'We Have a Lot of Work To Do' by ProQuest


Throughout his political career, everything about Sen Tim Johnson has radiated clear-eyed calm, pragmatism and moderation. In Capitol Hill circles, he is seen as the low-key, hard-working senator in the room. As the Senate Banking Committee's new chairman, Johnson is a central go-between on all financial legislation that will pass through the Senate and House in the politically divided 112th Congress. A longtime community banking ally, Johnson has been a key advocate for maintaining the separation of banking and commerce. Johnson says he plans to hold hearings on the implementation of the Wall Street Reform Act, but opportunities to make major legislative changes will be limited in the narrow division of political power on Capitol Hill and President Barack Obama's priority to see the law implemented. As for the future of the Federal Home Loan banks, Johnson is, in a broad sense, aligned with the policy views of ICBA and community banks.

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