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					Product Information Guide 2008

                   THE M-134G MINIGUN

The Garwood M-134 model G minigun is a six-barreled Gatling gun, electrically powered from 24 to
28 volt DC power supplies. The GI minigun offers a rate of fire of either 3000 rounds per minute, 3200
rpm or 4000 rpm, the shot density of 50, 53 or 66 rounds per second offers the military user the mission
flexibility, of ammunition conservation or target saturation, depending on the situation.

The M-134G is remarkably light weight in relation to the fire power available to a single operator. In
past conflicts, a unit would require four Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) operators to offer the same
level of suppression fire or aggression fire. The reduction of personnel to one operator is a major
logistical benefit as well as a financial benefit in reducing the support needed for the additional SAW
operators. Consequently, The United States Department of Defense employs the M-134 electric minigun
within all branches’ of the service, utilizing the weapons superior fire power on land, sea and air.

The M-134G minigun system is typically mounted in a helicopter environment, either as a flex mounted
door gun or a fixed forward tandem system. In the door gun application, the weapon typically employs
either one 3200 or one 4000 round magazine per weapon. In the fixed forward application the weapons
typically employ one 1200 or one 3000 round magazine per weapon. The M-134G system is also used
in ground vehicle applications, on the deck of ships and as hard target perimeter defense.

The use of six barrels has many advantages. Individual barrels actually fire fewer rounds than a
conventional machine gun, running cooler and lasting longer by distributing the heat as the weapon is
fired. Compared to a conventional belt feed weapon, the minigun typically proves to have a higher
rounds on target count than traditional weapons due to the concentration of bullets per second. Stability
of this weapon system is much improved over conventional weapons due to our engineered mounting
system. The firing barrel of an M-134G is always located at the traverse and elevation balance point,
resulting in zero perceived recoil. This translates into an extremely controllable weapon regardless of its
mounting platform. Whether fired from a moving vehicle, ship or aircraft, the operator has a much
higher hit probability than from a conventional belt feed system.

The Garwood Industries minigun is derived from an original design by General Electric that has been
exhaustively refined over a period of 40 plus years. This refinement has resulted in a weapon system
that is much easier to load and maintain, and is far more reliable than its predecessor.

                                              Part # GI-134-2008

The charging area of the new feeder/delinker is extremely simplified over earlier versions.
To charge the G.I. feeder/delinker, it is accomplished in one simple step; there is no longer
a need for the operator to turn the barrels by hand to start the ammunition flow into the

        One step compared to the old two step
          means, simpler, easier, and faster

The Garwood Industries Feeder/delinker incorporates several improvements over earlier
versions. Starting with the cartridge hand off area of the Feeder/delinker which was
engineered from the ground up, disregarding any previous versions. This allows for
positive cartridge hand off timing, regardless of the type of cartridge. This enables the
weapon to handle a wide variety of ammunition, from ball and tracer ammo to blank and
SLAP rounds, from training to combat. The Garwood One-Step feeder/delinker, truly is,
state of the art.

   Part # GI-134-1700

The Garwood. M-134G clutch GI-134-1700 allows for the feeder/delinker to be
mechanically disengaged from the main Rotor, this immediately stops the flow of
ammunition to the weapon when the trigger is released. The Garwood clutch offers
significant improvements over older versions from other manufacturers. Our
manufacturing process incorporates improved engineering and plating’s, ensuring our
clutch has the longest duty cycle available.
                                    Our clutch is available as an upgrade to older weapon
                                      systems allowing the use of modern feeder/delinker
                              technology. This, coupled with our improved bolts and Gun
                                   Control Unit, will allow older weapons to be upgraded
                                                for improved reliability and performance.
                                                        The Garwood Clutch is available
                                                             with an aft stud to allow for
                                                           fixed fire aircraft applications,
                                                        and threaded mounting points for
                                                        Spade grip and GCU attachment.

                          GARWOOD INDUSTRIES, INC.
                                  Scottsdale, Arizona
                          1-800-464-1892 • Fax 480-596-0902

                                         Part # GI-134-2100

The minigun electric drive motor is manufactured to the highest standards using the
latest technology and materials available. We have made significant improvements over
the General Electric drive motor used on standard miniguns. Our 28 volt DC drive motor
attaches to a gear reduction unit to offer you the rounds per minute required for your
mission, 3000 rpm 3200 rpm and
4000 rpm. The Garwood Industries
drive motor offers an unparalleled
service life of over 3 million

                                                     4000 RPM Reduction Gear

    3 Horsepower Electric
         Drive Motor with
    Three Gear Reduction

   Part # GI-134-1680

                                                        Weapon upgrade
                                                           kits are now
                                                       available, increasing
                                                        reliability in older

The Garwood Industries bolts are an improvement
over the standard Minigun bolt. Each bolt utilizes a
single, top loading, locking tang, which in
conjunction with an internal sear, offers
unsurpassed durability. The firing pins
hemispherical head design prevents punctured
primers and the firing pin spring is engineered to
last over 15 times longer than those of the past.
This design, mated with high impact, ultra alloy
steel, requires only scheduled maintenance,
cleaning and lubrication. The life expectancy of
Garwood bolts exceeds 250,000 rounds per set.

                           GARWOOD INDUSTRIES, INC.
                                   Scottsdale, Arizona
                           1-800-464-1892 • Fax 480-596-0902

                                            Part # GI-134-4220

The Garwood Spade grip assembly offers the operator a rugged, yet versatile, weapon
control point. Our integrated grips are ergonomic and are applicable in environments’ from
the Tropics, to cold weather and slip stream climates. Our one piece spade grips will
accommodate AC or DC, Gun
Control Units (GCU’s) and attach
directly to the aft section of the
G.I. Minigun or can be attached
directly to a customer’s clutch
assembly, regardless on the
clutch’s manufacturer. The
component spade grip
incorporates a Delrin*/Kydex*
material, which in desert zones,
stays cool to the touch, much
improving the operators weapon


                          GARWOOD INDUSTRIES, INC.
                                  Scottsdale, Arizona
                          1-800-464-1892 • Fax 480-596-0902

                       GUN CONTROL UNIT
   Part # GI-134-4001

The Gun Control Unit (GCU) is the fire control interface with the weapon. The Garwood
GCU mounts in the spade grip assembly, giving ergonomic weapon control at your
fingertips. The GCU accepts a power cable which supplies voltage to the control unit, with
one cable attaching to the electric motor and one cable attaching to the clutch; all
connectors are of the highest, mil-spec quality available. The Weapons Arm/disarm toggle
switch offers a guarded cover which must be lifted before the arming switch may be
activated. After activation, a lighted, night vision compatible indicator light glows to notify
the operator the weapon is armed and ready to fire. Once the weapon is armed, either the
right or left trigger will fire the weapon. When the firing sequence is finished the operator
simply lowers the Arming/disarm switch cover to disarm the weapon. The Garwood GCU
comes in a variety of configurations, all with a standard delay circuit enabling the weapon
to clear itself of any live rounds after firing.

                                     The Garwood GCU is Housed
                                    Within the Spade Grip Assembly
                                            Part # GI-134-1968

The Garwood Industries minigun barrels are manufactured at the Fabriqe National barrel
plant in the United States. Our gun barrels use only mil-spec materials which have been
proven over the years to be the highest quality available on the market, meeting and
exceeding stringent military standards. This coupled with the enduring reputation of FN
manufacturing, guaranties that Garwood barrels are unmatched in durability and longevity.

                                                Garwood Industries minigun barrels are
                                               universally interchangeable with all mil-
                                                 spec minigun systems. G.I. barrels will
                                              accept all mil-spec barrel clamps and mil-
                                                spec barrel clamp flash hider units. Our
                                                   minigun barrels life expectancy is the
                                             highest in the industry, exceeding 200,000
                                            rounds per set. Phosphate coatings coupled
                                               with chrome linings .002" to .003" thick,
                                                ensure our barrels are able to handle the
                                             toughest battlefield environments, whether
                                                                      on land, sea or air.

                          GARWOOD INDUSTRIES, INC.
                                  Scottsdale, Arizona
                          1-800-464-1892 • Fax 480-596-0902

                                  BARREL CLAMPS
   Part # GI-134-1402

                        Virtually Eliminates Muzzle Flash!
Due to the high rate of fire of a G.I.
Minigun, handling muzzle flash is
of paramount concern. At Garwood
Industries, we have developed a
solution with a one piece barrel
clamp/flash hider. This design
virtually eliminates the blinding
muzzle flash typically associated
with Gatling guns. Vigorous testing
of our product in every low light
condition has proven the
effectiveness of the G.I. one piece
flanged design flash hider/
eliminator. We offer this barrel
clamp flash hider with either two
flanges or four. Our two flange
barrel clamp is light weight which is
applicable to airborne applications. The four
flange design assist’s in heat dissipation in
applications where the addition of a few
ounces of weight is not an issue.

                        Part # GI-134-5100

        The M-134G yoke is designed for attaching the weapon to
        the system vertical arm. The Yoke incorporates a sight
        riser with Picitinny rails. This allows for a variety of
        optics to be attached directly over the firing barrel of the
        Garwood M-134G. Typically, an EOTech Holographic
        sight is the primary target acquisition method. With the
        addition of visible and IR lasers, the war fighter is able to
        use this yoke/sighting system to its full capacity.

              Scottsdale, Arizona
      1-800-464-1892 • Fax 480-596-0902

   1200, 3200 and 4500 Round

Garwood offers a variety of magazines dependent on mission requirements. The 1200
round magazine can be used in ground mount applications as well as in aircraft. The 3200
round magazine surpasses the Navy’s 20-10-10 crash requirements’ and is a good choice
for aircraft as well as ground vehicles. Our 4,500 round magazine is typically used on
ground vehicles and deck mounted on ships.

    Magazine Capacities for all Applications

                                             Part # GI-134-6120

The transportation of ammunition on the modern battlefield is a concern which must be
addressed. Due to rough handling on land and in high sea’s, occasionally this can result in
mislinked ammunition, with all weapons, including the Minigun; mislinked ammunition
can result in a stoppage. To combat this occurrence, the round repositioner is attached at
the exit of the ammunition magazine, as rounds pass through; they are realigned within the
link. This allows for an unrestricted flow of ammunition to the weapon, greatly reducing
the chance of a stoppage. The Garwood Round Repositioner will attach to any industry
standard ammunition magazine.

                           GARWOOD INDUSTRIES, INC.
                                   Scottsdale, Arizona
                           1-800-464-1892 • Fax 480-596-0902

                                      BATTERY BOXES
   Part # GI-134-7500

24 Volt Power with
Cable Connectors.
Ground and Vehicle
Mount System.

The G.I. product line deals exclusively with the improved Electric minigun and associated
components. Garwood’s manufacturing processes are of the highest quality available, including
material and product traceability as required in compliance programs such as:
                                            ISO 9001:2000

                                      Ansi/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000

                                         AS9100-2004 Rev. B

This level of quality assurance allows military users the confidence of product procurement, without the
time consuming process of First Article Testing (FTA) protocols.

Garwood Industries product support includes:
     Turret applications including, mounts, power cabling, ammunition feed chute, and a variety of
                 ammunition magazines’, which compliment any missions requirement.

Aircraft applications including weapon and ammunition mounting systems, power systems for
weapon control and intercom interface which allows for gunner communication. Support is available

                    Little Bird, twin weapon systems in fixed forward applications.
                               UH-1 Flex mounted, door gun systems and
                             Black Hawk, window mount weapons systems.

      P Box 15393
Scottsdale, Arizona 85267
    Fax 480-596-0902

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