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Ballard High School Clubs10-11


									                     Ballard High School
               Clubs & Activities List 2010-2011
Activities Coordinator and Athletic Director Carrie Burr (
Published by the PTSA/Beaver Beat staff
Please contact Lyn Porterfield ( with any changes.

Note: For many of these clubs and activities, students may join anytime; check with the
teacher/sponsor for more information. (Alphabetical Order)

In addition to classes during the regular school day, there are several after school or related
activities associated with these programs; check with the program instructor. An academy
program has a “dedicated” Language Arts instructor, the Pathway students choose their LA.

      1. Academy of Finance
          Eric Blazevic (
          Valerie Green (
          Jill Zawatski (
          View AOF Website
          a. Summer Internships at local companies between Junior and Senior years. Last
               summer students worked at Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, K & L Gates, Seattle
               Northwest Securities, and Holland America, among others.
          b. Senior exchange trip to New York City. Students that have successfully
               completed the Academy of Finance classes are eligible to participate. The trip
               includes visiting another academy of Finance in NYC. Students are encouraged
               to take Computer Applications I, Computer Applications II or Web Design, and
               Accounting I. as prerequisites to the Academy.
      2. BioTech Academy
          Dr. Dewey Moody ( Rm. NW216
          View Biotech Website
          a. Biotech Expo, Imagine Tomorrow competition
          b. Summer Internships with local companies
      3. Connections Academy for 9th Grade
          Jeff Calderwood (
          Dina McArdle (
          Tim Stedman (
          a. Teachers share students in LA, Social Studies and Science
          b. Designed to prepare all students for College Track classes
      4. Maritime Academy
          John Foster ( Rm. NW211
          a. Sailing Club – sailing & kayaking, marine science, boat building & field trips
          b. Annual trip to Washington, D.C. for selected students.
          c. Internships Available

      5. Project Lead the Way (Engineering Pathway)
           Craig Nielsen ( Rm. NW204
           a. ACE Mentoring program (Architecture, Construction & Engineering) meets at
               participating downtown professional offices twice a month during school year
      6. TSA Technology Students Association – TSA is an after school program that helps
          students grow in leadership. We offer a variety of competitions to participate at the
          regional/state/and national levels.
      7. Proyecto Saber
           Nohra Giraldo ( Rm. S100 206-252-1054
           View Proyecto Website
           a. Proyecto Saber (Our Cultural Heritage) - is a program which serves as a link
               between the educational system, parents and the community to ensure equity in
               education for all Chicano/Latino students.
           b. As a bridge between cultures, Proyecto Saber allows students to remain
               connected to their cultural identity and to draw upon their knowledge, values and
               self-esteem as they reach out to meet the challenges of the future.
       8. Video Production Program
           Matt Lawrence ( Rm. N225
           c. Students produce original work and participate in prestigious film and video
           d. Advanced video students receive professional internships (depending on
               availability) between the Junior and Senior years.
           e. Program students may apply for trips to visit schools of film & television, connect
               with program alumni, and tour the industry in Los Angeles or New York.

STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS – Spring & Summer Break
     France – French Club
             Bi-annual tours to France
             French Club, Annaick Sturgeon (
             Typically we meet 2 times a month to prepare for trip. In spring 2009 we did
             home-stays in Aix, France, and traveled to Southern France and Paris.
                     Next scheduled trip is in April 2011 to Normandy, Brittany, Loire Valley
             and Paris.      Students need to be in or have completed French 2. Applications
             are due         October 15. Also see French Club.
     Japan - Jiritsu – Japanese Club
     Joe McColskey (
     Class trips to Japan during Spring Break.
     Spain – Spanish Club
             Tricia Nielsen (
             Rm. S201 during 1st Lunch Periodic meetings. 2011 trip to Spain in planning
     USA – various classes & destinations
             New York City Academy of Finance
                     Senior Trip – Spring Break - to NYC
                     Valerie Green (
             Washington, D.C.
                     Maritime Academy summer trips
             Regional tours in the Northwest
                     Music Dept. Competitions & Various Clubs
                     i.e. the Music Dept. travels to annual regional Competitions,
                     Finance Academy members travel for club competitions.

Note: The name associated with each activity is the teacher/advisor.

A.C.E, Architecture, Construction & Engineering
        Craig Nielsen ( Rm. NW204
        National Mentoring Program. An all-city group, approx 100 students meeting in small
        groups. Meets twice a month at participating downtown professional offices for tours,
        lectures and technical mentoring in ACE, with a student-produced power-point
        presentation, sometimes including drawings & models, at the end of the year. The
        students have presented at Microsoft Auditorium, Central Library; and Kane Hall at UW.
Art Club
        Jane Morris ( Rm. SW110, Thursday after school.
        Also contact Therese MacDonald, 789-5723 (, Susan
        Sullivan, 706-0638 and Kim Owens. Students can continue with individual art projects, or
        learn new techniques. There is an annual commitment to display student artwork at the
        Ballard Art WALK in May (you do not need to be in an art class to participate) as well as
        student shows in the school. Students can also earn Service Learning Hours and donate
        what they make or they can do their own thing. Announcements will be in the Daily
        Bulletins and posted at school.
ASB - Associated Student Body - Student Government
        Pres./Vice Pres./Sec./Treas.
        Carrie Burr (
        Meets in Activity Center/Commons
        Elections are held in April
Astrobiology Club
        Eric Muhs (
Aviation Club
        Jan Bartlett (
        Nancy Ellen Elster, Coach
        Meet in the AC/Activity Center during 6th period. Tryouts held in April or May.
        Members boost spirit and cheer-leadership at Ballard High.
Chess Club
        Eric Muhs (
        Inexperienced and experienced chess players are welcome. The BHS library has the
        largest collection of chess books in the district for any student or players reference use.
Computer Club
        Craig Cottrill (
        Rm. NW211 (206.252.1044), Time: TBD
        Club members troubleshoot, repair, and maintain computers for the school. Computer
        Club members have a heart for service and can earn Service Learning hours for the
        work they do helping to maintain and service the many computers here at Ballard High
        School. This has included upgrading memory, cleaning dust clogged CPUs, and helping
        to make computers in classrooms easier to access and maintain. We work hard and
        have a good time doing it! If interested, contact Mr. Cottrill by email or phone.
Dance Team
        Shiboo Krismer (
        Members meet Mon, Tues, Thur from 2:35pm-5:30pm all year in the commons.
        The Ballard Dance Team was created to promote spirit and a love of dance for the
        Ballard community. Dance styles include, but is not limited to: pom, jazz, and hip hop.
        We perform at school assemblies, football and basketball half-times, competitions, and

       select parades with the school Marching Band. Tryouts usually take place in May. For
       more information, visit our website at:
Debate Club
       Alicia Hale (
       Jack Thompson (
       Debate club meets Thursdays in Rm. S115. Members compete in state debate
       Jill Zawatski ( First Tuesday of the month from 3:00-4:00
       in Room N101
       DECA is a student organization operating in the 50 states and Canada that attracts
       individuals to productive careers in business, marketing, management, and
       entrepreneurship. DECA gives students hands-on experience in these fields, and
       provides conferences and competitions that mold high school students into character-
       drive leaders.
Drama Club
       Shawn Riley
       Open to any student in Ballard High School with an interest in theatre arts.
       Students in Drama Club will assist on the three annual main stage productions to include
       one comedy, one musical and one drama. Positions available for students to get
       involved with include ushering, properties, set construction, box office, wardrobe crew,
       hair and makeup crew, backstage running crew, and stage management. Auditions for
       acting roles will be announced throughout the year. Membership in Drama Club does
       NOT grant a position on stage in a production.
       Rehearsals are held after school, Monday through Friday, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.
Earth Service Corps
       Noam Gundle (
       Pam Hering (
       Rm. NW217 or S105 Thursdays during both lunches
       Earth Service Corps hosts educational events, leads and participates in service projects
       at Ballard and in Seattle and works for sustainable change everywhere. We hosted a
       dinner called “Eat Local Now!” twice, showed public viewings from movies, sponsor Bike
       to Work Day in May, built bike racks and bike shelters and built a native plant garden.
       This year our activities will focus on many issues, and a large project is supporting food
       composting at Ballard High School which was started in 2008 to help make our school
       culture more environmentally and socially sustainable. Any student who cares about
       their community can join.
FBLA -Future Business Leaders of America:
       Eric Blazevic ( Meeting times TBD.
       FBLA is an American career and technical student organization. FBLA is a non-profit
       organization of high school ("FBLA"), middle school ("Middle Level"), and college ("PBL")
       students, as well as professional members ("Professional Division") who primarily help
       students transition to the business world. FBLA is the largest student-run business
       related organization in the world, with 253,365 members. FBLA also holds yearly
       competitions across topics covering technology, business, and public speaking.
FCCLA, also known as Family, Career & Community Leaders of America
       Marcia Lalonde ( Tuesdays after school in Rm. N220
       FCCLA is a national organization of students 9th through 12th grade who have taken a
       Family and Consumer Sciences class, such as Food Science, Child/Human
       Development, Independent Living, or Apparel and Textiles. FCCLA is one of the nation’s
       major student organizations with more the 219,000 members. There are approximately

       6,500 chapters in all 50 states including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the
       Virgin Islands.

       FCCLA seeks to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family
       and Consumer Sciences Education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member,
       wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through – character
       development; creative and critical thinking; interpersonal communication; practical
       knowledge; and career preparation.

      Participation with partner groups at regional, state and national levels, and community
      service projects including sewing hats for “Baby Boutique” store for the homeless,
      clothing drives, assisting at food banks, and participating in other local community
      service activities.
FIRST Robotics
      Craig Nielsen (
       FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a unique varsity sport of the mind designed to
       help high-school-aged young people discover how interesting and rewarding the life of
       engineers and researchers can be.

       The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of young people and their mentors
       to solve a common problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard "kit of parts" and a
       common set of rules. Teams build robots from the parts and enter them in competitions
       designed by Dean Kamen, Dr. Woodie Flowers, and a committee of engineers and other
        FIRST redefines winning for these students because they are rewarded for excellence in
        design, demonstrated team spirit, gracious professionalism and maturity, and the ability
        to overcome obstacles. Scoring the most points is a secondary goal. Winning means
        building partnerships that last.
French Club
        Annaick Sturgeon ( Room S207
        Member meet in Rm. S207 at lunch on early release days and/or after school. The
        French Club organizes activities to promote a better understanding of French and
        francophone culture. Activities include: making crêpes, playing Boules, making bûche de
        noël, selling May Day flowers, etc.
Gay Straight Alliance
        Brian Reardon ( and Catherine Schmider
        Members meet Thursday’s after school in Rm. SW100. GSA provides a meeting place
        and social opportunity for LGBT youth and their allies/friends. Activities include: parties,
        movies, conversation, excursions and social activism.
INK - Literary Magazine
        Sooz Stahl ( Wednesdays after school in room SW121
        It’s about Art, Literature & Photography. INK magazine members invite students to
        submit art, poetry and short stories during the year, with selections made of pieces they
        feel represent Ballard’s literary and artistic diversity; INK is published annually.
International Club
        We promote cultural sharing of the nations of the world and have fundraisers to promote
        peace and diversity. We have an annual Bowling/Pizza gathering in the fall and
        sometimes a skating party to promote the friendship of our club members. We also
        sponsor a visiting International Club to First Place School in Seattle, an elementary

       school for children whose parents are in crisis or homeless. Each week for 6-8weeks our
       students take a particular culture and country to these children for their club activity. We
       prepare the cuisine of the country, show cultural dress and teach some language words,
       stories or games in the hour. We are in charge of the International Cultural Dress
       Display during Diversity Day where about 20 students participate in showing/modeling
       the dress of their culture to the student body.
Japanese Club
       Joe McColskey (
       The Japanese Club is a student-run organization designed to offer interested students
       opportunities to learn about and experience various aspects of Japanese
       Culture…especially the food!
Key Club
       Diana Brooks (
       Marie McCormick (
       Community service organization – projects include serving food at New Horizons,
       assisting at Holiday Carousel, picking up litter, helping younger kids shop at Fred Meyer,
       assisting with the annual blood drive.
La Union Latina
       Nohra Giraldo ( Rm S100, Friday at Break
       Long established club for Latino students and their friends at BHS who work together to
       unite Latino students from different countries and backgrounds and to share the richness
       of their culture with the BHS community. The club members work together to plan
       activities and service projects.
       Boys and girls teams/Spring sport. This is a club sport comprised of athletes from
       Ballard HS only. Varsity and JV teams. For girls contact Lyn Porterfield for info
       (, for boys contact Dave Kirkendall
Link Crew
       Keven Wynkoop (
        A Mentoring Program, that assigns every incoming 9th grader with successful
       upperclassmen at a ratio of about 10:2 to help them adjust to the realities of high school.
       Link Leaders, the mentors, are chosen through an application process in the spring and
       they are trained in late August to prepare for an exciting Freshmen Orientation Program.
       Follow up activities are organized throughout the year to increase freshmen connection
       to school and improve their academic and social success.
Model UN
       Alicia Hale ( and Jack Thompson
       ( Members meet Mondays in Rm. S115 or S116, along
       with lunch meetings.
       Students address important current international issues as delegates at Model United
       Nations conferences. Members develop skills in public speaking, debate, negotiation
       and analytical writing. A Model UN conference will be held in December at Ballard to
       prepare members for outside conferences
       Michael James (
                Instrumental Music
                Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion, Orchestra, and Jazz Bands
       Courtney Rowley (
                Concert Choir, Treble Choir, and Vocal Jazz

        *Men’s Ensemble
        Men’s Ensemble is a non-auditioned, extracurricular men’s choir that rehearses once a
        week after school on Thursdays. Students sing a variety of music including doo-wop,
        contemporary rock, pop, classical, and folk music. Men’s Ensemble performs for all
        school concerts as well as assemblies, gigs throughout the area, and at Solo and
        *Women’s Chamber Choir
        An extracurricular woman’s ensemble that rehearses once a week after school for an
        hour and an a half. Students perform advanced choral literature for women’s voices.
        They participate in Solo and Ensemble and consistently receive Superior ratings.
        Women’s Chamber Choir also participates in various smaller concerts and gigs
        throughout the year. Please see Ms. Rowley if interested.
        *Chamber Orchestra
        This auditioned group meets once a week and is comprised on the most talented and
        motivated string players. They perform several times throughout the year at school and
        community events and represent BHS at the region’s solo/ensemble contest.
National Honor Society
        Bob Butler ( Rm. NW213
        For meeting times and days please check your daily bulletin. For 10th, 11th, and 12th
        graders with 3.4 or higher grade average. Members meet monthly and volunteer and
        perform 15 hours of community service per semester. Community service events
        included helping at the Holiday Carousel in downtown Seattle, tutoring elementary
        school students, and serving food at St. John’s soup kitchen. There were over 100
        members last year.
Native American Club
        Gordon Macdougall ( 206-252-1030, N110
        Native Club is forming for any student who is Native American, Alaskan Native, First
        Nation, or interested in participating in this club and the fun activities and community it
        will support.
Newspaper – Student Newspaper “The Talisman”
        Michael Smith ( Rm. SW102
        In addition to Journalism class, meets before school / lunch / after school
Outdoor Club – Beaver Trekkers
        Noam Gundle (Rm NW217) (
        This is an outdoor club that helps Beavers enjoy the great outdoors.
Pacific Islander Club
        India Carlson (
        Members meet Wednesdays in Mr. Calson’s room to increase awareness of Pacific
        Island Culture and support Pacific Island students.
Physics Club
        Eric Muhs (
Scandinavian Club
        John Nygaard ( S217
        Community volunteering, serving at Swedish Club’s pancake breakfast,
        folk dancing at Leif Erikson Lodge in Ballard (practicing and teaching dances)
SLAM Club Students' Lives Always Matter Club
        The mission of the club is to perform suicide prevention activities and raise awareness
        about the problem of teen suicide. Planned activities include: classroom presentations
        at BHS and local middle schools; coordinating and planning Suicide Prevention Week
        and distributing leaflets and posters. After-school participation earns volunteer service

       The group meets on Wednesdays after school. Contact advisor Paul Barry in the Teen
       Health Center 784-2139 for more information.
Spanish Club
       Tricia Nielsen (
       Members meet in Rm S201 to engage in a variety of activities to learn more about
       Spanish-speaking cultures. The Spanish club is organized and run by students. If you
       are interested in leading the club, please see Ms. Nielsen.
Surf Club
       Noam Gundle (
       The Surf Club meets Wednesdays after school in NW217.
Teen 2 Teen
       Jill Zawatski
       To provide homeless teens with necessities like socks, food etc. Some activities include
        sock drives, “soup kitchen” dinners, organizing auctions as fundraisers.
Thespian Troupe #5369
       Shawn Riley (
       The Thespian organization is a special honorary group within the Drama Club for Junior
       and senior students who have participated in a minimum of 100 hours in two or more
       main stage theater productions AND maintained the proper annual requirements to
       remain Thespians. Some members may attend a state leadership conference and the
       state theater festival each year.
       The mission of the Thespians is to provide a nurturing environment in which students
       can pursue individual and collective achievements by developing their skills and
       understanding in the genre of theatre, musical theatre, and technical theatre. Thespian
       expectations are as follows; Demonstrate respect by being punctual, serve as a leader
       and role model to others, commit to being focused and dedicated to your academics,
       your craft, and your school. Value your body as your instrument by living a clean
       lifestyle. Show respect to each other, staff, volunteers, and to the facilities of the theater
       in which we work. Demonstrate and express support for each other whether onstage,
       backstage, or in the audience. Thespians as an organization is far greater than any
       individual. Let us be proud of our accomplishments, yet humble enough to understand t
       hat our goals could not be accomplished without each other.
       Members meet in the Black Box every Tuesday starting at 2:45pm. Please check out the web site for more information.
TSA – Technology Students Association
       Craig Nielsen (
       Occasional Saturday events check schedule with Mr. Nielsen.
       This is a national program that includes regional & state competitions, from model
       building to designing advertisements. Students participate in engineering-related
       problem solving technical contests and projects. Also teaches group leadership skills.
       Ballard took first place in 2004 for Structural Engineering & Problem Solving.
Ultimate Frisbee
       Joe Kelly ( Rm. SW 103
       Spring Only – Tue/Weds 2:45 at Loyal Heights field, dates and time subject to change
       The team plays other area schools such as Northwest, Lakeside, Bush and Nathan
       Hale. There are about 30 players on the roster, with 14 at practice, 7 players per side.
Video Production Club
       Matt Lawrence ( Rm. N225
       Members meet after school in the video production lab and N225
Yearbook – “The Shingle”

       Jeanne Reeder (
       Members meet Monday-Friday in SW122. The Shingle records the history of the school
       year in photos and text.

SPORTS: Fall – Winter – Spring

Ballard is a member of the 4A KingCo League, which includes ten area high schools including
Bothell, Eastlake, Inglemoor, Issaquah, Redmond, Roosevelt, Skyline, and Woodinville. The
district requires that all students participating in athletic programs must maintain a minimum 2.0
grade point average in at least 5 academic courses. Sports applications are due in the Main
Office two weeks before the season starts.

      Nancy Ellen Elster, Coach Meet in AC/Activity Center, 6th period

Fall Sports
Practice for Football starts August 18th, 2010
Practice for all other fall sports start August 23rd, 2010
Fall Sports practice starts two weeks before school starts.
       Boys Golf – Casey McMullin (
       Boys Tennis – Kevin Todd (
       Cross Country (running) - Bruce Drager (
                                     Bob Mirenzi (
       Football – John Bowers (
       Girls Soccer – Val Said (
       Girls Swimming and Diving– Carlos Palacian (
       Volleyball – Tami Reese (

Winter Sports
Practice for Gymnastics starts November 8th, 2010
All other sports – practices start November 15th, 2010
        Boys Basketball – Billy Rodgers (
        Boys Swimming – Chad Rolfs (
        Girls Basketball – CJ Sealey (
        Gymnastics – Stephanie Gundle (
        Wrestling – Domingo Gomez (

       Note: Skiing
       Ski-attle ski buses, a non-profit organization, takes middle and high-school skiers and
       snowboarders from the Seattle School District to the mountains. Arrangements can be
       made for lessons, lift tickets and gear rental. Trips are Friday night to Snoqualmie Pass,
       Saturday to Crystal Mountain and Sunday to Mount Baker.
        Another resource: Bob Hall Ski & Snowboard School 360-468-3765
       For cross-country skiing, contact the Washington Ski Touring Club for trips, classes and
       volunteer opportunities for cross-country, telemark and backcountry skiers. Often meets
       at REI, 222 Yale Ave. N.

Spring Sports
Spring Sports practice starts February 28th, 2010
       Baseball – John Lamm (

       Boys Soccer – Gary Hunter (
       Fastpitch – Kyle Gray (
       Girls Golf – Casey McMullin (
       Girls Tennis – OPEN
       Track – Bruce Drager (
               Bob Mirenzi (


Traffic Education – Driving Lessons
        Class requires a substantial fee; application forms at Counseling Office
After School Tutoring
        Offered Monday – Wednesday after school in the Library
        Contact Diane Steen

BHS Service Learning Coordinator
Grayce Mitchell ( 252-1015 Counseling Office
Completing 60 hours of service learning is a graduation requirement. These hours must be
completed between Sept. of the student's freshman year and June of their senior year. Go to under student information for ideas and the service learning
documentation form. Students who document 240 hours by the middle of May of their senior
year will earn the Above and Beyond Service Learning Award.

Helpful web sites for volunteer opportunities: under student information


PTSA Parent/Teacher/Student Association
      General Meetings are held 4 times a year at 7pm in the Library, with monthly Board
      meetings just prior to the General Meeting. For PTSA Membership, see flyers in Main
      Office or go to The PTSA also publishes the Beaver Beat
      newsletter four times a year. Send news to Lyn Porterfield at

       2010-2011 PTSA Executive Board
       Presidents: John Verduin
       Vice President: Jerri Harden
       Secretary: Kathleen Marks
       Treasurer: Cass O’Callaghan
       List Serve & Newsletter Editor: Lyn Porterfield
       Newsletter Production: Vanessa Foss Turcan
       Newsletter Distribution: Amy Bruhn
       PTSA Coordinator: Amy Bruhn
       School Volunteer Coordinator: Sue Daley

       Membership Co-Chairs: Shawn Burkland
                                 Lisa Hegerberg
       Legislative Liaison: Ted Inkley
       BLT Representative: Lisa Moore
                             Bonnie Wasser
       Hospitality/Staff Appreciation: Mary Oakland
                                       Torii Guettler
       Special Education PTSA Rep: Linda Scott
       All School Directory: Ronnette Megrey
       Principal: Keven Wynkoop

       PTSA email Daily Bulletin
       To receive the Daily School Bulletins & Announcements via email, send an e-mail to Lyn
       Porterfield at and in the subject line put “Add to BHS List”. Daily
       Bulletins and other important school/community information and announcements are
       sent from the Main Office to those on the listserv.
Art Booster Club
       Therese MacDonald
Athletic Booster Club
       See their website at
        Co-President Heidi Nelson
        Co- President Sue Verduin
        Vice President Lyn Porterfield
Music Booster Club
       Denae Gordon (


Ballard High School
Main Office, ph 252-1000 general info at
Principal, Keven Wynkoop
Assistant Principal, Liz Guillroy,
Assistant Principal Dr. Charlie Walker III,
Main Office and Athletic Secretary, Sharon Davis: 252-1000
Administrative Secretary, Josie Cleveland:
Attendance Office: 252-1009
Nurse, Meg Wakeman: 252-1007
Teen Health Center: 784-2142
Service Learning Coordinator, Grayce Mitchell:

School Counselors
Head Counselor, Georgia Turkovich
Jane Maurer (A –E) ph 2522-1106
Tom Kramer (F - La) ph 252-1102
Julie Chapman (Le-N, Pe-Re) ph 252-1104
Serena Swanson, intern (O -Pa), 252-1103
Georgia Turkovich (Rh- Z) Head Counselor ph 252-1187
Academic Intervention, Sid Glass:
Sandy Jensen, Counseling Office Secretary, ph 252-1014

Class Advisors
Class of 2011 Wendy Cunningham (
Class of 2012 Jill Zawataski (
Class of 2013 Tami Reese
Class of 2014 Wendy Cunningham (

Other Support Information
Source This is the name of the Seattle School District web portal where parents and students
          can logon to see specific student grade and attendance information posted by their
Seattle Public School
Ballard High School Foundation, Alumni Association,
Digital Learning Commons Library,

College Entrance Exams, and Advanced Placement Exams
PSAT (pre-SAT), SAT, ACT, etc. These are given several times a year; check with Counseling
Office for exact dates and times. Students must sign-up in advance for each exam. Exam prep
courses are offered at various locations, check with Counseling Office. Advanced Placement
exams – sign up in advance; check with the class AP instructor.

Summer Reading Lists and Library
Look for summer reading lists from your student’s teachers or the librarian, Debora Arthur Students may get extra credit-some books available over summer.


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