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Issue 13 | Summer 2010

                                                                      Insurance Services
     Travel Insurance                                                            
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2    Community Summer 2010
Read our                                                                                                               stronger
election special                                                                                                       together
and decide                                                                    INSIDE …
for yourself                                                                  News
                                                                              Community officer is Labour candidate;

Hello and welcome to the Stronger Together election special                   Women’s TUC; Obituaries
While this magazine contains our usual round up of news and events
from around your union, it also covers how this election could affect
                                                                              A better union for You!                                        5
you. I hope that this magazine will help explain how the promises             New Campaign Mangers and
made by each party could affect you; in the workplace and in your             subscription details
wider community.
    Trade Union members come from all walks of life. As a diverse             Election special                                               6
union, Community members have a range of opinions on every                    Challenge is jobs for Britain, not bonuses
subject including politics, but our unifying belief is in Equality and        for bankers; Threat to Union Learning?
Social Justice. This is the belief that all people should be treated fairly
and equally at work and at home. It is against this standard that your        Fair play for Olympic workers                                  8
union judges politicians, policies and political parties.                     Why Community supports the
    Traditionally Community has supported the Labour party as                 Playfair 2012 campaign
the best voice of working people. While Community has a long
history with the Labour party, our relationship is that of a critical         Robin Hood Tax                                                 9
friend. There have been occasions in the past 13 years when we have           The tiny tax that could raise billions
disagreed with the Labour Government and disagreed strongly.
When the Labour Government failed to take action to safeguard                 Brand new member benefits                                    10
pensions, your union was forced to go to the European Court of
                                                                              Family motoring services;
Justice. This was a long running case which resulted in your union
winning a £12 billion pension pot for every working person.
                                                                              Accident aftercare;
    Yet despite any disagreements over particular policies,                   Cheaper MOTs and servicing;
Community recognises that the situation for working people today is           Best buy car rental rates
better than yesterday. Not just in the workplace, but in local schools,
on the waiting lists at local hospitals and on the high street – many         Gordon Brown opens new office                                12
things that we are beginning to take for granted.                             Prime Minister officially opens
    I believe that much of this is due to the influence of Prime Minister     energy-efficient London offices
Gordon Brown. The Prime Minister entered politics from the union
movement many years ago and has continued that relationship to this
day. Gordon was the first new member to join Community when our
union was formed in 2004 because he recognised our commitment to
social justice and a new style of community unionism.                         Cover photo by Mousetrap Media
    Gordon recently visited our head office to officially open the            If you have any comments or suggestions for the next edition
                                                                              please contact Duncan Harrod on
building and to ask for our support in the coming election. Rather
                                                                     or on 020 7420 4024
than taking you and your union for granted, the Prime Minister came
                                                                              Stronger Together. May 2010. Editor: Duncan Harrod
to our office and spoke to your elected union reps directly and asked         Editorial Office: 67/68 Long Acre, Covent Garden, WC2E 9FA
for support to continue to reform the NHS, to continue to invest in           Tel: 020 7420 4000 email:
schools and hospitals and to tackle poverty by guaranteeing a good                               Printed by The College Hill Press
education and creating quality jobs.                                                   
    This is the key reason that I support Gordon Brown, and this is the
reason that I ask you to read our election special and decide for yourself.
                                                    General Secretary
                                                  Michael J. Leahy OBE

                                                                                                    Community Summer 2010                    3

                                                                                             women get
                                                                                             point across
                                                                                             THE ANNUAL TUC women’s conference
                                                                                             discussed issues of relevance to working
                                                                                             women across Britain and the world. Speeches
                                                                                             by Tracy Clarke on the value of Unionlearn
                                                                                             and by Carol Hodgson, a Community betting
                                                                                             shop member, on violence in the workplace are
                                                                                             available on our website.
                                                                                                 Community Union was also successful in
               Community Women’s TUC delegates (in no particular order): Esther              electing former president Tracy Clarke to the
               Marriott, Tracy Clarke, Rajinder Sagoo, Sue Mather, Carol Hodgson,            TUC Women’s Committee. This is a great result
               Helen Elliott, Brenda Clarke, Geraldine Donnelly, Carole Harrison,            for Tracy and a wonderful position to speak on
               Maxine Sayers, Janet Bownes                                                   behalf of Community’s members.

               Community                                                                     OBITUARIES
                                                                                             Hanbury Williams

               officer throws
                                                                                             COMMUNITY IS saddened to hear of the
                                                                                             passing of former ISTC President and NEC
                                                                                             member Hanbury Williams. Born in 1924,
                                                                                             Hanbury was a committed unionist, joining

               hat in the ring
               TOM BLENKINSOP, Community’s
                                                                                             the ISTC in 1956 and serving on the executive
                                                                                             for 14 years from 1967. During his time with
                                                                                             ISTC Hanbury was awarded the Confederation
                                                                                             shield in 1978, a second inscription on the
                                                                                             shield in 1982 and his thirty‑year badge
               campaign manager for Region 2, has                                            in 1986.
               been chosen as the Labour candidate                                               Hanbury’s last appearance was at the
               for Middlesbrough South and East                                              ISTC millennial conference in 2000. At this
               Cleveland.                                                                    conference Hanbury, as President in 1974 was
                   Anyone who has met Tom knows of                                           invited as a representative of all Presidents
               his commitment and dedication to the                                          from the 70s. A solid and dependable voice for
               area. Community wishes him the best of                                        his members, a robust and forceful champion
               luck and urges all our members in the                                         of the union movement and a true and loyal
               area to come out and speak to Tom.                                            friend, Hanbury truly was a man of Steel.

                                                                                             Margaret Penney
                FROM DISMAY TO DELIGHT                                                       COMMUNITY WAS also saddened to hear
               THE TIRELESS work of Branch Secretary Steve Boynton has turned around         of the passing of Margaret Penney. Margaret
               the fortunes of the supported employment factory in Stoke. Refusing to        worked in the Sutton Coldfield Office from
               give in, the factory has gone from discussing closure to re-employing staff   1977 until 1995. A tireless champion of Trade
               and struggling to meet demand. The conviction and hard work of Steve and      Unions and the Labour Party, Margaret was
               the members have guaranteed a future for the site. A great example of how     the only member of staff to be awarded the
               your union can harness the commitment and dedication of a loyal and hard      Confederation shield. Margaret is survived by
               working workforce to achieve great things.                                    three children and six grandchildren.

               4    Community Summer 2010
                                                                          PART TIME UP TO £10,969
                                                                          For part-time members the annual increase of
                                                                          £1.56 is less than a lottery ticket. But winning
                                                                          the Euro Millions is a 1 in 13 million chance.
                                                                          For our members in Betting Shops the level of
                                                                          anti-social behaviour gives a 1 in 10 chance that
                                                                          you may need union representation or personal
                                                                          injury advice.

                                                                          GRADE 1 £10,970 – £16,454
                                                                          For Grade 1 members, the £3.12 increase is less
                                                                          than the cost of a whole chicken from a Teesside
                                                                          supermarket, and in this recession Community
                                                                          will make sure only the chicken gets plucked.

                                                                          GRADE 2 £16,455 – £24,707
                                                                          Grade 2 members will pay an extra £3.64 a
                                                                          year. Skipping one pint a year to keep the full
                                                                          range of Community’s legal benefits is a sound
Choosing Community won’t give you a shock at the checkout                 investment.

Building a                                                                GRADE 3 £24,708 – £32,907
                                                                          Grade 3 members will pay an extra £5.20 a year.
                                                                          For just 10p a week members can swap a boiled

better union                                                              lolly for access to health and safety training, life
                                                                          long learning and other opportunities.

for You!
                                                                          GRADE 4 £32,908 +
                                                                          Even at the top rate, an annual increase of £6.24
                                                                          is less than a packet of razor blades, and with one
                                                                          health and safety rep to every 60 members, with
YOUR UNION, Community, has undergone a number of serious                  Community the only injury you need to worry
structural changes in order to guarantee the highest level of service     about is a shaving cut!
to our members. As well as making numerous cuts to non‑essential
services, juggling positions and streamlining our services, Community
has continued to improve and innovate. Turn to pages 10 and 11 to see
the brand new benefit worth £30 that Community is introducing.
    These cuts have allowed Community to employ 14 new Campaign
Managers across the country. Having joined the experienced
Community team, these new employees have energised the union and
provide dedicated advice, support and guidance to our members.
    Community has also met the challenge of the recession. Your union
continues to offer best practice representation while keeping increases
in‑line with inflation. For you, our members, these increases amount to
just pennies a day and will allow your union, Community, to continue to
provide a first class service.
    The annual increase for our four main grades and part time grades
are set out above.

                                                                                          Community Summer 2010                  5
election special
Your Union and                                                               has prevented the recession from becoming
                                                                             a depression, and the queues in front of job
                                                                             centres from becoming queues in front of

the Labour Party                                                             soup kitchens. While there is no doubt that
                                                                             we need more action against the bankers, and
                                                                             Community fully supports the Robin Hood tax
                                                                             on financial speculation, the fact that Britain
OVER THE years I have had the honour of                                      has begun to recover from such an enormous
representing your interests as a Community                                   threat has been due to the steely resolve of this
Union delegate to Labour Party conference.                                   government and this Prime Minister.
I want to assure you that while your union                                       The global recession has had local
does have a close relationship with the Labour                               consequences, where the decisions made in
Party, this does not mean that we have offered                               the City or on Wall Street have led to mass
blind support over the years. I have seen many                               redundancies on Teesside or in Wales. The
occasions where your union and the Labour                                    challenge now is to ensure that a recovery
party have disagreed. Over the past 13 years,                                brings jobs to Britain, not bonuses to bankers.
Community has worked with the government                                     There is a clear choice between a Labour
where possible and against the government          Pat Donnelly,             Party which has and will continue to invest in
when necessary to represent your interests                                   manufacturing, services and job creation and
                                                   Community NEC
    In fact, we took this Labour government                                  a Conservative Party that believes a growing
to the European Court of Justice to win a £12      member for Scotland,      economy means lower taxes, lower wages and
billion fund to protect the pensions of every      says the challenge        privatised services.
working man and woman in Britain when              now is to ensure that a       Yes, Britain is in debt. But this debt can be
we felt that the needs of our members were                                   paid off over time by growing the economy
being ignored.
                                                   recovery brings jobs to   and creating jobs, while the alternative, mass
    I realise that the Labour Government has       Britain, not bonuses to   redundancies and growing unemployment
become unpopular over the years. It is easy        bankers                   would be a far greater burden.
to forget the changes that have occurred, the                                    I want to know that my children and
cuts to NHS waiting times, the improvements                                  grandchildren will be able to find good,
in schools and support for children and the                                  honest jobs that will support them and their
elderly. But for many people, there is little                                families whether or not they decide to go to
difference between the political parties and a                               university. Manual work is not and should not
change is as good as a rest.                                                 be a source of shame, yet the Conservatives
    This attitude could be a disaster, as this                               seem to think that Britain is a nation of middle
election offers a clear choice between the                                   mangers, clerks and accountants. Building a
parties. The priorities are clear. Labour will                               strong manufacturing sector is vital, not just
invest in jobs, schools and hospitals, while the                             for the single industry towns, but for the whole
Conservatives will cut services for the poor,                                economy. But at this crucial time, Britain faces
privatise services for the middle class and cut                              an election and a Conservative party that will
taxes for the rich.                                                          seek to kick the crutches out from under the
     The current economic situation requires                                 British economy. This may benefit the bankers in
a steady hand and firm leadership to meet the                                Canary Wharf or the millionaires in Belize, but
challenges left by the recession. Gordon Brown                               for working people we would see another round
                                                                             of redundancies, more shops closing on the high
                                                                             street and more families sinking into poverty.
Yes, Britain is in debt. But this debt can be                                    Your Union will continue to support the
paid off over time by growing the economy                                    Labour Party as the best hope for working
                                                                             families, but this support will mean nothing
and creating jobs, while the alternative, mass                               without your vote. Your vote can make a
                                                                             difference. Your choice will decide between
redundancies and growing unemployment
                                                                             continued investments in Britain or David
would be a far greater burden                                                Cameron’s cuts.

6    Community Summer 2010
Threat                                                                 upheavals that we have seen in the past
                                                                       18 months. When Tories call it a money‑
                                                                       laundering fund, the end result will be less
                                                                       support for working people and for many of

to Union
                                                                       their employers who have also benefited from
                                                                       union learning schemes.
                                                                           “Upskilling people in their jobs is good
                                                                       for their employer and transformative for the
                                                                       employee,” says General Secretary Michael
                                                                       Leahy who is a member of the UnionLearn

                                                                       board. “For those on the brink of redundancy,
                                                                       having established qualifications in everything
                                                                       from basic literacy and numeracy to foundation
                                                                       degrees, makes the change less risky.
                                                                           “Knowing the skillset of those leaving the
                                                                       workplace means unions are well placed to
                                                                       take a leading role in returning people to work,
WHEN 1,500 people lost their jobs at Corus                             meeting any skills gaps and lifting people’s
plants in Rotherham, Communitas, our                                   horizons. No longer do working people
training and learning arm, developed a course                          leave work with no hope and no prospects –
to help them cope with redundancy.                                     UnionLearn and a Labour government have
    The Forging Ahead programme, funded                                changed all that.”
by the Yorkshire and the Humber Learning                                   At this election, check the facts. See which
and Skills Council, is being delivered at the      Participants on a   party has supported you and your local
Community offices in Rotherham.                    Communitas course   community.
    According to Emma Wallis, Forging Ahead
Project Manager, this achievement cannot be
overstated: “It’s taken an awful lot of guts for
some of the participants to walk through our
doors, but they’ve taken the first steps towards
a new life after Corus.
    “A number of participants have now gained
alternative employment and more than 50%
have been able to undertake further training
because we work in partnership with the
Redundancy Service.”
    Over the years, thousands of Community
members have been helped to gain new skills
and qualifications through similar projects run
by Communitas and its predecessors. Members
will also have seen articles about Community
launching learning agreements with employers.
This activity has been carried out with support
from Union Learning Funds in England,
Scotland and Wales.
    In recent weeks Union Learning Funds have           ‘Unions are well placed to take a leading role in
been the target of attacks by Tory politicians.      returning people to work, meeting skills gaps and
They have described the funds as a form of
‘money‑laundering’.                                lifting horizons. No longer do working people leave
    Union Learning schemes and the Union
                                                    work with no hope and no prospects – UnionLearn
Modernisation Fund help trade unions
and employers to prepare for the economic            and a Labour government have changed all that’

                                                                                     Community Summer 2010           7
                Playfair 2012
                What is Playfair 2012 and why do we need it?
                Let’s raise the bar
                on workers’ rights
                IMAGINE … your working day starts at
                6.45am and finishes about 10.30pm or maybe
                even as late as 2am. You have to work about
                four hours overtime Monday to Saturday and
                sometimes all day Sunday too. At the end of
                the month your pay is around £97 – below the
                legal minimum you should have
                been paid and nowhere near a          GET INVOLVED
                living wage.
                     You don’t have an employment
                                                      IN PLAYFAIR 2012!
                                                     Find out more at
                contract, so if there’s a dispute at
                                                     ■ Sign up for e-alerts to get the latest news,
                work, you can’t even prove you                                                            is the bitter truth of the Olympic
                                                        actions and events
                are employed there. Women have                                                            dream. As brands seek to increase
                                                     ■ Take the latest campaign action and promote
                no right to maternity leave.                                                              sales in the economic crisis, they
                                                        it to others
                     There is no trade union to                                                           cut prices, putting suppliers under
                                                     ■ Share information about Playfair 2012 across
                protect your workplace rights …                                                           greater pressure to cut production
                                                        Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Unionbook
                                                                                                          costs. This might mean outsourcing
                                                     ■ Show the short Playfair 2012 film (available
                Outsourcing                                                                               production to households where
                                                        on the website) at your branch meeting and
                It’s not a pleasant prospect. But                                                         cheap labour and child labour are
                                                        encourage members to take action.
                that is the reality that Playfair                                                         evident.
                2008 researchers found at Lekit                                                                In Bangladesh, workers can
                Stationery Company, China, which was making                                      be forced to work a 12 to 16‑hour‑day for a
                Olympic‑branded goods for Beijing 2008.              A child works on a          minimum wage that is just one sixth of the
                     For hundreds of thousands of workers, this      sport jacket                living wage. In China, seven‑day working
                                                                                                 weeks are becoming common. In these

                                                                                                 countries, work guarantees that the poor
                                                                                                 remain stuck in the poverty trap.

                                                                                              London Games
                                                                                              PLAYFAIR 2012 is an international campaign
                                                                                              that began in the run up to the Athens 2004
                                                                                              Olympics and continued with Beijing 2008.
                                                                                                  The UK Playfair 2012 campaign is
                                                                                              coordinated by the TUC and Labour Behind
                                                                                              the Label.
                                                                                                  Playfair 2012 is calling on the organisers of
                                                                                              the London Games, the sportswear industry
                                                                                              and the International Olympic Committee to
                                                                                              raise the bar on workers’ rights. The campaign
                                                                                              wants them to ensure that the rights of workers
                                                                                              making sportswear and Olympic‑branded
                                                                                              goods are respected and meet internationally
                                                                                              recognised standards.

                8    Community Summer 2010
                                                            Robin Hood Tax
A tiny tax on the movement
of money could raise billions
THE ROBIN Hood Tax is a tiny tax on banks,
hedge funds and the other finance institutions
that caused the recession. This tax would raise
billions to tackle poverty and climate change, at
home and abroad.
     Few people are in favour of new taxes. But
the Robin Hood tax is different. Not because
it targets the robber barons who have profited
through our misery during the recession, but
because it targets the money itself.
     The Robin Hood tax is a tax on the deals,
trades, derivatives and exchanges that produce
no goods or services. This is a tax that only
affects the traders and bankers that make
money by moving money. Only the profits

                          Community backs
that come from the                                                                                    In a launch video
money markets would                                                                                   for the campaign,
be touched, not the                                                                                   actor Bill Nighy plays
companies running                                                                                     a banker who says
factories, not the
workers in those
factories and not the
                          Robin Hood tax!                                                             that a tiny tax on
                                                                                                      financial transactions
                                                                                                      is a “sweet little idea”.

                          Will you sign up?
man on the street.                                                                                    Forced to admit that
     This tax could raise                                                                             bankers would only
hundreds of billions                                                                                  pay 0.05% but that it
of pounds every year.                                                                                 would raise billions
Money that could be used to prevent the savage      are inviting you to take part too.                of pounds for poor
cuts in public services that are coming, money          This election campaign is the time to talk    people, he finally
that could be used to build a green economy,        about the Robin Hood tax. Tell your friends       concedes it might not
money that could be used to tackle poverty and      and family. When you hear a knock at the door,    be such a bad idea
meet the target and end child poverty by 2020.      ask your local candidate where they stand.        after all …
     Community is proud to be a part of this            By making the Robin Hood tax an issue, we     See the video at http://
push to build a fairer tax system. That’s why we    can make a difference.                  

Become a volunteer regional representative
OVER THE years Community                       The Members Representation and             If you are interested in
has supported its members with a           Support Network is as an exciting          volunteering for these roles and would
wealth of advice and training. Union       new initiative which will support our      like an application pack or would like
reps are the bedrock of the union          members in unrecognised workplaces         further information, please contact
movement making a real difference          and free up our officers’ time for         either of our Members’ Representation
to the working environment and the         recruitment and organising.                and Support Officers:
lives of their members. Supporting             Specialist training will be provided
                                                                                      Mark Jones 01562 749183; 07743
one another is a key principle of the      to enable volunteer reps to provide a
trade union movement and we need to        professional service accompanying
draw on this skills base to support and    and representing members at                Oliver Stockley 01562 749181; 07834
strengthen our current membership.         grievance and disciplinary hearings.       745816;

                                                                                            Community Summer 2010           9
  benefits for members
 Family motoring services and
 accident aftercare scheme
  THE COMPLETE SERVICE                                         ■ Liaising with your insurance
                                                                 company and the other driver.
  AVAILABLE TO YOU 24/7                                        ■ Your personal injury claim handled
  Every accident is unwelcome. We                                by a Community solicitor if you have
  know that sorting out the                                      been injured.
  claim details and making
  the initial report can be                                      ■ Arranging for the recovery of your
  stressful and that is before                                         uninsured losses – including
  you have even thought                                                 your policy excess, hire
  about repairing the                                                   charges, loss of earnings and
  damage to your vehicle.                                               out of pocket expenses.
  That is why we are here to                                            Even if you were at fault for
  take those worries away.                                            the accident:
                                                               ■ If required you will be helped with
  FOR ANY ACCIDENTS                                              the recovery process in the event
  IN THE UK                                                      of an accident which renders your
                                                                 vehicle undriveable.
  If you were not at fault for the accident
  just make one call.                                          ■ Arrangements will be made to take
                                                                 details of the accident and liaise
  The scheme takes care of:                                      with your insurance company or
  ■ The recovery of your damaged                                 broker as required.
    vehicle to an approved accident
    repair centre and the full
    management of the repairs.
  ■ The provision of a replacement
                                              MEMBERSHIP COVER
    vehicle on a like-for-like basis          ALL your family’s vehicle – ANY type of car, be it
    for prestige marques and on a             mainstream or prestige, and/or van you own and
    category-equivalent basis for
                                              use can be repaired and replaced.
    mainstream brands and light
    commercial vehicles. Replacement          AND membership covers ALL the members of your
    child seats will be fitted in
                                              family, not only as drivers but passengers as well.
    your vehicle.

Register FREE by phone or online 0844 879 4229
  10    Community Summer 2010
                                                         in association with

 As a member you can:
 SAVE MONEY                              ENJOY CHEAPER TYRES
 The comprehensive and                     Members are entitled to a 10%
 easily accessed accident                   discount on already competitive
 aftercare service is                        rates for tyres of every type
 completely free and                          nationwide.
 gives you everything
 you are likely to need                      TAKE ADVANTAGE OF
 in the event of an
 accident. You may be                        ‘BEST-BUY’ RATES
 able to save yourself                       FROM ONE OF THE
 the cost of your insurer’s
 version of this product                    WORLD’S TOP CAR AND
 because you don’t need                    VAN RENTAL SPECIALISTS
 it any more. Similar schemes
                                         The scheme has a working partnership
 which may be available to you may
                                         for your benefit with Budget to bring
 cost upwards of £30 a year.
                                         you the best rates on vehicle hire in
 By simply clicking on                          the UK and 127 other countries
                                                      around the world.
 ‘Member Discounts’ on                                    Keeping a close eye
 the website you can:                                       on rental prices in
                                                              over 3,400 towns
                                                               and cities around
 ENJOY CHEAPER VEHICLE                                          the world,
 SERVICING AND MOTs                                             Budget seek
 Members are entitled to a 20%                                  to ensure they
 discount on already competitive rates                          provide you
 for vehicle servicing and MOTs at                              with the most
 over 750 garages nationwide, plus a                           competitive rate
 12-month guarantee on all parts and                          available to you
 labour.                                                    wherever you are.
                                                   Community Summer 2010       11
                                                                                    ident Keith Davies,
                                                         At the opening: (l-r) Pres
                                                                                      own, General
                                                         Prime Minister Gordon Br
                                                                                      y OBE and Deputy
                                                         Secretary Michael J. Leah
                                                                                    ann MBE
                                                         general Secretary Joe M

   GORDON BROWN praised
   the work of Community as a
   modern 21st century union
   and asked for the support of
   the union and its members
   throughout the election campaign.
       Not only is the new office central and modern
   but it is part of Community’s push on Green issues.
   The office has been awarded the second highest
   energy efficiency rating and the carpets are made
   from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, 95%
   of Community’s fleet of cars are hybrid electric.
   Community is showing that environmentalism can                        Campaign Manager Ryan
                                                                         Slaughter at the openin
   work with business, not against it.

SIGN THE PETITION                                             SIGN UP A
And make a difference
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