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                                                                                                                                                 Which PON
 Company Name          Field Name             Well Number/ Pipeline Number              Type of Activity        DTI Number       Received Date                Permit
                                           204/24a Water Inejection Well W15-W16
       BP               Foinaven                                                            Pipeline            D/2978/2006        1/5/2006       PON15C       Yes
Apache North Sea      Forties Bravo                   21/10-36X (FB5-6)                   Development          W/2979/2006         1/4/2006       PON15B       Yes
       BP              Schiehallion          204/20a Production M24-F27 PL2141              Pipeline           D/2980/2006         1/5/2006       PON15C     Cancelle
     Tullow             Schooner                          44/26a-S5                        Workover            W/2981/2006         1/4/2006       PON15F       Yes
                                          204/24a Water Injection Well W15-W16 FTP
       BP               Foinaven                                                            Pipeline            D/2982/2006        1/5/2006       PON15C       Yes
        BP             Schiehallion         204/20a CDA C21 - WW11 FTP PL2025               Pipeline           D/2983/2006          1/5/2006      PON15C       Yes
      Tullow             Schooner                         44/26a-S6                         Workover           W/2984/2006          1/4/2006      PON15F       Yes
       CNR           Ninian Southern                       3/8-S83                        Development          W/2985/2006          1/4/2006      PON15B       Yes
       Total             Franklin                         29/5b-FIA                       Development          W/2986/2006          1/6/2006      PON15B       Yes
      Tullow             Schooner                         44/26a-S9                         Workover           W/2987/2006          1/4/2006      PON15F       Yes
      Tullow             Schooner                         44/26a-S7                         Workover           W/2988/2006          1/4/2006      PON15F       Yes
     Marathon           Brae Alpha                        16/7a-A36                         Workover           W/2989/2006         1/11/2006      PON15F       Yes
Apache North Sea       Forties Echo                       22/6a-E27                         Workover           W/2990/2006         1/13/2006      PON15F       Yes
       Shell              Gannet                       21/30-20 GE-01                       Workover           W/2991/2006         1/18/2006      PON15F       Yes
   E.on Ruhrgas          Babbage                           48/2a-D                          Appraisal          W/2992/2006         1/19/2006      PON15B       Yes
 Nexen Petroleum         Buzzard                         20/6a-BSPA                  Development / Injection   W/2993/2006         1/19/2006      PON15B       Yes
 Nexen Petroleum         Buzzard                    10/06a-BSPC (Slot 19)                 Development          W/2994/2006         1/19/2006      PON15B       Yes
  ConocoPhillips          Munro                      44/17-44/22 PL2109                      Pipeline          D/2995/2006         1/20/2006      PON15C       Yes
Apache North Sea      Forties Bravo                   21/10-B14 (FB3-1)                   Development          W/2996/2006         1/23/2006      PON15F       Yes
     Talisman        Renee and Rubie              PL1616 PL1617 15/21-27                     Pipeline          D/2997/2006         1/20/2006      PON15C       Yes
       Shell              Pelican                  211/26a-P6z (PU-W11s1)                   Injection          W/2998/2006         1/20/2006      PON15F       Yes
      Oilexco               Joy                            15/25c-H                        Exploration         W/2999/2006         1/24/2006      PON15B       Yes
       Shell              Osprey                      OU-W1 211/23-W1                     Intervention         W/3000/2006         1/25/2006      PON15F       Yes
     Chevron            Strathspey                           3/4a                                              W/3001/2006         1/25/2006      PON15F       Yes
Apache North Sea       Forties Delta                  21/10-D08 (FD1-3)                    workover            W/3002/2006         1/24/2006      PON15F       Yes
 Nexen Petroleum           Scott                       15/22-SPB (Dc)                     Development          W/3003/2006         1/25/2006      PON15B       Yes
  Gaz De France
                          Anglia               BC (3) Development well tieback            Development           D/3004/2006        1/27/2006      PON15C       Yes
        BP               Apollo                             46/3                            Pipeline           D/3005/2006         1/25/2006      PON15C       Yes
     Marathon          Brae Bravo             16/7a-B34 (BPPB)       (B12 S/T)           Development           W/3006/2006         1/30/2006      PON15B       Yes
     Chevron           Alba North                        16/26-ACL                       Development           W/3007/2006          2/1/2006      PON15B       Yes
    ExxonMobil           Arthur                             53/2                         Development           W/3008/2006          2/1/2006      PON15B       Yes
      Tullow            Schooner                        44/26a-SA-K                      Development           W/3009/2006          2/2/2006      PON15B       Yes
Apache North Sea      Forties Delta                 21/10-D43Z (FD4-4)                   Development           W/3011/2006          2/3/2006      PON15B       Yes
        BP         Magnus Ritchie North             211/12a-RN (Slot A6)             Appraisal/Development     W/3012/2006          2/6/2006      PON15B       Yes
       Shell         Merganser West                     22/30a - MW                      Development           W/3013/2006          2/6/2006      PON15B       Yes
Chevron Upstream
                        Alba North                         16/26                            Pipeline            D/3014/2006        2/8/2006       PON15B       Yes
      Oilexco            Halibut                          14/21a-A                         Exploration         W/3015/2006         2/8/2006       PON15B       Yes
                         Emerald                           44/19a                          Exploration         W/3016/2006         2/7/2006       PON15B       Yes
      Oilexco            Brenda                         15/25b-D4                         Development          W/3017/2006          2/8/2006      PON15B       Yes
  ConocoPhillips    Mimas and Tethys                48/9a-48/16, 49/11b                     Pipeline           D/3018/2006          2/9/2006      PON15C       Yes
       Shell             Penguin                     211/29 to 211/13a                      Pipeline           D/3019/2006          2/9/2006      PON15C       Yes
     Talisman            Buchan                          20/5a-10                          Exploration         W/3020/2006         2/10/2006      PON15B       Yes
                   Scoter P3 to Scoter
      Shell                                                22/30a                           Pipeline            D/3021/2006        2/13/2006      PON15C
                        Manifold                                                                                                                               Yes
 ConocoPhillips                                          44/23b-K4                         Exploration         W/3022/2006         2/13/2006      PON15B       Yes
                                           21/30N GC1-04 PL2219, PL221, PLU2222,
      Shell              Gannet                                                             Pipeline            D/3023/2006        2/14/2006      PON15C       Yes
     Mobil             Beryl Bravo                       9/13a-BCM                        Development           W/3024/2006        2/14/2006      PON15B       Yes
    Talisman           Tweedsmuir                      21/1a PL2125                          Pipeline           D/3025/2006        2/13/2006      PON15C       Yes
 Chevron Europe             Alba                     16/26-AXS-2 DMA                      Development           W/3026/2006        2/15/2006      PON15B       Yes
      CNR                  Lyell                           3/2 A12                        Intervention          W/3027/2006        2/15/2006      PON15F       Yes
      CNR                  Lyell                           3/2 A04                        Intervention          W/3028/2006        2/15/2006      PON15F       Yes
       BP                  Miller                    A23-13 16/7-16/8                     Intervention          W/3029/2006        2/17/2006      PON15F       Yes
       BP               Clair Ridge                        206/8-U                          Appraisal           W/3030/2006        2/20/2006      PON15B       Yes
    Talisman              Galley                          15/23-G2                        Intervention          W/3032/2006        2/23/2006      PON15F       Yes
 Gaz de France
                          Anglia                         48/18b-BC                        Development          Direction under     2/23/2006      PON15F
                                                                                                                W/2831/2005                                  Cancelled
    Venture             Goosander                          21/12-3                        Development           W/3034/2006        2/24/2006      PON15F       Yes
                                           210/25 to 210/24a, 210/24b L2 Hudson
      Dana               Hudson                                                             Pipeline            D/3036/2006        2/27/2006      PON15C
                                                Production Manifold PL1025A                                                                                    Yes
                                            210/25 to 210/24a, 210/24b PL1021A
      Dana               Hudson                                                             Pipeline            D/3037/2006        2/27/2006      PON15C
                                           Hudson Water Injection Pipeline PL1021A                                                                             Yes
    Oilexco              Disraeli                           21/23a                         Exploration         W/3038/2006         2/28/2006      PON15B       Yes
     CNR               Murchison                        211/19a-M72Y                      Development          W/3039/2006          3/1/2006      PON15B       Yes
       BP             Schiehallion                   W3a 204/20a-FW11                     Development          W/3040/2006          3/1/2006      PON15B       Yes
     Total            Forvie Grant                       3/15 PL2170                        Pipeline           D/3041/2006          3/2/2006      PON15C       Yes
   Britannia            Britannia                        16/26-B39Z                       Development          W/3042/2006          3/2/2006      PON15B       Yes
     Total                Otter                           210/15-T2                       Development          W/3043/2006          3/1/2006      PON15F       Yes
 ConocoPhillips           Judy                         30/07a-PT(P21)                     Development          W/3044/2006          3/3/2006      PON15B       Yes
   Talisman              Buchan                   B4-W1 21/1a-20/5 PL772                    Pipeline           D/3045/2006          3/3/2006      PON15C       Yes
       BP                 Miller                        A16-01 16/7b                      Development          W/3046/2006          3/6/2006      PON15F       Yes
     Shell             Teal South                        P1 21/25-10                      Intervention         W/3047/2006          3/8/2006      PON15F       Yes
       BP                 Don                  211/18a PL589 PL1073 PL1338                  Pipeline           D/3048/2006          3/7/2006      PON15C       Yes
                    Merganser - East
      Shell                                              22/30a-ME                        Development          W/3050/2006         2/28/2006      PON15B
                        Producer                                                                                                                               Yes
    Venture             Chestnut                          22/2a-L                       Producer/Injector      W/3052/2006         3/9/2006       PON15B       Yes

      Shell            Cormorant Alpha                    211/26 CA-33                  Development     W/3053/2006   3/12/2006   PON15B      Yes
      Dana                  Hudson                           210/24                       Injection     W/3054/2006   3/10/2006   PON15F      Yes
      CNR                   Thelma                          16/17-C4                      Workover      W/3055/2006   3/10/2006   PON15F      Yes
      CNR                   Thelma                          16/17-C2                      Workover      W/3056/2006   3/10/2006   PON15F      Yes
      Total                  Alwyn                          3/9a-N30                      Workover      W/3057/2006   3/13/2006   PON15F      Yes
       BP                   Andrew                        16/28-A08/20                  Intervention    W/3058/2006   3/15/2006   PON15F      Yes
       BP                   Andrew                        16/28-A14/12                  Intervention    W/3059/2006   3/15/2006   PON15F      Yes
      Shell                  Scoter                         22/30a-S3                   Development     W/3060/2006   3/15/2006   PON15B      Yes
       BP                     Miller                Slot 32 (A18/S32) 16/7b             Development     W/3061/2006   3/15/2006   PON15F      Yes
       BP                  Foinaven             U32/U52 Pipeline 204/24a-204/25b           Pipeline     D/3062/2006   3/16/2006   PON15C      Yes
       BP                  Foinaven                 SUT1R 204/24a PL1141A                  Pipeline     D/3063/2006   3/16/2006   PON15C      Yes
      CNR              Ninian Southern                      3/8 (S84)                   Development     W/3064/2006   3/16/2006   PON15B     Yes
       BP                Clair Phase 1                    208/6-CIW22                     Injection     W/3065/2006   3/16/2006   PON15B      Yes
      Total                 Dunbar                         3/14a - F13                  Development     W/3066/2006   3/17/2006   PON15B      Yes
Nexen Petroleum               Scott                        15/22 SPG                    Development     W/3067/2006   3/17/2006   PON15B      Yes
    Talisman               Galley G3                         15/23a                        Pipeline     D/3068/2006   3/17/2006   PON15C      Yes
    Talisman              Orion Mey                         P2 30/18                       Pipeline     D/3069/2006   3/17/2006   PON15C      Yes
      GDF                    Anglia                        48/18b-BC                    Development     W/3070/2006   3/20/2006   PON15B      Yes
      Shell            Curlew D South               29/07-11 P3 Intervention            Intervention    W/3072/2006   3/21/2006   PON15F      Yes
      CNR                     Lyell                          3/2 A10                    Development     W/3073/2006   3/21/2006   PON15F   cancelled
      Shell               Curlew D                      CUD P1s1 29/7-8z                Intervention    W/3074/2006   3/22/2006   PON15F      Yes
   BG Group               Moonraker                         14/28b-D                     Exploration    W/3075/2006   3/27/2006   PON15B      Yes
      CNR                    Tiffany                  16/17-A11 RD (A17)                Development     W/3076/2006   3/23/2006   PON15B      Yes
    Chevron              Stenna Spey                    16/26-D7(alsoP8)                Development     W/3077/2006   3/23/2006   PON15F      Yes
Apache North Sea         Forties Delta                 21/10-D50 (FD5-1)                Development     W/3078/2006   3/28/2006   PON15F      Yes
                      Schiehallion SECU
       BP                                                 204/20a D3                      Pipeline      D/3079/2006   3/28/2006   PON15C
                         Development                                                                                                         Yes
                      Schiehallion SECU
       BP                                                 204/20a U10                     Pipeline      D/3080/2006   3/28/2006   PON15C
                         Development                                                                                                         Yes
                      Schiehallion SECU
       BP                                                 204/20a U11                     Pipeline      D/3081/2006   3/28/2006   PON15C
                         Development                                                                                                         Yes
        BP                   Alligin                       204/19a-O                     Exploration    W/3082/2006   3/29/2006   PON15B     Yes
       Shell               Gannet F                        21/30-A02                    Development     W/3083/2006   3/30/2006   PON15B     Yes
       CNR                Columba E                            3/8                         Pipeline     D/3086/2006    4/4/2006   PON15C     Yes
       Shell                Galleon                       48/14-PG10                    Development     W/3087/2006    4/3/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Venture                  Pilot                          21/27a                       Appraisal     W/3088/2006    4/4/2006   PON15B
        BP               Schiehallion                  204/20a-C1P CW11                 Development     D/3091/2006    4/6/2006   PON15C     Yes
       ATP                   Kilmar                       43/22-2 (K3)                  Development     W/3092/2006    4/7/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Venture                 Ensign                        48/14-EN1                      Appraisel     W/3093/2006    4/7/2006   PON15B     Yes
       Shell            Pelican PU-P18                    211/26a-P13                     Producer      W/3094/2006    4/7/2006   PON15F     Yes
    Talisman                 Galley                        15/23a-G2                      Producer      W/3095/2006   4/12/2006   PON15F     Yes
    Talisman                 Enoch                        16/13a-G7p3                    Exploration    W/3096/2006   4/10/2006   PON15B     Yes
    Talisman                 Galley                       G3 - PL1507                      Pipeline     D/3097/2006   4/11/2006   PON15C     Yes
    Talisman                 Tartan                       15/16a-HLD                      Producer      W/3098/2006   4/11/2006   PON15B     Yes
        BP            Schiehallion NWAD                 204/20 - PL2247                    Pipeline     D/3099/2006   4/12/2006   PON15C     Yes
    BG Group                Hermes                          13/22c-H                     Exploration    W/3100/2006   4/13/2006   PON15B     Yes
    Talisman               Sligachan                          20/5                       Exploration    W/3101/2006   4/11/2006   PON15B     Yes
Lundin Britain
       (on behalf            Don                            211/18a                       Pipeline      D/3102/2006   4/13/2006   PON15C     Yes
      of BP)
                     Goosander Pipeline
     Venture                                             21/12-21/18a                     Pipeline      D/3103/2006   4/14/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP            Schiehallion NWAD      204/20a PL2248 (L121) FTA F51 TO M121         Pipeline     D/3104/2006   4/18/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP            Schiehallion NWAD       204/20a PL2245 (L122) M121 TO FPSO           Pipeline     D/3105/2006   4/18/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP            Schiehallion NWAD       204/20a PL2246 (L123) M121 TO M134           Pipeline     D/3106/2006   4/18/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP            Schiehallion NWAD      204/20a PLU2244 (U9) DUTA D3 TO CDA           Pipeline     D/3107/2006   4/18/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP             Schiehallion SSP           204/20a D5 FPSO to UTA U15               Pipeline     D/3108/2006   4/18/2006   PON15C     Yes
      Tullow           NW Schooner 1                        44/26a-G                      Appraisal     W/3109/2006   4/19/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Maersk                 Leadon                      9/14a and 9/14b               Decommissioning   W/3110/2006    4/2/2006   PON15E     Yes
       Shell             Sean South                       49/25a PD-10                 Development      W/3111/2006   4/20/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Oilexco                 Nicol                         15/25a-N1                   Development      W/3112/2006   4/21/2006   PON15B     Yes
 ConocoPhillips             Joanne                         30/7a-M08                   Development      W/3113/2006   4/21/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Perenco              West Davy                          53/5a-J                     Exploration    W/3114/2006   4/24/2006   PON15B     Yes
      Tullow                 Ketch                        44/28b-KA-G                  Development      W/3115/2006   4/21/2006   PON15B     Yes
       CNR                   Banff                         29/02a-B4                   Development      W/3116/2006   4/24/2006   PON15F     Yes
Antrim Resources            Antrim                         211/23d-T                      Appraisal     W/3118/2006   4/24/2006   PON15B     Yes
    Talisman                 Scapa                         14/19-SUD                    Development     W/3119/2006   4/27/2006   PON15B     Yes
    Newfield                 Grove                          49/10a-E                    Development     W/3120/2006   4/21/2006   PON15B     Yes
 ConocoPhillips              Rhea                           48/10-NR                    Development     W/3121/2006   4/28/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Venture                 Block                           28/2a-2                      Appraisal     W/3122/2006   4/28/2006   PON15B
        BP               Schiehallion                   204/20a SPU SP1                 Development     D/3123/2006   4/28/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP               Schiehallion                   204/20a SPU SP2                 Development     D/3124/2006   4/28/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP               Schiehallion               204/20a UTA U15-SPU SP1             Development     D/3125/2006   4/28/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP               Schiehallion               204/20a UTA U15-SPU SP2             Development     D/3126/2006   4/28/2006   PON15C     Yes
       CNR                Murchison                211/19a 16" Oil Export Line             Pipeline     D/3127/2006   4/28/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP               Schiehallion          GRIP Development FPSO-MIC PL2167            Pipeline     D/3128/2006    5/2/2006   PON15C     Yes
     Venture               Channon                          47/08c-D                     Exploration    W/3130/2006    5/3/2006   PON15B     Yes
 Lundin Britain         Heather Alpha                        2/5-H18                   Development      W/3131/2006    5/2/2006   PON15B     Yes
       Shell                Gannet                          21/30-21                    Development     W/3132/2006    5/5/2006   PON15F     Yes
       CNR                   Banff                          29/2a-B2                    Intervention    W/3133/2006    5/5/2006   PON15F     Yes
       CNR                   Banff                          29/2a-B3                    Intervention    W/3134/2006    5/5/2006   PON15F     Yes
                    Theddlethorpe - Viking
  ConocoPhillips        AR, Viking BP                    49/17, 49/12                     Pipeline      D/3135/2006   5/8/2006    PON15C     Yes
    Marathon               East Brae               16/3a-E28y (EPQ E282S/T)             Development     W/3136/2006   5/8/2006    PON15B     Yes
       BP                   Macher                        23/26a-A2                       Producer      W/3137/2006   5/8/2006    PON15F     Yes

       BP                Bruce/Keith                          9/8a-PL2199                          Pipeline           D/3138/2006   5/12/2006   PON15C     Yes
Apache North Sea        Forties Delta                      21/10-D44 (FD2-1)                      Workover            W/3139/2006    5/9/2006   PON15F     Yes
  Petro-Canada            Guillemot                             21/24-TB                         Intervention         W/3140/2006   5/10/2006   PON15F     Yes
    Talisman                Galley                          G2 Spool 15/23a                                           D/3141/2006   5/10/2006   PON15C     Yes
    Chevron                  Alba                       16/26 Sadie WI Pipeline                   Pipeline            D/3142/2006   5/11/2006   PON15C     Yes
      CNR              Ninian Southern                      3/8-S67RD (S85)                     Development           W/3143/2006   5/11/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Maersk               Plada/Jura                           15/20a-17                          Appraisal           W/3144/2006   5/12/2006   PON15B     Yes
    RWE DEA               Cavendish                           43/19a-01/03                      Development           W/3145/2006   5/12/2006   PON15B     Yes
      Shell                 Gannet                         21/25-BIZ (GB-01)                    Intervention          W/3146/2006   5/12/2006   PON15F     Yes
     Venture                Mallard                  ML-P1 21/19-7 Scale Squeeze                Development           W/3147/2006   5/12/2006   PON15F     Yes
       BP                  Andrew                          16/28-AS20 (ST1)                     Development           W/3148/2006   5/12/2006   PON15B     Yes
       BP                  Andrew                          16/28-AS12 (ST2)                     Development           W/3149/2006   5/12/2006   PON15B     Yes
                                              Water Injection Pipeline F7-FTA,F17-FTA,F7
       BP                 Foinaven                                                                 Pipeline           D/3150/2006   5/15/2006   PON15C
                                                            PL2166 204/24a                                                                                 Yes
      Total                Alwyn                  3/9a-Statfjord NW-Brent NE (N50)              Development           W/3151/2006   5/15/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Venture               Mallard                       21/19-K WI Sidetrack                     Injection           W/3152/2006   5/16/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Maersk               Gryphon                             9/18b-GRY21                       Development           W/3154/2006   5/15/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Maersk               Gryphon                             9/18b-GRY13                       Development           W/3155/2006   5/15/2006   PON15B     Yes
                     Grove Development       49/10a Grove - Markham, Grove-West Grove:
    Newfield                                                                                       Pipeline           D/3156/2006   5/17/2006   PON15C
                          Pipelines                            4 Pipelines                                                                                 Yes
 Chevron Europe             Alba                               16/26-AGL                        Development           W/3157/2006   5/17/2006   PON15B     Yes
                          Monterey                            49/8c-WC                           Exploration          W/3158/2006   5/18/2006   PON15B
    Noordzee                                                                                                                                                Yes
        BP                Schiehallion                     204/20a-FW12                            Injection          W/3160/2006   5/18/2006   PON15B      Yes
        BP                    Miller                       16/8-b Slot 29                          Platform           W/3161/2006   5/18/2006   PON15F      Yes
       Shell                 Gannet                       21/25 B3 (GB-03)                       Intervention         W/3162/2006   5/19/2006   PON15F      Yes
       Shell              Cormorant              UMC abandonment Project 211/26a                                      D/3164/2006   5/19/2006   PON15C      Yes
       Total                  Otter                            210/15a                                                W/3165/2006   5/23/2006   PON15F      Yes
     Chevron                   Alba                         16/26 PL1891                                              D/3166/2006   5/23/2006   PON15C      Yes
  Amerada Hess                Angus                          A-14 31/26a                         Intervention         W/3167/2006   5/24/2006   PON15F      Yes
Apache North Sea         Bacchus East                            22/6a                            Exploration         W/3168/2006   5/25/2006   PON15B      Yes
  ATP Oil and gas             Kilmar                          43/22a-K2                          Development          W/3169/2006   5/26/2006   PON15B   cancelled
        BP                   Andrew                        16/27a-A19/02                         Development          W/3170/2006   5/25/2006   PON15F      Yes
 Nexen Petroleum             Buzzard                         20/6a-BCPH                          Development          W/3171/2006   6/26/2006   PON15B      Yes
 Nexen Petroleum             Buzzard                   20/06a-BCPC (Slot 21)                     Development          W/3172/2006   5/26/2006   PON15B      Yes
Apache North Sea         Forties Bravo                  21/10-B32z (FB 6-3)                      Development          W/3173/2006   5/26/2006   PON15B      Yes
        BP                     Clair                          206/8-HP1                          Development          W/3174/2006   5/26/2006   PON15B      Yes
  ConocoPhillips             Tethys                           49/11b-NT                          Development          W/3175/2006   5/26/2006   PON15B      Yes
 Nexen Petroleum              Scott                          15/22-J20y                           Production          W/3176/2006   5/29/2006   PON15F      Yes
    Hurricane             Wellington                           205/24a                            Exploration         W/3177/2006   5/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
       Total               Jura West                           3/15-JW                            Exploration         W/3178/2006   5/31/2006   PON15B      Yes
     Talisman              Arkwright                         22/23a-C01                             Pipeline          D/3179/2006    6/1/2006   PON15C      Yes
       CNR                  Balmoral                           16/21a-2                          Intervention         W/3180/2006    6/1/2006   PON15F      Yes
       CNR                   Thelma               Oil Export Pipeline 16/17 PL1251               Intervention         D/3181/2006    6/6/2006   PON15C      Yes
       CNR                  Balmoral                          16/21a-27                          Intervention         W/3183/2006    6/6/2006   PON15F      Yes
      Oilexco                 Sheryl                          21/23a-SW                            Appraisal          W/3184/2006    6/6/2006   PON15B      Yes
 Nexen Petroleum              Scott                      15/22-SP1 sidetrack                     Development          W/3185/2006    6/7/2006   PON15B      Yes
    Britannia               Britannia                        16/26-Slot 3                  Batch Settings Conductor   W/3186/2006    6/7/2006   PON15B      Yes
     Britannia              Britannia                       16/26-Slot 33                  Batch Settings Conductor   W/3187/2006    6/7/2006   PON15B      Yes
    RWE DEA                Cavendish                      44/22a & 44/22b                           Pipeline          D/3188/2006    6/7/2006   PON15C      Yes
       CNR                     Toni                            16/17-B3                          Intervention         W/3189/2006    6/9/2006   PON15F      Yes
  Conoco Phillips              Judy                        30/7a-PU (P22)                        Development          W/3190/2006    6/9/2006   PON15B      Yes
       Shell                  Pierce                          23/22a-A1                          Development          W/3191/2006    6/8/2006   PON15F      Yes
       Shell                 Sean D                         49/25a-PD-11                         Development          W/3192/2006    6/8/2006   PON15B      Yes
      Oilexco                Brenda            15/25b 10" Production Pipeline PL2239                Pipeline          D/3193/2006    6/9/2006   PON15C      Yes
      Oilexco                Brenda              16/21a 6" gas Lift pipeline PL2330                 Pipeline          D/3194/2006    6/9/2006   PON15C      Yes
      Oilexco                Brenda          16/21a Multicore Control Umbilical PLU 2328            Pipeline          D/3195/2006    6/9/2006   PON15C      Yes
 Nexen Petroleum        Forties Charlie                  21/10-C32 (FC5-1)                       Development          W/3196/2006   6/12/2006   PON15B      Yes
Apache North Sea         Forties Bravo                   21/10-B22Z (FB3-2)                      Development          W/3197/2006   6/12/2006   PON15B      Yes
     Talisman              Claymore                       14/19-CGM (C84)                        Development          W/3198/2006   6/14/2006   PON15B      Yes
Apache North Sea         Forties Bravo                   21/10-B12 (FB 5-3)                      Development          W/3199/2006   6/15/2006   PON15B      Yes
    Bg-Group        North Channel prospect                       28/5b                            Exploration         W/3200/2006   6/15/2006   PON15B      Yes
        BP                Clair Ridge                           206/8-V                            Appraisal          W/3201/2006   6/16/2006   PON15B      Yes
 Nexen Petroleum         Golden Eagle                          20/01N-F                           Exploration         W/3202/2006   6/16/2006   PON15B      Yes
Chevron Upstream      Strathspey Water
                                                             3/3 - PL870                           Pipeline           D/3204/2006
      Europe                Injection                                                                                               6/19/2006   PON15C     Yes
       Shell                 Gannet                         22/25-GB03s1                        Development           W/3205/2006   6/16/2006   PON15B     Yes
       Shell             Gannet Alpha                     21/25-A4 (slot 7)                     Development           W/3206/2006   6/16/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Talisman             Highlander                         14/20 HS15                           Producer            W/3207/2006   6/20/2006   PON15F     Yes
       Shell         Merganser to Scoter                     Block 22/30a                         Pipeline            D/3208/2006   6/21/2006   PON15C     Yes
        BP                   Magnus                     211/12a-RC (Slot E4)                    Development           W/3209/2006   6/21/2006   PON15B     Yes
        BP                   Magnus                    211/12a-NWMP (Slot E3)                   Development           W/3210/2006   6/21/2006   PON15B     Yes
      Tullow                  Ketch                         44/26a-KA-05                        Development           W/3211/2006   6/22/2006   PON15F     Yes
Chevron Upstream
                          Rosebank                            213/26-G                            Appraisal           W/3212/2006   6/22/2006   PON15B
      Europe                                                                                                                                                Yes
       CNR              Ninian Central                    3/3-C44RD (C86)                      Development            W/3213/2006   6/23/2006   PON15B      Yes
    RWE DEA               Cavendish                  43/19a-PL2284 and PL2285                     Pipeline            D/3214/2006   6/23/2006   PON15C      Yes
       Total               MCP-01                               14/9                          Decommissioning         W/3215/2006   6/23/2006   PON15E      Yes
       Shell           Cormorant North                     211/21-CN28s2                       Development            W/3217/2006   6/26/2006   PON15B      Yes
Apache North Sea        Forties Charlie                  21/10-C28 (FC 3-2)                    Development            W/3218/2006   6/29/2006   PON15F   cancelled
       Shell             Gannet F-02         21/30N PL1344, 1346, PLU 2315, 2316, 2317            Pipeline            D/3219/2006   6/30/2006   PON15C      Yes
       CNR                  Tiffany                          16/17-A18                           Exploration          W/3220/2006   6/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
       CNR                   Kyle                            29/2c-K15                          Intervention          W/3221/2006   6/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
       CNR                   Lyell                         3/2 Manifold B                         Pipeline            D/3222/2006    7/3/2006   PON15C      Yes
       Shell                Pierce                           23/27a-B2                         Development            W/3223/2006    7/5/2006   PON15F      Yes

       BP                     Don                   211/18a PL589 PL1073 PL1338                    Pipeline           D/3224/2006   7/6/2006    PON15C   Yes
    Talisman                 Buchan                         21/1a-8 (B08)                        Intervention         W/3225/2006   7/6/2006    PON15F   Yes
Chevron North Sea
                            Captain                          13/22a-GC10                         Development          W/3226/2006   7/6/2006    PON15B   Yes
Chevron North Sea
                            Captain                          13/22a-GC12                         Development          W/3227/2006   7/6/2006    PON15B   Yes
Chevron North Sea
                            Captain                          13/22a-GC05                         Development          W/3228/2006   7/6/2006    PON15B   Yes
  ConocoPhillips             Mimas                              48/9a-NM                         Development          W/3229/2006   7/6/2006    PON15B   Yes
     Tullow                  Ketch                              44/28b-01                        Development          W/3230/2006   7/7/2006    PON15F   Yes
     Tullow                  Ketch                              44/28b-03                        Development          W/3231/2006   7/7/2006    PON15F   Yes
     Tullow                  Ketch                              44/28b-04                        Development          W/3232/2006   7/7/2006    PON15F   Yes
     Maersk                Dumbarton          10" Water Disposal Production 15/20a PL2325          Pipeline           D/3233/2006   7/6/2006    PON15C   Yes
     Maersk                Dumbarton             6" Dumbarton Gas Lift Pipeline 15/20b             Pipeline           D/3234/2006   7/6/2006    PON15C   Yes
                                               6" Dumbarton Gas Export Pipeline 15/20a-
     Maersk                Dumbarton                                                                Pipeline          D/3235/2006   7/6/2006    PON15C
                                                             15/24b PL2324                                                                               Yes
                                               12" Dumbarton Production Pipeline 15/20a-
     Maersk                Dumbarton                                                                Pipeline          D/3236/2006   7/6/2006    PON15C
                                                             15/20b PL2323                                                                               Yes
        CNR               Columba E                               3/8-A2                           Injection          W/3237/2006    7/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
        CNR                 Columba                               3/8-A1                           Injection          W/3238/2006    7/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
        Shell             Teal TL-P2                             21/25-T4                        Development          W/3239/2006    7/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
        Shell                Pierce                             23/27a B1                        Development          W/3240/2006   7/10/2006   PON15F   Yes
        Shell             Quasimodo                              29/10-W                          Exploration         W/3241/2006    7/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
         BP               Schiehallion                      204/20a PLU2254                         Pipeline          D/3242/2006   7/11/2006   PON15C   Yes
     BG Group               Octopus                              14/27a-B                         Exploration         W/3243/2006   7/12/2006   PON15B   Yes
     Britannia              Britannia                          16/26-BDAY                        Development          W/3244/2006   7/13/2006   PON15B   Yes
         BP                 Marnock                          22/24a-PWR13                          Injection          W/3245/2006   7/10/2006   PON15B   Yes
 Nexen Petroleum             Telford                           15/22-G17y                        Development          W/3246/2006   7/14/2006   PON15B
        CNR                   Lyell                           3/2 Manifold A                        Pipeline          D/3247/2006   7/17/2006   PON15C   Yes
        Shell            Gannet Alpha                           21/25-A10                        Development          W/3248/2006   7/17/2006   PON15B   Yes
        Shell           North Cormorant                      211/21-CN30s6                       Development          W/3249/2006   7/17/2006   PON15B   Yes
         BP                   Clair                  Phase 1 206/8-Conuductor Slot 8            Conductor pipe        W/3250/2006   7/19/2006   PON15B   Yes
         BP                   Clair                 Phase 1 206/8-Conuductor Slot 15            Conductor pipe        W/3251/2006   7/19/2006   PON15B   Yes
         BP                   Clair                 Phase 1 206/8-Conuductor Slot 17            Conductor pipe        W/3252/2006   7/19/2006   PON15B   Yes
  ATP Oil and gas           Wenlock                          49/12a-49/23a                          Pipeline          D/3253/2006   7/19/2006   PON15C   Yes
     Marathon                                          16/3a-E29 (EPR) (E02 S/T)                 Development          W/3254/2006   7/20/2006   PON15B   Yes
Ithaca Energy (UK)
                             Athena                            14/18b-A                            Appraisel          W/3255/2006   7/20/2006   PON15B
         Ltd                                                                                                                                             Yes
      Maersk                Gryphon             9/18b-PLU2158 P22 Gas Lift Choke Valve      Choke spool replacement   D/3256/2006   7/24/2006   PON15C   Yes
      Perenco              Davy East                  53/5b 6" Gas Export Pipeline                  Pipeline          D/3258/2006   7/21/2006   PON15C   Yes
         BP               Schiehallion                      204/20-WW17                         Water Injection       W/3259/2006   7/24/2006   PON15B   Yes
      Chevron               Captain                           13/22a-B7x                         Development          W/3261/2006   7/26/2006   PON15F   Yes
       Mobil                 Nevis                             9/13a-N1y                         Intervention         W/3262/2006   7/26/2006   PON15F   Yes
       Mobil                 Nevis                             9/13a-N1y                         Intervention         W/3263/2006   7/26/2006   PON15F   Yes
       Mobil                 Nevis                             9/13a-N1y                         Intervention         W/3264/2006   7/26/2006   PON15F   Yes
      Perenco             West Malory                          48/11a-M                           Exploration         W/3265/2006   7/26/2006   PON15B   Yes
      Perenco                Cirrus                             48/22-X                           Exploration         W/3266/2006   7/26/2006   PON15B   Yes
         BP                  Miller                        16/8b-26 (Slot 8)                  Well bore clean out     W/3267/2006   7/28/2006   PON15F   Yes
         BP               Schiehallion                  204/20a M121 to FP02                        Pipeline          D/3268/2006   7/31/2006   PON15C   Yes
         BP               Schiehallion                  204/20a M122 to FW11                        Pipeline          D/3269/2006   7/31/2006   PON15C   Yes
Silverstone Energy
                           Vulcan East                          49/21                             Exploratioin        W/3270/2006   7/28/2006   PON15B
         Ltd                                                                                                                                             Yes
        Shell                 Bittern                      29/1b-B4 (B4Z)                        Development          W/3271/2006   7/29/2006   PON15B   Yes
         BP                 Schiehallion             204/20a NWAD C122 to FP02                     Pipeline           D/3272/2006   7/31/2006   PON15C   Yes
         BP                 Schiehallion                 204/20a M121-Fw11                         Pipeline           D/3274/2006   7/31/2006   PON15C   Yes
 Apache North Sea          Forties Bravo                  21/10-B29 (FB2-2)                       Workover            W/3275/2006    8/1/2006   PON15F   Yes
 Apache North Sea          Forties Bravo                 21/10-B38Z (FB 5-6)                      Workover            W/3276/2006    8/2/2006   PON15F   Yes
                     WaGE-Production & Gas
     Talisman                                         22/18-22/17 PL2339, 2340                      Pipeline          D/3277/2006   8/4/2006    PON15C
                                 Lift                                                                                                                    Yes
     Talisman          WaGE - Gas Export                 22/17-22/18 PL2341                         Pipeline          D/3278/2006   8/4/2006    PON15C   Yes
     Talisman            WaGE - Control                 22/17-22/18 PLU2342                         Pipeline          D/3279/2006   8/4/2006    PON15C   Yes
        BP                  Schiehallion          204/20a PLU2256 CDAC122 to FW11                   Pipeline          D/3280/2006   8/3/2006    PON15C   Yes
     Talisman             Enoch Pipeline                 16/13a-16/7a PL2336                        Pipeline          D/3281/2006   8/4/2006    PON15C   Yes
     Talisman            Enoch Umbilical                16/13a-16/07a PL2338                        Pipeline          D/3282/2006   8/4/2006    PON15C   Yes
      Mobil           NW Beryl Production                        9/13                               Pipeline          D/3283/2006   8/4/2006    PON15C   Yes
                       Maria Development
    BG Group                                                    16/29a                           Development          W/3284/2006   8/4/2006    PON15B
                             (terrace)                                                                                                                   Yes
     Oilexco              Shelley South                          22/2b-A                           Appraisal          W/3285/2006    8/4/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Britannia                Britannia                       16/26-Slot 49                       Development          W/3286/2006    8/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Britannia                Britannia                        16/26-Slot 3                       Development          W/3287/2006    8/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Britannia                Britannia                       16/26-Slot 39                       Development          W/3288/2006    8/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
 Nexen Petroleum              Guinea                           15/13b-H                           Exploration         W/3289/2006    8/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Talisman                 Arkwright                        22/23a-C04                         Development          W/3290/2006    8/7/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Talisman          Blane Water Injection                       30/3a                             Pipeline          D/3291/2006    8/7/2006   PON15C   Yes
      CNR                       Lyell                           3/2-Delta                        Development          W/3293/2006    8/8/2006   PON15B   Yes
      CNR                       Lyell                           3/2-ETA                          Development          W/3294/2006    8/8/2006   PON15B   Yes
      CNR                       Lyell                          3/2-BETA                          Development          W/3295/2006    8/8/2006   PON15B   Yes
        BP                      Clair                  Phase 1 206/8-CIW23                         Injection          W/3296/2006    8/8/2006   PON15B   Yes
     Maersk                 Dumbarton                    10" Umbilical 15/20                        Pipeline          D/3297/2006   8/10/2006   PON15C
     Tullow                    Ketch                           44/28b-KA                         Development          W/3298/2006    8/8/2006   PON15B   Yes
                                               NWAD 6" Water Injection Jumper 204/20a
       BP                 Schiehallion                                                              Pipeline          D/3299/2006   8/8/2006    PON15C
                                                              M122-FW12                                                                                  Yes
     Talisman                Blane                                30/3a                             Pipeline          D/3300/2006   8/15/2006   PON15C   Yes
     Talisman                Blane                                30/3a                             Pipeline          D/3301/2006   8/15/2006   PON15C   Yes
        BP                Schiehallion          FTP Umbilical Jumper 204/20a PLU2257                Pipeline          D/3302/2006   8/15/2006   PON15C   Yes

Sterling Resources       A Prospect                            42/13-c                          Appraisal           W/3303/2006    8/18/2006   PON15B
  Peak Group for
                              Oak                              54/1b-F                         Exploration          W/3304/2006    8/18/2006   PON15B
   Serica Energy                                                                                                                                          Yes
    Premier Oil             Peveril                           39/2c-05                         Exploration          W/3305/2006    8/18/2006   PON15B     Yes
      Maersk                Tullich                           9/23a-T4                        Development           W/3306/2006    8/18/2006   PON15B     Yes
     BG Group                Maria               12" Production Pipeline 16/29a                 Pipeline            D/3307/2006    8/21/2006   PON15C     Yes
 Nexen Petroleum           Buzzard                          20/6a-BCPJ                        Development           W/3308/2006    8/21/2006   PON15B     Yes
      Oilexco                Nicol         15/25b-15/25a Multicore Control Umbilical            Pipeline            D/3309/2006    8/21/2006   PON15C     Yes
      Oilexco                Nicol        15/25a-15/25b 6" Production pipeline PL2350           Pipeline            D/3310/2006    8/21/2006   PON15C     Yes
      Oilexco                Nicol         15/25b-15/25a 3" Gas Lift Pipeline PL 2351           Pipeline            D/3311/2006    8/21/2006   PON15C     Yes
                          Chiswick                           49/4a-AL1                        Development           W/3313/2006    8/22/2006   PON15B
     Noordzee                                                                                                                                             Yes
        Shell           Shearwater                         SW05s1 22/30                       Development           W/3314/2006    8/22/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Talisman             Burghley                            16/22-H                          Appraisal            W/3315/2006    8/22/2006   PON15B     Yes
   Gaz de France
                            Minke                             44/24a-F                          Appraisal           W/3316/2006    8/22/2006   PON15B
       Britain                                                                                                                                             Yes
 Nexen Petroleum           Hounds                             15/19b-K                          Exploration         W/3317/2006    8/25/2006   PON15B   cancelled
     Talisman                Blake              B6 Manifold Integrity Test 13/23b              Intervention         W/3318/2006    8/28/2006   PON15F      Yes
        Shell         Cormorant Alpha         211/26 CA65s4 & s5 Lateral sidetrack             Development          W/3319/2006    8/28/2006   PON15B      Yes
     Talisman          Beatrice Alpha                          11/30a                      Injection/Production     W/3320/2006    8/29/2006   PON15F      Yes
     Talisman               Clyde                           30/17a-A38                         Development          W/3321/2006    8/30/2006   PON15F      Yes
 Apache North Sea      North Maureen                  16/29-NWM3 - NWM4                         Exploration         W/3322/2006    8/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
 Apache North Sea      North Maureen                         16/29 NEM                          Exploration         W/3323/2006    8/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
 Apache North Sea         Maureen                           NOM 16/29                           Exploration         W/3324/2006    8/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
 Apache North Sea      North Maureen                        16/29 NEM2                          Exploration         W/3326/2006    8/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
 Apache North Sea      North Maureen                     16/29 Supra Sand                       Exploration         W/3327/2006    8/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
     Newfield       West Central Grove                       49/10a-5y                         Development          W/3328/2006    8/30/2006   PON15B      Yes
        Shell               Bittern            B4 Flexible production jumper 29/1a                Pipeline          W/3329/2006     9/1/2006   PON15C      Yes
        Shell              Gannet                       21/25-B1z (GB-01)                       Production          W/3330/2006     9/1/2006   PON15F      Yes
      Venture            Brae Alpha                        16/7a-PL1163                           Pipeline          D/3331/2006     9/4/2006   PON15C      Yes
        Shell              Gannet                      22/21 D4z-GD-01s2                       Intervention         W/3332/2006     9/5/2006   PON15F      Yes
   Petro-Canada        Guillemot West                     21/24-TU (T3z)                        Production          W/3333/2006     9/5/2006   PON15B      Yes
         BP                  Miller                    16/7b-A21 (Slot 02)                     Intervention         W/3334/2006     9/4/2006   PON15F      Yes
        CNR             Ninian North        3/3 Was N45RD (N47) Now N40RD (N47)                Development          W/3335/2006     9/6/2006   PON15B      Yes
  Dana Petroleum   Hudson Water Injection                 210/25 PL1021A                          Pipeline          D/3337/2006     9/8/2006   PON15C
   Petro-Canada           Clapham                         21/24-C1Z (CD)                         Workover           W/3338/2006     9/8/2006   PON15F     Yes
    Endeavour            Columbus                             23/16f-K                          Exploration         W/3339/2006     9/8/2006   PON15B     Yes
   Petro-Canada        Guillemot West                      21/24-E1 (TB)                        Production          W/3340/2006    9/11/2006   PON15F     Yes
        CNR            Ninian Central                          3/3-C87                         Development          W/3341/2006    9/11/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Marathon             East Brae                          E04 16/3a                           Workover           W/3343/2006    9/12/2006   PON15F     Yes
        Shell             Gannet D                           22/21-D5Z                          Dumpflood           W/3344/2006    9/11/2006   PON15B     Yes
         BP                 Mungo                      22/20a-A13 (W173)                         Workover           W/3345/2006    9/12/2006   PON15F     Yes
      Maersk              Gryphon                       9/18b-P23 and P24                         Pipeline          D/3346/2006    9/12/2006   PON15C     Yes
         BP                 Mungo                       22/20-A10 (W171)                         Workover           W/3347/2006    9/12/2006   PON15F     Yes
     Talisman             Claymore                     14/19 CFE & CASWI                    Valve integrity test    W/3348/2006    9/15/2006   PON15F     Yes
Chevron North Sea
                           Captain                          13/22a-B15                        Development           W/3349/2006    9/13/2006   PON15F
         Ltd                                                                                                                                              Yes
      Oilexco               Kildare                           15/26b-K                         Exploration          W/3350/2006    9/15/2006   PON15B     Yes
        Shell               Nelson                          22/11-N26y                        Development           W/3352/2006    9/18/2006   PON15B     Yes
 Apache North Sea         Howgate                                9/04                          Exploration          W/3353/2006    9/18/2006   PON15B     Yes
 Nexen Petroleum            Ettrick                          20/02a-P1                        Development           W/3354/2006    9/15/2006   PON15B     Yes
 Nexen Petroleum            Ettrick                          20/02a-P2                        Development           W/3355/2006    9/15/2006   PON15B     Yes
 Nexen Petroleum            Ettrick                          20/02a-P3                        Development           W/3356/2006    9/15/2006   PON15B     Yes
 Nexen Petroleum            Ettrick                          20/02a-I5                        Development           W/3357/2006    9/15/2006   PON15B     Yes
        Shell              Osprey                           211/23-P9X                        Development           W/3358/2006    9/19/2006   PON15F     Yes
     Talisman             Arbroath                           22/17-T10                          Workover            W/3359/2006    9/18/2006   PON15F     Yes
     Talisman             Arbroath                           22/17-T14                          Workover            W/3360/2006    9/18/2006   PON15F     Yes
 Nexen Petroleum           Buzzard                           20/6a-SIB                       Water Injection        W/3361/2006    9/19/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Talisman             Arbroath                           22/17-T18                          Workover            W/3362/2006    9/20/2006   PON15F     Yes
     Newfield               Grove                             49/10a-D                       Well completion        W/ 3363/2006   9/20/2006   PON15F     Yes
                                              49/4a 10" Gas export & 15" Methanol
        CH4               Chiswick                                                               Pipeline           D/3364/2006    9/20/2006   PON15C
                                                     Pipelines PL2353, 2354                                                                               Yes
 Nexen Petroleum      Marmion (Scott)                       15/22-MAA                          Development          W/3366/2006    9/20/2006   PON15B     Yes
 Nexen Petroleum           Buzzard                           20/6a-CID                           Injection          W/3367/2006    9/21/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Newfield       West Central Grove                        49/10a-G                  Appraisal and Development   W/3368/2006    9/22/2006   PON15B     Yes
     Talisman                Blake                     Manifold B6 13/23b                      Pressure Test        W/3369/2006    9/22/2006   PON15F     Yes
                                                                                        Development / Contingent
Apache North Sea         Forties Charlie                21/10-C15 (FC3-6)                                           W/3370/2006    9/22/2006   PON15B
                                                                                                  Injector                                                Yes
         Shell                Teal                umbilical/water injection 21/25                 Pipeline          D/3371/2006    9/22/2006   PON15C     Yes
         Shell                Teal                      production pipeline                       pipeline          D/3372/2006    9/22/2006   PON15C     Yes
 Apache North Sea        Forties Bravo                 21/10-B30z (FB 1-1)                     Development          W/3373/2006    9/22/2006   PON15B     Yes
        Total               Dunbar                   3/14a-CW4-CW2 (D35)                       Development          W/3374/2006    9/26/2006   PON15B     Yes
Britannia Operator
                           Britannia                          BDBC                            Development           W/3375/2006    9/27/2006   PON15B
       limited                                                                                                                                            Yes
 Nexen Petroleum            Buzzard                         20/6a-BSPI                        Development           W/3376/2006    9/27/2006   PON15B     Yes
         Shell               Merlin                        211/23a-13z                        Intervention          W/3377/2006    10/2/2006   PON15F     Yes
   Lundin Britain                                            2/5-H48z                           appraisal           W/3378/2006    10/2/2006   PON15B     Yes
Silverstone Energy
                                                           49/17b-LXB                          Exploration          W/3379/2006    10/3/2006   PON15B
          Ltd                                                                                                                                             Yes
     Talisman                Clyde                       30/17b A11/20                         Workover             W/3381/2006    10/5/2006   PON15F     Yes
     Talisman                Clyde                       30/17b A32/26                         Workover             W/3382/2006    10/4/2006   PON15F     Yes
       Tullow               Thurne                          49/28-19                          Development           W/3383/2006    10/6/2006   PON15B     Yes
          BP                 Clair                        206/8-CP25                            Injection           W/3384/2006    10/6/2006   PON15B     Yes
      Chevron         Rosebank Lochanagar                    205/1-1                           Appraisal            W/3385/2006    10/9/2006   PON15B     Yes

Centrica Resources
                          Watling                          42/28c-G                    Exploration     W/3386/2006   10/9/2006    PON15B
        Ltd                                                                                                                                Yes
       Shell              Pelican                           211/26-P9z                 Intervention    W/3387/2006   10/9/2006    PON15F   Yes
         BP               Cleeton                            42/29-C1                  Intervention    W/3388/2006   10/9/2006    PON15F   Yes
     Marathon                                               16/3a-E23                 Development      W/3389/2006   10/10/2006   PON15F   Yes
     Talisman              Tartan                              15/16                  Abandonment      W/3390/2006   10/12/2006   PON15F   Yes
     Talisman         Renee and Rubie                 15/21-15/28b PL1617                 Pipeline     D/3391/2006   10/12/2006   PON15C   Yes
 Apache North Sea      Forties Charlie                      21/10-C14                    Sidetrack     W/3392/2006   10/12/2006   PON15B   Yes
       Shell              Carrack                         49/14b QA-06                Development      W/3393/2006   10/13/2006   PON15B   Yes
       Shell             Guillemot                     21/25-G2 (GUA-W2)               Intervention    W/3394/2006   10/13/2006   PON15F   Yes
 Nexen Petroleum          Buzzard                          20/06a SSID                 Intervention    W/3395/2006   10/13/2006   PON15F   Yes
 Nexen Petroleum          Buzzard                          20/06a SSIC                 Intervention    W/3396/2006   10/13/2006   PON15F   Yes
      Maersk               Affleck                          30/19a-A1                 Development      W/3397/2006   10/13/2006   PON15B   Yes
        CNR              Murchison                    211/19a-M76(M16RD)                 Injection     W/3398/2006   10/16/2006   PON15B   Yes
        CNR              Murchison                    211/19a-M77(M11RD)                 Injection     W/3399/2006   10/16/2006   PON15B   Yes
       RWE               Cavendish                          43/19a-C2                 Development      W/3400/2006   10/19/2006   PON15B   Yes
       RWE               Cavendish                          43/19a-C3                 Development      W/3401/2006   10/19/2006   PON15B   Yes
         BP            Magnus Canute                211/12a-MLP302 (Slot E6)          Development      W/3402/2006   10/19/2006   PON15B   Yes
       Shell          Cormorant Alpha                211/21a-18 (CAU-P5s3)             Intervention    W/3404/2006   10/20/2006   PON15F   Yes
                                              Tullich 9/18 P13 to P25 (PL1911JA,
     Maersk               Gryphon                                                        Pipeline      D/3405/2006   10/20/2006   PON15C
                                            PL1912JA, PLU1914JA, PL2365, PL2366,                                                           Yes
     Chevron              Captain                           13/22a-B7                   Workover       W/3406/2006   10/23/2006   PON15F   Yes
     Talisman            Highlander              14/20 PL312, PL3123 & PL 314           Pipeline       D/3407/2006   10/24/2006   PON15C   Yes
                                           13/24-BH722 B-06 & Flank Production Well
    BG Group               Blake                                                       Intervention    W/3408/2006   10/24/2006   PON15F
                                                             Isolation                                                                     Yes
    Talisman                Clyde                          30/17b-A18y                 Development     W/3409/2006   10/24/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Venture                Amanda                       49/11a-AW1, AW2                  Appraisal     W/3410/2006   10/25/2006   PON15B   Yes
       BP                  Harding                          9/23b - IS3                Intervention    W/3411/2006   10/26/2006   PON15F   Yes
  Petro-Canada            Clapham                        21/24-C1z (CD)                 Workover       W/3412/2006   10/27/2006   PON15F   Yes
      Total                Kessog                           30/01c-KA                    Appraisal     W/3413/2006   10/27/2006   PON15B   Yes
Apache North Sea       Forties Charlie                  21/10-C14 (FC4-1)              Development     W/3414/2006   10/31/2006   PON15B   Yes
                      Galley Northern
     Talisman                                               15/23a                       Pipeline      D/3415/2006   11/2/2006    PON15C
                      producer Jumper                                                                                                      Yes
   Marathon              Block 16/3a                         16/3a-E06                Development      W/3416/2006   11/6/2006    PON15F   Yes
      BP                   Magnus                211/12 M33 & M33x (slot C7)           Production      W/3417/2006   11/2/2006    PON15F   Yes
     Shell            Cormorant Alpha                 211/21a (CAU-W4s1)              Water Injector   W/3418/2006   11/2/2006    PON15F   Yes
     Shell              Curlew D-P4                            29/07                  Development      W/3425/2006   11/3/2006    PON15B   Yes
    Chevron                Captain                          13/22a-A2y                 Workover        W/3426/2006   11/7/2006    PON15F   Yes
Apache North Sea        Forties Bravo                  21/10-B22Z (FB3-2)             Development      W/3427/2006   11/7/2006    PON15B   Yes
Apache North Sea        Forties Bravo                  21/10-B311 (FB6-3)             Development      W/3428/2006   11/7/2006    PON15B   Yes
     Shell                  Pierce                          23/22a-LA3                Development      W/3429/2006   11/6/2006    PON15B   Yes
                                           Umbilical, Manifold-AH2 Well-head 47/3b-
    BG Group               Apollo                                                        Pipeline      D/3430/2006   11/9/2006    PON15C
                                                               47/4a                                                                       Yes
     Tullow                Ketch                           44/28b-KA-9                 Development     W/3431/2006   11/7/2006    PON15B   Yes
      Shell          Merganser to Scoter                   Block 22/30a                  Pipeline      D/3432/2006   11/10/2006   PON15C   Yes
      Shell                                      well 211/26-U10 (CAU-P7s1)                            W/3433/2006   11/8/2006    PON15F   Yes
Nexen Petroleum           Buzzard                          20/06a-BCPG                 Development     W/3434/2006   11/9/2006    PON15B   Yes
     Maersk                Affleck                          30/19a-A2                  Development     W/3435/2006   11/9/2006    PON15B   Yes
Apache North Sea       Golden Eagle                             18/5                    Exploration    W/3436/2006   11/9/2006    PON15B   Yes
      Shell           Cormorant Alpha                  211/26-U12 (P2s5)               Intervention    W/3437/2006   11/9/2006    PON15F   Yes
    Chevron              Alba North                         16/26-A58                  Development     W/3438/2006   11/10/2006   PON15B   Yes
 ConocoPhillips             Acer                             16/18b-E                   Exploration    W/3439/2006   11/10/2006   PON15B   Yes
Apache North Sea        Forties Echo                        22/6a-F30z                   Workover      W/3440/2006   11/13/2006   PON15F   Yes
      Shell                                           22/30-bA7 (SW08s1)                 producer      W/3441/2006   11/10/2006   PON15F   Yes
      Shell                                        211/26-U13Z (CAU-P3s5)                Producer      W/3442/2006   11/10/2006   PON15F   Yes
       BG            Maria (Horst Well)                        16/29a                  Development     W/3443/2006   11/10/2006   PON15B   Yes
      Shell                                         211/26-U11 (CAU-P4s3)                Producer      W/3444/2006   11/13/2006   PON15F   Yes
    Chevron                Captain                           13/22a-B5                   Workover      W/3445/2006   11/14/2006   PON15F   Yes
  ExxonMobil               Loirston                        9/13-A82 LO                 Development     W/3446/2006   11/14/2006   PON15B   Yes
     Tullow                 Ketch                         44/28b-KA-03                 Development     W/3447/2006   11/17/2006   PON15F   Yes
    Talisman              Claymore                     14/19-C GN (C57z)                 Sidetrack     W/3449/2006   11/22/2006   PON15B   Yes
      Shell               Kingfisher                         16/08a-K1                 Development     W/3450/2006   11/17/2006   PON15F   Yes
    Perenco               Davy East             53/5b-49/30 PL2344, PLU2345               Pipeline     D/3452/2006   11/24/2006   PON15C   Yes
    Talisman              Arbroath                          22/17-ARF                    Sidetrack     W/3453/2006   11/22/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Talisman              Arbroath                          22/17-ARG                    Sidetrack     W/3454/2006   11/22/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Talisman              Arbroath                          22/17-ARD                    Sidetrack     W/3455/2006   11/22/2006   PON15B   Yes
Nexen Petroleum             Scott                            15/22 SPL                 Development     W/3456/2006   11/22/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Talisman             Duart North                        14/20b-DN                  Development     W/3457/2006   11/22/2006   PON15B   Yes
      Shell                Penguin                          211/14-D3                  Development     W/3458/2006   11/23/2006   PON15B   Yes
   Marathon              Brae Bravo                          16/7a-B06                   Workover      W/3459/2006   11/24/2006   PON15F   Yes
       BP                Schiehallion                  204/20-Slot WW16                Development     W/3460/2006   11/27/2006   PON15B   Yes
       BP                 Amethyst                   BID 47/15 BE1-Slot#3              Development     W/3461/2006   11/29/2006   PON15B   Yes
   Britannia              Britannia                        16/26-BDBD                  Development     W/3462/2006   11/28/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Talisman               Buchan                         21/1 A-14 (B9)                 Injection     W/3463/2006   11/29/2006   PON15F   Yes
Apache North Sea        Forties Echo                      22/61 Slot 11a               Development     W/3464/2006   11/29/2006   PON15F   Yes
Nexen Petroleum              Stag                             15/19b-J                  Exploration    W/3465/2006   11/30/2006   PON15B
    Talisman              Arkwright                         22/23a-C04                    Pipeline     D/3466/2006   12/1/2006    PON15C   Yes
Apache North Sea        Forties Bravo                  21/10-B29 (FB 2-2)              Development     W/3467/2006   12/5/2006    PON15F   Yes
 ATP Oil and gas           Wenlock                     49/12aN-G (Slot 3)              Development     W/3468/2006   12/5/2006    PON15B   Yes
    Venture              Brae Alpha                       16/7a-PL1163                    Pipeline     D/3469/2006   12/4/2006    PON15C   Yes
    Talisman              Claymore                      14/19-CGO (C44y)                 Sidetrack     W/3470/2006   12/5/2006    PON15B   Yes
     Oilexco                 Nicol             15/25b Control Umbilical Pipeline          Pipeline     D/3471/2006   12/8/2006    PON15C   Yes
       BP                    Clair                    Phase 1 206/8-CP23               Development     W/3473/2006   12/12/2006   PON15B   Yes
   Marathon                Alvheim          Alvheim 14" Gas Export Pipeline PL2190        Pipeline     D/3474/2006   12/14/2006   PON15C   Yes
      Shell                Galleon                       48/14-G7 (PG07)               Intervention    W/3475/2006   12/12/2006   PON15F   Yes

   Talisman                Galley         Umbilical Redevelopment 15/23a-15/16a         Pipeline      D/3476/2006   12/13/2006   PON15C   Yes
       BP                 Everest                        22/10a T4Z                   Development     W/3478/2006   12/13/2006   PON15F   Yes
      CNR             Ninian Central                  3/3-C88 (C46RD)                 Development     W/3479/2006   12/15/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Maersk                Affleck                          30/19a                       Pipeline      D/3480/2006   12/15/2006   PON15C
    Maersk                 Clyde                           30/17a                       Pipeline      D/3481/2006   12/15/2006   PON15C   Yes
      shell             Brent Delta                 211/29-Barnacle well              development     W/3482/2006   12/15/2006   PON15B   Yes
      CNR          Toni Gas extension                       16/17                       Pipeline      D/3484/2006   12/18/2006   PON15C   Yes
   Talisman       Galley redevelopment                     15/23a                       Pipeline      D/3485/2006   12/19/2006   PON15C   Yes
    Oilexco            Laurel Valley                      14/28a-D                     Exploration    W/3486/2006   12/19/2006   PON15B   Yes
   BG Group                Blake                           13/24a                     Development     W/3487/2006   1/15/2007    PON15B   Yes
       BP                Harding                          9/23-AQ2                      Producer      W/3488/2006   12/19/2006   PON15F   Yes
Nexen Petroleum          Buzzard                     20/06-BSPE (B12)                 Development     W/3489/2006   12/19/2006   PON15B   Yes
 Gaz de France                           44/24a-D15 Pipeline & Umbilical - PL2401,
                         Minke                                                          Pipeline      D/3490/2006   12/21/2006   PON15C
    Britain                                               PLU2402                                                                         Yes
     Shell              Penguin                D3-DC5 211/13a PL1902 JD3                 Pipeline     D/3491/2006   12/22/2006   PON15C   Yes
   Talisman           Duart North                      14/20a-15/16a                     Pipeline     D/3492/2006   1/12/2007    PON15C   Yes
   Talisman           Duart North                      14/20a-15/16a                    Umbilical     D/3493/2006   1/15/2007    PON15C   Yes
       BP                 Clair                     Phase 1 206/8-GP02                Development     W/3494/2006   12/22/2006   PON15B   Yes
   Newfield           West Cutter                           49/9a                      Exploration    W/3495/2006   12/22/2006   PON15B   Yes
    Maersk               James                           30/17a-M2                      appraisal     W/3496/2006   12/20/2006   PON15B   Yes
     Shell              Gannet                     21/30-C6Y (GC1-01S2)               Intervention    W/3497/2006   1/18/2007    PON15F   Yes
   Marathon          Beinn Sleipner                    16/7a-B35 MJI                  Development     W/3498/2006   1/19/2007    PON15B   Yes

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                                           Not Approved
                                  Environmental Statement Required
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