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									Take a Vacation in India for Memories to Last a Lifetime

India is one of the very few countries which can boast of a perfect blend between
diversified cultures and realities. What is it that you seek? India has everything – from
snow-capped mountains to beautiful sandy beaches, from rustic serenity of the many
temples to the old school charm of the rural festivals, from tranquil down-to-the-earth
villages to mega-structure cities boasting of multinational presence. Travelling to India
has always been a unique experience for every tourist.

Travelling to India requires some pre-requisites. Although a hotspot as an exotic tourist
destination, travelling in India can be a bit of a hassle if one is not aptly prepared. India
boasts of a huge diversity in its climate. During no part of the year will one be able to
find a uniform climate in the entire country. Ideally, the best time to come to India is the
relatively cooler month to November to anywhere in mid-February. Also, one should
keep in mind the purpose of the trip as an important deciding factor. If one is coming to
witness the various cultural festivals, one should plan the trip keeping in mind the period
when they’re celebrated in the country. Many tourist operators operate with a plethora of
touring options depending on the number of days of the trip to India. One can enrol in
one of the tours. The Ministry of Tourism also runs various tours which are definitely
worth a try. Touring with a registered tour operator also reduces the risk of any hassles
that one might face while visiting India.

On the financial front, India is definitely a pleaser. India offers a variety of
accommodation options ranging from the money-minded backpacker to the high-end
luxurious hotels. The delicacies of India come cheap. A delicious array of food items
mean that you can fill your belly without emptying your pockets. Transport wise, India
has an excellent network of trains connecting almost each and every city of the country.
Travelling by trains, although time consuming, is the most economical option. One could
also use air travel to connect between major cities.

Although an excellent tourist destination, India poses inherent medical issues. It is
advisable to consult the local ministry of external affairs about any medical advice that
has been issued regarding India. Take a note of all the endemic diseases that one could
face, and prepare oneself for it through proper medicines and shots. Apart from the
medical issues, India has recently suffered a lot in the wake of the recent terrorist
attacks. Although the situation has been contained completely now, it is advisable to
check about similar issues before travelling to India. Another important fact to be kept in
mind is the rich cultural heritage of India. In order to truly enjoy this cultural, one must
respect it and accept it. The tourist should keep in mind the local sentiments while
dressing and talking.
Exploring a country so rich in heritage is always a beautiful experience. With a few
guidelines in mind, one can have the most soulful experience in India. India has
everything – from the shenanigans of the dazzles of Bollywood to the mad frenzy of the
religion of cricket and Sachin Tendulkar. And not to mention the mouth orgasmic
diversity for foodies. India is truly an incredible place.

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