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									          Westlake Childcare Newsletter
January 2010

                          Director’s Notes

                          Welcome 2010! WCC is looking
                          forward to another great year! I
                          sincerely thank each of you for
                          all of the support you have given
                          WCC and our wonderful staff of
                          teachers! We will continue to
Inside this Issue:        make improvements throughout
                          the center and expand our
Director’s Notes      1
                          curriculum. We hope to add a
Parent support        1   computer for the Pre-K room this
Infant Room           2   year, as well as some other
Pre-Toddler Room      2   equipment and supplies for all of
                          the classrooms. I am dedicated to
Toddler Room          2
                          the growth and development of
Pre-K Room            2   WCC and I welcome any
                          suggestions, comments or
                          concerns at
                          Bethany@westlakechildcare.com .
                          Bethany Pousson

                          Separation Anxiety in Children:            Provided by Family Connections

                          It may seem paradoxical or strange,     response to separation anxiety
                          but the fact that your child            depends on both the personality
                          experiences separation anxiety is a     and age of your child.
                          healthy, positive sign. It shows that
                                                                  If you are feeling uncomfortable
                          she has formed a secure relationship
    We are closed                                                or concerned about your daily
                          with you and is capable of forming
     January 1st in                                               separations from your child, talk
                          relationships with other people.
     observance of                                                to your teacher or Bethany.
     New Year’s!          Children, even within the same          Careful planning with your
                          family, experience different degrees    childcare provider and an honest
                          of separation anxiety. One child may    appraisal of the situation are
                          master separation fairly easily,        important when your child
                          while another experiences a             experiences separation anxiety.
                          prolonged period of distress. Your
Happy New Year’s and welcome to the year 2008!
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                        Infant Room
                        Goodbye 2009! Hello 2010! I hope all of    few things that will be changing this
                        you had a wonderful year and are           month in the infant room. With a sad
                        looking forward to the future. Even        farewell, we say goodbye to Kirsten and
                        though I have been here a short while, I   Caden. We will greatly miss them, but
                        have gotten to know each of your           know that they are moving on. Also,
                        children and I am excited to continue      Colton will be moving up to the crawler
                        teaching them in the New Year! This        room. We wish you the best of luck
                        month we will be learning about how        Colton! You are such a big boy now and
                        things grow and change. For instance,      you will do great! With that, on behalf
                        how a caterpillar grows and changes        of the WCC staff, I would like to wish
                        into a beautiful butterfly. There are a    you all a Happy New Year!

                                                                        Milah, Rachel and Lindsey
                        Pre-Toddler Room
       .                Happy New Year! Bacon and I                Chinese New Years and a bit
                        hope that our crawler families             about their culture. Our crawlers
                        had an awesome holiday.  It’s a           are growing up so fast. Violet will
                        bitter-sweet goodbye to 2009,              be moving up as we welcome a
                        but with a New Year comes new              new comer, Colton. We love our
                        beginnings. With that said, we             sweet Vi-Vi and we wish her
                        are so excited to begin our new            continuous love always. Have a
                        curriculum for the year. This              happy month!
                        month we will be learning about
   “Happy New                                                           Jennifer & Bacon
     Year’s and
    welcome to          Toddler Room
       the year         Welcome to January! Happy New              outside play! This January we will
                        Year! I hope that you enjoyed 2009         be learning new vocabulary, new
         2010!”         and I wish you all best of luck and        sign language, and some Spanish
                        good times for 2010! This past year        words! Hope everyone has a
                        was amazing for me, and the                fabulous January!
                        children at Westlake Childcare are a
                        major reason for that! Thank you for            Cassie, Amber & Katie
                        the opportunity to teach and care
                        for your cuties! It’s cold outside, so
                        please bring mittens and hats for

                        Pre-K Room
                        Hello Friends!                             theme for this month: the five
                                                                   senses. We have two birthdays in
                        This is Ms. Ashley to say welcome to       January the first is Anna, who will
                        2010! We have a lot planned for the        be turning four, and the second is
                        first month of our new year                Martin Luther King Jr., whose
                        including scavenger hunts, new ASL         birthday and message we will be
                        vocabulary words, blindfold activity,      celebrating this month. Looking
                        making puppets and green goo.              forward to all the fun we are going
                        Sounds fun, but random, I know. All        to have and starting this year off
                        the activities are related to our          right. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                                                        Ashley, Amber & Katie

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