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									   Cover Page

Presentation to:
    Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
   A Dynamic Force in the Energy Management Industry
              EMSI Mission
Energy Management Solutions, Inc. (EMSI)
acknowledges YOUR COMPANY as an elite national
account/partner. EMSI is committing that you will
always have our best price, service, and performance

At EMSI, our lighting retrofit and maintenance
program allows us to transform your current lighting
system into one that offers more security, increases
sales, shows colors better, looks cleaner, requires
no staff for maintenance, and costs less!
      Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
        Competitive Market Analysis

Leading Products, Services, and Pricing
EMSI and our partners is well positioned to bring you industry
leading technology, products, and best product pricing.

EMSI Performance Guarantees
In the eight years we’ve been doing this, we’ve yet to run into a
competitor that can match us when it comes to price, quality of
products, service, and performance guarantees.

Strategic EMSI Locations
EMSI offices strategically throughout the country.

Exclusive National Accounts
EMSI has exclusive national accounts as the sole national
lighting company for La Petite Academy; Proctor & Gamble;
Buckeye Technologies; Arvin-Meritor; Purolator Oil & Air; ITW –
CIP; Beall’s Dept. Stores; and Daimler/Mercedes, USA.
Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
             Energy Usage
 Lighting Energy Usage Impacts Costs and Environment
Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
              Cost of Light
Energy is the Major Cost of Light
Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
          Product Efficiencies
We use Lighting Products w/ Enhanced Efficiencies
Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
          Product Longevity
We Use Long Life Products for Lower Operating Costs
       Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
           Lighting Program Benefits
        Lighting Management Program Benefits
    Our lighting management program can make your life easier.

• Better employee productivity because of the improved appearance,
  comfort and safety of your facility.
• Greater customer appeal of a facility with enhanced appearance,
  comfort and safety.
• Elimination of demands on staff time to perform maintenance.
• Less risk of insurance and workman’s comp claims or OSHA
  violations from employees performing maintenance duties.
• No space or capital requirements for lighting equipment inventory.
• Freedom from worry about possible fines for improper disposal of old
• Reduced maintenance costs.
• Lower utility energy costs from the installation of more efficient
  lighting equipment.
• Financing options that require no upfront capital to cover equipment
  upgrade costs.
         Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
             Lighting Program Features
        Lighting Management Program Features
EMSI offers a turnkey program to manage your lighting system
needs on an outsourcing basis. This custom-designed program is

• Analysis of your existing lighting system equipment and maintenance
  procedures by our lighting professionals.
• Design and installation of advanced lighting equipment to
  consistently provide optimal light levels and maximize energy efficiency.
• Ongoing maintenance, with service level choices designed to
   match your needs.
• Toll-free phone number to reach our National Dispatch Center.
• Disposal and recycling of old lighting equipment in compliance
   with local, state, and federal regulations.
• Financing options to cover equipment costs.
       Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
            Organization Overview

We are an industry leader in energy management outsourcing,
providing our customers with turnkey programs for lighting,
energy efficiency, process optimization, and total energy
Please go to to see actual before and after color
photos, and key information on how are program works.
      Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
     Prepared For Tomorrow And Beyond

 EMSI is the solution for your lighting and energy
 management needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.

We understand the increasing importance of lighting
and energy management for the resulting environmental
and economic benefits.

                    Rely on us
                  as your partner
               toward a better future.

         Energy Management Solutions, Inc.
      A Lighting and Energy Management Corporation

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