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NEWS | Fall Semester 2009

News | Fall Semester 2009       Dear Readers

                                                                              We of course feel vindicated by the cur-
                                                                              rent developments, and that is why we
                                                                              will consistently continue our concept of
                                                                              teaching values and supporting the deve-
                                                                              lopment of the personality of our stu-
                                                                              dents in the future.

                                                                              The present edition of our newsletter
                                                                              contains among other things an over-
                                                                              view of the numerous non-profit projects
                                Graduates of Munich Business School           in which our students have been invol-
                                have probably followed the debates of         ved in the last few months. In addition
                                the past months about the moral princi-       you will learn
                                ples of management in the economy with
                                a certain amount of astonishment. Espe-       ❚ how MBS students organized the first
                                cially when the claim was put in to intro-      Munich Venture Summit
                                duce ethics into the syllabus and to make     ❚ which problems student teams dealt
                                the development of a resilient value            with for the FC Bayern München soccer
                                structure for future managers part of the       club, BMW, or Munich's bid for the
                                university education.                           Olympics
                                                                              ❚ which new professors are going to
                                In moments like these, the MBS gradu-           help hone the scientific profile of
                                ates probably recall the social studies and     Munich Business School
                                projects with which they already had to       ❚ which new partner universities are
                                deal with during their first academic year.     open to our students
                                What comes to mind are the long-stand-        ❚ how an MBS alumna is recruiting con-
                                ing lecture series such as ‘Business            sultants for McKinsey worldwide
                                Ethics’, ‘Business and Society’, or ‘Econo-
                                mic and Cultural History’, the contents       and much more.
                                and questions of which at times surprised
                                or even provoked them.                        Have fun with this new edition.

                                More than once have I met graduates
                                who in retrospect considered these ele-
                                ments of their studies an important ad-
                                vantage of their training. And even long      Prof. Dr. Stefan Baldi
                                before the public discussion about morals     Dean of Munich Business School
                                in business came up as a consequence of
                                the economic crisis, former students im-
                                plored us to never give up these parts of
                                the course of studies – even if some cur-
                                rent students may be skeptical towards
                                this offer.

From Insider’s Tip to Leading Brand
University ranking of the German business magazines ‘Wirtschaftswoche’
and ‘Handelsblatt Junge Karriere’ attests to the remarkable reputation of                          New Concentrations in the
Munich Business School among German personnel managers                                             Master’s Program

                                                                                                   Starting with the next semester,
                            The growing de-     When also considering that Munich Busi-            MBS offers two new business
                            gree of popular-    ness School has only had its name since            concentrations in its Master’s
                            ity of MBS has      2003 and thus its graduates have only              program.
                            also impacted       been seriously noticeable under this
                            the joint univer-   name for five years, it becomes clear how          International Family Firms
                            sity ranking of     good of a reputation Munich Business               This concentration is training the
                            the     German      School and its graduates have among                next generation of entrepreneurs
                            business maga-      personnel managers in Germany.                     for national and international
                            zines      ‘Wirt-                                                      multi-generational family busi-
                            schaftswoche’       The appreciation of the personnel manag-           nesses. Through this new empha-
                            and ‘Handels-       ers is explained when taking into account          sis, MBS wants to support all those
blatt Junge Karriere’. In this survey of over   what they are especially looking for when          who want to assume responsibi-
500 personnel managers, Munich Business         selecting future managers. The majority            lity in corporate succession now.
School was voted among the top 10 of the        of personnel managers list the candida-            Family businesses often face
best Universities of Applied Sciences in        te's personality (87 percent), their practi-       complex challenges between the
Germany in the area of business studies.        cal experience (71 percent), and a very            conflicting priorities of family and
Regarding the size of MBS, which is betting     good command of English (57 percent) as            business, technological progress
on quality instead of quantity, this evalua-    the most important selection criteria. The         and international competition.
tion exceeds all expectations.                  setup of the programs of studies at Mu-            MBS provides soon-to-be entre-
                                                nich Business School, with their focus on          preneurs with the necessary
For first of all, one has to consider that      personality development, practical rele-           tools in order to lead their family
MBS is significantly smaller than most of       vance, and internationality, thus matches          business into a successful future.
its competitors, which means that each          the requirements of personnel managers
year significantly fewer graduates leave        very closely.                                      Luxury Management
the university than at other institutions.                                                         Successful marketing of products
                                                                                                   and services in the luxury seg-
                                                                                                   ment requires profound under-
                                                                                                   standing of the specifics of the
Munich Business School Voted the Best                                                              corresponding markets and
                                                                                                   clients. Historical and sociological
University of Applied Sciences in Germany                                                          issues give access to the topic of
                                                                                                   luxury, as do considerations from
                                                                                                   the areas of philosophy, econo-
In a nationwide analysis on the satisfac-       The following places are taken by the              my, ecology, and psychology. The
tion of students with their university, Mu-     WHU Otto Beisheim School of Manage-                new study focus sensitizes stu-
nich Business School has again achieved a       ment, the Frankfurt School of Finance              dents to the phenomenon luxury
top rank. Between November 2008 and             and Management, and the University of              in all its aspects and provides
March 2009, the consulting firm Univer-         Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.                  them with a well-founded theo-
sum asked 19,000 students from around                                                              retical background and at the
100 universities to evaluate their institu-     Looking at the private universities in de-         same time with a very practical
tion on a scale from 5 (very satisfied) to 1    tail, Munich Business School also reached          approach for the demanding
(very dissatisfied).                            second place, ahead of WHU, the Frank-             tasks in this predominantly inter-
                                                furt School of Finance and Management,             national area.
With an average of 4.8 from the grades in       and the University of Witten/Herdecke.
individual categories such as teaching
staff, selection of lectures, service, or ca-   In the ranking of the Universities of Ap-
reer counseling, MBS was voted the sec-         plied Sciences, MBS holds first place with
ond best university in all of Germany. We       a clear margin to the University of Ap-
are only outranked by the Handelshoch-          plied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and the
schule Leipzig (4.92), which doesn't offer      Universities of Reutlingen, Ingolstadt,
a Bachelor program, however.                    Deggendorf, and Mannheim.

MBS Symposium 2009                     Know-How, Contacts, and Lots of Applause
Enterprise Champions League –
How German companies                   The members of the student initiative MBS innovate! organized the
of all sizes compete with              remarkable premiere of the Munich Venture Summit
the world's best

After its extremely successful         Top-class instructors from the world of          Many participants seized the opportunity
start in the previous year, the sec-   start-ups, interesting workshops, exciting       to become active themselves in the con-
ond Munich Business School Sym-        discussions – the members of the student         text of workshops, for example for finding
posium takes place on October          initiative MBS innovate!, who organized          and evaluating innovations.
30, 2009 starting at 9:30 am,          the first Munich Venture Summit with the
again on the premises of KPMG in       title ‘Starting up – now more than ever’
Munich.                                were rewarded with long applause at the
                                       end of the event on March 14.

                                                                                                                 Ehssan Dariani (StudiVZ)

Students and young professionals                                                        In addition to all the events offered, there
are invited to deal with the chal-                                                      was room for discussions in small groups,
lenges and opportunities of Ger-                                                        during which not only know-how and
man businesses small and large                            The panel discussion of the   business cards were exchanged, but also
                                                        Munich Venture Summit 2009
and to analyze the differences                                                          individual projects discussed, business
between these types of compa-                                                           plans studied, and demo versions presen-
nies. In addition to lectures by re-   Successful young founders like Lukasz            ted.
presentatives of reputable Ger-        Gadowski (Spreadshirt), Oliver Samwer
man companies, various work-           (alando, jamba), or Ehssan Dariani               The participants had traveled from all
shops and a closing panel discus-      (StudiVZ) inspired the guests with their         over Germany; however, there were also
sion are part of the program.          speeches, but were also available for ans-       many students and lecturers from Munich
                                       wering questions and for discussion              Business School among the audience.
Speakers who have already been         groups. In addition to the founders, inves-
confirmed:                             tors – for example von Holtzbrinck-Ven-
❚ Stefan Krause                        tures, Early Bird, and Target Partners –
  CFO of Deutsche Bank AG              and Business Angels shared their expe-
❚ Wolfgang Grupp                       riences. During and after the sessions,
  Managing director of Trigema         potential founders had many opportuni-
  GmbH & Co. KG                        ties to also talk about detailed problems
❚ Peter Ringsleben                     of start-ups. This included practical start-
  Head of corporate communica-         up know-how as well as the world view,
  tions at Klöckner & Co AG            way of thinking, and the attitudes of
❚ Dr. Sebastian Theopold               successful founders.
  Founder and partner of the                                                                     The organization team from left to right:
  Munich Strategy Group (MSG)                                                                        Christoph Auffermann, Ann-Cathrin
                                                                                                      von Rechenberg, Christian Klemenz
❚ Hans-Joachim Boeckstegers
  Managing director of
  MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller                                                            The organization team of the Munich Ven-
  GmbH & Co.                                                                            ture Summit consisted of Ann-Cathrin von
❚ Prof. Dr. Frank Seger                                                                 Rechenberg, Christian Klemenz, and Chri-
  Professor at Munich Business                                                          stoph Auffermann, who were supported
  School                                                                                by other members of the student initia-
                                                        Oliver Samwer (alando, jamba)   tive MBS innovate!. The positive res-
More information and                                                                    ponse of the participants has most likely
registration under                                                                      encouraged the organization team to
www.mbs-symposium.de                                                                    follow up this successful event with an-
                                                                                        other start-up event.

CRM Study by MBS Students
Becomes the Topic of Conversation

The German marketing journal ‘Absatz-          One of the key findings of the study was
wirtschaft’ considered these survey re-        the surprisingly great willingness of cus-
sults worth one whole page: Eight              tomers to have their telephone and on-
students in their 6th semester investigat-     line behavior evaluated by the providers.
ed the topic ‘Customer Relationship            You can order selected results of the sur-
Management from the view of the custo-         vey at:
mer in the areas telecommunications and        www.The-Customer-Management-
e-commerce’ led by professor Carsten           Company.com/CRM-Studie.html
Rennhak and in cooperation with the
consulting firm SHS VIVEON.                    The student team that developed the
                                               questionnaire and realized the project
For this purpose they interviewed over         was comprised of Freya Portheine, Tim            SUMMER SCHOOL
1,000 telecommunications customers and         Wagner, Bernhard Wach, René Zimmer-              Innovation Management
users of e-commerce services regarding         mann, Nicolai Gropper, Maximilian Nek-           2009
their expectations and satisfaction with       kels, Alexander Scholl, and Johannes
the service of their respective providers.     Sterman.                                         Once again the program is out-
                                                                                                standing and the list of lecturers
                                                                                                excellent. In the ‘SUMMER
                                                                                                SCHOOL Innovation Manage-
                                                                                                ment 2009’ from August 17 to 21
                                                                                                at Lake Starnberg, the partici-
                                                                                                pants are introduced step by step
Munich Business School Appoints New Professors                                                  into professional innovation

As of the beginning of the Fall semester,                             Professor Dr. Marc-       The event, which is being organ-
Munich Business School has appointed                                  Michael Bergfeld          ized by Munich Business School
two new professors. Both have already                                 was born in Mu-           in cooperation with the Manage-
worked as lecturers for MBS and are to                                nich and grew up in       ment Forum Starnberg, is aimed
contribute to hone the scientific profile                             Asia. After receiv-       at professionals, executive man-
of Munich Business School as one of the                               ing his degree in         agement, and young executives
leading business schools.                                             business admini-          from the areas innovation, strate-
                                                                      stration in Eich-         gy, R&D, BDM, marketing, and
                       Professor Dr. Chris-                           stätt-Ingolstadt          product management.
                       tian Schmidkonz         (Germany), he initially worked in a con-
                       will primarily be in-   sulting company, before changing to the          The mixture of theory and prac-
                       volved with the         Munich-based family group Giesecke &             tical application with case stud-
                       Asian-Pacific Busi-     Devrient, where he was in charge of proj-        ies, workshops, group exercises,
                       ness Studies pro-       ects in Europe, Latin America, and China.        discussions, and outdoor training
                       gram. He studied in     Professor Bergfeld holds a Ph.D. from            guarantees varied and effective
                       Munich, Taiwan,         Manchester Business School with a sec-           learning.
                       and Duisburg (Ger-      ond marking at the Center for Global R&D
many), where he looked at the develop-         at Tsinghua University in Beijing. As pro-       The lecturers are innovation man-
ment of the Internet and e-commerce in         fessor for International Family Firms,           agers and experts from the indu-
China for his doctorate. After working at      Marc-Michael Bergfeld will become in-            stry (Thomas Jungmann, Henkel;
the ‘China Desk’ of the ifo Institut für       volved in research and specifically the          Peter Wienand, O2), consulting
Wirtschaftsforschung (ifo Institute for Eco-   train-ing of executive management for            firms (Tom Groth, Toxiq London;
nomic Research) and for the consulting         family businesses.                               Alexander Grots, gravity), and re-
firm Capgemini, he founded the Think!                                                           search and education (Prof. Dr.
Desk China Research & Consulting consul-                                                        Jörg Saatkamp and Prof. Dr. Frank
tancy in 2005. Prof. Dr. Christian Schmid-                                                      Seger, both Munich Business
konz has been gaining experiences in the                                                        School).
realization of projects in China, Taiwan,
and Hong Kong for the past 15 years.

Blue Oceans for MBS                    Master’s Students' Business Projects Provide
With which measures can MBS
                                       New Innovative Ideas
immerse itself in Blue Oceans?
This was the core question of the
Blue Ocean workshop to which           New Communication Channels                    towards the target group (male, young,
the Master’s students Sarah Bai-       for BMW Motorrad                              wealthy, social, active and urban, techno-
er, Jennifer Borelly, and Franziska                                                  logy and Internet-oriented) by focusing on
Wilmsmeier had invited MBS             Once again, students from our MBS             urbanity, athleticism, coolness, and style.
stakeholders.                          Master’s program were able to win over a      The special challenge was to appeal to
                                       top company for their business project –      new target groups without compromis-
                                       BMW Motorrad. The task of the Master’s        ing existing target groups.
                                       students Gerald Göbel, Isabel Kreth,
                                       Britta Mertens, and Tobias Stadler in their   The students developed seven communi-
                                       business project with BMW was the de-         cation ideas. The one thing all of them
                                       velopment of new communication and            have in common is the strong use of the
                                       promotion channels for the product            Internet as communications platform.
                                                          launch of the BMW
Participants of the Blue Ocean work-                      motorcycle F 800 R.        The responsible persons at BMW were
   shop in the O2 lounge in Munich.                                                  excited about the variety, quality, and in-
                                                           The communication         novative strength of the developed ideas,
The participants were to create                            strategy was to be        which will all be discussed and pursued in
new innovative ideas for MBS                               consistently geared       the corresponding committees.
with the aid of the Blue Ocean
strategy, a method for develop-
ing sustainable and profitable
business models from the area of       The FC Bayern Soccer Club                     Starting from this thesis, the task of the
strategic marketing.                   Can Take Over Europe                          project team was to analyze the eco-
                                                                                     nomic appeal and the country-specific
The focus of the workshop was on                                                     enthusiasm for soccer for each of the in-
the identification of Blue Oceans      This is the conclusion at which the           dividual countries of Eastern Europe. As
in the sense of clear competitive      Master’s students Ina Christoffer, Vincen-    a result, a country ranking was created on
advantages of Munich Business          tiu Ciocan, Andreas Seemeier, Alexander       the basis of various criteria. Against the
School. The principal items of the     Wende, and Heike Winkler arrived in           backdrop of the targeted expansion of FC
workshop were three challenges         their business project ‘Eastern Europe –      Bayern München's activities abroad, the
in which the participants looked                          an opportunity for FC      results of the project team are of great in-
for new innovative ideas for MBS                          Bayern München AG.’        terest to the club.
by means of a variety of creative
techniques. The participants, all                          In contrast to the        Christian Nerlinger, who also studied at
stakeholders of MBS (lecturers,                            Asian market, this        Munich Business School and is now the
students, potential new students,                          market has so far been    designated successor of Uli Hoeness as
parents, alumni, and investors),                           barely accounted for      manager of FC Bayern München, took
were divided into four groups. At      and offers sufficient growth potential.       part in the realization of the project.
the end of each challenge, one
group member changed to a new
group in order to provide new in-
spiration there. Each challenge
dealt with a previously specified      Communications Concept for                    the communication of the application
question.                              Munich's Bid for the Olympics                 company.

The participants experienced a         Munich wants to bring the Winter Olym-        The communications director of the
successful and perfectly organiz-      pics 2018 to Bavaria – but it is a long way   Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund (Ger-
ed event and developed an              still to go, and a path strewn with obstac-   man Olympic Sports Confederation),
abundance of good ideas.               les, before the Games are awarded by the      Gerd Graus, had given the briefing five
Whether these will actually turn       IOC in July 2011, and there are already       weeks prior to the presentation at MBS
into ‘Blue Oceans’ for MBS re-         three other competitors in the running.       and was very impressed by the result.
mains to be seen.                      Sarah Baier, Britta Mertens, Benjamin-        Munich Business School will continue to
                                       Christian Mazin, and Franziska Wilms-         support the bid for the Olympics.
                                       meier created a preliminary concept for

                                                                                               New Logo Image for
New Publications by MBS Lecturers and Alumni                                                   Munich Business School

Dr. Marc-Michael Bergfeld:                     Emanuela A. Mititelu & Dr. Adrian Hunger:                        Business
Global Innovation Leadership
The book designs and analyzes the stra-
                                               The Success of M&A Transactions in the
                                               European Banking Sector
tegic implementation of project-specific                                                       With the introduction of new let-
and internal innovation networks be-                                                           tering and a logo image, Munich
tween the corporate head office and                                                            Business School is completing
group companies abroad. From this,                                                             the makeover of its corporate de-
Marc-Michael Bergfeld developed a Glob-                                                        sign.
al Innovation Leadership concept, which
is illustrated by means of case studies of                                                     The new logo image was de-
global market leaders in various sectors.                                                      signed based on the input of nu-
The deliberate and long-term manage-                                                           merous stakeholders of Munich
ment of worldwide innovation compe-            M&As in the European banking sector             Business School. The following
tence ought to be the core task of             control the global M&A market in terms          three aspects were the primary
modern and internationally operating           of their numbers and transaction vol-           focus in this process:
companies. With this book, a framework         umes. Against this backdrop and in light
is now on hand that shows companies            of further consolidations to be expected        The Crest: The representation of
and politicians the way to global innova-      in the European banking market, the au-         classic values oriented towards
tion leadership.                               thors address the question of the success       tradition that are at the heart of
                                               of M&A in the banking sector. The focus         the scientific work with business
Anne Wedel and Waldemar Stotz:                 in this is on the long-term and regional        topics and the passing on of hu-
Employer Branding                              success of M&A transactions on the              man and commercial values to
                                               buyer side in Europe, since previous and        our students.
                                               current studies have neglected these
                                               aspects.                                        The Lion: The inward and out-
                                                                                               ward reputation of Munich Busi-
                                               Michael Holzgethan:                             ness School. A symbol that is con-
                                               Balancing of Special-Purpose Companies          nected both nationally and
                                               The Bachelor thesis of the MBS alumnus          internationally with leadership,
                                                                     was published as a        strength, and courage. In addi-
                                                                     book. The regula-         tion, it also builds a bridge to Ba-
It is the authors' goal to show for teaching                         tions     regarding       varia, which is very important to
purposes and practical application how                               group accountabil-        our roots and our regional impor-
qualified employees are found and                                    ity are to be             tance.
retained in a company with the aid of                                changed in the
strategically oriented employer branding.                            context of the ref-       Lettering and Presentation: The
For this purpose, they take a comprehen-                             ormation of Ger-          modern, somewhat abstract
sive look at employer branding and over-                             man commercial            presentation of the graphic ele-
come the reduction to partial areas like       law through the Bilanzrechtsmodernisie-         ments as well as the introduction
personnel marketing or recruiting. For         rungsgesetz (German Accounting Law              of new lettering offset the lion
with its many different measures, ori-         Modernization Act, ‘BilMoG’). This also         and the crest and stand for mod-
ented towards various target groups of         affects the treatment of special-purpose        ern teaching methods, up-to-
potential, current, and former em-             companies. With the new formulation of          date management style, and the
ployees, employer branding influences all      § 290 para. 1 of the HGB (German com-           newest technologies, projects,
internal and external reference groups in      mercial code), the legislative authority        and partners.
a company. The authors develop a con-          wants to prevent scandals á la Enron with
cept for how companies can awaken em-          regard to these balance-sheet-wise              “The purpose of the new logo
ployer preferences in the different target     problematic constructs and create clear         image is to complement the good
groups and become an employer of               structures.                                     reputation our university is en-
choice. This is further illustrated through                                                    joying, increasingly also interna-
a look into the practical experiences of                                                       tionally, through a greater optical
attractive employers of different com-                                                         recognizability”, says Prof. Dr. Ste-
pany sizes and sectors.                                                                        fan Baldi, the Dean of Munich
                                                                                               Business School.

                                       Expanded Network

                                       Fudan University was the first university      Plekhanov Russian Academy of Econo-
                                       in China to add Business Administration        mics is the largest economic university in
                                       to their study program. The School of          Russia. Many famous scientists, politi-
                                       Economics was founded in 1929. Today,          cians, and successful entrepreneurs were
New Advanced Training in               the School of Management at Fudan Uni-         trained here.
the Area of Innovation Con-            versity is a top address in China, not least
trolling and Entrepreneurship          thanks to its long tradition. With eight de-   Master’s and Bachelor students will in the
                                       partments, 19 institutes, and its own ma-      future also be able to study at ESAN Uni-
Innovation Controlling and Entre-      nagement consultancy, it is on a level         versity in Lima, the leading business
preneurship are established to-        with other international business schools.     school in Latin and South America. It is
pics in the degree programs of                                                        the first educational institution with in-
Munich Business School. Input          Tongji University is one of the most repu-     ternational accreditation in Peru. Interna-
and the right tools for the sys-       table universities in China. As a speciali-    tional rankings additionally confirm its
tematic generation of innova-          zed university it is responsible to the        high academic standards.
tions are hereby provided by the       Ministry of Education and is to be built up
innovation lab. A competence           into a world-renowned university. The          From Spring 2010 on, MBS students will
network has developed through          courses offered by the School of Econo-        also be able to study at the University of
this cooperation that is now           mics and Management (SEM) include all          California in Riverside (UCR). UCR is one
being enhanced through the area        economic and administrative areas. SEM         of the best universities in the country. It is
Management Training and Men-           cooperates closely with the engineering        currently is rated nineth in the ranking of
torship.                               faculties of Tongji University.                the up-and-coming universities by US
                                                                                      News and World Report.
Starting in Fall 2009, topics such
as ‘Taking risks in controlling into
account’ or ‘Key Performance In-
dicators (KPI) in innovation man-
agement’ are up for discussion         MBS Case Challenge 2009
on a one-day ‘Compact Course
Innovation Controlling’. Each          Wanted: Guerilla marketing concept for the Weihenstephan dairy
participant receives answers to
the questions: What is an ad-
equate complexity of innovation                              The MBS students         Wanted: The best idea. Groups of 3 to 5
controlling in my company and                                Olivia Azjen, Sara       people from Munich Business School and
what are the most important                                  Geising, Julia Hof-      other universities can participate. The ap-
KPIs there?                                                  bauer, Nina Kahn,        plication deadline is September 14, 2009.
                                                             and Olga Pashkova        A jury consisting of company representa-
Building on the compact course,                              designed the MBS         tives, MBS lecturers, and external market-
participants have the option to                              Case Challenge in        ing experts decide on participation.
attend both a five-day ‘R&D Con-                             the context of the
trolling certification course’ and                           business plan lec-       As in real life, the case competition also
the ‘Corporate Venture Lab’.                                 tures.                   starts with a kick-off. In addition to a com-
                                                                                      pany presentation and introduction to
The target group is both techno-       Now student groups are called to test          the objective, a creative workshop with
logy-intensive    medium-sized         their knowledge in the field. The Weihen-      the managing director of the innovation
companies and major companies          stephan dairy is looking for a guerilla        lab and an introduction into the tech-
in an innovative environment.          marketing concept that is to position the      nique of Guerilla marketing are part of
You can find detailed schedules,       brand in its home territory even better.       the program. The results will be announc-
dates, and information on the          The best concept will be awarded a prize       ed and the best concept awarded a prize
lecturers here:                        and incorporated in the marketing plan-        on Case Challenge Day on October 2.
www.innovations-controlling.de         ning of the dairy in 2010. As is customary
                                       in guerilla marketing, the goal is to          www.mbs-case-challenge.de
                                       achieve maximum effect with a minimum
                                       of resources.

Social Projects of MBS Students
The new Bachelor students also got involved with a variety of non-profit projects.
This is an obligation, but also a good tradition at MBS.

Terra uligunosa has, in cooperation with   Theme rooms gave a new face to the kin-       Nepomuk organized different theme
the German Association for Nature Con-     dergarten ‘Regenbogenkinder’ in Lerche-       days for children of the Bayerische Lan-
servation (Bund Naturschutz e.V.), ex-     nau through extensive paint and               desschule für Körperbehinderte (Bava-
panded a low and high moor area again.     renovating work. In addition, the stu-        rian State School for Physically
Water is being extracted from these for-   dents organized a great carnival party and    Handicapped Persons). The culmination
mer moor areas by planting birch trees,    presented the kindergarten with games         was the organization of a great carnival
alder trees, or Norway spruces. In order   and reading and learning material.            party.
to prevent damage to the subsoil, the
students were only able to conduct the     Teens on Stage organized a hip-hop            Dinner für Kinder (Dinner for Kids) col-
necessary care measures during tem-        dance class with a professional choreo-       lected donations for a rescue center for
peratures below freezing.                  grapher for hyperactive children and stu-     Maasai girls in Kenya. The funds were
                                           dents with learning disabilities of the       acquired through a private dinner invi-
                                           Sonderpädagogisches Förderzentrum             tation. The guests paid 25 euros for the
                                           (special needs educational center) at the     dinner, 100% of which went to the proj-
                                           Rupert-Egenberger school in Bad Aibling.      ect ‘I See Maasai Development Initia-
                                           Dancing is said to improve motor skills,      tive’. More information and donation
                                           reduce concentration difficulties, and        opportunities under:
                                           strengthen the children's self-confidence.    www.mbs-dinnerfuerkinder.de

                                                                                         SeKi(Ba)2 organized different events for
                                                                                         children and senior citizens, including a
                                                                                         visit to an FC Bayern Basketball match
The goal of the Nature Day that took                                                     and a joint lunch of residents of a nur-
place for students of the Dr.-Elisabeth-                                                 sing home and kindergarteners.
Bamberger school in Dachau was to fa-
miliarize children with the beauty of                                                    The event Marktplatz – Gute Geschäfte
nature. For this purpose, the students                                                   München (Market Place – Good Busi-
had prepared different game stations in    The Verein Fieberbrunn für Asylheim           ness Munich) organized by MBS stu-
the Isar meadows.                          Bürglkopf (Fieberbrunn society for asy-       dents together with the Tatendrang
                                           lum camp Bürglkopf) wants to make it          agency wants to initiate the cooperation
Unforgettable Days recorded their own      easier for volunteers to support the asy-     between local businesses and non-prof-
song with children of the SOS Mütter-      lum camp Fieberbrunn through active           it institutions. 1,726 hours of time for
und Kindertageszentrum (mother and         participation in the promotion of inte-       volunteer involvement were collected
child day care center) in Neuaubing. For   gration. Under the motto ‘Together we         here.
this, the lyrics of a song were changed    are strong’, the society organized a hip-
and the song then professionally record-   hop concert to which the residents of
ed in a recording studio. Of course,       the asylum camp were invited. The earn-
every child received a CD with their own   ings from the concert were used to or-
song as a memento.                         ganize a trip to an amusement park for
                                           the asylum seekers.

                                           The goal of Speedaidmunich is the
                                           time-limited, fast, total or partial provi-
                                           sion of money for persons who have
                                           acutely fallen on hard times. Via mod-        Die Heimwerker (The Handymen) reno-
                                           ern means of communication, potential         vated two rooms in the Clemens-Maria
                                           donors are called on to donate 50 euros       children's home in Putzbrunn. They laid
                                           for specifically defined aid projects. In     new floors, painted walls, and organized
                                           this way it has already been possible to      new furniture. In addition, they ar-
                                           help finance the acutely necessary            ranged afternoon game times for the
                                           treatment for a ten-year-old Iranian girl.    children living there. The activity was
                                           www.speedaidmunich.de                         funded through a generous donation by
                                                                                         the Rotary Club.

                                      Ups and Downs of a Company
                                      The successful entrepreneur and skateboard pioneer
                                      Titus Dittmann visits MBS

                                      In April, the entrepreneur and skateboard         Everything gambled away
                                      pioneer Titus Dittmann visited the MBS            By 1998 the company has become large
                                      together with his son Julius. In the con-         and difficult to manage. Former partners
                                      text of the lecture series 'Family busines-       want to go public with his idea. Titus Ditt-
                                      ses and corporate succession' and in              mann wants to beat them to it and is al-
                                      cooperation with the student initiative           ready preparing an IPO. Investors get on
                                      U2B e.V., they talked about the varied            board, an AG is founded, and retail sales
                                      history of their company, social involve-         through buy-ups rise from 70 to 90 mil-
Skateboards for Afghanistan           ment, and questions of succession.                lion euros in 2000. In 2001 the bubble
                                                                                        bursts and the IPO is canceled. The inves-
Social involvement is also very im-                                                     tors try to save what can be saved and
portant at Titus. The founda-                                                           Titus Dittmann and his wife lose the
tion Skate Aid supports national                                                        power in the company. Consultants de-
and international projects which                                                        velop recovery plans, banks send interim
carry out humanitarian projects                                                         managers, but the crisis persists. The
for children and young people via                                                       company that was once so accustomed to
skateboards. The means to this                                                          success is losing money.
end are fund-raising events for
individual projects, the collection                                                     Anyone else would have given up
and pass-ing on of skateboards                                                          At the end of 2006, the Dittmanns decide
and accessories free of charge,                                                         to stake all they have in order to get their
the bundling and utilization of                             Titus and Julius Dittmann   company back. They buy back the com-
know-how, manpower, and con-                                                            pany, take over operative management,
tacts in the skateboard world, as     A teacher becomes a skateboard                    and change the AG back into a GmbH. By
well as pub-licity and the provid-    entrepreneur                                      now, Titus GmbH is once again making a
ing of information. Two tons of       In 1980, the secondary school teacher             profit.
skateboards and clothing were         Titus Dittmann discovers skateboarding –
collected recently for setting up a   until then unknown in Germany – and in-           Julius Dittmann is just as passionate a
skateboard school in Kabul.           troduces it into physical education. For          skateboarder as his father and also an en-
                                      this purpose, he imports cheap skate-             trepreneur. He broke off his apprentice-
                                      boards from the USA. In 1984, he quits            ship in his parents' company during the
                                      his teaching job and starts importing             crisis and went into business for himself
                                      skateboards full-time together with his           with a skateboard wholesale company.
                                      wife. By 1988, the company and the Titus          This company is now so successful that he
                                      brand have developed magnificently,               was able to support the buy-back of Titus
                                      there are no competitors to speak of, and         with a credit. Now father and son are pre-
                                      the market share is at times 95%.                 paring the succession of generations at
                                                                                        Titus together.
                                      But Titus has always wanted to be more
                                      than a mere trading company. It is also           It was a given that Julius and Titus Ditt-
                                      one of Titus' goals to build up and sup-          mann didn't stand in front of the students
                                      port the skateboarding scene. Part of the         wearing suits. They not only sell skate-
                                      earnings therefore flows continuously             boards, fashion, and accessories, but they
                                      into skate parks and social and youth             also live their style and their passion. The
                                      work. This is also obvious on the compa-          audience experienced living company his-
                                      ny's website, which is at the same time           tory that can be copied, and after their
                                      online catalog and portal for all topics re-      lecture, Titus and Julius Dittmann were
                                      garding skateboarding.                            inundated with questions. We would like
                                      It also serves to quiet the bad conscience        to give special thanks to U2B e.V. for or-
                                      plaguing the entrepreneur, who is making          ganizing this exciting event.
                                      good money with his passion.

“At McKinsey, I've Come Full Circle”
MBS alumna Friederike Voswinckel recruits consultants in France and
Singapore for global service in reputable strategy consulting

                                                                                                 MBA Program Starts With
                        Personnel      and    When Sybari was taken over by Micro-               Record Enrollment
                        marketing – these     soft, all employees worldwide were given
                        have always been      notice. Friederike changed to the com-             In March 2009, the new class
                        the two depart-       munication and consulting firm PACT,               of the part-time MBA pro-
                        ments which inter-    where her areas of responsibility were             gram General Management
                        ested Friederike      marketing and sales topics, for example            started with 24 students. This
                        Voswinckel      the   with projects for sales increases of mobile        significant increase compared
                        most. And these       telecommunications products on the                 with the previous year's start
                        were also the focal   German market. “I did this for two years           shows that the program is
points she selected for her business ad-      and liked it – but at some point I started         more interesting and valuable
ministration studies when she enrolled,       to miss the personnel aspect. I wanted to          for companies than ever befo-
back then still with her maiden name          work directly with people again.”                  re. MBS has already reacted
Friederike Koch, at Munich Business                                                              to the increased demand: The
School after finishing her hotel manage-      Then came the job advertisement from               next course of studies starts
ment training at Steigenberger in 2000. It    McKinsey. Friederike Voswinckel applied            already in September.
was a very deliberate decision. “I wanted     and mastered the multi-stage selection
a compact course of studies and not lose      process – here, too, her international ex-
any time. I wanted to gain experience         perience and command of several foreign
abroad and learn foreign languages. And       languages were an advantage. Since then
I also didn't want to lose touch with work    she has been looking for consultants for
in real life while studying.”                 global service in strategy consulting – not
                                              only for Germany, though, but for offices
The course of studies fulfilled these ex-     around the world. “Together with Har-
pectations. Friederike successfully com-      vard, INSEAD is the most important inter-              MBA Team Cooking Event 2009
pleted internships for Volkswagen in          national recruiting source – and I am
Mexico and for Escada in New York, and        looking both in Fontainebleau and on the           In order to make the entry in-
in addition to her English, she also per-     INSEAD campus in Singapore for MBA                 to the MBA program easier
fected her Spanish and French skills. She     graduates who are suited for working at            for the students, MBS invited
chose a personnel topic for her degree        McKinsey.” Exciting work, in the opinion           them to a team cooking at the
dissertation: At Infineon, she dealt with     of the MBS alumna. “Every day I deal with          Eisenherz culinary school in
the question of how one could motivate        highly-qualified and motivated people              Seefeld castle. While prepar-
employees for service abroad. Unfortu-        who exude optimism and want to achieve             ing the ingredients and cook-
nately, she could not be taken on, since      something. And since the recruiting pro-           ing, the participants soon got
Infineon had to implement drastic job re-     cess includes both marketing and person-           to know each other and the
ductions at that time.                        nel aspects, I can fully enjoy both                evening was concluded with
                                              passions – in a way, at McKinsey, I've             the culinary pleasure of a self-
With her career entry, Friederike Vos-        come full circle.”                                 prepared four-course meal at
winckel's focus shifted from one area of                                                         festively set tables.
interest to the other. As Channel Repre-
sentative, she supervised from the start                                                         Whether it was due to the
international markets for the software                                                           quality of the dinner or the
company Sybari. “The international expe-                                                         fun of getting to know their
riences and knowledge skills I was able to                                                       fellow students, the partici-
gain at MBS paid off right at the begin-                                                         pants were delighted and
ning of my career,” says Friederike Vos-                                                         gave heartfelt thanks to the
winckel.                                                                                         organizers for a successful
                                                                                                 start to the MBA program.

Dear friends of MBS.                  Open Doors Worldwide
It's that time of year again. The
Fall semester starts at MBS and
the students return from their se-    Munich is calling – but in Miami nobody is          However, companies can apply for a one-
mesters abroad or their intern-       answering. “But I'm already on my way               year work permit for foreign applicants
ships. In addition, we get to again   back from Quito”, reports Johannes Ritz             with an American university degree, and
extend a warm welcome to new          a short time later via e-mail. We can talk          this year oftentimes suffices for finding
students at MBS and hope that         on the phone in four hours.                         out whether both sides are a match for
they will quickly settle in and                                                           each other.
contribute to the familial atmo-      Sounds like the daily routine of a consul-
sphere at MBS.                        tant, but it's Master’s studies. To be pre-         The Master’s students at Munich Busi-
                                      cise, studies of the type Johannes Ritz             ness School can freely decide whether
On our part, unfortunately, it is     had always imagined when he decided on              they want to complete their stay abroad
also time to say goodbye. Marc        the Master’s program at Munich Business             with or without an international dual de-
and René are finishing their MBS      School. After one year in Munich, he                gree. There was no question about this
studies with their Bachelor the-      changed for two semesters to the distin-            for Johannes Ritz. “I thought it was very
ses and afterwards will tackle        guished Chapman Graduate School of                  effective to gain an American master de-
new challenges. All of us really      Business of the Florida International Uni-          gree with only one additional semester.”
enjoyed our time as student re-       versity. The particular advantage of his
presentatives. It is great to see     choice of degree program: When he has
that through the Student Council,     successfully finished his year in the USA,
the student body has great influ-     he will also have an American Master’s
ence at MBS.                          degree in addition to the Master of Inter-
                                      national Business from Munich Business
As has already been observable in     School.
the last few years, MBS is build-
ing up its reputation and name
recognition further and further.                                                                           Johannes Ritz and Florian Lotte,
Through good results in universi-                                                          both master students at Munich Business School
ty rankings and cooperations like
the festival “ENERGY in the Park                                                          Now he is sharing his apartment in Miami
2009”, MBS continues on its suc-                                                          with his fellow student Florian Lotte, and
cessful way. It is important that                                                         both talk enthusiastically about their stud-
the MBS concept continues to be                                                           ies in Florida: About the high-level pro-
developed in the future, and we                                                           gram of studies and the insights into the
                                                                     The campus of the
as student representatives want               Florida International University in Miami   American view of the economy and the
to do our part, also in the coming                                                        world – but most of all about the interna-
semesters.                            Combining the studies abroad with the               tional character of the studies. Of 60 stu-
                                      option to also gain a foreign degree is not         dents in their course, only five are from
Have fun reading and remember,        very common yet, despite the fact that              the USA. “It doesn't matter which project
we're always here for you.            such a degree can be of great value –               we're working on or which topic we're
                                      especially in the USA – since it lowers the         discussing – if you're together with busi-
Your student representatives          obstacles for entry into the American               ness students from all over the world,
                                      labor market. For US-based companies,               every hour is exciting”, says Florian Lotte.
Mathias Grätz                         hiring foreigners involves relatively great         And apparently not only during study
Marc Schilling                        bureaucratic effort. Companies often balk           times. “We have already gone home with
René Zimmermann                       at this, since only in the process of work-         friends from Latin America a couple of
                                      ing together does it become clear whet-             times when they fly home for the week-
                                      her the employee really has all the                 end – it's not so far from Miami, after all.”
                                      additional skills that justify the great ef-
                                      fort involved in appointing him over a
                                      local applicant.

Johannes Ritz for example has already                Florian Lotte is more interested in Consul-
been to Quito a few times. His girlfriend is         ting. “After getting my degree in Miami, I
living there, and he successfully comple-            want to return to Germany for the time
ted an internship at the German Embassy              being; however, I want to apply all around
there. If it were up to him, this wasn't his         the world.” He believes that his chances
last contact with the diplomatic service.            are good – not least because of the inter-
“I would like to go to New York to the Uni-          national network he is building up during            Student Life
ted Nations”, says the student, who prior            his time in Florida. “This is a huge advan-          This semester, MBS students can
to his Master’s studies at Munich Busi-              tage”, says Florian Lotte. “We will stay in          expect, among other things:
ness School received a Bachelor degree               contact one way or another anyway – but
from the University of Applied Sciences in           I am fairly sure that at some point in the           ❚ September 6
Fulda.                                               future I will also have professional deal-             Pre-Semester Barbecue
                                                     ings with some of the people I get along
                                                                                                          ❚ September 10
                                                     with here.”
                                                                                                            SC Scavenger Hunt

                                                     Starting next semester, master students              ❚ September 11
                                                     will have the opportunity to receive a                 Welcome Party Meinburk
                                                     dual degree from additional international
                                                                                                          ❚ September 16
                                                     universities. Currently, cooperations with
                                                     universities in France, Great Britain, and
                                                     Australia are being planned.                         ❚ September 23
                                                                                                            SC Wiesn
         Florida International University in Miami
                                                                                                          ❚ From October 5 to 11
                                                                                                            Kart Challenge
                                                                                                          ❚ October 14
Outstanding Students – MBS Awards 2009                                                                      Culinary Journey /
                                                                                                            Cooking Duel
                                                                                                          ❚ From November 13 to 15
In April, MBS Awards for excellent involve-          Christian Klemenz received an award for                Pre-Wintertrophy
ment at the university were conferred for the        founding the new initiative MBS innovate! and
second time.                                         for the successful organization and execution        ❚ From November 16 to 22
                                                     of the first Munich Venture Summit.                    SC Bowling
Students could be nominated in the following                                                              ❚ November 25
categories:                                          René Zimmermann was awarded the MBS                    Culinary Journey /
❚ Student Association Award: The greatest            Student Representative Award for his involve-          Cooking Duel
involvement within a student initiative              ment as student representative.
❚ Student Representative Award: Outstan-                                                                  ❚ December 18
ding involvement for MBS students                    The MBS Representative Award went to Anna              Semester Final Party
❚ MBS Representative Award: Outstanding              Julia Hummel.
involvement for MBS with impact outside
❚ Special Award: Special achievements                The Master’s students Sarah Baier, Jennifer
                                                     Borelly, and Franziska Wilmsmeier were hon-
With so many involved students and exciting          ored with a Special Award for organizing the
projects it wasn't an easy task for the award        Blue Ocean workshop.
panel made up of MBS representatives and
students, but in the end the winners were se-        A Special Award also went to Maximilian
lected.                                              Neckels. He was honored for his part as ‘best
                                                     supporting student’. As the heart and soul of
The MBS Award in the Student Association             MBS, he is always a part but never up front.
category went to Thomas Pflugbeil and Marc
Schilling of Students-Clubbing, and Sara Gei-
sing of U2B.

                                       MBS innovate!
NEW STUEDNT ASSOCIATON:                – The Entrepreneurial Initiative
MBS Strategy
                                       MBS innovate!, the student initiative re-       We already finished our first larger pro-
With the start of the Fall semes-      garding entrepreneurship, was founded           ject successfully: The Munich Venture
ter 2009, a new student initiative     at the beginning of the Fall semester           Summit (see page 4). The conference of-
– the fifth at Munich Business         2008 at the suggestion of Christian Kle-        fered students interested in starting their
School – has been founded.             menz together with Ann-Cathrin von Re-          own businesses and start-ups, as well as
                                       chenberg, Christoph Auffermann, René            investors, a platform for interaction and
MBS Strategy – this stands for a       Zimmermann, Martin Striegl, Peter Hall,         a basis for networking. Especially for stu-
public image organized by the          and Benjamin Hubner. We want to specif-         dents, both after and already during the
students concerning all issues.        ically foster student start-ups with this in-   course of studies, starting a company is
                                       itiative, with the following two primary        one option of planning their career that
The members of MBS Strategy            goals: First, to offer the members inter-       has received little attention. That is why it
represent MBS at trade fairs all       ested in start-ups support for their first      is our goal to show students unimagined
over Germany and actively sup-         step into self-employment, and second,          room for the development of entrepre-
port MBS Preview Days and infor-       to encourage the student body to be-            neurship, so that in the future the que-
mation events. Other projects          come active as entrepreneurs.                   stion will not be “Where do you want to
targeted for the coming semester                                                       work after grad-uation?” but rather
are an MBS image movie, setting                                                        “What do you want to start up after gra-
up a blog project for semesters                                                        duation?”.
abroad, and a tutoring program
for freshmen.                                                                          Your MBS innovate! team

It is imperative that our initiative
is always able to function effi-
ciently. For this reason we are un-
fortunately not able to include all
interested students. A special ap-     MBS Invest
plication process was set up for
this purpose.
                                       The goal of MBS Invest e. V. is to give in-     Due to his very appealing lectures and
You can find the details at            terested students the possibility to gain a     practical experience, the association en-
www.mbs-strategy.de/                   broader insight in addition to the finance      joyed high popularity among students, so
bewerbung                              and stock-market lectures at university.        that we currently have 30 active mem-
                                       We see ourselves as a contact point be-         bers. As part of the lecture, the MBS In-
You can also always find the lat-      tween the theoretic lectures at university      vest team, together with Mr. Lamberti,
est information concerning MBS         and the real activity going on in the finan-    organized an interesting guest lecture by
Strategy and MBS on our home-          cial markets. The current executive board       David Bussmann (UBS Zürich) on the
page.                                  consists of Daniel Krome, Saskia Jarik, and     topic “A new phase for hedge funds –
                                       Marc Fischer.                                   bringing practical insight to alternative in-
We are looking forward to work-                                                        vestments.” This semester, we have plan-
ing with you!                          We were able to once again win over             ned a forum dealing with investments
Your MBS Strategy team                 MBS alumnus Matthias Lamberti as lec-           that conform to Islam and related topics
                                       turer for a 20-unit lecture. Starting with      such as Behavioral Finance.
                                       the Fall semester 2009, this optional lec-
                                       ture will be accredited on the part of          Goals for the subsequent semesters in-
                                       MBS. This means that in addition to their       clude achieving non-profit status, expan-
                                       certificate of attendance, participants         ding our areas of activity, and organizing
                                       also receive two ECTS credits. Matthias         additional guest lectures.
                                       Lamberti is an Investment Strategy Advi-
                                       sor for Reuschel & Co. and was thus able        Your MBS Invest team
                                       to bring well-grounded knowledge into
                                       this year’s lecture.

Students-Clubbing e.V.

Once again, Students-Clubbing e.V. is ex-     Of course, we will continue to try and or-
cited about a successful year. Due to the     ganize great events. At this point, we
growing involvement of more and more          would like to recommend two events to
students, Students-Clubbing e.V. was able     you.
to distinguish itself as an important part
of Munich Business School.                    The Isar BBQ shines in new splendor and
                                              takes place prior to the start of the seme-
We proudly look back on our successful        ster on Sunday, September 6, 2009.
Winter Trophy at Katschberg with 40 par-
ticipants. We are also excited about the      The Pre-Winter Trophy from November
large amount of positive feedback from        13 to 15, 2009 promises to be a first-class
gastronomers who experienced the MBS          event again. This year, it takes place on            Pre-Winter Trophy 2009
students as excellent guests.                 the Zugspitze, where we will spend an
                                              unforgettable weekend.                               This year will be particularly spe-
These successes prompt us to continue to                                                           cial: The Pre-Winter Trophy is
move forward with Students-Clubbing           We are looking forward to many events                moving.
e.V. For example, our initiative is to in-    with you!
creasingly fulfill the task of being of be-                                                        After the inclement weather in
nefit to the public.                          Your SC team                                         Sölden last year, we will leave be-
                                                                                                   hind familiar territory this time
                                                                                                   and move to the Zugspitze. As in
                                                                                                   the previous years, the Pre-Win-
                                                                                                   ter Trophy is a foretaste of the
                                                                                                   Winter Trophy. The goal is to get
                                                                                                   in the mood for the Winter Tro-
                                                                                                   phy, go skiing for a bit, and get to
University to Business e.V.                                                                        know the mountain scenery, in
                                                                                                   case that hasn't already hap-
What is special about U2B e.V. is that we     The MBS Case Challenge (see page 8) is
act as students for students. Our greatest    the new U2B event and offers students                Once again we have taxed our
potential are our members, who organize       the possibility to work on a case study              brains and come up with some
events for other students with motiva-        provided by reputable companies in a                 spectacular innovations.
tion, personal involvement, management        competition with other students. The
qualities, and also a fair dose of passion.   project will take place in October with the          We are already now looking for-
From the development of concepts to ac-       friendly assistance of the five founders of          ward to a sensational weekend.
tive networking, the association is active-   the event (Olivia A., Sara G., Julia H., Nina
ly bringing the business world onto the       K., and Olga P.).                                    Your SC team
MBS premises.
                                              A Plea
Spring Semester 2009 Review                   U2B e.V. is looking for new members. You
We are happy to report that we were           want to get involved in everyday univer-
able to have Titus and Julius Dittmann        sity life? You are innovative, talented, and
hold a very successful lecture in the con-    up for organizing interesting projects?
text of the lecture series 'Family busines-   You are looking for a challenge? All doors
ses and corporate succession' (more info      are still open to you, we need you on our
on the lecture on page 10) that impres-       team!
sed both lecturers and students at MBS.
                                              With this in mind, I am hoping for the
Fall Semester 2009 Outlook                    continued existence of our association
The association will be more involved         and thank you for three great and event-
with its original mission of student con-     ful U2B years.
sulting in the coming Fall semester.
                                              Sara Geising
                                              U2B e.V. Board

Meet us in Person ...
… at Trade Fairs All Over Germany
                                                                                            Application Deadlines
                                                                                            for 2010
We are happy to assist you and are also available for a personal counseling interview at
our stand. Just give us a call.                                                             ❚ MBA General Management
                                                                                              Starting March 2010
❚   September 30, 2009: University Information Day Augsburg                                   1st round: September 1, 2009
❚   October 15, 2009: College Days Munich                                                     2nd round: November 1, 2009
❚   November 20+21, 2009: EINSTIEG Munich                                                     3rd round: January 1, 2010
❚   November 25+26, 2009: Absolventenkongress Cologne
                                                                                            ❚ MBA Health Care
                                                                                              Starting September 2010
                                                                                              1st round: March 15, 2010
For All Prospective Bachelor Students                                                         2nd round: April 15, 2010
                                                                                              3rd round: May 15, 2010
Visit us during our Open House at Munich Business School                                      4th round: June 15, 2010

                                                                                            ❚ Master Programs
The Open House on October 17, 2009             short ‘stations’ where you can get an im-      Starting September 2010
(10am to noon) at MBS is a good oppor-         pression of our teaching methods, con-         1st round: March 15, 2010
tunity to personally look into our Bache-      tents, and the special focus on interna-       2nd round: April 15, 2010
lor program and get a first impression of      tionality. In addition, you will meet          3rd round: May 15, 2010
us, our students and lecturers, and the        current students and get all the informa-      4th round: June 15, 2010
MBS premises.                                  tion regarding the application process at
                                               MBS.                                         ❚ Bachelor Programs
The program starts with a short presen-                                                       Starting September 2010
tation about MBS followed by several                                                          1st round: January 25, 2010
                                                                                              Admission Test on
                                                                                              February 5/6, 2010
                                                                                              2nd round: April 01, 2010
Give Us a Try!                                                                                Admission Test on
                                                                                              April 16/17, 2010
And get a first impression of our students, lecturers, and of course MBS itself               3rd round: June 10, 2010
                                                                                              Admission Test on
                                                                                              June 25/26, 2010
A personal impression of students, lectur-     On these days, you visit two lectures each
ers, and our university itself can almost      from the current curriculum – that way,
not be substituted with any other infor-       you can get to know our teaching
mation channel. That is why we want to         methods, our university, and the MBS
offer you the opportunity to get exactly       study atmosphere in advance.
that personal impression. Based on the
great success of our ‘test days’ in each of    Generally, the joint lunch takes place to-
the programs, we now have new offers           gether with current students who talk
for all those interested:                      about their experiences so far and the       Munich Business School
                                               reasons why they decided to study at Mu-     Elsenheimerstraße 61
                                                                                            D-80687 München
❚ Preview Days for those interested in         nich Business School.
  the Bachelor program: November 28,                                                        Phone +49 (0)89 547678-0
  2009 and January 23, 2010                    The day closes with a short information      Fax +49 (0)89 547678-29
                                               session on the respective program, where
❚ Preview Days for those interested in         you can also pose your individual ques-
  the master program: December 5               tions.

❚ MBA Warm-Ups for all those inter-                                                         Publisher
                                                                                            Munich Business School
  ested in our MBA programs: Septem-
  ber 19, November 7, December 5,                                                           Editorial & Design
  and January 9, 2010                                                                       Stephanie Raiser, Anja Runau, Martin

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