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The Broadcasting System
_ Constitutional Mandate                       Since the mid-eighties there are
The constitution of the Federal Repub-     private broadcasting companies in the
lic of Germany guarantees everyone         Federal Republic coexisting alongside
the right to inform themselves “freely     the public broadcasting corporations
from generally accessible sources”. It     with their mandate to provide com-
is the constitutionally based function     prehensive broadcasting services.
of the broadcasting media and of the
other media to give the people free
                                           _ Under Public Control
and ample opportunity to form their        Adherence to the public program-
own opinions. The “freedom of report-      ming mandate is monitored in the
ing by means of broadcasts” is a basic     public broadcasting corporations by
freedom written into the constitution.     broadcasting councils. They consist of

_ States Have                              representatives of the major organ-
                                           ized groups in society (e. g. labour,
   Parliamentary Jurisdiction              industrial management, churches).
Legislation is needed to implement         They represent the interests of the
this constitutional mandate. In the        general public, i. e. of all the listeners
Federal Republic the parliaments of        and viewers. An administrative council
the various states have general legis-     monitors the conduct of business.
lative jurisdiction with regard to the         The day-to-day implementation
media. Federal responsibility is limited   of the programming mandate is the
to the technical side of broadcast-        responsibility of the public broad-
ing (i. e. provision and management        casting corporation employees. Each
of the telecommunication systems).         corporation is headed by a director
National legislation (Bundestag) also      (Intendant).
regulates some areas of international
                                           _ Financed from License Fees
_ Aim: Freedom                             The public broadcasting system is
                                           financed by everyone (well, almost
   of the Broadcasting Media               everyone) on the basis of monthly lis-
Experience with media abuse in the         tener/viewer license fees. The amount
years prior to 1945, particularly during   of the fees is determined by the state
the Nazi period, motivated the deci-       parliaments. The public broadcasting
sion to make radio and television in       organizations also take in some rev-
West Germany independent of gov-           enue from advertising and sponsoring,
ernment and interest group influence.       but this is a limited source of income.

_ Founding of Independent                  _ The Core Element of the System:
   Broadcasting Corporations                  Public Broadcasting Corporations
The states in West Germany, either         The public broadcasting corporations
individually or in groups, founded         form the core element of the overall
public-law institutions for the purpose    broadcasting system in the Federal
of producing and disseminating radio       Republic.
and television programmes. All of the         The following are the public broad-
broadcasting corporations established      casting organizations under state law:
by states or groups of states have the     Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), Hessischer
same mission, i. e. to serve the public    Rundfunk (HR), Mitteldeutscher Rund-
as a whole with programmes provid-         funk (MDR), Norddeutscher Rundfunk
ing information, education and enter-      (NDR), Radio Bremen, Rundfunk Berlin-
tainment.                                  Brandenburg (RBB), Saarländischer
    This model was applied to the new,     Rundfunk (SR), Südwestrundfunk
eastern states in 1991.                    (SWR), and Westdeutscher Rundfunk
                                           Köln (WDR).
ARD and its Members
   Deutsche Welle (DW) is a public                              Office of ARD Secretary General
broadcasting corporation under                                  Schiffbauerdamm 40
federal law.                                                    10 117 Berlin
   Finally, there is a country-wide                             Telephone: +49-30-8 90 43 13 11
public television corporation: Zweites                          Telefax: +49-30-8 90 43 13 19
Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), jointly                              ARD Secretary General:
founded by all of the states together.                          Verena Wiedemann
   Deutschlandradio as a corporation                            Press office: Julia Niesert
under the joint auspices of ARD and
ZDF provides two nation-wide radio
                                                             _ Internal Coordination,
programmes.                                                     Joint Representation on the Outside
_ Association of Ten                                         Cooperation inside ARD is coordinated
                                                             by commissions. The ZDF is represen-
   Public Broadcasting Corporations                          ted on some of them. Individual direc-
With the exception of the ZDF, the                           tors or corporations have assumed
public broadcasting corporations                             responsibility for some longer-term
joined together to form the ARD for                          functions.
the purpose of promoting their joint                             ARD is represented by appointed
interests.                                                   individuals in dealings with insti-
                                                             tutions such as the European Broad-
                                                             casting Union (EBU).

                                                             _ Separate Institutions
                                                                for Joint Tasks
                                                             ARD has created independent institu-
                                                             tions for the purpose of carrying out
                                          SWR/Rafael Krötz

                                                             certain joint tasks. ZDF is involved in
                                                             some cases.
                                                                 The major instances are Degeto
                                                             Film GmbH, responsible for the
   Peter Boudgoust, ARD chairman
                                                             production and purchase of films,
                                                             the German National Broadcasting
    The ARD general meeting elects                           Archives (DRA), the Institut für Rund-
a member organization for a term of                          funktechnik GmbH (IRT), responsible
one year to assume responsibility for                        for research and development work,
conducting the business of ARD.                              the Radio and Television Operations
    The director of the corporation re-                      Technology Company (RBT), responsi-
sponsible for the conduct of business                        ble for testing and measurements, the
in a given year is also ARD chairman.                        Training Centre ARD.ZDF medienaka-
The ARD Secretary General in Berlin                          demie, and the Fee Collection Centre
both supports the chairman and                               (GEZ).
management, and ensures continuity
in media policy during the rotation of                          ARD.ZDF medienakademie
the chairmanship.                                               gemeinnützige GmbH
    The public broadcasting corpora-                            Wallensteinstraße 121
tion currently responsible for the con-                         90 431 Nürnberg
duct of ARD business:                                           Telephone: +49-9 11-9 61 90
                                                                Telefax +49-9 11-9 61 91 99
   Südwestrundfunk (SWR)                              
   ARD chairman: Peter Boudgoust
   Neckarstraße 230
   70 190 Stuttgart
   Telephone: +49-7 11-92 90
   Telefax: +49-7 11-9 29 2600
   Press office: Harald Dietz
Broadcasting Areas

 German National                Institut für Rundfunktechnik
 Broadcasting Archives – DRA    GmbH – IRT
 Bertramstraße 8                Floriansmühlstraße 60
 60 320 Frankfurt               80 939 München
 Telephone: +49-69-15 68 70     Telephone: +49-89-32 39 90
 Telefax: +49-69-15 68 71 00    Telefax: +49-89-32 39 93 51
 Internet:           Internet:

 Rundfunk-Betriebstechnik       Degeto Film
 GmbH – RBT                     GmbH
 Wallensteinstraße 119          Am Steinernen Stock 1
 90 431 Nürnberg                60 320 Frankfurt
 Telefon: +49-9 11-6 57 30      Telephone: +49-69-1 50 93 49
 Telefax: +49-9 11 6 57 31 11   Telefax: +49-69-1 50 93 39
ARD Members
 Bayerischer                     Telephone: +49-30-97 99 30
 Rundfunk – BR                   Telefax: +49-30-9 79 93 19
 Rundfunkplatz 1                 Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 20
 80 335 München                  14 482 Potsdam
 Telephone: +49-89-59 00 01      Telephone: +49-3 31-97 99 30
 Telefax: +49-89-59 00 23 75     Telefax: +49-3 31-9 79 93 19
 Internet:      Internet:
 Director: Thomas Gruber         Director: Dagmar Reim
 Press office: Rudi Küffner       Press office: Ralph Kotsch

 Hessischer                      Saarländischer
 Rundfunk – HR                   Rundfunk – SR
 60 320 Frankfurt                Funkhaus Halberg
 Telephone: +49-69-15 51         66 100 Saarbrücken
 Telefax: +49-69-1 55 29 00      Telephone: +49-6 81-60 20
 Internet:      Telefax: +49-6 81-6 02 38 74
 Director: Helmut Reitze         Internet:
 Press office: Tobias Häuser      Director: Fritz Raff
                                 Press office: Peter Meyer
 Rundfunk – MDR                  Südwestrundfunk
 Kantstraße 71 – 73              SWR
 04 275 Leipzig                  Neckarstraße 230
 Telephone: +49-3 41-30 00       70 190 Stuttgart
 Telefax: +49-3 41-3 00 67 89    Telephone: +49-7 11-92 90
 Internet:            Telefax: +49-7 11-9 29 2600
 Director: Udo Reiter            Internet:
 Head of Communications:         Director: Peter Boudgoust
 Stefan Anton Mugrauer           Press office: Ariane Pfisterer

 Norddeutscher                   Westdeutscher
 Rundfunk – NDR                  Rundfunk Köln
 Rothenbaumchaussee 132          WDR
 20 149 Hamburg                  Appellhofplatz 1
 Telephone: +49-40-4 15 60       50 667 Köln
 Telefax: +49-40-44 76 02        Telephone: +49-2 21-22 00
 Internet:            Telefax: +49-2 21-2 20 48 00
 Director: Lutz Marmor           Internet:
 Press office: Martin Gartzke     Director: Monika Piel
                                 Press office: Gudrun Hindersin
 Bremen                          Deutsche
 Diepenau 10                     Welle – DW
 28 195 Bremen                   Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3
 Telephone: +49-4 21-24 60       53 113 Bonn
 Telefax: +49-4 21-24 64 12 00   Telephone: +49-2 28-42 90
 Internet:    Telefax: +49-2 28-4 29 30 00
 Director: Heinz Glässgen        Internet: www.DW-WORLD.DE
 Press office: Michael Glöckner   Director-General: Erik Bettermann
                                 Press office: Johannes Hoffmann
 Rundfunk Berlin-
 Brandenburg – RBB
 Masurenallee 8 – 14
 14 057 Berlin
Technology | Finances
_ Transmitters, Satellites                 from news broadcasts to TV shows.
   and Cable Networks                      To record and produce outside the stu-
In order to provide the entire popula-     dio, mobile broadcasting units or vans
tion of Germany with radio and tele-       outfitted with audio/visual equipment
vision, ARD and its members utilize all    are necessary.
the currently available broadcasting
technology: closely connected net-
works of “terrestrial” – that is, earth-
                                           _ Programmes Cost Money
bound – transmitters, satellites and       To produce radio and television pro-
cable plus, on an ever increasing scale,   grammes, and to transmit them ef-
the Internet.                              ficiently, costs a great deal of money.
    Terrestrial transmission of radio      Transmitters and studios have to be
broadcasts is still largely analog (FM),   built and maintained, transmission
whereas for television and other           lines have to be hired, and film and
modes of transmission, digital pro-        recording tapes must be bought. Fea-
cedures are used increasingly, such        ture films and transmission rights to
as ASTRA Digital Radio (ADR), Digital      such things as sporting events have
Radio Mondiale (DRM), Digital Audio        to be acquired, and copyrights must
Broadcasting (DAB), and Digital Video      be purchased. Last but not least, the
Broadcasting (DVB).                        employees and freelancers have to be
    All radio channels and all TV chan-    paid for their services.
nels are transmitted additionally or
mainly by satellite. The radio channels
                                           _ Programmes for Everyone,
are primarily digital, the television         Fees from Everyone
channels are usually both analog or        The public broadcasting corporations
digital. Furthermore, ARD channels are     receive most of the funding they re-
fed into cable networks within and         quire from their listeners and viewers:
                                                                                    WDR/Herby Sachs

                                              WDR opened a new TV Broadcasting
sometimes outside of their terres-
                                              Centre in Cologne.
trial broadcasting areas. On Internet,
mainly all those ARD radio channels
that are broadcast in Real-Audio-          with their license fees, members of
Format or other special formats, can       the public finance more than 80 per
be heard.                                  cent of the programming produced by

_ Studios and                              ARD broadcasting organizations under
                                           state law (in 2008). Revenues from ad-
   Mobile Broadcasting Units               vertising, co-productions, co-financing,
Broadcasting organizations require         marketing of programmes etc. bring
extensive studio facilities in order to    in the rest.
produce and transmit such a broad
variety and scope of programmes –
    In the current year a total of € 17.98
                                             _ TV Coordination Centre:
per month in license fees must be               Programme Directorate of
paid: this consists of a basic fee of           Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen
€ 5.76 and a TV fee of € 12.22 for every     The individual broadcasting corpora-
set subject to such fees. Of the total       tions under state law contribute to the
amount, the ARD broadcasting corpo-          cooperative programme of ARD, Erstes
rations under state law receive € 12.51.     Deutsches Fernsehen, according to

_ Cooperation and                            their financial capacity.
                                                 Programming is coordinated by a
   Revenue Equalization                      standing committee whose chairman
Revenues from fees are lower of course       is the programme director of Erstes
in the smaller broadcasting areas than       Deutsches Fernsehen. He is assisted
in the larger ones. In order to be able      by controllers for the various program-
to provide the same standard and             ming areas.
variety of programming everywhere in             All enquiries from abroad are
Germany, the ARD member organiza-            handled by the department of Inter-
tions cooperate in a number of ways.         national Relations.
By means of a revenue equalization               The standing committee is advised
system, the financially stronger ARD-         by the Programmbeirat, the television
members support the less-well-off            advisory board, whose members are
corporations.                                representatives of the monitoring
    DW receives subsidies from the           councils of the individual broadcasting
federal government.                          outlets.

_ Administering Advertising                     Programme Directorate of
Varying volumes of advertising are              Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen
broadcast on 33 ARD radio pro-                  Arnulfstraße 42
grammes and on the regional TV                  80 335 München
programmes. The total air time for              Telephone: +49-89-59 00 01
TV commercials cannot be more than              Telefax: +49-89-59 00 32 49
20 minutes per workday, averaged                Internet:
annually.                                       Director: Volker Herres
    The ARD public broadcasting cor-            Press Office: Silvia Maric
porations have established their own            Director Department of Inter-
independent companies to acquire                national Relations: Andreas Weiss
and carry out advertising contracts.
These companies are all members of
                                             _ Common Infrastructure:
the “ARD-Werbung”, an association               ARD-aktuell, Capital Studio and
of nine companies for public broad-             Foreign Correspondent Network
cast advertising. Their marketing and        ARD has established a common news-
service firm is the “ARD-Werbung              centre operation, “ARD-aktuell”, at NDR
SALES & SERVICES GmbH” (AS&S).               in Hamburg. Its staff produces the
                                             three news broadcasts, “Tagesschau”,
   ARD-Werbung                               “Tagesthemen” and “Nachtmagazin”.
   SALES & SERVICES GmbH                         Other cooperative broadcasts are
   (AS&S)                                    produced by individual outlets for all
   Bertramstraße 8                           members.
   60 320 Frankfurt                              The studio facilities in Germany’s
   Telefon +49-69-15 42 40                   capital city Berlin are utilized by both
   Telefax +49-69-15 42 41 99                television and radio. They also share
   Internet:              a network of foreign correspondents:
                                             this network of more than 100 corre-
                                             spondents in 30 places makes it one of
                                             the largest world wide.
_ The Flagship:                                                    _ KI.KA and PHOENIX:
   Das Erste                                                          Two Special Channels
Das Erste (First programme) offers a                               The ARD/ZDF children’s channel, KI.KA,
wide variety of TV for all viewers. The                            broadcasts a programme without
range extends from regular news and                                commercials for the youngest viewers.
sport broadcasts to entertainment                                      As a joint project, ARD and ZDF
shows, various series, political maga-                             also operate PHOENIX, the current af-
zine-type programmes, cultural broad-                              fairs and documentary channel.
casts, TV plays, feature films, family
programmes, religious and musical                                     KI.KA
broadcasts.                                                           99 081 Erfurt
    On workdays ARD and ZDF broad-                                    Telephone +49-361-2 18 18 90
cast a “Morgenmagazin” and a “Mit-                                    Telefax +49-361-2 18 18 48
tagsmagazin”.                                                         Internet:

                                                                      Langer Grabenweg
                                                                      45 – 47
                                                                      53 175 Bonn
                                                                      Telephone +49-2 28-9 58 40
                                              NDR/Wolfgang Borrs

                                                                      Telefax +49-2 28-9 58 42 14

                                                                   _ Cultural Programming:
                                                                      3sat and ARTE
   “Anne Will”, talkshow in Das Erste
                                                                   The satellite cultural channel 3sat is
   on sunday nights. Anne Will (r.) in con-
                                                                   produced by ARD together with ZDF,
   versation with a guest.
                                                                   Austrian and Swiss television.
                                                                       The European cultural channel
    In the early evening hours on                                  ARTE is another joint venture involv-
workdays ARD offers a news pro-                                    ing the ARD, along with ZDF and the
gramme followed by two daily soaps                                 French company ARTE France.
and other series and shows of ARD’s
own production.                                                       ARD-Koordination
    All told, ARD broadcasts 24 hours                                 3sat
of television programming and a na-                                   SWR Funkhaus Baden-Baden
tion wide videotext programme daily                                   Hans-Bredow-Straße
on its main transmitter chain.                                        76 530 Baden-Baden
    Technically, ARD can reach almost                                 Telephone +49-72 21-9 29 29 14
everyone in Germany. In fact, Das Erste                               Telefax +49-72 21-9 29 32 50
is watched by 38.4 per cent of all view-                              Internet:
ers every day. Average viewing time
is 28 minutes a day, which represents                                 ARTE G.E.I.E
13.4 per cent of each viewer’s total                                  4, Quai du Cha-
television “consumption”.                                             noine Winterer

_ ARD Digital                                                         F 67 080 Strasbourg Cedex
                                                                      Telephone +33-3 88-14 22 22
ARD presents its own                                                  Telefax +33-3 88-14 22 00
programme package of                                                  Internet:
digital television. Included are all tv
channels and radio programmes from
ARD, as well as many interactive ser-
vices. The joint TV channels EinsExtra,
EinsFestival and EinsPlus can only be
received digitally.
TV | Radio
_ Third Programmes:                               _ ARD-Radio:
   Information and Entertainment                     Cooperation and Common Programmes
   with a Regional Accent                         The ARD radio stations are involved in
With seven Third programmes besides               a lively exchange of programmes, they
the nation-wide First programme, the              cooperate on various coproductions
ARD broadcasting corporations dem-                and they produce three common night
onstrate their regional competence.               time programmes, which they take
   These programmes – Bayerisches                 turns in producing.
Fernsehen, hr-fernsehen, MDR FERNSE-
HEN, NDR Fernsehen (from NDR and
Radio Bremen), rbb Fernsehen, SWR-/
SR-Fernsehen and WDR Fernsehen –
total 24 hours a day.
   A significant element in some of
these programmes is the fact that

                                                                                           Radio Bremen
they have their own news broadcasts.
Regional information and entertain-
ment programmes are broadcast,
                                                     An episode of “ARD Radio Tatort”,
along with educational programmes
                                                     produced by Radio Bremen
and music, cultural and science pro-
grammes, documentaries, feature
films, series, game shows and talk                     In addition, some of the ARD radio
shows.                                            stations produce programmes in dif-

_ Important Cooperation                           ferent languages and in German for
                                                  foreigners living in Germany which are
Cooperation also plays a major role               carried by other regional stations. WDR
in the Third programmes: all of the               Funkhaus Europa (WDR/Radio Bremen)
outlets are able to expand their pro-             provides special broadcasts for foreign-
grammes selection through access to               ers living in the broadcast areas from
a common “programme pool”.                        WDR, Radio Bremen and RBB.
     Technically, the Third programmes                Apart from that each organization
reach virtually all of the population             offers its listeners its own program-
within their broadcast areas. Almost              ming: four or more programmes per
all of them are broadcast by satellite            broadcast area.
and can be seen in other regions, too.                There are additional channels via
     They account for 13.2 per cent of            DAB like Bayern Mobil (BR), MDR KLAS-
the average viewing. At least 37.6 per            SIK, SWR cont.ra, WDR 2 Klassik, and
cent of all viewers tune into them                the WDR traffic channel VERA. The chil-
once a day.                                       dren’s channel or 1LIVE Kunst
     BR broadcasts not only its Third             on WDR are solely web channels.
programme but also BR-alpha, an edu-                  All told, ARD’s radio programmes
cational channel.                                 reach 50.2 per cent of all persons every
                                                  day, and account for 57.1 per cent of all
                                                  radio use – 101 minutes a day.

                                                  _ Music and Information
                                                  The popular stations Bayern 1, hr1,
                                                  Antenne Brandenburg and radioBER-
                                                  LIN 88,8 (RBB), Bremen Eins, and SWR1
                                                  all broadcast information, entertain-

                                                  ment and music. Advice and request
                                                  programmes are part of the package,
                                                  as are political reports, commentaries
   “MDR aktuell”, a regional news
   magazine in MDR FERNSEHEN
Radio | DW
and magazine-style broadcasts, all
                                                       _ For Young People
aimed at the broadest possible range                   YOU FM (HR), MDR SPUTNIK, N-JOY
of listeners.                                          (NDR), Bremen Vier, Fritz (RBB), 103.7

_ Cultural Programmes                                  UnserDing (SR), DASDING (SWR), and
                                                       1LIVE (WDR) broadcast the latest
The cultural programmes hr2-kultur,                    rock, hiphop, new beat and electronic
MDR FIGARO, NDR Kultur, Nordwestra-                    sounds, catering particulary for young
dio (Radio Bremen/NDR), Kulturradio                    listeners. In addition they offer inter-
(RBB), SR 2 KulturRadio, SWR2, and                     active radio with listening audience
WDR 3 broadcast programmes de-                         phone-ins and discussions, short re-
signed for listener groups with special                ports and “radio comics”.
interests. These outlets provide radio
plays, features and readings, and                         Rob Green presenting the “YOU
broadcast on literature, science and                      FM Roadshow” (HR), a programme for
politics. The musical spectrum reaches                    young people
from symphonies to jazz.
    The all-music station Bayern 4
Klassik offers only “serious” music.

_ Spoken Word Stations
Bayern 2, antenne saar (SR), SWR

                                                                                                  HR/ Sascha Rheker
cont.ra, and WDR 5 mainly broadcast
the spoken word. The spectrum ranges
from radio plays and readings to infor-
mation and also includes school and
children’s radio.
                                                       _ Easy Listening
    B5 aktuell, hr-info, MDR INFO, Info-               Popular “rockfree” music, from easy
radio (RBB), and NDR Info – during the                 listening hits to dance music and
day – offer news and wire service in-                  operettas, as well as entertaining and
formation, short reports, commentar-                   informative short reports and com-
ies and interviews, updating it every 15               mentaries are featured on hr4 and
or 20 minutes.                                         WDR 4.

   “SWR1 Hitparade”: Thomas Schmidt (l.)
                                                       _ Regional Programmes
   and Patrick Neelmeier                               The broadcasting facilities of each
                                                       state offer regional entertainment and
                                                       information programmes particularly
                                                       on Bayern 1, hr4, MDR 1, NDR 1, Bremen
                                                       Eins, radioBerlin 88,8 (RBB), Antenne
                                                       Brandenburg (RBB), SR 3 Saarlandwelle,
                                                       SWR4, and WDR 2.

                                                       _ DW:

                                                          Radio and TV for the World
_ Pop, Service & Information                           As Germany’s international broad-
                                                       caster, DW produces programmes for
Bayern 3, hr 3, JUMP (MDR), NDR 2,                     all five continents. DW-RADIO broad-
Radioeins (RBB), SR 1 Europawelle,                     casts via short wave, satellite and
SWR3, and WDR 2 all aim at a younger                   Internet in 30 languages. DW-RADIO’s
– or young-at-heart – audience, with                   English and German programme is of-
short reports and commentaries, tips                   fered 24 hours a day.
and information, as well as pop music.                     DW-TV has a global reach and
There are also newscasts on the hour,                  offers daily news, magazines and
along with traffic reports.
Deutschlandradio | Online
features in German, English, Spanish                          sponsors on the homepages, contrary to
and Arabic via satellite in a 24-hour                         the usual commercialised environment
coverage.                                                     of the web. With its serious, quality con-
                                                              tents, ARD leads the way.
                                                                  All subjects and offers provided by
                                                              ARD on the Internet can be accessed at
                                                     This also includes the ARD
                                                              media library with the recall data of
                                                              radio and TV. For licence fee payers, this is
                                            DLR/Jonas Maron   a definite plus. ARD’s Internet pages also
                                                              serve as platforms for communications
                                                              offers to users. combines in a
                                                              single location the wide variety of offers
                                                              from member channels and stations,
   “Radio Tobi”, a radio play for kids in
                                                              and provides information on current pro-
   Deutschlandradio Kultur
                                                              grammes as well as on events and issues

_ Deutschlandradio                                            _
                                                              from all over the world.
                                                                  In the category “Fernsehen” (TV),
   Culture and Information                           provides information on
Deutschlandradio broadcasts country-                          programme listings and featured per-
wide 24 hours a day from two stations,
one in Berlin and one in Cologne. Both
                                                              sonalities of the First Programme.
                                                                  Under “Nachrichten” (news),
stations concentrate on news and cul-                – which draws upon in-
tural programming.                                            formation from ARD radio and TV and
                                                              from ARD’s international network of
   Deutschlandradio                                           correspondents – reports on national,
   Raderberggürtel 40                                         international and regional events even
   50 968 Köln                                                more quickly than the “Tagesschau”
   Telephone: +49-2 21-34 50
                                                              news programme.
                                                                  In the category “Börse” (stock ex-
   Director: Willi Steul                                      change), brings you the
   Press office:                                               latest and most important develop-
   Dietmar Boettcher                                          ments in the financial world, based on

_ Online:                                                     radio and television reports from the

   Orientation in the Net
                                                              stock exchange.
                                                                  Under “Sport”, provides
On Internet, ARD presents programme-                          news, background information and re-
related features that inform, educate,                        ports, as well as pictures and multime-
advise and entertain visitors. In provid-                     dia features from the world of sports.
ing these pages, freely accessible and                            ARD-Online-Koordination is
open to everyone, ARD helps all citizens                      located at the SWR offices in Mainz.
become part of the “knowledge society”.
And there are no advertisements or
2009 | English
ARD is the abbreviation for “Arbeits-        channel broadcast via satellite, in
gemeinschaft der öffentlich-recht-           which the ARD is involved, the Euro-
lichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundes-         pean cultural channel ARTE, and the
republik Deutschland”. This translates       programme package of digital televi-
as the “Association of Public Broad-         sion, ARD Digital.
casting Corporations in the Federal              Radio programming consists pri-
Republic of Germany”.                        marily of the stations operated by the
    ARD consists of nine independent         individual broadcasting corporations
broadcasting corporations under state        under state law. These stations serve
law. Their joint task, by law, is to pro-    a given state or broadcast region and
vide radio and television to the public      cater for the needs of specific target
in the Federal Republic of Germany.          and age groups. Some broadcasting
    The tenth member of ARD is the           corporations also have “regional win-
international broadcasting service           dow stations”.
Deutsche Welle.                                  Deutschlandradio (German Radio)

_ Radio and TV: Broad Selection for          offers two nation-wide radio pro-
    Listeners, Viewers and Users                 Radio and TV programmes as well
The programming provided by ARD              as a multimedia Internet portal are
and its member corporations covers           produced for the entire world by Deut-
a wide range of listener and viewer          sche Welle.
interests. In keeping with its mandate           2008, around 43.1 million radios
under law, this includes news, educa-        and 36.9 million TV sets were regist-
tion, culture and entertainment, tak-        ered in Germany. Listeners and view-
ing into account majority and minor-         ers anywhere in this area can choose
ity interests. The stations in question      from among at least four ARD radio
broadcast regionally, nationally and         outlets and at least eight TV channels
internationally, as the case may be.         by ARD or joint projects. Via cable or
     Television programming includes         satellite the choice is much greater.
regional focusses on the Third Pro-              As a complement to their radio
grammes, and general programming             and television broadcasts, ARD, its
on Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen.               member stations and Deutschland-
     In addition to this, there is the       radio present their own Internet pages
children’s channel, KI.KA, and the cur-      on news, education and entertain-
rent affairs and documentary channel,        ment, which refer back to the contents
PHOENIX, (broadcasting responsibil-          of programmes. Services are also a
ity shared with ZDF), 3sat, a cultural       major component of these pages.

_   publishers
                                             _     date of publishing
The press offices of the ARD member broad-
casting corporations and the programme
                                             12. 3. 2009
                                                   detailed information on the ard

directorate of Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen.
                                             Consult the ARD Yearbook 08 or ARD-online
Gudrun Augustin, Jutta Weismüller, DRA,      In addition, the ARD guidelines 2009/2010

                                             and the ARD report concerning the fulfill-
                                             ment of its assignment 2007/2008 are
Julia Eichhorn and Ludmilla Schmidt,         available for recall at

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