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									                          Different Styles of mens underwear
It is an alarming statistic which, according to a recent study, a majority number of men own a single pair
of underwear for more than 5 years. Now, there is no reason to be surprised by this. Compare this study
with your own life. When was the last time you went and purchased a pair of underwear for yourself?
The answer would defiantly not come easily to most us men. This is because we mostly are not bothered
by such trivial things. As long as it is not torn or does not itch, it's fine. However we must consider that
we don't buy underwear just for ourselves. Yes, surprising as it might be, there is someone else who has
to bear the sigh of them every day. Therefore, at least for their sake we should consider changing our
underwear from time to time. There are many parameters that lead to finding the right pair of
underwear. Sometimes, a pair fits us so well that we keep buying that brand again and again. This is true
mostly in case of us men who don't like to spend much time on shopping anyways. After all, if it's going
to fit it has to be fine. There are certain other characteristics that we should keep in mind before we
purchase the underwear. There are different styles and colors available today. As earlier said, the
underwear is not just for us. There are others who have to look at them every now and then. Adding
some style to it would increase the incentive to do so.

When picking out men's underwear, there are different styles that you can go for. No longer are the
tight whites the hottest selling brand around. There are many different colors that have come out that
you can choose from, along with patterns like stripes, checks and even spots. Also with these come the
different designs of underwear like boxers, shorts, briefs. Some men are comfortable with briefs
because they like the grip. Some are comfortable with boxers because it's more airy and well ventilated.
Therefore it comes down to a comfort level that will determine the shape of the underwear that you
choose. Sometimes it's best to avoid briefs if you have rashes developing. Also with boxers there are
different design patterns that have come about in the market. These increase the style quotient of the
underwear that you buy.

When talking about brands, it is good to be brand conscious because there is a certain level of comfort
that comes with a particular brand. You should try out a couple of brands and if you are comfortable
with a particular brand, you can stick on to it. In fact this is this how some of the underwear companies
have a line of loyal users who refuse to buy other underwear. Look for design and be imaginative. It will
make your shopping more fun!

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