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Lightweight Steel Framing Systems
The use of Lightweight Steel Framing (LSF) as a backup system for brick veneer, is continuing to grow.
The system itself offers many benefits, including:
§   substantial savings in construction cost
§   economy of space
§   aesthetics
§   reduction in dead loads
§   accelerated project completion
§   construction relatively insensitive to weather conditions
§   fire resistance (in the case of Bailey, a ULC design W424)

Brick Connector Design Considerations
It is critically important that an adequate wall tie is used to transfer the lateral wind loads from the brick veneer, to
the LSF backup system.

A comprehensive research program sponsored by CMHC and undertaken at McMaster University, investigated
the various wall ties available.

The findings of the CMHC sponsored testing program combined with the engineering and architectural demands
of the market place, point to a number of important considerations when choosing a wall tie.

§   The top wall tie is by far the most highly loaded. This load may approach one-half of the load on the wall

For example:

Floor to floor height             8'6"
Specified wind load               25 PSF
Horizontal tie spacing            16" O.C.

Maximum tie load                  # (8.5/2) x (16/12) x 25
                                  # 142 lbs. Specified

§   Wall ties should be capable of transferring loads both in tension and compression. (See tables)
§   The maximum mechanical play in a wall tie should be .8 mm (See tables)
§   Test data including strength and deformation for full range of adjustment should be available.
    (ie.) The Brick Institute of America recommends a tie be able to resist a load of 444N (100 lbs.) at a
    displacement of 1.2 mm. The tie should perform to this standard through its full range of adjustments.
§   Wall ties must possess sufficient robustness to withstand handling and use under jobsite conditions.

When selecting the wall tie for your project, performance should be your initial consideration.

If a wall tie will not meet the design load requirements of your project, any remaining features are inconsequential.

If the potential exists for a load of 142 lbs. On a tie (see example), should a tie which performs below this level, in
any position, be installed?

Brick Connector Performance Summary                                                                                     EFFECT OF ADJUSTABILITY
                                                                                                                            PERFORMANCE – LEAST OPTIMUM POSITION

                                                                                                                                       LOAD                   LOAD
                   TYPE OF       ADJUSTABLE      MECHANICAL        ULTIMATE    ULTIMATE     COMPRESSION           TENSION
                                                                                                                                    @ 1.2 MM              @ 1.2 MM
                   BRICK             RANGE           PLAY**         LOAD (N)    LOAD (N)    LOAD @ 1.2 MM   LOAD @ 1.2 MM
                                                                                                                             DISPLACEMENT            DISPLACEMENT
                   CONNECTOR           (MM)            (MM)     COMPRESSION     TENSION     DISPLACEMENT    DISPLACEMENT
                                                                                                                                IN NEWTONS                  IN LBS.
                                        (MM)              (N)            (N)         (N)              (N)             (N)                   (N)                    (LBS)

                   FLA                   35              0.3       1760.7      1128.7               570             505                    53               11.93*

                                         76             0.75       4500.4      2641.8               930             829                  829              186.53*

                   SDT                  4.8             0.90               -   1417.9               626             635                400†                 90.00*

                   DW10                  90              0.3               -   2007.3               372             328                  265                59.63*

                   CST                     -               -         699.0     1481.0               551             108                       -                       -

                   DLA                   35             1.24       1678.0      1708.9               730             436                 78.0                17.55*

                   CTA                   90             1.24       2278.3      2190.6               826             104               105.0                 23.63*

                   SSA                   35                -               -   1167.5               888             582                  331                74.48*

                   SLA                   35              0.2       1087.5      1004.5               644             245                       -                       -

                   WLA                   35                -       2457.6      1287.5               718             484                  283                63.68*

                   TA‡                   33              1.6       3514.9      4107.6             1515            1055                        -                       -

    * Brick Institute of America recommends a minimum
                                                                                           **McMaster report recommends .8mm maximum
    100 lbs. Resistance at a 1.2 mm displacement.
                                                                                             mechanical play.
          †Least optimum position defined as installation                                  ‡ Cannot be used with conventional stud systems.
           18mm from outside face of web of stud.

                                   Performance Index for Adjustable Ties
                                                                                                                                      Definition of Class 1,2,3
                      0.8                                                                                                             CLASS 1 – Adjustment
                                                                                                                                      via anchor slot
                      0.6                                                                                                             CLASS 2 – Adjustment
            P.I.                                                                                                                      via wire pintle
                                                                                                                                      CLASS 3 – Adjustment
                      0.4                                                                                                             via movement of anchor
                                                                                                                                      portion (attached to
                      0.2                                                                                                             steel stud), relative to
                                                                                                                                      the fastener
                                       Class 1                       Class 2                          Class 3
Performance Index (PI) = 1 – (Maximum Stiffness – Minimum Stiffness)
                                      Maximum Stiffness                                    Reprinted from CMHC Seminar on Brick Wall Systems.

Features of the Bailey (WAT) 10-18 Brick Connector
§    Ultimate load in compression 4500.4N (1012.6 lbs.).
§    Load at 1.2 mm displacement in least optimum position 829N (186.53 lbs.).
§    Mechanical play 0.75 mm.
§    Vertically oriented installation to minimize the possibility of collecting mortar droppings and forming a moisture
§    Bayonet style easily installed from inside, after installation of exterior materials.
§    Made from 14 gauge steel, hot dipped galvanized G-90 coating or post dipped galvanized.
§    Connected to the steel stud inside the exterior sheathing virtually eliminating the possibility of fastener
     exposure to moisture.

Note A: Brick connector spacing is dependant upon the strength of the connector being used, and the design load of the project. The stronger the
brick connector (as determined by load testing, including analysis of the effect of adjustability), the greater the allowable spacing.

 The technical data in this brochure is intended as an aid to the design professional and should not be used to replace the
judgement of a qualified engineer or architect.

Bailey Metal Products Limited actively promotes increased awareness of the engineering and design data available. We
would be pleased to discuss any of the enclosed information and encourage independent investigation.

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