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					                          BRANCH CREEK
                          HARBOR NEWS
                                                                                                                        The Voice of
                                                                                                                    Perry Yacht Club
                                                                                                                          June 2010
                                                                                                                      Vol. 39, No. 5

                                                                                        Commodore’s Corner
                                                                                        Our own
                                                                                        phoenix Rising
                                                                                        By Bruce S. Liese
                                                                                        s/v Freudian Sloop III
                                                                                            According to Wikipedia, “a phoenix
                                                                                        is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit with
                                                                                        a colorful plumage and a tail of gold
                                                                                        and scarlet… It has a 500 to 1,000
                                                                                        year life-cycle, near the end of which it
                                                                                        builds itself a nest of twigs that then
                                                                                        ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely
                                                                                        and are reduced to ashes,
                                                                                        from which a new, young
                                                                                        phoenix or phoenix egg
                                                                                        arises, reborn anew to live
High winds in the first keelboat series race made the going exciting...                     If you weren’t able
                                                                                        to make it to the 2010
                                                                                        PYC Memorial Weekend
Racing Report                                                                           Barbecue and Party here’s what you
     Keelboats start your engines, let the                                              missed (once again it reminds me that
2010 racing season begin!!                                                              PYC is like our own Phoenix Rising)…
     May 22nd dawned sunny and warm                                                         We had purchased 120 hot dogs,
with a wind advisory posted for the
area prompting the race committee to
                                                  June at PYC                           60 pork brats, 40 chicken brats, 40
                                                                                        pounds of chicken breasts, 100 burgers,
fly the “wear personal buoyancy” flag.                                                  200 buns, 2 kegs of beer, and lots
                                                  • 5: Youth Sailing; KB Series 1,
Conditions proved challenging for racers                                                of soda for the event. In preparation
                                                  races 2 and 3
and race committee alike as wind gusts                                                  volunteers set up twenty 8-foot tables,
                                                  • 12-13: ASA Keelboat Class; Youth
topped 35 mph. The RC, headed by Steve                                                  175 folding chairs, and a second shelter
                                                  Sailing; Trans Perry Race; Mad
Lee, found securing buoys a bit taxing                                                  tent. For more than two hours at
                                                  Hatter's Tea Party
as numerous waves washed over the                                                       least 20 members helped with setup,
                                                  • 19: Youth Sailing; CB and MH
committee boat as it struggled to set a                                                 food preparation, and grilling. Arriving
                                                  Series, races 3 and 4; Child-Parent
windward/leeward course. An aggressive                                                  members brought some of their favorite
start on Race 1 found 3 boats over early                                                foods including salads, desserts,
                                                  • 20: One day sailing class for
and Race 2 produced the first boat                                                      appetizers, and side dishes. When it
carnage and protest of the season (ouch)                                                was laid out the food completely covered
                                                  • 26: Youth Sailing; KB Series 1,
as right of way rules were put to the                                                   three 8-foot-long buffet tables.
                                                  races 4 and 5; Italian Night Dinner
test. Discretion proved the better part                                                     And then the storms came, bringing
                                                  • 27: Introduction to Spinnaker
                                                  Sailing Class
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Branch Creek Harbor News – June 2010                                                                                          Page 1
From the PYC Board
Vice Commodore                                    If you are new to the club, or old            membership.
Monroe Dodd                                    members, make sure your name is on your          7. Purchase any supplies that will be                           boat trailers. This helps us to identify your    needed.
    More than 50 club members                  boat or trailer if something would happen.       8. On the day of the party decorate the
completed the two-part round of                Thanks.                                          clubhouse, ice down the beer and pop and
clubhouse charrettes on May 22,                                                                 perform other setup duties. If the event
discussing the results of Part I and           Dock Master – Lee Cline                          is catered, post a sign on the kitchen door
advising the committee of architects about                              stating that the kitchen is closed.
how they’d like the permanent clubhouse             We still have slips available but they      9. At the end of the party, perform general
to wind up.                                    are filling fast. Please make sure that your     cleanup. This is a good time to ask for
    Talking over a strong southerly wind,      boat is in its proper slip as some are not.      volunteers to help. Be sure to empty trash
Jim Swords, Chris Ross and others led          If there is a problem with your slip and/        cans and dispose in the dumpster.
participants through each of the eight         or you’re not sure where you should be,          10. Submit an expense form along with your
designs prepared two weeks earlier by          please contact me.                               receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement,
club members in eight working groups.                                                           and provide the Social Chair with any
Those designs had been transferred to          Social Chair –                                   suggestions, concerns, or supply shortages
paper by the club-member architects. The       Lisa Hockenberg
eight were distilled into three that had                             Communications Director-
common elements.                                   Italian night is June 26 from 6-9 p.m.       Nathan Anderson
    One version formed an “L” shape with       Look for a flyer on the website soon!  
structures on the north and west sides             Maggie McCoy and Jon Anderson have                We have switched to a new web host
of the concrete pad. The second version        signed up to host the evening event that         and are still dealing with some broken
placed showers and restrooms up the hill       coordinates with Sailin' Sisters event on        links, etc. but hope to have this corrected
near the lagoon, and placed the kitchen        the July 17.                                     shortly. We are also transitioning to a new
west of the pad. The third version grouped         We still need hosts for the Christmas        email server.
everything on the west side of the pad.        in July party on July 24th, and the Full             We will be sending you emails from
    Using stickers, participants showed        Moon Raft Up on Aug 7. Contact me if   
they preferred putting all the units next to   interested.                                      Please make appropriate changes to your
the pad. With that advice in hand – and                                                         Spam and Junk filters to allow emails from
with the limits of the club budget in mind     Ten Easy Steps to Host a PYC Party               the club to reach you.
– the club-member architects will begin            As Social Chair, it is my job to find            If anything appears broken or not
bringing the permanent clubhouse closer        hosts for the many social activities we have     working on the website, or you have any
to reality.                                    at PYC every year. Hosting a PYC party can       issues with it please let me know.
    The architects, who have volunteered       be fun, exciting, and a great way to meet
their time to meet every other week since      other PYC members and their guests. Read         Yearbook Editor
late November, included Swords, Chris          through the following ten easy steps to          Jean Dodd
Ross, Mark Curfman, Adrian Eszter and          hosting a PYC party and you will see how
Jackson Clark.                                 easy it is to host a party.                          The 2010 PYC Windjammer yearbooks
                                                                                                are hot off the presses and ready for
Assistant Treasurer                            1. Contact PYC Social Chair Lisa                 member pick up. You'll find them in the
Terri Tilford                                  Hockenberg to schedule the party.                temporary kitchen on a table to the left                              2. Determine your budget for the party with      of the door. The yearbooks are arranged
     Mark your calendar! Commodore's           the Social Chair.                                alphabetically in several boxes, so look for
Cup is just around the corner. We are          3. Determine what supplies will be needed.       your copy. If you can't make it to the club,
starting to plan and will start notifying      PYC will provide the beer, pop, and paper        let me know and I'll mail your copy to you.
people that signed up at the winter            ware.                                                Recycling for plastic and glass will be
meeting to volunteer to see if you are         4. At least two weeks prior to the party, post   available outside the temporary kitchen
still available to help out. If you haven't    a party announcement at the clubhouse.           on most weekends. The Dodds will be
volunteered yet, we can always use             5. Two weeks prior to the party submit an        hauling the material back into Kansas City
the help. Let me know. It is a fun and         e-mail about the party to Lisa Hockenberg        so please be careful not to include broken
fabulous weekend, with great food              for distribution to the membership.              glass, filled bottles or trash in the mix!
(new caterer this year), great music and       6. One-week prior to the party, submit
awesome races to watch.                        a reminder e-mail for distribution to the

Page 2                                                                                                  Branch Creek Harbor News – June 2010
Ahoy, Sailin' Sisters!
    Our off-season classes have finished
for the year and now is the time to put
into practice everything we learned over
the winter.
    It's time to start scheming for the
third annual Ladies Only Cruise which
takes place on Saturday, July 17th.
You set the theme by dressing up and
decorating your boat. The event will be
complete with judges and prizes for the
"best in show".
    Stay tuned for further details.
    In the meantime, if you have any
questions or suggestions concerning PYC
Sailin' Sisters, please contact Joan Allen

CPR for all!                                                             Fourth of July
Kathryn and Nathan Ross,                                                 fireworks at the
right, participated in CPR
classes sponsored by the club                                            dam cancelled
earlier this year. The Ross
family (including parents Cindy                                              The Perry Lake Association will
and Chris) and more than a                                               not be hosting fireworks at the dam
dozen other club members                                                 this year due to the loss of a major
now have adult CPR training.                                             sponsors. The Rock Creek Marina
Instructor Barb Clark taught                                             says they will be hosting some kind
the free classes in Adult/                                               of July Fourth event but won’t have
Child/Infant CPR and Basic                                               details for another week or so. Look
First Aid. We are a safer club                                           for more on this on the website in the
because of it.                                                           weeks ahead.

Your hometown supplier of the LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE
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                                             For more information call
725 N. 2nd St., Lawrence, KS Bruce at (913) 579-5039.

Branch Creek Harbor News – June 2010                                                                     Page 3



       James and Dorothy Hall are leaving the 
         country soon.  Let’s bid them a fine 
        farewell with proper frocks and hats. 
         Join us Saturday, June 12  for a Mad 
                    Hatter’s Party! 
       The party begins at 6:00 with a potluck 
       dinner.  The club will provide beer and 

Page 4                                  Branch Creek Harbor News – June 2010
RACING REPORT                                    Continued from Page 1
                                                                             New members:
of valor as equipment failure, knockdowns and some harrowing
“almost” over-boards on some of the smaller boats made it an
                                                                             Say hello to the Addessis
easy decision to keep the races short and get people off the water.              Jill and John Addessi, Merriam, are relative newlyweds,
Congratulations to Terril Cook on his J-29, who despite having to            having tied the knot in March 2009. Rumor has it that
re-start race 1, scored 2 bullets! He demonstrated that a big boat           John originally asked Jill to go ring shopping in order to get
and experienced crew can thrive in these conditions.                         out of installing crown molding. They are sailing a Laguna
     Multihulls and Centerboards began their season May 29,                  22 named Tipsy – PYC members are free to speculate if
sharing the course with some Fun racers on what could have                   the name refers to heeling or to the state of the crew!
been described as the perfect day had it not been lacking in wind!                Jill has sailed a Sunfish with her favorite terrier as
At stake for the Fun racers were some bottles of rum while the                                                                first mate.
Multihull/CB boats duked it out for both the rum and bragging                                                                 John used
rights for races 1 & 2 of their series. The wind was fickle at best                                                           to sail a San
and one has to credit the sailors with the wherewithal to stay                                                                Juan 21 on
focused, enough so as to capture that occasional zephyr and ride                                                              Narragansett
it to victory. Though final results were not available at this printing,                                                      Bay in Rhode
it appeared that Richard Oben on his H-18 and Lanny Daise on his                                                              Island. Today,
Tartan 270 put on a clinic for the rest of us in how to sail in light                                                         you will find
air.                                                                                                                          them sailing
     For those of you that might want to ease into the occasional                                                             with their dogs,
race but feel a little intimidated, come join us on the committee                                                             Phoxie and
boat. It is an excellent way to learn the starting sequence, some                                                             Pete, both of
basic rules of the road as well as gaining an overall perspective            whom are quite affable and proud to be decked out in their
of tactics out on the course. Contact any of the race committee if           new PFDs (Phoxie/Pete Flotation Devices).
interested.                                                                       In addition to sailing, Jill and John enjoy traveling,
                                                                             cooking and dining, Scrabble, reading and good company
                                                                             (which they have found in PYC already). They were
                                                                             originally drawn to the Club because it is sailboat-only and
                                                                             because of the friendly people they met. The Club has
                                                                             been most welcoming of new members and the Addessis
                                                                             are very happy to make PYC and Boardwalk B24 the home
                                                                             of their Lake Perry sailing adventures.

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                                    V-berth Quilts, Pillows & Towels         “The most durable and best performing sails for the money.”
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                           Boat & Sail Covers, Biminis & Cushions
                                                                                                   Lanny Daise
     Bob & Cheri Sharkey • 8699 Cedar Lane • Ozawkie, KS 66070                                  Regional Sails Manager
             Phone: 785/876-2644 • Fax: 785/876-2123                                             Cell: 816.273.7660
       5% of all PYC embroidery sales will go to the Youth Sailing Program            

Branch Creek Harbor News – June 2010                                                                                                      Page 5
Commodore's Corner                                                                                                      Continued from Page 1

torrential rain, powerful winds, lightning,   tapping their feet, clapping their hands,      were held at the club with more than
thunder, and chaos. Visibility was so         and saying things like “They’re amazing!”      50 members attending each. In the
limited that we could hardly see the lake.    and “I can’t believe how good they             near future we will have a draft of the
The buffet tables were moved under the        are!” It didn’t take long for the dance        final plan to share with members. Then
tent for protection and the second shelter    floor to fill and remain crowded for most      contractors will be invited to bid for the
had members clinging to its poles so it       of the rest of the night. Suddenly 10          final project. If you still have unanswered
wouldn’t blow away.                           p.m. arrived and it was time for them          questions about this process or the new
     Despite the sideways rain, rugged        to pack up their instruments. But the          clubhouse please contact Monroe, Penny,
members held their ground (or more            crowd wouldn’t hear of it! Before they         or me.
accurately huddled together) under the        had time to put down their instruments              And finally, over the past couple of
tent. The barbecue staff (John Anderson,      PYC members (with the Social Chair’s           months we (the PYC Board of Governors)
Jeff Johansen, Chris Ross, Mark Curfman,      generous consent) convinced them to            have been announcing that the U.S.
and me) defended our post. And then           stay for another hour.                         Army Corps of Engineers has introduced
Ricardo Oben came to the rescue with               Finally 11 p.m. arrived, the band         very strict requirements for dock corners
a pop-up tent to provide some cover           packed their instruments, and members          (which they refer to as “infills”). Presently
from the storm. With the tent erected         finally allowed them to drive off into the     it is their position that most PYC dock
we found ourselves choosing between           dark, misty night. Nonetheless, lots           corners must be modified or removed.
“soaking wet” and “smoke asphyxiation”.       of club members hung around to chat            New corners may be installed only after
     As 6 p.m. approached we                  and help with clean-up. It was probably        being approved by the Corps. The policy
contemplated two questions: “Had the          midnight before the crowd really thinned.      requires that all corner designs be
weather ruined the event?” and “Would         Still today club members are saying            certified by an engineer and submitted
the band (scheduled for 7 p.m.) actually      “What an awesome party!”                       directly to the Corps by the PYC Board of
arrive and play during a storm?”                   So if you made it to the party you        Governors.
     A “normal” group of people would         undoubtedly had a memorable time.                   We are presently in discussions with
have answered “yes” and “no” to               And if you didn’t there are still lots of      the Corps and these discussions will
these two questions. They would have          opportunities to celebrate the summer          continue until we have firm answers to
assumed that the party was rained out         at PYC, our own Phoenix Rising. PYC            all questions about the impact of this
and the band couldn’t possibly play in        has been buzzing with activity for at          policy on PYC. For the time being please
such weather. But not PYC members! In         least a month. Boats are in the water,         do not build onto or add anything to our
the moments leading up to dinner the          lots of members are sailing, we’ve had         present docks. When we have all of our
weather improved slowly while members’        two major parties, temporary bathrooms         questions answered by the Corps we
attitudes improved quickly.                   and a kitchen are on site and they are         will provide written guidelines to all club
     At 6 p.m. hot chicken, brats, burgers,   well-used. The racing program is in full       members.
and hotdogs were delivered from the           swing, youth sailing has begun, and                 The Corps generously gave us a
grill to the buffet table through the rain.   we’ve held two open meetings to plan           12-month grace period for making these
Prior to dinner a moment of silence was       our permanent clubhouse. There are             changes. They justified doing so, citing
observed in honor of living and fallen        campers on the campground and happy            our clubhouse fire as “enough trauma for
American troops and veterans.                 members can be seen everywhere on our          one year.” It is important for members
     As dinner began at least 100 hungry      property. I hope you have been among           to know that this policy has substantially
people appeared seemingly out of              those celebrating summer with us. If you       affected other marinas in the Midwest;
nowhere to fill their plates and their        haven’t I hope you’ll join us in the near      hundreds of dock corners have been
tummies. And before dinner ended more         future.                                        removed at these marinas as a result of
than 200 smiling, beaming faces had                I need to sign off soon but before I do   this new policy.
gathered under the two tents. That’s          I want to revisit two important matters.            Some members have been in contact
when I heard Lisa Hockenberg (Social               PYC member architects continue            with the board suggesting various
Chair) say, “Bruce we’ve used all 250         to meet with Monroe Dodd (Vice                 approaches to take in response to this
plates!”                                      Commodore and Long-Range Planning              Corps policy. We appreciate all such
     Most of the food was consumed            Chair), Penny Morgan (Buildings and            input and encourage you to contact us
within an hour and to our amazement           Grounds Director), and me at least             with any questions or suggestions.
The Sean McKnown Band appeared                every other week to help plan our new               Thank you. I hope to see you at the
on time and began to play. Suddenly           permanent clubhouse. During the month          club soon.
members of all ages were singing along,       of May two sessions (“Charrettes”)

Page 6                                                                                              Branch Creek Harbor News – June 2010
 Memorial Day party a hit despite the rain!

Right on cue, the rain arrived with dinner, but then again, it was Memorial Day weekend and
this is Kansas after all. Sailors that we are, we endured the maelstrom huddled together,
enjoying our comrades and our barbeque & beer, all the while watching the wind blow the
rain sideways, along with the occasional tent or small dog. And then it stopped and we got
on with the business at hand. The three piece Sean McKnown Band played an eclectic
collection of tunes and with Lisa Neyens inspiration, this party got started! Crowd pleasers
included the ever popular Margaritaville and Sweet Home Alabama but there were plenty of
songs that had plenty of people singing along, a cathartic start to the summer indeed! Toss
up for highlight of the evening: Lisa N cajoling Dylan Kessler and then Jon Huffmire out onto
the dance floor, priceless! Thanks to Bruce and Kathy Liese for hosting a wonderful & fun

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Branch Creek Harbor News – June 2010                                                                                             Page 7
                    For Sale:
            2002 Carriage Cameo LXI
          Aka: The Caretaker’s 5th wheel

 All season, self contained and roomy 34 ft, 5th wheel RV. Heat &
 AC. 3 slides with lots of windows. Wood cabinets, washer dryer,
   fold out couch, 2 recliner chairs, microwave, Queen size bed,
               Shower, built in desk, lots of storage.

                            Asking $25,000, obo
Located at PYC. Call Penny Morgan 785-250-8219 with questions and offers.
If you are at the club check with the caretakers – Gregg or Gina to see inside.

Page 8                                                    Branch Creek Harbor News – June 2010
Classified Ads
1988 Catalina 30. Dessert First. Well equipped         New prospective member is looking for                  Electronics, V Berth and Aft Cabin. Other options
and maintained: a classic design that combines         assistance in relocating our 23' O'Day... from         too numerous to mention. Well maintained.
large cockpit and spacious interior. The perfect       Clinton to PYC. Boat was purchased with no             $18,000.00 Call Bryan, (816) 674 4646.
family boat for Lake Perry. In the water and           trailer - and we have no experience taking it out      1983 Siedleman, The "Fare Exchange." 1/2
ready to sail: Rodeo Dock. $28,750. Contact            of the water, stepping the mast, etc... Any ole salt   ownership and slip fee. 2,600.00. Call Randy
Bill Craig, 913-406-2916 or bcraig@lakemaryctr.        out there willing to help a family out? Thanks!        Wills (785) 478-1780.
org. See add at http://www.sailboattraderonline.       Contact Thomas Howe at
com/listing/1988-Catalina-C-30-96784732                                                                       Lightning for sale. Call Chris and Melodie
                                                       1983 Catalina 25' Tall Rig. Comes with 5 sails         Powell, 785-478-1776, or email meloie.powell@
1979 Melges C Scow (20 ft) in working but non          (3 are standard, 2 are mylar racing sails). This if you have any questions
race condition. Two crisp but old sails (stored        boat has new topside paint, multi-season bottom
inside) - one with a hole. White hull with original    coat, VHF radio and microwave oven. Also               New Lower Price! This well cared for 1989
White and sunset colored deck. Has bumps and           included: AM/FM/CD radio, bimini, self-tailing         Hunter 26.5 Open Transom sailboat delivers
bruises as most do at her age, but no major            winches, marine head, depth gauge, 700 watt            luxury and speed. Enjoy single-handed sailing,
fiberglass issues. Single axle trailer included.       converter and more. $9,000. Call Dan at 785-           with all winch lines leading aft. Features include
Previously raced at Lake Lotawana. She is a fast       845-7804.                                              full size V-berth and aft berth, porta-pottie,
and fun boat. Boat is in Perry Yacht Club Dry                                                                 settee with fold-down table and seating for
                                                       Jefferson Hill Vineyard & Guest House: Just            four. Other amenities include hanging storage
Storage. Call Chris 816-679-3787                       8 miles from Lake Perry. Daily, weekly and             in V-berth, stainless steel sink with 20 gallon
Trailer or Trailer Partner Wanted: Looking for a       weekend rates. Serving breakfast & dinner              tank, one-burner alcohol stove. Among the many
serviceable trailer for a 29 foot Ericson sailboat.    by reservation. Call: 913-796-6065. www.               extras and upgrades you'll find are Danforth
Does not necessarily need to be road worthy                                anchor with chain and 200 feet of rode line;
since this will be primarily for yard use. Would       For Sale: Cradle used for a 40' boat - $800.           two owner-added screened ports to main cabin;
also consider 1 - 2 partners to go in on sharing       Location: Parkville, MO. Contact: Susie Bowen,         winch covers; two after-market stern rail seats;
a new trailer and alternating years for winter         (816) 891-1024 after 6 p.m.                            new tiller and tiller extension and auto-tiller;
usage. If interested, please call Pat or Joan Allen                                                           shore power cord; many new lines and large
at (913) 648-6028 or allenhouse4@sbcglobal.            For Sale: J-29. Yes, another one...Sister ship to
                                                       Still Jammin' and Smokin’. Hull #298, 1985 J-29        deck box. Brightwork, wax buffing and new
net.For                                                                                                       cabin stripes added in 2008. Includes electric
                                                       Fractional Rig, Inboard diesel (7.5 hp Yanmar),
For Sale: The Caretaker’s 5th wheel 2002               bottom faired and keel faired. New upholstery,         start 8 HP Tahatsu outboard engine. Was asking
Carriage Cameo LXI All season, self contained          interior repainted. UK tape drive sails (just          $12,500, but new boat arriving soon. Price
and roomy 34 ft, 5th wheel RV. Heat & AC. 3            like Jammin' & Smokin’), UK spinnaker. New             drastically reduced to $9,000 for quick sale.
slides with lots of windows. Wood cabinets,            stanchions. Full deck cover. Cradle. Second            Contact Pete at 785-554-5324.
washer dryer, fold out couch, microwave, Shower,       owner. No salt water – ever. $22,000. Contact          Dirty Boat? Don’t Have Time to Clean it?
built in desk, lots of storage Asking $25,000.         Terril Cook at (913) 220-7971 or e-mail him at         Why Not Have Someone Else Clean It for You
Located at PYC. Call Penny Morgan 785-250-                                    before Launching? Hello PYC Members, My
8219 with questions .                                                                                         name is Thomas Allen and starting in the
                                                       1990 McGregor 26' - One owner, 4 hp Mariner
1974 Ericson 27ft sailboat, well maintained,           motor, Genoa sail, pop top, two anchors,               spring and continuing throughout the summer
$6,500 O.B.O. Call Teresa at 913-486-2294              cushions, excellent condition. Sailed only on          I will be offering services to wash and wax
after 5 p.m.                                           Lake Perry. $3900, trailer included. Call Father       hulls and clean decks of boats. However, I will
1998 Colgate 26 family sport boat for sale.            George at (785) 484-9787                               be concentrating on washing and waxing the
"Barbara Lee" has been kept at Perry Yacht                                                                    hulls during the spring since I would like to do
                                                       2000 Precision 15. With trailer, sailed four           as many hulls as possible before launching
club since we purchased her in 2002. Currently         times. Beam 7', draft 3' 8", displacement 390
parked just below the club house. This easy                                                                   (because once in the water this will be more
                                                       lbs., sail area 130 sq ft, mast height 25' 4",         difficult). These services will be done the old
to sail boat easily accommodates 6 people in           main and jib, self-bailing cockpit. Large forepeak
the cockpit area. New Dacron North sails were                                                                 fashioned way! No power washers involved! Just
                                                       locker w/watertight door. Like-new condition           a bucket, hose, sponge, boat soap and elbow
installed at the time we purchased. Includes           $4,250. Contact Paul Goehausen at 913-341-
main and jib with 283 sq. ft. Also includes                                                                   grease to ensure everything is clean and looking
                                                       3361.                                                  spiffy, making all those other boat owners
North spinnaker acquired at same time. New
North asymmetric spinnaker with snuffer                Scrimshaw mugs, hand-engraved by new PYC               jealous. Interested in these services? Then
sock purchased in 2005. All sails are in good          member. Picture on mug is any photo you                please contact me at: Southkoreanboy@gmail.
condition. Boat displacement is 2600 lbs with          provide: sailboats, lighthouses, nautical scenes,      com or call me at (913) 832-2132 to set up a
1040 lb 4'6" lead keel. PHRF rating is 162. Also       or otherwise. Great PERSONAL gifts. Affordably         date for your boat to be sparkling! (A portion of
includes Yamaha 4hp 4 stoke long shaft motor           priced at $12-$25 to PYC members. For more             each service goes to PYC Youth Sailing Program!)
purchased new in 2006 and Triad trailer with           information and examples go to www.geocities.          Want to place an ad in the classifieds?
tongue extender purchased new in 2002. Can             com/scrimshawmugs or e-mail clifbencke@aol.            Contact the editor at
easily be pulled and launched with a pickup            com.                                                   Please let us know whether your boat or item
on PYC ramp. Other equipment includes VHF              LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PERRY: A Cottage                   has been sold so that we can remove it from the
radio, stereo, cockpit lockers, Harken furler,         Retreat Daily, Weekly, Weekend Rates Available.        list.
Harken hardware and winches, solar charger,            Call (785) 876-2992 or (816) 896-0662. www.
self bailing cockpit, and life jackets. New Interlux
                                                                                                              BRANCH CREEK HARBOR NEWS
bottom paint by Spurgeon’s Port-O-Call in 2008.        Hunter 28.5 1985 Hull # 185. Roller Furling 150
$22,500. Roger Byler home ph 785-478-9476                                                                     c/o Editor Nathan Anderson
                                                       Tri Radial. 185 Drifter Stay Sail, Tri Radial Spin.    2207 New Hampshire
cell ph 785-438-9225. email rbyler@sbcglobal.          185 PHRF, Factory Trailer w/ extension, 20hp
net                                                                                                           Lawrence, KS 66046
                                                       Yanmar 200 hrs, VC-17 Bottom annually, Full

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