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									                                 SYSTEM OPERATION

System Operation of ATS NASA 2001™
ATS NASA 2001 is an advanced car security system which provides three unique functions:

        (1) Anti-theft Alarm
        (2) Anti-carjacking
        (3) Remote Control via Paging System

Security System with Local Remote Control for Model PA2001-SRC

1. Remote Arming

Pressing the key-chain transmitter button #1 (left hand-sided button) once momentarily will arm the system. The
alarm system will confirm it with 1 siren chirp. Also the parking lights will flash once. The LED will flash once
every three seconds.

2. Remote Disarming

Pressing the key chain transmitter button #1 once again momentarily will disarm the system. The system will
confirm it with 2 siren chirps. Also the parking lights will flash twice. The LED will go off.

3. Emergency Override Switch

In the case that the remote key-chain transmitter is lost or broken, you can disarm the system by using the
Emergency Override Switch with the following procedures:

(1). Open the door; the alarm will be activated and the horn will sound;
     (2). Insert the ignition key and turn to the ignition “ON” position; and,
     (3). Press the Valet/ Override button switch momentarily. The alarm will be disabled and the LED will be
turned off. The starter-disabled feature will be deactivated. This will allow you to start your car again.

After completing the procedures above, you have made the system enter into the RESET mode; the system will
return to passive Arming & Disarming mode. In other words, when the driver turns the ignition key to “OFF”
position, or removes the car key, the alarm system will automatically arm itself in the amount of EXIT time
previously selected in the “Programming Instructions” section of Installation Manual.

4. Valet Mode
ATS NASA 2001 is equipped with a Valet / Service Override switch which allows the vehicle operator to disable
ATS NASA 2001.

To get into the valet mode, first insert the car key into ignition, turn it “ON” and hold the push button switch for 3
seconds until the LED comes “ON” and quickly flashes three times. The system has entered into the valet mode.
Turning ATS NASA 2001 into the Valet Mode will still allow the paging features to be activated by telephone

To get out of the valet mode: press the Valet/Service Override button switch momentarily. The LED will go out.

NOTE: After ATS NASA 2001 is set to the valet mode, please do not use the Remote Key-Chain Transmitter
Button #1 to lock or unlock your car. If you do so, the valet mode will be reset and PageAlarm™ 2001 will
be either armed or disarmed.


The LED “Armed Status Indicator” serves several purposes. Not only does the LED act as the first line of
defense, deterring potential on-looking thieves, but also informs the user what mode the system is currently in.
Please consult the LED reporting functions below.

              Alarm Mode                              LED Indication
                  Armed                                 Slow Flash
        Passive Arming upon EXIT                       Double Flash
                Valet Mode                             Three Flashes

5. Remote Control Transmitters

ATS NASA 2001 transmitter has two buttons:
(1) Button #1 (the left hand-sided one) is normally used to arm or disarm the system.
(2) Button #2 (the right hand-sided one) is used to activate the panic mode function by pressing and holding it for 4
    seconds. It is also used to control the car-finding function by pressing it momentarily once. After the panic
    mode is activated it can be de-activated by pressing the button #2 momentarily .

Transmitter Battery

The transmitter is powered by a 12V battery which can be accessed by carefully opening the transmitter’s case
after the two screws at the bottom are removed.

6. Silent Arming or Disarming

Silent Arming or Disarming can only be activated or deactivated in the Disarm mode. It can be set by turning
ignition “ON” and pressing button #2 of remote transmitter momentarily; you will hear the siren to confirm an
entry into the programming mode with 3 chirps. Within 7 seconds, by pressing button #1 momentarily the silent
arming feature is activated and you will hear the siren to confirm the operation with one chirp, i.e. you can now
arm or disarm it with no chirps.

To activate the chirps again it can be done by turning the ignition “ON” and pressing the button #2 momentarily;
you will hear the siren to confirm an entry into the programming mode with 3 chirps. Within 7 seconds, by
pressing button #1 momentarily the silent arming feature is now deactivated and you will hear the siren to confirm
the operation with 2 chirps, i.e. you can now arm or disarm it with chirps.

7. Panic Mode

In emergency situations press and hold transmitter’s button #2 for 4 seconds, this will activate the panic mode.
The vehicle will honk and its hazard lights and parking lights will flash.

The panic mode can be deactivated by either pressing button #2 momentarily or turning the ignition to the “ON”
position, and then pressing the Valet/Override Switch momentarily (i.e. a system RESET).

8. Programming the Remote Control Transmitter

This is a code-learning system. The system controller will learn the remote control and program key-chain

Procedures of Entering Code-learning

(1) Turn the ignition to “ON” position;
(2) Momentarily press the Valet/Override Switch ON three times; and,
(3) The siren will emit a short chirp three times and the parking lights will flash three times to confirm an entry into
    the code-learning mode.

Note: If at any time 7 seconds elapses without receiving input entry, the system will automatically EXIT the
code-learning mode. After button #1 of the remote transmitter is pressed users have 60 seconds to “train”
the transmitters before the system automatically exits the code-learning mode.

Programming Transmitters

In this mode, additional transmitters can be added to the system.

Note: A maximum of 4 Remote Key-Chain transmitters can be programmed.

(1) Press twice transmitter’s button #1 momentarily of each remote control transmitter that you wish to include.
(2) The siren will chirp and the parking lights will flash each time a remote transmitter has learned successfully
    with a confirmation corresponding to the number of the remote transmitter programmed.
    • 1st Remote Programmed= 1 siren chirp and 1 parking-lights flash
    • 2nd Remote Programmed= 2 siren chirps and 2 parking-lights flashes
    • 3rd Remote Programmed= 3 siren chirps and 3 parking-lights flashes
    • 4th Remote Programmed= 4 siren chirps and 4 parking-lights flashes

(1) It is always advisable to fill all four of memory slots assigned for remote transmitters:
    • If you only have 1 remote control transmitter, program it 4 times.
    • If you have 2 remote control transmitters, program each one twice.

Every time a new remote control transmitter is programmed ATS NASA 2001’s memory is cleared. That means
   any remote controls previously programmed in the memory have been erased and HAVE TO BE RE-

(1) When completing programming procedures for the remote control(s), you may exit the Code-learning Mode by
    one of the following:

        a) Wait for approximately 50 seconds and the system will automatically exit from the programming mode,
        b) Turn the ignition OFF.

Note: After finishing the code-learning processes for all transmitter(s), please do not press any of the transmitters’
   buttons unless you are sure that you have exited the code-learning mode according to the exit procedures
   described above.

Telephone Commands for Remote Control & Anti-carjacking
To operate ATS NASA 2001’s telephone-activated features, you must first learn how to properly initiate a
telephone command sequence. It is VERY important you understand these instructions BEFORE you use the

Sending a Command

ATS NASA 2001 mobile paging system is very similar to a personal pager device. Some personal pagers have a
dedicated number you can call to send a message to that pager … some require a call to a specific toll-free
telephone number, then an entry of the pager’s PIN number to activate the pager to “beep.” ATS NASA 2001
works very much like the personal pager that requires the use of PIN number. You MUST call a nation wide, toll-
free number and enter your ATS NASA 2001’s PIN number when asked. Paging service related to TAS NASA
2001 in Canada & other regions is respectively described as follows:

1. ATS NASA 2001 Monitoring Service in Canada

In Canada, if you have bought and installed a ATS NASA2001, ple ase call (604) 931 2839 and ATS or Moupic (
tel: 604-299-6838) will offer you a toll-free number for one-year free monitoring service. After you sign a service
monitoring agreement, the PIN number and Password (PW) number along with the command code of your choice
will be provided to you. Within 10 days a monitoring service card will be mailed to you.

Sending out an Anti-carjacking Command
Call the assigned toll-free number, wait for the system to answer the call and follow the voice prompt: “This is
Moupic’s PageAlarm Monitoring Station. Please enter your PIN number”.

After receiving a valid PIN, the system will prompt: “Please enter your Password (PW) followed by the command
code”, after 10 seconds the system will then hang up itself.

Within a couple of minutes, the anti-carjacking system will be activated. The hazard lights will flash; the car will
honk and be slowed down.

1. Dial the assigned toll-free number;
2. After hearing the voice prompt, enter your PIN number
3. Following the voice prompt, enter your Password (PW) followed by an anti-carjacking command code which
   is shown on your Monitoring Service Card.

Sending a RESET Command

To RESET the anti-carjacking command, you MUST send a RESET command code to the ATS NASA 2001.
The RESET sequence is described as follows:

1. Dial the assigned toll-free number;
2. After hearing the voice prompt, enter your PIN number; and,
3. Following the voice prompt, enter your Password (PW) followed by a RESET command code that you have
   selected and that is shown on your Monitoring Service.

Sending other Commands

Refer to your Monitoring Service card to determine other telephone command capabilities of the PageAlarm™
2001. One of the MOST popular commands is the “Door Unlock” command. This is especially handy if you lock
your car key inside the car. A simple telephone call will unlock your car doors! Let’s imagine the “Door Unlock”
is on Command Code XX. Here’s how to activate this command code:

1. Call the assigned toll-free number
2. After hearing the voice prompt, enter your PIN number
3. After hearing the voice prompt, enter Password (PW) number followed by the Command Code for Door
   Unlock XX.

Within a couple of minutes, the car doors should electronically be unlocked!

NOTE: We strongly suggest you try ALL of the Command Codes available to your ATS NASA 2001 before
you use them! Get aquatinted with the system, the timing of the call and Que. of the system for you to enter
the required numbers. Your ATS NASA 2001 will fail to operate, if you don’t follow the EXACT

2. ATS NASA 2001 Monitoring Service in Other Regions
Please consult your installer or local distributor .
                        TROUBLESHOOTING HINTS

                  PROBLEM                                          SOLUTIONS
Call toll-free number – enter Pager Number and    Verify the Pager Number and Security Code.
Security Code, but no response from the PA2001
                                                  Forget to place the Command Code as the last
                                                  digit of the Security Code.

Enter the Command Code for Anti-carjacking, but   Verify the Pager Number and Security Code you
the Anti-carjacking mode never occurs.            are using.

                                                  Verify you have used the correct Command Code
                                                  for Anti-carjacking mode. (This is a selectable
                                                  Command Code- See Programming.)

                                                  Verify operation of relay configurations as
                                                  indicated in the Testing Section.

When the unit is first connected to power, the    ATS NASA 2001 will go into “Alarm Mode”
horn starts sounding; the lights, flashing.       when connected to power. This mode can be
                                                  reset by turning “ON” the Ignition Key, and
                                                  pressing the Valet Switch once momentarily.

The Door Unlock command is sent but nothing       Verify the Pager Number and Security Code you
happens.                                          are using.

                                                  Verify you have entered the correct Security
                                                  Code, followed by user-selected command code
                                                  XX for PULSE 1.

A “Latching” command is set, but the activated    Verify the Pager Number and Security Code you
command will NOT be turned off.                   are using.

                                                  BOTH the “Latching” and “Anti-carjacking”
                                                  commands MUST be reset by sending a RESET
                                                  command. A RESET command is sent by ending
                                                  the Security Code with user-selected command
                                                  code as shown on your monitoring service card.
Customer Support

We appreciate your business and would like to do everything possible to enhance your experience with our
product. Should you encounter any problems or questions, please first contact the dealer that installed your
system. If you continue to have issues and concerns, please contact our customer support at (604)-299-6838.
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