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    Press and media relations

       Promotes global press coverage of urban and human
        settlements issues

       Media strategies for key to maximize coverage : e.g. World
        Urban Forum, flagship publication launches, World Habitat

       Arrange and manage media interviews for print, TV, radio,

       Journalist training to sensitize them urban and shelter

       Compile, issue press kits, press releases, media advisories

    Spokesperson for the agency Sharad Shankardass

2       CPR Introductory Briefing, 18 March, Gigiri
    UN-HABITAT Publications
Oversee Publications Programme
    Secretary to the Publications Board
    Coordinate whole publishing cycle –
     planning, production, marketing,
     sales and distribution
    Provide editorial, layout and design
     services for agency’s publications
     and other content e.g. web content

Urban World
    English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese
    Hard copy distribution to over
     10,000 addresses
    Electronic distribution much higher
     via website

Annual Report

3    CPR Introductory Briefing, 18 March, Gigiri
    UN-HABITAT Publications - outreach

   Average of 500,000publication downloads from
    UN-HABITAT public site per year in addition to
    orders of print copies

   CPR members receive copy of agency’s new

   Outreach to partners through regional, liaison
    and information offices and some 200 libraries

   Partnerships with Google Print and Amazon

   Publications up to 2002 digitized on one CD-

   50% discount for developing countries
4    CPR Introductory Briefing, 18 March, Gigiri
    Event Management

Coordinate World Habitat Day celebrations
        2007: Global Observance in The Hague, Monterrey
        Over 100 celebrations worldwide annually
        Manage Scroll of Honour award

Support other events including World Urban Forum
        Promotion: targeted mailing, website, press, Internet ads,…
        Design, editing and production of publicity and background
        Registration
        Exhibitions
        Press and web coverage
        Conference journals, reporting

5       CPR Introductory Briefing, 18 March, Gigiri
        Electronic Publishing and IT

        News – average of 3 news items per
        Publications – over 1,000 titles,
         most of which can be downloaded
         directly from site
        Events calendar
        E-Library – resolutions,
         declarations, reports, training
        Countries – operational activities by
        Partners and donors
        CPR-Extranet

habnet.unhabitat.org - Intranet

6        CPR Introductory Briefing, 18 March, Gigiri
    Electronic Publishing and IT – CPR Extranet

       UserID – cpr
       Password - cprdocs

       Upcoming CPR regular and
        working group meetings
       Background documentation on
       Information about CPR – GC
        Member States, Members of the
        Bureau of the GC and CPR
       Directory of CPR members with
        contact details
       Directory of UN-HABITAT staff
        members with contact details

7       CPR Introductory Briefing, 18 March, Gigiri
    Information Management
  Special library tours for visitors to the library
  Purchase and maintain urban development/shelter collection
  Research on specific issues using online journals and databases

Intranet – content for habnet.unhabitat.org
 Central knowledge base for staff at Headquarters and in the field
 Project documents, E-Library, images, global staff directory,
  events calendar, internal procedures, forms and templates, etc.

Enhance internal communication
 Karibu UN-Habitat

Archives and Records Management programme
 Enterprise Content Management

8    CPR Introductory Briefing, 18 March, Gigiri
    Medium Term Strategic and Institutional Plan

   New brand launched in 2008 at WUF
    -    Brand manual
    -    Templates to assure standard quality and
         increase efficiency
    -    Promotional materials

   Key role in the knowledge management
    -    Knowledge to support for results based
    -    Knowledge to partners to achieve
         sustainable urbanization

   Support for resource mobilization
    -    System to support coordinated resource
    -    Standard marketing kit in all languages
         (annual report, brochure, standard power
         point presentations, promotional items,etc.)

9       CPR Introductory Briefing, 18 March, Gigiri

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