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Palm Reading - PDF


									Want to know if there's a beautiful woman in your future? Or if a big promotion is on its way? Well, you may read your horoscope every day of the week, but what about finding out more about you? I can't think of a better way to be the life of the party (while sober) than by being able to read palms. No, I don't mean decoding and knowing how to use your Palm Pilot; I mean the ancient art of palmistry.

origins of palmistry
The next time you grab a woman's hand and tell her you would like to read her palm, you can tell her that palm reading has been passed down for thousands of years, after having originated in India. It became mainstream in Ancient Greece, and began to spread like wildfire throughout Europe and Asia. And hey, if it's good enough for the Greeks… The lines in your palm do not predict or determine your destiny, but rather your distinguishing characteristics and personal health. But your lines don't define your fate -- you do, and if you change, so will your lines. Start with your own hand and you'll become a palm-reading master in no time. You'll have more female hands coming your way than you'll know what to do with.

reading that palm
Each hand represents different aspects: Right hand: practical, "doing" side Left hand: emotional or "heart" side

heart line
What happens in your love life and why. Right hand -- How you relate to others, your needs and experiences in love, and your passion for living. Left hand -- How you feel about yourself and your relationships; feelings occurring underneath your surface.

Analysis Line Characteristic
Becomes a steep curve below the index and middle finger

Strong sexual desire

Ends under index finger Picky when it comes to partners Ends under middle finger (rare) Need for love No need for romance, rather strong Straight and short sex drive 2 or more branches out of heart Corresponding number of different line sides to emotional nature Heart line with branch pointing Easily hurt in love downwards and touching life line Married couples with similar Successful marriage heart lines

head line
How you think, not a measure of intelligence. Right hand -- What you physically do in life, including career, business and hidden talents. Left hand -- The way you think, how you see the world and how you communicate.

Analysis Line Characteristic
Ends under proximity of ring finger Short Long Straight Curved Sloping Horizontal Chained Fork in head line Floating head line Starts under index finger

Average head line Simple, direct thinking Thorough, careful thinking Clear, concentrated thinking Readiness to play with new ideas Creativity Practical thinking High-strung attitude Open-minded, ability to see several points of view Carefree attitude Brilliance

life line
No, this is not something used to help you out on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, nor does it indicate how long you will live. It reveals how you will live, in terms of quality of life. Right hand -- Vitality and physical strength; timing of events and significant practical happenings in your life; how adventurous you are in life. Left hand -- Vitality and emotional strength; timing of events and significant emotional happenings in your life; how adventurous you are in relationships.

Analysis Line Characteristic
Runs close to the thumb Wide curve Stronger than head line Chained Little rising lines Outward swinging lines Small line on life line

Low vitality (usually a tired person) High vitality and energy level More physically active than mentally active Delicate health Active personality Love for travel Refer to particular events at points in your life

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