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					              APBA Racer Profile – Justin Haverkate
                                                 Created 01/07/2007

                                             Background Information
                     Name     Justin Haverkate
                      Age     22
                Hometown      Grandville
      Years Racing PWCs       5
             Race Number      811
                   Region     Region 6
    Favorite PWC Website

                                                 Racing Highlights
           Racing Classes     Pro-1200 Open

                              Novice Ski Stcok
         Watercraft Brand     Sea-Doo
             Model & Year     ?
                 Sponsors     Dean`s Team, Novi, Sea-Doo Racing, Gene Crisman, Shawmut Hills, Mom & Dad,
                              Tinzmo Performance
                Race Crew     Dean Charrier, Gene Crisman, Ken Haverkate, Andy Tinsley, Opie, Marc Petz, Dustin
                              Charrier just graduated to "Race Crew Status"
                First Race    Lakeview, Ohio
        Favorite Race Site    Harbor Beach ;)
         Career Highlights    Coming back from injury after a year to win a national title and become a competitive
                              Pro rider
                Regional      2001 Novice Sport Overall Champ
        Accomplishments       2002 Novice 1200 Overall Champ
                              2005 Pro-Am 1200 Overall Champ
                              2006 Pro-Am 1200 Overall Champ
National Accomplishments      2001 Novice Sport SS #5
                              2002 Novice 1200 ltd National Champ
                              2005 Amateur 1200 SS National Champ
                              2005 Pro-Am 1200 SS #3
                              2006 Pro-Am 1200 SS #3
            World Finals      2002 Novice 1200 Ltd #3
        Accomplishments       2002 Novice 1200 SS #6
                              2006 Pro 1200 Open #10
   Biggest Thrill in Racing   It is a tie between beating my biggest rival to win the Can-Am Cup, and having the
                              inside pole for Pro 1200 in Havasu. Both of these events were so special because my
                              family and friends were able to enjoy them as much as me, well almost as much.
  Biggest Disappointment      I have fallen off in the lead in Havasu, blown up more engines than Andy Tinsley can
                              count, but my biggest disappointment still, is getting hurt in 2004. Despite being forced
                              to take a year off I truly believe it made me a much better rider, bitter sweet I guess.
                  Training    I cross train on my Ski-Doo Rev in the winter, lift weights year round, and since the guy
                              who owns the XPL that I race lives in a different state I steal Tinsley’s daughters stand
                              up to ride buoys. Sorry Sam

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