2011 Membership Application _ Renewal by wuyunqing


									    2011 Membership
  Application & Renewal

“We are the governing body of golf in
   Alberta. Our mission is to grow
 participation in and passion for the
 sport while upholding the integrity
    and traditions of the game.”
Welcome to the 2011 golf season. Alberta Golf looks forward to representing both new
and established members in 2011. Any questions you may have can be directed to one
                 of over 110 volunteers or to the Alberta Golf staff.

                             ALBERTA GOLF STAFF

Executive Director                  Brent Ellenton   brent.ellenton@albertagolf.org
Accountant                          Eric Rogers      eric.rogers@albertagolf.org
Membership Services Manager         Don Stewart      donald.stewart@albertagolf.org
Tournament Events Manager           Lori Evans        lori.evans@albertagolf.org
Player Development Manager          Matt Rollins     matt.rollins@albertagolf.org
Member Relations Coordinator        Jack Lane        jack.lane@albertagolf.org

                          2011 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
Tyrone Edwards       Medicine Hat GCC      10 years of service
1st Vice President
Sandra Craig         Pinebrook GCC         10 years of service
2nd Vice President
Av Beirnes           Sandpiper GC          7 years of service
VP of Finance
Bruce Petrie         Pinebrook GCC         4 years of service
Past President
Anne Ward Neville    Devon GCC             6 years of service

                              Member Club Liaison

South:       TBA
Calgary:     TBA
Central:     Joan Qually            jaq1@telus.net
Edmonton:    Bob McGinn             bob@beainc.ca
North:       Troy Suddaby           1golfnut@telus.net

                                                                              Alberta Golf
                                                                  #22, 11410 27 Street SE
                                                                     Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6
                                                                          (403) 236-4616

Bylaw 2.3
Membership dues shall be determined by the Directors of the Association annually. For
Category I (Club) and II (Group) member clubs, such sum shall be specified for EACH
DATE. A ‘junior member’ shall be as defined by the policy of the Association. For the
Category III (Course) Member Club, the sum shall be a single fee.

Note: Category I & II dues shall include ALL male and female, adult and junior
members of a member club. For a Category III facility, the dues shall be the sum of
Alberta Golf and Royal Canadian Golf Association dues.

                           MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS
In order to bring our membership accounts up to date, we request that you provide
membership numbers in a letter notarized by the Club President and Treasurer. The
number of membership cards issued to Category I (Club) & II (Group) clubs will be
based on this information.
Payment for all membership cards must be received by Golf House NO LATER THAN
JUNE 1st, 2011. All tournament entries belonging to players of member clubs whose
Alberta Golf membership dues have not been paid will be placed on an inactive list.
Inactive listed players will not be eligible for tournament play until their clubs account has
been cleared. Access to handicap software will also be removed until the membership
account has been cleared.
A minimum of 10 additional cards per request per club will be issued. Clubs may
not request a single card at a time. No cards will be sent after August 15th, 2011.
All unused cards as well as payment for all additional cards received after June 1st must
be returned to Golf House BY AUGUST 31st, 2011. No refunds will be given for cards
returned after this date.
A member Club or Group which has paid their annual fees past June 30th, 2010 will
have the following year’s cards withheld until their invoice is paid in full.
A member is considered to be “lapsed” if it has not responded to its invoice by August
31st of the given year. Ex-Member Courses, Clubs, or Groups may be reinstated by
paying the previous year’s plus the current year’s fees in advance.
Member Clubs must ensure that their members receive the appropriate adult or junior
Alberta Golf/Royal Canadian Golf Association membership card.
If a card is misplaced or destroyed, or if a player transfers from another Member Club,
please contact Golf House and a new card will be forwarded to your club at no additional

                                                                                  Alberta Golf
                                                                      #22, 11410 27 Street SE
                                                                         Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6
                                                                              (403) 236-4616
Member Clubs MAY NOT assign membership cards to non-member players. Please
instruct non-members to contact Alberta Golf if they are interested in obtaining a

CATEGORY I (Club): Is a golf club that has members who pay annual dues or a golf
course that offers methods of payment to those individuals who have the intent of
playing regularly on that course.

CATEGORY II (Group): Is a club that has been formed by persons who are not
members of a Category I club, who play golf together regularly at one or more golf
courses and wish to meet all criteria set out in these By-Laws or Alberta Golf policies for
Member Clubs.

CATEGORY III (Course): Is a Golf Operation that is open to the public but which has no
Category I members. A Category III club may have one or more Category II clubs
operating on its premises.
                 (Membership cards are not issued to Category III clubs.)

                               2011 MEMBERSHIP FEES

CATEGORY I (Club) & II (Group)

Adult (Men & Women)      $ 22.00 plus GST for each adult member
Junior (Boys & Girls)    $ 16.00 plus GST for each junior member

CATEGORY I (Club) & III (Course)

                            2011 Minimum Fees (plus GST)
                              9 Hole Course     $ 1250
                              18 Hole Course    $ 2500
                              27 Hole Course    $ 2500
                              36 Hole Course    $ 3000

The fees for Category III (Course) clubs, will be offset by the amounts submitted to
Alberta Golf by the Category II (Groups) clubs that play out of their facility.

NOTE: Please add GST to all fees.

                                                                                Alberta Golf
                                                                    #22, 11410 27 Street SE
                                                                       Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6
                                                                            (403) 236-4616
                          CLUB INFORMATION FACT SHEET

This fact sheet is to be edited and returned to ensure your club receives all mailings from
Alberta Golf. Please make any changes necessary and return to Alberta Golf.

                                      Club Details
Registered Name of Club: _________________________________________________
Main Contact Person: ___________________________ Position:____________
Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________
Delivery Address: ___________________________________________
City/Town: __________________________
Postal Code:_____________________________
Telephone: Pro Shop _________________________________
Facsimile: ___________________________
Email Address:_________________________________
Website: _________________________________________
                                 Golf Course Facilities
       # Holes _______ Private _______ Semi-Private _______ Public _______
               Banquet/Dining Seating # _______ Club Storage _______
  Practice Facilities: Green _______ Driving Range _______ Other ______________

Club Executive & Staff
General Manager: ___________________ Phone/Email ________________________
Professional: _______________________         Phone/Email ________________________
President: __________________________ Phone/Email________________________

                                                                                Alberta Golf
                                                                    #22, 11410 27 Street SE
                                                                       Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6
                                                                            (403) 236-4616

Applying for Category:                I (Club) _______
                                      II (Group) _______
                                      III (Course) _______

Adult Male Members 19 years & over:         # _______Extra Cards Required ______
Adult Female Members 19 years & over:       # _______Extra Cards Required ______
Junior Male Members 18 years & under: # _______Extra Cards Required _______
(As of the last day of the Canadian Junior Championships)
Junior Female Members 18 years & under:# _______Extra Cards Required _______
(As of the last day of the Canadian Junior Championships)

In order to be a member in good standing of the Alberta Golf Association the Member
Club agrees to the following conditions of membership:

1. It will only use the Slope Course Rating and applicable resources provided by Alberta
Golf Association while a member in good standing with Alberta Golf.

2. It will remit membership fees for all members by June 1st, 2011 and will pay fees for
all Members.

3. If a Category I or Category II Member Club, it will provide to Alberta Golf Association
on an annual basis, a current figure of individual members in each category.

4. Pursuant to Bylaw 9.2, if a Category I and Category III Member Club, it will host
Alberta Golf Tournaments as requested from time to time.

Name of Club: __________________________________________________________
Certified By: (Print ) ________________________________Position:_______________
Signature: ________________________________________Date:_________________

                                                                                Alberta Golf
                                                                    #22, 11410 27 Street SE
                                                                       Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6
                                                                            (403) 236-4616

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