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The Home-Finding Process
Your Installation
Motoring in Hungary
Banking in Hungary
Hungarian Holidays
Emergency Numbers
Settling in
And much more...

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Welcome to our world...                              The Inter Relocation Group

Section 1: Pre-Arrival Information                           4

The Home-Finding Process                                     5
What happens on your home-finding trip?                      5
Helping us to help you                                       7

Orientation                                                  8
Budapest sights and history                                  8
Budapest’s districts & surroundings                          9
Which area to choose?                                        10

The Property Market                                          11
General information                                          11
Budapest & suburbs                                           11
Which property to choose?                                    13

The Tenancy Agreement                                        13
Understanding your obligations as a tenant                   13
Duration of lease, and cancellation conditions               13
Rent                                                         14
Building charges                                             14
Security deposit                                             14
Rent review                                                  15
Real estate agency commission                                15
Taxes                                                        15
Check-in and check-out inspections, inventory                15

Welcome to our world...                    The Inter Relocation Group

Your Installation                                  16
House insurance                                    16
Appliances and utilities                           16
Authorizations                                     17

Healthcare                                         18
Medical care in Hungary                            18
Vaccinations                                       18

Motoring in Hungary                                19
Parking permits                                    19
Driver’s licence                                   19
Road tax                                           19
Renting a car                                      19
Importing a car                                    20
Car inspection                                     20
Car seats for children                             20
Driving in Hungary                                 20

Banking in Hungary                                 20
Pets                                               21
Hungarian Holidays                                 21

Section 2: Post-Arrival Information                22

Welcome to Hungary                                 22

Emergency Numbers                                  22
Medical services                                   22
24-hour pharmacies                                 23
Doctors                                            23

Healthcare                                         24
The Hungarian social security system               24
Private healthcare                                 24

Settling in                                        25
Telephone & Internet                               25
Electricity                                        25
Gas                                                26
Water and sewage                                   26
Garbage collection                                 26

Welcome to our world...                                                      The Inter Relocation Group

Concierge                                                                            26
Floor numbers and entry doors in buildings                                           26
Safety in your absence                                                               26
Household insurance cover                                                            27

Places Of Worship                                                                    27
Meeting People – Clubs And Associations                                              28

Furnishing Your Home                                                                 30
Interiors & Furniture                                                                30
Electrical                                                                           31
Hardware stores                                                                      31

Shops, Markets
and Supermarkets                                                                     32

Transport                                                                            38
Metro                                                                                39
Buses                                                                                40
Tickets and passes                                                                   40
Taxi in Budapest                                                                     41

Airports                                                                             42
Cultural Activities                                                                  44
Tipping                                                                              44

Conversion tables                                                                    45
Temperature                                                                          45
Body temperature                                                                     45
Oven temperature                                                                     45
Measurement                                                                          45
Speed                                                                                45
Liquid volume                                                                        45
Cooking                                                                              45

Useful Reading                                                                       46

Lexicon                                                                              47

In Conclusion                                                                        59

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Welcome to our world...                                                          The Inter Relocation Group

Pre-Arrival Information
The Homefinding process
What happens on your home-finding trip?

The following provides you with an outline of the steps involved in a typical Home-finding process.

1. Initiation
•	 International	Partner,	Human	Recourses	or	the	Assignee	contacts	us	with	the	request	for	the			
   home finding process
•	 Relocation	questionnaire	and	Housing	Requirement	Form	is	sent	to	the	Assignee	or	the		       	
   company HR, International Assignee is contacted by International Partner Account Manager
   and a ‘Moving to Hungary’ questionnaire is sent
•	 Home	finding	program	is	registered	at	Inter	Relocation	(IR)

2. Exchange of information and delegation
•		 Assignee	completes	and	returns	the	‘Moving	to	Hungary’	form	to	the	International	Account		 	
    Manager or the Relocation Questionnaire and the Housing Requirement Form to IR’s
    Destination Services Department
•	 The	International	Account	Manager	informs	IR’s	Destination	Services	Department	of	your		 	
    housing criteria
•	 The	Destination	Services	Manager	assigns	a	Relocation	Consultant
•	 The	International	Account	Manager	and	the	Destination	Services	Team	call	the	Assignee	to
    discuss the project in further detail.

3. Screening / Scheduling
•	 IR	Relocation	Consultant	screens	the	real	estate	market	and	provides	list	of	properties	meeting		
	 the	Assignee’s	criteria,	and	sends	it	to	the	Assignee	(photos	and	descriptions)	via	e-mail		    	
   preliminary for selecting

Welcome to our world...                                                              The Inter Relocation Group

•	 IR	Relocation	Consultant	makes	appointments	with	the	real	estate	agencies	according	to		               	
   preliminary agreement with the International Account Manager and / or the Assignee

4. On the road
•	 IR	Relocation	Consultant	meets	the	Assignee	and	accompanies	him/her	on	the	scheduled		       	
   visits. IR’s aim is only to show properties that conform to the Assignee’s criteria, even if
   this means showing fewer properties. Visits are normally programmed for 3-5 days depending
   on availability of properties and International Party’s authorization.

                                                       IR’s aim is only to show properties that
                                                       conform to the Assignee’s criteria.

5. Securing the Property
•	 IR	informs	the	landlord	of	the	property	about	the	Assignee’s	interest,	and	confirms	the	details		
   to the International Account Manager and/or the local HR Department – there is no guarantee
   in reserving the property in Hungary as long as the lease contract is signed.
•	 IR	Relocation	Consultant	prepares	the	lease	contract	that	is	sent	to	International	Account		    	
   Manager and/or local HR and the Assignee.
•	 Lease	contract	is	approved	by	all	relevant	Parties
•	 IR	Relocation	Consultant	organizes	signature	of	lease

6. Arrival & Handover in
•	 IR	Relocation	Consultant	organizes	the	“Handover-In”	meeting.
•	 IR	Relocation	Consultant,	the	landlord	and	the	Assignee	check	the	utility	meter	readings,	the		 	
   physical condition of the property and the inventory list – sign the check in inspection report
•	 Keys	are	received	and	handed	over	to	the	Assignee

7. Follow-up
•		 IR	Relocation	Consultant	provides	Landlord,	Assignee,	Human	Resources	Department	and	the		
    International Account Manager a copy of the lease contract, and the check in inspection report
•		 IR	follows	up	on	the	Home-finding	program	with	a	quality	evaluation	in	case	of	local	jobs,	with		
    the International Partner’s approval in case of international job

   The above mentioned describes a typical home-finding process however Inter Relocation
   Hungary prides itself on providing a personalized service which means adapting to your
   requirements and remaining in close contact.

Welcome to our world...                                                             The Inter Relocation Group

Helping us to help you

                                                        Provide us with all documents needed for
                                                        setting up the lease contract as soon as

•			Give us as much notice as possible – IR doesn’t have its own database of properties, but
    is in contact with the best and biggest real estate agencies in the Capital, and all over
    the country. Collecting and selecting the proposals takes time. Besides this, the property
    market moves very quickly and the final research needs to be carried out about a week before
    your home-search to ensure that 99% of the properties are still available. By giving us ample
    notice allows the Relocation Consultant to optimize the scheduling and preparation of research
    for your property.

•	 Give us as much detailed information as possible on your ‘Moving to Hungary’ form
   or the Relocation Questionnaire and the Housing Requirement Form – all the elements
	 requested	in	this	form	(budget,	family	size,	tenancy	details,	housing	requirements,	preferences,		
	 etc.)	will	help	us	to	target	the	right	properties.	If	we	feel	that	your	criteria	are	not	realistic		 	
   according to the Hungarian / Budapest real estate market, we will call you to discuss the
   issues and work with you to find the solution.

•	 Provide us with all documents needed for setting up the lease contract as soon as
   possible – like copy of your passport if you sign the lease contract yourself, company
   documents like specimen of signature, if the company is going to sign the lease contract.

•	 Second or third choice property – there are times when the property that you have chosen
   will fall through. There can be many reasons for this, but the most common is that the
   landlord has several ‘candidates’ wanting the same property, and another file is given
   preference. To avoid disappointment, it is always good to have kept in mind a second or even a
   third choice property, which we will then immediately attempt to secure for you.

•	 Let your Relocation Consultant guide you – remember that he/she has extensive knowledge
   of the property market and will be able to advise on all aspects of the properties you are
   viewing. Do not feel pressured into making a decision, but at the same time, be aware
   that the market moves very quickly. If you find a suitable property, we will encourage you to
   reserve it rapidly, to minimize the risks of loosing it.

Welcome to our world...                                                                 The Inter Relocation Group

Budapest Sights and History
Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has developed where it is, is not
down to some historical accident. Take a look at Gellért Hill, right next to the River Danube as
it flows majestically through the centre of the modern city. It was precisely the combination of
the relative ease of crossing the River here and the natural protection the hill offered against
invasion that decided the earliest settlers it was the ideal place to build a town.

There are plenty of other capital cities built on         court’s rising status reflected in the building of
the banks of a river, and in many cases the               ever more splendid palaces and the expansion
river runs through the historic centre. But such          of the town into a flowering middle class town.
a wide and majestic river, as is the Danube               Pest at this time was a town of merchants and
at Budapest, is more of a rarity. Even more               artisans.
exceptional is the perfect contrast between the
right and left banks. Buda is built upon hills, the       1872 was a milestone in the history of
feet of two of them - Castle Hill and Gellért Hill        Budapest, as it was in this year that the three
- almost stand in the water. Facing it is Pest, as        separate settlements of Pest, Buda and Óbuda
flat	as	a	pancake	(or,	as	a	Hungarian	might	say,	         (literally	Old	Buda)	were	united.	The	newly	
as	flat	as	a	“lángos”,	a	pita-type	bread	popular	         coined	“Budapest”	was	named	the	official	
for	many	a	century).                                      capital city of Hungary and underwent an
                                                          unprecedented growth in size, wealth, and
It’s no exaggeration to say that Budapest is one          development. But this wasn’t just a golden
of the finest capital cities in Europe, and also          period for the city; it coincided with the
one of the best situated. Among the several               millennial celebrations of 1896, marking 1,000
places in Hungary that have been afforded the             years of the Magyar state.
classification of UNESCO World Heritage Site,
the	first	were	the	Danube	panorama	(on	the	               Budapest, now home to approximately two
Buda side from the Gellért Hotel all along Castle         million inhabitants, would appear countless
Hill to Margit Bridge, and on the Pest side from          times on any list of superlatives. Innovation
the	Parliament	back	down	to	Petofi	Bridge),	
                                    	                     and invention have coloured Hungarian history:
and	Andrássy	út	(along	its	entire	length	from	            the	father	of	the	electric	railway,	Kálmán	
the centre of Pest to Hosök tere, where the
                          ˝                               Kandó,	lived	here	(it	should	be	no	surprise,	
Millenary Monument stands on the edge of the              then, that the first underground railway in
City	Park).                                               mainland	Europe	was	also	built	here),	as	did	
                                                          János	Irinyi,	one	of	the	early	developers	of	
At the time of the Magyar Conquest in 896,                matches. Pioneering forces in Hollywood, from
the first Hungarian tribes settled in the plains          legendary actresses to celebrated film makers,
to the east. They migrated to the hills further           listed Budapest as their hometown, while today
west later on to take advantage of the greater            it is used as a backdrop for many movies. Two
protection they offered. Buda became the royal            of Hungary’s most celebrated composers,Béla
seat in the thirteenth century and saw the                Bartók	and	Zoltán	Kodály,	lived	in	Budapest,	and	

Welcome to our world...                                                                    The Inter Relocation Group

Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian author Imre
Kertész	was	born	here.	Erdos	Pál,	arguably	one	
of the most prominent mathematicians, was
born here as well, but don’t tell your kids that!

Hungary’s oldest academic library, the University
Library, can be found in Budapest, as can
Europe’s largest synagogue. It is the only capital
city in the world where there are more than
100 hot thermal springs. There is no city of
comparable size anywhere in the world where
visitors	can	explore	dripstone	(stalactite)	caves	in	

the middle of a residential district. It would also         Budapest’s Districts and Surroundings
be difficult to find another city where visitors are        As the map illustrates, Budapest has 23
faced with such a choice in their transport! From           different districts. Districts V and VI are
buses, trams, and trolleybuses, to trains, metros,          considered the city centre and boast a plethora
cogwheel, funicular, and forest railways, from              of offices, banks, restaurants, pubs, shops, and
horse-and-traps, chair-lifts, cars, and boats, to           hotels. These districts are also home to the two
bicycles,	and,	on	Margitsziget,	the	bringóhintó	            most	famous	streets	in	Budapest,	with	Andrássy	
family cycle cars, Budapest has them all!                   út	running	through	the	length	of	District	VI	and	
Let’s choose one, and set off along the World               the	legendary	Váci	utca	shopping	street	in	the	
Heritage streets.                                           heart of District V. With these , Districts VII, VIII,

Welcome to our world...                                                                       The Inter Relocation Group

                                                               are located in this area. These districts are
                                                               recommended for expats with families and those
                                                               who want a quieter life!

                                                               As Budapest has grown, so too have its suburbs
                                                               and the surrounding towns and villages. There
                                                               are many new condominiums and houses being
                                                               built in these burgeoning settlements. Travelling
                                                               into Budapest is not difficult, nor does it take too
                                                               long; however, the rush hours do lengthen the
                                                               trip. The most popular commuter towns around
                                                               Budapest	are	Szentendre,	Pilisvörösvár,	Üröm,	
                                                               Solymár,	Nagykovácsi,	Törökbálint,	Budaörs,	
and IX are considered to be the downtown area.                 Diósd,	Budakeszi,	Páty,	Telki,	Szigetszentmiklós,	
Here you will find nice properties for rent – both                                   o
                                                               Dunakeszi and Gödöll˝. Even if you do not live in
traditional and modern houses - as well as a                   one of them, many are worth a visit!
wealth	of	shops	(such	as	the	popular	WestEnd	
City Center l and the brand new Aréna Plaza                    Which area to choose?
malls),	clubs,	restaurants,	and	theatres.	These	               Both Budapest and the surrounding areas are
districts are recommended for those expats who                 constantly changing – districts and villages which
want to enjoy nightlife: be it seeing an opera or              might not have been very residential some years
grabbing a nightcap. Here you are in the beating               back have been renovated and become more
heart of the city, surrounded by liveliness.                   popular. If you like a particular property, but
Districts X, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIIII, XIX, XX,        are unsure about the area or would like to ask
XXI, XXIII, and IV are mainly mixed industrial                 further questions about its location, please share
and residential areas. There are lots of housing               your concerns with your Relocation Consultant,
estates, industrial parks, and factories located               and we will offer you objective advice.
here. These districts will put one at relative ease
for accessing Budapest Airport.                                The following points tend to be the most
                                                               considered when deciding on a particular area:
The Buda districts are quite different from those
in the Pest area, as Buda is hilly and green                   •	 Proximity	to	particular	schools,		
compared to the flat and developed Pest. District                 kindergartens or nurseries
I and the lower half of District II are considered             •	 Distance	and	time	it	takes	to	travel	to	work		
to be the centre of Buda. Here one can find the                   taking into consideration the traffic problems
Buda	Castle,	Mammut	shopping	mall	(home	to	                    •	 Availability	of	public	transport
bowling!),	and	the	main	road	junction	and	public	              •	 Shopping	facilities,	hypermarkets,		
transport meeting point at Moszkva tér. Districts                 supermarkets, etc.
XII,	II,	II/A	(Huvösvölgy,	Adyliget	and	Hidegkút)	
                ˝                                              •	 Access	to	motorways	and	the	airport
and XI and III are mainly residential areas,                   •	 Parking
meaning they are quiet and safe. Beautiful                     •	 Is	it	in	an	“expatriate	area”,	with	proximity	to		
homes and renovated apartments are for rent                       other expats
along their leafy side streets and the majority                •	 Proximity	of	parks,	cultural	activities,		
of the international schools and kindergartens                    restaurants, and sporting facilities

Welcome to our world...                                                                The Inter Relocation Group

The Property Market                                                                                        It is
General information
The housing market overall in Budapest can be
considered a tenants’ market, as there is a good
supply of suitable housing, readily available.
However, when it comes to good quality
properties in the most favoured Budapest
locations, and also outside the capital, the
market favours the landlord much more.

•	 Unfurnished	property	typically	contains:		
   Appliances in the kitchen and in the
   bathrooms and there may be some built-in
   wardrobes and light fixtures

•	 Furnished	property	typically	contains:		
   furniture in all rooms, sometimes with
   kitchenware, towels and beddings, as well
   as electrical devices, generally everything            important to note also that it is incredibly
   one needs to live comfortably. A detailed              uncommon to find exclusive letting by real
   inventory contains all items in the property           estate agencies in Hungary. Landlords typically
                                                          have contracts with several agencies, which can
In general, if you are planning to stay for at            prove problematic as, on occasion, real estate
least 2 to 3 years in Hungary, and are looking            agencies’ proposals can overlap. Just one more
to rent a bigger house, we recommend you                  reason to employ a professional relocation
consider bringing your own furniture with you,            service provider to manage the home search
or purchasing it here, as most landlords do               process!
not furnish homes of this size. For short–term
rentals, or smaller apartments, one can usually           Budapest and its suburbs
find a furnished home in either downtown or               The most typical apartments available on the
on the Buda side of the river. If the landlord is         market in Budapest are to be found in the old
required to furnish a property, the rental price          style downtown buildings of Pest’s Districts V,
will be higher.                                           VI, and VII. These properties generally have high
                                                          ceilings, classical parquet wooden floors, and
It is in your interests to contact a relocation           vaulted arches. In some of these houses one can
agency to help with the home search, as they              find elevators, but as many of the buildings are
will co-ordinate the real estate agencies’ work           old, they might only have staircases. In some
and represent you during the negotiations.                of the apartments there are still fire places or
Although real estate agencies in Hungary do               heating	stoves	(no	longer	required	for	use,	as	
not charge fees on the tenant side, it is a known         most apartments have been renovated, but still
fact that their fee is linked to the level of rent        a	quaint	touch).	If	one	chooses	an	apartment	
secured for the landlord, which means they have           in a house like this, one must be aware that
no motivation to push for a reduction in the              parking will be an additional cost on top of the
rent. A relocation agency can also handle the             rental fee if there is no parking available in the
murky legalities of renting a property.                   courtyard.

Welcome to our world...                                                                  The Inter Relocation Group

The rental price for these apartments                       The Budapest suburbs are remarkable for the
varies hugely, often depending on location,                 variety of property styles on offer.
neighbourhood, size of the flat and overall                 One of the most typical is the newly built
quality and condition of the building.. While you           Mediterranean style with pastel colours and
can find a studio for €200, you can also find               natural wooden windows and doors. These
a family sized apartment for €4,000! It is also             houses usually have a nice garden, 3-4
important to note that there are no houses or               bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms, and a sauna and, if
apartments with their own gardens or backyards              you’re lucky, even the all-American touch of a
in the central Pest districts. If this is a concern,        swimming-pool!
perhaps because you have children, you will
need to look for a property closer to the suburbs           Another typical style in Buda is the 100 or
or in Buda.                                                 more year old villa. These are especially found
                                                            in District XII, as it was here that the Hungarian
There are also newly built town-houses in the               aristocrats had their summer homes. Here you
downtown area, especially in districts where                can also find smaller old-style villas, which used
old houses have been demolished, and new                    to be hunters’ cottages in the 18th century. As
condominium houses built in their place. In                 you can see: these houses come with history!
these houses, one can find nice modern-style                There are also some old villas in Districts II
apartments, with balconies, new elevators and               and III. They have unique, if not very practical,
underground garages. Some of them are also                  layouts, meaning you can at times feel like you
home to beautiful, landscaped gardens in the                are lost in a labyrinth. Usually these properties
entrance corridors.                                         have been fully renovated, but in some cases

Welcome to our world...                                                                 The Inter Relocation Group

the quality of finishing is not very satisfactory,
and one should be very careful when taking a
type of house like this.

There are also some very different looking
houses in the Buda districts, many of them built
to rent and looked on as an investment. Their
architectural style is not common, but they do
have their own gardens and are comfortable
for living. Their layout is very practical; some
have swimming-pools, saunas or Jacuzzis in
their basements. These newly-built homes are,             possible he or she may ask for a copy of your
perhaps, most similar to the places expats will           passport. The other case is if your company
be used to from their native countries.                   rents the property, and you are the person
                                                          appointed by the tenant to live in it. In this case,
Which property to choose?                                 all the company documents must be copied
The followingare some of the important points             and attached to the lease contract, especially
that should be considered when choosing a                 the copy of the signature for the individual who
property:                                                 signs the agreement.

•	 Your	budget	                                           Duration of the lease and cancellation conditions
•	 Extra	payments	such	as	utilities	(heating,		           The minimum lease term according to
	 water,	electricity)	maintenance	(gardening,		           Hungarian real estate market norms is 1 year.
	 swimming	pool,	etc).                                    Of course, you can sign for a shorter period, but
•	 Pets	–	no	animals	are	allowed	without	the		            the rental fee for a short-term tenancy is 30-
   landlord’s permission                                  50% higher. The longer the duration you or your
•	 Your	obligations	as	a	tenant	–	these	vary		            company can sign, the better the conditions
   enormously from country to country and in              you can achieve in the lease. Leases are often
   Hungary you have lots of specific obligations.         renewable before they expire.
   For example, no alteration works can
   be carried out to the property without the
                                                          The lease agreement can be terminated as
   landlord’s preliminary written approval
•	 Upkeep	of	gardens	and	swimming-pools		
   – it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain        •	 by	the	mutual	agreement	of	the	parties		
   facilities in good condition, which can be                – according to Hungarian rental laws, the
   time-consuming and/or costly                              minimum notice period is 15 days, but it can
                                                             be longer;
The Tenancy Agreement                                     •	 if	the	lease	agreement	runs	into	indefinite		
Understanding your obligations as tenant                     duration, either of the parties will have the
There are two types of lease contracts used                  right to terminate, giving 1-3 months’
in Hungary for renting a property. One is a                  written notice. This is called ordinary notice,
personal lease agreement where you are the                   it can only be used in the case of indefinite
tenant. In this case, all your personal details              term leases, but termination can be enforced
need to be given to the landlord, and it is                  for any reason;

Welcome to our world...                                                                    The Inter Relocation Group

•	 by	the	tenant	giving	1-3	months’	written		                Building charges
   notice, upon the termination of the job of                A building charge exists in Hungary only
   the person living in the property. This type              for apartments or row houses located in a
   of extraordinary notice is known as The                   compound. This charge covers the maintenance
   Diplomatic Clause;                                        costs of the building, as well as the common
                                                             costs. The maintenance costs should always be
•	 in	case	the	premises	becomes	uninhabitable		              paid by the landlord, whilst the common cost is
   or unsuitable for proper use for reasons                  the tenant’s responsibility.
   beyond parties’ control – another form of
   extraordinary notice;                                     The common costs include all common charges
                                                             for the building or the compound, such as
•	 by	immediate	written	notice	if	either	party		             heating, lighting and cleaning of the common
   fails to observe the obligations contained                areas. It also covers the use and upkeep of
   in the lease agreement and settle the breach
                                                             the elevator, and, in some buildings, water
   upon the other party’s written notice within
                                                             and sewage services, garbage collection and
   an appropriate given deadline. This is also
   known as a form of extraordinary notice                   gardening costs. In condominium houses with
                                                             wellness	areas	(swimming-pool,	saunas,	Jacuzzi,	
                                                             squash,	fitness	room	with	cardio	machines,	etc.),	
                                                             you will have to pay for these services according
                                                             to the size of your property.

                                                             Security Deposit
                                                             In addition to the payment of the first rental
                                                             amount after signing your lease agreement, you
                                                             will be expected to pay a deposit equal to 1-3
                                                             month’s rent. This is used as a security down-

                                                             The landlord is entitled to deduct any unpaid
                                                             obligation of the tenant related to the
Rent                                                         termination of the lease, the debts, if any,
The total monthly rent usually does not include              (including	utility	fees	and	any	damage	to	the	
additional charges. All utilities and maintenance            property and/or the furniture beyond normal
costs are required to be paid separately by the              wear	and	tear).	The	deposit	shall	be	reimbursed	
tenant, unless a deal has been worked out with               by the landlord usually within 15-30 days of the
your landlord and is so specified in the rental              expiry of the lease agreement.
                                                             The rent can be paid right up to the end of
In some special cases, landlords include some                the tenancy, or the security deposit can be
additional extras like gardening fee in the rent. If         considered as the last 1-3 month rent. If the
the landlord is a company, it can invoice all utility        deposit is used as rent, the tenant is still obliged
and maintenance costs to the tenant without                  to compensate all costs arising from improper
paying the taxes for them; therefore these fees              use or unpaid bills at the end of the lease.
may be included in the rental fee.

Welcome to our world...                                                                    The Inter Relocation Group

Rent review                                                  readings, and the number of keys given - is
The rent is reviewed according to the                        signed	by	the	landlord	and	the	tenant	(or	the	
preliminary agreement of the contracting                     person	who	is	going	to	live	in	the	property).	The	
parties, either yearly, or after the expiration of           inventory list is checked item by item, as well as
the definite term of the lease. The calculation              the condition of the property. Photos are made
used for increasing the rent depends on what                 and kept on file.
currency it was defined and paid in. If the rent
was calculated in Hungarian Forints, it is usually           If, after you have moved in to your property,
reviewed each year and increased by the rate                 there	are	issues	(such	as	malfunctioning	
of	inflation.	If	it	was	calculated	in	Euros	(it	does	        electrical	appliances)	which	have	not	been	
not	matter	if	it	is	paid	in	HUF	or	EUR),	parties	            mentioned in the check-in report, you should
usually review it only if the lease is prolonged             inform your landlord in writing and add a copy
after the definite term. The increase is defined             of the letter with the written inspection report
according to the parties’ agreement.                         (this	should	be	done	as	soon	as	possible	after	
                                                             the check-in inspection, and no later than a
Real Estate Agency Commission                                month).
In Hungary, a commission is paid by the landlord
to the real estate agency only for its services              It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain
in securing the property and contract. In most               the property in good condition. Any costs that
cases, the negotiation and the lease agreement               arise caused by normal wear and tear are the
is completed by the relocation agency. The                   responsibility of the landlord.
commission is about 12-15% of the annual rent.
                                                             When you leave your property, the landlord, you,
Taxes                                                        and the relocation agent conduct a check-out
Taxes relating to the property and tax on the                inspection.
rental income are paid by the landlord.
                                                             The two sets of documents and the photos
There is no garbage tax, but so called monthly               are compared to determine how much of
collection fees do often apply, and they must be             the deposit is returned to the tenant, or how
paid by the tenant.                                          much the tenant is obliged to pay for the
                                                             costs of repairing any damages arising from
Check-in and check-out                                       improper use, or for unpaid utility bills or other
inspections, inventory                                       obligations. Proof of expenses must always be
When the lease commences on your apartment,                  provided.
a check-in inspection is carried out. Regardless
of whether the property is furnished or not, an              General wear and tear is taken into account,
inventory is compiled.                                       but if, for example, you drill holes in the walls to
                                                             hang pictures, you will need to fill them when
The check-in is carried out by the landlord, the             you leave. It is extremely important, if you wish
tenant	(or	the	employee	of	the	tenant	who	is	                to recuperate the security deposit, that you
going	to	live	in	the	property),	the	real	estate	             leave the property in the same general condition
agent and the relocation agent. The handover                 as you found it in at the check-in.
report - which is a legal document that sets out
the condition of the property, the utility meter

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Your Installation                                          Please ensure that you immediately declare any
                                                           damage which occurs during your occupancy
House Insurance                                            to your insurance broker or IR Relocation
The landlord is required to take out full                  Consultant. The fact that the claim has been
insurance on the premises, including a multi-              registered is vital – whether the work has been
risk insurance against fire, water and glass               done or not – when it comes to reclaiming the
damage, while the tenant should take out                   deposit paid on the property at the end of the
insurance on his/her personal belongings.                  stay.

We will be pleased to provide you help with the            Appliances and utilities
insurance	process.	Your	IR	Relocation	Consultant	          Gas heating and hot water: If your apartment
will provide you a quotation in English.                   has communal central heating, then the cost
                                                           of heating is included in the common charge. If
For this you will need to make a list of the               your property has individual gas heating, you as
personal belongings that you wish to insure with           the	tenant	(or	the	person	living	in	the	property)	
their individual values, and the total value. Items        are responsible for the general up-keeping of
you should consider insuring include:                      the boiler, while the landlord is responsible for
                                                           the yearly maintenance.
•	   Furniture	and	household	goods
•	   Electrical	appliances	(HI-FI,	stereo,	video,		        Electricity: Electric voltage is 220-230 V in
	    DVD,	TV	set,	camera,	computer)                        Hungary and the current alternates at 50 cycles.
•	   Handmade	carpets,	paintings                           Wall sockets are usually compatible with plugs
•	   Antiques                                              from other European countries, but we would
•	   Jewellery                                             still recommend that you find out whether the
                                                           electrical items you wish to bring with you can
You	should	return	this	inventory	to	your	                  be adapted for use in Hungary.
IR Relocation Consultant, who will get the
quotation from the insurance broker. If you                Water and sewage: If your apartment does not
accept the insurance company’s quotation,                  have its own water utility meter, the water and
the policy can be signed. The policy is not                sewage fee is included in the common cost. If
automatically renewed, but it has to be                    you have a separate meter, the water is invoiced
prolonged before expiry. Please contact your IR            according to consumption, calculated on the
Relocation Consultant to help with the extension.          basis of the meter reading every three months.
The policy can also be terminated at any time by           The sewage fee is calculated from the same
ordinary	notice	(1-2	months,	depending	on	the	             consumption, as there is no separate sewage
insurance	company).                                        meter.

In the event of a claim, you will need to                  Garbage collection: If you have an apartment
contact your insurance agent or IR Relocation              in a block house or in a compound, the garbage
Consultant, who will immediately get in touch              collection fee is included in the common charge.
with your insurance agent. Any receipts, photos,           If you have your own house, it is invoiced by the
and guarantees, etc. which you may have will be            service provider directly monthly.
used to determine the extent of the claim.

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Chimney sweeping: If your property has a               PEACE OF MIND: We will be pleased to provide you
working chimney, you should have it swept once         help with the insurance process. Your IR Relocation
a year, as, more importantly, you will need a          Consultant will provide you a quotation in English.
certificate proving that the chimney has been
swept in the last 12 months, to be sure to be
covered by your insurance company in case
of fire. The chimney sweeping fee should be            External works: Any changes which affect
covered by the landlord.                               the external aspect of the property must be
                                                       approved by the landlord. In certain cases the
Authorizations                                         landlord will need, in turn, to seek authorization
There are a few things which you can not do            from the local town hall. Be aware that certain
without requesting special authorization from          buildings have restrictions about the installation
your landlord.                                         of the satellite dishes, so if this is a priority
                                                       for you, it should be discussed with your IR
Internal works or refurbishment:	You	are	              Relocation Consultant prior to the visit. Please
obliged to get written permission from your            also remember that any costs for dismantling
landlord for any internal redecoration you wish        the dish are borne by the tenant on departure
to carry out. Decorative work which improves           from the property.
the property is not normally refused, but
definitely needs to be discussed first with the        Gardens: Any major changes you wish to make
landlord. No alteration works are allowed to           to the garden, such as cutting down trees,
be carried out without the landlord’s written          moving bushes, landscaping, etc, should be
approval.                                              discussed beforehand with your landlord.

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Medical care in Hungary
The Hungarian healthcare system offers a wide range of facilities, both out- and in-patient, public
and private, from which to choose. Budapest is particularly rich in the choices of offers. For more
information regarding the Hungarian Social Security System, please see Chapter 13, page 37.

Certain vaccinations are required for Hungarian residents, while others are merely recommended.
The following vaccinations are compulsory for enrolment in kindergartens and schools, and the
corresponding vaccination proof should be brought with you:

                                                        The pentavalent combination vaccine against
                                                        diphtheria tetanus, pertussis, polio and Hib
                                                        was introduced to the national vaccination
                                                        schedule in 2006, and replaced previous forms
                                                        of vaccination for diphtheria, tetanus, whole-cell
                                                        pertussis, Hib, and live oral polio vaccines.

                                                        D	        Diphtheria	vaccine	(normal	dose)*
                                                        d	        Low	dose	diphtheria	vaccine	(booster	dose)*
                                                        T	        Tetanus	vaccine	(normal	dose)*
                                                        t	        Low	dose	tetanus	vaccine	(booster	dose)*
                                                        aP	       Acellular	pertussis	vaccine	(normal	dose)*
                                                        ap        Low dose acellular pertussis vaccine
HepB vaccine is currently given to infants of           	         (booster	dose)*
HbsAg positive mothers, and to mothers with             wP	       Whole	cell	pertussis	vaccine*
unknown HbsAg status. Administered in 3                 Hib       Haemophilus influenza type b vaccine
doses,	starting	within	12	hours	post-partum	(in	        OPV       Live oral polio vaccine
case of HbsAg positive mother simultaneously            IPV       Inactivated polio vaccine
with	HB	immunoglobulin),	the	second	dose	is	            Var       Varicella vaccine
given 1 month later, and third dose follows 6           HepB      Hepatitis B vaccine
months after first.                                     MenC      Meningococcal meningitis C conjugate vaccine
                                                        MMR       Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine
DTaP, IPV and Hib are given as the pentavalent          R         Rubella vaccine
combination vaccine.                                    BCG       Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine
                                                        Pn7v      Pneumococcal heptavalent conjugate vaccine
DTaP and IPV are given as a combined vaccine.
                                                        * Given as part of DTaP, DTwP, DT, dT, dTaP or dtap.

A full course of HepB vaccination has been
mandatory since 1999 at 14 years of age,
and for first year students in schools of higher
education for those not previously vaccinated.

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Motoring In Hungary
Parking permits
Parking permits are issued by each individual
local council and are only applicable in
downtown areas where a charge is levied to
park	during	the	day.	You	need	to	register	your	
car at the local council office and it is important
to note that there can be quite stringent
restrictions on qualification for a parking permit.
In some districts it is enough to own the vehicle
and to have a registered Hungarian address; in
others, you must own the home and the vehicle
to qualify for a permit.
                                                            You need to register your car at the local council
                                                            office and it is important to note that there can be
The necessary documents are:                                quite stringent restrictions on qualification for a
•	 valid	residence	permit                                   parking permit.
•	 address	card
•	 certificate	of	registration	for	the	vehicle
•	 purchase	contract	for	the	property                       Road tax
Driver’s licence                                            •	 Charged	annually	according	to	the	capacity		
EU licence requirements                                        of the engine of your car
•	 EU	citizens	may	use	their	driver’s	licences		
   for a year with no restrictions. In case of              Renting a car
   relocating for a long time period, you must              Car rental is very popular in Hungary.
   obtain a Hungarian licence                               •	 Cars	may	be	rented	with	or	without	a	driver	

•	 Relocation	is	always	proven	by	a	residence		             •	 Cars	are	generally	delivered	and	collected	by		
   permit and an address card                                  the rental companies

Non-EU licence requirements                                 •	 A	deposit	and	a	daily	charge	for	the	car	is		
•	 A	Non-EU	citizen’s	driver’s	licence	must		
   be verified at the local council. After 1 year, a        •	 Cars	can	also	be	rented	on	a	long-term		
   Hungarian licence is required                               basis or leased through specialist leasing
                                                               companies or participating dealers.
•	 Conditions	are	the	same	as	for	EU	citizens
                                                            Importing a car
•	 If	the	country	in	which	the	current		                    If importing a car, EU and non-EU citizens
   licence was issued is not a signatory of the             alike have to be in accordance with various
   Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, a medical             restrictions	(e.g.	the	qualification	of	the	car,	
   examination and a driving test are necessary,            the date of production, registered Hungarian
   even during the first year in Hungary                    address	and	residence	permit	for	the	driver,	etc.)

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The Hungarian state imposes a registration               The following must be kept in the car:
tax on all vehicle imports, although this                •	 first	aid	kit
tax is considered illegal by the EU and is               •	 luminous	jacket
currently being challenged through the                   •	 triangle
courts.                                                  •	 spare	wheel
                                                         •	 toolbox
For imports from outside the EU, customs                 •	 replacement	lamp	bulbs
duty and VAT may also be applicable.                     •	 jack	
Modifications to cars from the United States             •	 wrench
and other countries may also be required. In
short, it’s a complicated business and should
be discussed with a relocation consultant at
length before proceeding.                                Banking In Hungary
Car inspection
All cars more than three years old are subject
to a compulsory test which is renewable every
two years.

Car seats for children
Children under the age of twelve should be
seated in the back of the car, using an approved
car seat.

Drink driving
Hungary basically follows a zero tolerance
approach to drink driving. If you have had any
alcohol to drink, you cannot drive. Forget about         To open an account, you will need to show your
popping in to the pub on the way home from               passport and proof of residence. Should you
work for a swift half with the boys. And think           need to open an account prior to your arrival in
twice when you get into the car in the morning           Hungary, IR will put you in contact with certain
following a late night out. Will all that alcohol        banks that are willing to open an account
have cleared your system yet?                            without an address.

Driving in Hungary                                       As soon as you open your account, you will
The following documents must be with you                 receive	the	account	number.	Your	bank	card	will	
when driving in Hungary:                                 be delivered to your mailing address 1-2 weeks
•	 driver’s	licence                                      later. The pin-code for the card will be sent in
•	 car	registration	papers                               a separate letter, around the same time. Upon
•	 proof	of	insurance                                    receiving both, you will need to activate the card.
•	 accident	report
                                                         The official currency in Hungary is the
                                                         Hungarian Forint – HUF.

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Pets                                                      Hungarian Holidays
Bringing your animal to Hungary
An EU citizen arriving in Hungary must provide
a pet passport. The conditions for issuing a pet
passport are as follows:

•	 Your	pet	must	have	a	report	detailing	its		
   vaccination against rabies, showing it has
   been inoculated properly and is up to date.
•	 The	pet	must	have	either	a	tattoo	or	a		
   microchip for identification purposes. From
   2012, only microchip identification will be
•	 A	request	for	a	pet	passport	should	come		
   from the vet that inoculates the animal.
                                                          The Crown of King István
•	 The	validity	of	the	pet	passport	must	match		
                                                          (Stephen), Hungary’s founder.
   that of the current vaccination against rabies.
   A new passport should be issued after each
   vaccination.                                               January 1st
•	 If	the	microchip	fitted	to	your	animal	is	not		        	   New	Year’s	Day
   117784 standard compliant, you will also
   need to provide the equipment necessary for                March 15th
   reading the identification number.                         Commemoration of 1848-49 Revolution and
                                                              War of Independence
For a non-EU citizen bringing in a pet from
outside the EU, the owner must show a                         Easter Monday
veterinary health certificate which proves that               Monday after Easter Sunday
the animal meets all the health requirements
determined by EU law. Even so, the animal may                 May 1st
also be examined by a vet.                                    Labour Day
                                                              June 5th
                                                          	   Whit	Monday	(Pentecost)

                                                              August 20th
                                                          	   St.	Stephen’s	Day,	marking	King	István		
                                                          	   (Stephen),	Hungary’s	founder.

                                                              October 23d
                                                              1956 Uprising Remembrance Day
Your pet must have a report
detailing its vaccination against                             November 1st
Rabies, showing it has been                                   All Saints’ Day
inoculated properly and is
up to date.
                                                              December 24-25-26th

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Post-Arrival                                               Dist XI.
                                                           Dist XIII.
                                                                         +361-349-8500, +361-340-8756
                                                           Dist XIV.     +361-220-6693, +361-469-3800
Welcome To Hungary                                         Dist XV.      +361-307-2222
This post-arrival section is meant to assist you           Dist XVI.     +361-407-4045, 0361-409-7893
in the most practical ways in adapting to your             Dist XVII.    +361-256-6272
new life in Hungary. The following information             Dist XVIII.   +361-290-4182
has been designed to help you become familiar              Dist XIX.     +361-282-9692, +361-282-9635
with different elements of Hungary, such as the            Dist XX.      +361-285-3092, +361-285-5211
language, shopping, medical information, and               Dist XXI.     +361-427-5120
various clubs, among other useful information.             Dist XXII.    +361-2291758
All the recommendations made in this section               Dist VII.     +36-303-8115
have come from people who have used the
various services, and have found them to be                Other 24-hour services
helpful and of a high standard. We are always                  Emergency Road Service - 188
grateful for any comments or criticism you
                                                               Emergency Sewage Service
may have, as these helps us to ensure that the                 +361-455-4200
section remains a useful part of the adaptation
process.                                                       Emergency Electrical Service
Emergency Numbers                                              Water Department - +3680-200333
Main general emergency number - 112
This number can be dialled from any portable phone,            Gas Department (reporting leaks)
telephone booth or regular phone, for any kind of              +361-477-1111
emergency.                                                     English Language Emergency Helpline
Ambulance - 104, +361-311 1666
Police - 107                                                   Tourist Emergency Information
Fire Department - 105, +361-321-6216

24-hour call out medical services                          Medical services
Dental emergencies                                             Dr. Rose Medical Centre
+361-317-6600, +361-267-9602                                   H-1051 Budapest Roosevelt tér 7-8.
Medical Hotline                                                +361-377-6737, Dr. Rose, 7
+361-317-2111, +361-200-0100
                                                               Firstmed Centres
Dist I.     +361-212-6636, +361-375-7173                   	   H-1015	Budapest	Hattyú	u.	14.
Dist II.    +361-202-1370, +361-315-0011                       +361-224-9090
Dist III.   +361-388-8501, +361- 387-1439                      +36-20-450-3333
Dist IV.    +361-369-2600, +361-369-1918                       +36-30-450-3333
Dist V.     +361-311-6816, +361-331-7327
                                                               Focus Medical Centre
Dist VII.   +361-321-6864, +361-321-521                        H-1138 Budapest Danubius Thermal Hotel,
Dist IX.    +361-215-1644, +361-455-4569                       Margitsziget
Dist X.     +361-261-5834                            

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    International Medical Services (IMS)              Dist XIV Örs vezér tere 23.
	   H-1138	Budapest	Váci	út	184.                      +361-469-4676
    +361-329-8423                                     Dist XVII Ferihegyi út 93.
    Medicover Rt.
	   H-1132	Budapest	Váci	út	22-24.                    Dist XVII Pesti út 170/a                                 +361-257-3871
    +361-465-3100                                     Dist XIX Ady Endre út 122.
    Rózsakert Medical Centre
	   H-1026	Budapest	Gábor	Áron	u.	74-78/a.            Dist XXI Áruház tér 8.                             +361-278-0608
                                                      Dist XXII Kaldor Adolf u. 3-5.
    Telki Magánkórház Kft.                            +361-229-1781
	   H-2089	Telki	Kórház	Fasor	1.                              Dist VII Rákóczi ut. 39
    +3626-372-300                                     +361-314-3694
                                                      Dist XI Fehérvári út 12.
    Vital Centre                                      +361-466-5891
    H-1138 Budapest Danubius Thermal Hotel,
    Margitsziget                             Pharmacies
    +361-340-4518                                  (Gyógyszertár	or	
                                                   Patika)	are	indicated	
24-hour pharmacies                                 with a green cross,
    Dist II Frankel Leó út 22.                     open on weekdays
    +361-212-4311, 212-4406                        from 8:00-19:00,
                                                   and Saturdays from
    Dist III Vörösvári út 86.
    +361-368-6430, 388-6142                        9:00-13:00. Every
                                                   district has at least
    Dist IV Pozsonyi u. 19.                        1 pharmacy open
                                                   24-hours a day, mostly at major road junctions
    Dist VI Teréz krt. 41.                         (see	above).	At	night	however,	they	charge	extra	
    +361-311-4439                                  fees. Medical prescriptions are not accepted
                                                   anywhere except pharmacies, although the most
    Dist VII Dob u. 86.
                                                   common basic medicines, such as aspirin, can
                                                   be bought without prescription.
    Dist IX Ülloi út 121.
	   +361-215-3900	(only	in	winter)                 Doctors
                                                   You	are	free	to	choose	your	own	general	
    Dist X Pongrác út 19.
    +361-431-9940                                  practitioner under the public healthcare system.
    Dist XII Alkotás út 1/b.                       A doctor is assigned to the area where you
    +361-355-4691                                  live, but if you have your own choice, or have
                                                   found a medical centre that speaks your native
    Dist XIII Béke tér 11.
    +361-320-8006                                  language, you can change your doctor. Office

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                                                                    The medical services are
                                                                    substantially financed by the
                                                                    state budget, which takes
                                                                    a monthly contribution
                                                                    from one’s salary, and no
                                                                    payment is claimed for the
                                                                    actual treatment.

hours are normally between 8.00-12.00 and                to which patients have to pay in Hungary. The
16.00-20.00. If you become ill at the weekend,           amount is reimbursed later by their national
there	is	always	a	i	in	every	district.	You	can	          insurance system.
enquire at the non-stop pharmacies for more
information or dial 197.                                 With	the	EU	insurance	card	only	“required”	
                                                         treatments are free of charge. Just as in other
About healthcare                                         countries, you are entitled to hold private
The Hungarian social security system                     medical insurance as well. If you are employed
The Hungarian healthcare system is mainly                and put on the Hungarian payroll, your
free of charge for anyone who can provide a              employer will have to pay social contributions
Hungarian social insurance number and card               from your salary. Holding a private medical
(TAJ	szám,	TAJ	kártya)	or	has	an	EU	health	card.	        insurance policy does not exclude you from
The medical services are substantially financed          having to contribute to the state system.
by the state budget, which takes a monthly
contribution from one’s salary, and no payment           The Hungarian insurance system is currently
is claimed for the actual treatment. With the            undergoing major changes. Therefore it is
Hungarian TAJ card you are entitled to full              essential to obtain up-to-date information
medical care, excluding prescription charges and         before you relocate.
the so called ‘visit fee’ that is 300 HUF/visit.
EU citizens who possess an EU insurance card             Private healthcare
are also treated free of charge. However some            The private healthcare sector is relatively new
countries	(Finland,	Austria,	etc)	may	have	a	            in Hungary. Many of the clinics are only 6 or 7
different agreement with the country, according          years old, with new equipment and state-of-

Welcome to our world...                                                                The Inter Relocation Group

the-art facilities. The government hopes that            When you order a telephone line, you will have
private outpatient clinics will be more capable          to schedule an appointment with the technicians
of keeping costs lower than the bigger state run         to	set	it	up	in	your	home.	You	get	your	new	
hospitals.                                               phone number when the telephone service is
                                                         set up, and you can sign the contract at the
Whether you are looking for a clinic for your            same time, or at the time of ordering the line,
annual check-up or your family’s health service,         depending on which provider you use. Once
Budapest is home nowadays to several modern,             the line is activated, you will receive an invoice
well-equipped, international private clinics with        from the service provider each month which
English-speaking doctors and nurses.                     will include the basic monthly fixed fee and the
                                                         consumption.	You	can	pay	in	cash	or	by	credit	
                                                         card at post offices, or make a bank transfer to
Settling In                                              the provider’s account.
Telephone & Internet
There are various types of phone and Internet            The	Hungarian	Yellow	Pages	(commercial	
services available on contract with any of               telephone	numbers)	and	white	pages	(private	
Hungarian service providers. Cable and ADSL              numbers)	are	easily	accessible	in	English	at:	
Internet connection, analogue and ISDN phone    and www.tudakozo.t-com.
lines, are all possible, and the network coverage        hu/main?xml=main&xsl=main
is generally very good. Prices depend on the
type of service package, but expect around
                                                         The Budapest’s English Language Telephone
€50-100 a month for the phone base fee and
Internet monthly fee combined. For telephone             Directory, the Phonebook, is free and
calls there are local and foreign rates plus VAT         available	from	Roldan	Kft.,	H-1124	Budapest	
(20%)	on	the	total	bill.                                 Tamási	Áron	u.	18/b.,	telephone:	+361-239	
                                                         0430, e-mail: For
                                                         international telephone directory enquiries,
The largest providers of regular telephone and           dial 199.
Internet services in Hungary today are Magyar
Telekom	(T-Com	&	T-Online),	Emitel,	UPC,	                Electricity
Invitel,	Hungarotel	(HTCC)	and	Monortel	(UPC).	          The	electricity	company	will	either	be	ELMÜ	
For all matters related to your phone service                            ˝
                                                         (Elektromos	Muvek	Nyrt.)	or	
and	telephones	(including	purchase	or	rental	of	         EON depending on
equipment)	you	should	visit	the	T-Com,	Invitel	          which part of the country you are living in.
or UPC offices in your area. They have also
English-speaking operators on their telephone            You	will	receive	an	invoice	from	them	every	
hotlines and English-language websites, which            month which will include the monthly
provide details of available services.                   consumption calculated according to the gas
                                                         meter reading, or an estimated fee according to
   Magyar Telekom Rt.:                                   the previous year’s consumption. Payment can                                         be made in cash at the post office, or done by
   Invitel:                                              bank transfer. It is also possible to pay by direct                                        debit. For this you should sign a contract with
   UPC:                                                  the service provider that the monthly amount                                            of your invoice can be automatically debited

Welcome to our world...                                                                  The Inter Relocation Group

from your account. IR is happy to assist you with         company of the building when problems arise.
filling out the forms.                                    He/she is normally available for an appointment
                                                          according to preliminary agreement. This is a
Gas                                                       relationship that is definitely worth investing in.
The	gas	company	is	FoGáz	(Fávárosi	Gázmu vek	
                      ˝                    ˝              The concierge very often knows many people
Zrt.)	in	Budapest	region,	ÉGáz-DGáz	Zrt.	in	              in the area, therefore could be a good source of
Komárom-Esztergom,	Gyor-Moson-Sopron,	Vas,	
                          ˝                               babysitters, cleaners, etc. He/she is often very
Bács-Kiskun,	Békés	and	Csongrád	counties	and	             helpful when it comes to taking in deliveries
in some areas of Veszprém county, and EON,                when you are away, letting people in to read the
which	owns	DDGáz	Déldunántúli	Gázszolgáltató	             electricity or gas meters and generally keeping
Zrt.	and	KöGáz	(Középdunántúli	Gázszolgáltató	            an eye on security. It is customary to provide a
Zrt.)	Payment methods are normally the same               small Xmas gift to thank them for performing
as for electricity.                                       these extra tasks.

Water and sewage                                          Floor numbers and entry doors in buildings
The	water	supplier	in	Budapest	is	Fo városi	
                                   ˝                      Many apartment buildings in Hungary have
Vízmo vek	Zrt.,	while	the	sewage	supplier	is	
     ˝                                                    main doors which require a code to be tapped-
Fovárosi	Csatornázási	Muvek	Zrt.	Outside	of	
 ˝                        ˝                               in on a keyboard near the door in order to open
the capital, many different companies providing           them. If you do not know the entry code, there
water and sewage services, including PVRT                 is usually a telecom beside the main door with
–	Pécsi	Vízmo,	Pannon	Víz	Zrt.,	ÉDV	Zrt	–	
             ˝                                            names corresponding to each apartment.
                      ˝             ˝
Északdunántúli	Vízmo,	Szegedi	Vízmo 	Zrt.,	and	
Tiszamenti	Vízmovek	Zrt.
                 ˝                                        In older buildings, elevators may not have
                                                          automatic doors. Make sure that you close the
Generally, the payment methods are as above,              door when entering or exiting; otherwise the lift
but as there are many companies, we are happy             will not function.
to find out any information regarding the service
contract and the payment in your area.                    As you walk into the block, you are on the
                                                          Földszint – the ground floor level. The first floor
Garbage collection                                        in Hungary is thus what is described in some
Many towns in Hungary, and lots of districts              other countries as the second floor, which can
in Budapest, ask their residents to sort their            lead to confusion.
trash	into	separate	categories	(plastic,	white	
glass,	coloured	glass,	metal,	paper,	etc.)	and	           Safety in your absence
provide different coloured bins for the purpose.          If you leave for a few days’ holiday, especially
Frequency of rubbish collection varies from one           during the summer, and more specifically you
location to another. In many areas of Budapest            live in a ground or first floor apartment or a
there is a collection twice a week, in the suburbs        house, we highly recommend that you close
it tends to be once a week.                               both the windows and the shutters. Switch
                                                          the alarm system on, and sign a contract with
Concierge                                                 a	24-hour	security	company	(Multialarm,	
The concierge’s role – if you have one – is to            RIMI	Security,	Pro-Sec,	etc.).	Some	insurance	
take care of the building, to clean the communal          companies will only provide cover for a property
areas, and to liaise with the management                  if it either has bars on the windows or shutters

Welcome to our world...                                                                    The Inter Relocation Group

fitted, or an alarm system connected to the                Places Of Worship
police or a security firm.

To avoid the risk of lightening strikes damaging
your electrical appliances, unplug all TV sets,
lamps, HI-FI equipment, computers, etc. when
you are away.

The post office provides a service which
forwards	your	mail	even	for	short	period	(1	
month)	while	you	are	on	holiday	for	example.	
It costs about €15 within Hungary, and €22

It is always a good idea to leave a set of
keys with someone you can trust or with
the concierge of your apartment block if you
go away, even for the weekend, in case of

                                                               Church of Christ in Budapest
                                                               1122 Bp., Maros u. 23. 1st floor
                                                               Regular services are held weekly.
Household insurance cover                                      Sunday Worship Service at 10am.
What to do in the event of theft?                              Sunday Bible Study at 11am.
                                                               Tel: +2023430
•	 Go	to	the	police	station	as	soon	as	possible,		             Email:
   and make a formal statement listing all
                                                               Bible Baptist Church
   missing items                                               1173 Bp., 502 u. 19.
                                                               Tel. Fax: 258-7286
•	 Take	every	measure	to	ensure	that	you	are		                 E-mail:
                                                               Sunday Service times:
   not robbed a second time – for example
                                                               Sunday School: 10am.
   fit a bolt or padlock to the door if the lock is            Morning worship: 11am.
   broken                                                      Evening worship: 5pm.
                                                               Thursday service: 6.30pm.
•	 Get	a	statement	from	any	possible	witnesses
                                                               Calvary Chapel
                                                           	   1073	Bp.,	Erzsébet	Krt,	13
•	 Advise	your	insurance	broker	of	the	break-in		              Services:
   by registered letter within two working days.               Sunday: 8am, 10am, 12noon, 7pm.
                                                               Wednesday: 5pm, 7pm.
   This letter needs to include your name and
                                                               Tel: 3222499
   address, policy number, the date you
   discovered the theft, a list of what you think              Danube International Church
   has been stolen and a copy of any statement             	   Dist	I.	Somlói	út	51.	Mathias	Corvinus	Collegium
                                                               Evangelical, non denominational service.
   given to the police, or a copy of a receipt if
                                                               Sunday service: 10:30am
   you have made a verbal complaint.                       	   Sunday	evening	Youth	meetings.

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    International Baptist Church                             Many associations exist which could be of
	   Dist	II.	Törökvész	út	48-54.                             interest, either as a source of information or
	   Móricz	Zsigmond	Gimnázium
    Sunday morningscoffee/fellowship 10am,worship            possibly as an opening for volunteer work. These
    10.30am Classes provided for kids during teaching        groups are an excellent way of meeting people,
    time. Bible studies and mid-week meeting offered.        discovering places and learning new skills.
    Pastor Lee +36.30.641.5001
                                                             Here are just a few:
    International Church of Budapest                         IWCA - International Women’s Club Association
	   Dist	III.	Kis	Korona	u.	7.                               The International Women’s Club Association
    Óbuda Community Center                                   of	Budapest	(IWCA)	is	a	non-profit,	charitable	
    Sunday services 10.30am.                                 organization founded in 1981 by a group of
    Pastor Glenn Ford, tel: 789-4321                                           enterprising women from the international and
                                                             diplomatic communities in Budapest. Today,
    St. Columbia’s Presbyterian Church                       the Association has more than 230 members
    Dist VI. Vörösmarty u. 51.                               representing more than 35 nationalities.
    Sunday services at 11am.
	   Ken	MacKenzie,	373-0725,	06-70-6155394                   The main purpose of the organization is to
                                                             sponsor and support charitable activities related
    St. Margaret’s Anglican/Episcopal Chaplaincy             to health care and education in Hungary, and
    Meetings at the British School of Budapest               especially to support hospitals and children
	   1077	Bp.,	Almássy	u.	6.
    Dennis Moss, Tel: +3623-452-023.                         suffering from disease or disability. In addition,
                                                             the organization promotes the development
    The Bible Speaks Church of Hungary                       of good relationships between women of
	   1089	Bp.,	Golgota	u.	3.,	Golgota	Közösségi	ház           the international community and the host
    Tel: 210-2028
    Fax: 210-8526                                            country in order to increase their knowledge
    E-mail:                              of the people and the culture of Hungary. The
                                                             organization also supports the Club, which
    The English Language Community of Szent                  provides opportunities for women in the
    Antals Roman Catholic Church
	   1026	Bp.,	Pasaréti	út	137.                               international community to meet and engage in
    Mass is held every Sunday at 4pm.                        social and cultural activities. The Club organizes
	   Tel:	326-0897	(Michael	Glover)	or	06-70-213-	            meetings and programs which fulfil the goals
	   5522	(Katie	Gorka)                                       and principles of the Association and cooperates
    Jewish Synagogue of Budapest                             with other organizations sharing similar goals,
	   Dohány	u.	2-8.                                           whenever possible.
    Tel: 342-8949
                                                             The IWCA supports the Mother Theresa Soup
Clubs and Associations -                                     Kitchen,	the	Salvation	Army,	orphanages,	
Meeting People                                               hospitals, family assistance centres and a variety
If, as an accompanying spouse, you have chosen               of other organizations in need.
not to take up full time paid employment whilst
in Hungary, or if for any reason this is not an              For more information about the organization,
option, there are many alternatives open to                  contact	the	IWCA	Office	atDózsa	György	út	
you. At first, however, we recommend that you                84/b. H-1068 Budapest. Phone and answering
take time to settle in and discover your new
                                                             machine: 06-1-2555197. Fax: 06-1-2555760
surroundings. There is an enormous amount to
visit and explore.

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BWA – The British Women’s Association                      AmCham - The American Chamber
Meets on the last Friday of each month, 10am-              of Commerce in Hungary
12noon at the Budapest Marriott.                           The American Chamber of Commerce in
Call Sarah Waterfield:+36-20-9669204.                      Hungary	(AmCham	Hungary)	was	established	
                                                           in November 1989 as the very first AmCham
PWA – Professional Women’s Association                     in Central Europe, by 32 American companies.
The Professional Women’s Association began                 Today, it has grown to become the largest
as a small group of women who met informally               AmCham in the region, with approximately 600
at one another’s houses to discuss similar                 members, representing 22 different countries,
situations living and working in Budapest.                 more than 60% of the total foreign direct
The support group grew, making it apparent                 investment in Hungary and more than 50%
that there was an interest in a more formal                of Hungary’s annual total exports. AmCham
network.                                                   Hungary has also become one of the most
                                                           respected and influential non-profit, non-
In 2000, Georgette Verdin founded the                      political organizations in Hungary, representing
association which was officially registered in             not only the interests of American investors in
2001. The association’s mission is to provide              Hungary, but those of the entire international
a forum for networking, socializing, and                   and Hungarian business community.
professional development. PWA offers regular
monthly events, held on the second Monday of               The	mission	of	AmCham	Hungary	is	“to	be	the	
every month at 7pm. Guests are welcome.                    leading representative for US and international
PWA membership is open to women of all                     business in Hungary, and to promote the global
nationalities. At the end of its first fiscal year,        competitiveness	of	the	country.”	AmCham	
the PWA had recruited 80 members. Including                Hungary achieves this mission by creating and
guests, PWA now has an active participant base             maintaining relations between the business
of over 200 women.                                         community and government agencies in
                                                           Hungary. Internationally, AmCham Hungary
The membership split is 50% Hungarian                      also draws strength from working closely with
and 50% expatriates. More than 14 different                the European Council of American Chambers
countries are represented, which provides a                of	Commerce	(ECACC),	which	represents	more	
balance of different viewpoints.                           than 14,000 companies and $300 billion in
                                                           investment in Europe and the USA, as well as
Members are at various stages of their careers             major policy makers from both the United States
and from a broad range of professions. The                 and the European Union.
association is fortunate to have such high quality         For membership information, contact
professionals with amazing experiences to shape            Csilla	Pál	E-mail:
the program schedule.                                      Phone:	(36-1)	266-9880/329	
Phone: 06 30 358 3450                                      BH3 – Budapest Hash House Harriers
                                                           The BH3 was founded in 1983 and is running
NAWA – North American Women’s                              more often than ever today. Itmeets every
Association                                                Sunday morning and Monday evening all year
For information, contact                                   round, and runs through the beautiful Hills of                                    Buda, followed by healthy Hungarian beer and

Welcome to our world...                                                                      The Inter Relocation Group

good Hungarian soup/langos or other hash food.                  Dinoland
BH3 meets in the same place every time, near                	   1053	BudapestReáltanoda	u.	18.
                                                                Tel: +361-266-1889.
the centre with easy public transport access, so
even the stupidest or most hung-over hasher                     Hollóházi Porcelain
can remember where to go. Then everyone               
piles into cars and heads for the surprise venue,           	   3999	Hollóháza,	Károlyi	út	11.
decided by the two or more people acting as                     tel: +3647-505-400
the	“hares”	(trail	setters)	for	that	day’s	run	(or	
walk).	A	Hash	fee	has	to	be	paid	by	all,	currently	             IKEA
HUF500 per time, entitling you to partake in as
many drinks as you want after the run.

Runs	are	either	cross-country	(Sundays)	or	           
lead you through the beautiful sites of the city                1148 Budapest, Örs vezér tere
                                                                Tel: +361-460-3160
(Mondays).	The	run	is	anything	between	5K	and	                  And
5 miles, and usually lasts about an hour.                       2040 Budaörs, Sport u. 2-4.
For not-so-fit members, there is a Walking                      Tel: +361-460-3160
Group which also provides wheelchairs and
                                                                KA International
crutches at no additional charge. Contact:                                                        	   1061	Budapest,	Andrássy	út	37.
                                                                tel: +361-343-2080
Furnishing Your Home
As Budapest and the bigger towns in Hungary                     KIKA
have lots of furniture and household shopping
facilities, our aim here is just to point out a few
places where you will be able to find reasonably
priced furnishings for your home.
                                                                1135 Budapest, Lehel u. 51.
Interiors & furniture                                 
For all basic furniture, large selection of couches,            tel: +361-236-6300
coffee tables, beds, carpets, kitchen utensils,             	   Törökbálint,	Torbágy	u.	6.
fabrics, knick-knacks, accessories, gifts and                   Tel: +3623-334-230
home decor.
    Ban Sabai                                               	   1134	Budapest,	Váci	út	37.                                             Tel: +361-237-1251
	   1066	Budapest,	Jókai	u.	5.                                            Mobili Mania
    tel: +361-7076564                                 
                                                                1065 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 37.
    BO Concept                                                  Tel: +361-321-6549
	   1023	Budapest,	Árpád	fejedelem	útja	/	Óbuda		               Zsolnay Porcelain
    Gate 26-28.                                                                         	   7630	Pécs,	Zsolnay	Vilmos	u.	37.
    tel: +361-346-3040
                                                                Tel: +3672-507600

Welcome to our world...                                                                      The Inter Relocation Group

Electrical                                                 	   1138	Bp.,	Váci	út	178,	
For all white goods, hi-fi, televisions, telephones            Tel:+361-465-3901
photographic, computer equipment, records,                               ˝
                                                               Saturn Gyo r
compact discs, etc.                                        	                 ˝
                                                               Árkád,	9027	Gyo r,	Budai	út.	1.	
                                                               Tel: +36-96-505-900, Fax +36-96-505-901
    Electro World Magyarország Kft.
    Electro World Campona                                  Hardware stores
	   1222	Budapest,	Nagytétényi	út	37-43.                       Multipurpose hardware stores, with
	   Nyitva	tartás:	10.00	-	20.00	                              gardening and farming sections.
    Tel:+36 40 182-661 , Fax: +36 1 888-2214
    e-mail:                            Bau Max
    Electro World Budaörs                                      Dist IX.
    2040 Budaörs Malomko u. 5.                             	   Soroksári	út	86.
	   Nyitvatartási	ido:	Hétfotol	-	Péntekig:
                    ˝      ˝˝                                  Dist XXI.
    10:00 - 21:00 Szombaton: 09:00 - 20:00,                	   Rákóczi	Ferenc	út	277.
	   Vasárnap:	10:00	-	18:00	                               	                  ˝
                                                               Dist	XVIII.	Üllo i	út	661.
    Tel:+36 40 182-661 , Fax: +36 1 888-2214                   Dist XVII.
    e-mail:                        	   Pesti	út	2.
                                                               Dist III.
    Electro World Soroksár                                 	   Szentendrei	út	40.
	   1238	Budapest	Bevásárló	u.	4.
	   Nyitvatartási	ido:	Hétfotol	-	Péntekig:
                    ˝      ˝˝                                  Obi
    10:00 - 21:00 Szombat: 09:00 - 20:00,            
	   Vasárnap:	10:00	-	18:00                                    Dist IV.
    Tel: +36 1 289 11 00 , Fax: +36 1 289 11 01                Szent Imre u. 1.
    e-mail:                            Dist X.
                                                           	   Kerepesi	út	73.
    Electro World Budakalász                                   Dist X.,
	   2011	Budakalász,	Omszk	park	4.                             Örs vezér tere
	   Nyitvatartási	ido:	Hétfotol	-	Péntek:
                    ˝      ˝˝                                  Dist XIII.
    10:00 - 20:00 Szombaton: 10:00 - 19:00                 	   	Váci	út	168.
	   Vasárnap:	10:00	-	17:00                                    Dist XIX.
    Tel:+36 40 182-661 , Fax: +36 1 888-2214               	      ˝
                                                               Üllo i	út	Határ	út	Ady	Endre	út		
    e-mail:                        	   Dhopping	area,	Törökbálint,		
    Media Markt                                                Dist XIV.                                      	   Fogarasi	út	28-54
    WestEnd City Center, +361-238-7555                         Dist IX.
	   Árkád,	+361-432-3900                                   	   Soroksári	út	33-35.
    Budaörs, +3623-445-600                                     Dist XI.
                                                               Savoya Park
    Saturn                                               Praktiker
    Saturn Buda                                            	   Dist	III.	Bécsi	út	136.,	Distr.	IX.	Mester	u.	87.,		
	   Mammut,	1024	Budapest,	Lövo ház	u.	2-4.
                               ˝                           	                       ˝
                                                               Budaörs,	Malomko 	u.	3.,	Dist	XV.	Városkapu	u.	5.
    Tel: +361-336-3200, Fax +361-336-3201
    Saturn Pest                                                Pallag u. 9.
	   Europark,	1191	Budapest,	Üllo i	út	201-231.	
                                ˝                              2120 Dunakeszi Tel: +36-27-886-100
    Tel: +361-348-4000, Fax +361-348-4001                      Fax:+36-27-886-101
    Dunaplaza                                                  E-Mail:

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Shops, Markets and Supermarkets                          The basement has a supermarket, an Asian
This is not an exhaustive list, but gives an idea        shop and fresh fish stalls. Some stallholders may
of where to shop and what you may expect to              speak a little English or German. Asia Market
find. The large supermarkets all seem to stock           (the	Asian	shop)	has	an	excellent	rage	of	herbs	
international goods and Tesco’s in Budaörs has           and spices, different international foods as well
an Expat aisle including a section for English           as Chinese and Thai sauces and noodles. Overall
goods. The quality and range of goods available          this is an excellent market and is a good place
is improving all the time, but you may find that         to take visitors because it has such and array of
fresh produce is not up to standard.                     produce on sale.

The street and indoor markets rely more                  Józsefvárosi Market
heavily on seasonal produce so you can see               on	Rákóczi	tér	(District	VIII.).	
what is in season by looking at what is on               Has meat, fruit and vegetables. A section at
sale in abundance, for example asparagus,                the back is for local farmers to bring in their
strawberries, raspberries, peaches and                   produce. There is a large food area in the centre
watermelon.                                              of the market.

At first food shopping in Hungary can be a               Klauzál tér Market	–	Kispiac
daunting experience if you can not understand            (Oktober	23	utca,	District	XI).	
what is written on the labels and you can not            Has mostly been taken over by the Skala
get what you are looking for. We hope that this          Supermarket. A few pickled vegetable stalls can
guide is helpful and makes shopping a little             still be found in the back.
                                                         Hunyadi tér Market	(District	VI.).
Food shops                                               Sells vegetables, pickles, and smoked meats.
Budapest has numerous corner shops or                    There is also a flea market on Hunyadi tér.
general stores such as: CBA, Match, and Spar.
These stock a wide range of basic foods. Some            Hold Market on Hold utca	(District	V.)	
stock high fibre breakfast cereals, such as              Recently renovated, this market sells fish, cheese
Weetabix, Bran flakes, Alpen, etc. There are             and chicken. It also has an extensive büfe with
many specialist bread, cake and butcher shops.           foods from Mexico, Italy and China. There is also
                                                         a salad bar.

Market Halls
Budapest has five city Market Halls:                     Other markets
Vásárcsarnok,	on	Fovám	tér	(District	V.).
                      ˝                                  Lehel tér (District XIII.)
Originally the city’s main wholesale market.             1134 Bp., Lehel tér, 06-1-3402942
it was opened in 1897, along with the other              Next	to	Lehel	tér	on	Váci	út,	this	market	has	
four,	and	has	a	Zsolnay-tiled	roof.	The	covered	         recently reopened in a brand new building
market has three floors. On the ground floor is          built in the shape of cruise liner. Sells fruit,
fresh produce – fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese          vegetables, bread and meat. There are also a
and bread. On the upper floor are Hungarian              number of florist shops.
crafts and a büfe.

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Fény Utcai Piac (District II)                              Tesco Hypermarkets were the company’s largest
1024	Bp.,Lövoház	u.	12.,	                                  stores in the world. The Budaörs store has
06-1-3882146                                               an aisle of expat goods including a section for
Another daily market found at the back of the              English goods – marmite, Birds custard powder,
Mammut Shopping Centre near Moszkva tér on                 golden syrup, Branston pickle, marmalade,
the corner of Fény utca and Retek utca. Sells              Weetabix, curry sauces, salad cream, etc.
fruit, vegetables, meat, speciality cheeses as well
as flowers and herbs.                                      Auchan
                                                           French. Selling mainly Hungarian products as
Kolosy Téri Piac (District III)                            well as clothes white, and electrical goods. It has
1036	Bp.,	Kolosy	tér	2.,	                                  a good selection of Mexican food.
This is a small market with a canvas roof in the           Cora
middle of a courtyard. It is a fruit and vegetable         French. Sells mainly Hungarian products,
market with individual shops in the surrounding            but has good selection of food from the USA,
buildings. There is a baker, a flower shop, a shoe         France, Italy, Greece, Mexico and China. It also
shop as well as clothes shops and a büfe.                  sells the usual white and electrical goods. They
                                                           also have a very good selection of wines.
Flórián tér (District III.)
1033	Bp.,	Flórián	tér	6.,	06-1-439381                      Another	popular	supermarket	is	Kaisers,	
Found	behind	the	Flórián	tér	shopping	centre	on	           which is Austrian, and has numerous outlets
Vörösvári	út,	this	market	sells	fruit,	vegetables,	        throughout Budapest. Plus is the cut-price arm
meat, cheese and bread and is open daily.                  of	Kaisers.

Street markets                                             Shopping malls
These usually take place on Saturday mornings.             MOM Park
Keep	your	eyes	open	for	them                               (District	XII.)	1133	Bp.,Alkotás	u.	53,	06-1-
                                                           4875501 This shopping centre has various
Vörösvári út (District III)                                clothes, shoes and household boutiques as
1033	Bp.,	Vörösvári	út	103-105                             well as Smatch supermarket and other fruit
Sells clothes, household goods, fruit and                  and vegetable shops. There is a food court, a
vegetables.                                                German pub and cinema multiplex also.

Árpád Fejedelem:                                           WestEnd City Center
A large fruit and vegetable market, though                 (District	XIII.,	Nyugati)	1062	Bp.,	Váci	út	1-3,	
there are also bread, household goods, and a               06-12387777 / 06-1-3746573
few craft stalls.                                          A vast shopping centre on three floors with
                                                           many clothes, shoes and household shops.
Supermarkets                                               Marks and Spencer as well as many well-
These are more like Hypermarkets. They all sell            known designer shops are also there. There
food, clothes, electrical and white goods.                 is a multiplex cinema, food court, and other
                                                           restaurants such as TGI Fridays and Leroy’s.
Tesco                                                      There is a plenty of parking space underground
British. When they opened, two of Budapest’s               and behind the centre.

Welcome to our world...                                                                  The Inter Relocation Group

Mammut                                                      store, and a bank, as well as a small bowling
(District	II.,	Széna	tér)	1024	Bp.,	Lov_záz	                alley and a coffee shop. There is parking outside
u. 2-6., 06-1-3458020 / 06-1-3458333                        and underground.
Mammut features two connecting buildings and
is near Moszkva tér in Buda, with a market at               Budagyöngye
the back. There are a selection of clothes, shoes,          (District	II.	Szilágyi	Erzsébet	fasor	121.,	06-1-
toys and household shops. There is a food                   2750855)	This	was	one	of	the	first	shopping	
court in one building and a multiplex cinema,               malls in Budapest and is very different to others.
a bowling alley and other fast food outlets and             It has small specialist food shops, a vegetable
restaurants in the other. A Smatch supermarket              stand and boutiques as well as a fishmonger
can be found in the basement of one of the                  and dry cleaners. There is a McDonalds and
buildings. Plenty of underground parking.                   Pizza Hut, but there is no supermarket.

Rózsakert                                                   Polus Centre
(District	II.,	Gábor	Áron	u.	74-78.,	06-1-                  (District	XIV,	Szentmihályi	út	131.,	06-1-
3915998)	Has	a	Kaiser	Supermarket	as	well	                  4194135)	Out	of	the	city	on	the	road	to	Miskolc.	
as fishmonger, wine shop, clothes boutiques,                There is an extensive food court, ice rink and
food court, post office, dry cleaners, internet             Cineplex Odeon as well as a large number
café, gym and car valet. There is also a good, if           of clothes, toy and shoes shops. Parking is
expensive, vegetable shop, together with a deli             available.
and French bread shop. There is a café on the
first floor with an outdoor terrace at the back. It         Campona
also has a large grass area with toys suitable for          (District	XXII.,	Nagytétényi	út	37-43.,	06-1-
small children. There is parking underground.               4243000)	Includes	Debenhams,	aquality	UK	
                                                            women’s men’s and children’s clothing store, but
Rózsadomb                                                   with	prices	below	those	in	the	UK.	Various	other	
(District	II.,	Törökrész	út	87-91,	06-1-3458401)	           clothes and shoe shops, a cinema multiplex,
Also	has	a	Kaiser	Supermarket	as	well	as	a	few	             a Peter Pan play area for children, a Tesco,
clothes boutiques, a post office, dry cleaners,             and, uniquely, an aquarium. There is plenty of
a hairdresser and a small bowling alley with                parking outside the centre.
a restaurant. There is a parking outside and
underground.                                                Lurdy Ház
                                                            (District	IX,	Könyves	Kálmán	krt.	12-14.,	06-
Duna Plaza                                                  1-4561100)	Shopping	centre	with	a	Marks	
(District	XIII.)	Váci	út	168.	Mall	on	three	floors,	        and Spencer, a large electrical store, a Smatch
mainly sells clothes, including shops such as               Supermarket, food court and a Hollywood
Mothercare and Marks and Spencer. It also has               Multiplex Cinema.
a pharmacy, food court, a Hollywood Multiplex
Cinema, an ice rink and a bowling alley.                    Széphalom
                                                            (District	II/A.)	Small	shopping	centre	on	three	
Stop & Shop                                                 floors with dry cleaning, household goods, toy
(District	II/A.,	Huvösvölgyi	út)	Shopping	centre	
                  ˝                                         and clothes shops. A Smatch supermarket and
with	a	Kaiser	Supermarket	and	a	few	clothes	                café in the basement. Parking at the rear.
boutiques, a dry cleaners, a hairdresser, a book

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Health Food Shops
The supermarkets in Budapest do stock a small
range of health foods, but detailed below are
specialist health food shops. These types of
shops open all the time, so do keep an eye out
for them:

    XII. Csaba u. 3., 212-2542

    Életház Biocentrum
	   XII.	Böszörményi	út	13-15.,	212-5881

    Nap-ra Egészséges Táplálék
	   XI.	Szabolcska	Mihály	u.	5.,	166-5627
                                                          Bioda Biobolt
    Reform Kuckó                                      	   1035	Harrer	Pál	utca	12.
    VI. Teréz krt. 32., 269-3298                          250-3593

    Calendula Natura                                      Bio-Exklusiv Kft.
	   V.	Bárczy	István	u.	1-3.,	06-30-9446161           	   1149	Pillangó	park	4/B.
    Ökocentrum Büfé and Teaház
    V. Hold u. 13., 332-3976, ext. 130                    Biofarm-R (Rogép Kft.)
                                                      	   1025	Zöldlomb	utca	38/D.
    Galga Farm                                            325-8454
    VI. Eötvös u. 8., 351-2441
                                                          Biokuckó (Vilodent Bt.)
    Biopoint                                          	   XVIII.Thököly	út	2.
	   III.	Nánási	út	67.,	430-8339                          291-3010

    Reform és Bioélelmiszerek                             Biopont Plus Kft.
    XIII.	Hollán	Erno	u.	3.                           	   1031	Nánási	út	17-19.
    Grind your way to health
	   Dunakeszi,	Krajcár	u.	6.,	06-27-343937                Biopont Vegetáriánus Étterem és Biobolt.
                                                      	   VIII.	Krúdy	Gy.	u.	7
    Ökocentrum diszkont                                   Tel: 266-4601
	   III.	Bécsi	út	223.,	202-5192
                                                          Bioptron Gyógycentrum
    Bio ABC                                           	                      ˝                  ˝
                                                          Telephely:1121	Költo 	utca	26/C.Rendelo :	1033		
	   V.	Múzeum	krt.	19.,	117-3043                                   ˝
                                                          Nagymezo utca 4. 269-6344

    Bábolna Bio Kft.                                      BIO-Reform
    1093	Lónyai	utca	7.,	1181	Üllo i	út	433	          	   XVI.	Rákosi	út	142.
    215-7804, 290-2919                                    405-4207

    Bio ABC-Bioporta                                      Biotéka (Szuper Kovi Bt.)
	   V.Múzeum	krt.19.                                  	   1027	Frankel	Leó	utca	10.
    317-3043                                              316-6859

    Bio Med Bt.                                           Borostyán - Gyógynövény Drogéria
    1064 Vörösmarty utca 31.                          	   VIII.József	krt.44.
    342-1343                                              210-6978

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                                                     Életelixír Gyógyközpont
                                                     1138 Révész u. 2/b.

                                                     Életfa – Egészségvédo Központ
                                                 	   1031	Budapest,	Kadosa	u.	6.,

                                                     Életház Biocentrum (étterem és biobolt)
                                                 	   XII.	ker	Böszörményi	út	13-15

                                                     Ezerjófo gyógynövénybolt
                                                 	   III.	Vízimolnár	u.	6.

                                                     Falafel Faloda
                                                     VI.Paulay Ede utca 53.
    Búzafo Biobolt
                                                     Feng Shui Centrum
    Budapest VI. ker Teréz krt. 32.
                                                     VI.Podmaniczky utca 91.
    Calendula Natura Shop (Rózsakert
                                                     FILOSZ (Ezoterikus könyvesbolt)
                                                     1066 Oktogon tér 3.
	   1024	Gábor	Áron	utca	74-78.
                                                     Fitopharma Gyógynövény Kft.
    Carotta Biobolt és Elixír könyvesbolt
                                                 	   1089	Budapest,	Benyovszky	M.	út	10.
    (Arzenál üzletház)
	   1076	Thököly	út	2.,	Alagsor	24.
                                                     Gandhi Vegetáriánus Étterem
                                                 	   1051	Vigyázó	Ferenc	utca	4.
	   XIII.Pozsonyi	út	49.
                                                     GOPÁL Ételbár
                                                 	   XVIII.	Vasút	utca	48.
    VI.Eötvös utca 8.
                                                     Govinda Indiai Étterem
                                                 	   1056	Belgrád	rkp.18.
    II. Csaba utca 3.
                                                     Gyógynövény és Testkultúra Bolt
                                                     1066 Oktogon tér 4.
    Elen Energy Bt.
	   1023	Frankel	Leó	utca	68/A.
                                                     Koleszterin Stop Natura
                                                     1054 Garibaldi utca 5.
    Életelixír biobolt
	   1138	Visegrádi	u.	83/c.
    tel: 320-6261

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                                        The number of health food shops in Budapest is
                                        relatively small, but many are opening all the time,
    Malomipari szaküzlet                so keep your eyes open.
    (malomipari termékek)
    1024 Margit krt. 73.

    Margitvirág-Natura                      Ökoszerviz Környezetvédelmi Kft.
    Egészség és Szépségbolt                 (Nagykereskedés)
    II.Margit krt.58                    	   1033	Szentendrei	út	89-93.
    214-7240                                387-8008

    Napos Oldal Öko Café                    PA-BO Bt.(Feng Shui)
	   VI.Jókai	utca	7.                    	   1141	Komócsy	utca	39-41.
    311-9480                                06-30-9717150

    Nap-Ra Kft.                             Vegetárium Étterem
	   1114	Szabolcska	Mihály	út	5.            V. Cukor utca 3.
    466-5627                                484-0847

    Napraforgó biobolt                      Vireco Kft. – Reformélelmiszer nagykereskedés
	   XVII.	Pesti	út	67-73.               	   1142	Budapest,	Szatmár	u.	72-74.
    256-0614                                383-6107, 223-0919

    Nektár Biobolt                          Vital Centrum
    1095 Ferenc krt.42.                 	   XI.	Bogáncsvirág	u.	11-13.
    217-3510                                433-3540

    Nice Studio-Hajgyógyászat               Wabisabi Reform Étterem és Teázó
	   VII.Rákóczi	út	16.                  	   XIII.Visegrádi	utca	2.
    267-8725                                412-0427

    Öko Centrum                             Zuglói Natural Kft.
	   III.	Bécsi	út	223.                  	   1148	Nagy	Lajos	király	útja	82/A	
    240-3977                                363-092

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Budapest takes pride its very well-developed public transportation network.

Transport                                                   In some places there is the possibility to use a
Transport & Public Transport                                service called Mobile Parking: you send a text
Driving a car in Budapest can be a nightmare,               message with the time for which you want to
especially in peak periods. Long traffic jams are           obtain	a	paring	ticket	(e.g.	30	minutes,	2	hours	
every day events, and the town centre and main              etc.)	to	the	telephone	number	displayed	on	
roads leading to the surroundings regularly                 the	vendor	machine.	You	get	a	confirmation	
grind to halt.                                              message which you have to keep. The parking
                                                            fee will be paid through your telephone bill.
Parking places can be difficult to find – it is
most street parking, although there are some                Budapest takes pride its very well-developed
underground garages and parking houses                      public transportation network. Services are
in business and shopping areas. Budapest is                 cheap, so you should consider using a bus,
divided into parking zones, with different fees             tram or the subway for getting around the city.
applicable	in	each	(ranging	from	HUF115	per	                However, some precautions are warranted if you
hour	to	HUF430	per	hour).	Parking	tickets	must	             are travelling on a crowded vehicle as these are
be purchased Monday through Friday 8am to                   often frequented by pickpockets. We suggest
6pm.	You	may	park	free	of	charge	on	Saturday,	              that you keep any articles of value and your
Sunday	and	national	holidays.	You	obtain	your	              purse in an inner pocket of your clothing.
ticket from street vending machines, and it must
be displayed behind the wind-screen, so that                A route finder will help you to find your way in
it is visible and legible from the outside. The             Budapest and Hungary on,
minimum	parking	period	is	15	minutes.	You	may	              A street-finder can help to find the place where
not stay longer than 2-3 hours. In the suburban             you want to go at Bus and
districts and surroundings, you can park in the             rail time-tables are available at,
streets free.                                               and

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The	Budapest	Metro	(budapesti	metró)	is	the	
capital’s subway system. It currently consists
of three lines, each with its own number
and colour. The fourth Metro line is under
construction and the first section is due to be
put into operation in 2011. Plans for a fifth line
have already been drawn up, but there is no
implementation date as of yet.
General information
At the moment, the only meeting point between
the	lines	is	Deák	tér,	however,	the	M4	will	also	
cross the M2 and M3 lines at various points.               The Millenium Underground.
Tickets must be validated at the entrance, before
taking the escalator, using the orange-coloured            Travel conditions are the same for all the
stamping machines, and should be kept until                transport vehicles in Budapest, and they
you leave the metro. At validation, the date               are available at the website of the transport
and time is printed on tickets, along with other           company. These deal with the minimum age and
information.                                               state of health of travellers, the maximum size
                                                           of	hand	luggage	(prohibiting	some	chemicals),	
Tickets are checked manually by inspectors, who            transportation	conditions	for	dogs	(ticket/pass,	
usually turn up at stations near the escalators,           muzzle	and	lead	are	required),	bans	on	smoking,	
but they may inspect tickets anywhere in the               eating, and music, accident insurance provided
metro area. Tickets or passes must be handed               with the ticket, and the conditions for its use.
over to them on request. They wear a blue                  Types of tickets and passes.
ribbon with golden inscription around their
wrists, but they may hide it before the actual             There	is	a	single	ticket	(as	of	2009,	HUF290),	
inspection. To identify the required direction             the same as for the other means of transport in
to take, one needs to know the name of the                 Budapest, and there are further tickets available
terminus; these are on display at the stations             specifically for the metro: a short section ticket
and usually at the escalators. The names of the            for up to three stops, a transfer ticket for a trip
stations are written on the wall of the tunnel in          with one transfer.
both directions.
                                                           Except	for	the	section	ticket	(which	is	valid	for	
None of the stations of either line 2 or 3 has             30	minutes),	all	tickets	are	valid	for	60	minutes,	
yet been made accessible for the handicapped               within Budapest. One-day tickets, tourist tickets
or parents with prams, including recently                  (for	3	days),	seven-day	travel	cards,	fortnight,	
renovated stations. Line 4 will have stations              30-day and yearly passes can be bought too,
accessible from the street level by lift but people        as well as discount coupon books containing 10
with wheelchairs won’t be able to use the                  tickets. A Budapest Card is often recommended
underpasses when crossing a street. On line 1              for tourists, enabling free public transport
(also	known	as	the	Millennium	Underground)	                in Budapest, but it is only worthwhile if one
there are only three stations suitable for use by          intends to visit lots of sights and take part in
wheelchair users.                                          many programs within two or three days.

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Working hours and frequency                              Passes are valid on the entire length of tram,
The Metro starts at 4.28am and the last train            trolley bus and metro lines, the Millennium
leaves the terminus at 11.10pm. Rush hours               underground, the cogwheel railway, but are only
are between 6 and 8am and between 2 and                  valid	to	the	administrative	city	boundary	on	HÉV	
5pm on workdays, when trains leave every two             and bus lines.
or three minutes. Early morning and night trains
leave every 10 or 15 minutes. On Christmas                  Single Ticket
Eve, trains usually run only until about 3pm,               HUF290
and there may be other breaks in normal                     Single ticket purchased from drivers -
service	on	other	holidays	(these	are	advertised	            HUF400
beforehand).	The	service	is	usually	extended	on	            Transfer ticket
New	Year’s	Eve,	to	help	part-goers	get	home.                HUF450
                                                            One-day travel card
Buses                                                       HUF1,500
                                                            Three-day travel-card
Although many of the main roads in the                      HUF3,700
city centre have special lanes reserved for
                                                            Seven-day travel card
Budapest’s buses, they inevitably get caught up             HUF4,400
in the traffic congestion. The buses may not,               Discount coupon book (10 single tickets)
therefore, always be the best solution for the              HUF2,600
journey to work at peak hours, but they are a               Weekend tickets for families
wonderful way of getting to know the city.                  HUF2,100
                                                            Metro section ticket
The regular metro ticket is valid for most of the           (up to three stops on metro lines)
buses – the number of tickets you need depends
on the number of changes you make.                          Monthly Passes
Buses run from 4am and the last bus usually                 Budapest pass for two weeks
leaves the terminal around 10.30pm. A few lines             HUF5, 950
keep running during the night. Timetables are               Budapest monthly pass
given at bus stops.                                         HUF9,000
                                                            Budapest monthly pass for students
Tickets and passes                                          HUF3,550
At the time of going to press with this                     Budapest monthly pass for pensioners
publication, the General Assembly of Budapest               HUF 3,550
City	Hall	had	still	not	published	the	BKV	ticket	           Budapest monthly pass for
                                                            people with physical disabilities
prices and regulations for 2010. The information            HUF8,000
below, although dated from 2009, was still valid
in mid-February 2010.                                       Budapest monthly pass for
                                                            parents with small children
Tickets are valid on the entire length of
                                                            Budapest quarterly pass
bus, tram, trolley bus lines, metro lines, the              HUF27,000
Millennium Underground, and the cogwheel
                                                            Budapest quarterly pass for students
railway but are only valid on the suburban                  HUF10,650
railway	(HÉV)	lines	within	the	administrative	              Budapest quarterly pass for pensioners
boundary of Budapest.                                       HUF10,650

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If you are not familiar with the city, it is easiest
to get around by a taxi cab. In Budapest these
vehicles are equipped with yellow number plates
and	usually	have	a	yellow	“TAXI”	sign	on	the	
roof. The make and colour of the cars vary, there
are no restrictions in this regard. All cabs must
be equipped with a meter. It should be on and
should provide you with receipt showing the
exact fare upon arrival to your destination.

The fare to be paid is the sum of the initial fare,
a per kilometre charge and a fee charged for idle
time, should it apply. Gratuity is not included,
but should be 10% of the total fare, if you are
satisfied with the service provided.

The list of fares is visibly displayed on the back
door of the cabs, on the right hand side. It
should also be shown on the dashboard. The
fare to be paid is made up of three components:

•	 Initial	fee:	a	fixed	amount	regardless	the		
	 distance	to	be	covered	(not	more	than		
   HUF300 during the day and HUF420 at                      Budataxi
	 night)                                                    +361-2333333
                                                            Budapest Taxi
•	 Per	unit	charge	for	every	kilometre	of	the		             +361-4333333
	 trip	(not	more	than	HUF240/km	during	the		                City Taxi
	 day	and	HUF336/km	at	night)                               +361-2111111
                                                            Fo taxi
•	 Idle	time	charge:	the	meter	automatically		
                                                            Mobil Taxi
   switches to idle if the cab is stopped or                +361-3332222
	 travels	at	15km/h	or	less.	(HUF60/min		
                                                            Rádió Taxi
	 during	the	day	and	HUF84/min	at	night)                    +361-3777777
                                                            Taxi 2000
Major cab companies offer their services much               +361-2000000
below	the	ceiling	prices	listed	above.	You	should	          Taxi 4
therefore take a note of their phone-numbers.               +361-4444444
Also, pre-ordered cabs offer lower rates than               Tele 5 Taxi
those hailed in the street. The taxi companies              +361-3555555
assume full responsibility for their employees.             Volán Taxi
Phone orders are handled 24-hours a day by
                                                            6x6 Taxi
call-centre operators who speaking foreign

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There are many airports in Hungary, as the map below shows:

Purple: public, international, trade with a continual border crossing point. Red: public, international, trade with
a border crossing point. Pink: public airport with a possibility of border crossing. Blue: public airport. Green:
private airport. Yellow: Private taking off and landing place. Brown: Military airport. Lilac: Private, helicopter
Grey: Desolate airport

  ICAO       Airport                   ICAO       Airport                      ICAO       Airport

  	          Balatonkeresztúr	         	          Gyo rszentiván-Bo ny	
                                                    ˝             ˝            LHPP		     Pécs-Pogány	
  LHBC       Békéscsaba                LHHO		     Hajdúszoboszló		             LHPR		           ˝
                                                                                          Pér(Gyo r)	
             Börgönd                   LHHH		     Hármashatárhegy		            LHSM		     Sármellék	
  LHBS       Budaörs                   LHJK		     Jakabszállás		               			        Sárospatak	
  LHBP       Budapest Ferihegy         LHKA		     Kalocsa		                    LHSK 	     Siófok-Kiliti	
  LHDC       Debrecen                  LHKV		     Kaposújlak		                 LHUD       Szeged
  LGDK       Dunakeszi                 LHKD		     Kecskéd		                    LHSZ       Szentes
  LHDV		     Dunaújváros		             LHKH		     Kiskulfélegyháza		           LHSS                       ˝˝
                                                                                          Szolnok-Szandaszo lo s
             Eger                      LHMR		     Maklár		                     LHSY       Szombathely
  LHEM       Esztergom                 LHMP		     Matkópuszta		                	          Tokorcs
  LHFH       Farkashegy                LHMC       Miskolc                      LHTL       Tököl
  LHFM		         ˝
             Fertoszentmiklós		        LHNK       Nagykanizsa                  LHZA		     Zalaegerszeg-Andráshida	
  LHGD       Gödöllo
                   ˝                   LHNY 	     Nyíregyháza		                		         Zalakaros
  LHGY       Gyöngyös/Pipishegy        LHOY       ˝
                                                  O csény

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The Hungarian national carrier is Malév
Hungarian Airlines.
                                                          •	 By metro and bus: Budapest Airport is also
                                                             relatively accessible also by public transport.
                                                             Passengers are taken by Bus 200, a direct
                                                             bus service from Terminals 1 and 2, to the
 The main airport is Ferihegy 1-2, just                   	 Köbánya-Kispest	metro	terminal.	This		
 outside Budapest. To get there you have the                 relatively new service adjusts much better
 following options:                                          to passenger traffic at the airport: it is
                                                             larger, so bigger luggage can be transported;
•	 By taxi:	Zóna	taxi	is	the	dedicated	service		             it operates more frequently and for longer
   provider for the airport, and offers low prices           hours, providing a link between the city and
   and a high level of service. Pre-ordered taxis            the airport even after midnight and at early
   from other firms can be ordered as usual at               dawn. Bus 93 operates from Terminal 1 to
   the airport, of course.                                         ˝
                                                          	 the	Ko bánya-Kispest	Metro	station,	and	the		
                                                          	 blue	Metro	Line	3	can	get	you	to	Deák		
•	 By minibus: Like most airports, Budapest                  Ferenc tér in the city in 20 minutes. The
   Airport also operates an‘ Airport Minibus                 one-way through-ticket costs HUF230
   shuttle service. Passengers are taken to their            [HUF260 if bought on the bus from the
   previously agreed address by microbuses                   driver].
   with 8 to 11 seats. Multi-lingual drivers
   know Budapest and its traffic very well,               •	 By car: The airport can be reached in
   including the simplest and fastest routes.                about 20 minutes from the city in good
   The minibuses are in direct contact with                  traffic conditions using what is known as
   the airport, meaning passengers can ask for               the Ferihegy High-Speed Road. For those
   information about their outward-bound flight              who arrive by car, parking facilities are
   on the way too the airport.                               offered.

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Tipping should, in most cases, be related to the level of service offered.

Cultural Activities                                             Tipping
We recommend that you visit the Tourism Office                  The following comments on tipping in Hungary
of Budapest website: for                    are provided as guidelines, not rules. Tipping
information on cultural activities. It features                 should naturally be related to the level of service
details of outings, foreign language guided                     you feel you have received.
tours, museums, and all other places of cultural
interest in Budapest and the suburbs.                           Hotels:
                                                                Service charges for the room are usually
Tourism Office of Budapest,                                     included in your bill, however it is customary
1056	Budapest,	Március	15.	tér	7.	                              to tip certain individuals like bellboy, concierge,
Tel.:	(+36)	1	266-0479,	Fax:	(+36)	1	266-7477                   maid, doorman, cloakroom attendant. The usual
Tourist	information:	(+36)	1	322-4098,	(+36)	1	                 tip is €2-3.
There is also a 24-hour English-language                        In some restaurants the service charge of
information line which delivers current tourist                 10-15% is included in your bill, in some places
information. The telephone number is: +361-                     not. It depends on you if you liked the service
438-8080, +3680-630-800, +3630-3030600.                         enough to tip. Normally it is 10-15% of the total
Another good source of information on
cinemas, theatres, museums, clubs, restaurants,                 Theatres:
nightclubs, sport facilities, children’s activities, etc        A HUF100-200 tip is usually given to the cloak
are the monthly magazines such as Budapest                      room attendant.
Panorama and the Talent for Entertaining series.
These can be found in the Tourinform offices:                   Hairdresser, beautician:
H-1052 Budapest, Süt_ u. 2., phone: +361-                       €2-4 is the normal tip.
4388080 and are free of charge.

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   Conversion Tables
   C = ( F – 32) /1.8 F = ( Cx1.8) + 32
   F    0          5           14       23      32     41         50       59       68      77       86      98    104   167 212
   C -17.8         -15        -10       -5       0     5          10       15       20      25       30      37    40     75   100

   F   98.099.0100.0 101.0                     102.0             103.0             104.0           105.0
   C   36.737.237.8            38.3             38.9              39.4             40.0            40.6

   F   85         140          190              250               300              350               410          460          520
   C   30          60          90               120               150              180               210          240          270

   1 inch                           2.54 cm                 1 millimetre                   0.039 inches
   1 foot                           30.5 cm                 1 centimetre                   0.032 feet
   1 yard                           0.914 m                 1 meter                        1.094 yards
   1 mile                           1.609 km                1 kilometre                    0.621 miles
   1 square inch                    6.45 cm2
   1 square foot                    0.0929 m2
   1 square yard                    0.836 m2
   1 acre                           0.405 hectares

   Miles/hour            25           30         50         55           60         70        80           90     100
   Km/hour	              40	          48	        80	        89	          97	       113	       129	         145	   161

   Pint 56.83 cl
   Quart                                0.946 litre
   Gallon	(UK)	                         4.56	litres
   Gallon	(US)	                         3.79	litres
   0.212 Pint                           1 cl

   grams x 0.035 = ounces                                    ounces x 28.35 = grams
   pounds x 0.453 = kilograms                                kilograms x 2.205 = pounds

   Imperial Measure                                         Metric Equivalent
   1 ounce                                                   30 grams
   3.5 ounces                                                100 grams
   0.5	pound	(8	ounces)	                                     250	grams
   0.25	pound	(4	ounces)	                                    125	grams
   2.2 pounds                                                1 kilogram
   1 tablespoon                                              15 grams
   1 teaspoon                                                5 grams

Welcome to our world...                                                              The Inter Relocation Group

Useful Reading
Guidebooks for Budapest and Hungary:

1./ The Rough Guide to Budapest is the
ultimate guide to this fascinating city. The
20-page, full-colour section will inspire
you on where to go and what to see, from
the magnificent Parliament building to the
atmospheric Jewish quarter. In addition, there
are two, new, 4-page inserts: Budapest’s Baths’
and Musical Traditions.

The new author picks’ section of all the city’s
finest hotels and restaurants, will help you
decide on the best places to stay, eat and drink,
for all budgets. There is extensive coverage of
major new museums and attractions, including
the Natural History Museum, the Palace of Arts
complex and the Holocaust Memorial Centre.
The guide also includes details on excursions to         Magazines and newspapers:
nearby Szentendre and Esztergom and comes                Budapest Business Journal
complete with detailed maps for the entire city.         Budapest Funzine                 Budapest Times
2./ Budapest-Critical-Guide. The book leads    
you through several easy city walks, spanning  
architecture, music, varied markets, unusual
sights and most important, restaurants and               Libraries
cafes where you can feel and taste the real              International Library
spirit of Hungary, as opposed to expensive, poor         District	V.	Molnár	u.	11.
quality places designed to part tourists from
their money.                                             In Conclusion
                                                         We hope that you have found the information in
For a budget traveller looking for a genuine             this pack useful, and that you have a wonderful
experience, this book is essential. For well-            stay in Hungary.
heeled tourists looking for quality, it’s equally
useful. Torok’s insights into Hungarian character        At Inter Relocation Hungary, we continuously
are funny and truthful, and his sense of humour          strive to improve the quality and level of service
makes the book worth reading even if you never           you	receive.	Your	feedback	is	therefore	extremely	
visit Budapest.                                          valuable to us. Should you have any questions                or comments during your stay, please feel free
Andras-Torok/dp/1873429622                               to contact us any time.

Welcome to our world...                                 The Inter Relocation Group

Mini Food Dictionary

Flour / Pastry / Bread    Liszt / Tészta / Kenyér
Cornstarch	/	flour	       Kukorica	liszt
Plain flour               Liszt
Wholemeal	flour	          Korpás	liszt
Rice flour                Rizs liszt
Strudel flour             Rétes liszt

Pasta (home made)         Házi tészta
Noodles	                  Hosszú	metélt
Strudel pastry            Rétes tészta
Puff pastry               Leveles tészta
Sweet short pastry        Linzer tészta
Cheese pastry             Sajtos tészta

White bread               Fehér kenyér
Brown bread               Barna kenyér
Wholemeal	bread	          Korpás	kenyér
Potato	bread	             Krumplis	/	burgonyás	kenyér
Rye bread                 Rozs kenyér
Sliced bread              Szeletelt kenyér
breadcrumbs	              Zsemlemorzsa
Cheese	scone	             Sajtos	pogácsa
Rolls                     zsemle
Crescent	shaped	rolls	    Kifli

Breakfast Cereals         Reggelizo˝ Pelyhek
Cornflakes	               Kukorica	pehely
Muesli                      ˝
                          Mo zli
Rice krispies             Rizs pehely

Biscuits                  Sütemények / Kekszek
Biscuit	                  Keksz
Sweet	biscuits	           Édes	keksz
Savoury	biscuits	         Sós	keksz
Chocolate biscuits        Csokis keksz
Cookies                   Teasütemény
Crackers	                 Sós	keksz
Wafers                    Ostya

Cake                      Torta, sütemény
Cream cake                Habos torta
Doughnut	                 Fánk
Pastry                    Tészta, sütemény

Welcome to our world...                                The Inter Relocation Group

Puddings                  Pudingok
Dessert	                  Édesség	/	desszert
Ice-cream	                Jégkrém	/	fagylalt	(fagyi)
Cone                      Tölcsér
Tub	                      Kehely
Jelly                     Gyümölcskocsonya
Meringues	                Habcsók
Pancake                   Palacsinta

Dairy Products            Tejtermékek
Milk                      Tej
Long	life	milk	           Tartós	tej
Powered milk              Tejpor
Condensed milk              ˝
                          So rített tej
Bitter	milk	              Író
Butter                    Vaj

Cream                     Tejszín
Single cream              Habtejszín
Double cream               ˝ ˝
                          Fo zo tejszín
Whipped cream             Tejszínhab
Sour cream                Tejföl

Cheese                    Sajt
Cream	cheese	             Krémsajt
Processed cheese          Ömlesztett sajt
Spread	cheese	                   ˝
                          Kenheto 	sajt
Goats	cheese	             Kecskesajt
Ewes cheese               Juhsajt
Cottage	cheese	           Túró

Yoghurt                   Joghurt
Natural	yoghurt	          Natúr	joghurt
Fruit yoghurt             Gyümölcsjoghurt

Eggs                      Tojás

Fats / Oils               Zsiradékok
Lard	                     Zsír
Margarine                 Margarin
Suet	                     Faggyú
Vegetable oil             Növényi olaj
Sunflower	oil	            Napraforgó	olaj
Cooking	oil	              Étolaj
Butter                    Vaj
Olive oil                 Olíva olaj

Welcome to our world...                         The Inter Relocation Group

Meat                      Hús
Sliced                    szeletelt
Minced	                   Darált
Cubed                     Darabolt
Rashers                   Vékony szelet

Pork                      Sertés
Ham                       Sonka
Bacon	                    Császárszalonna
Gammon                    Füstölt sonka
Chops	                    Karaj
Hooves / trotters         Csülök
Leg                       Comb
Ribs	                     Oldalas	/	dagadó
Spareribs                 Tarja
Shoulder                  Lapocka

Beef / Veal               Marha / Borjú
Corned	beef	              Pácolt	marha
Brisket                   Csontos szegy
Sirloin                   Rostélyos
Flank                     Vastag szegy
Soft Flank                Puha szegy
Topside	/	Silverside	     Hátsó	comb
Shin	/	Leg	               Lábszár
Neck                      Nyak
Spareribs                 Tarja
Flank                     Vastag szegy
Soft flank                Puha szegy
Shoulder                  Lapocka
Sirloin                   Rostélyos
Heavy shoulder            Vastag lapocka
Ribs                      Oldalas
Rump	steak	                             ˝
                          Hátszín	/	farto
Roast beef slice          Sült bélszín szelet
Tail	Uszály

Lamb / Mutton             Birka / Bárány
Chops	                    Karaj
Leg                       Comb
Neck                      Nyak
Shoulder                  Lapocka
Rump	                     Hátszín
Skirt                     Szegy

Chicken                   Csirke
Breast                    Mell
Drumstick                 Comb

Welcome to our world...                        The Inter Relocation Group

Leg	                      Láb
Thigh                          ˝

Fowl                      Szárnyas
Duck	                     Kacsa
Goose                     Liba
Turkey                    Pulyka
Game                      Vad
Partridge                 Fogoly
Pheasant	                 Fácán
Pigeon                    Galamb
Hare	                     Vadnyúl
Rabbit	                   Nyúl
Deer                      Szarvas
Roe-deer venison          oz
Wild-boar	                Vaddisznó

Offal                     Belso˝ségek
Brain                     Agy
Heart                     Szív
Kidney	                   Vese
Liver	                    Máj
Goose-liver	              Libamáj
Marrow                       ˝
Sweetbreads               Mirigy
Tongue                    Nyelv
Tripe                     Pacal

Meat Products             Hústermékek
Salami	                   Szalámi
Sausages	                 Kolbász
Garlic	sausage	           Fokhagymás	kolbász
Beefburger                Marha hamburger
Frankfurter               Virsli
Pâté	                         ˝
                          Keno májas

Fish                      Hal
Carp                      Ponty
Cod                        ˝
                          To kehal
Haddock                           ˝
                          Foltos to kehal
Lemon sole                Citromos nyelvhal
Plaice                    Lepényhal
Whiting                             ˝
                          Francia to kehal
Eel                       Angolna
Herring                   Hering
Mackerel                  Makréla
Pilchards                 Szardínia

Welcome to our world...                      The Inter Relocation Group

Salmon                    Lazac
Smoked salmon             Füstölt lazac
Sardines                  Szardínia
Trout	                    Pisztráng
Tuna                      Tonhal
Skate	                    Rája

Seafood                   Tengeri Ételek
Crab	                     Rák
Lobster	                  Homár
Prawns	                   Garnélarák
Shrimps	                  Apró	tengeri	rák
Cockles	                  Kagyló
Mussels	                  Éti	kagyló
Oysters                   Osztriga
Scallops	                     ˝
                          Féso kagyló

Vegetables                Zöldségek
Artichokes	               Articsóka
Asparagus	(white)	        Fehér	spárga
Asparagus	(green)	        Zöld	spárga
Aubergine	                Padlizsán
Beans                     Bab
Baked beans               Paradicsomos bab
Runner	beans	             Futóbab
Bean sprouts              Babcsíra
Beetroot                  Cékla
Broccoli                  Brokkoli
Brussel	sprouts	          Kelbimbó
Butternut squash              ˝
                          Süto tök
Cabbage	(red)	            Vöröskáposzta
Cabbage	(white)	          Fehérkáposzta
Cabbage	(savoy)	          Kelkáposzta
Carrots	                  Sárgarépa
Cauliflower	              Karfiol
Celery	                   Zeller
Chicory	                  Cikória
Cucumber                  Uborka
Garlic                    Fokhagyma
Horseradish               Torma
Ice radish                Jégretek
Leeks	                    Póréhagyma
Lettuce	                  Saláta
Mushrooms                 Gomba
Onions                    Hagyma
Onions	(red)	             Vöröshagyma
Onions	(spring)	          Újhagyma

Welcome to our world...                          The Inter Relocation Group

Onions	(lilac)	             Lilahagyma
Parsley                     Petrezselyem
Parsnips	                   Paszternák
Patty pan / summer squash   Patisszon
Peas	                       Borsó
Peppers	(red)	              Pirospaprika
Peppers	(green)	            Zöldpaprika
Peppers	(yellow)	           Sárgapaprika
Potatoes	                   Burgonya	/	Krumpli
Potatoes	(chips)	           Hasábburgonya
Potatoes	(crisps)	          Burgonyaszirom
Pumpkin                     Tök
Radish                      Retek
Sorrel	                     Sóska
Spinach	                    Spenót
Sweet	corn	                 Kukorica
Tomatoes                    Paradicsom
Turnip                      Fehérrépa

Fruits                      Gyümölcsök
Apples                      Alma
Apricots	                   Sárgabarack
Avocado                     Avocado
Bananas	                    Banán
Blackberries                Szeder
Blackcurrants               Fekete ribizli
Blueberries	                Áfonya
Cherries                    Cseresznye
Sour cherries               Meggy
Damsons                     Szilva
Dates                       Datolya
Figs                        Füge
Gooseberries                Egres
Grapes	(white)	                      ˝˝
                            Fehér	szo lo
Grapes	(red)	                        ˝˝
                            Piros	szo lo
Grapefruit                  Grapefruit
Kiwi	                       Kivi
Lemon                       Citrom
Limes	                      Zöld	citrom
Lychee	(Chinese)	           Litchi
Mango	                      Mangó
Melon	(yellow)	             Sárgadinnye
Melon	(cantaloupe)	         Kantalup	dinnye
Melon	(water)	              Görögdinnye
Nectarines	                 Kopaszbarack
Olives	(green)	             Zöld	olíva
Olives	(black)	             Fekete	olíva

Welcome to our world...                   The Inter Relocation Group

Oranges                   Narancs
Peaches                   ˝
                          O szibarack
Pears	                    Körte
Pineapple	                Ananász
Plums                     Szilva
Pomegranate	              Gránátalma
Prunes                    Aszalt szilva
Quince                    Birsalma
Raisins                   Mazsola
Raspberries	              Málna
Redcurrants               Ribizli
Rhubarb                   Rebarbara
Strawberries              Eper
Sultanas                  Mazsola
tangerines                Mandarin

Herbs / Spices            Fo˝szerek
Aniseed	                  Ánizs
Basil                     Bazsalikom
Bay leaves                Babérlevél
Chamomile	                Kamilla
Capers	                   Kapribogyó
Caraway	seeds	            Köménymag
Chervil                   Turbolya
Chilli powder             Chili por
Cinnamon                  Fahéj
Cloves	                   Lóhere
Coriander                 Coriander
Cumin	                    Kömény
Curry powder              Curry por
Dill		                    Kapor
Fennel	                   Édeskömény
Garlic                    Fokhagyma
Ginger                    Gyömbér
Mint                      Menta
Mustard	                  Mustár
Nutmeg	                   Szerecsendió
Oregano                   Oregano
Paprika                   Paprika
Parsley                   Petrezselyem
Peppercorns               Egész bors
Grounded peppercorns      ˝
                          O rölt bors
Poppy	seeds	              Mák
Rosemary                  Rozmaring
Saffron	                  Sáfrány
Sage	                     Zsálya
Salt	                     Só

Welcome to our world...                                   The Inter Relocation Group

Sesame	seeds	             Szezám	mag
Tarragon	                 Tárkony
Thyme	                    Kakukkfo˝
Turmeric                  Gyömbér gyökér
Seed                      Mag
Powder                    Por
Ground                    ˝
                          O rölt
Dried	                    Szárított

Baking                    Sütés
Baking powder                 ˝
                          Süto por
Bicarbonate	of	soda	      Szódabikarbóna
Cocoa	powder	             Kakópor
Cream of tartar           Segédanyag habokhoz
Gelatin	                  Zselatin
Marmite                   Söréleszto˝
Vinegar                   Ecet
Fresh yeast                           ˝
                          Friss éleszto
Dried yeast                   ˝      ˝
                          Süto éleszto
Oil Olaj

Nuts                      Olajos magvak
Almonds                   Mandula
Chestnuts                 Gesztenye
Chestnut puree            Gesztenye pure
Hazelnuts	                Mogyoró
Coconut	                  Kókusz
Peanuts	                  Földimogyoró
Peanut	butter	            Mogyorókrém
walnuts	                  Dió

Glucose                   Glükóz
Sugar                     Cukor
Granulated	sugar	         Kristálycukor
Caster	sugar	             Kristálycukor	(finom)
Demerara sugar            Daracukor
Brown sugar               Barnacukor
Icing sugar               Porcukor
Syrup                     Szirup
Treacle                   Melasz
Honey                     Méz
Jam	                      Lekvár
Marmalade	                Narancslekvár
mincemeat	                Darabolt,	szárított	gyümölcskeverék

Welcome to our world...                     The Inter Relocation Group

Confectionary             Édességek
Chocolate	                Csokoládé
Milk	chocolate	           Tejcsokoládé
White	chocolate	          Fehércsokoládé
Dark	chocolate	           Étcsokoládé
Fruit gums                Gumicukor
Liquorices                Negro
Peppermints               Borsmenta
Toffee                    Tejkaramell
Chewing	gum	              Rágógumi
Marzipan	                 Marcipán

Sauces / Pickles          Szószok / Pácok
Brown	sauce	              Barna	szósz
Chutney                                ˝
                          Indiai ízesíto
French dressing           Francia öntet
Mayonnaise                Majonéz
Pickle	                   Pác
Salad	cream	              Saláta	öntet
Tomato	ketchup	           Ketchup
Tomato puree              Paradicsom püré
White sauce               Fehér öntet
Cheese sauce              Sajtos öntet
Vinegar                   Ecet

Flavours                  Ízek
Strawberry                Epres
Chocolate	                Csokoládés
Vanilla	                  Vaníliás
Lemon                     Citromos
Caramel	                  Karamellás

Soured	                   Savanyú
Sweet	                    Édes
Bitter	                   Kesero˝
Spicy/hot                     ˝ ˝
                          Csípo s/ero s

Beverages                 Italok
Cocoa	                    Kakaó
Coffee	                   Kávé
Hot	chocolate	            Forró	csokoládé
Tea                       Tea
Coca-cola                 Coca-cola
Lemonade	                 Limonádé
Fruit juice               Gyümölcslé
Orange juice              Narancslé
Tomato juice              Paradicsom ital

Welcome to our world...                                                          The Inter Relocation Group

Apple juice                                    Alma lé
Grape juice                                      ˝˝
                                               Szo lo lé
Mineral	water	                                 Ásványvíz
Sparkling water                                Szénsavas víz
Still mineral water                            Szénsavmentes víz
Tap water                                      csapvíz

Alcoholic Beverages                            Alkoholos italok
Beer                                           Sör
Cider                                          Almabor

Wine                                           Bor
•	Red	                                         •	Vörös
•	White	                                       •	Fehér
•	Rose	                                        •	Rozé
•	Dry	                                         •	Száraz
•	Sweet	                                       •	Édes
•	Sparkling	                                   •	Szénsavas
•	Medium	                                      •	Félédes	/	félszáraz

Port                                           Portói
Champagne                                      Pezsgo˝
Fruit	brandy	                                  Pálinka

Local Products to look out for:

The types of cakes you find in the shops vary slightly but the following are some of the most

Dobostorta                                     Chocolate tart with glazed caramel top
Sacher torta                                   Rich chocolate cake with jam
Rigó	Jancsi	                  	                Whipped	chocolate	cake	with	chocolate	topping
Rétes                                          Flaky pastry filled with apple, nuts and raisins or
                                               poppy seeds
Krémes	                       	                Flaky	pastry	filled	with	rich	cream
Gyümölcs-torta                                 Fruit on a sponge base with a glaze or cream
Túrós	                        	                Cheesecake
Minyon                                         Small portions of almost any of the above with a
Baked goods:
Fonottkalács	                                  Sweet	soft	bread
Foszlóskalács	                                 Sweet	soft	bread	plate
Kuglóf	                                        Sweet	soft	bred	with	raisins
Piskóta	torta	                                 Sponge	base
piskótatekercs	                                Swiss	roll	base

Welcome to our world...                                                      The Inter Relocation Group

Búzakorpás	kenyér	                         Whole-meal	/	bran	bread
Sokmagvas kenyér                           With a variety of seeds
Bajor rozsoskenyér                         German-type of brown bread
Tartós	kenyér	                             Long	life	bread
Diós	kenyér	                               Walnut	bread
Zsemlemorzsa	                              Bread-crumbs
Sajtos	roló	                               Rolls	with	cream	cheese

Pogácsa (bite-sized dough cakes):
Burgonyás	/	krumplis	                      Potato
Túrós	                                     Cottage	cheese
Kápocstás	                                 Cabbage
Teperto s                                  Goose fat spicy
Sajtos                                     cheese

Köményes	                   	              Semi-soft	rubbery	texture
Paranyica                                  Ewe’s milk cheese, cured. Smoked flavour
Hóvirág	                    	              Dry,	semi-soft,	distinctive	flavour	with	a	kind	of		 	
                                           astringent quality
Anikó	                      	              Soft,	mild,	but	distinctive	flavour.	A	touch	salty
Göcseji                                    Strong yellow colour, semi soft texture, pronounced
Vadász	                     	              Semi-soft,	dry	and	mild.	
Tura                                       Bland, rubbery, processed
Edámi	                      	              Edam
Ementáli	                   	              Emmenthal.	Hard	elastic	body,	mild	flavour.
Parmesan                                   Parmesan. Hard, strong flavoured
Márvány	                    	              Roquefort	type	cheese.	Strong,	sharp	taste
Trappista                                  Rubbery, bland. Melts well for burgers.
Bakony                                     Hungarian Camambert.
Juhtúró	                    	              Cured	ewe’s	milk	cheese
Tehéntúró	                  	              For	cheesecake	(cottage	cheese)
Túró	Rudi	                  	              Curd	cheese	covered	in	chocolate

Csípo s paprika                            Hot pepper
Ero s paprika                              Strong pepper
TV paprika                                 Mild pepper
Csemege paprika                            Mild/delicate pepper

Colourings come in small tubes enough for 5 kg of icing:
red                                       piros
pink	                                     rózsaszín
white                                     fehér

Welcome to our world...                                                             The Inter Relocation Group

black                                            fekete
lilac / purple                                   lila
yellow	                                          sárga
orange	                                          narancssárga
green                                            zöld
brown                                            barna

Miscellaneous Information
•		You	cannot	buy	self-raising	flour	in	Hungary,	but	all	you	need	to	do	is	add	baking	powder	(Süto	
	 por)	which	comes	in	10	gram	packets.	Add	approximately	3	tsps	(15	g)	baking	powder	to	225	g		
   plain flour.

•		Fresh	yeast	(Éleszto)	is	sold	in	wrapped,	small	square	blocks	and	is	found	on	the	cool	shelf.

                   ˝        ˝
•		Dried	yeast	(Süto	Éleszto)	is	sold	in	small	red/orange	sachets.	A	7	g	sachet	is	equivalent	to	20	g		
   fresh yeast block to be used with approximately 500 g flour. When substituting dried yeast for
	 fresh	you	will	need	1	tbls	(15	ml)	dried	yeast	for	25	g	fresh.

•		Party	Cream	–	Use	in	place	of	butter	in	sandwiches.	Be	careful,	as	some	of	them	are	flavoured.

•		Double	Cream	is	sold	only	in	very	small	cartons,	but	mascarpone	cheese	is	a	good	substitute	and		
   is widely available.

•		Kefír	–	sweeter	than	natural	yoghurt.	Good	on	cornflakes.

•		Be	careful	with	some	fruit	juice	packets,	the	word	rostos	indicates	that	the	juice	contains	fibre.

•		Most	eggs	are	not	graded	in	Hungary.	It	is	advisable	to	take	your	own	egg	boxes	to	the	markets	or		
   small local shops. Eggs in the large supermarkets may be graded.

Useful translations
Shops                            Bolt
Baker                            Pék
Butcher	                         Hentes	/	Húsbolt
Cake	shop	                       Cukrászda
Coffee	shop	                     Kávézó	/	Eszpresszó
Ice-cream	parlour	               Fagylaltozó
Sweets	shop	                     Édességbolt
General	food	store	              ABC	áruház
Delicatessen                     Csemege
Greengrocers	                    Zöldséges
Fishmonger                       Halas
Wine	bar	                        Borozó
Beer hall                        Sörözo˝
Restaurant	                              ˝
                                 Vendéglo 	/	Étterem
Simple bar                       Büfé
Snack	bar	                       Falatozó

Welcome to our world...                                                     The Inter Relocation Group

Takeaway                      Elvinni
Grape juice                     ˝˝
                              Szo lo lé
Mineral	water	                Ásványvíz
Sparkling water               Szénsavas víz
Still mineral water           Szénsavmentes víz
Tap water                     csapvíz
Parmesan                      Parmesan. Hard, strong flavoured
Márvány	                      Roquefort	type	cheese.	Strong,	sharp	taste
Trappista                     Rubbery, bland. Melts well for burgers.
Bakony                        Hungarian Camambert.
Juhtúró	                      Cured	ewe’s	milk	cheese
Tehéntúró	                    For	cheesecake	(cottage	cheese)
Túró	Rudi	                    Curd	cheese	covered	in	chocolate

Csípo s paprika               Hot pepper
Ero s paprika                 Strong pepper
TV paprika                    Mild pepper
Csemege paprika               Mild/delicate pepper

In Conclusion
We hope that you have found the information in this pack useful, and that you have a
wonderful stay in Hungary.

At Inter Relocation Hungary, we continuously strive to improve the quality and level of service
you receive. Your feedback is therefore extremely valuable to us. Should you have
any questions or comments during your stay, please feel free to contact us any time.

                    ˝    ˝
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