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					                                  2011 Teaching and Learning Scholars Program
                                                     Request for Proposals (RFP)

Mount Royal has a long, distinguished history of putting teaching and learning first, and our students’ success proves this
dedication has made a difference in lives, careers, and futures. We are also in transition, with more degree programs and a new
academic profile that includes added emphasis on scholarship, especially scholarship of teaching and learning which offers
faculty members a way to apply investigative skills to pedagogical (and often disciplinary) questions like:
       •   What techniques cultivate integrative and                         •    What the barriers to understanding financial
           intentional learning in general education?                             concepts for 1st-year public relations students?
       •   What process do engineering students go                           •    How do computer simulations help physics
           through when visualizing a 2-D drawing in 3-D?                         students learn disciplinary thinking?
       •   What metacognitive reading strategies do                          •    What factors influence student nurses’ transition
           students demonstrate and value?                                        into their role as professionals?
       •   What is the value of role-play in enriching nursing               •    How are students using personal experience to
           students’ skills and knowledge?                                        advance their understanding in GenEd courses?
       •   What thinking/practicing skills are journalism                    •    What types of prompts contribute to deep
           students learning in introductory courses?                             learning in teacher education dialogue journals?
       •   What do nursing students perceive as the most                     •    How do clinical practice nursing course
           significant barriers to their learning?                                experiences generate student involvement in
       •   What cognitive processes lead to transformative                        patient advocacy?
           learning moments for geology students?                            •    What learning strategies support EAL students
       •   How do collaborative web-based simulations help                        becoming professional nurses?
           entrepreneurship students create knowledge in a                   •    How does an environmental studies term project
           peer network?                                                          help students connect theory with practice?
       •   How does a particular web-based online tool aid                   •    What do students present as evidence of
           accounting student learning?                                           learning in a course on learning effectiveness?
       •   How do education students use assessment                          •    What teaching and learning techniques mitigate
           feedback to improve their course work?                                 science and math anxiety in GenEd?
       •   What information literacy instruction works to                    •    What do business communication students learn
           best prepare students to do their own research?                        from working in teams?
These are some of the questions examined by previous Teaching and Learning Scholars, representing only a fraction of the
possible directions for research into understanding and improving student learning. To assist faculty in addressing such
questions, the Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce a request for research development
proposals for its annual Mount Royal Teaching and Learning Scholars Program. This program brings together selected faculty
committed to investigating and documenting significant issues and challenges in teaching and learning. It is designed to
encourage and support faculty embarking upon a research agenda that includes evidence-based systematic scholarly inquiry
into student learning. The central work of the Scholars will be to develop course-based inquiry projects, conduct research that
sheds new light on a significant aspect of student learning, share evidence and findings publicly in an effort to influence practice
in the field, and create a culture of teaching and learning inquiry at Mount Royal and beyond.

                                            Deadline for Submission is October 1, 2010
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                                2011 Teaching and Learning Scholars Program
                                                 Request for Proposals (RFP)

This is not an award for teaching excellence or a curriculum development workshop. The program organizes and facilitates a
diverse community of scholars committed to building/sharing pedagogical knowledge, whose work will advance post-secondary
teaching and deepen student learning beyond the individual classroom. Each scholar will design and undertake a research
project aimed at improving practice related to an important teaching and learning issue. Scholars are selected for a one-year
terms and participate in several on-site workshops, three multi-day off-site residencies, and monthly meetings.
                                                   Dates to keep in mind
                              2010 Teaching and Learning Scholars Showcase, September 21, 2010
                           Proposals due to sotlinstitute@mtroyal.ca no later than 5pm October 1, 2010
                   Selection of 2011 Teaching and Learning Scholars complete no later than October 15, 2010
              Centennial Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Banff AB November 11-13, 2010
          Announcement of 2011 Teaching and Learning Scholars on November 12, 2010 (at a reception in Banff AB)
                                       Required dates to which all scholars must commit
                            First meeting of the 2010 Scholars, December 10, 2010 from 1:00-5:00 pm
                          First Off-site Residency (reading week), February 24-26, 2011 (in Kananaskis)
                                  On-Campus ethics workshop, April 14, 2011 from 1:00-5:00 pm
                                 Second Off-site Residency, August 16-18, 2010 (in Kananaskis)
                         On-Campus data analysis workshop, December 9, 2011 from 9:00 am – 12:00 n
                          Third Off-site Residency (reading week), 21-23 February 2012 (in Kananaskis)
                              On-Campus dissemination workshop at the end of the term, May 2012

Frequently Asked Questions
What do we mean by the scholarship of teaching and learning? – Research into student learning, conducted within one’s
own class, that is evidence based, peer reviewed, and publicly shared; systematic scholarly inquiry into how teaching practice
influences the learning process; investigation of fine-grained on-the-ground student learning outcomes of particular pedagogies.

Who should submit a proposal? – Any MRU faculty member who is teaching in the Fall term 2011 … TS or TSS, full- or part-
time, from any department or program. All teacher/scholars committed to scholarship of teaching and learning that leads to
understanding and improving student learning, advancing teaching practice, and contributing to a culture of inquiry.

What kinds of research are supported? – Teaching and Learning Scholars create and disseminate research that contributes
to thought and practice in and across fields. Each scholar designs and engages in an inquiry project aimed at deepening
understanding of and practice related to an important student learning issue, and residencies are devoted to refining questions,
crafting research strategies, and collaborating with colleagues to shape individual investigations. Our focus is teaching for
understanding, investigating not teacher practice but the character and depth of learning that result (or not) from that practice.
Like all research, scholarship of teaching and learning builds on and is situated in a context of work done by others; projects with
explicit links to prior or ongoing areas of inquiry and established lines of investigation are encouraged, especially those with
direct bearing on Mount Royal and our changing academic landscape.

                                          Deadline for Submission is October 1, 2010
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                                 2011 Teaching and Learning Scholars Program
                                                 Request for Proposals (RFP)

What are the commitments? - Those selected as Teaching and Learning Scholars are required to participate fully in all
meetings, workshops, and residencies (see dates above) designed to foster a community of scholarly inquiry and facilitate work
on and collaboration in scholarship of teaching and learning. Likewise, there will be ongoing opportunities to communicate and
collaborate, ranging from small group meetings to online forums. All projects must request and receive approval from the Human
Research Ethics Board (HREB) prior to Fall 2011. In return, Teaching and Learning Scholars receive: a $1500 research fund
(for books, software, travel, transcribing, etc.); a year-long development process, including three off-site residencies;
collaboration with a community of scholars dedicated to improving teaching and learning, and; mentoring, training and assistance
provided by experienced Teaching and Learning Scholars, and Richard A. Gale, Director of the Institute for Scholarship of
Teaching and Learning.

What criteria will be used to assess proposals? – Proposals must demonstrate that the inquiry:
       •   Is an example of scholarship of teaching and learning, focused on student learning;
       •   Acknowledges and draws on existing teaching and learning scholarship or other pertinent work in the field;
       •   Suggests suitable methods for identifying, collecting, examining evidence of student learning;
       •   Is feasible, with realistic and achievable objectives and dissemination strategies, and;
       •   Is likely to make significant contributions to understanding and improving student learning.
Due to a competitive review process, only a limited number of proposals will be accepted. However, the review team will strive
to assemble a cohort that is representative of the diversity at Mount Royal.

What do I submit? – Proposals will consist of four MSWord documents or PDF files:
       •   A cover sheet with your name, email, phone, and campus address;
       •   A statement of support signed by both your chair and your dean, associate dean, or director;
       •   Your CV or resume, and;
       •   A project statement (2-3 pages) indicating your interest and expertise, and initial thoughts about your inquiry including
                o    Your student-learning-oriented research question,
                o    Why that question is important to you and to others,
                o    What answering that question will contribute to the improvement of student learning,
                o    How you will conduct your research (evidence sources, methods of gathering and analyzing data),
                o    Where you plan to disseminate results,
                o    Any questions and concerns you have about the design or character of your project.
For more information contact the Institute at sotlinstitute@mtroyal.ca.

             Proposals must be submitted electronically as four separate attachments in a single email sent to
                    sotlinstitute@mtroyal.ca, and received no later than 5:00 pm, Friday October 1, 2010.

                                          Deadline for Submission is October 1, 2010
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                                     2011 Teaching and Learning Scholars Program
                                                     Request for Proposals (RFP)

                                           Statements of Support and Signatures
Applicant Information:
       Name:                                                            Program/Department:

Statement of Support and Signature: Department Chair
        Please comment on any benefits to the discipline/department and to the applicant from their participation in the Teaching and
                                                       Learning Scholars Program.

       Date:                                              Chair Signature:

Statement of Support and Signature: Dean, Associate Dean, or Director
       Please comment on any benefits to the university/Faculty/discipline/department and to the applicant from their participation in the
                                                Teaching and Learning Scholars Program.

       Date:                                              Dean, Assoc. Dean, or Director Signature:

                                              Deadline for Submission is October 1, 2010
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