Anonymous No-Name Debit ATm Cards by PanamaLaw


									Anonymous No-Name Debit ATM Card
By Aurelia Masterson of Introduction – This product is an ATM Debit card good in ATM machines worldwide. There is NO Visa or MasterCard Logo. The card does not work for POS (point of sale). These are cards good only for taking cash from ATM machines around the world. There is no name on the card and no name in the magnetic strip. ATM Card Features – The cards are taken from stock inventory and come complete with pin numbers. The cards have no name imprinted on them and there is no name put into the magnetic strip. We are serious about this. You can come to the office and pull one of the cards out of a stack at random and leave with it so you know for sure there is no personal information put into the magnetic strip on the card. The cards have online access to check balances, history, transactions etc. ID – We only supply these cards to clients of the law firm. You need to be a corporate or foundation client to get such a card. You cannot just buy the card from us. These no-name cards are very rare and we only offer these as a service to our existing clients. We do not send any ID to the card program operator. We do know who you are but that is covered by attorney client privilege and would require an order from the Panama Government for us to disclose this information. Delivery Time – The cards are in stock. Figure 3-5 days typically for us to get one to you by courier. Debit Card Loading – The cards can be loaded by sending the funds into a Panama Bank Account the card program has in Panama. If you have a Panama Bank with online banking you should be able to execute an ACH Panama transaction using the online banking your bank has for $1.00. As an alternative you can load the cards by bank wire into a Panama Bank account the card program maintains. You CANNOT load the card using western union, cash, money order, paypal, check, cashier check, bank check, traveler’s checks or e-gold. The money has to be paid by bank wire or Panama ACH. You wire the money with the card number as the reference in the wire. Then you email the wire info including – name of account sending the wire, bank, country, date and amount along with card numbers. The funds will be posted to the card a few hours after being received. ATM Debit Card Limits – Each card can have a maximum of $9500 on it per month. The ATM machine limit is $1900.00 per day. The cards are denominated in US dollars. You can have more than one card. You cannot wire more than $9500 per month to a single card.

Card Fees
Card Cost - $195.00. Courier fees $75 extra if we are not already sending you papers.

Loading fee – 1% of all funds loaded onto the card. For example if you load $100 on the card only $99 gets credited to the card. Monthly Fee - $4.95 is the fee deducted each month for each card if the card is used or not. If the card has a zero balance it will be closed after 30 days of no balance. Activation fee – There is a one-time activation fee of $10.00 ATM Fees – You are subject to any fees the ATM machine imposes which can include currency conversion costs. The card charges $1.00 for each ATM transaction. There are no other unusual or extraordinary fees. Panama Legal is not the card operator just a reseller of the cards.

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