Fire protection for the tschberg tunnel by nikeborome


									      The command measures
              21 km (13.125 miles)   14 km (8.75 miles)

Frutigen              Lötschberg Tunnel:          Raron

Standing PC           Tunnel Fire                 Standing PC
                      Command                     Fire Command
Police Command
       The training measures
• Full training as other fire fighters
• Initial training on the plan book
• Specific training programs for:
  – the rescue train
  – the tunnel operations
  – the tunnel systems
• School for the commanding officers
• Exercises
   The suppression measures

Fire extinguisher
systems based
on inert gas      New rescue train and other
                      suppression materials
      The suppression measures (2)

Material                   Suppression             Rescue                   Rescue
- fire materials           - suppression-cockpit   - capacity 40-60 pers.   - capacity 40-60 pers.
- suppression-cockpit      - 52’000 liters water
- respiratory protection   - 1600 liters foam
The tactical measures
                 The tactical measures (2)
    Frutigen           1           Free evacuation
                                   Material by road

                       2           Evacuation by road through work tunnel
                                   Material by road through work tunnel
Kandertal              3
                                   Evacuation by buses through the rescue
Mittholz                           tunnel West
                                   Material by road through the rescue
                                   tunnel West

  tunnel West              4
                                   Evacuation by train through second tunnel
Rescue station             5       Material by train through the second
                                   tunnel tube

                               6   Free evacuation
                                   Material by road

        The tactical measures (3)
Phase 1 : Engagement with the whole train from the north portal to the event

Phase 2 : At the place of the event, separation of the suppression and the rescue trains

Phase 3 : Suppression work and rescue traffic

      Rescue and                                      Evacuation-shuttles
    suppression work

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