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									   Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited              Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited                   Innopharm Incorporated
                Canada                                         Niagara                           1 Valleywood Drive, Suite 100
        7600 Danbro Crescent                            100 Forest Avenue                              Markham, Ontario
         Mississauga, Ontario                            Buffalo, New York                              Canada L3R 5L9
           Canada L5N 6L6                                    USA 14213                                 Tel: (905) 470-2028
         Tel: (905) 821-7600                            Tel: (716) 887-3400                           Fax: (905) 470-9241
         Fax: (905) 821-7601                           Fax: (716) 887-3733
        Web: www.cplltd.com
       E-mail: info@cplltd.com

                                                                      steam-heated and water-
                      Vital Statistics                                cooled jacketed kettles, and
                                                                      vacuum capabilities.
Year Founded: 1991                                                        CPL offers a number of
                                                                      packaging solutions includ-
Number of Employees: 500
                                                                      ing: nasal sprays, tubes, bot-
Key Personnel: Paul Pickles, chief executive officer; Gary            tles, jars, sachets, applicators
Tamming, chief financial officer; Colin McClintock, vice presi-       and non-sterile syringes.
dent quality; Andrew Crerar, general manager Canadian oper-           Capabilities include high
ations; John Ross, general manager US operations; Brent               speed filling, injection blow-
Matthews, general manager Innopharm; Jan Sahai, executive             molding and bottle decorat-
director, business development.                                       ing. Secondary packaging
                                                                      includes hospital kits and
                       Who We Are                                     point-of-purchase and pro-
                                                                      motional displays.
CPL IS THE LEADER IN MANUFACTURING, packaging and analytical          Innopharm, CPL’s analytical facility, provides a comprehensive
testing of prescription and over-the-counter liquid and semi-         range of testing for raw materials, bulk and finished goods
solid pharmaceuticals. CPL coordinates and executes projects          including chemistry and microbiological testing. Innopharm
from small scale clinical                                             also offers method development, validation, transfer and stabil-
batches to commercial man-                                            ity studies.
ufacturing. All of CPL’s
operations are FDA and                                                                     Major Markets
Health Canada inspected
and strictly adhere to cGMP                                           CPL SERVES A GLOBAL CUSTOMER BASE from its facilities in the US
practices. CPL views itself                                           and Canada. Our customers range from many of the top
as a true partner with cus-                                           Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies to virtual companies.
tomers and builds long-                                               As an approved manufacturer under the MRA between Canada
term relationships based on                                           and the European Union and recent EU inspections of our US
trust and excellence. Our                                             operations, CPL’s clients have access to the EU with minimal
employees’ qualifications,                                            regulatory effort. CPL routinely manufactures products des-
expertise and dedication                                              tined for international markets.
allow CPL to consistently
differentiate itself in the
areas of quality, service and                                                             www.cplltd.com

                    Services Offered
CPL OFFERS CUSTOM MANUFACTURING, packaging and analytical
testing of liquid and semi-solid products including, creams,
ointments, pastes, gels, emulsions, suspensions, lotions and
solutions. CPL’s product mix is approximately 50% prescrip-
tion and 50% over-the-counter.
   The Mississauga, Ontario and Buffalo, NY facilities are
140,000 sq. ft. and 450,000 sq. ft., respectively. Manufacturing
capabilities include: state-of-the-art pilot facilities, explosion-
proof suites, containment areas for controlled substances,

90                                                  CORPORATE CAPABILITIES

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