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					                                           PLEASE POST
       PROTOCOL                    EVACUATION PLAN                       Bow School
                                     NECESSITIES                           District
In the event of a local emer-
gency or disaster situation        1. Bring your identification to
                                                                      Bow, New Hampshire
                                      present at evacuation site.
during school hours, please help
us care for all students:          2. Know who you put as an
                                      emergency contact and the
   Remain calm.                      phone numbers
   Do not call the                3. Be sure your child knows       EMERGENCY
    schools. It is                    how to access your home
    imperative that                   (via key, neighbor, etc.).
    telephone lines                4. Share this plan with the two
    remain available.                 individuals listed on your         PLAN
                                      child’s school emergency
   If you have cell phone con-       card.
    tact with your child, please   5. Know your Childs Bus Num-
    keep it limited to prevent
    the system’s collapse.
                                      ber ________                    2009—2010
                                   6. Information will be provided
   Impress upon your child the       via the ALERTNOW phone
    need for them to follow the       and email system and the
    directions of any school
    personnel.                           WMUR TV– Channel 9
                                         WOKQ (97.5 – FM)
   Do not come to the school
    unless directed to do so.            WZID (95.7 – FM)
                                         WJYY (105.5 – FM)
   Visit
    where the District will post
    any new information.               EVACUATION SITES
                                                                     A Family Guide
                                        To Be Announced

                                                                  When you reach the
                                                                  evacuation site:
                                                                  1. PARK in designated
                                Bus transportation will be           area.
    The School District’s        utilized as first priority       2. ENTER area through
         Safety Team,            during an evacuation.               the identified primary
   in conjunction with the                                           entrance.
       Bow Police and
  Fire Departments, have                 PICK-UP                  3. GO to the CHECK-IN
 developed a plan to unite             PROCEDURES                    AREA.
students with their families   NOTIFICATION: In the event of         PRESENT YOUR
      in the event of an       an emergency evacuation the            IDENTIFICATION.
  emergency or disaster.       ALERTNOW phone and email
                                                                  4. PROCEED to CHECK-
                               system will be utilized.
                                                                     OUT AREA.
Please take a moment to         LISTEN to designated TV/radio
familiarize your family, in-     station(s) for information and      A staff member will
  cluding your child(ren),              evacuation site.              unite you with your
       with this plan.                                                child(ren).
                                                                     Please exit the
                                                                      Check-Out area im-
          Thank you for                 Bow School District
                                                                      mediately to expedite
         your support!                        SAU 67
                                      32 White Rock Hill Road         the dismissal of all
                                          Bow, NH 03304               students.