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Students are encouraged to use this form to provide feedback and suggestions for improvements in
matters relating to your University experience. Your feedback is valuable as it helps us develop and
improve our courses, teaching, facilities and services.

Campus:                                 Course(s):

My comments relate to: (please place an “X” in the appropriate box)

    Faculty/academic                                      Student Services
    Food outlets                                          Bookshop
    Enrolment                                             Facilities
    O Week                                                Information Technology
    Timetable                                             Library
    Teaching & Learning Support                           International Student Centre

    Other (please indicate which area your feedback refers to):

Please type your feedback (the box will adjust as you type):
If you are completing this form by hand, please clearly write your feedback. If you require more space,
please use the back of this form.

If you would like us to respond to your feedback, please provide your details as follows:

Family Name:                                           First Name:

Student ID Number:                                     Today’s date:

JCU email address:                           

Please email your completed Student Feedback form to or hand it in
at the counter of the Student Enquiry Centre on your campus. If appropriate, place the form in an
envelope, marked “Student Feedback” and “Confidential”.

           Thank you for your feedback. It will be referred to the appropriate unit in JCU.

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