2010 ODSA Disc Golf Series

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					                                   2010 ODSA Disc Golf Series

The 2009 season marked the second year for the ODSA Disc Golf Series. The series consisted of 11
events, one more than 2008, 487 participants competed, 60 more than in 2008, with 4 champions
crowned. Jason Jalonen in the Open division, Phil Hartford and Grant Richard tied in the Advanced
Amateur division, and Dwayne Bereziuk in the Advanced Amateur division. We would like to thank
everybody who participated in the tournaments, all the tournament directors, and the volunteers of the
ODSA series. As we build on the accomplishments of the 2009 series, there are some minor changes
that have been made to the structure of the series moving forward.

Competitors in the 2010 series events will earn points based upon their place of finish, with the results
of their top four finishes used to qualify for prizes, trophies, and earn the title of the ODSA Disc Golf
Series Champion, which will also earn the Open division winner a spot in the most elite event in disc
golf, the United States Disc Golf Championships (USDGC) and the top 5 Advanced Amateur qualifiers
earning a spot in the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships.

The 2010 ODSA Disc Golf Series Format is as follows:

    •   Ontario has been split into 4 regions:

        Region 1 - East Region – Kingston, Ottawa, Peterborough

        Region 2 - North Region – Midland, Huntsville, South River

        Region 3 - South Region – Brampton, Bronte Creek, Etobicoke, Toronto

        Region 4 - South West Region - Brantford, Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo, St Thomas

    •   The Point series will include your best 4 events. You must play either an East Region or North
        Region event to qualify, and these do not have to be one of your top four finishes.

    •   You will receive 1 bonus point for each event you attend
     •    Points are earned for the player's finishing place as well as the number of players beaten. With
          first place receiving 100 points, 2nd place receiving 99, 3rd place receiving 98 and so on from
          there. Additionally if you win a division of 50, you would receive 100 points for 1st place and 49
          points for beating 49 players, totalling 149 points. At the end of the year, your Series Points will
          consist of the number of events you played plus the points you earned from your best 4 finishes
          in your division.

     •    A player can only qualify in one division.

          The Advanced Amateur and the Advanced Master divisions will be intermingled in the points
          system just as the Pro divisions were in the 2009 series.

With the 2009 portion of the 2010 series schedule set in place, the season is already off to a great start.
We look forward to your participation

Kim Scott-Wood ODSA Disc Golf Series Coordinator

                                    2010 ODSA Disc Golf Series Schedule
                                                  (for events scheduled in 2009)

Event #             Location                                  Date                            Contacts             PDGA

#1 - Ontario Championships - St. Thomas                    October 3rd & 4th, 2009      Bob Harris/Steve Soucie     Tier B

#2 - Chicopee - Kitchener                                   October 10th, 2009       Dusan edelko                   Tier C

#3 - Algonquin Fall Classic - SR & Huntsville               October 24th & 25th, 2009   Dusan edelko                Tier C

#4 - Bronte Creek Classic XII - Oakville                    October 31st, 2009       Dustin Fournier                Tier C

Events that are part of the ODSA Series are required to be PDGA sanctioned events. ODSA supplies insurance for all the events
and the trophies to the first place winners in all divisions. Further if allowed/required the ODSA provides merchandise to be sold
on site and provides the merchandise payouts to the amateur divisions through services provided by Disc Sports Canada and

2009 Participants must all be members of the ODSA through member clubs or as individuals at $8 each. The fee of $8.00 covers
members under the insurance policy 24/7 – 365 days a year when playing in Canada.

Players are also encouraged to be current PDGA members. For 2009 the ODSA has signed up under the PDGA Affiliated Club
Program, which saves players $5 off their yearly membership fees when they sign-up through this program. There is a PDGA fee
for non-members and non-current members of $10 per event (juniors excluded). Players who have never been a PDGA member
and who pay the $10 fee will receive a PDGA number, mini-disc, and rulebook.”

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