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									Acid mine drainage in the
 Colorado River, U.S.A
A recent survey in Canada identified ~ 10,000
abandoned mine sites that are threatening
 drinking water supplies in nearby communities

7000 lakes have been polluted with Cu and Ni
by just one smelting operation in Sudbury,
Oldest coal mine, Jharia-India

   Exploitation of workers
Marinduque Mining Disaster -Phillipines:
- a Canadian Mining Company developed
and then abandoned it 30 years later
United Nations Report on the
Marinduque Mining Disaster:
 "ecological catastrophe'
 " loss of life"
"destruction of a way of life for 20,000 people"
" devastating health impacts"
"human rights abuses",
"lack of recourse",
"weak governance"
The Canadian Mining Company was bought out by another
   one, which denies responsibility

The Philippine Province of Marinduque has recently filed
   suit against the take-over company in the U.S. State
   of Nevada, where this company has its flagship

The suit is being filed in the U.S. because any
   settlement would be unenforceable in Phillipines, and
   Canadian law is too weak.

A private member's bill in Canada if passed, could impose
    sanctions on Canadian resource companies that
    violate good governance and environmental standards
    in foreign jurisdictions.
Alberta Tar Sands in Northern Canada
   Alberta Tar Sands in Northern Canada

5% of Canada's CO2 emissions from this one site
Massive Tailings Ponds - 50 km2 at present
Recently 500 ducks died on the tailings pond
    Environmental Stewardship and
    the "Tragedy of the Commons"
• Mining
• Pollution discharge
• Consumption of limited resources
• Acquisition of personal wealth at the
  expense of societal health
• Emissions of CO2 and other
  greenhouse gases
• Population growth
Technological Solutions alone will not work
    Sociological solutions are needed
  • Garrett Hardin (1968) Science 162: 1243-
    1248: The Tragedy of the Commons
  • "The only kind of coercion I recommend is
    mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon by
    the majority of people affected"
  • "Freedom is the recognition of necessity:
    When men mutually agreed to pass laws
    against robbing, mankind became more
    free, not less free."

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