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Senior Administrator, ACME Ltd Ref: 123/456

Several things mentioned in your recent advertisement for the post of Senior Administrator,
interest me as they reflect much of the work I am currently involved in.

I am currently working as part of the Administration Team at John Smith Ltd. This has given
me the opportunity to develop my skills and embed my knowledge of administrative protocol
and process, while working on a diverse and challenging number of projects and initiatives.
This currently includes:

       Planning and organising national events for the Sales and Marketing teams.

       Researching and providing articles for the John Smith company website.

       Writing and delivering reports, spreadsheets and power point presentations
        for the company Management team.

       Advising and liaising with other functions and departments within the company, as

I attach my Curriculum Vitae for your information. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how I
could be an asset to your team and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely

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