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					Redesigning Online Course

  Universal Design for Learning and
   the Rubric for Online Instruction
   in Faculty Accessibility Training
    ATI Training for Faculty.
• Summer Institute model.
• Two full days.
• Prerequisites:
  – Faculty must be LMS users (WebCT/BB).
  – Choose one course to “makeover”.
   First Step : Main Concepts.
• Goal: Accessible Technology Initiative.
• Model: Universal Design for Learning.
• Model: Rubric for Online Instruction.
    Model: Universal Design for
• Enhance accessibility to diverse learners.
• Three main principles:
  – Representation (Day 1).
  – Engagement (Day 2).
  – Expression (Day 2).
Integrating UDL and ROI
      Model: Rubric for Online
• Evaluate course in six categories.
• For online and hybrid teaching.
• Nomination and Recognition process for
  Exemplary courses.
 Next Steps: Faculty Activities
1. Evaluate Course with UDL 14-point
2. Evaluate Course with ROI
3. Determine areas of course which warrant
   improvement, enhancement.
    Integrating UDL and ROI.
• Worksheet for each Principle of UDL.
• Brainstorm ideas.
• Create connections to ROI points.
Integrating UDL and ROI
Integrating UDL and ROI
 Mapping UDL and ROI to LMS.

• Alphabet soup madness?
• PDF / Web matrix with links to LMS
  feature information, tutorials.
       End of Day Exercise.
• Think/Pair/Share ideas for each UDL
• Used UDL/ROI Mapping worksheets to
  brainstorm for Think/Pair/Share.
• Capture ideas into Wiki to share back to
  ATI faculty community.
• Very positive reactions to training.
• Multiple models presented quickly can be
• UDL / ROI mapping is a starting point.

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