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Introduction to GRE


This presentation gives a brief overview of the test and scoring pattern of GRE and quickly compares the differences between old and revised GRE.

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									Cracking GRE – The Right Approach          aKademy







GRE – Brief Intro
Graduate Record Examination

 GRE is a Standardized Test               GRE is an admission requirement for many Grad
  − GRE measures general skills           Schools in US
      − Verbal Reasoning                   Every year 6 lakh students from 230 countries take it
      − Quantitative Reasoning             GRE is used as a common measure for comparing
      − Analytical Writing                students from various countries with varied qualifications
      − Critical Thinking                  GRE is one of many admission requirements like
                                                Transcripts
  − GRE measures skills acquired over a
                                                Letters of Recommendation
    long period of time
                                                SOP
  − Fees: 190 USD ~ approx. Rs. 9,000
                                                TOEFL etc.,
  − Scores valid up to 5 Years
                                           However, GRE being a common denominator for all, is
                                          very important to get into your preferred school/program

  Old GRE: Last date is Jul 31st
  Revised GRE starts from Aug 1st
GRE Test and Scoring pattern
3 Sections

 Verbal Reasoning – (200-800) 38 Questions; 30 Minutes
     Antonyms (word nearly opposite)
     Analogies (exactly same relation)
     Sentence Completion (Fill the blanks in a sentence)
     Reading Comprehension (Passage followed by questions)
 Quantitative Reasoning – (200-800) 30 Questions; 45 Minutes
     Problem Solving
     Data Comparison
     Data Interpretation
 Analytical Writing – (0-6 Scale)
     Issue Topic (Pick one of two topics); 250 Words Essay; 45 Minutes
     Argument Topic (No choice; One topic); 250 Words Essay; 30 Minutes
GRE Test and Scoring pattern
Computer Adaptive Test

 GRE is a Computer Adaptive Test
     Your answer to a question will determine the toughness of next question
     Answers you give for the first 6 to 7 questions play an important role in what score
    you get!
     Verbal Percentiles
          99% - 800 Score
          90% - 650 Score
          80% - 570 Score               Analytical Writing
          70% - 530 Score                  6     – 98%
          60% - 490 Score                  5.5   – 92%
                                            5     – 81%
     Quant Percentiles                     4.5   – 63%
          94% - 800 Score                  4     – 41%
          90% - 780 Score
          80% - 740 Score
          70% - 690 Score
          60% - 650 Score
GRE Test and Scoring pattern
Verbal Reasoning

 a) Departure from Tradition
 b) Impatience with stupidity
 c) Demotion from glory
 d) Surrender to impulse
 e) Cause of grief

 Hint: APOTHEOSIS - Elevation of a person
GRE Test and Scoring pattern
Verbal Reasoning

 a) Mature : Juvenile
 b) Trite : Morbid
 c) Withdrawn : Reserved
 d) Evasive : Elusive
 e) Derivative : Traditional

 Hint: HACKNEYED - Repeated too often; Over familiar through overuse
GRE Test and Scoring pattern
Verbal Reasoning

 Sentence Completion
 E.g. The officers threatened to take ____ if the lives of their men were
 _____ by the conquered natives
 a) Liberties…irritated
 b) Measures…enhanced
 c) Pains…destroyed
 d) Reprisals…endangered
 e) Affront…enervated

 Hint: Affront: Deliberately offensive act; Reprisals: Retaliatory action
GRE Test and scoring pattern
Quantitative Reasoning

    Arithmetic
         Percentages; Profit & Loss
         Time & Work; Time, Speed & Distance
         Basic Arithmetic Operations, Number Theory
         Ratios; Mensuration
    Algebra
         Linear Equations, Quadratic
         Indices, Surds
         Progressions
         Combinations & Probability
    Geometry
    Data Interpretation
GRE Test and Scoring pattern
Quantitative Reasoning

 Problem Solving
 E.g. 1: 5+5+5 / 5

 E.g. 2: Probability of A passing an exam is 0.9 and for B it is 0.7. What is
 the probability that at least one of them will pass?

 E.g. 3: 70 men can do a work in 40 days. How many days will it take 50
 men to do the work?

 Answers: E.g. 1: 11; E.g. 2: 0.97; E.g. 3: 56 Days
GRE Test and Scoring pattern
Quantitative Reasoning

 Data Comparison
 E.g. Distance between A & B is 90KM; Distance between B&C is 60KM.
                       Column A                 Column B
                       Distance between A & C   150 KM
 a)   Col A > Col B
 b)   Col A < Col B
 c)   Col A = Col B
 d)   Can’t be determined

GRE Test and Scoring pattern
Analytical Writing

 Argument Topic
     Essay of 250 words; 30 Min
     Not the opinions but critical thinking is required
     Data is given; One needs to check if the assumptions made are valid
     Provide points to support or negate the argument with examples
 E.g. ‘Ragada’ movie made huge profits because when I went to see it in
 Tirumala Theatre yesterday, the show was house full

 Issue Topic
     Essay of 250 words; 45 Min
     Agree or disagree with the topic and give your opinions
 E.g. Success is a result of hard work and luck has nothing to do with it
Old GRE Vs. Revised GRE

OLD GRE                                        REVISED GRE
• 3 Sections             ---                   5 Sections
• 200 to 800 Score       ---                   130 to 170 Score
• Computer Adaptive      ---                   Adaptive only between sections
• Emphasis on Vocabulary ---                   Emphasis on Reading Comp.
• Importance to cramming ---                   Reasoning is the key!
• Single choice answers  ---                   Multiple Choices; FIBs (Quant)

If you prefer to put efforts in short-term, Old GRE is better. If you are ready
to invest time in long-term and are more into reasoning, go for Revised
Right approach to cracking GRE

  Have fun, while you learn!
  Emphasize more on Verbal
  Vocabulary: Focus on simple words with second meaning
     List, Milk, Nice, Toy
  GRE is more than Vocabulary; It is a test of reasoning & common
  At least ONE month serious preparation!
  Practice, practice, practice! LIVE GRE!
  Target 1200+ Score and get it!
GRE Geek Program

 GRE Geek Program is tailored for your needs!
     Emphasis on Vocabulary and Verbal Reasoning
     Fits into your college calendar seamlessly! (Summer Crash Course)
     Added benefits: Spoken English & Interview/Communication Skills Workshop
  One Month Crash Course (Apr/May)
    After JNTU Exams – Batches start every Monday
    Morning Batches – Kothapet; Evening - BN Reddy, Sagar Road, Hyderabad
    You can take a break and join the next batch from where you left
    Daily 3 Hours * 30 Days = 90 Hours
     Hostel Facility Available
GRE Geek Program
Features and Benefits

 IIM Alumni as Faculty
     Trainer: Venkatram Reddy (IIM Kozhikode Gold Medalist)
  Innovative study techniques
     Visuals (Pictures, Cartoons, Videos) to help learn Vocab
     SMS Updates on High Frequency Words
     Daily Revision class (30 min) & Weekly Tests
  Internet
     Presentations & practice tests on our website
    Facebook – recent questions database
  Study Material
     Books (WPME, ETS Big Book, Other printed material); Classroom Handouts
     GRE Software DVD Dump (including Vocab software for Mobile)
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