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									                           Therapy Partners, Inc.                                                                                                   ™

                                                                                        What’s New
                                                                                                                                  Spring 2006
                                   3301 9 Ave. • Huntsville, AL 35805 • 256-536-7123 •                    Issue 36
               Therapy Partners, Inc.™ is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency honoring the human-animal bond to enhance the quality of life for all

                                               Tim Morgan Golf Classic
                                                   Grant Awarded
                                                                                   Therapy Partners has received a grant from the Tim
                                                                                  Morgan Golf Classic. Rachel Hopper and Don
                                                                                  Rizzardi, representing Mr. Morgan, made this pre-
    11 Years of Service

                                                                                  sentation at our December holiday party. This grant,
                                                                                  made possible through the fund raising efforts of em-
                                                                                  ployees of the District Attorney’s office, has provided
                                                                                  funding for audio-visual equipment, uniform shirts
                                                                                  for handlers, and support materials for our core pro-
                                                                                  gram services. Visual presentations have become a
                                                                                  big part of our training program as well as our Part-
                                                                                  ners in the Community programs. Some of the pro-
                                                                                  grams available to the community include: “The Care
                                                                                  and Training of Dogs” (including bite prevention),
                                                                                  “Animal Assisted Therapy: definition, history and
                          Sheree Kelley, Cathy Hubler, Alan Bibb, Rachael Hopper,
                                                                                  benefits,” and “Introduction to Therapy Partners,
                          Don Rizzardi, Donna Palumbo, Dan Halcomb, Margie        Inc.” More and more PowerPoint presentations are
                          Wiesman, Connie Gates and Paul Seeley                   being developed as needed. We sincerely thank the
                                                                                  Golf Classic for helping us help the community.
                                                                                                                                       Margie Wiesman

                                                   Continue the Miracles
                            Every visit is a personal gift: a touch of life, a mo-          available. Your gift supports a Therapy Partner
                          ment of hope in the midst of despair, a sweet break               team for one year. The sponsor receives a plaque
                          in an otherwise difficult routine. It’s the cancer pa-            with a picture of the therapy team and stories
                          tient whose chemotherapy treatment is eased by the                about the team’s
                          snuggle of a therapy dog. It’s the rehabilitation pa-             visits, recognition
                          tient whose favorite exercise is reaching out to hold             on our website and
                          the therapy cat. It’s the little girl whose life will for-        newsletter. Please
                          ever be enriched because a therapy animal helped                  contact Therapy
                          her embrace the power of reading. It’s the oldster                Partners to find out
                          who strokes the therapy dog and smiles anew at the                more about how to
                          memory of the boyhood pup who grew to be his best                 sponsor a team and
                          friend. Your support makes miracles happen.                       making the miracles
Therapy Partners, Inc.
                            Therapy Partners announces its Team Spon-
                          sors program. Gold, silver and bronze levels are                              Connie Gates
Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New                                                                                                      Spring 2006

  From                                  disk and taking it from one computer               Therapy Partners, Inc.
                                        to another.
   the                                     This year we are starting a Team
                                                                                                                                     What’s New
                                                                                    3301 9th Ave. • Huntsville, AL 35805 • 256 - 536-7123 •

                                                                                   Therapy Partners, Inc.™ is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit agency honoring the human-animal bond
                                        sponsorship program. It is our hope                                     to enhance the quality of life for all

                                        that business leaders in our commu-                                      Editor
  Desk                                  nity will take this opportunity to                                  Jean Greenwood
                                        support Therapy Partners. Their
                                                                                                              Linda Cherry
                                        support will be rewarded with spe-
                                                                                                   Executive Director
  Thanks to the generous grant from     cial benefits as well as our sincere ap-                    Margie Wiesman
the Tim Morgan Golf classic we are      preciation.                                                Handler Co-ordinator
now able to create and present            March 19th, is the date of our pro-                         Jean Greenwood
PowerPoint presentations. As we         spective Interns and Partners inter-                     Administrative Assistant
work more with schools, profes-         views. If you have a well trained dog                        Jenny Stricklin
sional and civic organizations we can   or fabulously friendly cat give us a                          Board of Directors
adapt our information to meet their     call! If you’re accepted into the pro-                  President -Dan Halcomb
individual needs. We know that          gram our training takes 5 months.                       Vice-President -Alan Bibb
nothing tells the stories of our won-   You will learn how to work with dif-                    Secretary - Connie Gates
derful teams better than moments        ferent client populations and how to                    Treasurer - Sheree Kelley
photographed with them and their        best present your animal to them for                              Catherine Hubler
patients. With this new equipment                                                                           Paul Seeley
                                        animal assisted therapy work. We
comes a need for volunteers who         have a waiting list for facilities that
would like to work on these presen-     want our well trained AAT/AAA                                       Active Handlers
tations as well as other visual         animals and their handlers. Thanks         Deanna Bayless                                 Andrea McCarley
projects. This grant also provided      to magazine and television articles        Judy Carden                                    Cherié Orcutt
much need long sleeve shirts for our    more professionals are becoming            Linda Cherry                                   Donna Palumbo
                                                                                   Connie Gates                                   Ted Parker
handlers! We were beginning to look     aware of the “special touch of heal-       Connie Hawie                                   Diane Rodgers
a little ragged around the edges.       ing” our teams deliver.                    MariBeth Hill                                  Judy Smith
  Thanks to Vinny Gracchi we’re net-       As spring approaches a renewed          Darlene Kerr                                   Karla Stults
worked. His patience, long hours        zest for life fills me with hope for our   Carol Kimball                                  Margie Wiesman
                                                                                   Linda Lee
and generosity are much appreciated     future and the promise of continu-
by Therapy Partners. Now we can         ing to serve our clients, students and     Handlers with Non-working Partners
access data from any computer and       the community. Join us! Make a con-
                                                                                                              Gloria Bink
not have to take the expensive and      tribution today.                                                   Jean Greenwood
time consuming route of copying a                              Margie Wiesman                               Sharon O’Neil

                                                                                          Handlers on Leave of Absence

   Passing notes                                                                                                Mimi Bynum

  To the many people at HealthSouth Re-                                                                 Support Volunteers
  habilitation Center, the world has got-                                          Beth Andrada                                           Gail Meyer
                                                                                   Jan Birmingham                                         Landon McCrary
  ten just a little less joyful. Sharon                                            Rusty Bynum                                            Sue Morgan
  O’Neil’s beautiful Sheltie, Piper, has                                           Elizabeth Christian                                    David Rodgers
                                                                                   Elizabeth Cline                                        Bill Schweikert
  transitioned out of this world and                                               Jeannie Davis                                          Sue Slagle
  crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Since                                                Debbie Elliott                                         Madeleine Sparks
                                                                                   Vinny Gracchi                                          Alisa Spray
  2001 she visited those with new hips                                             Terry Greenwood                                        Mark Spray
  and knees, accident victims, family                                              Caroline Hopenwasser                                   Jacqy Stone
                                                                                   Lance Hopenwasser                                      Allen Stults
  and staff. She offered herself for pets                                          Cathie Lang                                            Joyce Tofflemire
                                                                                   Nancy Lovell                                           Michael Wiesman
  and hugs. In addition to her luxurious
  coat, Piper had the most serene and
  penetrating gaze. Her look could bring                                              What’s New is published quarterly during the
  instant calm to someone in pain. She will                                           months of March, June, September, and December.

  be sorely missed by us all.      Jean Greenwood                                                         Available online in color at:

Spring 2006                                                                     Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New

  Partners on the Go…                                                                     Thank You...
   Karla Stults accompanied by her Golden Re-                                              to all the businesses and
triever, Chelsea, spoke to 25 members of the                                               individuals who made
Friendship Civitan Club at the Jane K. Lowe Cen-                                           contributions to our
ter on October 27th. The Friendship Civitan Club                                           Silent Auction.
is sponsored by Civitan International; an orga-
nization devoted to improving the lives of chil-
                                                                                                Amanda Mullins
dren and adults with developmental disabilities.
  Connie Gates and Katie traveled to Athens on
                                                                                              Artisans Salon & Spa
                                November 8th to speak
                                                                                                Ashley Furniture
                                to the United Method-
                                                                                              Bragg's of Huntsville
                                ist Women’s Morning
                                                                                                  Brenda Smith
                                Group of the First Chelsea is always willing to
                                                                                                 Charlie Bonner
                                United       Methodist share her love.
                                                                                                  Connie Gates
                                Church. Connie talked about the work of Therapy
                                                                                                Kathryn Murdoch
                                Partners and Katie dispensed kisses.
                                                                                                    Linda Lee
                                   Fifth grade student council representatives from
                                                                                                    Dean Lee
                                Madison County, Madison City and Huntsville
                                                                                                 Debbie Luttrell
                                City Schools held a workshop at Early Works Mu-
Katie shows her appreciation to                                                                      Detail's
Mrs. Linda Beasley by           seum on November 15th. Karla Stults spoke about
                                                                                            Dixieland Group Tickets
dispensing kisses.              the work of Therapy Part-
                                                                                                 Elaine Gauldin
                                ners, showed the video “A
                                                                                                   Fudgey Nut
Journey of Healing”, and did a presentation on “The
Care and Training of Dogs”. The children got the
                                                                                          Glenn's Flowers of Huntsville
opportunity to visit with the teams of Margie
                                                                                                 Golden Griffen
Wiesman and Summer, Linda Cherry and Cyrus,
                                                                                               Just Dogs Gourmet
Donna Palumbo and Charlotte, Connie Hawie and
                                                                                                Karen Thompson
AJ and Linda Cherry and Nelson.
                                                                                                  Linda Cherry
    Ms. Stephanie McCoy invited Therapy Partners
                                                                                                 Mary Lou Davis
to visit with 60 third grade students at Ridgecrest
                                                                                                  Salon Allure
Elementary School on November 29th. After reading Presenter Karla Stults
                                                             agrees that novice therapy          Salon Ka Terra
“Rosie, a Visiting Dogs Story” she wanted the chil- dogs AJ and Nelson acted
                                                                                                  The Greenery
dren to meet some actual working therapy teams. like pro’s with the children.
                          Darlene Kerr and Jenny and
                          Linda Cherry and Nelson were glad to oblige. Darlene
                                                                                                            Removes Urine
                          and Linda showed our video and spoke to the chil-                               Stains and Odors...
                          dren about WAGS ( wait, ask, greet safely). The chil-                          no matter how old they are or
                                                                                                             how bad they smell!
                          dren then had the oppor-
                          tunity to pet Sunny and                                                          Even works on cat
                          Nelson and receive lots of
                          kisses.                                                                                Revolutionary
Darlene and Sunny show                                                                                      bio-enzymatic formula!
                                 On December 5 th
the chilren a real,
working therapy dog.      Therapy Partners, Inc.                                                            500ml spray bottle -
                          held its Holiday Party and                                                              $17.00
Silent Auction at Compass Bank. Thanks to the                                                                gallon - $95.00
                                                                                                                  tax included
hard work of co-organizers MariBeth Hill and
Sheree Kelly the decorations were beautiful, the                                                                 To Order
                                                           MariBeth Hill and Sheree                        Call 256 536-7123
food delicious and the Silent Auction a success.
                                                           Kelley work on decorating
Thank you to Debbie Lutrell for chairing the               for the Holiday Party.
                                                                                                           Guaranteed or your
                                                                                                              money back
                                      Continued page 7
Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New                                                        Spring 2006

   Sound the Retreat!
                                     Saturday, January 7th, was the date of our handlers’ annual re-
                                   treat. Where else could we gather but in our building, which is
                                   no longer quite big enough for our Kind Hearts classes? Where
                                   else would you see a group of people gathered to compare their
                                   animal socks and doggy sweaters? Where else would we be re-
                                   minded of the fleeting lives of our partners and the changing
                                   nature of our organization? We gather to reaffirm, to laugh, to
                                   brainstorm, to discuss challenges, to posit solutions, to be amazed
                                   by all that we have done in a single year, to eat chocolate, and to
                                   look forward.
                                      We look to next year and examine the goals we have set for
                                   ourselves as an organization, and we look at new ways to serve
                                   the community. Margie and the instructors of Kind Hearts are
                                   developing a new class “Introduction to Dog Training” for kids
                                   9-11 years old and their dogs. They hope to have it running this
                                   summer. We’ll teach the kids to use the clicker for manners train-
                                   ing, use the playground equipment, and teach some tricks. Check
                                   the Kind Hearts Website for current information
                                     We grow, we change, and we eat chocolate. Therapy Partners
                                   Retreat 2006.
                                                                                        Jean Greenwood

Spring 2006                                                                              Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New

                   Help for the Shy Dog                                                           Talkin’ ‘Bout
                             (and His Handler)                                                      My Girls
                                                                                         I guess you’ll say, what can make
   Two years ago my husband and I brought                                             me feel this way? My girls, talkin’
home our first dog, Luke. We had visions of him                                       ‘bout my girls, my girls….”
playing fetch, going to PetsMart with us, and lov-                                      So, let me tell you about my latest.
ing all of our friends. Those visions lasted about                                    If you have not been keeping track,
two minutes. We quickly discovered we had                                             you need to know that this makes
brought home a shy dog. After living with him                                         four dogs —and two cats, of course.
for two years we have some tips on enjoying                                           Clancy, my Collie (and my Center)
your shy dog while helping him discover his                                           and our Therapy Dog, Rachael (my
inner bravery.                                                                        Grace), a rescue from the year before,
                                                                                      Abby (Bichon and my Sweetness),
          1. Take him to school. Clicker training                                     Evita and Alexander (both rescue
class is a great place to boost your dog’s confi-                                     cats).
dence by making new friends (human and ca-                                              Anyway, back to the new one. Her
nine) and learning new skills. The school expe-                                       name is Sherry, we guess her to be
rience also helps create a bond of trust between                                      an Australian Shepard / ??? mix, and
you and your shy dog.                                                                 she is, give or take, about two and a
                                                     Caroline consistently works with
                                                     Luke to help him overcome his    half years old. Forty pounds, mostly
          2. Take his mind off his worries. Once shyness.                             black and tan. Dappled stockings on
your dog has learned a few cues in clicker class                                      her front feet. Pretty girl, with bright
such as touch, spin, twirl, and shake, employ them in scary situations. It is eyes and a wide and ready grin. And
hard to be nervous while involved in a game of touch.                                 strong as an ox — if I had nine more
                                                                                      like her we could run the Iditarod.
          3. Tell your dog how brave he is. When we see our dog cringe from She is my Power.
a new stimulus, such as a car backfiring, our first impulse is to say “There,           And quite an odyssey she has had.
there. It’s OK.” We reinforce our dog’s fear with our body language as we I found her online, actually
pull our dog to us to shield him. Instead, when your dog is worried about ( She showed up as a
a new stimulus ask in an excited, happy tone “What was that?” Click and candidate for a dog for my mother,
treat as you tell your puppy how brave he is and move on.                             who lives by herself out in Oregon
                                                                                      and who had recently lost her com-
          4. Celebrate success, no matter how small. Progress is often made panion dog to kidney failure. Sherry
in small increments that add up over time. If your dog only makes it four was in a shelter in Yreka, California;
feet further down the “scary road” before balking, give him good treats she had been picked up roaming a
and praises.                                                                          trailer park. My mother went into
                                                                                      town to see her, and came back with
          5. Be persistent, but not pushy. While you are slowly introducing a dog. Then, a week later, she fell and
your dog to new people, places, and things, respect your dog’s bound- badly broke her wrist. This left her
aries. When your dog is too nervous to even take a piece of roast beef as a unable to care for herself, much less
treat, it is time to go home and try again later.                                     a new dog. Friends took Sherry, but
                                                                                      it could only be temporary.
  Most importantly, be patient with yourself and your dog. Sometimes liv-                No way this dog was going back
ing with a shy dog can be frustrating. You just can’t understand what could to a shelter. So, I scrambled. Found
possibly be scary about a tennis ball. When I’m most exasperated with pet transport. All I had to do was get
Luke and myself, I sit down, stroke his soft fur and thank him for all the joy her to San Francisco — not as easy
he brings to me everyday. I am usually rewarded with a kiss!                          as you might think. Finally, her
                                                         Caroline Hopenwasser         boarders agreed to ferry her down
                                                                                      the coast. She flew into Birmingham,
ED note: Caroline is a certified instructor with Kind Hearts Behavior Center and teaches Puppy
                                                                                                                  continued page 9
ABC’s and Level 1 clicker classes.

Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New                                                                        Spring 2006

           A Ray of Sunshine for Redstone Village
                                                          Darlene Kerr and her Sheltie, Sunny are presently work-
                                                        ing at Redstone Village Retirement Community on South
                                                        Parkway. Sunny is an eight-year old Shetland Sheepdog
                                                        who has excelled in obedience, conformation and agility
                                                        throughout her lifetime. However, she found her favorite
                                                        mission in life last year! In May 2005, she graduated from
                                                        Therapy Partners as a certified therapy dog! Sunny
                                                        (Albany's Ray of Sunshine) is now visiting regularly at
                                                        Redstone Village with the Assisted Living residents and is
                                                        doing her best to put a little sunshine into their lives. Sunny
                                                        gets so excited when she gets into her Therapy Partners
                                                        uniform and seems to know exactly where she is going.
                                                        Sunny loves all the residents there and cuddles with each
                                                        one of them as if she has known them all her life. She is a
                                                        favorite of the residents as well as the staff. When she gets
                                                        there, she starts prancing down the hallway and knows
which direction to go. Sometimes it takes a long time to get down the hallway, since she has to visit with everyone
we meet in the hall as well as the therapy room, living room and activity room. Some of the residents have
noticed the way she prances down the hallway and have given her the nickmane "Miss Prissy Butt".
                                                                                                                  Darlene Kerr

                Cats Aren’t Small Dogs
          Dogs Aren’t Little People in Fur Coats
  For a lot of pet owners, their pets are their children so they are treated as such.
However, the metabolic systems of cats and dogs are quite different from hu-
mans in terms of some medications. Acetaminophen (Tylenol®, Excedrin®),
Ibuprofen (Advil®, Motrin®), Aspirin (Bayer®, Excedrin®, Bufferin®) and
Naproxen (Aleve®) can cause severe medical problems including death.
  In cats, acetaminophen causes a methemoglobinemia which results in the in-
ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues which results in
severe oxygen deprivation and death. In dogs, it can cause anemia (low red
blood cells), liver damage, seizures, and even death. Acetaminophen is the num-
ber one drug overdose called into animal poison control centers nationwide.
  Ibuprofen is another NSAID (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) that re-
ally is not intended for pets either. It can result in kidney failure, liver damage,
and seizures. This over the counter medication is the second most commonly
reported drug ingestion called into animal poison control centers.                       Dr. Rhonda Buxton is a vetenarian
  We all know that aspirin can cause ulcers in humans and the same holds true            at McCurdy Animal Hospital
for dogs. It is generally not recommended to use this drug due to their huge             located at 2107-A Drake Avenue.
potential to cause stomach ulcers and even perforations (holes in the stomach
                                                                     Continued page 10
Spring 2006                                                               Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New
From page 3
                            auction, Connie Gates and Diane Rodgers for doing magic with the decorations and all
                            who provided the wonderful food. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a
                            check from the Tim Morgan Golf Classic to Executive Director Margie Wiesman by Rachael
                            Hopper and Don Rizzardi.
                              Therapy Partner handlers met on January 7th for their annual retreat. In the morning
                            session Executive Director Margie Wiesman presented a program highlighting the accom-
                            plishments of Therapy Partner teams in 2005 and discussed ways in which our goals for
                            the year were met. The moving “Circle of Remembrance” was then held to honor past
                            partners and pets of the handlers. For the afternoon session Karla Stults presented a pro-
                            gram on how to read the body language of our partners. (See related story on page 4.)
  Sharon O’Neil joins in     On January 25th Executive Director Margie Wiesman presented a
  the festivities.          program to the nurses, social workers and volunteers of Hospice
Family Care Center for which they were able to log 1 CEU for their attendance. Margie
used the new PowerPoint presentation developed by Karla Stults entitled “Animal As-
sisted Therapy – Therapy for your Dog… or What?” Handlers Karla Stults with Chelsea
and Linda Cherry with Cyrus were present for people to meet some of the therapy dogs
shown in the presentation.
Blossomwood Elementary School invited Therapy Partners, Inc. to visit them on Janu-
ary 31st. The student council was listening to groups in the community to decide where Cyrus and Chelsea relax
to donate their funds. Executive Director Margie Wiesman and Donna Palumbo with after their visit at Hospice.
her partner Charlotte attended.
                                           Horizon Elementary School teacher Mrs. Carolyn Hale invited Therapy Part-
                                         ners, Inc. to make a presentation to her class on February 1st. For their first
                                         visit to a Madison school Therapy Partners turned out in force. Linda Cherry
                                         with her partner Nelson spoke to the children about therapy dogs and cats
                                         and showed our video. Donna Palumbo with therapy cat Charlotte helped
                                         Nelson greet the children. Executive Director Margie Wiesman took time from
                                         her busy schedule to come and take pictures of
 Emmaranda Nuzum, Alex Weisner,          Charlotte and Nelson in action.
 Fritchie Holmes and Emily Lawson visit     The Alabama Red Hat Renegades invited
 with Nelson and Charlotte.              Therapy Partners to make a presentation to their
                                         group at a luncheon hosted by Bill Heard
Chevrolet on February 2nd. Executive Director Margie Wiesman and Linda Cherry
attended. A special thanks to the Renegades for inviting us and to Ron Schneider,
Howard Wright, and Larry Osborne of Bill Heard Chevrolet for their hospitality.               Margie Wiesman addresses the
                                                                                               Alabama Red Hat Renegades.

                               2006 The Year of the Dog
  If you have ever eaten in a Chinese    plete trust. There is no subterfuge       sures. Walk. Be the companion of
restaurant, you know that every          with a dog. He loves with his whole       choice. Remind him of how won-
twelve years is a Dog year. What         being, and his very favorite person       derful your life has been since he has
you may not know is that there are       is you. How could we not rejoice in       been in your life. Chores will always
five elements in Chinese philosophy      his company? Good dog, fine dog,          be there; choose to ignore them and
that also cycle. And we are currently    my dog, your dog.                         put your pup on your priority list.
in the fire cycle. Fire Dog. What a        The fire element is about doing, be-    No one deserves it more. And you
wonderful place to be. We all know       ing out there, walking your talk. So      get to reap all of the benefits. The
the qualities of a dog that we admire    take your puppy for lots of walks this    Year of the Fire Dog. Celebrate
and try and emulate: loyalty, living     year. Watch and learn from his ab-
in the moment, zest for life, com-       solute delight in the simplest of plea-                          Jean Greenwood

Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New                                                                 Spring 2006

            YMemorials & DonationsZ
          Top Dog / Cat                             Friends                   In memory of Dixie, beloved canine
                                                                              companion of Kathy and Ken
Advertising Committee for the         United Methodist Women’s                Skibinski, by Connie Gates
   Banks of Huntsville                   Morning Group, First United
Knology                                  Methodist Church, Athens             In memory of K.C., beloved feline
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Beasley           Mary Cobey Martin                       companion of MariBeth and Tommy
I.A.T.S.E. Local 900                  Karen Dekko                             Hill, by Connie Gates
Mark & Cheriè Orcutt                  Laura Hash
Dynetics                              Mrs. Margot I. Swanson                  In memory of Ruth Wolfe Weems,
                                      Don & Mary Halverstadt                  mother of Sharon Hudson, by
             Dog / Cat                Richard R. Rohland                      Connie Gates
                                      Karin Evans
In honor of Kind Hearts teachers,     Gregg & Jacqy Stone                     In memory of Bagheera, beloved
assistants and their pets: Debbie     Photo Art & Photography                 partner and feline companion of
Elliot and Kelli Anne, Beth Andrada   Bebe Powell                             Rhonda Buxton, by Connie Gates
and Dolly, Alisa Spray and Abby,      Susan & Steve Stricklin
Caroline Hopenwasser and Luke,        Dorothy Havens                          In memory of Sophie, beloved
Andrea McCarley and Murphy and        Janet & Lee Roop                        canine companion of Shari Watkins,
Cloè, Linda Cherry and Cyrus,         Joyce Fontenot                          by Connie Gates
Nelson and Aristotle, Karla Stults
and Chelsea, Kristall and Misty,      In memory of sweet Dixie, loving        In honor of Kind Hearts instructors
Cathie Lang and Samwise and Zack,     companion of Kathy and Ken              Alisa Spray, Jacqy Stone and Karla
Margie Wiesman and Summer and         Skibinski, by Sharon O’Neil             Stults, by Stephanie Sherman
Buster and Jacqy Stone and Riggs
and Bandit, by Jacqy & Gregg Stone    In memory of Whisper and June,          In honor of Jeannie Calvarese on
                                      beloved companions of Donna and         being named to the Animal Services
          Puppy / Kitten              Tony Palumbo, by Sharon O’Neil          Board, by Sallie Berryhill

                                      In memory of Bagheera, soul mate,       In memory of Lela, beloved canine
Alan Bibb                                                                     companion of Tom Drake, by Sallie
                                      comforter, healer and retired therapy
Morris Heating and Air                                                        Berryhill
                                      partner of Rhonda Buxton, by
                                      Sharon O’Neil
Alisa & Mark Spray                                                            In honor of Linda Cherry and Kind
Catherine Hubler                                                              Hearts Behavior Center . Thanks for
                                      In memory of KC Hill, beloved feline
John, Donna & Hershey Taylor                                                  letting Sam and me be part of
                                      companion of MariBeth and
SAKS, Inc.                                                                    Prancing Paws, by Cathie Lang
                                      TommyHill, by Sheree Kelley
In memory of our dear Zena and                                                In honor of the PAL Program, by
                                      In memory of Whisper and June,
Rhonda Buxton’s Bagheera, by Larry                                            Botchie and Lane Tutt
                                      beloved canine companions of
Bingham and Rusty Bynum
                                      Donna and Tony Palumbo, by
                                      Sheree Kelley                           In memory of Max and Pete, by
In honor of Margie Wiesman, by                                                Sharon J. Clemons
Jean Greenwood
                                      In memory of Turbo, beloved canine
                                      companion of Jennifer Garrett, by       In honor of Charlotte Shea, by
In honor of Connie Gates, by Anne                                             Phyllis Coffield
                                      Sallie Berryhill
                                      In memory of Ted Boyer, by Sallie       Im memory of Piper, beloved canine
Im memory of Maggie, my black                                                 partner of Sharon and David O’Neil,
Lab, by Patricia Bolton                                                       by Margie and Michael Wiesman

Spring 2006                                                               Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New

In memory of James R. Anderson,         In honor of Virginia G. Cook, Erica      In memory of K.C., beloved feline
beloved father of Sue Morgan, by        Wiesman, Evan Ann and Alex               companion of MariBeth and Tommy
Leanne Smart Stoia, Virginia            Shirley, Molly, M.J. and Don Gillikin,   Hill, by Margie and Michael
Pearson, Sharon Gad, Imogene            Ramona Baker, Lynne Berry, Lea           Wiesman
Tilson and Margie Scruggs               Ellison, Greg and Christine
                                        Kamback, Janet Robbins, Jackie and       In memory of Sharon O’Neil’s Piper,
In honor of Abby, by Brooke             Carey Walker, Kelly Wallace, Donna       beloved companion and partner, by
Sherman                                 and Mac McCrary, Charley Burrus          Laurel McDaniel
                                        and Bobbie Bradey, Donna and John
In memory of Zack, the wonderful        Taylor, Susan Palmer and John            In memory of Ava Roop, beloved
yellow Lab companion of Nat and         Tedesco, Dr. and Mrs. Evelyn Baker,      mother of Deborah Storey and Lee
Kathy Benchley, by Susan Palmer         Edwin Palmer, Monica Wiesman,            Roop, by Linda Cherry
and John Tedesco                        Gloria and Jack Probeck, Inez
                                        Perkins, Barbara and Mike                Im memory of Piper, beloved
In memory of Whisper and June,          Swinehart, Buster Brown and              companion of Sharon O’Neil, by
beloved canine companions of            Summer Girl by Margie and                Donna and Tony Palumbo
Donna and Tony Palumbo, by              Michael Wiesman
Connie Gates                                                                     In honor of all Therapy Partners’
                                        With great appreciation to Therapy       volunteers, by Erica Wiesman
In memory of Coco, the 14 year old      Partner handlers, Board members,
All American canine companion of        Kind Hearts instructors and volun-       In support of Therapy Partners work
Alfredo, Mary Ann and Robi              teers, by Margie and Michael             with elderly and hospitalized
deBarbieri, by Susan Palmer and         Wiesman                                  persons, by Louise S. Heidish
John Tedesco
                                        In memory of Whisper and June,           In memory of Jean Glover, mother of
In honor of and gratitude to all the    beloved canine companions of             Paul Glover and mother-in-law of
‘two-footeds’ at Northway Animal        Donna and Tony Palumbo, by               Lucy Brown Glover, by Linda Lee
Hospital and Animal Emergency           Margie and Michael Wiesman
Clinic who provide such good care of                                             In honor of Kathy Pierce on a
our ‘four-footeds’, by Charlotte Shea   In memory of Dixie, beloved canine       landmark birthday, by Susan Phelen
and Judy Guerry                         companion of Kathy Skibinski, by
                                        Margie and Michael Wiesman               In memory of Kelsy and Udo
In memory of Misty Moon Speck, by                                                Campbell, by Patti Meredith
Denise Fraley                           In memory of Zena, retired Therapy
                                        Partner and beloved companion of         In honor of Linda Lee, by Betty
In honor of Diane Rodgers and Lady,     Larry Bingham and Rusty Bynum,           Stapleton
by Deborah and Joe Burton               by Margie and Michael Wiesman

From page 4
                                                whole affair. We drove up        yard or through the house. Rachael
                                                to Huntsville and met the        is faster, but Sherry always finds the
                                                rest of the family.              inside line. Clancy and Abby get in
                                                   It took Sherry about          on it every once in a while, but she
                                                twenty minutes to fit in         plays more gently with them in def-
                                                with the rest of the herd        erence to their ages. Therapy Dog
                                                (well, mostly; we are still      material, and she has started train-
                                                sort of working on the cat       ing.
                                                thing….). We had an in-             And we all end the day together.
                                                stant bonding with               Sherry has claimed the pillow above
                                                Rachael and they are now         my head. Clancy takes one side and
                                                the best of friends. They        Rachael the other. Abby at my feet.
                                                are either napping, or           Still working on getting the cats to
          Rachael with Sherry, Ted’s newest.    chewing on each other’s          join us.
                                                ears, paws, faces or what-           “You girls be safe, be well, and
where I met the plane. And there she ever else can be reached. Or chasing        know that you are loved.”
was, totally nonplussed about the each other at full tilt around the back                                      Ted Parker

Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New                                                                               Spring 2006
                                                                                      From page 6
      Kind Hearts Behavior Center                                                     wall). One should never give aspi-
                                                                                      rin to cats because it inhibits the
                                   Class Schedule                                     bloods ability to clot in the same
                                                                                      fashion as it does in heart patients
                                                                                      but to a much greater extent.
             Puppy ABC’s                                Level III                       These drugs usually find their way
 Ages 12 - 24 weeks                        (Pre-requisite: Successful completion      into our pets systems through acci-

 Mar 25 - May 6
 May 27 - Jul 8
 Jul 29 - Sep 9
 Sep 30 - Nov 11

 Mar 21 - May 2

 Jul 25 - Sep 5
 Sep 26 - Nov 7

 Mar 23 - May 4
 Saturday 9:45 am - 10:45 am

                  Level I

 Tuesday 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

 May 23 - Jul 11 (closed July 4)

 Thursday 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
                                          of Level 2)

                                          Wednesday 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm
                                          Mar 22 - May 3

                                          May 24 - Jul 5
                                          Jul 26 - Sep 6
                                          Sep 27 - Nov 8

                                                     Playground I
                                           (Pre-requisite: Successful completion
                                          of Level 1A or 2)
                                          Saturday 7:15 am – 8:15 am
                                          Mar 25 – May 6
                                          May 27 – July 8
                                          Jul 29 – Sept. 9
                                          Sep 30 – Nov. 11
                                                                                      dental ingestion or through owner
                                                                                      administration. There is a common
                                                                                      misconception that if the
                                                                                      “children’s” formulation is safe for
                                                                                      our two legged children then it must
                                                                                      also be safe for our four-legged chil-
                                                                                      dren. Think again. We all can em-
                                                                                      pathize with our pets when they do
                                                                                      not feel well or they are hurting . A
                                                                                      mother’s instinct is to make it all bet-
                                                                                      ter but giving any of these medica-
                                                                                      tions is not the answer because you
                                                                                      can make matters even worse de-
                                                                                      pending on what is really causing
 May 25 - Jul 13                                                                      their discomfort. If you have any
 Jul 27 - Sep 7                                      Playground II                    doubts or questions about what
 Sep 28 - Nov 9                           (Pre-requisite: Successful completion       medications you can give your pet,
                                          of Playground 1)                            please get the advise of your regular
 Saturday 11:00 am -12 noon
 Mar 25 - May 6                                                                       veterinarian or call the Animal Emer-
                                          Saturday 8:30 am – 9:30 am
 May 27 - Jul 8                           Mar 25 – May 6                              gency Clinic after hours.
 Jul 29 - Sep 9                           May 27 – July 8                                                     Rhonda Buxton, DVM
 Sep 30 - Nov 11                          Jul 29 – Sept. 9
                                          Sep 30 – Nov. 11
               Level IA                                                                        Cooking
   (Pre-requisite: Successful comple-                                                           for the
 tion of Level 1)

 Tuesday 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm
 Mar 21 - May 2
 May 23- Jul 11 (closed July 4)
 Jul 25 - Sep 5
 Sep 26 - Nov 11

 Thursday 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm
                                          The following classes are given on an ‘as
                                          requested’ schedule. There must be 4 stu-
                                          dents registered for the class.

                                                   Prancing Paws

                                                   Crossover K-9’s
                                                                                             Goumet Canine
                                                                                                      2nd Edition
                                                                                         Now available at these locations:
                                                                                                Therapy Partners, Inc.
                                                                                                        3301 9th Ave.
                                                                                            Harrison Brothers Hardware
                                                                                                    124 South Side Square
 Mar 23 - May 4
 May 25 - Jul 13                          New classes may be added and times                          Salon Ka Terra
 Jul 27 - Sep 7                           and days changed throughout the year.                     900 Bob Wallace Ave.
 Sep 28 - Nov 9                           Please check our website for the most
                                          current information.
                 Level II
  (Pre-requisite: Successful completion
 of Level 1, 1A or Crossover K-9’s)                For information call

 Wednesday 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
 Mar 22 - May 3
                                                   or check our website at                                     Fun, easy recipes to
 May 24 - Jul 5
                                                                                                               delight your canine
 Jul 26 - Sep 6                                                                    companion.
 Sep 27- Nov 8

Spring 2006                                                                              Therapy Partners, Inc. -- What’s New

                                  Yes, I want to participate in the wonderful work done by Therapy Partners, Inc.

                                  Name: ________________________________________ Phone:________________________

                                  Address: ____________________________________________________________________

                                  City: _________________________________ State: ______________ Zip: ______________

                                  Email: ______________________________________________________________________

                                       Check                  MasterCard                      Visa                American Express
                                  Credit Card Number:_________________________________________________________
                                  Expiration Date:_______________________ Signature:_____________________________
                                                 In memory of _____________________________________________________
      $500 and above: Top Dog/Top Cat
                                                 In honor of _______________________________________________________
      $250 - $499: Dog/Cat
                                                Please notify the following person(s) of my gift:
      $100 - $249: Puppy/Kitten                 Name:____________________________________________________________
       Other                                    Address:__________________________________________________________
                                                City:______________________________ State:__________ Zip:____________
                                  Donations may be made through the Combined Federal Campaign (#9028)
                    Therapy Partners, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law.
                              Therapy Partners, Inc.           3301 9th Ave.         Huntsville, Alabama 35805

The Next Room - Millie
  Hello! My name is Millie. Some of           chauffeur must sign in and let every-
you may know me from my many                  one know we have arrived. It is here
television spots or from newspaper            that my job begins. Everybody there
articles. I have this job that I love to      wants to pet me, and I work the
do and I want to tell you all about it.       room.
To start off my day I go to work with           When I get off the elevator I meet
the nice lady who drives me every-            with Michelle and Beth, my tour
where. (Just call her my chauffeur) I         guides for the day. Of course, they
consider it my trip to the day spa. I         rub my belly. I know this sounds like
get a nice massage, bath , fluff, curl        a dream job but really the best is yet
and a manicure. Once I have pam-              to come. It is then that I get to visit                stand beside their bed and softly kiss
pered, I take a short nap to get ener-        the children in their rooms. This                      their hand. Naturally, I oblige.
gized.                                        makes me extremely happy!! My fa-                       After visiting all the children, I still
  Although the day spa is great, my           vorite things in the world are being                   have one last stop. The nurses and
work at the Pediatric floor of Hunts-         outdoors, chasing birds and loving                     staff who take care of the children
ville Hospital puts pep in my step            on children. I always approach them                    must have their turn to tickle my
and wags in my tail. I know when              very sweetly usually only giving                       tummy. After a few last pets, I yawn
the chauffeur comes to get me in her          them a small kiss. I can tell from their               very politely and head back to take
Therapy Partners uniform after my             reaction what I must do next. Most                     a little snooze and reflect on the day,
nap I am truly in for a treat. The            want me to get on the bed with them                    knowing that I have made a differ-
whole way there my tail just wags             and in return for my kisses they pet                   ence in the life of a child. What more
uncontrollably. I always start my job         my fluffy fur. Occasionally there are                  could a dog or chauffeur ask for?
with a visit to the gift shop. My             a few children who just want me to                                  Millie, partner of Deanna Bayless

                                                                                 Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                     US POSTAGE
                                                                                 HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA
                                                                                     PERMIT #842

               Therapy Partners, Inc.™
               3301 9th Avenue
               Huntsville, AL 35805

                                                          Mark Your Calendar
                        Paws Up to ...
                                                                  Spring 2006
To First Community Senior Select for sponsoring
our September Charity Page in The Huntsville
Times.                                                   Mar 11    Look for our Charity Page in
David Kerley with Encore Lawn Care (883-5080) for                  The Huntsville Times
keeping our facility grounds neat and trim.              Mar 19    Interviews for new Interns
Karen’s Frame Shop for their expertise and donation      May 1-7   Be Kind to Animals Week
of materials.                                            May 7-13 National Pet Week
Vinnie Gracchi for networking our computers.
                                                         May 21-27 National Bite Prevention Week
                                                         Jun 23    National Take Your Dog to
Diane Strickland for redesigning our brochure.                     Work Day
To DirectBuy for sponsoring our December Charity
Page in The Huntsville Times.
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