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The first European to ever set foot in Nicaragua was
 Columbus. Later all of Nicaragua would be
 conquered by Spanish explorers called
 conquistadors. There are even Spanish settlements
 found in Nicaragua that date back to 1520.
Nicaragua was controlled by Spain until 1821. With it’s
 independence from Spain, Nicaragua joined the
 United Provinces if Central America
Nicaragua chose to become an entirely separate
 republic, which it did so in 1838.
5.7 Million People with
a 2 percent annual
69% of those people are
Mestizo, which is a mix
between h and Indian
9 percent are Black

17 percent are
The remaining 5
percent are Pure
(36 percent of it’s
population is younger
than 14)

Nicaragua is about the size of Iowa, and is also the
  largest country in Central America.
 Only about 20 percent of the land is able to be
 Humidity is usually high, and the average
  temperature is usually 80 degrees.
 Dry season starts November and ends in May.
 Every so often Nicaragua will have destructive
  hurricanes and tidal waves.
                     General Attitude

 Nicaraguans greet each other with a “nice to meet you” or
    “how are you”
   Often it is polite to ask of the families health
   Kissing the cheek is an acceptable way to great a female if
    you are a male, and vice-versa.
   Nicaraguans are very sociable, honest, and have a good
   They are kind, and will help if someone requires it.
   Politics is the most favorable of subjects.
   Social status is measured by your material possessions.

 School is mandatory from ages six to thirteen.
 About 1/3 of those students complete their
 Students must pay for all their supplies: Uniforms,
  pencils, paper, etc. This is usually a deterrent for
  poor families because they cannot afford to extend
  their money.
 Usually the students who complete secondary school
  will go on to college.
 Nicaragua has 5 private and 5 state universities.
Nicaragua has fifteen
provinces, and two
regions near the Atlantic
The current President is
Daniel Ortega
Legislators are elected for
5 year terms
It’s biggest political
parties are Liberal
Constitutionalist Party,
Sandinista National
Liberation Front , and the
Conservative Party.
The voting age is 16
         Major Products and Resources

 Nicaraguans main export are bananas, coffee, sugar,
  beef and tobacco
 40 percent of the Labor force works in agriculture.
 Relies on it’s agricultural contributions, but it does
  invest itself in industry such as, fishing, tourism, etc.
While Nicaragua has a minimalistic economy now, it
  has a massive potential for growth, it is only in it’s
  current situation because of the Sandinista Era, and
  also because of it’s natural disasters.

Like most Central American people, or people with
  Spanish descent, Nicaraguan people enjoy eating rice
  and beans, even though they can afford much else.
  Wealthier families like to add a meat or a vegetable
  into their rice and beans.
Another variation of rice and beans would be Gallo
  Pinto which are rice and beans fried together with
  spices like onion, cilantro and peppers.
Nicaraguans today hold the record for the largest Gallo
Gallo Pinto
             Recreation and Tourism

 Recreational Activates include baseball, basketball,
    volleyball, and soccer
   Teens Socialize until about 9:pm
   Dances are held regularly at schools Friday and
    Saturday nights.
   Nicaraguans love to dance, so most social events
    have at least some dancing
   Other common activities would involve going to the
    beach, going to clubs, etc.
              Recreation and Tourism

 Tourism in Nicaragua is exploding, it has increased
    by 70% over the last several years, growing at rates of
   It’s expected to become the largest industry for
    Nicaragua in the upcoming years.
   Every year 60,000 U.S citizens visit Nicaragua either
    due to business, tourism, or just visiting relatives.
   The United States has at least 5,300 of it’s citizens
    living in Nicaragua right now.
   Nicaragua’s main tourist attractions are, beaches,
    scenic routes, the architecture.
                Famous People

Seeking to restore Nicaragua's cultural identity, Rubén
  Darío made people jump on “the bandwagon” and made
  people realize that poetry was fun. For his efforts poetry
  has become a national pastime.
Arlen Siu is acknowledged as one of the first martyrs for
  the revolution.
One of the best known “celebrities” is Bianca Jagger, which
  is also known as the former wife of Mick Jagger.
Sergio Ramírez Mercado was a published writer, and many
  of his works were acclaimed, he was also vice president
  for a number of years.
       Nicaraguan Current News Article

The possibility of a U.S recession has Nicaragua
 worried because Nicaragua's linked to the United
The article goes on to say that while the recession
 could have negative impact on Nicaragua, it is not a
 real concern to the general people, because
 Nicaragua is a big tobacco trader with the U.S.
The government is well assured, if things were to get
 “dire” in Nicaragua that the U.S government would
 re-inject cash into the economy until the economy
 recovered on it’s own.

                               Link To News Article

 Hear Their National Anthem “Hail to You,
 News Article

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