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Good Conduct Medal


Bryant State Bank patrons won't see the community bank's eight employees wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Chairman Lee Jacobson, 59, pushed for the training. Golden Rule banking is the hallmark of all community banks. But the Bryant State Bank formal training program is one of many the community bank provides to help employees go the extra mile to treat people with respect, act with integrity, enhance the community and remain a strong, locally owned bank. These formalized commitments are reinforced continually. The bank's 20-year-old code of ethics and its pledge to act with integrity not only have fostered a good reputation in the community and kept customers loyal; they've also garnered the bank the 2010 Integrity Award from the regional Better Business Bureau and the BBB Foundation, the nonprofit arm that sponsors the award. He gives credit for Bryant State Bank's success to all the employees. It's not just one person who creates an atmosphere of trust, he says, but a whole team.

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