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									 The Centre for the
Care of Survivors of

The Past, Present and
   Dr. Eileen Keane
    SPIRASI: Beginning
 SPIRASI Established in 1999, with a
constitution, under the trusteeship of
the Holy Ghost Fathers, governed by
         a Board of Directors
              The Center for the Care of
                Survivors of Torture

The reason for the existence of
the Centre for the Care of
Survivors of Torture is to provide
care and assistance for survivors
of torture, promoting their
physical, mental and social well-
being and integration into Ireland
       Who Accesses Services?
   3866 people sought asylum in Ireland in 2008
    – 8.2% accessed CCST
    – International estimates: 10-35% asylum seekers have
      experienced torture

   892 service users in 2008
    – 316 new and 539 ongoing

   From 56 countries

   Speaking 40 languages
                          Holistic Care

         NGO’s                                                        Health Care
    Rape Crisis Network                                              Hospital services,
   Local Support Groups                                             Psychological Care,
     Integrating Ireland                                            Mental Health Care
Refugee Information Service                                        Community Services
       Refugee Council                                                 GP’s & AMO’s
      Immigrant council                                                Public Health/
                                                                   Community Nurses
                                                                  Social & Family Services


                      Centre for Health Information & Promotion
                     Center for Education & Integration of Migrants
                                     Reception Staff
                              Strategy & Development Unit
                                     Head Gardener
   United Nations Convention
    Against Torture (1984)

“Torture means any act by which
  severe pain or suffering, whether
  physical or mental, is intentionally
  inflicted on a person for such
  purposes as obtaining from him
  information or a confession,
  punishing him or intimidating him or
  coercing him….by or at the instigation
  of or with consent or acquiescence of
  a public official or other person acting
  in an official capacity”
                   CCST Services
   Medical Assessments
   Medico-legal Reports           Physiotherapy
   1-1 Psychotherapy
   Art Psychotherapy              Psychosocial Support
   Group Support:                 Outreach Support
    Psychotherapy Group            Integration Support
    Stress Management Group        Interpreting
    Support Group                  Public Awareness
    Resourcing Group
    Music Therapy                  Professional Training
   Complementary Therapies:
    Traditional Chinese
    Capacitar; inter-cultural
    wellness programme
Torture documentation
     Psychological & Physical

 Physical scars
 Depression
 Flashbacks
 Poor appetite
 Irregular sleep pattern
 Does not know the whereabouts
  of her family.
 Current    position
  – 50% reduction in funding in 2008 and 4%
    reduction in clients attending
 Restrictions   this enforces
  – Activity
      39% decrease in therapy hours
      130% increase in voluntary hours

  – Waiting list: 88 clients at end 2008
  A need for three fold increase in therapy
  Deteriorating mental health for potential
    services users
For An Exile

     “Now is the time to hold faithful
      To your dream, to understand
       That this is an interim time,
     Full of awkward disconnection”

            -John O’Donoghue2007-

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