexible transfer lines for               port mechanism. The unit is                 es on the manufacture of
from the major exhibiting                       Accordingly, this innovation is                                                    linked with transfer lines and              small to large high-quality
nations and the second-                         one of the highlights at the                                                       movable modules, to enhance                 production parts with new
largest exhibiting segment                      3,466 m2 EMO trade fair stand                                                      the lean approach of elimi-                 3/4/5-axis high-performance
of precision tools:                             of DECKEL MAHO GILDE-                                                              nating overhead heavy gantry                milling machines. Other new
                                                MEISTER in Hall 2.                                                                 type transport systems.                     products will be presented for
                                                                                                                                                                               high-speed milling from
                                                                                                                                                                               30,000 rpm.
 EMO Hannover                                                                                                                      Switzerland – Agie Charmilles
 More than one half of exhibitors are foreign companies                                                                                                                        In the EDM category, 16 ma-
                                                                                                                                   The Agie Charmilles Group                   chines will be presented, from
                                                               Italy       289                                                     was formed from the corpo-                  the “entry-level model” to the
                                                               Switzerland 132                                                     rate group GF Machine Tools                 absolute precision machine,
                                                               Taiwan      121                                                     run by the majority share-                  that all do justice to today’s
                                                               Spain        78
    Germany                                                                                                                        holder Georg Fischer. It pro-               miniaturisation of compo-
                                                               Japan        72
      804                                                                                                                          vides system solutions for                  nents. Also on offer are the
                                                                                                                                   mould and tool construction                 corresponding automation
                                                                                                                                   and for the manufacture of                  solutions, chucking and
                                                                                   Fernando Caligaris, Comau Powertrain
                                                                                   Systems COO, Grugliasco, Italy:                 precision parts. The range of               clamping systems, and con-
                                                                                   “Key highlight will be the original patent
                                                                                   pending transfer device, to be used as inde-    products include EDM and                    troller software for the unat-
                                                                                   pendent components transport mechanism,         high-speed milling machines;                tended operation of EDM and
                                                           Foreign Countries       both associated with transfer lines and agile
                                                                 1,119             modules.”                                       chucking, clamping, and pal-                milling machines. All in all,
                                                                                                                                   leting systems; consumables                 the visitor can expect 27
                                                                                                                                   and consumption parts; and                  models, 13 innovations, and
Source: VDW
                                                                                   large volume machining, flex-                   automation solutions.                       a highly motivated team.
                                                                                   ible cells for medium to                                                                    Hall 27, booth B20
                                                                                   small volume machining,                         In 2004 a turnover of CHF
Germany – GILDEMEISTER                          Of course, visitors will be par-   a range of multi-spindle                        978 million was achieved by
                                                doned for showing less inter-      machines, high-velocity sin-                    3,062 personnel.                            Taiwan – Victor Taichung
GILDEMEISTER manufactures                       est in the “platform philoso-      gle-spindle and twin-spindle
cutting machine tools under                     phy” and far greater in the        three-axis machining mod-                       EDM and high-speed milling                  Vertical machining centre
the brand name DMG. In                          advantages for the process:        ules, crankshaft machining                      are the two key technologies                VcenterII-550 – Victor
2004, over 5,000 personnel                      for example, the stability of      equipment (turn-broaching                       in mould and tool construc-                 Taichung will be presenting at
achieved a turnover of € 1.05                   the machine bed and rear           lathes and balancing                            tion. In the manufacture of                 EMO 2005 a new generation
billion. The business activities                wall is instrumental in almost     machines).                                      moulds and punches they are                 of vertical machining centres
extend over three segments.                     halving the weight of the                                                          indispensable for the series                that meet the high demands
The segment “Machine tools”,                    X carriage and milling head,       The mechanical assembly                                                                     for high-speed machining.
the Group’s business with                       providing in turn the basis for    lines use control processes                                                                 With a reinforced column for
new machines, consists of                       high dynamic response. A fur-      and software developed by                                                                   enhancing the rigidity of the
turning, milling, and the inno-                 ther convincing feature is the     Comau to produce engine                                                                     C-frame, a 12,000 rpm DCS
vative future technologies                      machines’ thermosymmetri-          blocks, connecting rods, pis-                                                               (directly coupled spindle), and
ultrasonics and laser machin-                   cal layout. To boot, the inert     ton sub-assemblies, cylinder                                                                a 550 mm y-axis traverse, this
ing. The segment “Services”                     mass is double that of the         heads, transmissions, gear-                                                                 machining centre is perfectly
provides all multidisciplinary                  former design, giving the          boxes and running-gear com-                                                                 ideal over the whole range of
                                                machine frame a high rigidity      ponents. The equipment inte-                                                                machining requirements from
                                                for superior surface qualities     grates all the basic processes                                                              large-scale production to the
                                                and longer tool lives.             of mechanical assembly, such                                                                manufacture of special-pur-
                                                                                   as press fitting, nut/bolt run-                                                             pose moulds. Further cuts in
                                                In the sum of its advantages,      ning, application of adhesive,                                                              tool changing and idle times
                                                this new design principle now      together with mechanical                                                                    during three-axis machining
                                                makes possible tremendous          unit gauging and testing                                                                    mean that this new genera-
                                                flexibility in machine tool        stations.                                                                                   tion of vertical machining
                                                building: the customer opts                                                                                                    centres achieves an overall
                                                                                                                                   “EMO Hannover is one of the key shop
                                                for a concept, the workpiece       Comau will present at the                       windows for presenting our new products,”   performance, depending on
                                                                                                                                   explained Michael Hauser, head of the
                                                then defines the requisite         EMO Hannover 2005 trade                         marketing and sales support branch,         the machining method, 20 to
                                                traverses – and not until then     fair its latest innovative                      Agie Charmilles, Losone, Switzerland        50 per cent greater than the
                                                are the data transferred to        products:                                                                                   predecessor model.
                                                universal, horizontal, or multi-                                                   production of plastic, metal,
                                                technological tailoring.           - MT2X, heavy duty machining                    and glass parts and for                     A completely new concept
                                                Hall 2, booth A1                     centre, focusing on truck and                 machining complex precision                 has also been developed for
                                                                                     big diesel engines.                           components.                                 coolant and chip disposal. The
“The new duoBLOCK® concept makes possible
tremendous flexibility in machine tool build-                                      - 1 gZ, high-speed module                                                                   double-spindle conveyor belts
ing.” Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza, board chairman of
GILDEMEISTER AG, Bielefeld                                                           with wide precision opera-                    For this internationally oper-              transport the volumetric
                                                                                     tions range.                                  ating company with an export                chips to the machine’s front
June 2005                                                                                                                                                                                           Page 15

                                                                                   Milling machine with fixed                  Milling machine with fixed
                                                                                   bed and travelling column,                  bed and travelling column,
                                                                                   model SP-8000:                              model SLN-6.000:
                                                                                   Fitted with only the one                    This milling centre is also
                                                                                   attachment this machine                     available with electric spin-
                                                                                   covers the whole range of                   dles from 18,000 to 30,000
                                                                                   machining from roughing                     rpm. Opinion of Soraluce:
                                                                                   to finishing. Soraluce points               The SLN is therefore one of
                                                                                   out that this machine is                    the most economical
                                                                                   therefore one of the most                   machines on the market.
                                                                                   economical models of all on                 Hall 13, booth B36
                                                                                   the market.

                                                                                   Plate routing centre, model                 Precision tools – ISCAR
                                                                                   The plate routing centre is                 The company ISCAR Hart-
                                                                                                                                                                 Hans-Jürgen Büchner, managing director
                                                                                   one of the most flexible                    metall GmbH in Ettlingen will     of ISCAR Hartmetall Werkzeuge, Ettlingen:
                                                                                                                                                                 “We will be presenting a new cutting insert.”
                                                                                   machines that with only the                 be presenting the new cut-
More than 2,000 exhibitors from 38 countries are expected at EMO Hannover 2005.
Picture: Dornauf Foto & Graphik, Frankfurt/Main                                    one attachment covers the                   ting insert Ofmw...ff suitable
                                                                                   whole range of machining                    for applications with the         cutting depth ap of 2.0 mm
                                                                                   from roughing semifinished                  new milling tool family Hof-      and a feed fz of 1.6 mm/
                                               Spain – Soraluce                    products to finishing. For the              Heliocto. At the same time        tooth for an enormous chip
                                                                                   customer this flexibility                   this insert rounds off the        volume of 1,223 cm3/min!
                                               Headquartered in the Spanish        means a considerable cost                   available Feedmill milling sys-   What is interesting for the
                                               town of Bergara, Soraluce of        saving.                                     tem whose geometry can be         user is that the new cutting
                                               the Danobat Group produces                                                      used for a max. diameter of       insert does not require any
                                               milling machines and milling                                                    315 mm. The special features      new tools, saving costs and
                                               centres with 185 employees                                                      of this innovative cutting        facilitating modifications to
                                               and claims to have always                                                       insert are its eight specially    existing machinery.
                                               been committed towards                                                          designed, segmented cutting
                                               developing precision and                                                        edges whose small setting         Also worthy of note is that
                                               reliability. At EMO Hannover                                                    angles permit extremely high      the cutting force is trans-
                                               2005 Soraluce will be present-                                                  feeds up to 3.0 mm per tooth.     ferred along the spindle’s axis,
                                               ing four new products.                                                          The following example com-        allowing not only applications
                                                                                                                               pares this new with a conven-     on small and mid-sized
                                               Horizontal plane milling                                                        tional insert for machining       machines, but also tools with
                                               machine, model TA-20:                                                           a nickel chromium molyb-          long unsupported lengths.
“At EMO Hannover 2005 we’ll be presenting
a new generation of machining centres that     The TA Series provides the                                                      denum steel workpiece             Considerably smaller cutting
meet with the demands of high-speed
machining.” Bert Huang, managing director      user with a great degree of                                                     (125 mm milling head diame-       depths and an essentially
of Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd.   flexibility and high cutting                                                    ter, eight teeth, 125 mm cut-     higher tooth feed (e.g. ap =
in Taichung, Taiwan
                                               performance in conjunction                                                      ting width). The conventional     0.5 mm, fz = 3.0 mm/tooth)
                                               with the optimal machining                                                      cutting insert manages a cut-     therefore achieve chip vol-
or rear for fast and reliable                  precision – a key factor for the                                                ting depth ap of 4.5 mm and       umes up to five times greater.
machining over longer pro-                     manufacture of precisely fit-                                                   a feed fz of 0.15 mm/tooth        Hall 4, booth E30
                                                                                   “Soraluce will be presenting at EMO
duction times as well. The                     ting workpieces.                    Hannover 2005 four new developments         for a chip volume Q of
                                                                                   characterised by high precision and
protective enclosure prevents                                                      reliability.” Rafael Barrenechea, General   258 cm3/min; in comparison,
coolant in the 350-litre high-                                                     Manager Soraluce, S. Coop, Bergara, Spain   the new insert manages a
pressure tank and chips from
escaping into and contami-
nating the operating environ-
ment. In addition to the stand-
ard version with x/y/z-axes of
850/550/560 mm there is                        Precision tools – the second largest exhibition
also a second version with a
larger machining chamber,                      segment with over 500 exhibitors
the model VcenterII-550L with
x/y/z-axes of 1,100/550/560                    EMO is and continues to be the world’s leading international trade fair for the sector
mm. The new VcenterII-550
is delivered with either a                     “With over 500 companies            GTDE simplifies the exchange
Heidenhain or Fanuc con-                       the number of exhibitors in         of drawing data
troller.                                       the field of precision tools has
Hall 27, booth E10                             grown yet again compared            Initiated by a number of
                                               with the last event in              renowned tool manufactur-
                                               Hanover,” reported Martin           ers, an association for pro-
                                               Göbel, responsible for organ-       moting the electronic data
                                               ising the machining, clamp-         exchange named Graphical
                                               ing, manufacturing metrolo-         Tool Data Exchange –
                                               gy, and testing divisions of        Standard Open Base (GTDE)
                                               the German Precision Tools          was founded together with
                                               Association within the VDMA.        the German Precision Tools
                                               As usual the visitor will find in   Association within the VDMA.
                                               Halls 3, 4, and 5 everything        The object of these activities
                                               new the sector has to offer.        is to simplify the exchange of              integral part of ISO certifica-   is to provide a standardised
                                                                                   drawing data between tool                   tion and in addition are often    interface for tool graphics and
                                               Also this year will see the         builders and their users.                   used for NC programming           data on a dedicated server.
                                               VDMA stand C42 in Hall 4                                                        and for tool configuration and    There authorised users can
                                               present in collaboration with       The manufacturing industries                management. Manually              use the software to transfer
                                               the member companies key            need full documentation for                 transferring these data to        to their own drawing and
                                               projects for promoting coop-        handling and managing the                   proprietary specifications and    part list formats the data con-
                                               eration with manufacturers          tools used. The data this doc-              formats is complex and time-      figured by the participating
                                               and customers.                      umentation contains form an                 consuming. The project GTDE       tool builders.
Page 16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  June 2005                                   faster retrieval mechanisms
in a new look                                          for information. By not offer-               EMO Hannover 2005 –
                                                       ing your products in digital
The TOOLS e-market will be                             form on the World Wide Web,                  visitor service at a glance
presenting a new design at                             you run the risk of disappear-
EMO Hannover 2005. The look                            ing fast,” explained Seydaack.               Trade fair dates               14 to 21 September 2005
and the navigation were                                Together with 180 member                     Trade fair venue               Exhibition grounds, 30521 Hannover, Germany
given a more user-friendly                             companies the VDMA has                       Opening hours                  9:00 am – 6:00 pm daily
layout. The features of the                            created a platform which
TOOLS e-market that can                                provides on the internet                     Tickets                        Day ticket                                 25 euros
describe a product were                                professional catalogues for                                                 Full-event ticket                          45 euros
adapted to DIN 4000.                                   customers’ various product                                                  Student ticket                             10 euros (on presentation of student ID only at the ticket office)
Also eCl@ss is aligned to this                         groups.
DIN standard.                                                                                       Catalogue                      Advance sales         27 euros
                                                       “By defining features the cus-                                              Purchased at entrance 24 euros
Exactly four years ago the                             tomer can describe exactly
German Precision Tools                                 what the product must have,”                 Catalogues and tickets can be ordered online at:
Association within the VDMA                            explained Martin Göbel, con-                 Admission tickets include free use of public transport within the Greater Hanover (GVH) net-
launched the TOOLS-e-mar-                              tact for the TOOLS e-market.                 work (economy class only on Deutsche Bahn AG trains), including the S5 rapid transit train
ket. It is one of VDMA e-mar-                          “In the meantime the plat-                   (airport to Hanover main train station), on the day of your trade fair visit.
ket’s eleven information por-                          form lists alone in the
tals for the sector.                                   machining category about                     EBi
                                                       170,000 different products                   The Visitor Information System (EBi) at the exhibition centre offers comprehensive informa-
“What’s important to us is                             from 21 manufacturers.”                      tion in German and English on the range of exhibits, supporting events, etc.
that standards continue to be                          At EMO Hannover 2005 the                     Self-service terminals and terminals staffed by trained personnel are available in all halls and
pushed ahead,” stressed                                VDMA e-market will be pre-                   service areas.
Markus Seydaack, head of                               sented in its new look to
sales for the Inland Threading                         interested trade fair visitors at
Technology Division of                                 the VDMA stand C42 in Hall 4.                                                                                     NORD
                                                                                                                                                                                                  OST 1
EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel
GmbH & Co. KG in Lauf.                                 Contact
                                                       Martin Göbel
“The internet is a growing                             German Precision Tools Association
                                                       within the VDMA                                                                                                            1
decisive factor in communica-                          Phone +49 69 6603-1247
tion and information supply.                           E-mail                                                                       2                                      OST 2         Milling machines
                                                       E-mail                                                                           NORD                                                      Machining centers
There must be increasingly                             EMO Hannover 2005 hall 4, stand C42                                                                                                                      Transfer lines
                                                                                                                                   4              1                                       3                     Precision tools
                                                                                                                         WEST                NORD                        2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Workpiece and tool holders
                                                                                                         WEST                                                                                                   Measuring and testing equipment
                                                                                                                                       20                                                                       Forming machines
EMO Hannover 2005 in a posi-                                                                                             21
tive global economic climate                                                                            W EST 2           24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Gear cutting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Grinding machines
The way things are looking at                          investment activities are                                                                                                              6
                                                                                                                                            26                                                                  EDM
present, the EMO Hannover                              clearly on the increase world-                                         25                           16
2005 from 14 to 21 Septem-                             wide, a fact which is also                                                                                            CC                                 Industrial electronics
ber will be taking place in a                          boosting machine tool trade.                                                                            15                                 OST 3         Sawing machines
very positive economic cli-                            And there is a clear upwards                                 27
                                                                                                                                                                    14                        8                 Surface Technology
mate. As the world’s leading                           trend in manufacturing                                                                                                                                   Refrigeration, lubrication, disposal
metalworking trade fair, the                           expectations within the triad,                                                                                                         9                 Mecanical Components
EMO will benefit from moti-                            in full continuity with last                 WEST
                                                                                                         1                                       12                           10                                Accessories
vation at the international                            year’s highly positive figures.                                   13
investments level. Gross plant
                                                                                                                                                                             SÜD 1
                                                                                                                                                       SÜD 2
Gross industrial investments
- per cent changes from previous year -

                                                              + 10%
                                                                                                    Travel, accommodation and visitor information
                                                                                + 14%               Comprehensive travel, accommodation and visitor information services are available from
                                                + 7%                                                Travel2Fairs GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG. Call +49 511 33644-510, or visit
                                                                             + 13%        
                           + 3%                                                                     - Domestic and international flights. Shuttle busses run at frequent intervals between Hanover
                 + 1%
                                                                                                      airport and the exhibition grounds. S5 rapid transit train (airport to Hanover main train station).
Source: ifo institute Munich                  prognosis for 2005      2004
                                                                                                    - Trains stop at the nearby “Hannover Messe/Laatzen” station. A
                                                                                                      skywalk (with moving walkway) leads directly to the exhibition         Imprint
On a global scale, industrial investments are once again set to increase significantly, according
to estimates by the Munich-based ifo institute. The dynamism will remain particularly great in        grounds (Hall 13).                                                     Editor:
the USA. In Japan, investments will continue to grow – even if at a slower rate. And signs are on   - City tram services 8 and 18 run frequently between the main            VDW (Verein Deutscher Werkzeug-
the whole more positive once again for the EU. Investments are expected to get off to a some-                                                                                maschinenfabriken)
what better start in 2005.                                                                            train station and the exhibition grounds (entrance “Nord 1” and
                                                                                                      “Nord 2”). Trams 6 and 16 depart at short intervals from the city
World machine tool production                                                                         centre (“Kröpcke” and “Aegi” stations) to the eastern perimeter        EMO Contact
- per cent changes from previous year*-                                                                                                                                      Dr. Fred Steiner
                                                                                                      of the grounds (approx. 400 m to the entrance “Ost 3”).                Phone +49 69 756081-56
                                     + 8%                                                             Greater Hanover Public Transport:                           E-mail
   World                                                      + 17%                                                                                                
                                                                                                    - Arrival by car via motorway A2, A7, A37 and A352. If you are
                                              + 11%
     Asia                                                          + 19%                              using a navigation system to travel to the trade fair, please          Editorial office
                                                                                                                                                                             Sylke Becker, VDW, Press
                                            + 10%                                                     enter the Hanover destination “Hermesallee”. This is the name          and Public Relations
                                                                                     + 25%
                           + 5%                                                                       of the street which runs parallel to the northern perimeter of         Phone +49 69 756081-33
  Europe                                                                                                                                                                     E-mail
                           + 5%                                                                       the exhibition grounds. Signs in the greater Hanover region will
*Based on a constant exchange rate            prognosis for 2005      2004                                                                                         
                                                                                                      lead you directly to the exhibition grounds where parking is
Source: VDW, ifo institute Munich
                                                                                                      available for 45,000 cars. Special parking is also available for       Layout
                                                                                                                                                                             dfg – Dornauf Foto & Graphik
                                                                                                      busses, trucks and camping vehicles.                                   E-mail
A flourishing world economy was the driving force behind powerful growth last year in
machine tool production worldwide. Corrected of exchange rate effects, the figures showed an
increase of 17 per cent. A joint forecast by the ifo institute and the VDW anticipates continued                                                                                                          Production
                                                                                                    Detailed information can be found at:                                                                 W. Zertani, Druckerei und Verlag, Bremen
growth for the current year of around 8 per cent, with Asia and America as continued driving
force behind the growth. A now “mature” Europe will continue to enjoy what is, seen globally,                                                                    E-mail
a moderate rate of growth, with manufacturers more than able to counterbalance the impedi-
ments to growth of the domestic market by means of their good access to the world market.

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