2009 Market Smarts Section1 by ps94506


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                                       today & tomorrow
     tools programs                       Freedom & flexibility
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 reenergize & revitalize
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   potential      incentives & rewards Business building & market share
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    CITGO                                           YOU
                                                 incentives & rewards          incentive
                                                                     inspire & succeed
                                                           service & support growt
                                                             today & tomorrow
                              tools programs                   Freedom & flexibility
                          operated Reimbursements                incentives reenergize

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                          reenergize & revitalize                   incentives
                                                                        growth    &rewards
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                           Products & service you usinspire &
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                          day & tomorrow P.O.P & promotions
                          izes collaboration & partnership     Fleet & loyalty
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                                         branding & retailing growth & potential
                                                           incentives rewards
                            potential    incentives & rewards Business building & market share
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                          tools programs
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                                                      reenergize & revitalize growth & p

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                              collaboration & partnership                                &

                            ampersand (am’per-sand’)
           n. a punctuation mark (&) used to represent
                                   a conjunction (and)

I n grammar, a conjunction is a part of speech that connects two words, p h r a s e s
or cl auses together. Specifica lly, a n d (&) is a co o rd in a tin g co n ju n ction , wh i c h
j oi ns tw o i tem s of equal syn ta ctic imp o rta n ce .

I t only makes sense that the ampersand (&) become a beacon for 2 0 0 9 a n d
beyond, joining our most important customer—YOU—with a marketing m i x f u l l
of programs and incentives guaranteed to meet your every business ne e d .


                          Re-Image 2010                                  1
                          CITGO Image Impact Initiative (III)            2
    I N Th I s secTI oN
                          Financial Incentive Programs                   4
                          Facility Appearance & Technology (FAT) Fund    6
                          Competitive Allowance Program                 11
                          The CITGO AMERISTORE®                         11
                          Sales Aids                                    13
                          CITGO Fast Lube Program                       14
                                                                   brandInG                           & YOU
If you don’t look good, we don’t look good. And we work hard every day to provide you with a cohesive mix
of business-building programs and incentives that will add value to your business. Coupled with our quality products and
top-notch customer service, the CItgo brand enables you to defend your market share in today’s turbulent marketing
this year’s branding program lineup features enhancements and tools that will help build your bottom line!
& Re-image 2010 is under way. A design firm has been selected and concepts are in development. A field team of
   Marketers has been assembled to provide input on prototypes that will be unveiled in 2009.
& new for 2009, the 2009 Quarterly growth Incentive Program provides quarterly incentive payments up to 1.5 cents-
   per-gallon on all incremental gallons of gasoline purchased over the amount purchased during the same quarter of
   last year.
& the CItgo Image Value Program has received a name change and new program logistics. the new CItgo Image Impact

   Initiative (III) includes two annual mystery shop inspections and a mid-year location attribute survey, a 24-question
   inspection survey and rewards for All Retailer owners/managers each time they receive “gold Certification.”
   Additionally, the program is combined with three waves of PoP at a reduced cost of $175.
& now, even more brand-building items are eligible for 100 percent facility Appearance and technology fund (fAtf)
   reimbursement, including CItgo-branded trash receptacles, restroom cleaning supplies (from approved vendor),
   CItgo Cash Back (formerly CItgo BounceBack®) PoP kits, PCI dSS compliance software/upgrades, the Credit Card
   greeter program offered through Citi and location-level community involvement programs.
& the CItgo welcome kit now includes lanyards, name tags and register toppers.
& the CItgo Cash Back (formerly CItgo BounceBack) Program PoP has been redesigned and is available at 100 percent
   reimbursement under the fAt fund.
It’s all about being there for you at every turn. we’re confident that the toolkit and its enhancements will inspire you to
new business heights!
                                                              brandInG & YOU : RE-IMAGE 2010                      1
                                                                                                            Section    1

Re-Image 2010
Perhaps the most important of all 2009 branding initiatives won’t come to
fruition until 2010 when CITGO launches the next evolution of its brand image. In
today’s volatile and fiercely competitive environment, putting forth an inviting,
contemporary and fresh image is fundamental to moving aggressively into the
future. This new CITGO image will reflect the CITGO brand personality, while
appealing to diverse key target segments. It also will be affordable and user-
friendly, in terms of installation, and easily adaptable from the current image
The selected design firm, combined with a team of CITGO professionals, is developing new
image prototypes that will be unveiled in 2009. Additionally, a field team of Marketers from
each region has been assembled to provide input and feedback.

 Re-Image 2010 Timeline                                                                        2009                   2010

 ACTIVITY                                                            Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
 Development of New Image Design
 Prototype New Image
 Begin New Image Roll-out
    2       Section
                   1     brandInG & YOU : CITGO IMAGE IMPACT InITIATIvE (III)

CITGO IMAGE IMPACT                                While we’ve
                                                  changed most of
InITIATIvE (III)                                  the mechanics
The “eyes” have it when                           surrounding the
it comes to the new                               Mystery Shop/POP
mystery shop program. Formerly known              Program— ranking
as the CITGO Image Value Program, III             system, two annual
focuses on seeing each CITGO location             mystery shops,
through the customers’ eyes. rather               24-question survey
than focusing on external issues that             with very specific
affect every business (i.e., the economy,         targeted and
industry trends and competition), it shifts       weighted questions,
the priority to issues that can potentially       a mid-year location
be controlled such as brand image                 attribute survey*,
maintenance, cleanliness and customer             the ability for ALL
service.                                          “Gold” Retailer
                                                                                                           service bays, etc. For more information on the Retail
                                                  to earn rewards—the basic premise behind the
                                                                                                           location store Web pages see Section 3, page 8.
                                                  program remains the same. Your Retailers and
                                                  their employees will receive instant recognition         POP Waves
                                                  for a job well-done, and you will incur no costs
                                                  for locations scoring “Gold” on all mystery shops.       The first POP wave is a triple threat. It celebrates
                                                  Additionally, there will be three POP waves and          local entrepreneurship while reminding
                                                  your annual cost has been reduced to $175.               customers that all CITGO locations are locally
                                                                                                           owned and operated. It also features our
                                                  It is important to improve performance and meet          long-term focus on doing good works in the
                                                  customer expectations in today’s competitive             communities where we operate (Heating Oil
                                                  environment as it is tied directly to the basic          Program, Energy Efficiency Lighting Program
                                                  survival of your business and the CITGO brand,           and CITGO Supplier Diversity Initiative) and
                                                  and we are committed to helping you succeed.             providing help, hope and healing to Jerry’s Kids
We’ve re-tooled this branding program to allow                                                             and the MDA. Finally, it includes new signage
                                                  *The mid-year location attribute survey will support
for more recognition to those Retailers that                                                               surrounding the new CITGO Fleet rebate program
                                                  the new Retailer location store Web pages. The data
go above and beyond the gold standard while                                                                for Business cardholders.
                                                  gathered from the survey will be used to automatically
providing an accurate representation of each
                                                  update store attributes for retail consumers such as     The second and third POP waves will feature
store’s brand image through an enhanced survey.
                                                  hours of operation, car wash availability, number of     various CITGO credit card promotions.
                                brandInG & YOU : CITGO IMAGE IMPACT InITIATIvE (III)
                                                                                                                                                 1        3

Go for the Gold and reap the rewards                                             Section 1:          Exterior Facilities           70 Points            48%
                                                                                 Section 2:          Interior Facilities           31 Points            21%
The Rewards
                                                                                 Section 3:          POP and Merchandising           8 Points            5%
The CITGO III inspires your Retailers to step up their image                     Section 4:          Customer Service              38 Points            26%
efforts and rewards the Retailer and their associates
                                                                                                     TOTAL POInTS                  147 Points           100%
immediately when they do.
                                                                                 Below is a percentage breakdown on scoring.
It’s easy! Simple things such as a clean store, attention to brand image and
                                                                                 87 – 100%           Gold
great customer service can put you over the top during your mystery shops.
Personnel present and on-duty during a “Gold” Mystery Shop will receive          86 – 75%            Bronze
instant recognition and rewards, including a $20 CITGO Gift Card and a “Gold     74% or below        needs Improvement
Certified” certificate to proudly display.
Additionally, we have replaced the Platinum Club with a more inclusive           III Assistance
reward system. Rather than providing a chance to be entered into a
grand-prize and runner-up drawing, ALL Retailer owners/managers will be          Once again, our mystery shop partner RitterAssociates is offering classes
rewarded with a 15,000-point-value gift card ($75 value) each time they          at a discounted price to you and your Retailers to assist in enhancing your
achieve “Gold” status. This 15,000-point credit will allow them to purchase      street image, customer service and cleanliness. Classes will be 100 percent
a variety of great items found online (www.awardlink.com/imageimpact)            reimbursable through your FAT Fund!
that range from sporting goods and personal electronics to kitchen               Classes include:
appliances and jewelry. With two inspections annually, Retailer owners/
managers can earn a total of 30,000 points ($150 value) and can choose to        •	Image	Improvement
spend their rewards all at once or as they are received.                         •	Mystery	Shopping	and	How	to	Improve	Your	Stores
Most important, your customers will be rewarded with great customer              •	Recruiting	and	Hiring
service. And they’ll be sure to return the favor with their loyalty and repeat
business!                                                                        •	Leadership
                                                                                 •	Delivering	Superior	Customer	Satisfaction

The Survey                                                                       •	Cashier	Excellence

We’ve also made it easier for you to reap the benefits of your hard work with    •	Loss	Control
an enhanced survey that ensures an accurate representation of each store’s       •	Conducting	Specific	Loss	Investigations
true brand image.
                                                                                 Additionally, RitterAssociates operates a CITGO III Hotline for you and
Divided into four sections, this year’s survey includes 24 questions. Each       your Retailers to call with any questions or issues regarding the inspection
section focuses on a specific aspect of brand image and each question is         process. Contact Mary Links at 1-877-284-9785, or e-mail
attributed a point value from 1 to 10.                                           mlinks@ritterassociates.com.
    4        Section
                      1   brandInG & YOU : FInAnCIAL InCEnTIvE PROGRAMS

Financial Incentive Programs
                                                       2009 First Quarter                   2008 First Quarter                       Payout
                                                            Volume                               Volume
2009 Quarterly Growth                                                                                                        (500,000 x 1.0 cpg)
Incentive Program                                       5,500,000 gallons                     5,000,000 gallons
                                                                                                                                    = $5,000
The 2009 Quarterly Growth
Incentive Program is a special                                    Payouts will be made via check within 45 days of the end of each quarter.
growth incentive for 2009 that
                                                                             Maximum payout per Marketer is $250,000 per year
provides quarterly incentive payments up to 1.5
cents-per-gallon on all incremental invoiced
gallons of branded gasoline purchased over the    Program Requirements and Eligibility
amount purchased during the same quarter last     All Marketers are eligible to receive payout if:
                                                  •	Account	is	in	good	standing.
About the Program
                                                  •	Branded	gasoline	purchases	meet	the	minimum	of	90	percent	of	the	monthly	quantity	of	gasoline	
Marketers will receive quarterly incentive          listed in the current Marketer Franchise Agreement.
payments at the following rates:
                                                  •	There	is	not	an	amendment	or	addendum	to	the	Marketer	Franchise	Agreement	that	prohibits	this	
                                                    specific program.
         Gallons            Cents-Per-Gallon
        Per Quarter           Payout (CPG)        •	Calculations	are	based	on	invoiced	gallons	of	branded	gasoline	that	are	purchased	in	each	calendar	
    Less than 100,000                0              quarter and the payment rate is determined by comparing calendar quarter purchases in 2009 versus
                                                    the same quarter in 2008.
    100,000 - 300,000               0.5
    300,001 - 450,000              0.75           •	Volume	must	have	been	purchased	in	the	same	calendar	quarter	of	2008	to	qualify	for	a	same	quarter	
    450,001 - 600,000              1.00
                                                    payment in 2009.

    600,001 - 750,000              1.25           •	Payment	is	NOT	based	on	the	total	annual	volume	purchased	by	the	customer.	Payment	is	made	to	
         750,001+                  1.50             qualifying Marketers for incremental gallons only.
                                                  •	Volumes	do	not	roll	over	from	one	calendar	quarter	to	the	next.	Each	calendar	quarter	is	stand-alone.
                                                  •	Volume	increases	that	result	from	the	transfer	of	a	location’s	volume	from	one	CITGO	Marketer	
                                                    Franchise Agreement to a new or existing CITGO Marketer Franchise Agreement are excluded from the
                                                  •	CITGO	has	the	discretion	to	change	or	eliminate	the	program	at	any	time.	CITGO’s	intention	is	that	any	
                                                    notice of change to the program would become effective no sooner than the start of the next quarter.
                                   brandInG & YOU : FInAnCIAL InCEnTIvE PROGRAMS
                                                                                                                                        1          5

                                                       Projected Location           Sign-On            Brand Installation Program
                                                         Volume (GPM)                Bonus             CITGO will pay brand installation costs (up
                                                          60,000 - 99,999            $15,000           to a maximum of $25,000 per location), for
                                                         100,000 - 149,999           $20,000           new-to-CITGO locations with gasoline volume at
                                                                                                       or above 60,000 gallons per month.
                                                             150,000+                $25,000

                                                                                                         Gallons Per Month          Installation
                                                    •	Payments	are	distributed	once	qualifying	                (GPM)                    Cost
                                                      locations complete branding and are set to “C”
                                                                                                           60,000 - 149,999            $20,000
                                                      Status in CITGO Marketnet.
                                                                                                              150,000+                 $25,000
                                                    •	Payments	will	be	made	via	check	
CITGO Grow Bucks
                                                      approximately 10 business days from the day      In order to qualify, you must have Region
Money may not grow on trees, but growth does          the location achieves “C” status.                Manager approval with completion and payment
have its rewards. And so, in the spirit of sowing                                                      prior to year’s end.
continued growth and business success, we’re
pleased to continue the CITGO Grow Bucks
Program in 2009.
Just sign on new business and receive a signing
bonus. The more locations you sign, the more
Grow Bucks you receive.

•	Open	to	qualifying,	new-to-CITGO,	branded	
  locations only.
•	Locations	must	meet	the	projected	volume	
  levels and be “Approved for Branding” (“A”
  Status) on CITGO Marketnet®.

•	Payments	are	based	on	projected	location	
  volume per the above tier structure.
    6       Section
                    1     brandInG & YOU : FACILITY APPEARAnCE & TECHnOLOGY (FAT) FUnD
                                                                                                             Under-Canopy Ceiling Lighting (50 percent)
                                                                                                             (Preferred vendors – Whiteway and LSI)
                                                       In addition to the current
                                                       menu of 100 percent                                 • Interior Illuminated Canopy Fascia Lighting
Facility Appearance &                                  reimbursable programs, your                           (50 percent)
Technology (FAT) Fund                                  2009 FAT Fund has been                                (Preferred vendor – Sharpline)
                                                       enhanced to include total reimbursement for
The CITGO Facility Appearance & Technology                                                                 •	Illuminated CITGO Canopy Letter box (100
                                                       the following:
(FAT) Fund pads both your business plan and your                                                             percent)
pocket. By paying up to 100 percent––but never         •	CITGO-branded	trash	receptacles	
                                                                                                             The illuminated CITGO canopy letter box is
less than 50 percent––of approved purchases            •	Restroom	cleaning	supplies	from	CITGO-	             included in the standard branding package
ranging from loyalty programs and advertising            approved vendor                                     for all new-to-CITGO locations (no minimum
expenses to uniforms and signage, your                                                                       volume necessary). Additionally, letter boxes
marketing dollar is stretched twice as far!            •	CITGO	Cash	Back	(formerly	BounceBack)	
                                                                                                             purchased for existing locations are eligible for
                                                         POP Kits
The 2009 budgets are based on 20 points of                                                                   100 percent reimbursement.
your estimated 2009 invoiced gasoline volume.          •	PCI	DSS	compliance	software/upgrades	
This year’s Fund represents a 50/50 sharing of         •	Citi-Credit	Card	Greeter	Program	
some expenses and 100 percent reimbursement                                                                The following signage is eligible for
for others. Budgets are established in January,        •	Location-level	community	involvement	             reimbursement:
reviewed in July and adjusted to reflect actual          programs
                                                                                                           •	Electronic LEd Price Signs (100 percent)
year-to-date invoiced gasoline volume.                                                                       (Preferred vendors – Federal
To receive funds, you must submit claims for                                                                 Heath Sign Co., PWM
eligible expenses through CITGO Marketnet.                                                                   Electronic Signs, Inc.)
                                                     All 2009 FAT Fund claims must be submitted with
Claim minimums are $500 or twice the fund                                                                    The electronic LED price signs
                                                     the appropriate back-up materials by nov. 30, 2009.
allowance balance, whichever is less. FAT                                                                    are included in the standard
Fund-eligible expenses require specific supporting   Facility appearance                                     branding package for
documentation to be submitted to your CITGO                                                                  new-to-CITGO locations that
Region Brand Manager, (See CITGO Contacts            Your 2009 FAT Fund coverage includes:
                                                                                                             dispense 60,000 gallons or more per month.
in Section 4, beginning on page 7) in addition       Canopy Lighting
to the online claim. Supporting documentation                                                              • Electronic LEd Message boards
includes, but is not limited to, itemized invoices   Lighting materials listed below are eligible for        (50 percent)
and photos. See CITGO Marketnet for detailed         reimbursement if you use a CITGO-preferred              (Preferred vendors – Federal Heath Sign Co.,
documentation requirements for each covered          vendor. Installation costs for area lighting and        PWM Electronic Signs, Inc.)
activity. All claims submitted must include the      other types of facility lighting don’t qualify.
                                                                                                           •	Pump Topper Price Signs (50 percent)
eight-digit CITGO location number.                   •	Exterior Canopy Fascia Lighting and                   (Available only in the Northeast region.)
                                                                                                                                          1       7

• Pole-Mounted Pump numbers (100 percent)           •	decal Graphics                                   You may choose materials for a complete CITGO
                                                                                                       AMERISTORE Retrofit––store front or side,
  Pole-mounted pump numbers are included            •	Illuminated
                                                                                                       only––to meet your location’s specific needs.
  in the standard branding package for                CITGO Canopy
                                                                                                       The CITGO AMERISTORE Retrofit handbook
  new-to-CITGO locations. Additionally, numbers       Letter box
                                                                                                       explains the parts that are available, purchase
  purchased for existing CITGO locations are
                                                    •	Pole-Mounted Pump                                costs and installation cost examples. Only
  eligible for 100 percent reimbursement.
                                                      numbers (Provided by                             Mountain Commercial Graphics AMERISTORE
  Reimbursement is available only for numbers
                                                      Mountain Commercial                              retrofit materials are covered by the FAT Fund.
  provided by Mountain Commercial Graphics.
                                                      Graphics)                                        Installation costs are not covered.
•	Highway Logo Signs (50 percent)
                                                    •	Painting – Building, Canopy Poles, Island
  CITGO will                                          Curbs and Guard Poles
                                                                                                       Interior Graphics Design (50 percent)
  provide mainline
                                                    • Pump Toppers
  and ramp signs                                                                                       The Interior Graphics Design package is eligible
  at no cost to                                     •	radius Canopy Corners                            for reimbursement and provides both stock and
  you once you                                                                                         custom destination-specific areas. Purchase
  apply to and                                                                                         through Mountain Commercial Graphics to
  are approved                                      ID/Price Sign Lighting Maintenance                 ensure reimbursement. Installation costs are not
  by your state                                     (100 percent)                                      covered.
  of Transportation. Once installed, CITGO will     The FAT Fund helps you keep your signs well-lit
  refund 50 percent of the sign installation and    and visible with replacement lamps and ballasts.   Uniforms and Nametags (100 percent)
  50 percent of your annual fee.
                                                                                                       We cover all CITGO-logo uniform and/or nametag
                                                    CITGO AMERISTORE Plans and Retrofitting            purchases at 100 percent when pre-approved by
                                                    (50 percent)                                       your Region Brand Manager. However, no other
Installation Costs for Branding Materials –
                                                                                                       brand logos may appear on either.
New and Existing CITGO Locations                    You are eligible for reimbursement when
(100 percent)                                       you purchase any of the standard CITGO
CITGO locations are eligible for reimbursement on   AMERISTORE plans. Standard plan purchases          CITGO-Branded Trash
the installation of the following CITGO-supplied    come with three sets of state-sealed blueprints    Receptacles (100 percent)
branding materials.                                 and a Builder’s Specifications handbook.
                                                                                                       CITGO branded trash receptacles
•	Signs                                             The FAT Fund covers only standard plans. Any       are now available at 100 percent
                                                    modifications will be at your own expense, but     reimbursement.
•	MPd Cladding Kits (including upgrades)            at a reduced CITGO-negotiated rate through
                                                    McCreary & Associates.
•	Sign Faces
    8       Section
                    1     brandInG & YOU : FACILITY APPEARAnCE & TECHnOLOGY (FAT) FUnD
Restroom Cleaning Service                         credit cards (i.e.,                                   •	High-Speed data Communications
and Restroom Cleaning                             CITGO Plus and Citi®                                    (50 percent)
Supplies (100 percent)                            Platinum Select® CITGO
                                                                                                          non-recurring expenses associated with
                                                  Mastercard®) at grand
Restroom cleaning services                                                                                vSAT, RFID, or other available technologies
                                                  openings and special
and supplies are available                                                                                compatible with CITGO POS are available for
                                                  events. The program is
for reimbursement when you use Swisher or                                                                 reimbursement.
                                                  designed to target new
Cintas Sanis Hygiene Services. However, other
                                                  customers and create                                  In-Store POS (100 percent)
nationally or regionally known hygiene services
                                                  brand loyalty by offering
will be accepted if Swisher or Cintas Sanis is                                                          POS workstations available for reimbursement
                                                  competitive interest
unavailable in your area.                                                                               include:
                                                  rates and incentives. For
                                                  more information, please                                • VeriFone Topaz/Sapphire
                                                  contact Becky Hilton at
III Mystery Shops (50 percent)                                                                            •	VeriFone ruby (with/without Sapphire site
                                                  1-800-423-8434, ext. 4778.
If you choose to go beyond the two CITGO-
required mystery shops, you must use Ritter                                                               •	Gilbarco Passport
Associates for FAT Fund reimbursement.            Facility Technology
                                                                                                          •	Fiscal
                                                  CITGO gives you the freedom to reach your
                                                                                                          •	Pinnacle Palm
                                                  potential with technology that streamlines your
Driveway Asphalt Sealing (50 percent)
                                                  operations, saving you time and money. A wide         Also eligible for reimbursement are software
Seal all paved areas at 50 percent                array of point-of-sale (POS) and training materials   application upgrades, scanning hardware,
reimbursement.                                    and programs are eligible for coverage.               contactless smart card readers, PIn pad
                                                                                                        acquisition, replacement and re-encryption,
                                                  •	Computers (50 percent)
                                                                                                        financial service kiosks and certified peripheral
Grand Openings (50 percent)                         Computer reimbursement is eligible specifically     interfaces.
                                                    for the utilization of back-office software at
CITGO covers pre-approved Grand Opening
                                                    retail locations.
activities. Contact your Region Marketing
                                                                                                        POS Software Upgrades
Program Manager for details.                      •	data Management (50 percent)
                                                                                                        (100 percent)
                                                    CITGO reimburses back-office packages,
                                                                                                        CITGO provides FAT Fund
                                                    including Ruby Manager, UST monitoring or
Citi Credit Card Greeter Program                                                                        reimbursement for the
                                                    other fuel management systems. General
(100 percent)                                                                                           most-current versions only.
                                                    productivity software such as Microsoft Word,
                                                                                                        Additionally, all PCI DSS compliance software
Citi will provide a trained greeter                 Excel and Access is not included.
                                                                                                        and upgrades are available at 100 percent.
to sign up customers for new CITGO proprietary
                                                                                                                                                1        9

Dispensers with Card Readers (100 percent)            advertising – Major Media assistance                  •	The	CITGO	logo	must	be	reproduced	according	
                                                      (50 percent)                                            to the graphics specifications available via
Wayne, Gilbarco or Bennett MPDs with card
                                                                                                              CITGO Marketnet>> Retail Advertising>>Logo
readers are eligible for FAT Fund reimbursement.
                                                                                                            •	The	CITGO	logo	must	be	shown	a	minimum	of	
Pump Island POS (50 percent)                                                                                  five seconds in television commercials.
CITGO provides FAT Fund reimbursement on the                                                                •	The	CITGO	name	must	be	mentioned	at	least	
following pump island POS, including:                                                                         twice in broadcast advertising (Tv and radio).
•	dispenser	and	stand-alone	card	readers,                                                                   •	Advertisements	featuring	competitive	
•	contactless	smart	card	readers,                                                                             petroleum products (gasoline or lubricants) are
                                                                                                              not available for reimbursement.
•	debit	card	security	modifications,
                                                                                                            •	CITGO	reserves	the	right	to	disqualify	
•	enhanced	dispenser	displays,                                                                                submitted ad materials with unsuitable or
•	externally	mounted	POS	advertising	display	                                                                 objectionable content or graphics, including,
  screens and weatherproof speakers (excluding                                                                but not limited to, tobacco and alcohol.
  security surveillance systems),
•	dispenser	bar	code	scanners,                                                                              Reimbursement Process

•	cash	acceptors,	and                                                                                       All 2009 FAT Fund claims must be submitted to
                                                      CITGO advertisements for approved media (Tv,
                                                                                                            your Region Brand Manager by nov. 30, 2009.
•	card	systems	for	unattended	fueling.                radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard and direct
                                                                                                            All claims must include the appropriate support
                                                      mail) are eligible for FAT Fund reimbursement.
                                                                                                            materials listed below.
Training                                                                                                    •	TV – For CITGO pre-produced commercials, you
                                                      Advertisement Criteria                                  must submit the Tv station invoice along with a
not only does CITGO offer FAT Fund
                                                      To expedite the approval process, you must              notarized affidavit of performance (scheduled air
reimbursement on computer-based training (50
                                                      adhere to the following criteria:                       times) reflecting the CITGO spot number (ISCI)
percent), we now offer full reimbursement on
                                                                                                              found on the label of your disk or tape. If the
CITGO/CBC Learning Center Retailer Training           •	The	CITGO	logo	must	be	prominently	                   commercial is a custom spot prepared by you
and RitterAssociates Customer Service Seminars          displayed––a minimum of approximately                 and pre-approved by CITGO, you must provide
(100 percent). Courses and vendors must be              4 percent of the ad’s total area, but never           the Tv station invoice along with a notarized
pre-approved by CITGO Region Brand Managers.            smaller than ¾” x ¾”.                                 affidavit of performance and script or disk/tape.

                                  All 2009 FAT Fund claims, including the eight-digit CITGO location number, must be submitted
                                       with the appropriate support materials to Region Brand Managers by nov. 30, 2009.
   10       Section
                    1     brandInG & YOU : FACILITY APPEARAnCE & TECHnOLOGY (FAT) FUnD
•	radio – For CITGO pre-produced commercials,        Loyalty Programs (100 percent)                       CITGO Cash Back (formerly
  you must submit the radio station invoice                                                               BounceBack) POP Kit
                                                     We cover non-recurring expenses associated with      (100 percent)
  along with a notarized affidavit of performance
                                                     the implementation of a CITGO-approved loyalty
  (scheduled air times) reflecting the CITGO spot                                                        40964_pumptopper    11/18/08    11:00 AM    Page 1

                                                     program. Consumer prizes, discounts and other
  number. If the commercial is a custom spot
                                                     awards are not eligible for reimbursement.
  prepared by you and pre-approved by CITGO,
                                                                                                                         GET CASH
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       on every gallon!

  you must provide the radio station invoice         CITGO Preferred vendors that qualify for FAT Fund
  along with a notarized affidavit of performance    reimbursement include:
  and script.
                                                     •	 MetroSplash                                                         When you use your CITGO Gift Card or CITGO Business Card. CITGO makes

•	newspaper/Magazine – Whether it’s CITGO               972-966-3235
                                                                                                                            it easy to get a rebate every time you refuel. Using your
                                                                                                                            CITGO card is the smart choice for instant savings.

  pre-produced or custom-produced by you and            www.metrosplash.com
  pre-approved by CITGO, you must provide the
                                                     •	 Outsite networks
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      THERE AT EVERY TURN.
                                                                                                            Only at participating locations. Promotion can be discontinued without notice. Discount amount subject to change. Fuel discount valid only when purchase does not exceed existing CITGO Gift Card value. Discount on CITGO Business Cards will not be reflected on your monthly report.

  invoice and tear sheet reflecting the date of                                                                40964 Citgo Cash Back PUMPTOPPER 19.75”x12”

  publication.                                          713-853-3000                                      POP materials ordered through CITGO for
                                                        www.outsitenetworks.com                           participation in the CashBack Program are
•	direct Mail – Whether it’s CITGO
                                                     •	 SmartEcho                                         reimbursed at 100 percent through the FAT Fund.
  pre-produced or custom-produced by you and
  pre-approved by CITGO, you must provide               701-258-2248
  a sample piece along with the invoice/                www.smartecho.com
                                                                                                          CITGO Cold Air Balloon Program
  production costs and a receipt from the post       •	 ValueCentric Marketing Group                      (50 percent)
  office detailing the number of pieces mailed          607-584-5109
  and total cost.                                       www.vcmg.net                                      CITGO will split the
                                                                                                          cost with you on
•	billboards/Highway Signs – Whether it’s
                                                                                                          all cold air balloon
  CITGO pre-produced or custom-produced by
                                                                                                          purchases or rentals.
  you and pre-approved by CITGO, you must
  provide a photograph of the billboard along
  with the invoice and copy of the rental contract
  with each FAT Fund claim. Invoices for highway
  signs must specify the CITGO location. If
  not, a photograph of the highway sign must                                                                             All 2009 FAT Fund claims must be submitted
  accompany your claim.                                                                                                  with the appropriate support materials to
                                                                                                                         Region Brand Managers by nov. 30, 2009.
  Your Marketing Support Contact (See Section
  4, page 9.) must pre-approve all advertising
  materials not prepared by CITGO.
                                                                                                                                           1       11

Competitive Allowance
Our competitive allowance program is both
fair and flexible, providing you the freedom to
successfully run your business while offering a
helping hand when you need it.
The allowance is formulated on a specific
case-by-case basis and is based on our mutual
agreement after factoring in the various economic
components and the competitive environment at
each location.
Competitive allowances are terminal-specific and
require prior approval from CITGO. To be eligible
for a competitive allowance, each location must
be branded to CITGO image specifications as
outlined in the current Image Standards and
Installation Guidelines.

The CITGO AMERISTORE is among the most
reasonably priced branding programs in the          Proven Market Appeal                                 Remodel Your Store Economically
industry. With its totally modular design
                                                    The CITGO AMERISTORE design is the result            Upgrading using the CITGO AMERISTORE Retrofit
and custom color graphics, it can be applied
                                                    of extensive research and testing done by a          components will enhance your image on virtually
affordably and with minimum effort compared
                                                    world-class retail graphics design firm. The CITGO   any size and shape of store. Order your retrofit
to virtually any retail situation. Whether it’s a
                                                    Interior Graphics Design Package provides color      materials directly from our preferred vendor
grand-scale, 8,500-square-foot flagship location
                                                    graphics identifying every key convenience store     partner, Mountain Commercial Graphics (Section
or a modest neighborhood store, the CITGO
                                                    sales category, with custom graphics available       4, page 7).
AMERISTORE has a design plan for you!
                                                    for different needs.
   12       Section
                    1      brandInG & YOU : THE CITGO AMERISTORE

CITGO Interior Graphics Design Package                                          CITGO AMERISTORE Ordering Information:
All graphics are constructed using highly durable styrene-covered foam          Plans:
core and printed with Uv-resistant inks, which will provide years of service.   McCreary & associates
The design package can be used at CITGO AMERISTORE locations or at any          Robert Guess
of your existing CITGO-branded locations. Standard icons and materials          918-749-2231
apply, but customized materials can be developed by our preferred vendor,       robert@almccreary.com
Mountain Commercial Graphics, to help differentiate you from your
                                                                                Retrofit Kits and Interior Graphics:
                                                                                Mountain Commercial Graphics
                                                                                Jonathan Coronado
                                                                   brandInG & YOU : SALES AIDS
                                                                                                                                            1        13

Sales Aids                                             CITGO Welcome Kit
                                                       From professional uniforms
This versatile marketing mix of sales aids lends
                                                       for your employees to special
itself to a variety of business models, so feel free
                                                       programs and novelties for your
to select only those that work best for you.
                                                       customers, our Welcome Kit
                                                       allows you to say “Hello!” to the neighborhood
                                                       in style. They’ll remember your hospitality and
                                                       return the favor with repeat business.
                                                       The 2009 Welcome Kit includes:
                                                       •	Acrylic	Take	One	Dispenser
                                                       •	CINTAS	Catalog
                                                       •	CITGO	Buying	Group	Brochure
                                                       •	CITGO	Lanyards	and	Name
                                                         Badges (6 each)
                                                       •	CITGO	Payment	Card	Guide	and	Regulations	
Retailer Solicitation Impact Program                     Manual                                          •	Learning	Center	Coupon

Once you’ve made your initial sales call, the          •	Credit	Card	Applications	–	Citi® Platinum       •	Manual	Credit	Card	Envelopes	(1pkg.	of	25)
Retailer Solicitation Impact Program kicks in to         Select® CITGO MasterCard® (1pkg. of 50)         •	Pens
help your retail prospect remember CITGO in a
fun and friendly way. The more-than-just-a-post-       •	Credit	Card	Applications	–	CITGO	Business	      •	Register	Toppers
card mailings feature items that are unique and          (1pkg. of 25)
                                                                                                         •	Retailer Smarts
desirable, guaranteed to keep the benefits of the      •	Credit	Card	Applications	–	CITGO	Plus	
CITGO brand at the forefront of your prospects’          (1pkg. of 50)                                   •	Retailer	Welcome	Brochure
minds. What’s more, the program is FREE for all
                                                       •	Credit	Card	Applications	–	Commercial	          •	The	Truth	About	CITGO	Pamphlet
participating Marketers!
                                                         (1pkg. of 25)                                   •	Uniform	Redemption	Certificate	(Start	out	
                                                       •	Credit	Card	Invoice	Kit	(8pkgs.	invoices	and	     looking good with a $200 credit for CInTAS
                                                         2pkgs. transmittals)                              uniforms!)
                                                                                                         •	1-800-GO-CITGO	Tear	Pads	(4	pads	of	25)
   14       Section
                    1      brandInG & YOU : CITGO FAST LUBE PROGRAM

CITGO Fast Lube Program
Adding a CITGO Fast Lube allows you to quickly
capitalize on a new and highly profitable revenue

Four Great reasons to Make CITGO Fast
Lube a Part of Your business Strategy:
1. Enjoy a franchise-quality program without the
associated costs.
2. Boost your reliable revenue stream.
3. Increase your customer loyalty.
4. The program is easy to implement and comes
complete with proprietary management and
operations training.

For more details about the CITGO Fast Lube,
contact your Territory Sales Manager.

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