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									           How To Open A

 With Your Facebook

… And Even Get Approved In 6 Hours Or Less Without A Blog or Website

                     For Facebook Naira Membership Club

Even though Google Adsense program is open to participants from anywhere in
the world, Google is becoming extremely picky with approving new applications.
Getting a Google Adsense account nowadays is not as easy as it was a few years
back and maybe some of you are already applied but denied by Adsense and
probably some of you were denied more than once.

Gone are those days when you apply for Adsense with a day old free blogspot
blog and get approved.

This time, the story has changed! Apart from the fact that your blog must be up to
6 months old, you must also have loads of unique content on your blog before
you are approved.

The big question now is; how can you tell a newbie, eager and zealous of making
quick money online to create a blog and then wait for another 6 whole months to
start making money…

Guuush! …It sucks really.

But there’s a way out. The tips I’ll be sharing in this report, will guide you towards
getting an Adsense account in 6 hours or less without a website or blog.

Is that a guarantee? Yes and NO…

Yes…. if you follow the instructions judiciously and have a bit of luck on your side.

No… if you think my guarantee alone is what you need to get it done!

On thing I’m sure of…

I AM 97% SURE ANYONE CAN GET APPROVED using this method. Quote me any

It is as simple as it gets. Follow the instructions contained herein and you’ll be 6
hours close to owing an Adsense account.

Here is how...
The site that does the magic is, though I’ll list another site at the end
of this report.

So, we head over to and sign up a free account;

At the next page, you’ll have the options of linking your Facebook Account with
DocStoc. It’s simple and easy. Click on Login with Facebook;

   A small window pops up; Click on Allow
The next window opens. Choose I’d like to set up an Adsense account and fill in
your email address (which is going to be your Adsense email) and other details
under the Complete Your Docstoc Profile.

You can leave the website and blog addresses empty if you don’t have any.
After filling the form, click on Submit and check your email for a confirmation
message from Google Adsense.
Now, click on the confirmation link on the email and you will be taken to Google
Adsense page proper, where you will be required to provide your personal and
payment details;
Review your submission and click on continue;

On the next page, tick the small box and click on submit;
If you stop here, Google may not approve your account. Therefore, to ensure we
stand a better chance of having your application approved in the next 6 hours,
our seriousness needs to come into play again here.

What we do is to upload about 10 pdf documents to our Docstoc account. That
way, we are simply telling Google that we are ready to partner with Docstoc;
which is a file sharing site to make money.

There are two ways I do this. It’s either I search online for free plr pdf documents,
pick them and upload to Docstoc or I make the pdf documents myself. is a nice place to find free documents; so we simply head over to and type in a search phrase in the search box:

And here are results my search threw up:
Download 10 of pdf files and upload them to your Docstoc account.

That’s all guys. Sit back and wait for Google’s approval email.

If you have been faithful with my tutorials, in 6 hours time or less, you’ll receive
another email from Google like the one below:

Note that I applied for this Google account on the 1st September 2010, by 11:16
PM and was approved at 4.58 AM the next morning.
That’s in 5hrs. 42mins! This is few minutes less than the 6 hours I guaranteed.

Once you are approved, you can say bye to Docstoc if you don’t want to work
with them. However, I would advise you work with them in addition to other
Adsense traffic technique. This is just to give your Adsense earnings a boost.

Following our step by step guide above, it will not take much of your time to keep
uploading 10 pdf documents to your Docstoc account daily.

With time, if you have uploaded enough documents, it could mean extra $40 -
$60 into your Adsense account daily! Money! Money!! Money!!!

You can always access your Adsense account via this link

Other sites that you can use:

   1. - A social networking video sharing community that promotes
      member ownership by offering members 100% ad revenue via Google
      Adsense. Get started HERE

   2. - One of the best website to add few more bucks to your
      pocket by doing what you probably love - to write and read. Register HERE



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