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2010 Agenda - British Columbia Disc Sports Society


									                       British Columbia Disc Sports Society
                                                                                                     Box 29114
                                                                                              1996 W. Broadway
                                                                                                 Vancouver, BC
                                                                                                       V6J 1Z0

                         Annual General meeting of the British Columbia Disc
                                          Sport Society
   October 24, 2010
                                                        False Creek Community Centre in Granville Island
                                                                                1318 Cartwright Street

   Opening of the Meeting
   Confirmation of a quorum (20 members in good standing)

   Approval of the Minutes and Agenda
   See attached minutes.
   Additional Items for the Agenda?

   Reports of Officers, Boards, and Standing Committees
          President’s Report
                   Provided by Dan Laitsch, Vice President
          Treasurer’s Report
                   Provided by Trevor Chang, Treasurer

   Reports of Special Committees

   Reports of the Branches
          Disc Golf Branch—Dan Laitsch
          Ultimate Branch—Will Arlotta

   Unfinished Business
   There is no unfinished business from last year’s Annual General Meeting.

   New Business
         FY 2010/11 Branch budget updates
         Special Resolution offered by BCDSS Member Joe Remedios
         Election of New Officers
                 Election of officers of the Main Board
                 Election of officers of the Ultimate Branch
                 Election of officers of the Disc Golf Branch


                      British Columbia Dis c Sports Society
                          BC's Provincial Sporting Organization for Disc Sports
Phone: 604.878.7387 :: Toll-free: 1.888.878.7387 :: Email: :: Website:
Minutes from 2009 AGM ­ October 24, 2009
At downtown VCC room 420

Attendance:35 total members present:
In person or by phone: Dan Laitsch, David Cowley, Lindsay Frison, James MacInnes, Dave
Stropky, Craig McConnell, Mike Graff, Dan Macmaster, Jessica Fun, Mandy Yeung, Kevin
Fong, Stanley Tsia, Xcehh Pcaicie, Melissa Doyle, James Rogers, Mike Barnes, William Arlotta,
Jeff Mulmgren, Sam Barnum, Ryan Sun, Justin Ho, Ted Moens, Chad Harris, John Grant, Mike
Kaweski, Greg (last name not noted)
Present by proxy: Dave Ross, Troy Hansen, Selena Tank, Eric Vachon, Theresa Yu, Drew
Favis, Trevor Cheng, Doug Skinner, Peter Jersak

1) Call to order a- 2:41 p

2) Thanks to all board members
3) Dan Laitsch - Motion for the 2008 AGMI minutes to be accepted
   2nd William Arlotta
   Carried unanimously
4) old business - none
5) Annual Reports - Main board
   David Cowly: summarizes the year
      direct access grant - $0 this year. Down from $20, 000
      unsure of future dollars
      no newsletter this year
6) Ultimate Reports -
   Flowerbowl - success - Doug, Nathan, Mandy
   Regional championships went well
   BC juniors tournament - 2 tournaments this year
   Power of sport - teach ultimate at schools
   Poor clinic turnout this year
   UPA conference - Sent Mandy to talk flowerbowl
   New League in Surrey
   1st and 2nd place for Jrs. at Nationals
   hired 3 summer students to work to further juniors programs
   CUPA- comminication amongst other ultimate oorganizatnios across the country
7) Disc Golf Branch - David Cowley
   Increased financial communication with BCDSS
   Disk golf - 8 events
      All events are run more officially than in the past
   Growth - disc golf clubs - trying to get more clubs
   Are PDGA members
      Awarding location earlier in the year
      working towards announcing host course 2 years in advance
    Enough time to dramatically improve course
    get PDGA sanctioning
  BC Open - At Mundy park
    non PDGA approved

  Working at getting townships involved in disc golf courses
  2 new courses in Surrey
  improved drainage at Mundy
  improvements in Langley
  Eastview park - new small/technical course
  springboard for more similar courses

8) Finincial Report - Ted Moens
   (Thanks given to Ted from Dan for all his hard work)
   See financial report from Ted

   Will presenting for Trevor
     see financial report for details
highlights - no direct access

9) Q&A
   Were expecting additional direct access funding rather than a complete loss
   community sports as a whole received reduced or eliminated funding
   some sports cut 100%, others 60% - see website for more details
10) Elections
Main board nominations
*President: William Arlotta, David Cowley
Vice-President: Dan Laitsch
Treasurer: Trevor Cheng

Disc Golf
Chair: David Cowley
Treasurer: Ted Moens
Secretary: Craig McConnell
Outreach: James MacInnes
Tournament: Dan Laitsch
Member at large: Mike Graff
Member at large:Dave S.
Member at large:Chad Harris

Ultimate Board
Chair: William Arlotta
Treasurer: Trevor Cheng
Secretary: Jessicia ??
Outreach: Dan Macmaster
Juniors: William Arlotta
Tournament: Mandy Yeung
Member at large: Ryan Sun
Member at large: John Grant

Motion by David to do a slate election
 Discgolf Board - carried unanimously
 Ultimate Board - carried unanimously

Action - Vancouver Island Rep I'm sure who is taking care of this action

  Main Board Treasurer - Trevor Cheng - carried unanimously
  Main Board Vice-President - Dan Laitsch - carried unanimously
Recess - 3:48 pm

Meeting Resumed - 3:53 pm

Speeches given by William and David
David Cowley elected as Main Board President in a vote of 19:13
  -note there was an abstention from one of the call in attendees.
Motion to destroy ballots
Seconded by Craig M.
Motion carried unanimously
Motion to adjourn meeting by Dan
Seconded by Lindsay
Motion carried - 4:28 pm

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