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Certificate of Issuance document sample

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									                            CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER
                            DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS                              Public Works Permit Operations
                            Development Engineering Services                        2000 W. 3rd Avenue, Room 107
     John W. Hickenlooper
            Mayor                                                                   Denver, Colorado 80223-1027
                                                                                    Phone: (303) 446-3759
                                                                                    Facsimile: (303) 446-3755

                Plan Approval Certificate Issuance Entrance Requirements

Authority:                          Revised Municipal Code, Chapter 56, Section 103, Permits & Fees.
                                    Public Works Rules & Regulations Governing Sewerage Charges & Fees & Management
                                    of Wastewater, Chapter 2, Sections 1 & 17, Permit Required; and Chapter 9, Section 4,
                                    Certificate of Occupancies.
Purpose of Authority:           To define the responsibility of public compliance to permit issuance, and regulate the
                                permitting processes.
Document Date:                  February 2, 2006, Version 3
Permit Types:                   Wastewater Management Plan Approval Certificate
Permit Dates:                       If work under this certificate is not commenced within one year from the date of
                                    issuance or, if after partial completion, the work is discontinued for a period of one
                                    year, the certificate shall become void.
                                    If work under the certificate is not properly completed, the certificate shall become
Customer Interface:             Most communications between the City and the customer will be done through Public
                                Works Permit Operations (PWPO) 303-446-3759. The customer may also have cause to
                                speak with Public Works Engineers and Inspectors.
Affiliated Departments &            Other departments that may require submittal:
Agencies, and Roles:                •    Building Inspection Division (BID), Fire, BID Health. All these departments may be
                                         reached at (720) 865-2500.
                                    •    Landmark (720) 865-2944
                                    •    Public Works Plans Review Services (PWPRS) (720) 865-2782
                                    •    Transportation, DES (720) 865-3100
                                    •    Zoning Administration (720) 865-3057
                                    Licensing for work and inspections:
                                    •    BID–General Contractor and Plumber Licenses (720) 865-2770
                                    Business Licensing:
                                         Excise & Licenses (720) 865-2740
Certificate of                      BID requires a Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) for new buildings, the first tenant into a
Occupancy:                          new building or space, additions over 1,000 sq. ft., and changes of occupancy. The
                                    requirement for the C/O is noted on the #1C Permit from BID. Prior to PW Wastewater
                                    signing the C/O card, the following conditions must be met:
                                    •    Contractor may not be on either (ROW or WMD) delinquent list.
                                    •    All “Conditions” on the shell/superstructure SUDP must have been met.
                                    •    All referenced PWPO permit numbers must be completed and finalized.
                                    If the Plan Approval Certificate issued for tenant finish work falls under a SUDP
                                    Shell/Superstructure Permit, and that shell/superstructure is unable to be granted a
                                    C/O, then a final C/O will not be granted for the Plan Approval Certificate. The
                                    shell/superstructure must have been granted a C/O prior to the Plan Approval
                                    Certificate receiving a C/O. A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) may be
                                    C/O and TCO for Plan Approval Certificates may be signed in the office. You must
                                    bring in the Plan Approval Certificate number and TCO or C/O card with you. If you
                                    wish to have the C/O card signed in the field, the inspection request with the Plan
                                    Approval Certificate number, must be called in to PWPO, 303.446.3759, prior to 3:30
                                    p.m., of the previous work day.
Considerations:                     All submittals for Plan Approval Certificates require the submittal of:
                                    •    A complete set of architectural floor plans. Room schedule must be shown.
                                    •    Complete plumbing floor plans for the waste system, to include vent and riser
                                         (isometric) diagram. The type of plumbing fixture(s) must be indicated on the
                                         plans and/or specifications.
                                    A site plan is required for any new structure(s). The site plan (2 copies to scale, NO
                                    FREEHAND DRAWINGS) must depict the location of the structure(s) with respect to

       \\Wmdtmpstr\users\BOECKBK\DES Web Sites Info\PWPO Web Documentation\Wastewater ER DOC format\2006\Plan
                                                                        Approval Certificate Issuance 020206.doc
                               property lines, streets, alleys, north arrow, etc. and show the existing and proposed
                               sewer lines (with sizes) from any proposed or existing structures on site.
                               Applications for these projects must always be logged in for full review: New or
                               existing manufacturing companies, new or existing food processing companies,
                               restaurants, beauty salons, pet grooming, printing establishments, medical offices and,
                               hospitals, and any structure that has a grease interceptor and/or sand & oil interceptor
                               that must be cut-off/by-passed due to a change of occupancy, etc. (check red book
                               The following items may be issued on a Plan Review Certificate:
                               •     Single family residential (SFR) additions if they are not being constructed over, or
                                     within 2’ of, any existing sewer; not in Zones A, AO, AE, AH flood plain (Zone X
                                     may be walked-thru); and no new exterior sewer work is being performed.
                               •     Various “U Occupancies” (non-habitable): sheds, detached garages, greenhouses,
                                     handicap ramps; as long as they are not being constructed over any existing
                                     sewer, not in Zones A, AO, AE, AH flood plain (Zone X may be walked-thru), and
                                     no new plumbing fixtures or exterior sewer work is being performed.
                               •     When BID sends customers to our office for a permit for work that does not
                                     normally fall under our jurisdiction, i.e., pop-tops with no ground excavation
                                     (including piers) and interior only renovation on single family dwellings.
                               •     Any residential permits that are reducing the number of living units, as long as,
                                     the total number of living units that remain are not less than 3 units. May not
                                     have any exterior sewer work being performed, nor any change of use. Building
                                     must have a multi-residential or mixed use, and be served by a single water tap.
                                              Examples:        10 units to 8 units – yes
                                                                7 units to 6 units - yes
                                                                Duplex to Single Family Residence – no
                                                                Triplex to duplex – no
                                                                5 Townhomes to 3 townhomes - separate taps – no
                               •     Temporary Trailers: Any trailer without sewer or water connections may be
                                     permitted on a Plan Review Certificate if they have submitted the required plans;
                                     an address assignment slip; a letter stating what company is picking up the wastes
                                     from the holding tank or san-o-let, which includes the company name, address,
                                     and phone number; and a letter of approval from Building Inspection Division
                                     (BID) allowing them to use the toilet facilities of a building within 300’ of the
                               •     Small commercial additions - as long as there is no new or relocated sewer work or
                                     change in the domestic water tap size, building has not been vacant for 2 years,
                                     not in Zones A, AO, AE, AH flood plain (Zone X may be walked-thru), and less than
                                     200 square feet in area.
                               •     Some changes of use or occupancy – office to retail or retail to office, with no
                                     change in the domestic water tap size, no new exterior sewer work, and building
                                     hasn’t been vacant. Check with SME prior to issuance of Certificate.
                               •     Tenant finish on new or existing commercial buildings, unless exterior sewer
                                     and/or water connections are part of the work, or if there is plumbing routing
                                     through a pretreatment device. Any work that requires an inspection must go
                                     through a full review. The shell/superstructure SUDP must be issued, and that
                                     permit number must be referenced on the Plan Approval Certificate.
Approval Process:              Submit site plans (2 copies to scale, NO FREEHAND DRAWINGS) to the PWPO counter.
                               The application for Plan Approval Certificate does not have to be done by a certain
                               individual. Whoever submits the plans is considered the “Authorized Agent”.
                               PW DES does not require stamped plans, but the plans must not be marked for
                               anything other than for construction. If a Plan Approval Certificate is issued PWPO will
                               not retain a copy of the plans.
                               PWPO will deem whether a Plan Review Certificate can be issued, or if the submittal
                               must be logged-in for full review. PWPO reserves the right to disallow the issuance of a
                               Plan Review Certificate for any submittal that does not meet required qualifications.
                               There are no fees assessed for Plan Review Certificates as of the date of this
Document Location:         Public Works Operations and
                           H:\DES Web Sites Info\PWPO Web Documentation\Wastewater ER DOC format\Plan Approval Certificate
                           Issuance 050703.doc

      \\Wmdtmpstr\users\BOECKBK\DES Web Sites Info\PWPO Web Documentation\Wastewater ER DOC format\2006\Plan
                                                                       Approval Certificate Issuance 020206.doc

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