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									                                                                                             ALLIED HEALTH

                                                Registered Nursing
                                                                  Careers       Job Outlook
                                                                                Overall job opportunities for registered nurses are

                                                                                expected to be excellent, but may vary by employ-
       egistered nurses (RNs)          Registered nurses also develop           ment and geographic setting. Employment of RNs is
       provide care to patients,       and manage nursing care; instruct        expected to grow much faster than the average for all
                                                                                occupations through 2016 and, because the occupa-
       families and communities        patients and their families in           tion is very large, many new jobs will result. In fact,
and also work to promote health,       proper care; and help individuals        registered nurses are projected to generate 587,000
                                                                                new jobs, among the largest number of new jobs for
prevent disease and help patients      and groups take steps to                 any occupation. Additionally, hundreds of thousands
cope with illness. Registered          improve or maintain their health.        of job openings will result from the need to replace
                                                                                experienced nurses who leave the occupation. Growth
nurses may work in hospitals,          Registered nurses are members of         will be driven by technological advances in patient
physicians’ private offices, nursing   a profession and work diligently         care, which permit a greater number of health prob-
                                                                                lems to be treated, and by an increasing emphasis on
homes, clinics, schools, work sites    to uphold the standards of the           preventive care. In addition, the number of older peo-
and in patients’ homes under           profession.                              ple, who are much more likely than younger people
                                                                                to need nursing care, is projected to grow rapidly.
the direction of such health
                                       Registered nurses are caring and
professionals as physicians,
                                       compassionate; are able to accept        Earnings
dentists, podiatrists, optometrists                                             Median annual earnings of registered nurses (includes
                                       responsibility and direct, delegate      Associate degree holders and those with advanced
and others.
                                       to and/or supervise others; are          degrees) were $57,280 in May 2006. The middle 50
                                                                                percent earned between $47,710 and $69,850. The
When providing direct care,            able to follow orders precisely;         lowest 10 percent earned less than $40,250, and the
registered nurses observe, assess      and are able to determine when           highest 10 percent earned more than $83,440.
and record symptoms, reactions         consultation is required. All nurses
                                                                                LCCC Has the Programs!
and progress; work with physicians     are patient advocates and health         LCCC offers a variety of programs in health care. We
to diagnose and treat disease;         educators.                               can provide the degree you want to match the job
                                                                                you want. We offer certificate programs that may be
and assist in convalescence and                                                 completed in as little time as one year, and we also
rehabilitation.                                                                 offer associate’s degree programs that can be com-
                                                                                pleted in two years of full-time study. These associate’s
                                                                                degrees offer dual opportunity: They may be used
                                                                                by students seeking immediate employment upon
                                                                                graduation in a number of health fields; or they may
                                                                                be used for direct transfer into a bachelor degree pro-
                                                                                gram in allied health offered through the University
                                                                                Partnership at LCCC. And, LCCC nursing programs
                                                                                may be used for direct transfer into the bachelor of
                                                                                science in nursing and master of science in nursing
                                                                                programs offered through the University Partnership.
                                                                                For more information on educational opportunities
                                                                                in health care — and nursing — at LCCC, see the
                                                                                reverse side of this sheet.

                                                                              Real Education. Real Jobs. A Real Future.

                                                                              1 (800) 995-LCCC
Registered Nursing (RN) Careers
Educational Opportunities in                       Master of Science in Nursing                        About Lorain County
Registered Nursing at LCCC                         For registered nurses who have diplomas or          Community College
Associate of Applied Science in Nursing            associate degrees in nursing and who aspire         Lorain County Community College is one of Ohio’s
This program prepares graduates to func-           to the master of science in nursing, the            leading colleges delivering distance learning education
                                                   University of Akron offers the RN-MSN               via the Internet. The College has expanded its delivery
tion as registered nurses in hospitals, nurs-                                                          of its programs and services through the opening of
ing homes and other health care agencies.          sequence. Students complete 68 hours of             the Learning Center at St. Joseph Community Center
Registered nurses promote health for clients       prerequisite undergraduate coursework.              in Lorain, the LCCC Wellington Center, Lorain County

through hygienic care, teaching; assessment        The RN-MSN sequence consists of bridge              Growth Partnership in downtown Elyria and the Midpoint
                                                   coursework totaling 21 hours of upper-divi-         Campus Center in Brunswick. Partnerships with Lorain
of body systems; implementation of the nurs-                                                           County’s K-12 school districts have also led to important
ing process, including treatment modalities        sion, baccalaureate-level coursework and            developments for the community. More than 1300
offered by the physician; and rehabilitative       a minimum of 36 hours of graduate-level             high school students participate in the Post Secondary

care. Upon completion of the program, the          coursework. Students receive 46 hours of            Enrollment Options program by enrolling in LCCC classes,
                                                                                                       making LCCC the state’s largest community college
graduate is eligible to take the NCLEX exam-       undergraduate by-passed credit after success-
                                                                                                       provider of PSEO. More than 35 percent of Lorain County’s
ination for licensure as a registered nurse.       ful completion of all undergraduate course          top high school graduates choose to attend LCCC.
                                                   requirements.                                       LCCC is one of Ohio’s fastest growing colleges because of
Related Educational                                                                                    the variety of learning opportunities it provides. Students
Opportunities in Other Health-                     Master of Science in Nursing                        can choose from more than 80 educational programs.
                                                   Nursing education at the master’s level builds      Students can complete the first half — and sometimes
Care Programs at LCCC                                                                                  more — of a bachelor’s degree. The University Partnership
 	 •	Certificate	of	proficiency	in	emergency	      upon baccalaureate nursing preparation.             brings eight universities to the LCCC campus offering
     medical services-paramedic                    Program courses and content are organized           37 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. With the
                                                   and courses sequenced to facilitate the pro-        University Partnership at LCCC, the College partners with
 	 •	Certificate	of	proficiency	in	medical	                                                            the state’s finest universities to bring the best in bachelor’s
                                                   gression of student learning from that of a
     assisting                                                                                         and master’s degree programs right to the LCCC campus.
                                                   baccalaureate generalist to that of a specialist.   Students can earn degrees that get them jobs immediately.
 	 •	Certificate	of	proficiency	in	phlebotomy	     The curriculum has two dimensions: core and         Students can upgrade, retrain and improve current life
 	 •	Associate	of	applied	science	in	clinical	     specialization. Core courses are taken by all       skills. Students can learn in the classroom, at home and
     laboratory science technology                                                                     over the Internet.
                                                   students and include theory, research, health
 	 •	Associate	of	applied	science	in	dental	       policy, computer applications and patho-            LCCC offers a complete college experience. We understand
                                                                                                       that there’s more to college life than attending classes. We
     hygiene                                       physiology.                                         offer many of the programs, sports, and activities available
 	 •	Associate	of	applied	science	in	diagnostic	                                                       at large four-year universities and colleges. But, students
     medical sonography                            Youngstown State University                         will not have to stand in line behind juniors and seniors
                                                                                                       in the classroom, on the playing field, or in leadership
 	 •	Associate	of	applied	science	in	physical	     Bachelor of Science in Allied Health                positions. Students can immediately act in a play, sing in a
     therapist assisting                           Associate degree nursing graduates who wish         musical group, serve as editor for the college newspaper,
                                                   to upgrade their academic credentials beyond        plan social activities, compete on the playing field, or set
 	 •	Associate	of	applied	science	in	radiologic	                                                       policy as a student government member.
                                                   the technical scope can enroll in Youngstown
                                                   State University’s bachelor’s degree in allied      In addition to providing a great education for those who
 	 •	Associate	of	technical	studies	in	nuclear	    health program, a two-plus-two concept              enter college with aspirations of a degree, LCCC helps
     medicine                                                                                          those who have changed their career goals, who want to
                                                   which allows the associate nursing degree pro-      broaden their horizons, and who want to return to work.
 •	 ssociate	of	science	(leading	to	programs	      gram to serve as the first two years of the bac-    LCCC provides learning and training for those who want
     such as pre-dentistry, pre-med, pre-          calaureate-degree program. Students acquire         to move up but find they need new or improved skills for
     optometry and pre-pharmacy)                                                                       the kind of professional opportunities they seek.
                                                   the additional knowledge, skills, attitudes and
                                                   values that enhance their career mobility in        LCCC faculty is recognized locally and nationally for
                                                                                                       their work as professors and in other areas. They all
Educational Opportunities                          the health-care setting.                            have advanced degrees and real-world experience and
in Nursing through LCCC’s                                                                              understand their primary responsibility at LCCC is to teach
University Partnership                                                                                 classes. Classes are small. Individual attention is plentiful.

The University of Akron                                                                                An LCCC education, prepares students for real jobs and
                                                                                                       real futures. To find out more, call (800) 995-LCCC or
Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                                                         visit LCCC’s Connections Center, the Learning Center
The University of Akron’s nursing program                                                              at St. Joseph Community Center in Lorain, the LCCC
prepares students to provide patient care, to                                                          Learning Center in Wellington, the Lorain County Growth
                                                                                                       Partnership in downtown Elyria or the Midpoint Campus
direct others in giving care and to become                                                             Center in Brunswick for all of your enrollment service needs,
members of comprehensive health care                                                                   including admissions, registration, advising and counseling.
teams. Professional nurses also teach health
care, prepare discharge plans and make refer-
rals that can aid patients and their families.
Nursing graduates work in hospitals, urgent
care centers and community-based public
health agencies and clinics, and provide in-
home care to patients. With a combination
of experience and education, Akron nursing
graduates can obtain employment as clinical
specialists in a variety of areas.

                                                                                                                       1005 N Abbe Road
                                                                                                                       Elyria, OH 44035

                                                                                                       Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor,   HSL-03-1010
                                                                                                       Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2007-08 Edition, on the          12/08
                                                                                                       Internet at                             2M

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