Green Bay and Northside Homing Pigeon Club by pptfiles


									               Green Bay and Northside Homing Pigeon Club
     Presents our Annual Late Hatch Auction
      Saturday July 14th 2007 viewing 11:00 auction starts at 1:00
               We have confirmed some High Quality Birds from these top flyers
                      Robert Barnes SR. ------One of the Top Detroit Flyers
           Tom Biese -----Great flyer from the Valley Club should be a “Devriendt”
         Mike Chlebek -----Multiple birds in the top 20 of the Midwest Convention race
          Crazy Al ----- One of the top breeders in the country Midwest winner in “04”
                             Vern Clausen----- AU all American Loft
                          Mike DeRue -------Top Grizzles in the country
                     Joe Drummen ------ Bred the WI. Open Champ in “03”
                        Jerry Eurlings -------- One of Florida‟s great flyers
                       Joe Fisher ------- Promised a amazing bird this year
                     Alan Frampton --------Top flyer in the Tampa Bay area
                          Tony Gralik -----Has The Best of Mike Ganus
            Tim Hitzman------ Topeka Classic best overall bird 2006 “day bird 600 “
                         Larry Jeske ----- The man to beat in the frv conc.
                   Jack Kellerman----- Flies a small team Nothing but Quality
                           Pete Kiefer ------ Always sends us a top bird
                                Robert Koran------ Very nice birds
             Grady Kuhn----- Has become the best young bird flyer in the frv conc.
                      Orland Kuske ----A late hatch from his conc. Winner
                     Randy Kuske ------ a late hatch from his conc. Winner
                  Tom Langenberger -------phenomenal birds…. Consistently
                            Pete Larsen ----- Top of the line from Pete
                  Dave Laux ------ some of the best Devriendts in the country
                      Larry Leach ---- Great flyer from the Minnesota area
           John Lindeman (Lindys Loft) --- One off my conventon winning Janssens
                               Gary Lunzer -----nothing but quality
                              Ron Lyman ------ nothing but the best
              William martin—(Heritage Loft) ---- Great Pigeons from a great loft
                               Fritz Menke --- Outstanding pigeons
                                 Bill Miller ----- AU hall of Fame
                         Vic Miller ------ “ MR Snowbird” that says it all
                   Al Mills------ Good friend to vic miller same Quality birds
                    Bill Neilson ------- Excellent birds from an excellent man
              Brian Neal ----- placed 2 birds in the top 20 midwest convention race
              Jake Nuthals ------ winning breeder „‟05 and „‟06‟‟ greenbay auction
                           Ken Pair -------- Best of the Murray Janssens
                       Fred Pieper -----great breeder from Milwaukee WI.
                                 Dale Polasik ----- Buys the best
                  Tim Riordan -------“The Irish Connection” Top Ganus birds
                    Gordy Schingen ------ Great flyer from Fond Du Lac WI.
                          Horst Schrank --------- The best from the best
                    Dennis Simonis -------- Excellent birds from a good flyer
                                Del Smet -------- Quality and Class
                    Victor Valenzuella ------ Top flyer Owner of “Sure Bet”
                         Beany Zelasko ------ The Icon of the motor city
                                 Free Food and Drinks at auction
Blood Lines of most birds not confirmed as of now any Questions e-mail
                                Will know more as birds come in.
                                           Thanks Lindy

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