Dynamic Planet project and rubrics - Dynamic Planet Project by hcj


									          Dynamic Planet Project

In order to learn more about the planet that we call
home, each student will choose one of the following
topics to research.

You will present your research to the class along with a visual or model that shows
your understanding of the topic that you choose.

     Topic       Focus Question             Information to                Visual/Model
                                                include                   suggestions
EROSION          How has erosion           Types of erosion           Pictures that show how
                 impacted the              Effects of erosion          certain areas have
                 surface of the Earth      Features                    changed over time
                 over time                                             3 D model of a specific
                                                                        type of erosion
                                                                       Topographical map of
                                                                        an eroded area
FAULTS           How do faults affect      Fault types                Diagrams to compare
                 Earth & human             Plate boundary              types
                 activity?                  types                      Cross-sectional models
                                           Features                    to compare
                                           Measurement                Computer presentation
                                            scales (Mercalli,           with moving graphics
SEISMIC          How do seismic            Seismograms                Visual representation of
                 waves travel              Characteristics of P,       locating epicenter using
WAVES            through Earth?             S, L waves                  isoseismic lines or P &
                                           Measurement of              S wave travel times
                                            waves                      Computer presentation
                                           How event                   of how waves travel &
                                            epicenter is                using waves to
                                            determined                  determine epicenter
CONTINENTAL      What is the                Who contributed &           Diagrams showing
                 evidence for the            when                        evidence that supports
DRIFT            continental drift          Evidence that               theory and explains
THEORY/          theory?                     supports this theory        seafloor spreading
SEAFLOOR                                    Describe                    Computer
SPREADING                                    proof/results of            presentation with
                                             seafloor spreading          moving graphics
TSUNAMIS         How do Tsunamis            Cause                       Diagrams showing
                 affect Earth &             Likely locations            time-lapse events
                 human activity?            Historical events           during a tsunami
                                            Ways to                     Computer
                                             prepare/prevent             presentation with
                                             destruction                 moving graphics
In order to show your understanding of the topic, you are required to prepare and present ALL
THREE parts to this project:

             RESEARCH PAPER: This paper should explain relevant information in an organized
              manner and include information that has been gathered from a variety of sources
              (textbooks, reference books, internet, magazines, etc). This paper should be 3-4
              pages, double spaced and must include a works cited page on a separate sheet of
              paper. You can use easybib.org for the correct format.

             ORAL PRESENTATION: Present the information that you gathered about the topic to
              the class. This presentation should explain the important concepts that you learned
              while researching. The model/visual that you prepare should be used to teach your
              classmates about the concept that you are presenting. This presentation should be
              informative and last about 5-7 minutes.

             MODEL/VISUAL: In order to enhance the presentation to the class, a model or visual
              that relates to the concept should be created. This student-made model should allow
              you to DEMONSTRATE your understanding of the topic. Possible model/visuals
              include student-created diagrams, 3-D models, or computer presentations with moving
              graphics. Other ideas are welcome, if they will enhance the presentation and show
              student understanding.

Grading for this project will be completed using the rubrics that are included. Each part of the
project is worth the following values:

   RESEARCH PAPER……..100 points
   ORAL PRESENTATION…..30 points
   MODEL/VISUAL……………70 points

   TOTAL………………………200 points=2 test grades!!
                                              Research Paper Rubric


 CATEGORY      25                    22                    20                    16                     Earned
Organization   Information is very   Information is        Information is     The information is
               organized with        organized with        organized, but     disorganized.
               well-constructed      well-constructed      paragraphs are not
               paragraphs and        paragraphs.           well-constructed.

Quality of     Information clearly   Information clearly   Information clearly   Information has
Information    relates to the main   relates to the main   relates to the main   little or nothing to
               topic. It includes    topic. It provides    topic. No details     do with the main
               several supporting    1-2 supporting        and/or examples       topic.
               details and/or        details and/or        are given.
               examples.             examples.
Amount of      All subtopics are     All subtopics are     Most subtopics are    Limited information
Information    addressed and         addressed and         addressed and/or      is addressed
               information           information           the information       and/or information
               presented shows       presented shows a     presented is not at   is above or below
               that the student      basic                 the student's level   student's level of
               has an in-depth       understanding of      of understanding      understanding
               understanding of      the information
               the information
Mechanics      No grammatical,     Almost no          A few grammatical Many grammatical,
               spelling or         grammatical,       spelling, or        spelling, or
               punctuation errors. spelling or        punctuation errors. punctuation errors.
                                   punctuation errors

Paragraph      All paragraphs        Most paragraphs       Paragraphs            Paragraphing
Construction   include               include               included related      structure was not
               introductory          introductory          information but       clear and sentences
               sentence,             sentence,             were typically not    were not typically
               explanations or       explanations or       constructed well.     related within the
               details, and          details, and                                paragraphs.
               concluding            concluding
               sentence.             sentence.
                                                                                      Out of 100

Teacher Comments:

   Points will be lost for no works cited page or if they are in the incorrect format
                                    Oral Presentation Rubric

Name: ____________________________Topic: ___________________Date: _____________

  Category              6                   5                  3                   2
                 Student presents
                                     Student presents    Evaluator has      Evaluator cannot
                   information in
                                       information in difficulty following follow presentation
                logical, interesting
 Organization                         logical sequence    presentation      because there is
                  sequence which
                                      which evaluator  because student       no sequence of
                    evaluator can
                                         can follow.     jumps around.         information.
                     Student                                               Student does not
                demonstrates full Student is at ease                         have grasp of
                                                         Student is only
   Content      knowledge (more     with required                             information;
                                                         able to present
  Knowledge       than required)  content, but fails                        student cannot
                                                           basic facts
                with explanations   to elaborate.                          answer questions
                 and elaboration.                                           about subject.
                  Student uses a                                         Student mumbles,
                 clear voice with   Student's voice is                       incorrectly
                 good volume and      clear. Student                     pronounces terms,
   Delivery                                            pronounces terms.
                 correct, precise   pronounces most                        and speaks too
                                                        Hard to hear at
                 pronunciation of    words correctly.                     quietly for all to
                      terms.                                                    hear.
                                     Student usually       Student
                Student maintains
                                      maintains eye    occasionally uses   Student reads all
                 eye contact with
 Eye Contact                           contact but     eye contact, but    information with
                 audience, seldom
                                    frequently returns    reads most        no eye contact.
                returning to notes.
                                      to the report.     information
                Presentation takes Presentation takes Presentation takes Presentation takes
  Time Limit     between 5 and 7       less than 5        less than 3        less than 2
                     minutes.            minutes.           minutes.           minutes.


Teacher Comments:
                                                         Media Rubric


CATEGORY         14                    12                   10                   8
                 Includes a large      Includes
                 quantity of           sufficient
                                                            Information was      Information was
                 information and       information and
                                                            limited or           limited or
Requirements     moving graphics       moving graphics
                                                            graphics were not    graphics were not
                 that have been        that have been
                                                            original             original
                 created by            created by
                 student               student
                 Covers topic in-      Includes essential
                                                            Includes essential
                 depth with details    knowledge about                           Content is minimal
                                                            information about
                 and examples.         the topic. Subject                        OR there are
Content                                                     the topic but
                 Subject               knowledge                                 several factual
                                                            there are 1-2
                 knowledge is          appears to be                             errors.
                                                            factual errors.
                 excellent.            good.
                                       Uses headings or
                 Content is well
                                       bulleted lists to                        There was no
                 organized using
                                       organize, but the    Content is          clear or logical
                 headings or
Organization                           overall              logically organized organizational
                 bulleted lists to
                                       organization of      for the most part. structure, just
                 group related
                                       topics appears                           lots of facts.
                                    Three or fewer          Four misspellings
                 No misspellings or                                              More than 4
                                    misspellings            and/or
Mechanics        grammatical                                                     errors in spelling
                                    and/or mechanical       grammatical
                 errors.                                                         or grammar.
                                    errors.                 errors.
                                                            Makes use of         Use of font, color,
                 Makes excellent       Makes good use of
                                                            font, color,         graphics, effects
                 use of font, color,   font, color,
                                                            effects, etc. but    etc. but these
Attractiveness   graphics, effects,    graphics, effects,
                                                            occasionally these   often distract
                 etc. to enhance       etc. to enhance to
                                                            detract from the     from the
                 the presentation.     presentation.
                                                            presentation         presentation
                                                                                     Out of 70
  Teacher Comments:
                                                Scientific Model/Drawings Rubric
Name__________________________                                      Topic___________________

 CATEGORY    14                       12                     10                    8                            Earned

Construction Appropriate materials Appropriate               Appropriate           Inappropriate materials
–Materials   were selected and        materials were         materials were        were selected and
or Drawing   creatively used or       selected and there selected or stray         contributed to a poorly
             lines are clear. Overall was an attempt at      marks detract         designed model or
             the drawing is very      creative use or        from drawing or       several stay marks, color
             good, color was used     there are few          color was not used, was not used, the quality
                                      stray marks and        quality of drawing    of the drawing is poor
                                      the drawing is         is fair
                                      good, color was

Scientific   Visual indicates a       Visual indicates a     Visual indicates      Visual does not
Knowledge    clear and very           somewhat accurate relatively accurate        demonstrate an
             accurate                 understanding of       understanding of      understanding of science
             understanding of         science concept        science concept       concept presented
             science concept          presented

Function     Visual functions         Visual functions       Visual functions      Major flaws in function
             extraordinarily well     well or most           pretty well, but      make it difficult to use
             and student can easily structures are           student has           the model to
             enhance the concept      drawn accurately       difficulty using the demonstrate concept or
             or all structures are    and are                model to              few structures are
             drawn accurately and     recognizable. All      demonstrate the       drawn and labeled
             are recognizable. All    structures are         concept or many       accurately
             structures are labeled labeled accurately       structures are
             accurately.                                     drawn accurately/
                                                             recognizable. Many
                                                             structures are
                                                             labeled accurately

Visual       Visual clearly shows     Visual shows the       Visual shows the      Visual does not clearly
appearance   the concept and a        concept and an         concept in some       show the concept and
             great effort has been effort has been put ways and a limited          very little effort has
             put into making it       into making it         effort has been put been put into making it
             realistic and            somewhat realistic     into making it        realistic and functional
             functional or all        and functional         realistic and

Labels       Every item that needs Almost all items          Most items that
             to be identified has a   that need to be        need to be                Few of the items that
             label. It is clear which identified have        identified have           need to be identified
             label goes with which    labels. It is clear    labels. It is clear    have labels OR it is not
             structure                which label goes       which label goes          clear which label goes
                                      with which             with which                  with which item.
                                      structure.             structure.
                                                          Total ______/70

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