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					                       Assignments for Mrs. Eldridge
                     Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday Thursday                 Friday
Week of: 9/22-9/26
                     Exponent        Chapter 1        Chapter 1         Page 51          Chapter 1 Test.
                     Calculator      Review- #1-25,   Review- #26-      practice test    Bring a library
                     Worksheets.     skip #10, on     50, skip #35,     questions to     book to class.
Math                 Can work with   pages 47-48.     43, 49, on page   review in class.
                     partners in                      49-50.            TEST OVER CH.
                     class.                                             1 TOMORROW!
                     A- No Class.    B- Farm-O        B- Skills Iowa in A- No Class.     B- Minute Math.
6th Math                             Bingo. Folder    the computer                       Folder activities.
                                     activities.      lab
                     A- No Class.    B- Decimal Golf. B- Skills Iowa in A- No Class.     B- Pattern 1 p.
7th Math                             Search-N-Shade the computer                         17 Algebraic
                                     worksheet.       lab.                               Thinking.
Workshop                                                                                 Folders Work.
                     A- Picture       B- No Class     B- No Class       A- Skills Iowa in B- No Class.
8th Math             Puzzle sheet. P.                                   the computer
                     87 Pastures-                                       lab.
Workshop             Algebraic Think.

                                                      Our Time


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