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					What makes CVS Web-Imaging different?
   Most Imaging solutions . . .

             Handle multiple-page documents

                 Ensure document authenticity

Help clean papers off desks …. And… Tidy-up messy filing systems
CVS Web-Imaging also …..
        Ensures that files are not too big. (Time to retrieve will be long).

    Ensures that documents are electronically delivered quickly.

                      Allow people to communicate off same document.

                  Digitally stamps documents (Security).

   Helps protect the business from exposure due to lost documents.
   How does CVS Web-Imaging deliver?

o   As a Document Management Solution
    o Allows for all document images to be stored in a logical file
    o Enforces business rules and filing compliance
    o Allows for future enhancement and integration
    o Microsoft certified

o   For business users
    o   Helps supply information – quickly and logically
    o   Builds team
    o   Reduces operational costs and overheads
    o   Improves client image
  CVS Web-Imaging System Architecture

Hard copy

            Scan documents

  Fax                         OCR & Forms             Indexing &
                               Recognition            Verification

 E-mail          extraction

                 User view
o   CVS Web-Imaging – Simple/effective

o   Scan, fax or email documents in
     o (or export/import from legacy)

o   Liberates information
    - instantly available
    - Secure

o   Business rules
    - Process control
    - Access to information is managed
   CVS Web-Imaging Document Management

o   Customer files
    - Paper to digital format
    - Liberates info
    - Single source

o   Accounts / Contracts
    - Consolidation
    - Annotations
    - Integration

o   Client views subject to Business rules

o   Outbound communication
     - E-mail/fax/print
     - Legacy
Currently In Paper or Legacy

                                                      Managed View
       Customer File

                Contracts                                       Help Desk
                                     Service       Rules
                               W                  Business
                 Sureties                          Rules
                Mandates                          Business
     Order Fulfillment         M
                               A                  Business
                 Orders                            Rules
                 Invoices      I
                               N       Single     Business
               Installments          Electronic    Rules
                               G     Folder of
                  P.O.D              Customer
              Credit Notes                                      Customer
   Benefits to the Business
o   Consolidation of information
     o   Order
     o   Invoices
     o   Statements
     o   POD’s
     o   Credit notes

o   Single view of the customer available 24 x 7 x 365

o   Central tool – in /view / out

o   Business rules
     o Completeness
     o Communication/notification
     o Escalation
Can see
and select
that exist
from the
image is
   CVS Web-Imaging builds data relationships:
o   The following three pages show how by simply loading
    documents into the system, the logical links are created.

o   In any typical transaction, there are three components:
       1. Client
       2. Product
       3. Agreement or transaction

Users can switch to view by client/product/transaction perspective
  by simply clicking on the relevant field…
Your Car rental Co

                              The reference to
                              the past 10 (ten)
                              transactions (rental
                              agreements) are
  This screen image is        listed. By selecting
  taken from a solution for   (clicking) the
  Car rental companies. -     agreement line –
  when viewing the client     the user browses
  - all the relevant client   to the agreement
  related documents are       detail ….(next
  shown                       page)
Your Car rental Co

                                           In addition, the
                     By selecting          logical link to client
                     (clicking) the        and product
                     agreement line        (Vehicle) is built.
                     (Previous page) –     As the mouse is
                     the user browses      moved over the
                     to the agreement      field, the box is
                     detail….              highlighted –
                                           depicting that this
                     All documents         is a link to client or
                     relating to the       product. The
                     service provided      product (vehicle)
                     are listed, and can   field is highlighted
                     be retrieved          in this image. By
                                           clicking on the
                                           highlighted field…
Your Car rental Co

                     By clicking on the
                     highlighted field…    As previously
                     (Previous page) –     detailed, the last
                     the user browses      10 (ten) rental
                     to the Product        agreements are
                     detail….              listed here, and
                                           can be browsed to
                     All documents         by simply selecting
                     relating to the       the agreement
                     product provided      required… and so a
                     are listed, and can   full relationship is
                     be retrieved          developed
                     The document image is
Your Car rental Co
                     initially opened within the
                     application. This allows
                     users to reference detail,
                     and is so required – email
                     the image to the client.
                     The image can be
                     opened in Windows
                     Imaging by simply
                     clicking on the image
This functionality is
extremely useful – as in
the car rental business –
the inspection document
is required to book the
vehicle back in. This is
printed, updated, and re-
scanned in – as the next
version of the document
(Yes versioning is catered
CVS Web-Imaging
o   Turnkey solution
o   Developed in S.A.
o   Developed on Microsoft platform
o   Easily configured to requirements
o   Set solution to match your corporate image
o   Phased implementation
o   Web based – no workstation deployment
o   Quick ROI
   CVS Web-Imaging system configuration
   The CVS Web-Imaging application suite includes a number of
    standard modules and templates. In addition, CVS has developed a
    engineering configuration toolkit, which allows qualified support and
    integration persons to configure and enhance the solution.

o   Other modules such as:
    - CVS Web-Imaging Contract management
    - CVS Web-Imaging HR Files & Online-Leave
    - CVS Web-Imaging Freight Forwarding
    - CVS Web-Imaging Purchase Orders
    - CVS Web-Imaging Customer Verification
    - CVS Web-Imaging Dispatch Control
 Contact CVS for a personalized
demonstration, or for a reseller In
           your area.

       +27 (11) 318 0042

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