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									                           Customer Profile
                           CADCENTRE Inc

            EDG, Inc.

Using PDMS Technology to Succeed
on Small Deepwater Facility Design
Firm Upgrades Small                   the Ewing Bank 873 “A” platform
                                      approximately eight miles away.        EDG’s designers were
but Complex                           Models of the existing offshore        able to effectively
Deepwater Facility                    production facility, designed by
with the Help of                      another engineering firm in 1993,      utilize PDMS to
                                      had been created using PDMS, so
PDMS Technology                       Marathon specified that EDG also       successfully complete
                                      use PDMS to design the new
The potential for using Cadcentre’s
Plant Design Management System
                                      module.                                the design of this
(PDMS) to cut costs and shorten       Marathon Project Poses
schedules on large offshore           Unique Challenges
                                                                             small but complex
deepwater facility projects has
been proven many times over. But      While new facility designs are         modular facility
the advantages of using PDMS          always challenging, the designer is
software on smaller projects,         able to revise equipment placement     addition while meeting
especially upgrades and retrofits,    and pipe routing to accommodate
have not always been as easy to       changes as the design process          the aggressive
demonstrate.                          progresses. Making upgrades to
                                      existing facilities, however, can be   schedule.
An engineering consulting firm        even more challenging. The
discovered the versatility of PDMS    designer must add new equipment
when it successfully used the         and piping without being able to          Although this subsea tie-back
software to design upgrades to a      move the existing equipment or             was similar in design to other
small deepwater facility for          piping.                                    production facility upgrades of
Marathon Oil Company. PDMS
                                      With the Marathon project, explains        its type, the unique
helped the firm contribute to a
                                      EDG Project Manager Dennis                 requirements of the project
significant time and cost savings
                                      Rooney, several additional                 meant that designers needed
on the project.
                                      challenges faced the designers:            to incorporate several
Marathon Needed                                                                  components rarely used in
                                         In order to meet Marathon’s
Production Module for                                                            such a facility, including:
                                          aggressive schedule for the
Increased Offshore Platform               project, piping isometrics and            Four proprietary vertical
Capacity                                  drawings needed to be                      centrifugal separators.

In early 1997, Marathon Oil               communicated clearly to the               A combination electrostatic
Company hired EDG, Inc. to                fabricators so that fabrication            treater and oil storage tank
provide facilities engineering,           could take place even as the               with centrifugal inlet device,
design, and drafting support for a        design was progressing.                    vertical electrical grids, flow
production module that would add         All new piping for the module              directional louvers, and
capacity to an existing offshore          had to be routed quickly and               matrix packing designed for
deepwater platform in the northern        accurately to existing process             45,000 BPD.
Gulf of Mexico.                           piping of the facility so that        Although very proficient in the
The 20,000 barrels per day                Marathon’s shutdown time               use of 3D CAD software, EDG
(BPD)/20MMscfd module was                 would be kept to a minimum.            designers had no experience
needed to accommodate an                                                         using PDMS.
increase in high-pressure oil
production from Marathon’s
“Arnold” subsea oil wells, located
on the sea floor 1,800 feet below
the surface. The wells flow through
dual 6-inch insulated flowlines to
EDG Has the Talent and the                                                        especially important, notes
                                        Clash detection                           Rooney, on a project with so many
Tools for Success
                                                                                  unique requirements.
Despite these inherent difficulties,    ensured that the
EDG’s designers, under the
direction of lead designer Glenn        construction
Waguespack, were able to
effectively utilize PDMS to             contractor could be
successfully complete the design
of this small but complex modular       assured of error-free
facility addition while meeting the
client’s aggressive completion          pipe routing, despite
Not only did EDG have the talent
                                        the fact that all the
and the experience to succeed on
this project, but it also used the
                                        piping had not been
superior capabilities of PDMS
                                        completed when
software to meet and exceed the
client’s expectations.
                                        construction began.
Clash Detection Eliminates
Errors and Accelerates
Construction                            Color Prints Highlight New
A distinct advantage that PDMS          Design to Help Fabricators
afforded the project was its ability    Work Quickly
to detect interferences even before     Rooney says that EDG generated
fabrication began. This allowed         color prints of the new piping from
construction of the production          the 3D model that displayed the
module to start before the              old piping in grayscale. This made
drawings were complete.                 it easy for the fabricators to identify
Clash detection ensured that the        the location of the new piping in
construction contractor would get       relationship to the old piping.
error-free pipe routing, despite the    “Marathon loved this,” he says,
fact that all the piping had not been   “because the offshore fabricators
completed when construction             were able to quickly and accurately
began. This ability to construct and    connect the piping.”
design concurrently meant that
                                        Virtual “Walk-Through”
EDG could significantly reduce
overall project life cycle time, from
                                        Capability Reduces
concept to installation, and            Revisions
minimize shutdown time for              The advanced visualization
Marathon.                               technology provided by PDMS
                                        saved even more time on the
                                        project. By using PDMS to
                                        electronically “walk through” the
                                        virtual 3D model, the engineering
                                        staff could view the drafting
                                        group’s progress at every stage of
                                        the project, saving valuable
                                        revision time. This factor was
Furthermore, Marathon’s Project
Engineer Mark Heatherly was
more fully able to keep up with the
progress of the project by utilizing
this powerful tool.

Cadcentre Training Enables
Staff to Use PDMS with
Members of EDG’s design/drafting
staff were already well-grounded in
3D CAD, although they had never
before used PDMS. Cadcentre
provided initial training for 6 EDG
people. Once the project was
under way, a Cadcentre consultant
stayed at EDG for a week to help
get the project off to a good start.
“Cadcentre has been more than
helpful,” says Rooney, “in enabling
our staff to use PDMS with

Installation Is Successful
Commissioned in April 1998, the
Marathon Ewing Bank Block 963
“Arnold” Production Module was
installed successfully and on
schedule, minimizing shutdown
time for Marathon.
The Marathon project enabled
EDG to demonstrate the
advantages of using PDMS on any
project, regardless of size or

Says Burling Scelson, Manager of
Technical Services for EDG,
“We’re grateful for the opportunity
Marathon Oil Company gave us to
demonstrate how our PDMS
modeling capabilities could be
used effectively and efficiently on
projects of this size.”

Rooney adds that EDG is now
using PDMS on many of its design
EDG Specializes in Offshore
Platform Design and Project
Management Services
EDG, Inc., one of the three largest
full-service engineering consulting
firms in New Orleans, provides
platform design and project
management services for the
offshore oil industry.
With offices in Houston, Lafayette,
and Venezuela, EDG has worked
for some of the largest domestic
and international oil and gas
production companies, on projects
around the world, including
Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan,
Venezuela, and West Africa.

With 200 employees, EDG offers a
full spectrum of engineering
services, from conceptual design
and project planning, through
detailed design, fabrication,
installation, start-up, long-term
operation, and maintenance.

EDG's professional engineering
and project management staff is
supported by a full complement of
engineering technicians, CAD
designers and drafters, and
computer support, procurement,
project administration, and project
controls personnel.


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