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What people are saying about limited paypal account!
Withdraw money from limited Paypal account?
A limited PayPal account is an account with restricted access to Paypal funds. Normally, a limited account:
   cannot send or withdraw funds
   cannot close and terminate account
   has limited view of transaction reports
   sometimes unable to receive incoming payments
Paypal provides instructions on how to lift the limit placed on the account and this usually includes sending
verification documents to confirm the identity of the account holder.
(More of how to solve a limited Paypal account in our next article.)
What recently caught my attention, however, was a Google advertisement that showed up in my Gmail inbox. The ad
I BUY limited Paypal funds
My fee is 50% of account balance
Accounts limited over 180 days only

The ad links to a Blogspot blog: which contains the following proposal:
Withdraw money from a limited paypal account
All PayPal accounts from all countries and under any name can use my service.
I will provide you with bank info to withdraw the funds.
In order to withdraw the funds your paypal must be limited for over 180 days now.

Why should you trust me?
Customers always ask this. Well I want to work with you in future.
and if you have more than one limited account then we will take this one account at a time.
How long will it take?
it should take 3-5 business days to withdraw the funds, and I send money to you via Western Union on Thursdays

Personally I would be wary to deal with this person but, at the same time, I’m interested to know how he can help
withdraw funds from a limited Paypal account.
What I want to know:

    1.   Can funds be withdrawn without the owner having to send verification documents to Paypal?
    2.   How can this be done considering that Paypal requires the bank account name to be similar to the Paypal
         account name?
    3.   Why the condition that the account must be limited for more than 180 days?
    4.   In the extraordinary event that the funds were indeed withdrawn, how can the owner be sure that his share
         of the funds will indeed be paid to him?
    5.   Isn’t this illegal?

I have this feeling that the offer is a scam and merely a ploy to dupe account holders.
Anyway, if you have a limited Paypal account and are willing to risk just to attempt to withdraw your stuck funds,
contact the person making this offer (email address: Let us know what happens. Good luck!

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