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					                                     Curriculum Vitae

                                  Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra
Business Policy & Strategy Area
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Office                                             Home
Indian Institute of Management                     House No. T-26
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015,                      Indian Institute of Management
Gujarat, India                                     Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015,
Tel: 91-79-6632 4815                               Gujarat, India
E-mail:                    Tel: 99259-23818 (mobile)

Date of Birth                 29th August 1977
Nationality                   Indian
Total Work Experience         Approximately 7.5 years (out of which academic is 4.6 years)

Work Experience

     Year            Organisation                          Responsibilities
   1998-2001        Cyberspace Infosys     Business Development Manager and Corporate Com-
                                           munications Manager.
 July 2005 - Jan      MDI Gurgaon          Assistant Professor, Strategy Area.
Jan 2006-till now     IIM Ahmedabd         Assistant Professor, Business Policy & Strategy Area
       date                                (see details later in the CV).

Brief overview of the Professional Career

I passed out of MSc. in Management from Strathclyde University in Glasgow, UK, and started
working in September 1998 as Business Development Manager for Cyberspace Infosys, Mumbai
and was soon given the additional responsibility of Corporate Communications, which I held till
end September 2001, when I left India for a MPhil in Management Studies from the University of
Cambridge as a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholar. I passed the MPhil degree with Distinc-
tion and was offered a place to continue for the PhD Program in Management. The PhD program
was conceived, designed, developed and delivered jointly by University of Cambridge (UK) and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

                                        Curriculum Vitae

                                    Abhishek Mishra

After PhD from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, I joined as Assistant Profes-
sor at MDI, Gurgaon and then moved to the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. I have
now about seven and a half years of total work experience out of which about 4 years and 6 months
is in the academia in the position of Assistant Professor, out of which I have been at IIMA for about
4 years.

I have researched the Indian IT and BPO industry and analyzed reasons for its growth and changes
in productivity. My research interests include work on disruptive innovations and cost innovations
as being the way forward for bottom of the pyramid markets in developing countries. I have also
worked closely with the government and the not-for-profit sector and have written cases on both the
government and the corporate sector.

In terms of executive training, I have trained thousands of executives from a wide range of national
and multinational firms, including the public sector. Issues of interest include strategy formulation
and implementation, managing change, entrepreneurship, innovations, and leadership. I consult ac-
tively both for the government and the corporate sector – latest projects being the Sixth Central Pay
Commission for Government of India, and Manpower and Skill Enhancement Project for the Gov-
ernment of Gujarat; and Oerlikon (Swiss MNC) in the corporate sector. I also sit on various gov-
ernment committees.

Recent interest has revolved around focusing on quality issues in business and management educa-
tion. I was the project leader at IIMA for Self Assessment Report writing and coordinating the Peer
Review Team visit for European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditation by EFMD.
IIMA has now become the first institution in India to be awarded the EQUIS Accreditation. I am
currently the only person in India with expertise in EQUIS accreditation for Business Schools, a
globally recognized accreditation standard.

Consulting and Training activities have recently attracted a lot of attention and importance. I am the
Program Coordinator for two programs – one for MSME, Government of India, and the other for
IPS Officers, MHA, GoI.

The MHA program involved global bidding (competing with universities like Harvard, Cambridge,
London Business School, Singapore, ISB, IIM Bangalore to name a few), developing the financial
bid, negotiations with the top level government committees and bringing global leaders as partners
to the bid (I successfully partnered with Harvard, LBS, and Cambridge for this bid). This program is
designed to be one of the most strategic training programs ever in India, at a multi-million dollar
cost. I have developed unique skills in bidding for such large projects, financial bid preparation and
financial negotiations, which contribute significantly to the academic and practice capital at a busi-
ness school, and taking them to their logical contribution, apart from the networking opportunities it
offers with top government officials and decision makers at the national level. This is a critical re-
source and skill in the Indian environment.

The latest Consulting assignment is where I am acting as the Core Member of the Team responsible
for serving as the Action Task Force that is responsible for performance target setting, assessment,
and final incentive decision for a group of ten ministries at the Government of India level. This is an
initiative taken at the behest of the Prime Minister of India where top bureaucracy will be held

                                         Curriculum Vitae

                                    Abhishek Mishra

responsible and accountable for its performance. Other members of the ATF include domain
experts, academics, and retired secretaries (government of India). This is a first of its kind initiative
for India.


                        Year of       University /
     Examination                                        %age marks                Remarks
                        Passing         School
                                                                          In research collaboration
                                      University of                          with Massachusetts
     Strategy &           2005                            Completed
                                     Cambridge, UK                         Institute of Technology
    Marketing Area
                                                                          (MIT), Cambridge, USA.
                                                                           CCT Scholar for MPhil.
                                      University of      Passed with       Offered a place to con-
     Management          2001-02
                                     Cambridge, UK       Distinction          tinue to PhD with

      Master in                    Strathclyde              70%           Specialization in Global
     Business and        1997-98 Business School,        Passed with           Marketing &
     Management                   Glasgow, U.K.          Distinction.      International Finance

     Bachelor of                      University of
     Management         1994-97         Lucknow,             80%                 Distinction
      Science                             India.
       Class XII          1994        R.K. Puram,            77%                 Distinction
                                     N. Delhi. India.

PhD Thesis

I have worked on the Indian IT Enabled Services / Business Process Outsourcing industry with a
view to understand the determinants of growth; determinants of firm level productivity and produc-
tivity dispersion and the impact of firm level characteristics and strategies of software firms on
diversification into the ITES industry; and the prognosis of a shakeout in the Indian ITES/BPO in-
dustry. The study is based on the analysis of firm level data that has been collected through inter-
views with industry participants, and by physically compiling a database on all ITES and Software
firms in India, over the last decade. To the best of my knowledge, such a database does not exist
anywhere else in the world.

Research Interests

Outsourcing, Shakeout, Evolution and Growth of firms and Industries, Market Structure, Innova-
tion, Learning, Diversification, Consolidation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Economies of Scale and
Scope, Resource Based View, Productivity, Globalization, Indian ITES/BPO industry, Quality
issues in Management Education.

                                       Curriculum Vitae

                                   Abhishek Mishra

Research & Methodology Skills

I have used both qualitative and quantitative techniques in my research and academic work. I used
interviews and survey instruments extensively for developing a deeper understanding of the
ITES/BPO industry as when I started studying the industry, there was hardly any study available on
the same (in 2001-02). I have now written multiple cases and many more are in the pipeline. I have
also used the concepts of System Dynamics (Forrester, 1961; Sterman, 2000) for the examination of
the evolution of the ITES/BPO industry in India and to predict a shakeout therein. I have good
command over statistical packages like SPSS, Stata and have also used Limdep (though limited

I have good exposure to various databases like Prowess, Reuters, Bloomberg etc. I have also
developed a database of all the Indian ITES/BPO industries (till 2005) and have undertaken a quan-
titative study on firm growth and productivity in the industry on the basis of that database. I have
also used the US Patent database for my study of disruptive innovations in the US Pharmaceuticals
industry and have a good understanding of the nuances and possibilities of research using the same.

Expertise and Teaching Interests

I have regularly contributed to the following areas in my teaching and research at IIMA:

   1. Strategic Management 1& 2
   2. Leadership and Change Management course
   3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Disruptive Innovations
   4. Corporate Turnaround Strategies
   5. Strategies for Growth
   6. Organisational Transformation & Strategic Renewal
   7. Strategy Formulation, and Implementation
   8. Strategy and Innovation
   9. Business Games and Simulations
   10. Various MDPs, FDPs, In-company training programs etc around the same issues

Current job position and responsibilities

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Business Policy & Strategy group -
From January 2006

Administration at IIM Ahmedabad

  Member, Fellow Program in Management Executive Committee
  Member, CIPR (Group on Telecom)
  Member, PGPX Admission Interviews
  Member, PGPX Executive Committee
  Member, PGP Review Committee (PGPRC)
  Coordinator, EQUIS Self Assessment Report

                                      Curriculum Vitae

                                  Abhishek Mishra

  Coordinator, EQUIS Peer Review Team Visit
  Member, Committee For Future Directions (CFD)
  Doctoral Thesis Advisory Committee Member
  Member, Research and Publication Committee
  Idea Telecom Center of Excellence - Board Member in the company at IIMA
  Member Fellow Program in Management Committee
  Member PGP Public Management and Policy Committee
  Member PGP Admissions Committee

Executive Education programmes

I have taught numerous Executive Education programmes with participants from a range of public
sector, domestic and MNC firms. Some of the programmes where I am currently actively involved
include (2008-09):

   1.   Leadership and Change Management program
   2.   Kotak Mahindra Bank executive development programs
   3.   HDFC Bank executive development programs
   4.   Siemens (Strategy and Finance) program
   5.   3-Tier Program for middle management
   6.   Government of Gujarat – Industries department and the GTU.
   7.   IAS Officers Phase V Training Program
   8.   IPS Officers Phase V Training Program – Program Director (and faculty).
   9.   Program Director for General Management Program for KVIC, Government of India (currently
        under finalisation).

Co-ordinator for TrainingPrograms

   1. Coordinator for training program for State Level Directors for KVIC under Ministry of Small
       & Micro Level Enterprises (MSME), Government of India.
   2. Program Director for “Indian Police Service (IPS) Mid-Career Training Program” for Phase-V
       IPS officers from across the country. This will involve bringing about 140 senior most IPS
       officers every year for training at IIM Ahmedabad on strategic issues for three weeks. In
       addition to this, I have partnered with Harvard University, London Business School, and
       University of Cambridge to deliver one-week of the program internationally. This will be
       one of the largest programs of its kind in India. In fact, the IAS officers Phase V program
       that we do at IIMA with Harvard also does not involve international exposure and is entirely
       delivered at IIM Ahmedabad. I have designed the IPS program in a way that the senior most
       IPS officers will have access to learnings from the best in India and abroad.
   3. Learnt Capstone Simulation and developed capabilities to deliver simulation exercise to
       participant in various programs in IIMA. We have incorporated the Capstone Simulation for
       various programs at IIMA, and the feedback has been excellent. I am one of the only two
       faculty members at IIM Ahmedabad who are trainined in this extensive Simulation program.
       In fact, the demand for this simulation from top corporates has grown exponentially in the
       last two years and we have repeated our offerings many times in the last year.

                                      Curriculum Vitae

                                 Abhishek Mishra

    Sixth Central Pay Commission, Government of India (Performance Related Incentive)
    Advised Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defence on the feasibility and
       implementability of the Performance Related Pay idea at the ogranisational level.
    Mentor and Project Coordinator for the Enhancement of Technical Competence for 4 Industry
       Clusters in Gujarat - Apparel, Gems & Jewellery, Plastic, and Infrastructure, under the
       purview of Gujarat Industrial Policy 2009.
    Rotex India, for corporate restructuring and strategic re-orientation to achieve growth.
    Involved in the IAS Phase V program designed and delivered at IIM Ahmedabad in
       partnership with Harvard University (Cambridge, USA).

Government Committees

   1. Member and Permanent Invitee to the High Level Empowered Committee for Enhancement
      of Technical Competence and Manpower, Government of Gujarat.
   2. Member of the Industrial Development Committee, Government of Gujarat.
   3. Member of the Gujarat Technical University (GTU) Academic Council which overseas all
      Engineering, MBA, MCA, Architecture and other colleges in the state of Gujarat.
   4. Chairman of the Committee for Curriculum Redesign for MBA and MCA at GTU, which
      will apply to all colleges in the State of Gujarat.
   5. Chairman of the Committee for Gujarat Combined Entrance Test Examination (GCET) for
      taking this test online. Under my chairmanship this committee comprising of various
      members including some Vice Chancellors of regional universities took the GCET online in
      a completely computer based testing format in a time span of less than 2 months. It tested
      23,000 students for MBA and MCA entrance across 21 centers in 11 cities and became the
      first online test in India, the next to go online being the CAT for admission to IIMs. The
      government of Gujarat has decided to replicate this model for engineering entrance as well
      next year. It provides for complete transparency and immediate results. Gujarat Technical
      University won the National ICT enabled University of the Year 2009 award (digital
      learning category) for this initiative in the E-India 2009 awards. These awards are co-
      organised by Ministry of Communication & IT (Government of India), National E-
      Governance Plan, and Center for Science, Media and Development Studies.
   6. Involved with CED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Development), Government of Gujarat in
      developing platforms for entrepreneurs and planning for the availability of skilled manpower
      for meeting future industrial needs of Gujarat.
   7. Active member of the Gujarat Knowledge Society, which looks at training issues and
      reskilling issues for Industries in Gujarat.

Research Grants

   1. Cambridge Commonwealth Trust (CCT) Scholarship award – through the Nehru Trust in
       India. The Hon‟ble Chairperson UPA Smt. Sonia Gandhi and the Hon‟ble Prime Minister
       Dr. Manmohan Singh are both involved in this trust.
   2. Bursary from CCT
   3. College bursaries and grants for research over five years at Cambridge.
   4. Eight other scholarships, grants and support for research work from CCT and the University
       of Cambridge.

                                      Curriculum Vitae

                                  Abhishek Mishra

   5. Overseas Research Scholorship (ORS) at University of Cambrdige, from the Government of
   6. Applying for UK-India Science Bridges research grant worth GBP 1.5 million in collaboration
       with the University of Cambridge, England. This project has already been selected in the
       first phase of EPSRC funding (of the two phases) and we are now in the process of
       submitting a final proposal.
   7. Received a small grant from the European Commission for faculty exchange in Benelux
       region and cross-country research – this is still to be implemented. This involves a two-
       faculty team from IIMA (myself and Prof A. Jaiswal) and a three-member faculty team from
       the universities in Benelux region.
   8. Grant from European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) to attend their
       „Quality Management in Business Schools‟ program at Brussels in Belgium in 2006-07.

Publications & International Conferences

   1. Co-authored a paper “Diversify or Consolidate? Firm Behaviour in the Indian Software and
      Services Industry”, accepted for presentation at the 25th Annual Conference of the Strategic
      Management Society (publishers of Strategic Management Journal) held in Florida in Octo-
      ber, 2005.
   2. Co-authored a paper, “Innovate to Survive: the need for a proper mix of in-house innovation
      and external network partners”, published in the special issue of Effective Executive: “Inno-
      vation in the 21st Century”.
   3. Co-authored a Case Study on Scottish Power, taught at Masters level programs that offer
      Technology Policy course, at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.
   4. Written a book “Power of One – Leading the Individual Revolution”. It has been appreciated
      by many prominent personalities including His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales; Mayor
      of The City of Cambridge, and many Indian parliamentarians. The book has recently been
      published by Excel Books, New Delhi (the official publisher of All India Management As-
   5. International Quality Accreditation in Management Education – an Indian Experience Tar-
      geting the paper for the 7th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, January
   6. E-governance and Citizen-Centric Service Delivery: Jan Seva Kendra – selected for the IC-
      BME 2008 conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
   7. Jan Seva Kendra: An ICT enabled service delivery mechanism – accepted at the CAPAM
      Biannual Conference (Canada), 2008 held at Barbados. This initiative has also won various
      international and national awards for e-government and has been widely covered by media.
   8. Paper on “Importance of Interorganisational networks for innovative technology based start-
      ups” accepted for the Strategic Management Society Conference 2009, due in October 2009 at
      Washington. This is the top conference on strategy in the world. This is my second paper
      accepted at this prestigious conference.

Papers Read

   1. Abhishek Mishra. “Transacting Business in a Multilateral Economic Environment: The Indian
       Experience.” IP University, New Delhi, March 24, 2007.
   2. Abhishek Mishra. “Quality in Management Education in India.” European Foundation for
       Management Development (EFMD), Brussels, September 2007.

                                        Curriculum Vitae

                                    Abhishek Mishra

Recent Invited Lectures

   1. Abhishek Mishra. “Globalisation: The Indian Experience.” ITS Ghaziabad, March 17, 2007.
   2. Abhishek Mishra. “Power of One.” BBD, Lucknow, 2006.
   3. Abhishek Mishra. “Global Strategy and Customer Satisfaction: Oerlikon India CEO Meet”,
       Mumbai, May 2008.
   4. A course on Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the regular full-time MBA program at the
       European Business School, Frankfurt, Germany.
   5. A three day workshop on case method of teaching at the Royal University of Bhutan.

Case Writing

   1. Jan Seva Kendra: A Case in Decision Making has also been developed on this initiative,
      which is regularly taught at IIM Ahmedabad.
   2. VSNL at the Crossroads (2005) – Case completed as a co-author with Prof. Rekha Jain un-
      der the aegis of IIMA-Idea Telecom Center of Excellence, of which I am a founder member
      at IIMA.
   3. Co-authored a Case Study on Scottish Power, taught at Masters level programs that offer
      Technology Policy course, at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.
   4. Case: Daksh eServices – From Third Party to Captive
   5. Case: WNS: From Captive to Third Party
   6. Case in writing process - VSNL‟s Global Reach: Mergers and Acquisitions
   7. Case in writing process - Jan Seva Kendra: Impact of ICT in improving Public Service De-
   8. Case in writing process - Cavin Care: Transition of an entrepreneurial local player to a na-
      tional player
   9. Case in writing process - Rotex India: Corporate Restructuring

Papers Under Development

   1. Working on a conceptual paper with the support of a research grant from IIMA on how
       effectively small local firms transition to become regional and national level players in the face
       of stiff competition from MNCs
   2. Three papers are currently under the process of submission to various international journals:
           a. Growth Strategies of Firms in the Indian ITES/BPO Industry
           b. ITES/BPO Industry in India: Shakeout and the Role of Mergers and Acquisitions
           c. Productivity of Firms in the Indian ITES/BPO Industry

Membership of Professional Associations

   1. Member Ahmedabad Management Association, Chapter of All India Management Association
   2. Member of Lucknow Management Association
   3. Member of the Strategic Management Society, USA
   4. Member Strategic Management Forum, India
   5. An initiating member along with Prof. Atanu Ghosh for the organisation of SMF Conference

                                      Curriculum Vitae

                                  Abhishek Mishra

       2010 in collaboration with SMS (USA) at IIMA. This will be the top strategy conference in the
       country in 2010. C.K. Prahalad has already agreed to be the keynote speaker.

Other Accomplishments


1. Part of the Global Innovation Survey team involving a detailed questionnaire, conducted by
   University of Cambridge and AT Kearney Consultants across the world.
2. Representing University of Cambridge on the SIFE Board – a worldwide student organization
   for promoting community based sustainable projects.
3. Thrice elected to the working committee of Cambridge Commonwealth Group.


1. Elected May Ball President at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge.
2. Served on the College MCR for two years.
3. Elected Financial Coordinator of “Sakhya – Friends of India”, a Cambridge University society,
   and donated money to the Prime Ministers Relief Fund to support Gujarat earthquake victims in
4. Elected class representative of Master of Business and Management program for the year 1997-
   1998 at SBS, U.K.
5. Elected Social Convener for Halls of Residence at SBS, Glasgow, UK.
6. President and Founder of “Utkarsh”, the cultural society of Bachelor of Management Science
   from 1994 – 1997 at the University of Lucknow, India.
7. Awarded the title of “Renowned Shot of India” in the National Pistol Shooting Championship
   1993, held at Ahmedabad, India.
8. Captain Pistol Shooting team Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, New Delhi.
9. Bronze Medal in Pistol Shooting at Delhi Olympic Association Championship.